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Liquor Legislai
More Anc
Bkfnatf Witlll It r.fIT the !
IUlJllillU II V VUl/ VV * a. mm~.
r ?
Wants Torrens Land System, Rnral
I "Credits, Workmen's Compensation ;
and Other Laws l'assed.
(By Jno. K. Aull.)
Special to The Herald and Xews:
Columbia, Feb. 10.?The spnate on
Wednesday passed the Carlisle amendment
to the Statewide prohibition law
reducing the amount of whiskey which
' 1 -- C* ?,, 1-. C'ornlin.
may be ordered uy u oi/um ^a.i vim
ian during any one month from one
gallon to two quarts. The senate
voted down an amendment to reduct
P The amount to one quart a month.
When the bill rc-enacting the gallon
a month law came up Senator Car- j
lisle offered an amendment cutting !
down the amount from one gallon to j
one quart a month. This was reject^
ed by a majority of two votes, 21 to
Hf i'3. Those who voted for the quart
P were: Beamguard, Black. Brice, Carlisle,
Christensen, DuRant, E. C. Epps,
I R. D. Epps, Evans, Ginn, Gross, Harvey.
Alan Johnstone, Laney, Lide, McCown,
Nicholson, Richardson, S'herk
ard, Verner, i Walker?21. Tho?? .vho
voted for the kallon a month were: I
Banks, Beattie. Buck. Earle, Goodwin,
H/ughes, D. B. Johnson, Kitchin, Lee,
Manning, Mullins, Nickels. O'Dell,
- Padgett. Patterson, Sharpe, Sinkler,
Spigner, Stacy, Stuckey. Wightman, J.
F. Williams, D. Reece Williams?23.
"How much liquor is necessary for
an ordinary person a day?" was a
question discussed in the senate dur^
ing the debate on this bill. Senator
Patterson suggested four tablespoonfuls
a day but Senator Carlisle disclaimed
the ability to qualify as an
* expert on this point and so this moor
ed and vexed problem remained un- i
solvefl. Senator Carlisle then propos-1
^ ' ed an amendment cutting the allow- j
! ance to two quarts a month. i
Senator Hughes proposed an j
^ amendment allowing a person to order
a kalf gallon of whiskey of five dozen
V bottles of beer a month. I
^ ft^nator Black thought the allow- j
Iance ought to be cut to naif a gallon |
per month. j
Senator K?tcl::n and Senator Banks |
thought the gallon a month law j
should stand and the Fairfield senator
thought it would be breaking
fa;rh to change the law as many peo
--3 TXT./-,Vn-hiHrvn hprailSB
KL pi? n.SQ vutCu 101 i^i viiiuiw..
| of this Iaw!*iio would not otherwise
hare don? sc.
Senator Sii'kler put in an amendment
allowing a person to order naif
f a pra'ion of whiskey a month or five
doz-?n bottles of teer.
Senator Frice wanted the amount!
k reduced to a quart and thought this
would break up bMnd tigerism. He
B -?aid that not ten men voted for prohibition
because they wanted the gal7on
a month Inw to stand.
Beer Outlawed, Too.
| Senator A!ai; Johnstone said the
Sinkler ai (ronif-nt was dangerous
J ht enlK-ct cr. the prohiDitionists to
k c-?fv>-?t it. I-le fevered the Carlisle
A amendment cutting down the amount
of liquor which can be ordered for
personal rce to half a gallon a
W The Newberry senator opposed all
I efforts to au?erd the act so as to alW*
low r certain pmcunt of beer to be
r 1 ?
Scnaroi Wijrhtnran said it seemed to
ft \.
v liim that tnis whiskey business was
* used as a aeccy to keep other impor:on:
measures I'rom coming before the
general assembly. "I thought we
were through with this liquor business,"
said iho Saluda senator, who
^ called wn rho<-e ihaf wanted real prohibition
to ?*oire out and make a law
prohibiting the oiaering of any wmskev
He challenged them to make it
"air tight.'*
In the course of his debate Senator
Wightman said he had "never taken
* ^
a drink of riquor, smoked a cigarette,
or taken a c'n?w of tobacco, but I realize
that thi? does not ?i/ye me a ticket
^o Heaven." The Saluda senator said
lure Is *
/ More Drastic
the legislature had gone wild on the
liquor business, but he thought the
cold drink proposition much more
n ' OS? 1-1 j
senator ouiK-er onereu anuiuci
amendment as a substitute for his
other amendment allowing a citizen to
order 30 pints of beer or half a gallon
of liquor a month. The Charlesron
senator said his amendment was
in the line of temperance.
Senator Lee's motion to indefinitely
postpone the bill was lost. 8 to 12. I
Senator Carlisle's amendment cut- \
ting down the amount from one gal
Ion to two quarts a month was adopted
26 to 18. Those who voted for reducing
ihe amount to half a gallon a
month" were Beamguard, Black, Brice,
Carlisle, Christensen. DuRant, Earle,
E. C. Epps. R. D. Epps. Evans. Ginn, |
Gross, Harvey, Alan Johnstone. Laney,
Lide. McCown, Nicholson, O'Dell,
Padgett. Richardson. Sherard, Sink- .
lev, Spigner, Verner, Walker?26. ^
These who voted for the amount to
remain at a gallon a month were:
~ --a-*- u
t'anKS. tv as.I It*, mien., uuuunni, u. u.
Johnson. Hughes. Kitchin, Lee Manning.
Mullins, Nickels, Patterson, J |
F Williams, Sharpe Stacy, S'uckey,
Wightman, D. Recce Williams?IS. '
Yorncr I suary Bill Passed.
The illicit liquor seller and the
banker who evades the law by cliadgir.g
usury were yoked together by
Senior Verner, who wants all such '
violators stin to the chaingang, as- (
setting they would make "a beautiful |
rnir." The Oconee senator said the j i
governor was enforcing the law< |
aga;' T iiquor selling, but wanted to
know what he was doing on enforcing i
other laws. He charged that bankers I
who violate the law by charging usurious
rates of interest were at rhe top _
socially. The Oconee senator was J
debating his bill to prohibit the charging
of a greater rates of interest than J
allowed by law. '
^ A? txtz 4- ^v-. ^ + cfio orkTi'
tenaior VVignuiian uiuu i
1 any man could vote against this bill, j
vllie bill as finally amended prohi^I
its the charging for loans of a great- ,
i er race of interest than allowed by
law except that a minimum fee of 50
cents can be charged as discounts on
loans of or less. Where the banks
or others charge a greater rate of interest
than allowed by law they will
! forfeit as a penaltv twice the amount ,
I of the interest charged. The bill was
| passed and sent to the house.
I The judiciary committtee bill relieving
outside companies from liability
of usury when a usurious fee for negotiating
the loan is charged by their i
: agent in this State, was passed and
I sent to the house. 4
Child Labor Legislation.
The house on Tuesday night refused
to pass to third reading the McCul- ?
lough bill raising the age limit of
children to 14 years, and on Wednes- (
day morning a compromise measure
was agreed upon and introduced, passing
the house by a vote of 61 to 29. ,
This compromise bill provides:
Section 1. That section 422. volume (
2. criminal code of South Carolina, .
1912. be and the same is hereby
j amended, by striking out said section
1 and by inserting in lieu thereof the
; following: ,
1 * 1 J . -1 ^ ? 14 -I' r\ r\ V C* /-\ f Q (Tp
"-NO Gill.a UI1UCI it icaia \jl ^
J residing in any school district where
ilie compulsory school law is in force, ,
shall be employed in any factory, mine
or textile establishment of this State.
After July 1, 191f>, no child under the ,
age of 13 years shall be employed in
any factory, mine or textile establishment
in this State. After July 1, j
1917, no child under 14 years of age.
I shall be employed in any factory, mine
I . . 1
1 in tVilcj fxfofp '
j or texme esutunoiiuitm. ?
To Fleet Game Warden. ,
The house on Wednesday morning
passed to third reading a bill to pro- ?
vide for the election of chief game i
warden by the legislature. The game 1
warden is now appointed by the gov- <
ernor, upon the recommendation of j
* ? ""Aiotv A similar bill ;
lilt; AUUUUUU BUI.H.IJ. -* - .
has passed in the senate. The pres- :
ent game warden is Col. A. iA. Richardson,
who was appointed by Governor
Calendars Crowded.
The house on Wednesday faced a i;
calendar of more than 60 pa^ges, clogged
by special orders. All special or
fhe Herald;
auu lie no \
One Year
Subscribe Now
Renew Now
No Subscription
taken for less
than One Year
nor more than
two years at
that price.
Must Raise
By March 1
We ask those 800
who are in arrears
to come forward or
send forwaid the
iers were discharged and placed regularly
on the calendar.
The appropriation bill has ieceivfinal
roadinp' in thA hrviisp and is
in the hands of the finance committee
:>f the senate.
Governor .Vanning I'rges 3l Usures.
Governor Manning has sent in a
special message urging tht. passage of
:he measure for the Torrens land system,
rural credits legislation, the
Foole-LeGrone bill providingin for the
:eaching of agriculture in the rural
schools, the McCullough child labod
bill (referred to above), workmen's
jcmpensation law and Nicholson Jjill
providing for the certification of
:eachers by a State board.
In the senate this morning the Laley
bill to dissolve the Southeastern
Traffic association passed second
.The Liles bill to make it a chaining
offense to sell liquor passed
:hird reading and was sent back to
:he house for concurence in senate
intendments. The senate amendment
is to mak the chaingang penalty
apply only to the sale of liquor and
not the handling or transporting.
Tht biennial session bill failed of
passage by only a few votes.
The senate passed the administration
measure providing for tbe ttacliing
of agriculture in the rural schools.
The house devoted the time todayto
the consideration of local measures.
Two (Quarts of Booze or Five Dozen
Bottles of Beer Monthly if
House Agrees.
Columbia. Feb. 9.?Every resident
~-f ftt-uili Carolina u.-ay order two
quarts of whiskey or five dozen bottles
of beer each month for personal use
according to the terms of a bill- which
passed the Senate tonight and was
sent to the house. The senate this
morning had cut the allowance of
whiskey from one gallon to one-half
^a'1 >.i a Jin.it/i. and to-.ight despite
strenuous objection from the prohibition
leaders, adopted an amendment,
hv spnator Hughes, nermittine the al
-' 7 ?? ? - - - tr - - w
ternative of five dozen bottles of beer
per month. The first effort of the
prohibitionists was made on 4 motion
to table the Hughes amendment which
motion was lost by a vote of 19 to 21.
The prohibitionists forced another roll
call on the adoption of this amendment.
which passed by a vote of 23
to 19.
How They Voted.
Those who voted for the Hughes
amendment permitting the alternative
of five dozen bottles of beer per month
were: Beamguard, Beattie, Earle,
E. C\ Epps, E'\ans. uooawin, v. a.
Johnson, Laney, Lee, Manning, Mulling
O'l >?l;. };U'?Oi:. Patterson,
Sharpe, Sinkler. Stacy, Sturkey. Verner,
>'vVighvman. John F. Williams, D.
IVpc* Williams. I'nai 2
Those voting against the Hughes
amendment, that is, to allow any beer
were: Banks, Black, Rice, Carlisle.
PVirictoncon HnR^nt fiirm. Gross.
Harvey, i.Vlan Johnstone, Ketchin,
Lide. McCown, Nicholson. Nickles,
Richardson, Sherard, Spigner, Walker.
Total 19.
This pair was announced: Hughes,
aye; R. D. Epps, nay.
Must Not Be Concealed.
An amendment by Senator DuRant,
providing that the beer must be
shipped in open crates with the bot
ties plainly laDenea, ana mai me ueer
must not contain over 5 per cent of
alcohol, was adopted. Another amendment
by Senator DuRant, providing
that persons convicted under this bill
ot storing or transporting liquor shall
be allowed the option of a fine for the
first offense, was adopted.
The bill was given third reading by
a vote of 28 to 12. and ordered sent
to the ">use. Those who voted against
this ^<ii on its final passage were:
Banks, D. B. Johnson, Ketchin, Lee,
Manning, Mullins. Patterson, Sinkler,
Sharpe, Stacy, Sturkey, Wightman.
Total, 12.
Beer Amendment.
When the senate took the dinner
recess they were considering a;,
amendment offered by the Senator
from Union, Mr. Hughes, allowing a
person to order five dozen bottles of
beer each mosth in lieu of all liquor.
Senator Sinkler of Charleston, has an
amendment permitting a person to order
thirty pints of beer per month or
one-half gallon of whiskey.
Prohibitionists lead by Senator Alr.n
-Johnstone are making a strenuous
f'.gh: against the amendments permitting
a certain amount of beer to be
ordered. Several amendments are
pending to the bill which reenacts the
provisions of the old gallon-a-month
law. but strengthens ic in several par
ticulars, especially by requiring all
records of shipments of express companies
and common carriers to be
open to inspection of tile sheriffs and
peace officers and to require such
records either to be filed in the office
of the probate Judge or the clerk of
court each month, some counties
teaming one office and som* another.
The bill has been changed so as to
allow druggists to order alcohol for
medicinal purposes.
Hold). Strauss.
Oil Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Martin
L. Strauss and Miss Annie Bobb,
both of Union Academy community,
surprised their fr.erds by getting
rr.ur!- !, the "f?v I Poland tvin?
thd fctKl that irado the tw;-ir one. Tns
happy co'.p ? hate the sincere good
wisQ*^: or tiieir many lr.T.-.c^ as me*
jouraey togethfr a'onpr It* pathway
of life. j
Valentine Party and Musical?Miss
Harnett to Address Parent Teachers'
Association *
Special to 'The Herald and News:
Frosperity. Feb. 10.?There will be
a alentine party in the Town hall on <
Friday night, February 11, under the
?uspices of the William Lester chapter
u. D. C. There will be a musical
program after which, candy will b?
sold, fortunes told, and other enter4
^ ^ #. PPrtw/-! a/1 A fno f n r a nf thfl i
LcX i II lilt" II L dHUi UCU. -CX l^Ct ULi l ^ vrj. */uv
evening will be music by a string
band. The musical program which
will be given promptly at 7:30 is as <
Music, "Dixie"?by band.
Chorus, (a) "Bonnie Blue Flag;" t
(b) "Carolina." i
Reading?Miss Annie Ward.
Vocal duet, "Silver Threads Among .
the Gold." j ^
Onor-tof " Tuct Rpfnrp t.fap Battle.!
Reading?Miss Ruth Hunter.
Quartet. "Tenting Tonight on the j
Old Camp Ground."
Admission will be five and ten ^
Come and bring your friends. ,
blisses Effie Hawkins and Marie (
Scriumpert were shoppers in Xewberrv
Mr. H. J. Rawl has gone to St.
George to visit his brother, and is also
taking in the Laymen's convention
in Columbia.iv;:esdames
J. F. Browne and G. Y.
Hunter spent Wednesday in Columj
j Miss Mary Lizzie Wise is spending
a few days in Columbia, the guest of
Miss Xell Kohn.
Mr. J. .1. Langford of Newberry was j
a visitor here Wednesday.
Mr. A. H. Hawkins was a business j
~P/vlnmHio rm WpHnpsdfl.V. I
Visitor IU VU1UU1U1U. vu * ? ? v ,
Mrs. J. B. Bedenbaugh is spending I
he week tnd with her mother Mrs. J.!
M. Werts. 1
Mr. L. A. Black has been to Colum-!
bia to see his father, Mr. X. L. -Black, i
who has undergone an operation at
the Columbia hospital.
We are glad to report that Miss
Rosa lM'ae Mitchell is Hoing nicely at
the Columbia hosp'*-al.
iMire. Carrie MaW.^ters, the popular
and accommodating aleslady, formeriv
nf \Tn??fcipv Brothers, has accepted!
aj v*. ?
a position with Blacks Pry Goods]
company, where she will be pleased
to have her many customers call on
Miss Annie Moseley of 2atesjurg,
will spend the week end at home.
The many friends of Mrs. Addie
Hodges will be pleased to know that
she ft again enjoying good health.
Quite a pumber of the Prosperity
younger set will take in "'The Birth
of a Xation" in Columbia next week.
Ti.i. at: ?-/vm /-vl 1 Imjc hoon pnllpd
Mrs. rat .viutucu no^ ?
to her home near Newberry on account
of the death of her little cousin.
Mrs. J. a Hunt, of Ivlfllen, Ga., is
expected this week for a visit to her
parents, Mr. and IVjrs. B. B. Schumpert.
Mrs. J. B. T. ?cott -Is visiting relatives
in Pomaria.
j \!rs. T P .';uinson has returned to
j Newberry after a visit to Mrs. 0. B.
Miss Mattie Lou Barnett. principal
of St. Luke's school, will address :he
Parent Teachers' association of tne
primary department Monday afternoon,
February 14. at 2 o'clock. The
public is invited to meet with the association
at this time. Miss Barnett
will talk on the "Cooperaton of the
Home with the School."
ic ?? ?* a? i lApfiAn on vAnQ
11 tut;I tT IS ailj qutrouuii mat, a.ii;uuv
would like to have discussed at this
meeting or at any future meetings,
please write it on a slip of paper and
hand in when you come to the meeting.
At the conclusion of Miss Barnett's
talk the meeting will be turned into
"round table'" talks on ihe problems
nnnfrrmf hnfh narpnts and teach
KsKJl Hi vu?. WW" ^- v. ?
ers. Please come prepared with
questions you would like to have discussed.
Don't forgec this is an open meeting
for everybody, regardless of membership.
Immediately after this meeting
closes there will be a business meet
~a TmnrATTflmPTlt n can.
illlg Ut LUC v7l>HUUl ~
elation at 3 o'clock.
' /
s> ?
S> <?
i> Aewberry, <
? Cotton ll^c <S>
? Cotton seed, per bu 67c 3>
?> Prosperity. <?
Cotton ll%c <3>
Cotton seed, per bu 5c &
$> ?. . <?
Pomaria. ^
^ Cotton ll/4c ^
^ Cotton seed, per bu 65c ^
i> <?
Little Mountain. *
Cotton ll^c <S>
Cotton seed, per bu 65c <S>
S> <$>
* Whitmlre. #
iv Cotton 1114c
Cotton seed, per bu 65c <?
(There will be the regular meeting
5f the Newberry County Medical so
iiety in ur. reinam s omce *Tiaay aiLernoon,
February 11, at 3 o'clock.
Paper, "Typhoid Fever as Modified
Dy Antitoxin Injection"?Dr. Van
Paper. "Diphtheria Antitoxin ?the
Dosage, with report of a patient receiving
144,000 units with final recovery."?Dr.
Jno. B. Setzler.
? (
The many friends ow Dr. 0. B.
Mayer will be pleased to learn that he
is imnrovine. He has been seriously
ill for seevral days.
Judge L. M. Player was called by
telegram to Princeton, Fla., Thursday
on account of the serious illness of
his wife. He left on the Coast Line at
10 o'clock Thursday morning.
/ <?>
The Bachelor Maids had a njost enjoyable
meeting Tuesday afternoon
v-^Ita Miss Bernice Martin at her home - **
in Main street. After a profitable business
session a social hour followed,
during which most delightful refreshments
were served. * \
Mrs. W. H. Hunt was the hostess
for the .Fortnightly .club Tuesday
raoruing. T0<? d scussion of good
housekeeping and current events
made the hours pass swiftly and at
1 o'clock a course luncheon was served
the guests.
{The meeting of the Woman's club
vjt? this week "ae.'d wit a .Mrs. I. H.
Hunt. The course as outlined in the
Bay View Magazine was rendered by
Mrs. J. W. Kibler, Mrs. R. H. (Wright
and Mrs. L. W. Floyd.
The Calvin Crozier chapter U. D.
C., held its regular monthly meeting
at the Newberry hotel with Mrs. W.
0. Miller. An attractive program was
carried out. Articles on Confederate
- - -J t? -? t ? ,, i
hisrory were reac uy :?ns. ran auder.^vi
anj M'.-s Filno Coke Smith.
After the business session a sal^d
course was served. . *- .
The sewing circle, composed of
t. isses Gladys Chappell, Katherine
Wright. Ruby Goggans, RosaJyn Hipp
and Mrs. P. E. Way, at a delightful
meeting named their club "Les Cosendores."
Miss eneva Summed charmingly
en.ertained a number of the younger
set at rook last Friday evening. Tables
were set for about thirty guests
and a series of entertaining games
were enjoyed by all those present. A
tempting salad course was served to
the following guests: Misses Jessie
Epting, Cora Ewart. Lucile Baxter,
Susie Davenport, Louise Perry, May
Tarrant. IMildred Tarrant, Rachael
Hendrix, Aletna Summer, Novice
Lominack, Vennie Eleazer, Frances
[Halfarce, Mildred Purcell, Adelaide
Swain, H'attie Mary Buford, Mary
Frances Cannon, and Messrs Lenword
Zollar, .Henry Karhs, Hugh Epting,
Jno. M. Kinard Jr., John Fellers, Era- ,
? > "' -I- Y Tao
est minaerDirK, uiuce omuuici, uuiry
Wimberly, George Derrick, L. H.
<*rey, Wysbe Dickert,, Ri<ftar4 Bain*WilsCn
THcken, Gurnie and Adrian
i : x ---S

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