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Jte jjerolii and Jess.
jEatered at the Postoffice at New#mtt.
S. C. as 2nd class matter.
Friday, February 4, 1916.
We judged from Governor Manning's j
nnnwi +r> tho lpeislature a,nd all that
has been said in reference to the asy-1
lum that there had been a great saving:
in the maintenance of tne institution,
but we notice from the appropriation
bill that the expenses are greater than
they were before and greater this year
than last year, and greater last year
than tne year before and ihe number
of patients is about the same. Certainly
the appropriation bill does not
show any material reduction in the
amount appropriated for maintenance, j
A few years ago we visited tne institution
at Morganton, X. "C., and the
cost for maintenance there was about
$150 to $160 per year per patient, and
if we read the figures correctly the
cost in this state is something over
$200 per patient per annum. But
whatever is necessary for the proper
and humane care or tne pauenis .
should be given.
The little disturbance down in
Charleston over the election in that
> * -3
city cost the state about ten tnousanu
dollars, so Governor Manning says,
and he borrowed the money to pay
the bills and asks the legislature to
reimburse the banks. Of course this
will have to be paid. >
The Herald and Xews publishes in
" this issue the Newberry county supply
'bill as introduced in the legislature
by the Newberry delegation, and, of
course, as it will he enacted into law
unless changed or amended by the
It will be seen from an examination
of the appropriations made that the
total is something over $45,000 and the
levy is only three and one-half mills.
This levy will raise about $25,000. The
~fViQ fin.?c iinri 1 i
COmniUUiUUU UXA auu iuv, uuvu ___ ?
ceases will scarcely amount to $5,000,
but suppose they do, that will give
only $30,000, an amount some $15,000
short of the amount appropriated.
The Herald and News man never
, claimed to be much of a business man,
but we can't exactly figure out just
how it i6 expected to meet an appro
priation of $45,000 with, an income of
$30,000. We would be glad to see the
members of the delegation cipher it
out. Borrow money, we suppose, is the
solution, but it will have to be paid
some time or other and the people will
have to pay it, and the interest as
well. That may be good business, but
it does not appeal to us as good business
for a county to raisa less revenue
than it takes to run the business of
the county. - le longer t'nis policy is
pursued the bigger the debt will get.
The county is now without money and
running on a credit.
The Record publishes a statement
from a prominent lawyer quoting the
state constitution on the subject of j
holding more than one office. He also
quotes some of the opinions of the attorney
general's office on the subject.
The English language could not be
plainer than that provision of the con
stitution in regard to members of the
Icxrio/lotnTii TiAr oniiM it he* marie mflrp
\s9 UVi V/V *V W W --- ? - W .
<. comprehensive, but what's the difference?
The members of the legislature
pay absolutely no attention to it, and
the people approve their course by
continuing to elect them. Ho 'nades
with the constitution when it suite
their convenience to let it go there.
But the public conscience is getting
aroused. It may be a small thing, but
the violation of the oath of office in
small things is just as much wrong j
as in large things. The day of reckon- \
ing will come. The governor and ITni-1
ted States sena'oi and senators and
representative? pay no heed to this
provision of the constitution. But we
hear in loud acclaim that this is a law i
and order administration.
Tn.-f of t V? ore er am of Icocf f tt rv r\ f
.1u. i at iiiid at ita-oi t^^y ui
members have been elected trustc-t
g of state iiistitnfons, and chey are
soil? ti. run for re-election and iie
-]Mldirg on to -what they have.
\V,? believe it Yttid be a goo3 :*w
i yf
\j inhibit members 0.1 'the legisla'.ire
becoming oaiki ; : pa for pos.tij>iis
within the gift of the legislature .vbiie
th.^y are iiK-iifters.
The Herald and News held over a
number oMocal matters from the last
itsue which we had, in order to make
room" for the synopsis of the appropriation
bill. We may be wrong, br.t
we had an idea that our readers would
rather see what the appropriation hill
contained than to have some of the
local matters which we could 'nave
Don't fail to take advantage of our
offer to give you an opportunity to get (
The Herald and News for a year for ;
only one dollar. If you are in arrears <
we want you to catch up and this offer 1
only lasts until March 1.
Contributions to Relief Fund.
JT.he Herald and News prints today (
the receipts from the people of New- 1
berry for the Jewish relief fund. ?
Messrs. X. Silver and H. Vigodsky, who 1
had charge of raising the contribu- c
tions. desire to express to the people c
of Xewberry their appreciation of the *
aid given, and if there should be any J
ethers who may desire to contribute 1
they may still do so, and these gentle- J
men will be pleased to acknowledge '
the contributions.
"State of South Carolina,
"Coimty of Newberry.
"We, the undersigned citizens of the
city and county and Newberry, hereby
gi've the amounts opposite our names!
f.-vr th? rplipf nf thp .Tpwish s.nffprpr?; i
in the European war.
"These contributions are given in
accordance with the spirit of the proclamation
of the members Of the House
of Peace of the Jewish organization in
Columbia, and with the joint resolution
of the general assembly of the
state of South Carolina:
T. Vigodsky & Son $ 5.00
Joseph Mann 3.00
Daitch Bros , 3.00
T T 1 Art
J. JUU1 C) JL.vv
L. IM!orris 5.00
N. Silver 5.00 .
Cash 2.50
W. W. Cromer ...' 1.00
Cash 50
Cash .23
The Exchange Bank 5.00
T. E. Hipp 1.00
T. A. Williams 50
Cash 2.00
Prof. S. J. Derrick 50
Cash 50
Fir .25
W. H. Wallace 1.00
Geo. B. Cromer., 5.00
Xat <JiBt 1.00
Cash *. 2.00
Cash 25
W. A. McSwain 1.00
J. B. Hunter 1.00
Cash 23
J. T. Mayes 50
Cash ' 50
J. H. Summer & Co 1.00
cash ? ou
Cash 50
<Lhe J. W. Kibler Co 1.00
Mrs. H. A. Pittard 50
!'*V. G. Mayes 1.00
R. H. Anderson 50
F. N. Martin '0
Geo. A. 'Addy 25
E. A. Griffin 1.00 |
W. G. Houseal 1.00
P. F. Baxter & Son 1.00
v^asu I
R. Y Leavell 1.00
Cash .* 50
Cash. J.. .50
Cash' 1.00
H. T. Cannon 50
P. D. Johnson 50 '
W. 0. Wilson 50
Jas. W. Johnson 50 ,
W. E. Sorg 50
Ruff Boozer 25 .
W. T. McKinney .50
T R firp-p'rvrv 25 (
^ ^
Cash 25 <
E. B. Copeland 50 {
O. O. Copeland 50 \
W. A. Hill 1.00 k
Cash 50 ,
Cash 50 ;
J. Y. McFai; 1.00 <
Cash 25 ^
25 <
VwOil - | ,
G. W. Harrison 25 | (
W. R. Schumpert 25 h
Langford Bros 2.00 j
Pur cell & Scott 2.00 |,
J. J. Langford 1.00 j,
J. H. .Wicker 1.00 j
Cash 25 j
.Jno. C. Gaggans, Jr 50
C. D. Weeks 2.59
E E. Str.ck 1.00 I
Ca? 11 50 J |
F. Hu'jrh Summer 25 i,
'J. P. Summer ? Son 1.00
Oliver Kavird 25 (
H. C. Iloiiow.iy 1.00 <
L. M Player 25
Cas'n 50
Cas'a 50 j
Cash 50 , i
Busy Bee Cafe 1.00 j
F, Z. Wilson 1.00 j
Fred. H Dominick Vets Grand Exalted
Huler?Elegant Banquet Served?
Tillman Exalted Ruler.
Members of the Newberry lodge of
Elks went io Greenwood on Fridav for!
the purpose of instituting a new lodge j
of Elks in that fine town. An account |
of the meeting and a list of the officers
and members of tne new lodge is taken
from che Greenwood Journal of -Saturday:
With a strong membership, including
many of the city's most prominent j
and substantial business men, Green-1
wood lodge No. 1329, Benevolent and
Protective Order of Elks, was instituted
on Friday night by Newberry Ix)dge
So. 1103. In addition to the members j
jf Newberry lodge who were present, |
:he Anderson, Gaffney, Union and Co- ,
umbi^ lodges were well represented.
The Grand lodge into which Newjerry
resolved itself for the purpose
>f institution was presided over by i
3on. Fred. H. Dominick, as grand ex- ;
ilted ruler. Mr. Dominick was par- i
icularly impressive in his exemplifi- ]
lation of the high principles of the 1
>rder. He is pa?st exalted ruled of' 1
dewberry lodge, past district deputy
?rand exalted ruler, and he is now
president of the State Asoociation of
?lks. His thorough familiarity with
:lie tenets' of the order, and his experience
in public life, eminently qualified
him for the position which he
Dccupied. He was ably assisted by
District Deputy Grand. Exalted Ruler
Ed. H. DeCamp of Gaffney, whose address
to the members of the new lodge
was touching in its sentiment and
lofty in its ideals.
The acting officers of the grand
lodge who participated in the ceremonies
were: Grand Exalted Ruler
Fred. H. Dominick, Grand Esteemed
Leading Knight John K. Aull, Grand
TT'cfoomp.H T,nvai Kniarht Harry W.
Dominick, Grand Esteemed Lecturing
Knight C. Forrest Summer. Grand Esquire
E. H. Aull, past exalter ruler;
Grand Chaplain Cannon G. Blease,
Grand Secretary W. 0. Miller, Grand
Treasurer T. P. Wicer, G-rand Inner
Guard L. W. Mills, Grand Tiler J. W.
Henderson. Among the other members
of Newberry lodge participating were:
Past Exalted Ruler F. R. Hunter,
Jo'nn Henry Baxter, J. Ryan Workman,
D. Fair Pifer,' Joseph H. Phinny
and George A. Browning, Jr.".
i line ^
The following officers were elected
by Greenwood lodge:
Exalted ruler, Henry C. Tillman, esteemed
leading knight, F. iS. Evans,
esteemed loyal knight, T. S. Ohipley,
esteemed lecturing knight, T. W.
Gaines, secretary, E. K] Snead, Jr.,
treasurer, ?A; M. Rlugh, Tiler, J. K.
Durst. Jr.. esaiiire. IM'. W. Gaines, in
ner guard. Sam. W. Rosenberg, chaplain,
H.fV. R. Schrader, organist, \V. T.
Bailey, trustees, John I. Chipley, F. B.
Grier and G. P. Sloan.
Following are the members of
Greenwood lodge:
F. B. Grier, J. J. Dorn, C. T. Jones,
M. W. Gaines, F. E. Donnald, J. E.
Crymes, H. V. R. Schrader, H. C. Tillman,
J. K. Durst, Jr., H. E. Giles,
^ " * i r Try T7* XT
U. :Vi. uamzier, m. w. u'uruei, rj. jx.
iSnead, Jr., R. J. ;0artledge, H. W.
Brinson, H K. Thayer. J. I. Coleman,
A. IMi Klugl), W. J. Parks, John I. Chipley,
W. T. Bailey, iW. A. Muller, S. W.
Rosenberg. T. W. Gaines, Nicholas
Alexis, B. A. Hawkins, C. P. Callison,
F. S. Evans, ."ames P. Wharton. H. L.
Fellers, J. I. Townsend, G. P. Sloan,
TU T> ko A XT' TGTH Vi n v i era, onH H1
11. l\UdCli IJJIU111) XX, X*, UVJiV/i lu^v MJUU < >
W. Andrews.
Following the institution of the
lodge. Dr. Ross, past exalted ruler of
Anderson lodge, made an appropriate
talk in behalf of his lodge.
Mr. Henry C. Tillman, the newly
elected exalted ruler of Greenwood
lodge, in expressing nis inaiiKs, urgea
Dr. E. H. Kibier 1.00
Cash 25
Cash 25
Cash 2S
Jash .50
Cash 25
J. J. H. Brown 1.00
TT< P \io r+in 1 00
lji . r , . aTicvi ..v v
Commercial Bank 2.50
J. T. McCrackin 50
Cash 50
Dash 30
C. C. Schumpert 1.00
J. A. Burton , 1.00
- ? e\
Cash jl.tu i
Chas. Bowman 1.00!
The Xat. Bank of Newberry ... 5.00!
B. C. IMlattliews/ 2.50 j
Blease & Blease 5.00 j
H. D. Havird 50
B V. Chapman 1.00 '
Cash. 1.00;
C^sh 50
I. Kaplan .'0
fash 1.00.
^ i
Cash 25 (
F. R. Hunter 50
P. L. Bynuin 1.00
Rprrv w Dominick 50 i
Cash 25
Total $118.59 (
co-operation on the piyt of each and f
every member in making the lodge a !
credit to Greenwood ana to Elkdom. !
A fra>? t 'n A aa* fY r* ?? Alftrrn Kon I
^11v_i i?ic an uau
quet was served at the Oregon hotel, j
The menu was as follows:
Pickles Olives!
Cream of Oysters.
Broiled Spanish Mackerel
t ni . . .
i^rnon aauc'i
Potatoes Saratoga
Braised Tenderloin of Beef Jardiniere I
Green Peas
Boneless Chicken Cranbeery Jelly
Lettuce and Asparagus 'Salad
Ice Cream Cake a la Elks j
Roquefort Cheese Wafers j
"T> ^ ~ _ /I 1
rraises ureenTrooa.
Col. John K. Au 11 of Columbia, who
is secretary to the state warehouse;
commissioner, Hon. John L. McLaurin, i
said this morning before returning to
his home, that he felt that he expressed
the sentiment of every mem-1
ber of Newberry lodge when he repeat-I
ed what was said by Mr. Fred H. Dom
inick at the meeting last night, that; 1
they appreciated sincerely the cordial i
reception and royal entertainment by (4
the members of Greenwood lodge and
the citizens of Greenwood. I
"Greenwood knows how to do things
like this." he said. "She is not
only one of the most progressive towns
in the State, but she has a reputation _
which she ably sustained last night
for gracious hospitality." i
The ritual lesson by Mr. Aull was
one of t'ne most impressive and beautiful
parts of the ceremony last night
and the parts taken by Messrs. Harry 1
W. Dominick, C. Forrest Summer and'
E. H. Aull were ably sustained. J
Greenwood is a good town and a
li'V-e and progressive town. The vis-:
iting Elks were royally entertained
by the men of Greenwood and the
town has the air of prosperity about;
it and there are evidences of that
spirit which makes a good town. (The j
people talk Greenwood and have some-1
t'ning good to say about the place and '
the people. You never hear <them say I
or hint anything but what is to the i
advantage of the community and the people
who live there.
/There are two handsome office buildings
in the city, wit'n electric elevau/r
and steam heat and all the conven- j
iences of a modern office building,)
something that Newberry greatly j
needs. We have often wondered why |
some of our men who have money did .
not get together and build a modern
office building in this town of New-1
berry. It would pay as an investment
and be worth more as an asset for;
the community than as an investment;
and would pay good dividends in that!
Then Greenwood has one of the best
hotels in the Sojith and it is run right|
up to the minute, and it is a great
asset for the town and keep6 people [
talking nice things about Greenwood, j
In fact the hotel has done more to
put Greenwood on the map than any
other one thing that the town has'
*n-er done.
There is co-operation in the town
and in fact that seems to be the slo-,
^an. The key note of the remarks of,
Mr. Tillman is assuming the duties1
of head of the new lodge of Elks em- j
r'nasized that slogan?co-operation?
as an essential for the soiccess of the
lodge. It is the 6logan "that spells
success for any community.
The new lodge is composed of good j
men and true ami it is obliged to sue-!
ceed. especially with the slogan of
co-operation. The Newberry boys ap
preciate the kindly treatment they re-;
ceived and will ever look with inter-,
est at the success of the Greenwood
lodge. All cur boys thoroughly en-1
joyed their trip to Greenwood. I
>0. l Xownsnjp convention. i
The Interdenominational Sunday
School convention of No. 1 township
was held last Friday night in the Aveleight
Presbyterian church wit'a Mr. J
John H. "Wicker, township chairman,;
'Aill the Sunday schools of the township
were represented except the following:
Mission church, A. R. P.; j
F.hpnezp.r Methodist: Maver Memorial,
Summer Memorial, Lut'neran, and 'St. j
Luke's, Episcopal.
The subjects arranged on the pro-;
gram for the meeting were discussed
with interest. j
In view of the absence of delegates
from some of the schools of .he town
ship it was unanimously decided to:
hold another township meeting before
the state convention in Charleston in
).\luy, in order t'nat all the schools may;
be represented, thus conforming to'
one of the requirements to attain to
the "gold star'' county, ffhe selection
of the time and place was left to the
executive committee.
" I
iThe most delightful pleasures cloy i
without variety.?Publicum iSiyrus.
Hard 'unkindness mocks the tear it;
forced to flow.?Grar.
Figarro Preserve
your meat. Smot
all insects, prevent
rut it on now.
400 pounds of me
Gilder &
Mew berry,
mmmmmmmmaammmmmmmammmmmm. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
OviMAH I Vf\
i>i vouii mi
Dear Farmers, Fri
v/ui guuud at c
Don't fail to get 01
Jk Wli
Cigars and Cigarei
, Horse Feed
Octagon and Ciea
Soda, Starch by ti
try us for anything
line. Don't fail to
in town. We wai
meet you whether
Make our store he
feel at home with
- - n
Our motto; ae
Sell a heap, and
Pknna 1 fil
ilium luu.
Next Door to J. '
For 15
Frank R.
tA)i e
j '''*
Five shares Co
Six shares Ne
Bank Stock.
If not sold prior
n 11 _ ,
wiii sen same ai pi
it* wrill nveCPfVP
T& fT 111 VWW V w
ce it, keep out
shrinkage. |
$1.00 bottle for
Weeks ,
S C. I 1
f A I
FtCl J V/U.,
ends: *
arriving daily,
ir prices on the
' * . : 1 s":- -tV 1 .1
.... ;.....
ICCO,^Chewing sad Smoking. .J
ttes,v I
Dairy Feed. I
n Easy Soaps. I
le case. In fact 1
$ * m
g in the grocery
-look us up when
nt to see you and
you buy or not.
sadquarters and
iU cheap.
keep constantly
in, luaiidgci *
1207 Boyce St, j
L Mayes & Co. d
tcl ic.
mmercial Bank j
ivberry Savings I
to Feb. 7th I I
ublic sale on that I
' ' v I
Hunter, I
Agent j

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