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Another Wonderful Recovery!
From Kidney Trouble j
For nearly nine vears I was a m'eat
* * i
sufferer from what my doctor said wa.s
> K'dney trouble and my bloou was our
of order: enduring ail that time exruciaifng
pain in my back and ac: :
my bowels. I was drawn down so i: *
1 could only walk with my hands on
my knees. My doctor said he could do,
nothing for me. 1 trie J many kinds or'
medicine, but all io no avail A friend
'-old me about Dr. Kilmer's cwamp-;
Ucot, and as 1 nad tried everything'
Ise that I heard of, 1 bought a Dottle |
f Swamp-Root and it did wonders for
:ne. I prize it higher than any other j
m-dicine and I shall recommend it to
| my friends. 1 wish to add right here
that alter using Swamp-Root for two
months 1 began to straighten up and
am now sound and well, and feel like
1 mignt live a long time yet. to tell
v.^.at your medicine has done for me.
v Yours very trul;,
750 Sugar St. Marion, Ohio.
State of Ohio,
Marion County. ,
Personally appeared before aie this
19th day of December, A. L). 1914, T. C.
Ciay. who subscribed to the above
statement and made oath that the same
is true in substance and in fact.
Charles W. Haberman.
Notary Public,
Marion Co., Ohio.
, Trove What Swamp-Hoot Will do for ;i
Send ten cents to i>r. Kilmer & Co.,
Bingnampton, X. Y., for a sample size
Lottie. It will convince anyone. You
will also receive a booklet of valuable
information, telling about the kidneys
and Diaaaer. waen w ruing, ue suic
and mention the Newberry Semi-weekly
Herald and News. Regular fifty>
cent and one-dollar size bottles for
sale at all drug stores.
1 Attention Pensioners.
I will be in the auditor's office each :
Saturday in January to prepare pen
^ion blanks. Widows whose husbands
were on the pension roll do not have
to prove the service of their hus-j
bands, but have to sign the application ;
and get the auditor's certificate as to
property owned. Do not wait until f
the last day. j
W. G. Peterson,
Pension Commissioner. I
If not sold before at private sale, we |
will offer for sale, to the highest bid- j
der, for cash, before the court "house i
door, at Newberry, S. C., on th& first j
Monday in February, 1916, jus; after:
* ?- 1 - - -e ~-U I
me Masters suites, nve suai? vi mci
capital stock of the Oakland Mills, of I
the par value of $100.00 per share.
Attorneys. ;
^ | Colds |l
AJ should be "nipped in the tQ i
yl bud", for if allowed to run jA/j j
TO unchecked, serious results !
I' may i o 11 o w. lNumerous im/i i
cases of consumption, pneu- jra
monia, and other fatal dis- || |
eases, can be traced back to
a cold. At the first sign of a 18
cold, protect yourself by jjj
thoroughly cleansing your
system with a few doses of |
I DR?Ltii | j ,
\ the old reliable, vegetable
If liver powder. ||*g| ;
lj Mr.' Chss. A. Ragiand. o-!||| |
IM13 HI '?? a * ? . ?J-JfcKs,
* jjMii * 1"*^ bCfcfi USiiig j
LAy ford's Black-Draught fo>r^^ !
fill stomach troubles, indiges-fj l*i
AM tion. and colds, and find itto|?A| j
AnJ be the very best medicine 1
WAlever used. It makes an oldfiO
I\T] man feel like a young one." j
lOt Insist on Thedford's, IherO j
U]l original and genuine. E-67^V !
Eclipse of Moon This Month.
There will be this month a partial
eciipse of the moon, visible from beginning
to end throughout the United
States. It will occur on the morning
of January 20 at approximately 3
o'clock. The total -duration of the
eclipse will be about an hour and a
1 "half; if we count from the mom-ent
the moon enters the half-shadow or
|t penumbra, the duration of the phenomenon
will be about five hours. The
r time given above is about the hour of
the moon's entering the real dark
shadow and is Washington and standard
Viola McLean, Plaintiff.
i crn in cf
Ci?>CA HI C* C
15. V/. Crotch, Bettie Havird, I>. H.
Hair and (he Bank of-Prosperity,
Drt'eiKlanis. i
t'r.cer order or* r: court herein, I
wili 11 at aiKtion at Newberry,
-S v! ;:ng uie legal hours of
l. bidder therefor, on r^.on(iay,
bring salesday. February 7. i:UG,
All that tract or parcel of land lying
and being situate in the town of Pros- j
perity, county of Xewlerry and State j
of South Carolina, containing twenty-!
five acres, more or less, exclusive o:
one acre of said tract, heretofore purchased
by 1>. B. Hair, and lying on
the cast side of the Southern railway,
ai adjoining lands of Samuel Bowers.
!.-. C. Kikier ana others; said tract of
i land being the same upon which for
years B. P. Hair resiiled, and known as
the Clarissa Bridges land.
Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase
money to be paid in cash, the
balance in two equal annual installments,
upon a credit or one and two
years, with interest from day of sale
at the rste of eight per centum per
annum, payable annually, the credit
portion to be sv cured by bond of the
purchaser and a mortgage of the prem-;
ises sold, with leave to the purchaser
to anticipate payments in whole or ;
The wonds and mortgages for the,
credit portion must provide i'or a ten,
I ...
p?r ccnt attorneys fee :n case saiu'
bonds and mortgages are collected by!
suit or placed in the hands of an at- \
' torney for collection. i
The purchaser, upon the acccptance!
of his bid. must deposit with tlic mas-;
ter in cash or by a certified check j
the sum of two hundred dollars, and j
<"omp!y fully with the terms of sale
within ten days from day of sale, or;
the premises will be resold upon the j
j first convenient salesday thereafter at j
the risk of the former purchaser.
The purchaser, upon complying with !
the terms of sale, must insure the
buildings upon said premises and assign
the policy of insurance to the |
master as additional security.
The purchaser must pay for papers,
recording and revenue siamps.
Jan. 17, 1916. Master.
Elijah Irvin, Lizzie Wright, Cora Fant,
Corrie Sanders, Timothy Irvin; Hattie
Edmunds, Sarah Irvin and Robert
Irvin, Luther Irvin, Johnie Adger,
by B. V. Chapman, their duly
appointed Guardian ad litem, Plain tiffs,
* vs.
Jos. H. W. Morris, Defendant.
Under orders of the court herein 1 j
will sell at public auction before the j
court house at Newberry, S. C., during !
the legal hours of sale to tlie highesi 1
bidder therefor, on Monday, February
? - * "? -
7, same Demg saiesaay m reuruarj,,
All that certain piece, parcel or lot
of land lying, being and situate in the
town of Helena, county of Newberry.
State of South Carolina, containing
rmrw anre mnrp or less: bounded on the
northwest by a street dividing said lot
from lands of James Ray; on northeas*
by lands of D. S. Greenwood; southeast
by lands of Fayette Penny, and J
on the south and southwest by a street j
dividing said lands from the lands of j
Fielding Wright.
Terms of sale. All of purchase money i
to be paid in cash. the purchaser, upon I
the acceptance of his bid. must deposit i
with the master, in cash or by certi- j
tied check, the sum of one hundred;
dollars, and comply fully with the
terms of sale within ten days from
day or sale, ana in case ne ian lu uu j
so then the premises will be resold |
upon the first convenient salesdav j
thereafter at the ri?k of rhe former;
rurchaser. .
Purchaser must pay for papers, re- j
cording and revenue stamps.
Januarv I7. 1913. Master.
Notice is hereby given that I will
make a final settlement of the estate i
of Jesse Wistar*Gary, deceased, in the
probnte court for Newberry county, S. <
C., on Wednesday the twenty-third day
of Fthrr.nry, 1910, and will on said ;
twenty-third day of February, 1916,
apply to the Judge of Probate for Newberry
county, South Carolina, for a
final discharge as executor, etc., of
said deceased.
All creditors of the estate of said
Jesse Wistar Gary, deceased, are hereby
notified to render an account of
their demands, duly attested, to me on
or before ttie nineteenth day of February,
Executor of the Last Will and Testament
of Jesse WIstar Gary, deceased.
January 17th, 1916.
Made Strong By Our Vinol
Favetteville,N.C. ? "My little daufrh- !
ter was in poor health, delicate and
so weak it made us very uneasy. I !
heard about Vinol and decided to trv it d
and the results were marvelous, her a
appetite improved, she gained in weight,. ^
and is now one of tho healthiest children
in town. Mothers of delicate children "
should tryVinol."?Mrs.Gordon Jessuf- ;
Vinol is a delicious cod liver and iron
tonic without oil, a constitutional rem- ,
e.ly which creates an appetite, aids di- t<
gestion and makes pure healthy blood. \
All children love to take it.
Gilder <>c VVeeics, Druggists, Xew- T
iyfcrry, if. C.
I will make a iinal settlement of the ;i
..t. - ..e .t ?t~> r _ n~ ~ in fli A S
t Suite Oi r IfUti itft. it. V> ttiiauu in Lilt
Probate Court for Newberry county,
S. C., 011 Friday, the 11th day of February,
1916, at .10 o'clock in the forei
neon and will immediately thereafter
ask for my di&cnarre of adniinistra-i
irix of said estate.
Administratrix, i j
1 -11 -i 111 a w Administratrix.
i . , , , :
- -
ML*; Ur rtsrsu>.\ii ;
Xotice is hereby given that, as ad- j
].:i::istrator of .Mrs. iexanna Suber,;
u ceased. I wiU sell at her late resi
deuce on Tuesday. January 25, 1916, x
the follov.-ing y,. rscnal ><rcjx-rty oi the
ileci ased, beginning at 11 aYiock a. m.:
Peas, oats, nay, corn, fodder, mules,
plow flocks, household and kitchen
fuii.lture, :tc Also three "-Vr^ :
.Tewberry Coau.t I!
Terms of sale: Cash.
Administrator. : i
1 - 7-3 r 1 taw. |
1 ?
County of Newberry. j *
By C. C. Schumpert, Probate Judge: i
Whereas, Frank G. Davis made suit i
i 0
to me to grant lnm letters of admin-! s
is.tration of the estate and effects of ij
These are, therefore, to cite and ad- j \
. . . i I 4
monish all and singular tne Kinnreu ^
and creditors of the said Colin Camp-;
bell Davis deceased that they be and h
! f
appear before me in the court of pro- i
bate to be held at Newberry, S. C., on
Monday, January 24th next, after pub-j
lication hereof, at 11 o'clock in the! ^
; \
forenoon, to show cause, if any they;^
have, why the said administration j
should not be granted.
Given under my hand this 8th day of ?
? ? TN 1 fi 1 r* I,
January, Anno uomini iaio. .
C. C. Sliumpert, | jj
J. P. N. C. j ?
Notice Is hereby given that the of- j j
fice of county auditor will be open from ! j
January 1st to February 20, 1916, in
elusive, for the purpose of taking tax ,
returns of personal property for fiscai !
year 1916. Also the following places ;
will bft visited either by myself or an i
authorized agent ior me puxyuse in j
securing tax returns. Namely:
Whitmire, Thursday, Jan. 6.
Glenn-Lowry Mfg. Co., Friday, Jan. 7
Kinards, Tuesday, Jan 11.
Chappells, Wednesday, Jan. 12.
P. N. Boozer's Store, Thursday,
Jan. 13.
Silverstreet, Friday, Jan. 14.
Little Mountain, Saturday, Jan. 15. !
longshore. Manaay, Jan. 17.
St. Luke's, Tuesday, Jan. 18.
Pomaria, Wednesday, Jan. 19.
Jolly Street, Thursday, Jan. 20.
Prnsn^ritv. Friaav and Saturday,1
Jan. 21 and 22.
O'Xeall, Monday, Jan. 24.
iMaybinton, Wednesday, Jan. 26.
The law requires that tax returns
shall be signed and sworn to. Tax-;
payers will take notice that no returns
will be acceptcd unless made to me or
my authorized agent, or someone qualified
to administer an oath. It is requested
that so far as possible all re-:
turns be made to me or my agent. This :
will aid me in preventing errors io J
your 1016 returns and help to cleanup I
any errors now existing. Come pre- !;
pared to give the name and number of
school district in which you live. Also
Lhe school district in which you own
ootlier property. Do not ajsk that your
property be taken from '.he tax dupli ;
cate of last year returns.
County Auditor. :
4 .1 f A ?n a1m1/i UJiliii \ \v?*V
irifl'lUIIU .iUIVUil'IIIlC T?I1V1I .iiiu;. ,
The Southern Woman's Magazine is
giving away a five-passenger, Model
>3. $750 Overland touring car, complete
with all modern equipment, including
electric starter, lights, etc. This car1
is aw arded, together with 500 other de- j
sirable premiums. The publishers of
the Southern Woman's Magazine claim
this to be one of the most liberal offers j
tiovo vp+ marie This is no "catch ,
penny" contest, but a fair and legiti-|
mate offer. Car will be awarded June J
1st. Full particulars may be had toy]
addressing Southern Woman's Maga-1
zine, Nashville, Tenn.
The Qe'nlna That Does Not Affect Tto Head
Because of its tonic and laxative effect, LAXA-1
TIVE BROMO QUININE is better than ordinary I
Quinine and does not cause nervousness not t
ringing in head. Remember the full name and I
i^r>lr 'or th*- ?nVnature nf T?. W. GPC VE. 25c j i
"""" i
Subscribe to The Herald and News,
$1.50 a years with two magazines* .'
i>iVFKsmi;n ifiRirri/rrRF
j ,
Washington. Jan. 9. -Referring to- i <
ay to th:- report of tho United States > 1
epartmenf 01' agriculture on the acre- |
ge sown to winter whoa? this fall, ; t
Ir. Fairfax Harrison, president of the \
on tie; n ii-r'lway company, .-aid: .
repor: is interesting Cuiefly be- i:
aufcv it shows a continuing tendenc;. 1
> diversified agriculture in the South. :
is compared wi.h last year the states j
i \.ig.n?u, .' (/fiii i aI'OIo<or;4ui, i
>;.j Tonne^-ee, Alabama and '
! ]
lis-sissipi'i all show increased areas
own to wh. at. In South Carolina the
rea is the same as lait year. These
tates as a whole show an aggregate
10 BACK :
rlow Mrs, Kelly Suffered and v
Mow She was Cured.
\ A'
Dnrlington, Wis.?~'l was very irreg- 2
liar, and had pains in mysMcMir.cl back, ^
ii i!i !JJM ill!! Lyaia E-'s
! J j j | i'; j: j Vogsta b i o Com- ?
! ' #' pound laMeU and 1
i pLcv ts,iI! usin? two bottles of t!
! r iH^'ilt^o SituV/* V/a?h r
I'., w : ill ?-i-e ?. cinuu. v.ctbu p
m- ?i i;! 1 i i! I am fury cor/- inced a
!i I%*..<,:& A!' i |! |; M that 1 am entirely ^
jj j ||f| /* 'Mi: cured of these trou- *
ill /jf bles, and feel better 1
i' all over. I know i v
your remedies have
? 1 done me worlds of ^
^ood and I hope every suffering woman
nil give them a trial.''?Mrs. Anna
r m rv /~n. l x. Oj. ?. T? 1 * C
^.elly, au ^nesuim, otreei, ourmig- }
on, Wis. j J;
The many convincing testimonials con- a
tantly published in the newspapers rught
to be proof enough to women who ; v
uffer from those distressing ills pecu- "
iar to their sex that Lydia E.Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound is the medicine ' ^
hey need. i ?j
This good old root and herb remedy *
as proved unequalled for these dread- j p
ul ills; it contains what is needed to , ?
V\rtnl+1\ nn/1 I
: 1
If there is any peculiarity in our
case requiring special ad- j *?
ice, write the Lydia E. Pink- 7
lam Medicine Co. (confidential), 9
^ynn, Mass., for free advice. j ?<
I df% 13 Sk f9? "50? /T%. rfi
t *-v>''/* "?<** . - snd
4S* ' > >> ' 2L
' 'ZJ7. %? >; 0 u r
y*. fact
? I .? I * "WW fam
The Best Two for All the
in Theit
"U'e are happy indued to introduce and t
able to make a clubbing arrangement that
enable our readers to have The Housewife
. coming year.
Th>^ stories are hisrh-class in every w
stories that will appeal to and please
tnanv with r?rinrinsr excitement and into
holding qualities.
Particular attention is given bv The II<
wife to seasonable, sensible cooking, house
hints, and matters of particular interes
mother and child.
The Housewife is a largo, well printed m
zinc: subscription price. 50 cents per year
is only because the publishers are anxiou
develop their subscription list ir. the South
we have been able to secure a rate on t
subscriptions that enable us to include it in
year's dubbin.; offers with The Progrei
Farmer. We know you will be highly pie
if you decide to take the club, including
This great combination of farm s<
fancy work and good cheer for the
in connection with your subscription
You know our paper. It is & cle
weekly?your county paper. It give
important news of the world and the
You cannot afford to miss this jjr
The Herald and News 1 year....
A 11C & iWJivao.fv ? ? ?
The Hou?ewife?monthly
Regular price
All three one year eat
(only 3 cents a week for
Mail or bring your subseiptions a
i ' ?
increase over last year of 141,001
acres, or per cent, while the state;
outside of the South show a net dei'reuse
of 4,907,000 acres, or 13.19 pei
ct nr. While the acreage shown is z
- l iidt r basis on which to base an es mate
of the final yield, so far as it
it. ia icnuiiiuie iu mt1 ouuiu as in
'Heating a larger yield in our sectioi:
ir a time when a smaller yield in the
"nited States as a whole will tend to
idvance the price.''
i*ant EnteUaiiied.
! he State.
Carlisle, Jan. l.">.?Among the many
oeial events none has been more
horoi.'ghlv enjoyed than the party on
Wednesday afternoon, with which
Uisses Deaver complimented Mrs. W,
r. Jeter, the attractive bride, and their
iceomplished guest, Miss Sadie Fant
>f Newberry. The rooms were en
nite and attractive in their decoraions
of holly, with blooming narcissus
nd other growing plants. The shades
.'ere drawn and rooms lighted by dozns
of candles on the mantles, cabi,v?r.
and all about.
Misses Draver welcomed their
X At .. i. T 1 1 1 T'J.X'T
':h m mo reception nail, inline
Ms- .loan Arthur hflei a silver waiter
* nun hers, each cruest finding her
ilaee by the corresponding number,
'ho unique feature was writing somehing
characteristic of cacti person
.resent and guessing them when read
loud by Mrs. J. K. Deaver. blisses
'ant and Deaver delighted the comany
with stveral solos. The guests
;ere served a salad course.
Whenever You Need a General Toni;
Take Grove's
The Old Standard Grove's Tastele; s
hill Tonic is equally valuable as a
General Tonic because it contains the
rell known tonic properties of QUININE
nd IRON. It acts on the Liver, Drives
ut Malaria, Enriches the Blood and
liids up the Whole Svstem. 50 cents.
o Drive uut maiana
And Build Up The System
'ake the Old Standard GROVE'S
'ASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
rhat you are taking, as the formula is
rinted on every label, showing it is
)uimne and Iron in a tasteless form,
'he Quinine drives out malajia, the
-on Guilds up the system. SO cents
ivlgoratlng to the Pate and SlcS&jr
he Cld Standard gren^rtil strengthe: ing tonic.
;ROVE'S TASTET.ESS c'lill TONIC, drives out
laliria.c.iriche -l leblood.and builds jpthesys?;u
A tor. r Vor sdiiits and rb idren. 5*)c
test Offer
tie Progressive Farmer is made to cover
iitions as the* in the South. Tes,
-made for you?and if you will read
heed its teachings you will raise more
on per acre, more corn per acre, more
better livestock, and make a money
iucing factory out of your farm.
ie Progressive Farmer has the strongmost
practical household department
ny agricultural paper in the South. Its
ly features make a special appeal to
women readers and help them as it
; the men.
ie Progressive Farmer has a regular
irtment for farm boys and girls, and a
il story for both young and old. In
it is a paper for every member of the
! Family?Both Leaders
o * THE HQU^WIFE f ,
reSt' *~r^'
hold /
as>; i{ ci^fcF
I v' MSliS"
tn:-s ' jjj
ssivp i jU
as. d s? y-r _ }}{
The -?*??c?rtinS,?i'ciit'?*S,s?* - |j|
_ i
snse, farm help, fiction, fashion, j
entire family at
:an-cut, live, up-to-date county
s you all the local news and the
great war.
eat bargain.
ly?52 big issues 1.00
* for only ?1.98
all three).
it once to
'Y, S. C.
, ... zzrl'
)[>?<?><$/ <i> ^ <$><$>< > <?>
5 j *' ^
- j S> SOCIETY. *
r <S> <?
i j <; *y * $ vi> <?< > ^> $ < > ; > <s> < ><?> <?
| Monday afternoon the Drayton Rut'n,
j erford chapter, U. D. C., held a pleas
ant monthly meeting with Mrs. 0. L.
i Schumpert. Much business was talked'
; over and disposed of and Mrs. Keitt
i read several most interesting war
! tima ca!or?tir?r>? at'tar which #ip! ir?iruia
I refreshments were served the followo
V,'. IT. Carwil; , W. H.
i Hunt. T. W. K;-itt, J. H. West, iM. L.
I Badnam, P. G. Ellisor, J. P. Shealy,
| W. G. Houseal and Misses May Wan:
namaker. Cora Dominick, Bernice
I Martin and Fannie McCaughrin.
II * * *
,! Monday evening Mr. C. A. Bowman
had a number of friends to dine with.
| him and help make a happy birthday
| occasion.
* * *
! Tuesday morning the Fortnightly
club held a very pleasant meeting
; with Mrs. J. H. Harms. Current events
were discussed, articles from Good
Housekeeping read and a most delightful
luncheon served. Those present
were: Mesdames S. B. Janes, W. H.
Hunt, James Mcintosh. A. T. Brown, C.
A. Bowman, W. F. Ewart, J. L. Keitt,
?W. H. Carwile and J. T. Mayes.
* * *
Wednesday the Bachelor Maids wer<5
entertained by Miss Blanche Davidson.
)Ai great deal of business was discussed,
such as needy cases, Christmas and
i New York work, work of Mrs. Younsr,
' our community nurse, etc. At the con,
elusion of business a delicious sweet
course was served.
* * *
' I *Vi A f A Aw A TX T A Wrt rt
xuuidud^ aicciuuuii tut: vv v/uiau ?
club met with Mrs. W. H. Hunt. The
responses were current events and
the lesson study was led by Miss Minnie
Gist. Two poems were read L*y
'/Y(rs. Carson, an article on Swiss People
by Mrs. Hunt and an article on
: Jerusalem by Mr. W. Y. Fair.
* * *
TTVi.^ov fifrernnnn Mrc W TT WllTl t
i smd Miss Fannie McCaughrin gave a
charming reception in 'honor of Mrs.
Paul Anderson. The house was beautifully
decorated for the occasion with _
ferns, potted plants and flowers.
The guests were met at the door and
shown into the receiving room hv Mrs.
R. H. Wright.
In the receiving line were Mrs. W.
j H. Hunt, Mrs. Paul Anderson, Miss
! Fannie McCaughrin; Mrs. Y. J. Pope,
iM.rs. Andrew Langford, Mrs. W. O.
: Miller and Mrs. L. G. Eskridge.
ifihe dining room was lovely in white
| and pink. A beautiful bowl of narcisi
sus being the center piece?pink bon!
bons and pink shaded candles being
j used to assist in the color scheme.
Among those assisting in the dining
room and in the entertaining of guests
i were: Mesdam^s I. H. Hunt, C. L.
; Reid, George Johnstone, J. N. Mc1
^ tt-1 t7* xttsi
: uaiignnn, n. ivic^. noimes, rmun. yvii
son and Misses Minnie Gist, Fannie
Mae Carwile and Gertrude Carwile. Rei
freshments consisting of a salad course
; followed by fruit cake and coffee were
served a large number of friends.
* * *
; Saturday afternoon the Jasper chapter,
D. A. R., had an unusually
pleasant meeting with Mrs. J. T.
Mayes. The finding of another revo
lutionary grave in toutn Carolina wag
| reported and the annual entertainment
of the chapter discussed. After
a pleasant social hour refreshments
were served the following members:
Mosdames L. .lones, W. H. Carwile,
J. L. Keitt, T. W. Kei t, Leland Summer.
0. 13. Mayer. J. H. Harms, J. T.
Mayes and r\>lss Wannamaker.
Breeders Told by Federal Aarent How
Kpfrin Kefnincr Beef Cattle.
'""O" " M.
The Sta'e.
The Sc-mh Carolina Live Stock association
closed its annual contention
yesterday with the election of officers
after indorsing the proposed $30,000
appropriation for tick eradication and
a bill to inspect all stallions and jacks.
The association will convene again
next January in Columbia.
The officers for the ensuing year
are: G. Y. Hunter. M. D., of Prosperity,
president; Walter Sorrell of
Camden, secretary and treasurer; vice
president, James S. McKeown of Cornwell,
E. J. Watson of Columbia, R. M.
Claffey of Fort iMotte and R. M. Cooper
nf Wisacky.
Addresses were made bj S. H. Raj
of the United States department of
agriculture on "How to Begin Keeping
Beef Cattle" and by tW. K. Lewis,
who reported on the work accomplished
under the cattle tick appropriation.
Mr. Lewis said that the work was
progressing well and that it was almost
a year in advance of what he had
expected. Mr. Ray stressed the importance
of breeding pure bred bulls
on the common stock and also the necessity
of growing sufficient feed before
breeding is begun.
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