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As we have stated before, when The
* Herald and Xews resumed publication
last February, after a brief suspension
we did not feel that it would be wise
to commence at once the old rule of
. cas-h in advance, and then, besides, at
that time business was fearfully dull
and the people were blue and remained
very much in that frame of mind until
? ?-*- - ---- ttt.
' tne Close 01 me summer, we uaiueu,
and so stated, that we would not take
any names off our list until the fall,
at least, and that if any one did not
care for the paper or intend to pay
for it please to notify us and we would
+ o"br^ tKfl -n o m?> riff thA list Wp haVA
VUV UU?*<V v?* vv-V . v -w,
been ivery much gratified that so fewdiscontinued.
In fact we did not lose
a dozen.
But now times are better and more
money is in circulation, and we muse
be paid the small amount that is due
usv or we can not continue to send the
paper. Ill iOOlving <j>ci yui iuamufe
list on Friday we found that in the
short period of ten months we had accumulated
about 800 whose date still
bears the figures 1915. ;\Ve have
1 thought about a contest, but our experience
with contests is not satisTf
it,-,,! cr&t fh<? contestants in
IV/i J -L i J vu v? V ~
leresied you get the subscribers and
collect the money, but by the time you
i pay the premiums and the commissions
to the managers fnere is nothing
left, and so we abandoned that idea.
To get some one to collect the back
dues will cost over 30 per cent. So
(that is not practicable.
We want to get on the cash basis
again. In fact, it is the only way to
handle the subscription list of a country
paper. On the credit system we
accumulated at one time once before
^ rvn ha r>V <5.1 lh
over ICU luvuoauu uvuuiv ~ ?
scription, and charged it off at one
time. We can not afford to do that
any more, bat we find that tn
months we have accumulated abc*^
$1,200 on this account. We can not
-stand that either. We know that our
subscribers will realize- the force of
what we here say.
We do not want to part with any of
you. We love you as a member of the
family. We do not desire to be under-1
ci/wi n? h^ine' inclined to i>ut a pre
mium on getting in arrears. But we
want to give you -an opportunity and
an inducement to get in advance again.
9o we have decided to give you the
paper fof one year for ONE DOLLAR,
if it is paid by or before March 1, 1S16,
at 6 p. m. This applies to old sub
scriberts, wh<v are in arrears, ana new
subscriberts and all others. fWfe want
to treat every one alike and be fair
t to all. So even if you are paid in ad^
vance you can get a year for ONE
S|r DOLLAR. We will not take a subm
scription at this rate for less than a
W year nor for longer than two years.
After the first of March every namej
| on our mailing list that has not paid
at least to 1916 will be stricken off.
i There will be no respector of persons
* oil account of anything. We do this
to give those who ha.ve gotten behind
an opportunity to catch up, and in
order to be fair to those who are in
advance they can have the same rate
* ?A.'J b i m r\
OI one GOliar, U pctiu uecwccu
s and ll?.rch 1. Send ?. dollar bill, a dollar
check, a dollar money order, any
way so you get us the dollar. And get
it now. We would not despise even a
silver dollar or lour quarters or two
halves. Don't postpone this. Do it
We are working with a small force
and can not get cut and collect subscriptions,
and it does not pay to send
out collectors, and besides, under this
- 11 or fy~k Crvf& tVlfi
V LLVI , V> \c 010 upvoiuwj w t,ii. >-?V.
sruibecriber the commission we would
pay the collector. Whp not earn it and
earn it now? This is the only opportunity.
. We are going to give you a better
? paper than we have ever given and
I that means some paper. This is going
to be a political year, and while The
Herald and News is not going to be in
politics or tcte the skillet for any of
the politicians, we expect to print the
news and give all sides a fair and
square deal, and tell the truth as we
see it. We will comment and criticize
as .we think the public welfare de
mands of a newspaper. Always doing
ort. in norHn.mpntarv 1ari2iiaeft and
I treating those who do not agree with
fairly and giving them credit for
R^^^Bnesty of coivviction.
gLBut the point now is this is an opBtunity
for you to get a real news^ fper
for a whole year for only one
1331. W. D. Rutherford, commutat
1332. Jno. L. Epps, county treasun
H. C. HOLLOWAY, Clerk.
Statement showing exact financ
year 1915 as it appeared at the ei
1. Salaries county officers
2. Salaries magistrates, constable
3. County home, pensioners, paup
4. Roads, bridges and farries....
5. Chaingang
6. Repairs public buildings
r urintinc oto
I. 13UU1VI5, OiailUiiti J y ttv-.
8. Contingent expenses and suppli
buildings and county offices..
9. County physician
10. County board of education
11. Court expenses
12. Board of assessors, etc
13. Sheriff?dieting and other ii
14. Post mortems and lunatics....
15. Insurance
16. Interest on loans.
17. Contingent and miscellaneous..
IS. Commutation tax
H. C. HOLLO WAY, Clerk.
Approved: J. B. HALFACRE,
Report of County Supervisor on ( la
1333. T. P. Richardson, roads and
1334. M. D. Derrick, ferry
1335. T. H. Teague, chaingang?c<
3336. W. J. Miller, chaingang?con
1337. T. R. Campbell, chaingang?c<
133S. Elbert Gallman, roads and br:
1339. E. T. Werts, <^)mmutation ta:
1340. J. N. Sligh, chaingang?comn
1341. J. A. Schroder, roads and bri
1342. J. P. Harmon, commutation U
1343. J. W. Epting, commissioner?
1344. David Hendersor , commutatic
1345. J. L. Henderson, commutatio
1346. R. E. Livingstone, roads and
1347. E. M. Schumperi, commutatic
134S. Geo. H. Livingstone, commuti
1349. George Richardson, commutat
1350. J. W. Lominick. commutatio:
1351. Eddie Graham, roads and bri
1352. G. C. Blair, comn utation tax,
1353. S. W. Orr, chaingang?comm'
1354. J. A. Kinard, commutation t
1355. J. L. Watkins, commutation t
1356. F. A. Graham, commutation t?
1357. W. L. Graham, commutation
1358. A. D. Johnson, commutation
1359. Jno. W. Scott, roads and bri
1360. J. E. Nabors, roads and bridg<
1361. E. C. Salter, roads and brid
1362. J. D. Koon. commutation tax.
itJ0<5. vv. Hi. L/eniuus, jcuj
1364. B. M. Suber, roads and bridge
1365%. C. B. Metts, roads and bridge
1366. H. L. Shealy, loads and bridg<
1367. J. A. Dominick, roads and bi
1368. B. F. Mills, commutation tax.
1369. T. M. Mills, county home
1370. R. L. Sterling, chaingang?co
1371. A. P. Ruff, commutation tax.
1372. C. M. King, roads and bridge*
1373. L. T. Adams, commutation ta
1374. Simpson Stockman, commutai
iS7n M. H Folk, commutation tax.
1376. A. H. Maybin commutation ta:
1377. Ed Suber, ferry
1378. F. H. Whitney, roads and bri
H. C. HOLLOW AY, Clerk.
Statement showing exact financ
year 1*915 as it appeared at the en<
1. Salaries county officers
2 Salaries magistrates, constables
3. County home, pensioners, paupe
4. Roads, bridges, ferries
5. Chaingang
6. Repairs public buildings
7. Books, stationery, printing, etc.
8. Contingent expenses and suppli<
buildings and colmty offices..
9. County physician
10. County board of education
11. Court expenses
12. Board of assessors, etc
13. Sheriff?dieting and other in<
14. Post mortems and lunatics
15. Insurance
16. Interest on loans
17. Contingent and miscellaneous
IS. Commutation tax
H. C. HOLLOWAY, Clerk.
Approved: J. B. HALFACRE,
Report of County Supervisor on
1379. J. B. Chambers, pension
1380. H M. Barger, pension
1381. W. W. Bishop, pauper
1382. I. N. Wesson, pension
1383'. D. H. Cromer pension
13S4. D. P. Ward pension
1385. Jno. F. Cromer, pension
1386. L. Y. Havird, pension
1357. W. J. .Miller, cliaingang?comi
1358. T. H. Teague, cliaingang?c<
1359. S. W. Orr, cliaingang?comm
1390. T. R. Campbell, cliaingang?co
1391. Elbert Gallman, roads and b
1392. Mrs. Mollie Dickert, pauper.
1393. W. AY. Willingham, pension
1394. Samuel Cleland, commutatio
1305. J. G. Miller, chaingang?com
1396. P. J. Harmon, roads and bridj
1397. Mrs. Margaret Troutman pai
339S. Miss Betty Singley, pauper..
1399. Isaac Cannon, pauper
1400. H. F. Counts, roads and brie
1401. E. B. Abrams, commutation 1
1402. M. M. Dickert, pension
ion tax $ C 50
?r?court expenses 1030 25
J. C. SAMPLE, County Supervisor.
lial condition of appropriations for the
id of the month of November, 1915:
Appropriations. Paid. Balance.
$ S665.00 $5717.37 $2947.63
s, fees 2500.00 1915.45 584.55'
ers 3000.00 1946.56 1053.44
10000.00 8107.43 1892.57
7000.00 6112.55 887.45;
750.00 244.96 505.04 j
750.00 357.04 392.96es
for public j
2000.00 1210.46 789.54!
200.00 64.00 136.00
45.00 45.00
2500.00 2159.50 340.50
450.00 439.30 10.70j
icideiital ex
1S00.00 1475.6S 324.32
450.00 312.80 137.20
2250.00 1S33.69 416.31
2500.00 1820.69 679.31
1944.00 1708.32 235.68
J. C. SAMPLE, County Supervisor.
County Auditor.
lims Paid Durinir the Month of Dec,, 1915.
bridges $ 94 00
33 33
Dmmutation tax 40 00
imutacion tax 40 00
o- Ar\ i
Dmmucution tax jd uu
idges 15 00
14 T.y
/ i
lutation tax 10 50 j
idges 20 *8
10 00
commutation tax 8 31
>n tax 15 00
ii tax 6 00
bridges 51 69
in tax
-4 -4 i t~\
ition tax n
ion tax 21 50
q tax 7 70
dges 4 3S
14 00
titation tax 22 16
ax 3 00
ax 8 93
ix 1 50 I
-? AA I
tax j uu .
tax ..( 27 44
dges 8 80
26 10 90
ges 2 50
6 00
20 00
JS : :.... 1C 54
?s 5 30
2S.../ 3 30
ridges : 7 18
8 oo
4 oo
2 00
3 75
,x 4 25
tion tax 4 00
2 00
e 6 00
: 20 oo
dges : 7 53
J. C. SAMPLE, County Supervisor.
ial condition of appropriations for the
I of the month of December, 1915.
Appropriations. Paid. Balance.
$ 8665.00 $5717.37 $2947.63
>, fees 2500.00 1915.45 584.55
rs 3000.00 1950.56 1049.44
10000.00 8428.81 1571.19
7000.00 6112.55 887.45
750.00 244.96 505.04
750.00 357.04 392.96
?s for public
x. 2000.00 1210.46 789.54
200.00 64.00 136.00
45.00 45.00
2500.00 2159.50 340.50
450.00 439.30 10.70
cidental ex
1800.00 1475.68 324.32
400.00 "430.5S
450.00 312.80 137.20
2250.00 1S33.69 416.31
2500.00 1820.69 679.31
nn 9AJ?. 9ft
J. C. SAMPLE, County Supervisor.
County Auditor.
Claims of 191?> Paid During the Month
ary, 1916.
^ 12 00
12 00
6 00
12 00
12 00
4 00
4 00 |
12 00|
nutation tax 40 00 j
AC\ nn !
3mmuiauon lax
utation tax 35 00
imputation tax 35 00
ridges 15 00
6 00
12 00 j
n tax 3 00 j
mutation tax 43 00
;es ' 11 37
iper 6 00
6 00
6 00
Iges 3 86
tax 8 60
12 00
1403. John Gilliam, pension
: 1404. J. A. Enlow, pension
1 140;j. .Mrii. Catherine Shealy pauper...
! 1406. Mrs. Luc-inda Livingstone, paupei
| 1407. .Mrs. Alice White, pauper
! 140s. .Mrs. Nannie Owdom, pauper ....
1409. Mrs. Sarah Hcit, pauper
3 410. J. C. Abrams, Sr., commutation
1411. J. A. Krelle, commutation tax..
1412. W. B. Franklin, commutation ta
^413. G. C. Blair, commutation tax....
1414. ueo. A. opting, roaas ana unu?
H. C. HOLLOW AY, Clerk.
Statement showing exact financial
year 1915 as it appeared at the end c
1. Salaries county officers
2. Salaries magistrates, constables, f
j 3. County home, pensioners, paupers
4. Roads, bridges, ferries
5. Chaingang
6. Repairs public buildings
| IS. Commutation tax
H. C. HOLLOWAY, Clerk.
Approved: J. B. HALFACRE, Coi
7 ctotirwi/arv' nriririnsr. ftt.C..
I. jjuux\a, oluhuuva y jf/. ... v.?a;
S. Contingent expenses and supples 1
buildings and county offices
j 9. County physician
j 10. County board of education
i 11. Court expenses
! 12. Board of assessors, etc
13. Sheriff?dieting and other incid<
' 14. Post mortems ar.d lunatics....?..
J 15. Insurance
16 Interest on loam:
17. Contingent and miscellaneous....
??mi i i tfcga??mcmmmmmman
Ladies' Aid Society Meetings.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Lutheran
Church of the Redeemer will
be entertained at the following homes
during t'ne year 1916:
February 8?VVilrs. E. R. I^ipp.
February 22?Mrs. C. E. Summer.
February 29? Mrs. Robert >Sligh.
>* 1 * r? 13 TWowfil.
MiirUIl 11?-iUi s. yj. ju, iuojti,
March 28?Mrs. E. B. Setzler.
'.Vpril 11?Mrs. E. H. Aull.
April 25?Mrs. J. J. Langford.
May 9?IMirs. E. H. Kibler.
May 23?Mrs. Clarence Wise.
May 30?Mrs. Robert Caldwell.
June 13?Mrs. ?S. J. Derrick.
.Tuna. 27?Mrs. John Hipp.
July 11?Mrs. J. M. Kibler.
July 25? I\5^rs. Dominick.
August S?iMrs. Lottie Derrick.
August 22?Mrs. Theo Johnstone.
August 29?Mrs. T. J. Hays.
September 12?Mrs. E. Hugh Sum;mer!
.'September 26?Mrs. Boyd Jacobs.
October 10?Mrs. T. N. Farns.
October 24?Mrs. J. B. Hunter.
October 31?Mrs. Elmer Summer.
- v'l - *' )
November 14?Mrs. So. iWells.
November 28?Mrs. O. Klettner.
December 12? IM!rs. John Swittenberg.
December 19.?Mrs. Richard Swittenberg.
Our spri
Name Hats a
and in black
j? ,li,? ii
Successors to
t.V. 4 00
12 00
c 00
6 00
6 00
....; g 00
6 00
tax 10 00
3 75
x 1 50
4 70
;es 4 00
f. C. SAMPLE, County Supervisor.
condition of appropriations for the
)f the month of January, 1916:
Appropriations. Paid. Balance.
$ 8665.00 $5717.37 $2947.63
ees 2500.00 1915.45 584.55 {
3000.00 2118.56 881.44
10000.00 8463.04 1536.96
7000.00 6112.55 887.45
750.00 244.96 505.04
1944.00 2269.81
r. C. SAMPLE, County Supervisor.
mty Auditor.
7-n AA 3n7 04 202 9fi
or public
2000.00 1210.46 789.54
200.00 64.00 136.00
45.00 45.00
2500.00 2159.50 340.50
450.00 439.30 10.70
mtal ex
1800.00 1475.68 324.32
400.UO 43U.DS
450.00 312.80 137.20
2230.00 1833.69 416.31
2500.00 1820.69 679.31
He isn't always happiest wio wears
the happiest look.
The egotist naturally leads a lonely I
life. '
I Figi
Smoke your m
utes. GUARA1
meat free from
becoming strong
excessive loss by
For sale by
|| Newberry,
/M fTVT/
il of Stetsoi
>R SPRir
ng line of STET
re here in verv '
" ??? - /
and all colors.
5 $2.00 to 3
Summer Bros. Co. C
Through the co-operation of Winthrop
college and the U. S. department
of agriculture, the county home demonstrator
workers of South Carolina
were aiioraea tne opporiumy tn
spending the month of January at
Winthrop college. Courses in agriculture,
poultry, domestic science, canning,
home conveniences and dairying
were taught by members of Wint'nrop
faculty, members of the South. Carolina
home demonstrator workers and
officials from the department of agri
culture in Washington. The courses
were very interesting, the rural communities
always being foremost in the
In addition ro the benefits derived
from clie above courses, the exchange
of ideas of the thirty county agents
was helpful, the spirit of co-operation,
being prevalent at all times.
I should like this opportunity of
thanking the people of this county for
their hearty co-operation in ray work
during the past year. As I launch out
on the beginning of another year I
shall still count on your co-operation.
ivVith -ast year's- experience and the
co-operaiion of my demonstrators, we
hope to accomplish still greater things
in 1916.
If any school or community, which
I have not visited, would like to know
something or co-operate in our work,
I shall be glad for them to communicate
with me.
Willie Mae Wise.
Co. Demonstrator Worker.
Prosperity, S. C.
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