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r _
Rill Kesrulatin&r Volume of Liquor
Purchase Allows Fine on ! 'icy:
First Offense. j i
The State.
^ The following is the text of the Liles The
bill, pio.iding tor a chalngang sen-, 0
fence for selling intoxicating liquors, 1SS
;ts it passed both bouses: ! helc
"Secticn 811. Any person who vio- a s
vi lates any of the provisions of any law
r i-wT.rtV>;Kitinor relating?- to ^ ?
"O* liiis oiaic
or regulating the sale of intoxicating ?* r
liquors snail be guilty of a misdo- rr-?
jneanor, and, upon conviction thereof tr*'
shall be imprisoned at hard labor for uncjl
not less than six months, nor more j :ar?
than two years; and for any subse-'cent
j "C
. fluent otfense, upon conviction, shall
' be imprisoned for a term of not less sa*e
than a year, nor more than five years.; Tl"an
- - and
Provided, That any circuit juage may,
in his discretion, suspend all of such cai^
imprisonment except 30 days for the ami]
first offense and 60 davs for subse- tica'
quent offenses, upon such terms and;
conditions as he may see fit to im-.ec* 1
but in each and every case any
Prison convicted of the violation
, any of said laws shall be required to
r i " t
i?+ ork ^ovc fAr f.hft first of
serve Ctl OV ua;^
? tense and 60 days for any subsequentcrcf
offense of the sentence imposed upon : *100(
him: Provided. That the provisions (c^
of this act shall not app.'y to cases
now pending or to offenses committed ^rea
prior to the passage of this act. pIov
I "C
"Sec. 2. Thar this act shall take ef- _
feet immediately up?_>n its approval by
the governor, and all acts or .parts ?f met
acts inconsistent with this act be, and
...? . - 0U]
the same are hereby, repealed.
Ben B. Sellers of the house made rsec
I the following statement yesterday: j "j
"The news article appearing in 'The (b)
State of Sunday, carrying the follow-j be?
Wr ing headline, 'First Offenders May
F Escape Gang?Liles Bill i6 Passed
so as to Allow Payment of Fine,' is i
altogether misleading and is calculat-;
tn cret hlind tisers into trouble. Tne p
VV o-- ?
Liles bill positively eliminates the
option of a fine in the penalty for the j
violation of the laws of^the State re-;
lative to selling liquor. The senate
amendment s'ruck out the words i
"storing and transporting liquor' in Woi
order that the bill would conform to Fi
the Carlisle measure regulating the
storing, transporting, etc., of liquor.
"The Liles bill provides a straight j ^eer
ao?to-nra fnr the illicit sale, desj
V LLcUiig aiig, ovuwv^w _ _
I of liquoi s in South Carolina and thejto r~
judge has no discretionary power in j -^a'T
imposing sentence except that for the ^
first offense a minimum of 30 days on j
the chaingang may be imposed." j H
The error Mr. Sellers points out H
arose from confusing the Liles bill H
to regulate the sale of liquors with H
A that introduced by Senator Carlisle of H
iW SDartanburg, to gorern the importa-j B
:ion and storing of wfaskey and beers. | BL
IThe latter measure allows the alter- j fl
native of a fine, ranging from $100 to I ^
$500. for the first offense. The im.
prisonment in jail or at hard labor
which may be imposed upon first of'
fenders is not to be less than 30 days
rior in excess of six months. Subse- -i
quent offenses are to be punished by eat
jail or chaingang sentences of six the
months to two years, together with a chat
/ fine of not less than $100 nor more ing
than $5,000. This bill received a ia- j sors
fvorable report in the house, where it and
now awaits second reading. com
As indicated above, the Liles bill sim]
i to prohibit the sale of whiskey im- pair
poses straight imprisonment sentence er 1
at hard labor. It has passed both Xotl
houses. failf
>e wherry, Like Even City and Town & q
| in the Union, Receives It. and
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3ng results to thousands. Here is ^ *
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well street. Newberry, says: "A hard to 1
*-aee of la grippe left my kidneys in
frightful shape. I had severe pains eno
across my loins and was laid up for eno
rwo months. I couldn't do a stroke of
%vork. IMy kidnevs were weak and the ^
kidney secretions were scanty and arc
caused a burning sensation in pas- inc.
K3ge. The secretions also contained moi
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Slate. ^
..e Lv.iiured and eighteen of the
Clemson college scholarships are I
i by sons of farmers, according to |
tatement made by W. )?,'. Riggs, j The RAYO LAJ
iident. The sons of ex-farmers nold ;
cnolarships. With regard to place ! SAVES 1 ROUB
esidence, the scholarships are (lis-!
~ ? r~> i ' I I T T 1 I 1
need as louows: rrom me conn- , % / UU don't Have
US or 60 per cent.; from towns,j V d ^
er 2,300, 38, or 20 per cent.; from j 1 r H
er towns and cities, 37, or 19 per; tl
j cleaning it?and w<
iome years ago," President ivfggs dering why it WO
i, "we were troubled with too bum The Rayo
y scholarship students from cities j simple in construct
large towns. This led us to in-j and ill design. It lig
e as part of the competitive ex-j whhout removing ,
iation an examination on prac- I i j i ?
1 agriculture.'' shade and g'VeS I
fAllnn-inor niipctinnc a TP includ" ! I OCSZ SOI"t Ol llgll t ?~ 1
-1 C 1V1*V/ " v (
n the competitive examination: j killd that WOll't h
irate briefly the conditions under | your eyes.
:'ii you have lived during the last j
^.bout when should the following fA
>s be planted in your neighbor- tJmi CLj
cow peas.
Lbouc how much land can a man
Lk in a day with (a) a one-horse v
.r (b) fcifii a two-horse plow? j Rayo ]amps are an ornan
live tne metnod oi gathering com to any horne They req
loved in your neighborhood. j very jjttje attention*
' ' ?'-i! -C +V.r. I | 1 ^
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hcd of planting cotton used on ness Qf the room.
r home farm. Rayo is the sym
Jive a list of the common plowsj of efficiencv_econom
! on the average cotton farm. | convenience.
lew wide should corn rows be?; TT A1 c
. ,, ^ i Use Aladdin becui
How wide should cotton rows I
j \Jil or Diamond Wl
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>ses that are injurious to crops/' Oil Stoves, Lamps <
? 1 Heaters.
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Gam's Dry Humor. _ _ y _ .
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Gam, was sent forward by Henry ler o! A- R-' and tllc 1
to reconnoiter the French army be-, unanimous that it is the most
3 the battle of Agincourt be found; ful amateur performance e\
t the enemy outnumbered the Eng- sented on the Greenwood eta
i by about five to one. His report for a repetition was
he king is historic: ... , .
? , , . , ... . i that this comedy was play(
rhere are enough to be killed.1
ugh to be raken prisoners andjsecon^ nie succc
ugh to run away." j play is one that cannot fail t
his quaint forecast of the result of; and to amuse its audience, \
battle at once spread through the work of its author and direct(
np. and doubtless every yeoman of the hishest grade.
her of the valiant company felt an I Wp are~ lad t0 have Uad tl
b taller. We know that it was al-l ? , . . __ TT...
st literally justified by the event|"re of both Mr. Hill
)r Gam's dry humor was equaled i P'a>*his
courage. He was killed while! (Signed) Alice Spaulding
the act of saving the life of bis j Secretary Kosciuszke Chapter
ace.?London Standard. j
?? Malaria or Chills &
r- l. , Handicapped. Prescription No. 666 is prepared
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pt. ! return. Ji cctft on the liver !>
! ' !?? o.- -. HCi -4
Think Meet ink Between Bernstorff and j
I Lansing Will Mark Final Settle. j pos
raent of Lusitiinia Contest. ' nn;
! SU1
j Berlin. Feb. 15 (via London).? j
j Germany's reply lo the American go.- anC
'' ' I ernmint's latr -t representations re- i ,1
! garding the sinking of the steamer |
^JP Lusitania was forwarded to Washing- sha
ton yesterday.
LE The eply accepts one of the two, I
changes suggested by Secretary Lan- j
k ^ sing, but proposes a new wording for ! Ad
the othei. > ,
iter ! wh
111 e Washington, Feb. 15.?Germany is foigj
On- understood to have agreed to the sug- ^2
>n t gestion of the United States that she
IS substitute the words "recognizes li[on
ability" for the words "assumes liability*'
in t'ne tentative draft of the
^ communication designed to settle the
, Lusitania case. The revised draft
wrs received here lite tonight from ifl
the Berlin. It will be submitted to SecUrt
rt'tary Lansing tomorrow by Count;
von Bcrn^torff.
Several other changes desired by ?
the United States and described as i
b being of minor importance also are
I ?,;i i mirlo Tn Ari e> in- i P
S'J iii IU liavc iuuuv. in w.. ^ ...
stance. however. Germany is under- Rl
stood to lia^e proposed a change in
the language suggested by the Ameri- witn g
can government. SJJ
lent To Settle Case. U lhe b
uire 1 From high Teutonic authority to- Bfl I
yet night comes the statement that it was MM
ive- expected the Lusitania case would be gjYfl |l
finally settled to the satisfaction of _ _
^Gj the United States and Germany at th? I
y? conference tomorrow between Secre- 1
tary Lansing and Count von Bern- I I
storff. American officials already |j> q
V,*7 have said the two governments were' rr
e "substanitally in accord." The am- orse
lilts bassador is understood to be prepared Gc
Q.1ld to make tentative communication a PainSj
formal note setting forth the instructions
given him by the Berlin foreign 25c. i
ioffice. ? j, .illI,
It also was stated that the one
modification made in Berlin was not "~
material and that erman officials here Olln L,
!* did not consider that the state depart- ^exingtO]
3r ment would obpect to the change. L
j Teutonic officials seemed most con-! ^ia* died
^ fident that in agreeing to the American lor^ cit
request to substitute the word "rec- informati
l ognizes'" for the word "assumes" pre- ^ews of
ceding the mention of liability of Ger- -icin R.
many to make reparation for injury States si
to neutrals the Berlin foreign office York. \v]
has removed all cause of possible dif-JMr. Stud
I t irvn in (
.airy ficulty. >
uest The One Obstacle. fellow st
Last week when the tentative pro- ^'mversit
| posal of the German government was Mr- Sti
j rejected after being considered by the Lexingtoj
cabinet it was stated the difference!years in
of opinion regarding the words "rec- Was a P*
S. c. ognizes" and "assumes" was c'aiefly Cerent tir
rcjpQE.ibjo for the fact that, as a an(*
hi&h administration official said, the years age
Lusitania case was "substantially'' studying
settled, the negotiations were not among t
? A~A versify o]
display- cuuru- (
iction of sa^ tbat t'ne document now is j turned fc
1 be giv- Just as tIlc United States suggested i: telegraph
ednesday be with the 0Ile exception, but the Y?rk Joi
I o'clock nature of tilis exception was not dis- said he w
Jewberry closed tonight. It was believed, how- day last
e-.er, that the wording used in con- dead of g
hor star :1' ction with reference to the conduct room at
ng com reprisaIs had been modified. "His rooi
*ca!s and Germany also is understood to have ered him
local *al aut^orized Count von Bernstorff to Dr. J- T.
e of the statc specifically in the communication Brooklyn
ce ^iven that jt is in answer t0 the last Ameri- been dea<
a South C2n no*e on tbe kljsitania and direct gation si
to fame attent'on to tbe assurances which home ea
S featur- have been &iven previously in connoc- on t'ne g
;e Evans tion with the Arabic case* ,kj:r- Sti
rels, and Insertion of the provision was in- telegrapt
ered by f?rmally requested by Secretary Lan- among n
:>rge M. s*n&- When included in the formal work
I rionnment it will in itself be a com- ferent cii
Green ^e*e record of the assurances given,! -olumbia
, . the concessions granted and the agree- coastit
of the
liicnts made. The be
Offciais and diplomats said tonight, Jt p_al.
jeen pre- "eak
der th<> '^lat tne comniunica^ou as submit-- wjiere }:o
Chap tec* ^'ount von Bernstorff contains 'ourja| t0
erdict is! the statement lila^ Germany recog- ^raveyar
' success- nizes liability for the lives of neutrals ducted b;
e- pre '0St *n ^ie comni^ss^on ?f an act suc^ former p
Th as the sinking of (lie Lusitania prob- of a?e
' 1 3
so great a^y ^ie *ast cause of contention uau 9 to
3d for a been removecl an<1 tllc administration gtar^ pj
hss The rouId we!1 proclaim having achieved ]0Win? ^
o appeal rec?Snition of aI1 tne hi?h principles Mrs w
vhile the for which il ha& contended. SwycPrt i
)r is that invigorating to the Paie and SickYy and *VIrs'
J viMe; Mr
The Old Standard sreneral strengthet ingr tonic
he pleas- grove's tasteless chili tonic, drives ou- caster; 1
MaHria.enriche ; t ie blood.and builds ipthesy? .
- - - I mirp. Mr,1
liard and >?m a * -*.? <- ?
\\ C.. ai
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I I Mm la evening in the collet
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The Fine Arts club
meeting with Miss
. Stuck Dies in New York. /Thursday. Trie prog
ti Dispatch. ' lent. Mrs. J. R. !V'an
. Stuck, formerly of Colum- the early developmei]
of gas poisoning in New one of unusual merit
y last Monday, according -.o Earle contributed a
ion Reived here yesterday, on Palestrina. Mr.
his death came in a letter first of his series of
H. Paddison, deputy United alysis of music, to b<
lipping commissioner at New every month with a i
20 w*a^ once employed with of music form. Two
x at the union passenger sta- solos were given by
Columbia and in 1906 was a Welch and Miss E-dnj
udent with him at Fordnam On Saturday in the
v in Vow Vnrk . LMiss Smith entertain
lck was a native of Peak, in chapter of the Alum
a county. He was for some of Converse college. ]
railroad work and afterwards for the Converse boot
ess operator, serving at dif- educational bazaar, i
nes the Hearst News service ture of the occasion v
iA.sssociated Press. 'Seven talk of Miss Gee of C
> he took up the e udy of law, The college baskett
at several different schools, on last Monday in Gr<
hem Fordham and the Uoi- of a series of .games
[ South Carolina, but had re- Woman's college, los
o his former vocation as a i of 18 to 38. At the c
,er. A clipping from the New j game the teams wen
irnal sent by Mr. Paddison ' dinner.
as to have gone to work Mon- -phe faculty recital ]
in New "i ork, but was found ^ Monday evening, Feb:
;as poisoning in his furnished j The Estherian LRe]
24 Willow street, Brooklyn. . . . .. ..
I issued invitations to a
nmate, W. A. Ellison, discov- j . . . 0 . ,
! to oe given on Saturd
unconscious and summoned' , 10
ruar> 1 l.
Hyman of 63 Middagh street, j chape, exercfees ^
. The latter said Stuck had by ^ Rev ,
d several hours. An investi- on Wednes(Jay by the
lowed that Stuck, coming
rly had accidentally turned j Pre6l(lent Kinard at
j limn s? uonvcmiwij iu ?
ack was a highly efficient;
ler and was widely known1
ewspaper men by reason of ^era^ and
as a press operator in dif- ? ? This offer is ope
ties, from Taunton. Mass., to
i and across to the Pacific subscribers and is got
VJ*tI Fit
)dy of Olin L. Stuck arrived
Thursday from New York. ^?'s' 1 ?'
, ,r , next month.
: died suddenly Monday. The ..[{,lt my sa
ok place Friday in the Stuck nestJv. "vou are verv
. near there, and wae con- feel that you are tit
y the Rev. S. 0. Ballentine, a life?"
astor Mr. Stuck was 29 vears ^ J,m being fitted
He was married August 29, explained the prosper
, lv. "Seven gowns! ?I
Miss Ella Kate Hamrick, of nal
a. Besides 'nis wife, the fol
-* ? TU-,? ffe*
rothers and sisters survive. mWiC >.
H Suber, Mrs. George A. Mrs. Wayup How
and Charles E. Stuck of Peak, Beed' doctor? Doctor
B. P. Swentenberg of Abbe- ^.^pIVenY
s. George T. Derrick, of Lan- fpnrteen. I consider 1
tfrs. L. E. Douglas of Whit- tfce average.?Judge.
5. R. L. Conner of Clarernont,
id Dr. E. E. Stuck of New- A Plain H?
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his heroine isn't beaut
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ly store
Dc. The
les give
><?><$> <3> 3> <$><$> <?
> <S> <8> <? <$> 3> <S> <S>
f the week was
t Theodore Burd
on Wednesday
;e auditorium to
astic audience,
le was "The War
: was introduced
ns, president of r"
-se, spant Saturle
college as the
. A. On Sunday
Iressed the assoa
most forceful
Br the Jubilee
held its monthly
Stranathan ou
ram was exceldiver's
paper on
it of music was
. Mrs. C. B.
valuable paper
Good? gave the
talks on the ani
followed up
systematic study
beautiful piano
Miss Zenobia
i Broyles.
college pariors
;ed the local
nae Association
Plans were made
h in the coming
delightful feaV3.S
the informal
^ - Ks
tall team played
eemille the first
with Greenville
ing by a score ?
- ..I
onclusion or tne
3 entf:rtained at
is announced for
ruarv 23
rary society has
. (Valentine party
ay evening, Feb
ire conducted on
3. W. Dodge and
Rev. 0. L. Martended
the Lay^oIuTnbia.
ws one year for
n to old of nev
)u uxiiu .uaicu x.
m to lie married
ill grandma earyoung.
Do you
red for married
now. grandma."
five bride sweet\ansas
City JonrAverage.
much sleep do 1
?Well, the aver h
out seven hours
shall take about
[ am much above
The author saja
lg to see the piccome
op to the
Mng to solve the
oman after be ia
he plot thickens.

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