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| Carter anc
SLITKLD ltt P.UMKTT? NATION-, and means
| quite a cr
(Coiirorn i'ays Bonus of $20,016 tor different s
$.4,*>00,000 in State Securities. Among th
Competitive Bids. meeting w<
* nahs, C. F
The State. ton and W
The bid for a syndicate headed by W. T. Her
the Palmetto National bank of Colum- j of Baltimo
oia for the issue of approximately j Henry Sci"
^ $4,800,000 of State bonds was accept-j Charleston
ed yesterday by the sinking fund com- tanburg."
mission. The bonds are issued under J
1 the refunding act which was passed at'
the 1912 session of the legislature to
take the place of the brown consol (;0YerK<>,r 1
* bonds and will bear interest at the
rate of 4 per cent. The syndicate paid
a premium of $20,016 for the issue.
4 Gov. Ma
J* K Immediately after the meeting of} f0]70wjn?.
the commission the following state- J the ac^on
ment was issued: jsion in th,
"At a meeting of the sinking fund1 bonds. H(
commission, held at noon today, the | fund c<
issue of approximately $4,S00,000 of 4 ; ... +v.
j s i u e
per cent, bonds was awarded to a syn- j ag a *ulsin(
dicate composed of the Palmetto Xa- j verj. mucjj
tional bank of Columbia, Stacy & j fun^ comn
Braun, New York. The Mercantile ua]-e
r Trust & Deposit company, Baltimore, bon{jg the
^ and Townsend, Scott & Son, Baltimore, us'ed f
wriose bid was $100,41Y tor^eacn *iuu i brown cor]
m par value of the bonds (equivalent to! proximatin
H par and a premium of $20,015), and ac- \ tax
f crued interest to February 16, 1916, proximatel
the date of their bid. With the pro- j to ^
viso that in no event will the State' ^ bo
receive less than par and all accrued from taxa{
interest to date of delivery.
uThp hifi
"There were two other bids submit- i
ted for the entire issue of the bonds. paj ment> a
One by a syndicate composed of W. t0 ^ate an
R. Compton company of New York, E. mium of *
H. Rollins & Sons of Boston and A. B.;4 per cent
i Leach & comnanv. of New York, and! bonds^to ^
~ , ny 4 iones, Dore
one by tne Guaranty Trust company
of New York and Harris, Forbes & i^iat a(
company of New York. action oi
"iThere were 14 bids received for 1 sion t0 0ii
fractional amounts of the issue. t0 parties
stocks, if
"While the commission was empow- sinking fur
1 ered, under the act of 1912 to pay a or promise
cimmison of $29,000, if so much be mission on
necessary, to place the bonds, it was another sa
not found necessary, and no commis- words, the
sion w hatei er v\ as allow e<3. commissioi
"The motion to accept the bid was save the ti
I .Said the Critic.
I "Give us TRAj
whl 'v.
B?mm?e?iBMPanM ?miiv iDer''
j sar3 i ? . pio.4o 1 Tires,
; I o?j z jy2- " ora',sc* v.:j3.4u j Tires
| | 3.' r 4 SasV'tv Tread $22.00 j| OvOl'S
2 8 ^x4:/....'^airwLUt *. 5?2.<0 g produ
i I 36 x 4*/2 iS32.rO k A
I I 37 xF - S37.35 3 J
I j 33x5^... $50.60 j FAB!
V???m?. ? > BRAI
' ^%a
animously. the following' cd for commissions; appr<
id noting: Gov. Manningt $20,000 per year for interest
Central Peeples, Comptrol-: place $l,.">00,00u on tax boo
il Sawyer, State Treasurer to my mind is a spleXdid s
1 Chairman Liles of Ways the State, and clearly shows
> committee. | credit of old South Carolim
le of the bonds attracted good in t'ne money market:
owd of bond experts from world.''
ections of the country, j
- - i. 4.-U !
tose in attendance ai mc .. , . . ^
? Tt County Medical ^ociet
?re: C. U Stacy, G. C. HanBatchelder.
W. A. Comp- Tde Xewberr5' County .Me
H Hovt of New York city,' ciet>' he'd its re?ular meetin
ining and F. C. Boyce Jr.,1 afternoon with fifteen p
re, H. A. Ensign of Raleigh, Present- The -year jusl ck
latchte and R. G. Rhett of 011e ot' a,e be3t in t:,e llisl01
and W. S. Glenn of Spar- societ-v- Ten re?ular mcutil
lielci with a fairly good ave
! tendance. Twenty-two phys
; the county affiliated witn cht
iMXG IS I LEASED. i But the year 1IH6 promises tc
better than the year just c
rells of Sarins: to State the meeting Fri-Jay afierncoi
South Carolina. eietv decided to cooperate
1 ''ii'ift oocfifiatinn in n
nning last night made the day ibis spring, and agreed
statement in reference to association that April will L
of the sinking fund commis- ter montn than March to hold
3 sale of the brown corsol test. The society suggested
? is chairman of the sink- would probably be best to 1
ommission. days for the examination,
governor of the State, and At this meeting Dr. Van ?r
?ss man and taxpayer, I am a very interesting paper on
gratified that the sinking Fever as /Modified by Antit
aission has been able to jection." and Dr. .J. B. Setzler
an advantageous sale of the c>d "Diptkeria Antitoxin?tbi
proceeds of which are to report of a patient recen
or the redemption of the <,ri? with final recover]
? -o- 11 a u,.
isol bonds and stocks, ap-1 papers were iouuweu uj an
g $4 800,000. and saving to ? discussion by the physici;
vers of South Carolina ap- ent.
y $24,000 per year, in ad- J After the society adjourned
facing about $1,500,000 on sieians were the guests of i
ioks. that has been exempt Physicians of the town of Ne\
ion in the past. j-n elegant dinner at the ?
! h e eel
[ accepted provides for the | . m
lc par and accrued interest ; >otes from the *Atlieiiian
d in addition to this a pre-1 Society.
20,016. Tiienew bonds bear j of the interesting re<
interest, whereas the old jec^s jn ^he boys' debates at
De redeemed by th^se new ?(^00] are; "Resolved, That
4 1-2 per cent, interest. ought to continue her policy
:t of 1912 authorizing this nishfng free scholarships to
the sinking fund commis- leges''; Resolved, That mai
- . i.v: . a??
ter and pay a commission more to tne veseiauie man iu
placing said bonds and mal kingdom"; "Resolved, Th
not exceeding $20,000. The row Wilson has had to face n
id commission has not paid, flexing problems than Geors
d to pay, one dollar as com- irgton had."
i t'nis transaction. This is The following officers wer
iving of $20,000. In other last Friday for the next term
action of the sinking fund dent, Charley West; vice I
1, by a unanimous vote, will Fred Scurry; secretary, Clyde
>x payers $20,000 autitioriz- treasurer, Nat Gist; sergeant
without FRICTION!1
^ RT AKING the "Silvertown" Cord Tire, taug
V/1 us a few lessons in the manufacture of light*
. v JL cooler, more flexible and enduring FABR
he "Silvertown" Tire, you know, gains its marvi
Speed (and the Coasting qualities that\jlermwstrate j
1) primarily through having only TWO Layers
, laid transversely.
a coarse, these TWO layers bend more readily th.
Six, or Seven Layers of Fabric do (or of Cord woulc
ut, we found it necessary, in order to conserve th
llity (in the Two-cord construction), to put a Rubfc
. over it which was equally flexible, ?equally strong,
lastic enough to act as a sort of spring between t
l and the Tire-casing, when Brakes were thrown <
pping, or clutch thrown in at starting. ^
o, we had to devise practically a new kind ofRvbbi
lis purpose, TV/0 YEARS AGO.
nd this new kind of Rubber Compound now does f
)RICH Tires a work paralleling that done by t
?rful Allovs of Steel and Bronze in modern Motor C
; multiplies Fiibber Efficiency, for Tire purpose
decreasing iis Yv eight, and without increasing i
or its Cost to you,
& S we cannot yet supply half the demand f
L& " Silvertown Cord Tires" (until enough man
L jL facturing equipment can be constructed) \
^omise with the Public by giving them, without adc
charge, the highly efficient black Silvertown Rubb
Goodrich FABRIC Tires for 1916.
his makes GOODRICH Fabric Tires the mostR
; and Responsive-to-Power,?the most Long-Li v<
ively, of all FABRIC fires, at ANY price,?witho
ising their relative price to you.
Recall this new Silvertown Tread Compound by tl
and brand of "Barefoot Rubber."
because, it CLINGS to the pavement for the san
f reason that your bare foot clings to a slippery floo
being flexible, stretchy, springy, and light.
ENACIOUS, resilient, enduring, this 4'Barefoot Ru
you today get in all black-tread Goodrich Fabr
? Goodrich Motor-Cycle Tires, ? Goodrich Tru<
?Goo'rich Bicycle Tires,?Goodrich Rubber Boot
hoes, Soles and Heels, and in none but GOODRIC
est out a pair of these moderately priced black-tret
>IG Tires and see what results from the mixing <
NS. with Rubber.
Akron Ohio
s&'l. barefoot'5
Dximaiely: Strother Paysinger; critics, Vernon Goiee. I
and wi.l j Taylor and James B.ans; prosecuting MeColIc
ks. This. | ciitic, Daggett Norwood; chaplain, j
ervice to Fred Haves. I
. 1 * Robert
that the :
i is still'I t~< 1 i!
-e a. I*/I ! 4% *r Sr-i ?-v ^ 1 * ! Vn 17 Tt
5 Ui 1 CM. i
I "The Old Homestead"
dical s0"i i HP!
g Friday j | g* ^
^~j Leslie's Arcade i jj|
^cr^Vr'itONOK KOLL LAS! MOTH \ tUbl
^rage d.t_
i society, j
> be even j Hi^h School. i ffd
:osed. 'At| Tenth grade. Annie runard, Irene sggjl^.
1 the so-j Ilnnt Bertha Gallman, Jno. Floyd, Joe
with the i Yigodsky, Helen Summer, George
babies''? Roc-els^erger, John Higgins; ninih j||r /
with the grade: Emily Hoof, Marie Sease, Dray- ?j
ie a bet- on Xante, Roberta Mann, Ruth li '/&>
the con.1 Sehnmpert, Nancy Fox. Frances Hous[
that it cal, Fred Hayes; eighth grade: Mar- V/
lave two guerite Wertz. Daggert Norwood, May I
I Tarrant, Callie Boyd Parr, Edwin Set- j ^
nith read zler, Abbie Gaif.ard, Susie Maude Wil" Typhoid
sen, Vera Derrick, Robert Schumpert,
oxin In- Lillian Brown, Sue Ella Peterson, Hat- n[ /
discuss- tie Mary Buford, Mary Nance, Edna jvK&i
usage, Taylor, Edgar Paysinger. Mary Klett- Q,
,ing 144,- ner, Lola Taylor.
r." Both Sjieers Slrert School. i ^
interest-j Seventn grade: Mary Alice Suber, 'mlUl
ins pres-' .Janie Bell Paysinger, )Aubery Tilley, JK
Sam Beam. Ruth Koon, Claudia Wheel
the phy-'er, Caroline Melton. Lossie Mae Boozthe
local cr; sixth grade: Earle Chandler,
^berry at' Harold Hipp, Flemmer Jones, Erich .
sewberry Jones, Henry Lominack, William Mc-, j
' ? > ' -1- Til 1
I Swain. wennie f.vracK, maucue oaic, 1 '<>
. Annie Spotts, Pearle Spotts, Carrie; 1
Literary J xeil Swindler, Winnie Taylor, Edith ' I J,.
; Wilson, Welch Wilbur, Nellie Lake;' 1
lent sub- gra(je: Herbert McTeer, Caro- 1 A
^he nigh jjne weejj6? Cortez Sanders, Hubert:
the State setziei% Troxelle Wright, Elizabeth! 1 yT
r of fur-; Harms, Colie Blease, Minnie lW411iaims, |V*2
her col- Williams, William Eddy, Henry
i owes Gauntt. Gerald Baker; fourt'n: Ben- +jOi
' the am- netfa Buzhardt, Margaret Farrow, J. j
at Wood- ^ Earhardt, Edna Sanders, Gladys! jOj
lore per- Havir(jj Leila Chappell, James Nobles, /
>e ^as^* Juanita Hitt, Lawrence Spearman, Mil- j
dred Perry, Jennette Harmon, Ella
0 eIecte:^ Bowman, James Dunstan, Ruby Red- ||,
: Presi- Azile Whitaker, Gladys Suber,
)resident, ?0SS Wilson. A. Z. Dominick, (Tom ?,
? Harn'6; gjjgry Beverly Evans, Mary Bouknight. "
-at-arms, BUrton. tliird grade: Mildred mscsexxxi
Speanmin, Effie Player, Sadie Jones,1
Thomas McTeer, Edna Jacobs, Estelle
Whitaker, Louis Lurey, Tyler. Robini
son, Thelma Bledsoe, Travis Melton,
Leon Taylor; second grade: Carlisle
Kennedy, Mildred Jones, Gladys Wilj
liams, Willie Mae Holsenback; Paul!
ine K'etiner, Thomas Spearman, John
t Haynie McGraw, Herman Dickert,
" H'olsenback, Ernestine Melton, Evelyn
Raker. Caldwell Kibler, John Switten- |
I berg; first grade: Robert Kennedy,
LeRoy Anderson, IM&rgaret Shaw, ?
Prince Chappell, Ralph Bedenbaugh, M|
Eldridge Teague, Mary Derrick, Ida ^
Mae Wilson. Voiget Tayor, Derenda
Milam, Ralph 'Whittaker. Ray ^
taker, Rut'n Holsenback, Irvin Greg.1
ory. _
Boundary Street ScIiooL
Seventh grade: Clarke Floyd, Mary!
Frances Jones, Fredna Schumpert,
| Ben Sloan, Alliene Dunn, Mabel Jones, '
Haynie McGraw, Herman Dickert,
Carroll Summer, Mildred Tarrant,
' Alaude Gilliam; sixth grade: Hayne J
| Boozer, John Chappell, Ella Dunn, Ed
B j ward Epting, Everett Hipp, EJizaoetn
Wt 5 ; Kinard, Eva Robertson, Marie Sehtrm-1
8 l.fert, Mildrey Wertz, B. F. iTiiompOr
9 Jvins, James Wallace. Elizabeth
'l2 I Wright; firth grade: Wright Can^
f i non, Buford Cromer, Margaret,
j Kicard, Willie ivl'ae Culbertson, T. W.; '
' 8 i Smith, Maude Hamilton, Martha La- j
j than, Myrtie Koon. Boyd Wheeler, !
I ! Tessie Darby, William Matthews; j
j fouHh grade: Helen Jones, Connie
or i Maddox, Pauline Boozer, Mildred Liv
I ( ir.o-c.tnn Pliiiin Crotwell, Lula Mae
| Fellers, Sam Matthews, John "VV. i
ii- g Schumpert; third grade: Carolyn Tarer
| rant. Betsy McFall, Sara'a Mae Pitts,
Ruth Long, Henry Adams, Coke Smith
S- a j Dickert, George Martin, Ralph Harde8
; man, Hope Wilson; second grade:
I j ^ ary EtiPP. Edward Schumpert,!
1 i Minnie Morris, Marcus Caldwell. J. D.!
qrk M I
I I Hornsby, Frank Adams, Nannie Lau- j
I j rie Boozer, Kate Bullock, Harry!
ie I
Thomas Summer, Mamie Boozer, lAn- |
na Badham, J. C. Suber, Foster Mar- I Ai
J)- I j *'n' ^lI<^^e ^ae Dickert, Aldin Mims;
ic I i ?rade: Dell McFall, Karl Long, p|(
3k i E*ith Dorri.y, Rose Terpin Tarrant,
S Clifford Kilgore, Clara Davis. Eliza- j "XT
JJ i befh Zeigler, Olive Burns, Sarah Buz- j
I hardt- Ol
id I | ITest End School. V.*
of | 1 "^Vurtb erndo: Gladvs Ca^t^r, Ber- 1
I fha Gentry, Louise Shea!v. Z-ioh
1 Frank'in, James L-ndsav: third grade:
JFrr?e?t. T-avton. Andre\/ Thornton Pf>r,
lie Madue Pond; second grade: Euaf.
! lie Maude Pod; second grade: Eual W
Culbertson. Violet Tomnkins, Olin
Layton. Mamie Lou Gentry, Alvin
Frankl'n, Louise Thomas: first grade: V I
Marv Chandler. IMartha Perry, Sudie
Crumns. Vernon Bouknight, Otto
Campscn, W. T. Dickert, Furman
5.cy Jones. Tomie Mims Homei j third grade
ugh, LeHoy Sandford. D. P. Lossie Mae
^o'and Wesson. Carol Stevens. _
Jones; seci
Xapier, Herman Franklin.
tfollonon Hill School. ley- Harvie
!i grade: Harvey Malpas; Fred How;
Daniel Frohn
rf If
^ Denman Thompson's I
d.,1 ?tl? nu u
? (IftlitA
1 Famous Player-Pa
?. <M NOTE-W.
-i man. woman
see this piciur
er long in you:
^ / I pclipc
pring Style
We have our complete
ase ready for inspect
e all kinds in low, m
gh heels. Leathers ar
Dull Kids,
Shoe Soap Kid
Gun Metal,
and Bro
iy of these leathers ca
ain Pumps, Ties and Si
le largest assortment
lality Low Shoes we
riwn s*f nnp fimp.
C? ? V JLA ?J% ^
Prices $3.00 to $5.00.
: Jessie Dean, Hattie Tew.
Tew, Helen Gruber, Cole
ond grade: Bennie BickSiilton,
George Brown,
FEB. 21st.
ian Presents
is Josh Whitccmb
mmortal Rural Classic
rarr.ount in 5 Acts.
e urge every
and child to
e, it will lingr
1 k
; spring purion.
tedium and
nze Kids.
n be had in
trap Pumps,
of Oueen
have ever
\ / "

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