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Demands Investii
Of Legit
Mr. White of Clarendon Would
riculture Jnquere Particularly J
per Correspondents Repo
or Lower Mi
C: ot q f
A lie
Investigation into tbe question give
whether pernicious lobbying, particu- teinj
iarly upon measures affecting the ag- "1
"icultuial interest, has been conduct* shal
cd in the house during this session, u tee
provided for in a reso.ution introduc- tic:::
ed in the lower brancxi of the general mitt
assembly yesterday by R. D. White o! insti
Plarpridon delesaLion. I hGUS
. The resolution requires that inquirj "--I
oi;all be made as to whether "apy cf j repc
mose claiming to be representatives j the
of tlie press and enjoying the privileg- i bly.'
?s of ihe press table . . . are mem
bers of die directorates of corpora- j F(
f.jp'pfnrp more interested in ! Man
c-lstructia-r itgiUarion than in giving ;? rr
correct news c-f the proceedings of
tris body io the public." accc
Ten -.members objecting to im- have
n.tdiate consideration, the resolution the
vas ordi'-od tc lie over until today. and
Te\t of Resolution.
Following is the text of the White j "i
resolution: ter,
"Wher^s 1 iie governor of the State side
::i his a.aniial message to tne general i r0
audi bly, directed specific attention ! 'iobl
to .he ijer.nkicus practice of lobbying | "j
<:nd warned the general assembly the
against Orinr influenced by agents of j pie
corporate greed; [with
"And whereas *"t is apparent that1 tern
ai uiis tesskn of the geneial assemMy
there has been an unusually large rege
and acme lobby attempting to in-! <jar(
fiueuee the course of the general asBDOibly
in i esurd to ivital matters affeeling
the puh.ic interest; and ^ a
'Where-is icoit of the measures 1g
against which this lobby has been di- Dre?
reeled affe-: rhe agricultural element *.QU
o' Ihi^ SIM". a^r therefore the diiecti^
ic^.rescntr.M-of the farmers are most: wvr
-H-eep-y imrtsled. be it j priv
K4 ?iorters to Be Qn5zzed. 0f t
"Resolved. That the agricultural
-commi'tce of this house be directed
to make ir.quirv as to who these lobbyists
ar:>. by whom they are employ- per.';
ed, and the objects which they seek mai
to attain. The committee is especially mSl1
instructed to ascertain if any of those t0 t
claiming to be representatives of the
5?:e s and enjoying the privileges of
. ,, . , I senr
ne press lame m mis nouse are memners
of the directorates of corpora- com
tions and therefore more interested in
obstructing legislation than in gi\- ence
ing correct news of the proceedings of
this body to ihe public. ^'s
"The committee si1 . "T
*er to send for persons and papers; byisl
to examine apon oath those who are mce
summoned before them, and a refusal be 1
to answer questions propounded byjing
the committee, or by direc.ion of the! grea
committee, or a refusal to produce pa- ber.
pers or documents demanded by the "G
committee, shall constitute contempt ~>t tl
Jtamel Caunup Charged with .tfurder tain<
of Thomas Taylor Last him
September. | ed.
j Canr
The State. I (Cai
/ t
Rnr-lr T-Till FVn 1 T??As a rpsult of '
-a careful investigation by Coroner caug
-Strait, Daniel Cannup has been plac- 1 *
ed in jail to await trial on the charge j
sDf the murder of Thomas Taylor, his j *le *
brother-in-law. The story of the cor- j Ta-vl
oner's investigation reads like a de- j near
tective story in its accounts of the j ^ie
following up of the various ramifica- reco
" ttons of the case. Taylor disappeared tllon
last September and nothing was heard m u
from "him. The coroner's attention nuP
was called to the case by the finding "eon
by some boys of a skeleton. From lnen
that day the coroner has been busy. r>ar^
having questioned many witnesses Th
and hunted down every other clue. tj1(i
The working out or the case began like
when January 8 some t>oys discover-?peeR
ed a skeleton in the woods. The cloth-1
ing had partly rotted and only small j
pieces were left. Only a pile of bones, ]
.vith some pieces missing was found.!
! Th
Phere was no evidence of foul play j
-.and it was at first thought a tramp ;
-7 1 sadd
' had fallen by the wayside and died.
* + cofiofiorl Thp
\>oronpr ?^Lr<iit >%<!?> uui oanouvu. * . .
~ toones were gathered into a sack and
! S66T
preserved, together with the pieces of j ,
, _ _ i den
' ' lothlnS- I G. F
Seevral men were reported missing, a ^
having left last September, about t'ne j rQjj(
time physicians agreed the man whose I
skeleton was found had died. Tlio cor-!
j ilv id
oner then traced down the reported
missing, dismissing them from his j Mi
Oniotiv "hp gathered cloth
TTliriQ Ollt? I)} UiJtr. ^ ?
information regarding Taylor, also re- -Mills
garding his brot'iei in-law, Oannup. New
Cannup claimed his sister. Taylor's den
wfe, was getting letters from her ci a
** i
$ation | Q$f
slative Lobby j^y Ijf
f-fnnp dnmmittee on As- ! * I V* T
" | A U1U ? l? * UiUUU
fnto Status of Newspa- j etable Compoi
rting Proceedings
Washington Park, 111. ?
mother of four children ar
his house, and the committee is trouble,
n authority to punish as for con- th^b^
1 act as marshal of this commit- j flllS rrpkerr
and shall carry out such instruc-i 7^181 j Coulc
5 do he may receive from the com-1 |P??fBp/ ^ everyth
ee in .he same manner as if the ..... and I \v
ructions came direct from the over am
;e of representatives. j '. $:: *" V- that^ I
his committee snail submit a fuil! . . _^^-rt a.
to me at times. Lycia E
Tt ot its findings io this house at j "Vegetable Compound and L
next session of the general assem-1 stored me to health and I\v
j you for the good they have
Governor on Lobbying. {have had quite a lit of
blowing is the section of Gov. j Y^rr^' ^Ul< ^ (*?^s no, 2-cc
. , ,. , , I ful looks. My friends say
nmg s message to which reference . , J > n?,
. . i look so young and well ?
arte in the White resolution. j Ly?ia Finkhcm
ub.ic hearings are very properly; _mrs. Robt. Stopiel, Tic
irded to those interested, who may r "Washington Park, Illinois.
_ 1
+ ^ r^roconf fnr i T1\T^ nrnmon
- lllipuilcHiL mauci o tv yi vuv/ui. | . >ro wiau gv*^ij w vs*.*.******
consideration of your committees, j frcm female troubles, :
no doubt much valuable informa- backache or the blues coul(
- <; orained in this way ters written by women mad
'here is another side of this mat- di* E. Pinkham's Vegetabl
however, and it is to this other If you have any symptom
T , . j? .. .. i you would like to know 1
I desire to direct your attention., fVtHa R Pinkham Medicin
fer to what is generally known as Mass., for helpful advice %
>ying.' charge.
Efforts to exert undue influence in
shaping of legislation for the peo- IDOCTOR SAVES
of South Carolina should be met
i condemnation in no uncertain ^ jjj
fou have been elected as the rep- Some tinJe ag0 j was ta]i
ntatives of the people of South ney trouble which eaused
Dlina because of tneir confidence in up my work a3 blacksmit]
r honesty and ability to care for appetite and could not sl?
protect the interests and wenarej dreadful pains that wouL
.1 the people, and it is to these Peo~jme> from my kidneys. I
who ha\e, by their ballots, ex- by a physician for about t
:sed this confidence in you, that jje collid n0? j^elp me so fi
must answer for your acts while scrib.cd Dr. Kilmer's Sws
\ and not to the hirelings of those sorted taking same and
? would have you legislate special, nished takfiing the first bi
ileges for the few at the expense j t0 at and sleep better t]
he many. a i011g time> j continued
"Insult to Intelligence.* until I was entirely cured
rhis practice of lobbying, either in ! considerable weight.
>on or through literature sent by j I am now back working
1 to the different members, is an j again and never felt bette
It to your intelligence and ability j I appreciate what :Swai
hink for yourselves on questions i done for me and will re
3ting the welfare and interests of; to anyone who suffers wi
large body of people you repre- j nevs. When physicians
and with whose needs you are relief and then prescribe I
rersant. | they sure know its merits
apprehend you will not be influ-j YC1-y Llul-> ^UJ
d by such action, but feel it my j S.
to call same to your attention at State of New "iork
time merely as a warning. j County of Monroe (ss)
ae work of the professional lob-1 s- A- Hale of Henriett?
t consumes your time, is a nuis-1 inS duI>' sworn> deP0?*s a
. and an indirect attempt to silence he is the Person who wr<
voice of the people who are plead- ^ testimonial letter to
for action that will result in the ^ and know s the
test good for the greatest num- therein t0 true~
J -V M J rtTT* Awn "f
cuuscriueu auu s?ux u ?.
entlemen, give heed to the voice 1909,
le people." ftfll Morris T
j Nota
>and. Still the coroner investi- Letter to
d. The day before Taylor was last Dr# Kilmer & Co^
, the coroner reports he ascer- Bingliamton, N. I.
Hi, Cannup had threatened to kill ^^
and had advanced with club raisI^ater
in tne day, the coroner says, ? .
m , . , Prove what swarmp-root 1
liip drove Taylor from his home 0 _ Tr
. , ^ , , Send ten cents to Dr. K
Hvinor wilh Tovlnr ann
ill U P ^ ^3 A A * i 1 I ? ) " * ' XI 4. *VA ** T"N V . _ ..
. _ , ., . . .. . Binghampton, a. y., ior a
wife) and told him if he ever . Tt ...
bottle. It will convme a
,ht him on this side of the Cataw- . . , ,. .
will also recede a booklet
ie would certainly kill him. He . . .. , ... , ,
information, telling about
told a neighbor that the next day and bladder wrUj
)ecame so enraged at something and meQtion the &mi.wee
or had done that he followed him|ry H<Jral<J and News R
ly all the way to Charlotte with! . , . ? K,
cent and one-dollar size b<
intention of killins: him thre. He n .
at all arug stores,
nsidered and returned nome. He|
stated ^hat Taylor had enlisted!
ie army. It is charged that Can-; The Herald and News (
wrote letters, nurporting to have K, ^
' ' ? ? ^ ? - <-* Annrt i r\
| I uis uutri 1a vjjjcii iu
written by Taylor and addressed j
1 to Mrs. Taylor, sending them t? subscribers and is good u]
ies in other cities to have mailed.
ie pieces of garinV.iTs :o;;nd oh fiVEQU/nnif Cfl ^
skeleton have been identified as UlLnilUnlVLU Wl
, _ , , . . Finds Health In Ou
these worn bv Taylor when last ,, _
Collinsville, 111.?"I suff
nervous break-down and t
aches, and was tired all
* worn out and discouraged
f)eatli of >lr. David Rhoden. a large family I had to woi
suffering. I saw Vinol a<
e Glenn-Lowry village and the decided to try it, ana wiui
. . , ? ~ ... j I noticed a decided impri
tri.nds ot Da.id Rhoden were nQW j am a wejj WOman.
ened to learn that he passed away Becker.
be 28th of January. Mr. Rhoden We guarantee Vinol, 0U3
e.. known as a doth room overin
seevral large mills. )\I'r. Rho- mothers.
is survived by a brother, Mr. W. Gilder & Weeks, Dru,
Ihoden at Warrenville, S. C.. and berry, S. !C.
rother at l^angley. S. C., who is
?r coverer, and a nephew, George The Herald and News <
den. all ot" whom attended uie iu- tw?i
lI.?Mill News. ?1- This fffer is open "
Rhoden was for many years subscribers and is good u
l room overseer of the Newberry
There are many people in , 0n]y 0ne ..BR0M0 q
beiry who remember Dave Rho- ? .
fo jret the genuine, call for I'll
ana who will be pained to learn Tive bromo ouinine. lcoi
v.". c^OTi:. Cures a Cold in
13 death. ueadaciit. and won
I liicago Tribune Carried More Lines
1 1 | TSJ 1915 Than Any Other
:ALiO Nevvspapcn
9 The average New Yorker is disposed
.m S V6g- assume that the metropolis leads in
J i a 1 tvi/-\ c + nrorl'thinnr hilt tVlO TTinnilfa<^
JlJLUt I aUiiUOt V r v_ a j KJ K* W .
ture of automobiles and meat pack-"I
am the iRS industry. It will therefore be a CHA!
id have suf- surprise to him to learn that a Chica- ! Charl
vith female g0 newspaper, the 'Tribune, publishes
' backache, ne?riy OQ I)Cr cent niore advertising
js^A'3 chH 'nan an-v ^'ow ^'cr^ PaPer and that the
loud talking advertising patronage of only one met- THE
noir.T would ropolitian newspapers exceeds that of
le so nervous the Philadelphia Inquirer and the |by mj
1 just tear Cleveland Plain Dealer.
ring to pieces This we learn from an advertise- I
omd achc a,l meR; cf the Philadelphia Inquirer pub- |
d feel so sicl:
would not lished in a Xew ^ork PaP(-r- 11 3lves j
lyone to tall:!the following list of the "ten Ameri- Na01
!. Pinkham's j can leaders" in the matter of paid ad iver
Pills re- j vertising in 191f>:
ant to than1.; ; Total paid <J1
done me. I ; Advertising in
trouble and 191:,-Lines Tow,
t my youth-1 1 O vv ]
'Why do you | Chicago Tribune 13,<6y,9b.>
I owe it all I New York World 10,506,x27
remedies." Philadelphia Plain Dealer ..10,153,580
ore Avenue, Philadelphia Inquirer .. ..10,381,200 .
New York Times 9,682,562 , 1H thG
who suffers Xew York American 8.679,812 |
nervousness, Xew York Herald 7.843,026 j
3 4-U ? | _
j. see cue ici- i , , , . _
e well by Ly- P'u^elphia Record T.oss.suo Speci;
e Compound. Post 7,422.363 j
about which St- Louis Globe-Democrat .. 6,844,665!
cvrite to the : This is a total of 92.86S.700 lines for
e Co., Lynn, j which there was paid an average ofj A OTIC']
jiven free of probably 30 cents per line, or an ag- J VNI)
____________ gregate of $27,000,000. These figures j CH VI
afford just a glimpse of one corner of j ITOIJ
J the advertising business in the United ! x0tic<
StateS ! make a
vlYuiTlI 1II ^ Xo one knows now much is spent jf jess(
j each year for advertising in tins, uuun- prooate
;en with Kid- try, but good judges guess that it is c., on "V
^ mg t,o give J at least a billion dollars a jear--Com- j of Fcbi
a. I lost my: merce and Finance. I twentyi-ep,
from the j ! apply tc
d come over | Broadway Juvenile a "Rear Daredevil, j berry <
was treated j George W.Lederer has uncovered a di
hree months, "movie" hero who does not have to said de
nally he pre- resort to being doubled or camera c
imp-Root. I faked, in, order to register the real Jesse ^
before I hadj?punch ? ;Tliis -violator of all movie bF notj
ottle I began cccies breat'nes in the person of Chas. i their d(
lan I had in Trowbridge, leading juvenile of Broad-!or ^efo
to take same way fame, who is being featured in;ruar^'
and took on forthcoming World Film release, I
I "The Siren's Song." Being thrown ! ^xecut<
at my trade from the upper deck of an ocean liner j ment
rr in my life, j into a choppy sea is no mean risk i Janu?
-nt\_pKsc fnr o nmfPCisinna! daredevil. '
1 ui ? f-v"'
^commend it "immediately upon hearing the crj j N0TIC1
th their kid- "man overboard." the captain arrest' j St
fail to give ed the director and put him in irons ; i\\!her
Swamp-Root, for disobeying 'his orders. j electors
5, I am, I The passengers, too. believing it j resideni
:s, 'real, made a threatening rush ^ for years, i
A. HALE. him, but the sailors, quickly realizing ^ 0f the
! what might follow, hustled him be- South <
! low. !witfl th
} lyr Y be-' -r i C4. Via/I . \ awKor
i ii was oniy cuiti nun uuuqc ^ ,<guuvi
nd savs tha. jjeen ^a]cen fr0m the sea in an ex- tioning
\+p thp fnr-p^
nausted condition, and the boat that be held
i picked him up had returned, that the qu-cstio]
facts stated .. ,. , , , ,fl.
director was given his freedom. two (2)
Opera House, Tuesday, February 22. taxable
o before me
. Griffin,
ry Public.
* _ * if
will do for j I O Lroc thA1!
ilmer & Co., JL UJL^^j f
sample size *
nyone. You
; of valuable I
the kidneys! JJ yypy f
ing, be sure yy
Jkly Xewber- j
egular fifty- 1
^ 117
>tUe for sale | VY ^
You feel bad, take calomel;
>ne year tor feej a heap worse. Go home
oId of new and go to bed. Can't eat.
nil March i. j You hate your friends. Sick!
? ! sicker!! sickest!!!. Three or
fiTuro four Havs vou draff about
u incn | j"v"* j - - u
r vinoi |l before you feel like hustling.
ered from a
;errible head-1 rrp */> fx*
T!' t??"S i IT IS PL
but as I had !
:k despite ir.y: _
3vertised and | I
in two weeks ? I 2
Dvement,and JL^l V V CI AC
"?Mrs. Ana (
p delicious cod *
re??^.^il A sure <
t y vci. t?
ggists, New- We gu
3ne year for ^
) ?ld ?f new | lllril^V0
ntil March. 1.
1LT 1
fUININE;> newDerry
il name, LAXA? I
cfcr signature of
One Day. Slop* I ^M)BMBiaBBHaamHiMaBMMHa|iaalaaaa
iS O/'a coid- 2jC 1
'lotte Observer Barga
otte, N. C.
Find enclosed $
lil to the undersigned for
R. F. D
Remit by Check or Postal Ord<
: mails.
Orders accepted under this sp
al Bargain Period.
FOR A FINAL xow, th
tGE, AND NOTICE TO CRED- composing
S. tion for
e is hereby given that I will South Cai
final settlement of the estate board of t
i Wis car Gary, deceased, in the district N<
court for Newberry county, S. the said c
Wednesday the twenty-third day tax of twc
"uary, 1916, and will on said the propei
third day of February, 1916, district, v
) the Judge of Probate for New-1 held at th
lounty, South Carolina, for a school dii
ischarge as executor, etc., of February
ceased. tion the i
reditors of the estate of said i m> an(i ci<
fistar Gary, deceased, are here- ?
- , . . . . The me
fied to render an account of
, , , ,. . , . tees of sa
imands, duiy attested, to me on
re the nineteenth day of Feb- ITlaJiaoers
1916 electors a
FRANK L. BYNUM, triCt ?nd
>r of the Last Will and Testa-1 eTly I0r u
of Jesse Wistar Gar?, deceased. tax recei
tntr. eates as i
try 17tti, 191b.
shall be
favoring t
HOOL DISTRICT >0. 51. written c
eas, one-third of the resident elector ?P
i and a like proportion of the a ^a^ot
t freeholders of the age of 21 A ritten
n Trilby school district No. 51, Given '
in-nnfv n.f iMowWrv Stato of L^-LS ~nd C
vuuiii; vi v ?? m. j y
Carolina, hare filed a .petition
e county board of education of
ry county, South Carolina, petiand
requesting that an election Cou
in said school district on the F
a of levying a special tax of
mills to be collected on all the
property within the said: school Subscril
Place of G
|Tm You feel t
lax at nigi
r next mornii
0i lax daily in
the more yo
you fee!. ]
griping; "fe
ix 50c a Be
cure for constipation
larantee Liv-ver-lax
& Wee
in Subscription fl
for which send J
Daily and Sunday
- (
3 Months.. .$i-25 $1.50
6 Months... 250 3.00,^ ||
1 Year ... . 5.00 6.00
er. Money gets lost
icial rate only ..during H
j Jm
p.rpfnr?:. ws t.hft undersigned, fl
; the county board of educaNewberry
county, State of
rolina, do hereby order the ;|i|S
,rustees of the Tril'by school
o. 51, to hold an election oa
luestion of levying a"special
> (2) mills to be collected on
"ty located in the said school
vhich said electon shall be % V
e Trilby school house in said f||]
9.1. "1 n. ? fli
sinci ino. oi, oa ocilutu?v,
19, 1916, at which said elec- ''MB
)olls shall b? opened at 7 a.
>sed at 4 p. m. ^
mbers of the board of trusid
school district shall act as
of said election. Only such. . M
is reside in said school disreturn
real or personal prop- H I
ixation, and who ex'aibit their
pts and registration certifi pniiirpd
an eeneral elections,
allowed to vote. Electors
he levy of such tax shall cast
containing the word "Yes"
r printed thereon, and each
posed to such levy shall cast
containing the word "No"
printed thereon.
mder our hands and seal# ^
[ay of February, 1916.
nty Board of Education, if
or Newberry County, S. C. > J
be to The Herald and News,
ilomel .
? : j
ler Way ,
)ad, take Liv-verht.
' Feel better j
ig\ Take Liv-ver- j j
small doses and I
u take the better \ '
tfo sickness, no
lei fine as silk" jj I
Carolina ?

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