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. S J H ?
8 ^ 11 * c
I 5 T u
W Arrcsi
I 31 Preic j
r m cation
w spot a
, -w appca
miPDiun Dtoruicn
After Four Years of Discouraging
Conditions, Mrs. Bullock Gave
Up in Despair. Husband
Came to Rescue.
? * - --- I?* .1: .ii.*
Catron, Ky.?in an interesting icuci
from this place, Mrs. Betiie Bullock
writes as follows: "I suffered for four
^ years, with womanly troubles, and during
^ this time, I could only sit up for a little
L "while, and could not walk anywhere at
Ir all. At times, I would have severe pains
in my left side.
The doctor was called in, and his treatment
relieved me for ? while, but I was
soon confined to my wd again. After
A that, nothing seemed to do me any good.
1 had gotten so weak I could not stand,
and I gave up in despair.
At last, my husband got me a bottle of
Cardui, the woman's tonic, and I commenced
taking it From the very first
dose, I could tell it was helping me I
can now walk two miles without its
tiring me, and am doing my work."
If you are all run down from womanly
' troubles, don't give up in despair. 1 ry
Cardui, the woman's tonic. It nas helped
more than a million women, in its 50
years of wonderful success, and should
surelv helD vou. too. Your druggist has
sold Card'ui*for years. He knows what
it will do. Ask him. He will recommend
it. Begin taking Cardui today.
Write to: Chattanooga Medicine Co., Ladies'
Advisory Dept.. Chattanooga. Tenn., for Special
Instructions on your case and 64-page book. "Homo
Treatment for Women," sent in plain wrapper. E66-B
i The tools to him that can handle
. The noblest spirit is most strangely
| - attracted by the love of glory?Cice[
Best Ground Insert Lense. $1.50 to
$3.50 pair.
t Best Ground Rimless Lens, $2.00 to
$4.00 pair.
Kriptop $8.00 and up per pair.
Gold Filled Frames and Nose Mountings,
$2.50 pair.
.Solid Gold Frames and Xoee Pieces,
$4.00 pair.
Eyes tested and glasses fitted.
^ Broken lenses and prescriptions duplicated.
All work guarantee.!
Jewelers and Optometrists.
P. C. JEANS & CO.,
Lndictil Ask yoar Orueelxt for
Lw <"M-che?-<ers Diamond Brand/i?V>
i'i-ls ^ Hi d and <;old n:etai!ic\V/
r til ?^ 2 \\ xes* sealed with Blue R?t-bon. y/
^ vv3 Toi.o no other. IJuv of your *
m J~/ ~ fjf A^vc forCHI-CSIES-TER S
I i?* l? y-arsknown25Cest,Safest.AlwaysReliaM*
I To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Uf?The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
*rhat you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing it is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form.
The Quinine drives out malaiia, the
Tro"i builds up the system. 50 cents
fo get the genuine, call for f'iil name, LAXA
ITIVE BROMO OUININE. Look for signature oi
"E. W. GROVE. Cures a Cold in One Day. Stop?
ecush and headache, and worics oft cold 25c
Good company and good discourse
Bt are the very sinews of virtue.?Isaafc
I Walton. ^ '-if
Cures Old Sores, Other Remedies Won't
The worst cases, no matter of how long sta-Jingr
are cured by fhe wonderful, old reliable Dr
Porter's Antiseptic Healing Oil. It relieve'
Fain and Heals at tb<? 'ao* time. 25# \ 5f>c. Si.'"*
If God "hath made this world so fair
-where fiin and death abound, how
beautiful beyond compare w:j
dise be found?Montgomery.
FF NECjuJ*/# 5 1
I v / J?
yW [s
ear those pains? *
single bottle will Jj?
convince you ^
&iean s Jf*
Inflammation. b O? , ;$
its severe compli- ^ infer {f|
s. Just put a few | !)|
on the painful II O
nd the pain dis- f HUS^RAIN f|
pj 5y6&rC??hG*'-' jl
I "Why Swear, Dear?
Use 'Gets-it'
I for Corns!"
It's the New Plan. Simple. Sure a*
Fate. Applied in a Few Seconds,
j "Why, John. I never knew you to
| use such language. I've told you
'JYou Wouldn't Lose Tour Temper, John,
You Used 'Gets-It" for Thone Corn*!*
scvera. nines it's no use to try those
| bandages, salves, tapes, plasters and
, "You Wouldn't Lose Your Temper,
John, If You lTsed 'Gets.It* for
Those Corns!"
! contraptions for corns. Here s some
'Gets-lt.' it's just wonderful how easy,
'clear and clean' it makes, any corn
come right off. Takes but a few seconds
to apply. It dries at once. Put
your sock 021 right over it?there's
j nothing to stick or roll up, form a
1 bundle of your toe, or press on the
j corn. It's painless, simple as rolling
: off a leg. Now put away those knives
, razors and scissors, use 'Gets-lt' and
i you'll have a sweeter disposition and
no more corns and calluses."
"Gets-It" is sold by druggists everyi
where. 25c a bottle, or sent direct by
' E. Lawrence & Co., Chicago, 111. Sold
j in Newberry and recommended as the
| world's best corn remedy by Gilder &
Weeks, W. G. Mayes and P. E. Way.
1 ^ '1 ^ c. r jM Ai
un ^ouinem ana t;. Li. nam vaus m
Newberry, Effective Jan. 20,1916.
On Southern Railroad?
No. 15, west 8:48 a. m.
Xo. 18, east 12:13 p. m.
Xo. 17, west 2:50 p. ra.
Xo. 16, east 8.54 p. m.
J On C. X. & L. Railroad?
*Xo. 12 (mixed), west 5:14 a. m.
*Xo. 55, east 9:53 a. m.
Xo. 52, west 1:06 p. m.
j Xo. 53, east 3:22 p.m.
; *Xo. 13 (mixed), east 5:30 p. m.
| *Xo. 54, west 7.00 p. m.
| *X . 50, west 9:53 a. in.
I 'No. 51, east 5:50 p. m.
*Daiiy except Sunday. tSunday only.
West is to Greenville. East is to
| Columbia.
T. S. Lefler, T. A.
j January 20, 1916.
All Southern trains are regular mail
! trains. On C., X. & L?., Xos. 55, 52, '33
j and 54 are mail trains.
Time oi Closing Mails, \ewl>erry, S. C.
(January 21, 1916.j
Southern Railway?8:18 a. m., 11:45
, a. m? 2:20 p. m., 8:24 p. m.
j 'C., X. & L. Railroad?9:23 a. m.,
j 12:36 p. m.? 2:50 p. m., 6:30 p. m.
W. A. Hill, Postmaster.
| In honor of the senior class of Newberry
college, 'Carrol Hipp entertained
at a six o'clock dinner Friday evening.
. Besides the class there were present
Misses Cora Ewart, Anna Coe Keitt,
May Tarrant and Lois Glasgow.
Perfect conformity to the will of God
is the sole sovereign and complete liberty.?D'Aubigne.
_ l
I:igid Ordeals For Candidates For Our
Army and Navy.
The physical requirements of Ameri
lean soldiers and sailors are of a lii^rh
standard as compared with those of
other countries. The tost for hearing,
for example, in our navy and army i:more
severe than of any other eo-;;.try.
One of these tests for admission to (
our Naval academy may he taken as :i j
typical example of the thoroughness!
wi:!i which the candidates' faculties!
1 '?< thin tr?<r t lir* tifkijiT of I
; an- twicu. ui mi.-. _. .
a watch must be heard at forty inche> j
! in quirt surrounding, and tin's firkin;:!
i must be heard at that distance by each:
ear sepdrately. In addition to this, the!
j candidate will be rejected if there is'
the slightest suggestion of any dis- J
eased condition about any portion of
the ear.
< In all the foreign navies. ,is weil a>
i in our own. the severest tests of hear-!
, jng are imposed upon the men who arc ;
to undertake submarine service. In,
this service even an ollicer will not be j
accepted if the surgeon is able to find
any evidence mar tie u;is <m vi ia-'-u .u-,
flicted with ear trouble at any time '
; Thus a slight inflammation of the ear|
j which occurred in childhood may disqualify
the officer for submarine serv-j
I ire. though his bearing may be so good j
j that be would be readily accepted in
I any other branch of military service.!
Los Angeles Times.
Folind Near Vera Cruz, It Was Made;
Over Twenty Centuries Ago.
I A small stone statue found near!
j Vera Cruz, Mexico, which has been iti |
f the possession of the United States]
! National museum since 1903. has been '
j identified as the oldest known dated j
j antiquity in America. lis ancient;
I Mayan glyphic inscriptions show thatj
. it was made 100 years before Christ.,
j which is the oldest date authenticated
in the new world.
This unique image was found in 1902
1 near the gulf of Mexico. 100 miles
i southeast of Vera Cruz, and came to
the museum through R E Ulbricht
i the next year It is of hard grayish
j green stone, carved into a rounded
' conical form, six and one-half inches
| high and three and three-fourths inches
in diameter.
The upper part represents ;i human
j head with well defined features. The
| lower part or tne jace is covereu wtuii
; a mask, resembling the bill of a duck.
1 carved in relief and extending down
over the-chest like a beard. The birdlike
form, is further emphasized by
the wings, covering the sides of the I
figure. Beneath the wings the outlines i
of a bird's feet and legs are engraved.
. ?New York Times.
I ..
Ancient Udt of a Kiss.
A Roman woman in the ancient time
was not allowed to drink wine eScept
j it were simple raisin wine, and, however
she might relish strong drinks.
she could not indulge even by stealth
?Kronen was npvpr intrust
U1 OU, UVV'UUW ?. *?-- -
ed with the key of the wine cellar and.
j second, because she was obliged daily
to greet with a kiss all her own as well
as her husband's male representatives,
I down even to second cousins, and as
, she knew not when or where she
i might meet them she was forced to be
wary and abstain altogether, for had
j she tasted but a drop the smell would
i have betrayed her. So strict were the
old Romans in this respect that a certain
Ignatius Mercurius is said to have
slain his wife because he caught her at
the wine cask?a punishment which
was not deemed excessive by Romulus.
; who absolved the husband of the crime
of murder.
The Nice of Austria.
"The Nice of Austria" is the name
j by which Gorizia, or Goritz, is known
j among its habitues, owing to its mild
| climate. Curiously enough, the city
furnishes a link with the French Bourbons,
for iu a Franciscan convent there
lie the remains of Charles X. of
France, the iast of the Bourbons; of
i the Duke of Angouleme, his son. and
1 A ' ' - Tx? - U/\ /I iArl O a I
I Or LI10 J-JUC UtJ l/Uauiuuiu, uv viicvo. uo |
recently as 1383. Gorizia. under Aus-j
trian rule, was the capital of the crown
land of Gorz Gradisca and first appears
in history toward the close of the
tenth century, when it was bestowed
on the church. It is still the scat of an
ar-.'hbishop. and its special industry,
i significantly, perhaps, has long been
; the printing of Hebrew books for the
east?London S{>ectator.
I Ingenious Rimes.
; Sir Owen Seaman is to be congrat:
ulated on his ingenuity in riming
I "Bagdad" with "swag, dad." but the!
palm tor auaaciry in riming must re!
main with Browning, who matched
' "ranunculus" with "Tommy make
room for your un- le us." or the seveni
teenth century bard who wrote:
The Duke of York a daughter had
He gave the Prince of Orange
So now your majesty will see
I've found a rime for poringer.
?Loudon Stanaaro.
Welcome at Times.
"I wish a doormat," announced Mrs.
De Style.
I "Here is a very nice pattern," said
j the salesman, "with the word *Wel
come' woven into the fiber."
I 4?T cnn. T cnnnAOo thnt will do if VOll
A O^U? X O u pjk'V'-'V/ WK" v --- ?
can add the words 'Tuesdays and Fridays.'
"?Pittsburgh Post
| "Darling, won't you marry me? I
would die for you!"
i "How sweet of you! How much are
you insured for?"?Baltimore Amerij
'Tis far better to love and be poor
than be rich with an empty heart.?
; Lewis Morris.
v i\ v mi; k vi*uvs:
Tcrrens System, Rural ( rodits, Child ;
I/.ibor and Other Matters
Keferred To. j
News and Courier.
Columbia, February S.?Governor,
Manning toni<rht sent a message to j
the general asotmuiy urging them to j
pass the Torrens system of land reg-1
istration. the rural credits bitl,. the j
bill providing for the teaching of ag- j
riculture in the common schools, the
bill raising tne child labor age limit
to 14 years the workmen's compensa-.:
tion bill and the bill providing for the j
certification of teachers. The message'
"Permit me to respectfully call your i
attention to the importance of press-j
ing the consideration of certain meas-;
ares cn your calendars, which I deem
of importance to the great body of
our citizens whom you and I represent.
"My reason for this message is that
we are approacning the closing days
of the session, and I earnestly desire
that these matters should not be overlooked.
The Torrens System
"There have been meetings of citi-!
zeri.* in many localities throughout the
State, calling on the legislature to j
adopi the Torrens system of land reg- j
istration and enact the same into law,!
Tnis is a necessary prerequisite to a.j
system of rural credits. It will reduce
expenses in borrowing money on
land; it gives the State warrant to
title and puts an end to litigation on
land titles. Such an act would be a
boon to the State, and I earnestly
urge its adoption.
Kural Credits..
"Forty-three per cent, of our white
farmers are tenants. The dream of j
the South Carolina patriot i^ to see
these tenants become the owners of
their homes and farms. If we are to
progress we must nelp these tenants j
to help themselves in their ambition I
to become home owners, and we must j
make this possible by adopting meas- j
ures hitherto untried, even if this may '
seem radical. The result is important.;
I deem it of the utmost importance to
take the steps necessary to bring it
about Let us not adjourn this session
untii tnese two measures are made
? ? i?? a.*
into laws. Then our 'vision iur iu-j
ture development, will be turned into
reality, and our rural population will
find full scope for their soaring and
elevating ambitions to find realization
in a people happy in the prospect of
future comfort, contentedness and
Agriculture in Schools.
"I earnestly urge upon you the desirability
of enacting into law the
Toole and LeGrande bill, providing for
thp teaching of agriculture in the
common schools. Agriculture is the
basis of our material prosperity, line
common school is the keystone of
our educational system. Provide for
the teaching of agriculture in the com-j
mon school so that agricultural edu-J
cation will reach those who cannot get
in an agricultural college, and an enlightened
prosperity is the result
among this large body of our citizens.
Child Labor.
"The McCullough bill, which pro- j
vides for the raising of the child la- j
bor age limit to 14 years, is of great
importance and should be speedily enacted.
The very wording of this bill
is the greatest argument in iavor of
its passage. The longer the cnila Is
kept in school the greater his effi*
ciency when he begins work.
Workmen's (Compensation.
"The bills introduced by Senator!
Buck and Representatives alius anu j
.Johnstone have been carefully worked
out, and, in my judgment, will meet
conditions existing in South Carolina.
There is nothing in tne act that can
injure the honest employer or employe;
it is a protection to both; it is
fair and just to all parties and the
sooner it becomes a law the sooner j
will our court dockets be cleared, and !
kept cleared, cf personal damage I
Qnit? nnri iiistir-p will be done to all!
parties. \ urge the enactment of this
Certification of Teachers.
"I earnestly urge upon you the importance
of the passage of the Nicholson
bill, providing for the certification
of teachers by a State board.
These measures are, in my judgment.
of Statewide importance, and
r feel that the interest of the people
demands the enactment of these bills
into law.
"Your desire and ability to serve
Oto+A unfmoch'nnftH T thf^rP
,> vui ia ic 10 uii4uvcwivuvu, . y ~ ?
fore, urge again, with earnestness and
sincerity, that active efforts be made
to enact these laws. The people are
pleading for these laws, and should
have them.
"Let me again urge upon you the
neecssity for definite action on thei
Mrs. Wynn Tells How Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound Helped Her
L/UIllig vuaiig^ ui JUIAC,
Richmond, Ya. ? "After taking
seven bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's
v c cj o o a U i o Com\\mm\
I Poun(^ I ^ke a
new woman* I al%ra
! W'c.ys had a headache
lf|| 1 during the Change
! t2 ! i of Liie and was also
' .^1 :;.$y( i troubled with other
m Will I b&d feelings com
iK'llllll ?*v" <*?. wioi, wi.iv
' I dizzy spells, nervous
' - MM feelings and heat
flashes. Now I am
-?. / . - 1 in better health
than I ever Was and recommend your
remedies to all my friends. "?Mrs. Lena
Wynn, 2812 E. 0 Street, Richmond, Va.
While Change of Life is a most critical
period of a woman's existence, the
! annoying symptoms which accompany
I it m?y be controlled, and normal health
! restored by the timely use of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
j Such warning symptoms are a sense
| of suffocation, hot flashes, headaches,
| backaches, dread of impending evil,
| timidity, sounds in the ears, palpitation
1 of the heart, sparks before the eyes,
i irregularities, constipation, variable appetite,
weakness and inquietude, and
j For these abnormal conditions do not
fail to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Maxwell Heat Britain's Best But Get*
Only an American
Should Eddie Rickenbacher, the famous
Maxwell pilot?or any of th(
other speed demons of premier fame
?celebrate the first race of 1916 bj
rolling 300 miles in two hours or some
such revolutionary figure, the result
could be nothing more than an American
record. Xo such thing as a
world's record can be successfully
claimed, when the feat is accomplished
in the United States, under sane
tion of the 'American Automobile association.
This strange and anomalous condition
arises from the fact that, with
characteristic European aloofness
the automobile judiciary across th<
sea recognizes no performance ir
America as really authentic.
Despite the fact that many recen
American records excel those on th;
books of the Automobile Clubs o!
Great Britain and France, recent compilations
of European records placidly
ignore them and still refer to ven
^ / _ - x ? uL ?
eraoie European ieais as wuriu s records.
Our Dnst Too Thick.
The American Automobile association,
after vainly trying to secure mutual
recognition which would resull
in a real table of world's records, has
temporarily given up the battle and
modestly refers to all marks established
under its jurisdiction as American
records?only this and nothinf
One immediate effect of this condition
is to rob the endurance c'nam.pion
Maxwell touring car of the technical
right to claim a world's title
The JMaxwell?a stock touring cai
?recently completed, -under A. A. A
supervision, a run of 22,022.3 miles
without a mortor stop. iThe best prioi
American record was less than 13 0<H
miles. In Europe the best prior mark
was less than 17,000 miles?to the
credit of the Rolls-Royce. Yet the
Maxwell can quality merely for ar
American record and t'ne stolid Tritons
will doubtless continue to regard
the Rolls-Royce as the world's endurance
champion until its recorl is beaten
in the limits of their tight little
Were reciprocal rules in operation
the Maxwell would undoubtedly be
granted a world's record certificate
Under its present policy the A. A. A
can, however, grant merely American
certificate of records.
in the meantime, however, there is
no occasion for American sportsmen
to feel symptoms of peeve. Regardloss
cf the technicalities, t'ney have
the satisfaction of knowing that the
Mpxroll?a popular-priced American
car?has handily eclipsed the besi
record of tne one particular car on
which Europe has relied for exempli?
~~ ^nn rln res nr>p?a oa.r of
UCiil UU Ui liio tv/l C"UU>U?VV ?
the highest price and one which bases
a large chare of its reputation on a
non-S'C]: feat, highly creditable but
herewith ri rule red obsolete.
most important Statewide measures."
iThe message was received in both
houses as information and ordered
printed in the Journals, except that in
thp "honfip. on motion of Representa
tive Harris of Greenville, t'nat portion
of the message dealing with the Torrens
land system was refered to the
senate, on the ground that this bill
has already passed the house.
fhey Wield Considerable Power, at a
Rule, "Under the Rose."
Only those who have given the subi
ject close consideration and have been
! familiar with it personally can have
i even a remote idea of the power of the
women connected with the presidential
j administration, meaning the wives of
! the president, the vice president and
- - - ? il _
, the cabinet otncers. mis power 01 iue
' women first began to be marked in
President Andrew Jackson's time, and
it I. is nnnbnfert up t*>
the present hour, It is an unseen
power, it is not proclaimed from the
It takes some time for the wives of
the cabinet officers to reach a fair footing
with the wives of the president
and vice president and among themselves.
They come from different section?
nf tlio ronntrv nnrl must accus
torn themselves to a vastly different
environment, the official life of Wash
lugtou. In a thousand little ways and
1 in as many big ways they ran make or
; mar, help or hurt, hasten or retard the
j policy of a presidential administration
j They raised old hob iu Jackson's
| time by attempting to boycott the wife
' of a cabinet officer, Mrs. Eaton, t)ut"
; Old Hickory, though not a ladies' man
j himself, stood valiantly and gallantly
beside Mr. and Mrs. Eaton and de|
clared tliat the wives of his pther eab!,
net officers shouldn't rule his administration?"No,
not by the eternal!" Jack*
i son's favorite phrase in negativing a
, proposition.?Exc.h{iELge;
Methods by Which the Fading Process
may ce ueiayea.
Roses, carnations and orchids have
* been found to keep three times as long
if a small quantity of sugar be added
> to the water, writes Mabel H. Wharton
j of Oakland, Cal., to Popular Mechan;
ics. A small lump of starch has also
been found beneficial. Other flowers
begin to bleed as soon as they are cut.
and the precious sap running out of
! the stem causes the cells to collapse
- immediately. To prevent this the end
i of the stem must be quickly closed.
> and this is best done by searing in a
\ flame or by placing directly in hot
i water.
' i The florists of California go so far a3
i.. 1 *1 .. C 4- U ? U.MliAnl. n/v.'n
lO UUli tut' SLCIXIS UX. LLltJ UliUlUlJl puiu ,
settias or Christmas flowers, for which
l they are so famous. The stem is first
r; stuck through a large sheet of paper to
.1 prevent the steam from rising directly
J into the flower and injuring it
" i Carnations and chrysanthemums will
' j keep almost twice as long if placed in
| fresh water daily, and a small piece Is
.! clipped from the ends of the stems
I each time. While cutting this piece off
! keep the stem under water so tffait no
^ air bubbles are allowed to enter the
' stalk and thus retard the upward flow
II nf xva fpr
If large headed flowers, such as
t chrysanthemums or peonies, are to be
> sent some distance insure their arriv^
ing in good condition by wrapping each
blossom separately hi waxed paper,
Where He Made His Money.
; Years ago a gentleman settled in the
- south o? England" and became very
I popular in the neighborhood. The
| county families could never discover
! how he had made his money, but were
"j satisfied by his solemn assurance that
' i it was not in trade. Nothing could exI
pppcI thA ordinarv eravitv of his do
; meanor. which indeed caused him to
[ be placed on the commission of peace,
| but now and then, without any appar!
ent provocation, he would burst into..
such a laugh as no one ever heard be>
fore except in one place. Where they
could have heard it puzzled the county
families for five and twenty' years, but
| at last he was betrayed unconsciously
| by his own grandchild, who. after a
| visit to a traveling circus, innocently
i exclaimed. "Why. grandpa laughs just
like the clown!"?James Payn.
Waterproofing Matches.
i A waterproof matchbox is good for
1 <*m<xr<roTirMs?s hnf not for ft- smoker's
I ? ? ? ---
daily supply. I waterproof the matches
" themselves by dipping them half length
5 in shellac varnish, thinned with alcoi
hoi and layiug them out separately on
i a newspaper to dry. Shellac is better
than paraffin or collodion because it
i does not wear off. and it is itself inflammable,
like sealing wax. Matches
' i so treated can be left in water a long
' time without spoiling.?Outing.
Clever Fish Hawks.
Turks around the Bosporus amuse
,! themselves by playing pitch and catch
with the hungry fish hawks. They
ttimw hitrli in -thf> air n lnmn of raw
I *"? - ?- I
! meat, and the hawks pounce upon the
1 meat before it strikes the ground and
make away with it to the little ones.
A Short Christmas.
"Christmas day is only three hours
long in the Finnish town of Tornea,"
! said a traveler. "1 spent last Christ:
was there. At sunrise I got up to see
L my presents and to read my Christmas
mail and night had fallen before I got
through breakfast"?Exchange.
, v; ??
Some cheap people expect St Peter
1 to pass them through the pearly gates
- because they once paid 50 cents for a
: fifteen cent supper at a church social
?Atlanta Journal.
Just Like Relatives.
"Are Belle and Barbara blood relations
"Oh, no. It is a purely platonic
grouch they have for each other."?
Pessimism may be defined as that
form of restricted mental vision that
causes men to anticipate evils that do
not happen.?Houston Post.

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