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New Berlin Re
Bernstorff Decides to Send Coramuni.
lation to Home Officials, Though
He is Willing to enture it Will
Be All Right.
Washington, Feb. 8.?In substance
tentative communication from Germany,
designed 10 settle the Lusitania
case, is acceptable to the United
States. High administration officials
tonight consider that the government
in prevailing on Germany to make
-concessions and agreements set forth
in the document has accomplished
recognition of the high principles for
which it has contended in connection
"with submarine warfare.
While the substance of the propos
od communication admittedly is satisfactory.
minor changes to clarify the
wording and in connection with the
form which the formal document shall
take were suggested today to Count
von Bernstorff, the German ambassador,
by Secretary Lansing. The desires
of the United States in this connection
were made known to the ambassador
after President Wilson had
discussed the subject with his cabinet.
Count von Bernstorff immediately informed
the secretary that he saw no
reasons why the changes could not
be made, but explained that as a precaution
he would submit the entire
matter to his go-, ernment for final ap
proval. He did so in a dispatch sent
to Berlin tonight, and within about six
days the resulting formal communication
is expected.
A Belated Answer.
r:-re:aiy Lansing insists, it is
>uued by xiipib authority, that it shall
be stated specifically in the communication
chat it is an answer to the
American note Count von Bernstorff
had not deemed it necessary, it is
said, to include the statement that
the communication was in answer to
:hp American note, considering that
the same end would be accomplished
by submitting it in the form of a memorandum.
Tne ambassador as yet does not
"know whether his government wants
iiim to sign the formal note or
whether it is desired to have the secretary
of foreign affairs to do so. This
phase also has been submitted to Berlin.
Assurances were received in high
Xlipiomanc ana oniciiii uiicies mat ?.ue
changes of wording submitted would
not in any sense alter the meaning.
.\*o modifications, it was authoritatively
stated, were suggested in connection
with the phrase substituted
for the word "illegal," which the German
government was unwilling to
No :.:ore Trouble.
In Teutonic diplomatic circles not
~'ne slightest difficulty over the proposed
changes is anticipated. ' It is
said Berlin officials probably will immediately
authorize them. Apparently
some o" the changes consist merely
o A s~S m *
jmi .
Developments came rapidly today.
Secretary Lansing went to the White
House an hour before the time set for
the cabinet meeting to discuss with
*iie president in detail the tentative
comunicatlon and analyze the meaning
of the words employed. When
the cabinet met the proposal was submitted
by the president
1-ater Count von Bernstorff. who
had requested an appointment, was
called to the stale department by Secretary
Lansing. ii'he two remained
closeted in tne secretary's office for
. more than naif an hour, while the
secretary outlined the wishes of the
United Stales in detailfl As the ambassador
left the building he said:
"Everything is substantially all
right, but it is not finished."
A high official of the administration
made this announcement:
Settlement in Sight.
'"'A settlement of the Lusitania case
in sight, probably within the next
.oiew days. The United States has not
:increased its demands: it has not reviu<i6d
tnem. You can draw your own
r-i;/-voc t<-k thfi hasis of the
C4 O i>v V..N/
.agreement. The wording proposed
.:by Germany appears to cover the position
of the United States. It is not
fair to assume that there will have to
" >oe any further admission or concession
from Berlin."
He added that the proposal was
''substantially satisfactory."
Germany agrees in the proposed
communication that reprisals should
not be directed at other than enem>
subjects, expresses regret and as
cjumes liability for the American lives
ns Satisfactory
lost in the Lusitania disaster, otters
reparation and declares that the submarine
warfare in the zone around
the British Isles has been modified
out of regard for the long standing
friendship for the United States and
because American citizens have lost
their lives. The communication also
calls attention to previous assurances
that passengei ships shall not be
sunk without warning and without
provision for the safety of noncombatants
and that the instructions giv-;
en to submarine commanders in this
respect have been made so stringent
I that there can be no recurrence of
such incidents.
To Avoid Dancrer.
In taking the precaution to submit:
to Berlin the changes suggested.,
Count von Bernstorff is believed to;
have been actuated by a desire to ob-;
viate any possibility that the com-:
munication later might be repudiated
beca^^c of a slight difference in lani
guage. 1
Officials appeared to be reluctant j
to proclaim that achievements have ;
been gained. There were indications '
that this was caused by probable con- ;
I sideration for the political situation j
j in Germany.
Officials here are of the opinion 1
| that the Lusitania case "has been ban- i
died with dispatch consistent with
safety, not only in regard to the exigencies
of the moment and the
? rained relations with Germany, but
having in mind the fact that the
* . . i
ic- lorincr r?/MVT1
I illlCU OiaiCSt iO UV ? ** 2
cally new principles of internationa'
law which might, if properly considered.
have serious results in the future
! should this country be involved in a
Gam's Dry Humor.
j Wheto the gallant Welsh captain. Da!
vid Gam, was sent forward by Henry
V. to reconnoiter the Frewli army before
the battle ??f Agincourt he found
that the enemy outnumbered the English
liv jihoiir Hvp to onp. His reoort
, to the king is historic: |
i "There are enough to be killed,
j enough to be taken prisoners and
enough to run away."
This quaint forecast of the result ot
the battle at once spread through the
camp, and doubtless every yeoman
archer of the valiant company felt an
inch taller. We know that it was almost
literally justified by the event
j Poor Gam's dry humor was equaled
' bv his courage. He was killed while
in the act of saving the life of his
prince.?London Standard. I
Distilled Water.
Distilled water after having been exposed
to the air is one of the most salubrious
of drinks. Its daily use in
measured quantities is helpful in cases
of dyspepsia and ?:reatly assists the
general functions of the body. Every
large steamer carries a water distilling
apparatus by which sea water is made
fresh. In the days before steamers
primitive distilling apparatus was used
i on warships and vessels carrying passengers.
Well Fitted. I
"Yes. era ml ma; I am to be married
I next month." j
"But, my dear," said grandma earnestly,
"you are very young. Do you
j feel that you are fitted for married
! life?"
"1 am being fitted now, grandma,"
| explained the prospective bride sweet|
ly. "Seven gowns.'"?Kansas City Journal.
More Than the Average.
Mrs. Wayup?How much, sleep do 1
need, doctor? Doctor?Well, the average
person needs about seven hours.!
Mrs. Wayup?Then I shall take about
i fourteen. I consider I am much above
tLe average.?Judge.
A Plain Heroine.
* This is refreshing. The author says
! his heroine isn't beautiful."
| "It will be refreshing to see the pic-!
| tures of the heroine come ap to the
| print."?Louisville Courier-Journal.
Many Sioed Woman.
I Man thinks he-is going to solve the
! mystery known as woman after he is.
j married. And then the plot thickens.
; ?Toledo Blade.
It is bad to work loiteringly; it is
worse to loiter instead of beginning to
work a* all.
Try this: WTjen telling a piece of
scandal, don't say "they say:" just
sar "I say."
Malaria or Chills & Fever
I Prescription No. 666 is prepared^especially
Five or six doses will break any case, and
if taken then as tonic the Fever will not
return. It acts on the liver better than
Calomel and does not gripe or sicken. 25o
;; Whenever You Need a General Ton!;
Take Grove's
; The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
! chill Tonic is equally valuable as a
I ; General Tonic because it contains the
r I well known tonic properties of QUININE
; and IRON. It acts on the Liver, Drives
"; out Malaria, Enriches the Blood and
5 Builds up the Whole {System. 50 cents.
It Was Passed In England on Account
of Peter Thellusson's Will.
The Thellusson law, once enacted by
the British government, was a law to
regulate the deposition of property
by will and to prevent the excessive
accumulation of estates. It had a curious
On the 27th of July, 1707. one Peter
Thellusson, ail English merchant of
French birth, died in London, leaving
a certain sum to his widow and children
and the remainder of his property,
then amounting to several hundreJ
thousand dollars, to trustees to ac
cumulate during the lives of his children.
grandchildren and great-grand
children living at the time of his death
and the survivors of them. The accumulation
would have been enormous.
TMw> ?-'K llllt WHS Ilol(l
valid. In order, however, to prevent
such a disposition of property in the
future, parliament passed what was
railed the Thellusson act. or accumulations
act, regulating and limiting bequests
in such a way as to make greai
accumulations impossible.
When Peter Tliellussoifs last sur
viving grandson died, in 185(1, a question
arose as to whether the eldest
male descendant or the male descendant
of the eldest son should inherit tlu
property, and this question was decided
on appeal by the house of lords
in -Tnno ixr.!> The Thellussoii will and
the legislation growing out of it were
a subject of much discussion by lawyers.?
Pittsburgh Press.
Not Many Deathless Sentences Have
Eeen Handed Down to Us.
How very few things which any of
our presidents said can anybody recall
Washington's most frequently quoted
phrase is. "In time of peace prepare
for war.''
John Adams talked all day and wrote
diaries all night, but perhaps "Independence
forever"?his toast for the
very Fourth of July on which he diedis
more widely known than any otliei
one thought.
"Few die and none resign." heads
Jefferson's list of deathless sentences
although parts of the Declaration of
Independence are known to millions.
Tha iroona Afnnrnp's TiMinp
forever to the front, but his state papers.
speeches and letters, like those
of Madison. John Quincy Adams. MeKinlev.
Taft and many other men
long and honorably in public life, arc
devoid of handles?nothing to take
hold of.
Rutherford B. Hayes gave us one
very tine thought, "lie serves his party
best who serves the country best."
Jackson was forever saying "By the
eternal!" but what else?
"With malice toward none" and "a
government of the people," etc., are
Lincoln's masterstrokes. However, his
letters and papers are full of unique
thoughts and would afford a present
day cartoonist enormous opportunities
?Philadelphia Ledger.
Preparation of Parchment.
Parchment is the skin of siieep 01
other animals prepared in sheets tc
render them fit for being written upon
The heavier parchment, used for drum
heads, is made from the skins of asses
older calves, wolves and goats. All
these are similarly prepared. The skin
being freed from the hair, is placed ir
a lime pit to cleanse it from fat. The
pelt is then stretched upon a frame
care being taken that the surface is
free from wrinkles. The flesh is pare<i
off with a circular knife, after which il
io ntwl tvWtinc snread ovei
it Then the workman, with a large
pumice stone, rubs the skin. He nexl
goes over it with an iron instrument
and rubs it carefully with pumice stone
without chalk. Finally the skin is
gradually dried, tightening being occa
sionally required.
To Lengthen Life of Necktie.
A good many people who are users ol
four-in-hand ties are more or less both
ered by the tie's becoming useless aftei
it has been worn a few times.
Take the wide end of the tie with
seam up and lay it flat upon a table
Then thrust in the linger and seize the
lining. Take the silk cover in the othei
hand and pull it over the lining, aboul
half of its length. A hot Iron is thei
run over the lining to straighten it out
?Popular Science Monthly.
Home Grown Oats Best.
The Maine agricultural experiment
station has by its wide studies of in
heritance in oats proved the idea cur
rent among farmers that foreign growi
seed is better than home grown to havt
little basis. As the Journal of Herod
ity notes, a variety frequently behave;
much better after it has been acclima
tized for a year or two.
Steam Power.
The power of steam was known t(
the ancients, a mechanical contrivance
in which it was used being noted bj
Hero of Alexandria about 130 B. C.
but nothing came of it, and it waj
not till the seventeenth century tha
its power was again recognized.
A Dead One.
"He Is a dead one" is not slang. I
occurs in Longfellow's "Spanish Stu
dent" The clown Chispa says, "I hav<
a father, too. but he is a dead one."
Much Harder.
"There is nothing harder than get
ting out of a bad habit."
"Yfs. thero is?getting into a goo<
one.''?Boston Transcript.
Our duty is to be useful, not accord
ing to our desires, but according to ou
Giving Out
j The Struggle Discourages Many a C!t_
izen of Newberry.
Around all day with an aching back,
Can't rest at night;
i ...
j Enough to make any one "give out.'
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i thousands.
' They are for kidney backache;
And other kidney ills.
Here is Newberry proof of their
j .T. .T. Eargle prop, machine shop, 93o
i Friend St., Newberry, says: "I caught
; cold about, a year ago and it settled
| in my kidneys, causing backache. I
had dull pains across my loins and was
! trcub'ed mostly while working or
. j standing a great deal The kidney secretions
passed too freouently. I also
i had dizzy spells and almost toppled
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11 and every need, affording
cV.ighrful meakime changcs.
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i )
i .
| :!here is a perennial nobleness and
: even sacredness, in work. Were he
| never so benighted, forgetful of his
' high calling, there is always hope in
' I a man that actually and earnestly
j works; in idleness alone is there pe'rk
neutral despair. Work, neevr so mam.
j monish, mean, is in communication
i with Nature; the real desire to get
| work done will itself lead one more
1 and more to truth to nature's ap
pointments and her regulations, whic'h.
' | are truth.
;; The latest gospel in this world is,
': know thy work and do it. "Know
j thyself;" long enough has that poor
I "self" of tnine tormented thee; thou
| wilt never get to "know" it.?Car1
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j; Politeness and civility are the best
capital ever inves'er? in business.?P.
i T. Earnun.
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I .
i ?
j One Way
You feel bad, take calc
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You hate your friends.
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1 IV ff UV1 M. J
81 SHOE!
| MU BLAlft-Wt
j The res] onsibility of tolerance lief
| with those who have the larger visi
ion?George Eliot.
;Iow scon ihe millenium woulc
: come if good things people inteded t(
do tomorrow were only done todaySelected
Given ways or gay,
Labcr or play,There
s sweetness somewhere
In each na:-cing day.
? Tjgfhi
j Give us to awake with smiles, giv*
| us to iabor, smiling. As the sun lightI
ens the world so let our loving kind[
ness make bright this house of oui
j habitation.?Stevenson.
Will Care Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Hcadaches, Cramps, Colic
Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns, Old
Sores, Tetter, Ring-Worm ~ Eczema,
etc. Antiseptic Anodyne,
used internally or exiern^tlv. 2:'\c
Wherefore now do yee trangress th(
commandment of the Lord? But i
shall not prosper?Numbers xiv, 41
What better things can happen to ?
fool ;han that God should teach hin
tViof li a ie nno nrVian n a fanrMorl VnTO
l"ttt AO VliV. IT 11V.U nt IUUV1VV4
self the wisest of the wise??<Charlei
Thus fares it still in our decay,
And yet the wiser mind
Mourns less for what age take
Than what it leaves behind.
i i
[ I profess not talking; only this,
i L^t each man do his best,
i I ^ . ?Henry IV.
I ?
' Sweet souls around us watch us stil]
j Press nearer to our side;
Into our thoughts, into our prayers
With gentle helpings glide.
?Harriet Beecher Stowe.
_D1 ?i
le ruvc ui
iome W
eat. a ne:
Sick! @ lax
;e or the
.bout you
;iing. gri
r-lax 50c a
ure cure for constip<
j guarantee Liv-ve
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? I
Gained 15 Pounds By Taking Vinol
Norfolk, Va. ?"I suffered from ner1
vousness, had no appetite and was very
+Viin "NTntViincr T +r>nV sppttipH tn hpln m<?
untii one daya friend told me aboutVinol.
- I have now taken six bottles and have
gained fifteen pounds: have a good appetite
and can eat anything.'Mattie
Denning, Norfolk, Va.
' Vinol is a delicious cod liver and iron
tonic with out oil, a constitutional remedy
which creates an appetite, aids digestion
and makes pure healthy blood. Try it
on our guarantee,
Gilder & Weeks, Druggists, MeWJ
berry, S.IC.
i South Carolina's State Institution for
uoctors Admitted to tiass a ?i ,
Rational Association.
Charleston. Feb. 8.?The Medical
College of South Carolina was today
admitted to membership in Class A .
of the Association of American Medical
Colleges by the executive council ^
"! of the body in session at Chicago. The
t announcement came in a telegram
from Dr. Robert Wilson, dean of the
college, who is attending the convenL
.ion. Last year the college was adj
mitted to Class B. and this year its
_; application was made to be raised to
i__ . _ .
s Class A, the Highest in the association.
A new building and several new
professorships, added since the last
application, were cited as the basis
for the promotion of the college to
s the highest rank.
Only four colleges in the South are
i in Class A. Tney are at Richmond, i
| Atlanta, Tulane and Charleston. That
the recent inspection of the standard
of this college resulted satisfactorily ;
ib a source of gratification. The new
! class in which the college has. been
placed requires a number of profes'
sors who devote t'neir entire time to jj
their work.
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