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I nveilintr of W. 0. >V. Monument News
of K. F. I). flirriers? Marriages
? Special to The Ht raid and News.
Pomaria, Jan. 20.?We are having
tine weather for buteherings tnis winter.
In fact we nave so far enjoyed
this most pleasant winter that we have :
in yrars. up to the present time. Even
t a bachelor could enjoy life.
The roads are in fine condition in
and around Pomaria, with little exception.
The road leading to New- J
berry, by way of Jolly Street is in
good condition.
A great many people were disapB
pointed Tuesday and also Tuesday a j
ft w*ek ago when they didn't get The'
|Herald and News in due time, though !
a great deal of information concerning
the general assembly was in each
issue and had the paper gone to press 1
A Safety F
Come in an
> tablet and I v
r* r . n
a darety rcazo
first class. If il
# you satisfacti
h and get your
M 9 D?Jr P,
maycs uuunoi
w The House of a 1
n. n
uosing u
We are sellin;
stock at prices ur
|| Carolina. This j
W soon as empty, ]
mns.f hp shoved o
cost, others half f
new goods, bougi
this fall.
40 inch Sea Island
10 cents Domestics
? i ? 1 ! _
iu cents oamoric
$1.00 Silk Velvet..
10c Percale
10c Ginghams
8 Jc Apron Ginghams
8 l-3c Dress Ginghams ....
6-|c Calicoes
6?c Domestics
10c Hose..
15c Hose ..
25c Ratine
r 10c Lawn
10c Crepe
20c, 25c, 30c Ribbons
35c, 40c and 50c Ribbons
Coats Spool Cotton
Millinery at your own pr:
Gents' and boys' Hats ha
Large line ladies' and mi
Large line ladies' misses';
Price no object, goods m
_ x ? i
at tnese prices.
on Monday as usual we would have i
( waited for the proceedings of the first ?
part of the week until Friday.
j On the fifth Sunday morning in this '
month communion will be administered
'at the Pomaria Lutheran church at It *
I o'clock and at 3 o'clock in tae after- i
noon the W. O. W. camp ai ruuiu*<w|<.
will unveil the monuments of Mr. Jas. js
R. Lominick and Mr. K. A. Kibler at i
? . Philipps cemetery. iLhe members
of the camp are urged to report at Si I
Philipps church at 2.30. The public is 1
cordially invited to attend all services.
The following town officers have <
been elected to serve for this year of <
1916: Dr. Roy .T. Johnson, intendant;
Messrs. Jas. P. Setzler, Joe Boland, T. '
E. Hentz and waiter n.iunuiuavn, >>^1
dens: .Ino. C. *Aull, clerk; E. H. Wertz, j1
Mr. Wilbur Ringer nas been appoint- f
ed carrier on rural route Xo. 1 to succeed
Mr. W. S. Seybt, deceased. Mr.
Ringer is a prosperous young farmer p
Z muz l!
? r
lazor free ;
d buy a IOc j'
nil give you !>
r guaranteed ;
t dosen't give j?
on return it 1
i .
' I:
: Variety Store
fhousand Things. jo
. ._ i
ut Prices! i
g out our large l
teaualed in South
>tore will rent as
hence the goods t
ut. Some below J
>rice. Many nice ,
it in New York '
7ic '
1" 1..ZIZ 8c
5c t
zmzizz t i;
12c '
half price
half price
i 20c
If price, etc., etc.
isses' Slippers half price,
ind gents' shoes below cost
USt go. WUlliuig ciittigcu
v Bros.
J 7
ity, S. C.
;)f t::l- i:;Ce I v.e j-v; sure he will !
jive the patrons the be^t of service, j
.Mr. .Ino. T. l-.v:es bus movvd from j
\\ \.'.?erry to ;!k> ho":se v c.i'":i I>y Mr. |
C. X. Koon ar..i will continue the j
k.-mi-h work in the same shop used!
)> Mr. Kooii. Mr. Ly!es has secured
i workman of experience and we ar-3
Hire that the work will be tne best an-i
ir n reasonable nrice.
Mr?. Florence Williams of Wilming:on
is visiting her brother. Dr. Z. T.
Pinr.t r.
Mrs. .J. A. Martin and son and Miss
jertrude McLeod of Luffoff are -visiting
it the home of Mr. Gus A. Livingston.
Mrs. Rhett Shcuse and daughter,
V'iss Addie, of Winston-Salem are
nxiting friends and relatives in Ponaria.
Miss Ida Mae Setzler, teacher at j
-Tnntpr-DpWalt school. soent the "'eek-j
jnd witii her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.!
Setzl: r.
Mr. and Mrs. G. IX Young spent |
,Vednesday with Mrs. Jno. P. Setz'er. I
Miss Myrtle Knight, after spending a j
feasant week as the gue?t of Miss!
sellie Murphy, has returned to herj
lcme in Columbia.
Mr. M. E. K. Giymph was cabled to
he home of her parents' at Abbeville j
:n Monday to see her mother, who had j
np misfortune to 2: t on arm broken.
Mr. C. W. Sawyer spent Sunday and ,
^art of Monday in Columbia.
Mr. D. .T. Hentz has gone ro Clinton !
o visit relatives. J
"Mr. T. T. Tv'na^d snrnt the first part |
>f the week in Columbia on business. ^
Mrs. Florence Kiblcr has gone to i
Columbia to spend a while with her
laughter, Mrs. Fred Epting.
T> s\ir 7 7/-?V> ncnn line nrfrlprl a.
:reat deal to the aDpearanc-e and con-j
"enience of his 'ncme by the use of
he paint brush and the addition of
ight, water works and sewerage. He 1
s also rebuilding the tenant house
rhich was recently destroyed by fire. j
Six more subscribers have been ad- j
led to our telephone lines: Mr. Jno. j
\ Lvles. Mrs. M. .T. Hipp. Mr. Geo. |
v. 0. "Wicker. N't. Henrv Wicker. Mr.
V. S Epting and Mrs. Vinnie Stuck.
One of Interest to Our Readers.
Good news bears repeating, and
irhen it is confirmed atefr a long lapse
f time, even if we hesitated to believe
t at first hearing, we feel secure in :
ccepting i!s truth now. The followng
experience of a Xewberry woman
s confirmed after four years.
Mrs. .T. B. Amick, 1130 Summer St., '
vewberry. says: "I had backache and
* ?... J T n y? l rrryn on fl
;ciins in my iifctu. i wa,o ui 1*1*3 emu ?
.ervous and spots often floated before
ny eyes. The kidne y secretions were j
rregular in passage and I knew my ;
cianeys were out of order. Doan's J
Sidney Pills soon made me feel bet- !
;er in every way and my kidneys be-1
:ame normal." (Statement given March ;
3, 1911.)
On Nov. 20th, 1914. Mrs. 'Amick said: j
'Whenever I have a return of kidney
rouble, due to a cold settling on my j
cidneys, I use Doan's Kidney Pills and
hey give me prompt relief."
Price 50c. at all dealers. Don't sim
)lv ask for a kidney remedy?get
Doan's Kidney Pills?the same that
tfrs. Amick has twice publicly recom
nended. Foster-Milburn Co., Props.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
'Well, I Shonld Say
'Gets-It' Does Work"
;Look a' There, If You Don*t Think
It'sJnst V/'onderfnl for Corns-"
"Bless, my stars, look at it! Land of!
;he livin'- Why, just look at it! That
corn came right off?just like peeling
Dananas. Put your finger on my toe,
right there?don't be afraid?that's it
?feel how smooth the skin is? Well,
:hat's where the corn was. Well, that
"Did You Ever See the Like? No
Wonder 'Gets-It* is the Biggest
Selling Corn Cure in theWoriiil"
beats all!" That's the way "Gets-It"
works on all corns, every corn, every
time. It's the new, simple way of curing
corns. You'll say good-bye to all
foolish contraptions like bundling
bandages, sticky tape, plasters, toeeating
salves, and grave-diggers such
as kni.; es, razors and scissors. "Getsit"
stops pain. Applied in 2 seconds,
never fails. Nothing to stick to, hurt
or press on the corn.
"Gets-It" is sold everywhere, 25c a
bottle, or sent direct by E. Lawrence
& Co., Chicago, 111. Sold in Newberry
and recommended as the world's best
corn remedy by W. G. iTtyes, P. E.
Way, Gilder & Weeks.
Mr. Bright Miller is liere and will
be here tor the remainder of this |
week with som? fine perchon norses
for sale.
We thought that alter New Year the ;
Marriage License would get a rest
but we hear rumors of more marriages. |
ft is Pleasant to Have Checks to Deposit
Caases a Citizen to ('all
up His >Iuse.
\ /.liatit tlm Yntirwnol hank rirnns ?
into poetry as he sends a couple of
checks for the deposit account to catch !
iome of his checks so as to prevent
an overdrai';?or ratiier having a check i
turned down?because the National
cic. s not indirge in the pastime of permitting
c- erdrafts. We suppose it
av/-vi?.e<a nviioo tn hp nh1r> tr>
WUlllU U1 VUOt *i?uwv WV v?w.w
get ahead of an overdraft, but the hor-1
ror of it and the dread that your,
.neck will travel faster than the one!
you are expecting payable to your order,
would knock a1! tile poetry out of
th soult of most individuals. A check
that you send off, expecting to get to
he bank first withone payable to your
oidrr. travels mighty fast.
It is a great gift to have poetry in
your soul in these material and matter
of fact times and fortunate is the man
who can arouse his muse in the face
of tie fear ct' an overaraic. cut nere
ho is and hero is his letter and his
Xe* berry. S. C? -Ian. 10, 191G. j
iM)e National L-iank of Newberry,
Newberry, S. C.
Enclosed find two checks to value
of $12.04 (twelve 04-100) which you
will no doubt be greatly pleased to
pass to the credit to the under
signed. and obilge me gratefully, thereby
averting a case of nervous prostration
on the part of the bank, party of
the said first part, or of the following
party of the said second part.
Me thinks I see a lovely smile on
thy careworn face,
When to my credit two email checks
thou hast placed,
i.ind when thou hast the same well
Then quietly balance up your sheet j
With thanks that I have won,
And again peacefully may me meet, j
This is not to corner on your time
For busv vou must me '
TIT T?l\Tm
n l*
New Goo
And Saturc
j give free to ei
; p. m., a box ol
v&TAV/wKlM/V /VM A
w Gig mug uiic
200 pairs SI
urday only,
i Come and
! get them chea
2,000 yards
sold at 7 cent
100 pairs C
A big shipment
and children has j
No. 940 Main 5
Too much i-v.; j m now to r?ad a rhyme
For bw>y you inusi be,
T hi* evenings arc- long, sometimes
1 hav?? time enough to crack a jok'o.
And oft-times am vr-ry dreary before
the day is broke.
And now friends, times ar>- hard, it
makes our lives seem dry.
But gentlemen play your card, and
toss tho cotton high,
Silverstreet Br
fhp F.
?aa w
Has been transi
All account
-4 n H
ried at Dilverstr*
care of at Newh
fast growing f;
ample opportu:
to care for them
We solicit s
your business a
careful attention
Tlio Fvrll!
tsa&y flM (HSS^ bm
i Cash C
iins ftiiara
ds. No O
I ntira
L 11/^0 &~i\J VV v*
lay, January 2
rery customer
f assorted Cho
pound with eve
tioes to be sold
see us. Buy 1
i of 10 cents G
s per yard. Sa
Overalls to be sc
? ^ " -I ? Ti7A1ti
or rcauy"iu"wcai
ust come in.
ia Cash Cc
! Tiirn forthwith we'll have a boom.
| And filings will move on gladly,
( Then full time we'll run the loom,
| And no one will feel badly*
I ?
Ladles! A?? your Druggist for
? 4 s Chl-ehea-ter 6 I>iatnon<lTlrnnd>^W
i'UU in Red &nd truld metallic^^/
i sealed with Blue Ribbon. \/
! TTi ,<.vS Take no other. Buy of your ^
' I ~ rtf !>ro?rW. Ask for CIII.CirE8.TEES
I !w .lif DIAMOND BRAND PILLS, for 2i
\ \'S* years k now-n as Dest, Safest, Always Reliable
anch of
xchange Bank
erred to New
s that were carjet
will be taken
erry where our
aeilities give us J
nity the better I
i continuance of
\ J
md will give it
inge Bank
y, 5. C.
Id Stock
9 Vt
^ 1 !!
:zna, we win
from 2 to 6
icolate Candy
jry $2.00 pur
\ H
at cost. Sat .
/' ?
% j
while you can
turday only.
11 . OA
ilci at ouc pair.
for ladies, misses
Newberry, S. C.

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