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Ilie Movements of many People, >*ewberrians,
and Those >VIio Visit
Mr. Roy Summer has returned from
-\ew *orK.
Mr. S. H. McLean of the Southern
railway was in the city on Monday.
I.Viirs. E. P. Taylor of Prosperity is
visiting in the home of Dr. E. P. Taylor?Batesburg
cor. State.
Mrs. Lillian Smith of Newberry has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. J. L.
Walker.?Johnsione cor. State.
Mrs. Poole of Newberry is tne guest
of her daughter. Mrs. H. M. Davega,
in York street.?Chester cor. Record.
Mr. William P. Houseal came up
from Columbia to attend the laymen's
missionary meeting in# the Lutheran
church on Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. W. L. Seabrook of Westminister,
Md., will arrive in Newberry Tues
day on a visit to l.'Orc. J'as. Mcintosh
and other friends.
Mrs. Sula Wilson of Longshore visited
Mrs. C. S. Matthews last week.
Miss Ernestine Wicker of the Little
Mountain school spent the week end
in Newberry.
We have a sort of intuition that free
tuition has been a little too free.
It's agin' the constitution, begad,
and it can't be did!
Afcer the rain it will be so nice to
drag the roads. Try it.
It didn't rain Sunday, but it had the
. * i !
threatening attitude an uie a ay mug.
The peerless Vivian Martain in '"The
Little Mademoiselle." at the opera
house Thursday, the 3rd.
Mr. W. G. Bullock had his wrist dislocated
Thursday last while attempting
to crank an automobile.
C. G. Gilliam, colored, had a hog
foot that had five toes. This is not a
usual sight.
<Fhe Anderson Dry Goods company
}: Ding to have a pretty front when
v\ UI A. tVUlf ICICU.
Marie Dow in "Morals of Marcus"
will be the Paramount feature at the
Arcade today (Monday).
Did you know "What Happened to
Father," as acted by Frank Daniels, j
will be at the opera house Thursday?)
The contributions to the Jewish relief
fund in Newberry amounted to
only $111.80.
The Paramount pictures, are fine.!
Large crowds saw them at the Arcade,
f.ltonday ana r riaay.
Did you see that rubber tree down I
at Mower's gsrage. "That's what they I
make Goodrich tires out of.
There will be a recital by the music!
pupils of the LiUle Mountain High j
school on Friday evening at 7:30. The!
* " J; ^'l- * r\ otton/1 I
pUDilC IS curuiaii.) muicu iu u^wuv.. .
A street preacher attracted a considerable
crowd on Main street in
front of J. H. Summer & Co.'s clothing
store Sunday afternoon.
Don't wait about that little subscrip- j
tion to The Herald and News. You:
might forget it and then you would!
lose fifty cents on tee dollar.
The second episoae 01 uie mc
and tne Game' will be shown at the j
Arcade Wednesday. If vou missed the;
first start now. i
Evidently some students v.'ho have,
been getting their tuition free, will \
have to drop the "r" in the word free.
This will make a sight of difference.
In the recorder's court ,Jim Abrams
was tried I.Yond<ay morning and found!
guilty of public indecency, ne
fined which was paid.
Mary Pickford will again appear at
the Arctde, Friday, February 4. in
"Mistress Nell," famous Players Paramount
in 5 acts.
The members of the Xewberrv delegation
spent Sunday at heme in con- j
sequence of the regular adjourn over
to Monday night of the legislature.
? in ~T +V.O, v <5
Manager WeilS Will Sliu? tut; ? .
L. E. feature presenting Frank Daniels,
in "What Happened to Father," at
the opera house Thursday matinee and
The weather remains springlike and
the trees are beginning to bud. Some
of t'ne heaviest snow ir this section
fell in February, and we may yet have
some winter.
"FiFi'' at the opera house Monday
and Tuesday nights this week. They
say it is going to be good. It is being
.presented under the auspices of the
Calvin Crozier chapter.
Mr. John C. Mills of the lower par:
of the county had a wagon load of
peanuts on the market Friday. He
was offering them at a dollar a bushel.
These were left over after fattening
his hogs.
Dock Knowles, a white man who was
on the chain gang for being drunk and
disorderly, made nis escape one night
last week. He has not-, been recaptured.
While free tuition is being agitated
all over ;he state. .Judge Player is un
i.-U ~~~ ?.;n u^
uiMiu ucu. bdvb Liitfi v\ in uc 1 iu
free tuition at nis institution. All lecture
courses must be paid, either in
cash or with days.
A. G. Wise. Prosperity, is offering
for sale this week a carload of fine
mules at a bargain. Some fine Tennessee
mares and some scrubs in the lot.
Must be sold this week. See him ii
you are in the market.
Treasurer Epps desires it stated that
hie bill to extend the lime for the payment
of taxes without penalty has not
yet passed and neither has the one to
extend ?.he time for the payment of
the commutation tax.
It ut)uld be nice if some of the other
mercnants along Mam street could oe
induced to put in some modern fronts
and show windows. It would help to
display goods and make the stores
have a more modern and up-to-date
fT.he Carolina 'Cas'n company announces
a cost sale for three days this
week. They are now in the Copland
building recently vacated by Caldwell
& Haltiwanger. See them for some
bargains on Thursday, Friday and Satj
urdav of this week.
Can you beat it? Vivian Martain in
'The Little Mademoiselle," on Wednesday
and Frank Daniels, in "What Happened
to Father" on Thursday at the
opera house. Two of the leading film
stars in two days, and each in a feati
ure production. Well of Wells!
I On Monday morning, in the recora|
er's court, Xeil Xance was tried and
; found .guilty of storing whiskey for
j unlawful purposes. He was given $50
j or 30 days. He was trying to raise the
| amount of the fine, but last accounts
J was that he had not succeeded.
J. T. Mayes & Co. have a fine stand
. of oats growing in their plot in the
j store window. The oats are fine and
if wo had ^ 'fpw hnrtrirpd anrfts like
that and a good harvester we would
I not be so careful about all those 1915
1 boys paying that dollar right away.
! Mr. John D. Dominick, convicted at
! the last term of the court for forgery
and who has been on the chain gang,
has been transferred to the state penitentiary.
Supervisor Sample had information
that he aided Dock Knowles
to escape and for that reason the
transfer was made.
There is a state law against the
barbed wire fence along side a public
road unless there is a guard rail on
the top. That law would scarely anply
to cities, as we notice along side
of some of the sidewalks enclosing
yards and gardens that such a wire
is used and no guard rail on top. It1
ic a dangerous proposition.
Remember that if you want The Hera!j
and Xews now is the time to get
it a whole year for only a dollar. After
the first of March this offer is positively
withdrawn. This is good for old
subscribers and whether in arrears or
in advance. No subscription taken for
less than one year or more than, two
years at this rate. The same price
to all.
Mr. Charlie Ruff returned to Newberry
Thursday with his bride". On
Wednesday evening Mr. Ruff and Miss
Mary Stevenson of Winnsboro were
happily married at the Presbyterian
paiicnage in Winnsboro by the Rev.
G. G. Mayes. At present taey are at
the home of Mr. Ruff's father in the
country, but will later locate in the
the congratulations and best wishes of
city. The happy couple are receiving
tViAir manv friends
This divorce and scholarship and
free tuition agitation is nerve racking.
To have the suspense all over
with and be done, give as the medicine
and let us swallow it and quit looking
at it and making faces over it. There
ain't any more freedom anyway, so
gi. e us the compulsory cradle roll,
first 2 years of our slave-ridden lives,
then compulsory kindergarten 4 years,
tiien compulsory schcol attendance 10
years, then compulsory college education
(free tuition) 4 years, then com
pu-lsory military service 5 years, then
compulsory marriage laws (good-bye
free speech), and then, at death, if the
Presbyterians are right about predestination,
compulsory roasting in the
fire works, or compulsory residence in
Xotice to Colored Teachers.
All teachers in the public schools of
Xewberry county are hereby notified
to 2iave your annual report properly
filled out and signed by the clerk o|
board of trustees at the close of the
school term. Also in presenting you
last claim bring in industrial work
from your school. No claim will be
approved by county superintendent of
education until this is done.
By order of county superintendent
nf pdnrafion '
U. S. Gallraan. Col. Supervisor.
3Ir. Ira 0. Burton 'and Mr. Iiavjd A.
Landlord Have Words on Street?
Latter Seriously Shot,
I A serious shooting affair took place
i in front of Mimnaugh's, on Main stre'lf.
last Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock,
when iV r. !ra 0. Burton shot Mr. Da . id
A. I.angford. It was not observed that
: the two men were quarreling until a
1 j pistol shot was heard. It all happened
'J in a moment, and before any one could
. i iTitQrfArp tf\ nrpvpnr tho Hiffi1 rv
The ball struck a cuff button arid
! was deflected, entering the abdomen
; and perforating the instestlnes in two
. places.
; The shooting was at short range,
i being only about a foot distant.
The usual Saturday afterncon crowd
j was on the streets and the sound of
; the siict attracted a large number of
1 people to +he scene of the trouble.
| )\':r. Langford, assisted by friends,
WJillcorl to thp rtrnor ctfirA nf flilrlpr &
j Weeks, nearly a block distant, while
i Mr. Burton turned and walked into
! Mayes' drug store, nearby, with the
i pistol, a 38 calibre Swith & Wesson
special, in his hand.
An examination of the wounded man
revealed the fact that he was seriously
hurt and preparations were made at
once to carry him to a hospital in
j Columbia for an operation. It was at
I the hospital that Mr. Langford was
i found to be desperately wounded and
j chances for his recovery slight.
A representative of The Herald and
! News called on Mr. Burton at the Newberry
jail Sunday afternoon and asked
if he had any statement to make. He
replied that he acted in self-defense
and had retained counsel. Other than
this he had nothing to say just at
this time.
Mr. Burton is 43 years of age and
has a family. Mr. Langford also has
a family and is about 27 years of age.
Mr. Langford was attended by Drs.
Gilder and Kibler. Dr. Gilder accompanied
him to the hospital.
Reports irom Columbia Monday atternoon
were to the effect that Mr.
Langford was slightly better, and
J though in a serious condition, there
was hope of his recovery. His brothers,
J. J. and W. S. Langford, are in
j In Laymen's Missionary MovementEnthusiastic
Meeting Sunday?
Special Newberry Train.
I The Laymen's missionary movement
is taking shape in Newberry. A jvery j
enthusiastic meeting was held in the
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer on
j Sunday afternoon presided over by IM;r.
.John M Kinard, chairman of tnis counI
ty, and inspiring and encouraging adi
dresses were made by several promii
nent laymen. The meeting was well j
i attended and much interest manifest. |
Tf- ic oynprtpd that at Iftast 300 laymen i
' will attend the state convention in CoI
lumbia from Newberry county.
I Dr. G. Y. Hunter has agreed to take
up the movement in the town of Prosperity
and have a canvass of the community
made to interest the men in
this great movement.
. If as many as 200 wUl go from NewI
berry the Southern railway will oper-j
I ate a special Newberry train leaving i
I Newberry about 7:30 a. m. and return-j
ins: the same night after the evening
program in Columbia.
A central committee has been appointed
which will appoint sub-coi%mittees
to make a whirlwind campaign
to ascertain how many will go from
Newberry. This central committee is
composed of John H. Wicker. J. B. j
Hunter, W. A. Alcswam, 1. n. nuin i
and C. D. Weeks. This committee will j
appoint the sub-committees, who will
go to work at once to interest the town
and county in this work. Chairman
Kiijard said he would like for any laymen
in the county to communicate
with any member of this committee at
cnce, so that it may be known how
many will attend the convention in
Columbia. The round trip fare on the
railroad is only $1.55 and provision is
being made to have the delegates cared
for in Columbia at a.resonable price.
At the meeting Sunday afternoon Mr.
W. P. H'ouseal came from Columbia
and made an address and speeches
were made by J. B. Hunter, E. C.
Jones, J. C. Swindler. J. C. Kinard, J.
F. Epting and W. H. Hunt.
If you can attend the Columbia
meeting on February 6 to 9 let the
committee know at once, so that the
arrangements may be made ior tne
special Newberry train. Greenwood
and Greenville are to have special
The latch-string of misery is always
The wages of sin are always promptly
Bluff seldom wins a victory over a
formidable foe.
Good manners sometimes put a veneer
over bad morals.
Tom Byrd Accused by Coroner's Jury
With flip Killimr?\o Kva Wit
0 ? ?
nessts?Tom in Jail.
Saturday night about 10 o'clock the
sheriff's office was no.ified by 'phone
of a killing near Kinards. Deputy
Dorron and Rural Policeman Melton
I w ent immediately to the scene of the
killing and returned with Tom Byrd,
Jr., and lodged him in jail, charged
with murder.
Tom Byrd and his wife, iMlaria Byrd,
colored, had been separated, but had
nr/v ? V\n nlr + /N /\ ? .1 1. ?-? ? ^ " ?? ? J
| sunt; ua^i\ LU5CLUC1. 'liiej LUiiLUiueu,
j however, i.o have domestic troubles
| and on Saturday nigat about 9 o'clock
Tcm appeared in the yard with a single-barrel
shotgun loaded with No. 4
shot. He called Maria to the door and
when she appeared he blazed away and
shot her in the head and face. S'ae
died almost immediately.
The parties lived on H. H. Kinard's
o K a 11 f t?aa rv> i 1 ar> ^ a + l-\ I
auuut mi cc nines LU Hit: i i&iii
of Kinards.
Coroner Lindsay was notified of the
killing and held an inquest Sunday at
noon, the verdict of the jury being that
Maria Byrd came to her death by a
gunshot wound inflicted by the hands
of Tom Byrd.
There were no eyewitnesses ;.o the J
homicide, but the circumstances pointed
to the husband as the one who com-;
J 4.1 ,3 ~ J ? ^ J ?- "U ~ ^ A
llilLieU Llie ueeu cLUU Lilt; JUI^ iU'U'UU
as above stated.
'4 _
(The addition of the name of the late j
W. H. Harris to Xewberrians to the
'manner born" who have filled the office
of chief of police in the town still;
needs mention of another Newberrian j
in the same connection.
The rPf>nrH nf tnwn will sTrnw
that John Irving Houseal, as chief of
police, performed one of the braves: .
ieeds in preserving the peace which ,
has ever been witnssed in the town, j
Reference to Le newspapers of the
town of November, 1874, will give the
details of the riot which occurred on:
circus day on west Main street, at the !
corner of McKibben street. The storehouse
on the northwest corner of these
two streets was then occupied by
vvebD, Jones & ranter, rne writer nas,
forgoUen the occupants of the first
floor of the building next to the corner.
The second floor, however, was
the office of the Progressive Age.
The chief of police soon found his
force unable to quell the riot, and
without consulting any one he went
:o the commander of ihe federal garrison,
then stationed in the Nance
house, between O'Xeall and Boundary
streets, and requested aid of the troops
in quelling the riot.
The riot was quelled, but noi: until
one policeman. Henry Bluford, a negro
Democrat, had been killed and one
citizen, J. Pinckney Hardy, badly injured
by an atteck upon him by the
mob. Mr. Hardy was rescued by Capt.
W. H. Webb, who dragged him into the
left doorway, which then lead into the
The fusillade of firearms was directed
from the southeast side of th.^ street
and the occupants of the Age office
especially had some hair-breadth escapes,
as we 1 as the crowd on the side.
wains on me same siae 01 ixie sireeu
John I. Houseal was given deserved
praise for his promptness in summoning
th'e federal troops to the rescue.
Mr. Houseal removed from Newberry
he following spring to Vicksburg,
Miss, and after locating at Meridian,
removed to Memphis, where he died in
November, 190$.
i dHHnmHHHrannHBMnnMMQfli
The man who is entirely satisfied
is usually a tir-esome companion.
jfe 'A w
\ SL 'A f\ f?o*?
liiiiiiis a ttMiSt*8?
iliiiiiiik {
A \ Yfc^.s.o
::::::::::p1 a ?
=!!!!!. ?to^ced?v\t
i Some time ago requisition papers
! were issued by Governor Manning for
I tiie arrest and return of W. 0. Steven
sen from Xe.ada upon the warrant'
sworn cut by his wife charging deser-j
ticn and non-support. The papers were i
held up and finally Governor Manning
recalled them or declined to have them
executed. Sheriff Blease had Stevenson
arrested, but of course when the!
i .
I papers were refused by Governor Manj
ning -Stevenson was re'eased. Gov;
ernor Manning and Sheriff Blease
have had some very interesting correspondence
in regard to the case.
The case took a new turn last week
when Stevenson wired his wife, who
; lives at Little Mountain, to meet him
at Greenwood. Sheriff Blease was put
, wise and he sent Deputy Dorroh along
with Mrs. Stevenson, or pt least on the
same train. Stevenson met his wife at
Mountville and before the arrival of
the train at Greenwood Dorroh had j
nlnrpri Stevenson under arrest.
il.his was on Friday afternoon and
j'Stevenson was brought back to Newberry
by the officer. He gave bond in
the sum of $600 for his appearance at
the next term of the court.
It is supposed that the purpose Stevj
enson had in wiring his wife to meet
j him was to see if some compromise
| and settlement could not be agreed
upon. That, it .-seems, would be tae
best thing for all parties concerned.
Brandies For Supreme Court Bench.
Louise D. Bandeis of Boston was
! nominated by President Wilson (on
Friday for the Place on the supreme
court bench made vacant by the death
of Associate Justice Lamar.
'..:ie senate received the nomination!
with unconcealed surprise. Some sen- j
ator announced to the colleagues theyj
were opposed to the nomination, but!
declined to be quoted to that effect.
Mr. Brandeis -has been devoting practically
all his time of late to the Zionist
movement in this country which
has for its object the repatriation of
the Jews to a nation of. t'neir own in
Palentine. If confirmed he wolud be
the first Jew ;o sit on the supreme
court bench.
It's a waste of the other fellow's
,time when you talk foolish.
Ppnrvlo w'-m aro npvpr in n Vmrrv rr?
begin believe in the theory that it's
never too late to mend.
I Dr. F. C. Martin fj
Specialist |,
|ExaminesEyes, Fits Glasses |j
/+~ i A % I
4 and Artificial t-yes <$>
< >
|rf your eyes are giving you^
^trouble d n't fail to consult him.f
3> v
I Satisfaction Guaranteed. I
> f
? Office over Anderson's Dry*
^Goods Store. *
4? <$>
Best Ground Insert Lense. $1.50 to
$3.50 pair.
Best Ground Rimless Lens, $2.00 to
$4.00 pair.
Kriptop $8.00 and up per pair.
Gold Filled Frames and Nose Mountings,
$2.50 pair.
Solid Gold Frames and Nose Pieces.
54.00 pair.
Eyes tested and glasses fitted,
broken lenses and prescriptions duplicated.
All work guaranteed.
P. C. JEANS & CO.,
T ~ - A
.jewciers ana vpivuicuisis,
535^ JfjJl
as?* I
ian Presents
,SS NELL" , ^ I
eatest Heroines of /
Romantic drama. /
: C. HAZELTON, Jr. rmCjkSw
,y Famous Players /
n Company. EnffiTO /
^JVE ACTS gffi^ /
Opera House 1
j .1I0XDAY, JANUARY 31 and H
"FI-FI of the Toy Shop" J|
Musical Extravaganza by Local iTalent
For the Benefit of Calvin Crozier I
Chapter, U. D. C.
World Film Comporation Presents
Featuring Vivian Martin
Love and Lew Yitigraph
Y. L. S. E. Presents
In the 5-act Comedy
Hearst-Selig >'ewg Service.
The morning aftern is also prolific
with good resolutions.
It is not good for man to live alone;
out it is less expensive, anyhow.
On Southern and C. >*. & L. Railroads at
Newberry, Effective Jan. 20, 1916.
On Southern Railroad?
Xo. 15, west 8:48 a. m.
lO x -A - ?
JO, tiasi 12:10 p. m.
No. 17, west 2:50 p. m. I
No. 16, east 8.54 p. m. A
On C. X. & L. Railroad? \
*Xo. 12 (.mixed), west 5:14 a. m.
*Xo. 55, east 9:53 a. m.
? t
Xo. 52, west 1:06 p. m.
Xo. 53, east / 3:22_p. m. f ,
*Xo. 13 (mixed), east 5:30 p. m.
*Xo. 54, west 7.00 p. m. i
tX . 50, west 9:53 d. m,' A
tXo. 51, east^ 5:50 p. m.
* TV- i* -
-i^any except sunctay. fSunday only. M
West is to Greenville. Bast is to
Columbia. J
T\ S. Lefler, T. A. J||
January 20,1916. ^
All Southern trains are regular mail
trains. On C., N. & L., Nos. 55, 52, <33
and 54 are mail trains.
Time of Closing Mails, Xewberry, S. C.
( Totihot*TT 01 1 01^ ^
\UiMAUUi J UJ-y 1?71U. j
Southern Railway?8:18 a. m., 11:45 /
a. m., 2:20 p. m., 8:24 p. m.
X. & L. Railroad?9:23 a. ro?
12:36 p. m., 2:50 p. ri., 6:30 p. m.
W. A. Hill, Postmaster.
Lost, Strayed or Stolen?One hound
pupfcy eight months old; deep yellow
color; white toes on- front feet;
white stripe on forehead; tip of tail
- white. Answers to' the name of
"T~)l*ivP " Inv on n trill V?.~ ??? -3 ~
w. j uuc ?in lht icwamca
by returning him to C. B. Pilgrim,
Newberry, S. C., Oakland Mill. k
2-1-11 ,-r
Fish Baskets Wanted?One dozen double
hack fish baskets. Apply at The
Herald and News office. 2-1-tf
Wanted?Six experienced lady clerks ,
for Saturday. February 5. Apply *
Carolina Cas'n Company, 1304 Main g
street. v 2-1-It
strayed or Stolen?White * and Hver
spo.ted.male pointer-puppy. If you
know anything of it please notify
Dr. E. H. Moore, Newberry, ft. F. D.
2. 2-1-lt
Sotice?Doctor Stuck has moved his
office over new store of Caldwell &
JPTaltiwanger, Mower Building.
1-28-8't 'a * j
Just received a car load o? mules and '
mares from Tennessee. A. G. Wise, PI
Prosperity, S. C.
Harrows?Disc harrows and drag harrows
just arrived. See us before
buying. Also brand new stalk cut- k
ters. J. T. Mayes Co. l-25-4tltaw
House and Comer Lot For Sale?Four
room cottage, with desirable lot on
Xance street, at reasonable price and
on fair terms. Blease & Blease. J
Wagon Harness?New supply of wagon
harness and leather collars bought
before war prices on leather. We
can save you- money. J. <T. Mayes
Co l-25-4tltaw
You can get first class pressing, clean- /
and altering done at Quality Pressing
Club All guaranteed. Phone
No. 1252. l-ll-5t
Ginning?Our ginning days will be on
every Monday. Will probably close
the mill' for this season about first
February, therefore if you have any
cotton to gin or seed to sell bring
them in. The Southern Cotton Oil
Co., L. W. Floyd, Mgr. . l-ll-4t r
Wanted?Land to sell at auction. Na*
tional Realty and Auction Company,
12-31-9t t
. _ / J

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