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r One
Gallon a Mc
been similar to that of W est Y
and North Carolina, we can no
up to this time the Tennessee C
that would militate against the s
^ bodied in this brief.
B ()ne other case cited for app<
we will conclude:
In liavim Brewing Co. r. C.
I decided by District Judge Willai
"But the Webb-Kenyon Lav
| . must not be received, possessed
law, does not say that it shall 1
of law. If it had been the int(
the procurement from points on
i^r r\f intrvvirntmcr 1imir>T*<; for
B have been very easy to have ind
r transportation of all interstate si'
In this paragraph, the Distr'u
L ccption of the meaning and purp
ik In the first place, it does not sa;
received, possessed, sold, or use
it says is that all shipments of li
liauors are "intended bx any p,
I A _
received, possessed, sold, or in a,
any law of such State." It wa:
its enactment to prohibit the pre
the State, by a citizen of Iowa, (
t :> prohibit the procurement of si
States, for personal use: what
did, was to leave the whole mc
police power, and to give effect
might adopt in reference to into:
micrht relate to receipt, Oossessio
? - M. A
prohibited transportation of all
Judge thoughtlessly suggested, th
from both wet and dry States?s
The correct view of the mear
was thus expressed by the Cir
Y West Virginia case, 219 Fed. 79^
I "This statute prohibits the i
linnor from one ;State into anoth<
to be sold in violation of any lav
to be received or possessed, or in
, of State law. This is a direct i
State to prohibit the receipt or c
sion and use, of liquor, without
Congress to regulate interstate <
B VMn V/-\TT D ' ''
BMW?a?JB??EMB? 11 Ml
dewberry, Like Every City and Town
In flio I'llUlll Up/tpivps If
1111 UIV V Uivu^ A?vVvi V
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mth Law
Supreme Court
ir^inia. or to that of Alabama
t assert; sutlice it to saw that
ourt has rendered no decision
un Incss of the conditions c:ni
jllant will be noticed, and then I
R. 1. & P. R. R.. 215 Fed. f>~2
A it wac said :
while it ?avs that the liquor
, sold, or used in violation of
lot be transported in violation
nition of Congress to prohibit
tside the State by a citizen of
his own personal use, it would
[icated that, by prohibiting the
:t Judge shows a total misconnf
ihr IVrhh-Krnvon Law.
l/Jt V/ fc ' * V - - -
y that "the liquor must not be
d in violation of law." What
quor are prohibited when said
erson interested therein to he
ny manner used in violation of
=; not intended by Congress in
xrurement from points outside
)f liquors for his own use. nor
r ,1 . _ .
icli liquors by citizens ot orner
Congress intended to do, and
itter to the State under their
to whatever regulations they
Seating- liquors, whether these
n, sale or use. Had Congress
interstate shipments, as the
lis would have excluded liquors
t thing no one contemplated.
"r?? vr T
ling of the WeDD-ivenvon Law
cuit Court of Appeals in the
shipment or transportation of
it, not only when it is intended
v of such State, but when it is
: any manner used, in violation
ecoernition of the risfht of the
? ? j
ielivery, as well as the possesr
trespassing upon the power ot
:ommerce." j
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/ A
; J
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?nif?T\7 TA OIIOAT HTf! T
Ltxinirfon Man Tells Hiirlily Inter-1
esfin? Story of His Experiences.
C. T Connor has reached the parting
of :he ways. He is now traveling
along the way of greater happi- j
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appreciates all the more, he says, because
he had been through enough of
trouble and suffering during the past ,
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. i x ,
lie nas inei.
Mr. Connor lives about five miles
from New Brookland, a suburb of Co- .
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i substantial farmer. He came to Burnett
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killed mt. Before and after this operation,
nothing I would eat would
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I lost weight until I was about
fifty pounds under my normal weight.
"Indigestion caused me a lot of suffering,
and I expect it was the begin~
1 * ' 1 ..l\ 1 ITT.A1?tT
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little of what I ate was assimilated.
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>"ews of Jalapa.
A delightful rook party was. given
Thursday evening by Miss Inez We<ssinger
in honor of Miss Dora Eddy.
There were four tables of players, and
after the games delicious fruit cake
and wine was served. Those enjoying
the evening were Misses Lucia
Winn. Marie Wessinger, Lillian McDowell,
Ida Folk, Mary Lou Glasgow,
Lucile Suber and Messrs Mahon Smith,
Marcus Glasgow, Olin Wessinger.
John A. ivY'erts, Glenn Bullock, Odis
" ^ /""l o T>nn wn 1 ] D (" p
ana ijcorgc -.uiuci, v^iai
Misses Jaunita Folk and Lucia
Winn are visiting friends in Newberry.
Misses Inez and Marie Wessinger
spent Sunday with Miss Inez Hutcnineon
of Newberry.
Mr. Brab Goggans was a welcome
visitor in Jalapa Sunday.
? Trjrt iTy-vTir on on t thp week-end
.iYlibfi> ItlCL X VIIV cyv/jui? w*v
with friends in Newberry.
Mrs. Ed Feagle spent the week-end
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H'alfacre,
near Newberry.
Miss Dora Eddy, after spending a
while with friends and relatives here,
has returned to her home in Newberry.
Misses Inez and Marie Wessinger
o ?-* A q n h niin Wessineer attended!
CLU, U U'UU v**u w
a big dance at Mr. ?Sim Brown's Friday
evening, near Newberry.
New customs.
Though they be never so ridiculous,
Nay, let them be unmanly, yet are followed.?Shakespeare.
Don't keep *a good movement on
band;put it on foot at once.
semsIksage on
** ? mcl I L! ll'U IT I'<1'
IMM. ITll.ll 1 A7U
borrowed $11,000 to Pay Expenses <>f
Troops and Asks Banks be
N*ews and Courier.
Columbia, Jan. 31.?Govenior Manning
sent to the general assembly tonight
a message transmitting the documents
in connection with the mobili
/iI,.LIcII ci i.ic vnanu^tuu xinnna. uui-;
ir.g the recent municipal primary in,
that city. The message also contained
a detailed statement of the expenses in
connection with the mobilization of,
the militia and stated that the amount;
of appropriation that will be needed
to settle that indebtedness is $9,910.46. j
The governor had borrowed $11,000 j
from banks in Charleston with which [
to pay the militia, and of this amount .
there is still on hand $1,089.54. The;
mnpeoora s\f rVin ffftromnr wa 5 rpfprred !
\sl UII\^ ? V* iiui ?? ^
to the committee on finance. Tlie mes- j
sage follows:
Governor's Message.
"I have the honor to transmit here-1
with the record in re mobilization. Xa- j
ticnal Guard and naval militia, in 'he J
city of Charleston, October, 1915, for J
the purpose of preserving the public!
"Acting on the representations, re-.
j + />nnfnina^ I
ctHU I truuiliiuciiuatiuiio is 111*1111.^11 j
in the affidavits, letters and state- j
ments attached hereto, said affidavits, j
statements and letters having satisfied
me that there was imminent danger of
violence and disorder in the city of
Charleston, incident to the municipal
primary election to be held in said
city of Charleston on October 12, 1915,
and which might not be controlled by
the ordinary forces of that city, I did
as a matter of precaution direct Companies
A, B, C and D, 2d South Caro- j
una mianiry, unaer xwajui a. uaiu* i
Silcox, and t'ne 1st, 4th and 5th divisions
South ''Carolina naval militia, under
Lieut. Hasel W. Crouch, to report
to their respective armories at 8
o'clock p. n? on October 11. 1915, fully
uniformed, armed and equipped for
active service.
"Brig Gen. William W. Moore, the
canoroi r\f Carolina.
aujiitaiiL gguyiui wi. ,
was directed to proceed to Charleston
and take command of these forces and
report to the sheriff of Charleston
county. The sheriff of Charleston
county was directed that in the event
of disorder or violence in the city of
Charleston, incident to the municipal
primary election, to call upon Gen. j
Moore for such troops as might be j
necessary to put down said disorder or j
violence and to preserve the peace and
dignity of the state at any cost.
"I further ordered and directed the
sheriff to appoint, equip and commission
such number of deputies as in his
judgment might be necessary in order
to assure the preservation of peace and
to guarantee the untrammelled expression
of the will of all voters castin
<r their ballots..and to see that peace
? O "m
and good order were preserved on the
day of election and so Jong thereafter
as might be necessary. The sheriff
was cautioned to use the militia only
in case of necessity.
"On the morning 01 October 13 Brig.
Gen. William W. Moore, the adjutant
general, relieved the troops from act
ive duty. On Thursday evening, uctober
14, I received t'ne following communication
rfom Jos. A. Black, chairman
Democratic executive committee
of the city of Charleston."
The governor then sets out a copy
of the request from Mr. Black for the
>40 ? eimiior rwinpst frrvm Sheriff
Illil 1 LXCt, a, ciuiimi a ~ ,
J. Elmore Martin, and all the various
letters and telegrams which passed in
connection with that event. Copies of
tiie affidavits and the orders to the
- * J _ 3 4,1 '
troops are aiso mciuueu m mc message.
After giving copies of the record
in the case, the message continues:
"iThe men composing the National
Guard and naval militia, acting under
chese orders from me as commanderin-chief,
responded promptly, neglectirg
their private business and sacri
ficing their personal interests because
of this call to duty.
"I desire at this time to commend
most highly their patriotism and devotion
to duty. The officers and -men
of the South Carolina National Guard
and naval militia have proven their
worth and their value to their state
and country in the preservation of
the ideals of those who believe in supremacy
of law and the preservation
of the sacredness of the ballot.
"To these men we owe a debt sof
gratitude and to them the law-abiding
citizens of the state will be under
lasting obligations. It became necessary
to keep these men on duly for
- 1 ? ?. rvJ /vf + ^ rv> r\ fVion of first
a longer yenuu ui umc iuuu ?.!. n.
anticipated, and itt'my judgment their
presence and regard for duty prevented
more eerious disturbance and
greater loss of life.
"In order to provide funds for the
payment of the expenses of this- mo
bilization, including pay, subsistence
and incidental expenses, it became necessary
for me to negotiate loans in
the city of Charleston aggregating
$11,000, tnis being the amount estimati
ed as being necessary for the payment
of thesp pxnensps lA.fter some corre
spcndence I arranged to secure this
money at the rate of 3 per cent per
annum, and accordingly made three
due March 1, 1916.
"These notes were as follows: Carolina
Savings bank of Charleston,
i ;int\ oi Ciiarie.sion. X. 13. A.,
$2.7."0; People's National Bank of
Charleston, $5,500.
"These notes were signed by me as
ccmmander-in-chief and endorsed by
me* Derson?llv. Of this fund there is
now on deposit, to my credit as commander-in-chief,
in the three banks a
total of $1,0S9.50. This amount on
hand deducted from the total of the
original loans leaves a balance of
$9 910.46. I attach hereto financial
statement showing disbursements. The
'vouchers covering these disbursements
are now on file in the office of the adjutant
general and are subject u, your
"I respectfully request that your
honorable body enact such legislation
as may be necessary, authorizing the
comptroller general to draw his warrants
on the state treasurer for the
amounts necessary to reimburse the
three banks in Charleston for the
amounts advanced by them to pay the
expenses connected with this mobilization,
and the state treasurer be authorized
to pay same."
The appropriation bill, as already
reported to t'ne house, carries, $9,910.46
for the expenses in connection,
n-irli tVio mnhili^n+inn nf tViA militia ill
Charleston in October, 1915.
The Record.
According to the report of L. L.
Bultman, state dispensary auditor,
there remains on hand $94,533.28
worth of liquors in seven of the 15
counties which had the dispensary
system prior to January 1, when state
W lUt; pi UI11U1L1V/U WC11L lliiu
During the last month of the life of
the dispensar. < in- SoUlth Carolina
Charleston -slfc^uie sales with $144,304.95,
with Richland second with
$128,613.63. Beaufort county made no
report of sales. The total sales for
the 15 counties was $512,271.22.
Of the stock left over Richland led
with $34,385.76 worth. Aiken had $8,837.08;
Calhoun. $2,434.31; Charleston
had $19,340.19; Dorchester, $635; Orangeburg,
$11,082.52; Union, $17,818.42.
AO reports OI leit ovei" swn;jtv was
made from the counties of Beaufort,
Barnwell and Georgetown. Bamberg,
Florence, Jasper. Lexington and Williamsburg
counties had none left.
Following is the report of sales and
, profits: v
Aiken $ 33,954.84 $ 19,833.02
Bamberg. . . . 6,993.42 5,710.92
Barnwell. . . . 12,558.13 *
Beaufort. . . . * *
Calhoun .... 12,582.27 2,011.01
Charleston. . . 144,304 95 *
Dorchester. . . 11.163.27 5,473.45
Florence. . . . 33,257.43 24,680.54
Georgetown . . 19,470.24 *
Jasper 4,030.45 1,680.34
Lexington. . . 47,283.45 13,658.96
Orangeburg . . 47 283.45 27.675.52
Richland. . . . 128,613 63 75,497.83
Union 35,661.10 17,499.89 ,
Williamsburg . 5,581.85 6,525.55
$512,271.22 $200,247.05
*Xo report received.
Tribute of Respect
Whereas, our kind heavenly Father
in His great wisdom allowed death to
enter our circle and take our dear sister
and co-worker, Mrs. Emma Buzhardt.
Therefore, be is resolved by the Woman's
Missionary society of Colony
Lutheran church, Newberry, S. C.,
1. That we bow in humble suDmisI
sion to Him. who doeih all things well,
even though we feel deeply the loss of
such an esteemed member.
2. That while we miss her greatly
and mourn her loss, we feel that our
loss is her eternal gain.
3 That we extend the bereaved family
our deepest sympathy, praying that
the Lord will- richly bless and com- t
fort them.
4. That these resolutions be recorded
in our minutes, a copy be sent to the
family, also the Lutheran Church Visitor
and county papers.
Mrs. P. E. Shealy,
Miss Ellie Cousins,
Miss Ida Fellers,
Piles Cared in 6 to 14 Days
Tour drusr^ist will refund money if PAZO
otnTMENT fails to cure any case of Itching,
Blind, Bleeding:or Protruding Piles 1 u bto w o?.ys.
''he first application Ense and ke?t. .SOe.
to get the genuine, call for full name, LAXACIVH
BROMO QUININE. Look for signature of
3. W. GROVE. Cures a Cold in One Day. Stop*
rju.t'H -.r 1 and woriti rtf; <y>1d
The most infamous are fond of
fame; and those who fear not guilt,
yet start at -shame.?Churciiill.
krnmmm A '

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