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Reformatory L
Editor of The Baptist Cour
Found in State Industrial
Not Adequately H
The State.
"I see that the ways and means
committee is recommending only
^07 AAA V* /% 1^*1 rtrrtw A A 1 r? /I nf? + T*io 1
yo I ,vvv 1 Ji tiic r iUicntu luuu^uiai
home. 'The measure is practically
tnrough the house and it may be too
late to do anything to help the situation.
But the case is so desperate I
can not help speaking." so said yesterday
the Rev. Z. T. Cody of Greenville,
editor of The Baptist Courier, in
discussing the State reformatory.
"I have no criticism of the committee,"
Dr. Cody said. "I appreciate <-he
motive that has controlled their efforts
in preparing the bill; and the
difficulties they have had to face are
greater, 1 am sure, than any of us
realize. Every cause has clamored
for an increase and the people seem
to demand that there shall be a decrease.
What can a committee do under
such circumstances?
"There is, I know, an increase of
about $6,000 over last year. But note
this: Last year the superintendent
ihad to borrow about $7,000 or $S,000
to meet the bills for the necessaries
of life. If he has to pay the amount
borrowed out of the appropriations
for this year, rne will have left less
than he had last year for the running
^expenses of the institution.
"He can not run the Iiotep on
and by 'can not' I mean can not. Humanity
demands that he have more
than lie had last year, including the
A H KOHN President
columbia s c
" >
My Dear Sir:?
This is a p
read it. It is
right. I must
amount due me o
what is due. I
send one dolla:
who is in arre?
When I had ]
the cash in ad1
beg that you si
I believe in t]
pay for the pa]
faith in you.
News, but ever:
he family, and
regular price <
class or beyon<
or two years f(
For thirty ;
time the influx
that stood for
State. I belie
peal. Do it no
right now to t]
Your subscr
* lolls
N. B.?On Ms
off those who d
This letter is t
further in arrears, f
of March. We cann
print the letter just a
on your paper and sc
We are uesper
want to part with an
fair make it open to
opportunity fnr thes
tual Necessities
ier Describes Conditions He
I Home at Florence?Boys
ousad, Clad or Fed.
. amount borrowed. He has the care
i of about 250 boys, and he has not
I enough of any of the bare necessities
of a hard life for these young fellows.
Most of them have but one socalled
suit of clothing. This was the case
when I saw them. In this shabby suit
they worked, played, drilled, went to
school and to church..
j "They were worse off for beds than
| for clothing. There were not half
j enough. Two boys had to use every
single bed; and in cases two beds are
out side by side for five boys.
"But worst of all was their lack
of food. I stood at ihe door and saw
them eat their dinner, and I will never
while I live forget the sight. Wnat do
you suppose those growing boys had
that day? And remember they range
fran^ o Kaii f Q tao rc a! ^ t a IT at* 1 ^
j 11 vin guv/ui ; tai o uiu a. vi
i the hungriest period of life. How
j much meat? How many kinds of
vegetables? Well, they had greens,
corn bread and sorghum syrup and?
nothing else. Greens, corn bread and
sorghum! Xo meat, no gravy, no milk,
no grits, no rice, no brans, no biscuit,
nothing but the three miserable dishes
I have named. iThere are, so I
was told, now and then, meals where
meat is served.
"Now there are many things tie
home needs. It needs more buildings,
inui c lai HI ictiiu, mult? icauucis, BIIU^S
and provision for industrial training.
But my mind is on none of these
E H AULL Vice-president
newberry s c
l^rali* cittb
1205 FRIE
ersonal letter. It is
i a personal appeal to :
(ftrr o a r\ &
ici-Lse ijpouuiuu uy biic ?
n subscriptions to The
t is a very small matte
i? the thingNis done. I
ars, and I beg for a pi
uy unfortunate trouble
/ance rule, which we ha
low your appreciation \
le honesty of the peopl
per, or you would not 1:
I want you to remain w
j member must contribut
your share is what you
3f $1 .50 is too cheap,
3, I am offering to gi^
:r two dollars,
years I have edited The
mce of the paper has a
the advancement of the
ive you are going to re
w. I believe you are n
lis personal appeal, I
iption expired on the
ir will pay you to the
iron 1st we are going t
.0 not pay for the pape]
>eing mailed to every subset
+ ^it- cove on ^r.fjPnl i
I il3 Vf iklii .11 Jl. J lin ***" J ' > v ?? * '
: ot afford to accumu 1 ate a I
s it has been rnaiied so that
>nd the dollar right along,
ately in earnest. We must 1
tv subscriber. Therefore w
new as weli as those who r
e few days to get a year of'
things. I am not making a plea for
them. The time will come when we
can think of enlargement. That time
1 am sure is not 191G.
"Wnat I have in mind is enough
clothes to have a change, beds enough j
I to sleep on and enough wholesome i
I f ^ ^ n-r/Mi'iT-KV Qnralv + V, no n !
iui ct uvt . u u i u i j !
can be given!
"Let me add that what I say is no
indictment of the superintendent. He
grieves over the situation and condition
as does no other man in t'ne
State. With the present appropriation
it is not possible for him or for
any man to carry on that work as it
ought to be done.
"If the legislature could see what
I saw they would increase the appropriation
several thousand dollars and
they would 'nave but to tell our people
why to receive their full approval of
this increase."
As we have stated before, when The
Herald and News resumed publication
last February, after a brief suspension,
we did not feel that it would be wise
to commence at once the old rule of
;-n o/Iwonr>a onil thpn hpsirips at
L d O-II ill C1VU. * UiAV/V-, U?U ~ ?
that time business was fearfully dull
and the people were blue and remained
very much in that frame of mind until
the close of the summer. We decided,
and so stated, that we would not take'
f any names off our list until the fall,
! at least, and that if any one did not
| care for the paper or intend to pay
i for it please to notify us and we would 1
take the name off the list. We have ]
been 'very much gratified that so few
I discontinued. In fact wTe did not lose '
| a dozen. !
j But now times are better and more i
! money is in circulation, and we must '
Dfaroa (Emttjji
:nd st.
iY. S. C.
intended for you. I wa
yrou and your sense of j
irst of March* I have 1
Herald and News. Yours
x - ? ^ ^ ^ ^ V> rk v\
3r "co you dul j.i cciuu uu
am sending this letter
ompt response from you
a year ago I decided n(
id. Now, that I have ir
? -rs-r> rim-n t r?OC"nn'nCP t. O
J y CL JU X KJ 111 JkJ U X AX ' w u w
,e. I believe that you
lave received it, Don!t
ith the family of The I
;e his just share to the
i are due for the subscr
but in order to place j
re you a whole year fo:
i Herald and News, and d
lways been- on the side i
^ community, the county
spond right now to this
ny friend. Prove it hy
am dreadfully in earne
ncerely yours,
day of
day cf
o revise our mailing li
iber on list whose date is Ft
to every one to pay what is c
>ig amonnt of arrearage on
if yoTJ fail to get one you mc
lave a paid up list once mor
^ make vou this liberal offe:
nay be paid in advance. E
Phe Herald and News for 01
be paid the small amount that is due'
us. or we can not continue to send the'
paptr. In looking over our mailing
lisi on Friday we found that in the
short period of ten months we had ac- i
cumulated about S00 whose date still \
bears the figures 1915. iWe have'
thought about a contest, but our experience
with contests is not satisfactory.
If you get the contestants interested
you get the subscribers and
collect the money, but by the time you
pay the premiums and the commissions
to the managers there is nothing |
left, and so we abandoned that idea. I
To get some one to collect the back
dues will cost over 30 per cent. So
that is not practicable.
We want to get on the cash basis
again. In fact, it is the only way to
bonriio thp cnhscrintinn list of a coun
try paper. On the credit system we
accumulated at one time once before
over ten thousand dollars on back sub-1
scription, and charged it off at one |
time. We can not afford to do that!
any more, but we find that In wu
months we have accumulated abc"^ j
$1,200 on this account. We can notj
stand that either. We know that our
subscribers will realize the force of
what we here say.
We do hot want to part with any of a
you. We love you as a member of the ?
family. We do not desire to be under-1 6
stood as being inclined to put a pre-11
mium on getting in arrears. But we ^
want to give you an opportunity and j
an inducement to get in advance again.
So we have decided to give you the ^
paper for one year for ONE DOLLAR. ,
Lf it is paid by or before March 1, 1916,
* ?
M A AULL Treas
newberry s c c
tmtJ I;
7th, 1916
nt you to
ustice and
twice that
5 is part of
,e of you will
to every one
Dt to enforce
idulged you I
this appeal.
i ]
intdnd to <
, shake my ;
lerald and i
i support of
iption. The j
rou in 1916
r one dollar, i
uring that
of everything
arid the - Ls
personal apc
responding Ij
i q t
,SL. jt
i ?
191 ' ,i
st and take
?bri?ary 1, 1916, or
'ue before the first
subscription. We
ly look at the laoel
e and we do not
J i
r anu in oruer 10 oe c
very1: one has the
le dollar. ;
Only se
Qfr Valnnti
in and see m>
they are pick'
See my \
Mayes' Book ?
The House of a '
it 6 p. m. This applies to old subicriberts,
who are in arrears, and new
-ubs-criberts and all others. We want
o treat every one alike and be fair
o all. So even if you are paid in adrance
you can get a year for ONE
X)LLAR. We will not take a sub-cription
at this rate for less than a
ear nor for longer than two years,
^.fter the first of March every name
-- - - - * * * A .'J
m our mailing list tnat na? noi ptuu
it least to 1916 will be stricken off.
rhere will be no respector of persons
>n account of anything. We do this
o give those who hare gotten behind
ui opportunity to catch up, and in
>rder to be fair to those who are in I
idvance they can have the same rate j
>f one dollar, if paid between this time
md March 1. Send a dollar Din, a <101ar
check, a dollar money order, any
ray so you get us the dollar. And get 1
t now. We would not despise even a
silver dollar or four quarters or two
lalrea. Don't postpone this. Do it
We are working with a small force
ind can not get out and collect subscriptions,
and it does not pay to send
>ut collectors, and besides, under this
>ffer, we are proposing to give the
subscriber the commission we would
?ay the collector. Whp not earn it and
*arn it now? This i9 the only oppor
We are going to give you a better
paper than we have ever given and
shat means some paper. This is going
:o be a political year, and while The
Herald and News is not going to be in
politics or tote the skillet for any of
;he politicians, we expect to print the
aews and give all sides a fair and
square deal, and tell the truth as we
>ee it. We will comment and criticize
is we think the public welfare delianas
of a newspaper. Always doing
jo in parliamentary language and
seating those who do not agree with
as fairly and giving them credit for
lonesty of conviction.
But the point now is this is an opportunity
for you to get a real news>aper
for a whole year for only one
Athenian Literary Society.
The work in the Athenian Literary
lociety at the High school has been
:reditable to the boys in charge of j
V* Aono/.iollr Hi.rin<y tVin mnnfVi !
u. C n KSl I\, UUi ilij WUV, iAi W"VU
>f January. The debates on the folowing
subjects ha<ve all been good
nes: "Resolved. That athletics should
>e required of all high school boys."
Resolved, That R. E. Lee was a
greater military genius than 'Stone-1
vail' Jackson." "Resolved, That John |
1. Calhoun rendered a greater service \
o the Scate than Wade Hampton did." j
Resolved, That an interurban trolley |
ystem radiating from Newberry would j
>e helpful to the city of Newberry." 1
Liiie subject for next meeting is: "Re-j
olved, That the s^ate should continue ;
ts policy of furnishing free scholar-1
hips to worthy men and women who
onId not otherwise secure a college
At present .John Hizglris. is prcsi-,
!enr. Oh;;--iry West is treasurer. Jun- j
us Fr>x i< secretary and Joe Vigodsky '
"icr- president.
. .To Vigor!-y and John Floyd have
>eon selected from the Athenian and
i: Annie Ivinard from the "Waverly
ociety as ;i team of three to represent
he Xev/berrv Hight school in a debate'
vith Clinton High school soon. The j
luestion in this debate is: "Resolved, j
rhat our army and navy should be
naterially increased." Newberry has
'he affirmative side.
During this month "Cousin Isabelle/'
I i 111L Ji 11
ven days till I
s day. Come fl
r stock before ^
ed over. J
vindow. JM
L \Jnvinfir Cf AFA 1
L T CLl ICIJf JiUl c
rhousand Things.
with good oil liniment. That's 1
the surest way to stop them.
JjThe best rubbing liniment is J
Good for the Ailments of ji
Horses, Mules, Cattle, Etc. H
Qood for your own A ches, ^
Pains, Rheumatism, Sprains, I
Cuts, Burns, Etc.
25c. 50c. $1. At all Dealers. I
I will make a final settlement ot
estate of Frederick R. Wallace in tlie
Probate Court for Newberry county,
S. C., on Friday, the 11th day of February,
1916, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon
and will immediately thereafter I
ask fnr mv disc'narce Oi adminlstlfl
trix of said estate.
Administratrix. J
l-ll-4tltaw Administratrix.
Notice is hereby given that I will , J
make a final settlement iof the estate
of Jesse Wistar Gary,^deceased, in the
probate court for Newberry county, 8.
C., on Wednesday the twenty^third day Jt
of February, 1916, and will on said H
twenty-third day of February, 1916,
apply to the Judge of Probate for New
berry county, South Carolina, for a A
final discharge as executor, etc., of H
said deceased. ||
j All creditors of the estate of said'
Jesse Wistar Gary, deceased, are hereby
notified to render an account of
j their demands, duly attested, to me on M
j or before the nineteenth day of Feb- ^
J ruary, 1916.
Executor of the Last Will and Testa- ^
I TXT A of O
I UiCIH. Ul OCiSOC n loia; uui;,
I January 17th, 1916. ^
Coughs and Colds 1
are Dangerous!
One out of every three people J
die of Lung Diseases?all J
??~\ i
At First Sign of Cough take H
Dr. King's New Discoveryc
Few of us realize the danger of
Coughs and Colds. We consider
them common and harmless ailments.
However statistics -tell us
r\e>rsnn dies of a lun?
Cl/C/J/ 4/4.4# v# WW. ?- ? cy
Dangerous Bronchial and Lung
diseases often follow a neglected ?
cold. As your body struggles (
against cold germs, no better aid
can be had than Dr. King's New
Discovery. Its merit has been
tested by old and young. In use
over 45 years. Get a bottle to-day.
Avoid the risk of serious Lung
ailments, All druggists, ,
a sparkling play, will be given by local
talent for the benefit of the High fl
school. ll

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