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i kEEP Yliul%l0
anaa? w n mm aw? h?p
i A Card to O
| ui i\uiai jl
We are anxious to see that
other parties and connected with
r condition as to furnish efficient s
owners of rural lines are responsi
n we want to co-operate with then
All lines require a thoroug
sionally if the best service is tc
recommend that every line coj
overhauled at least once a year, a
* experienced telephone man assist
kcost of this work when divided a
of the line, makes the amount
small, and this cost will be more
improved service.
Ti -
rii me uwucrs ui iui<ti icicpin.
tion are experiencing trouble wit
will appreciate their talking the c
Manager or writing us fully.
, f what we can toward helping yoi
dition of your line.
... , , i
I Figarro Preserver w
O I _
your meat, amoxe 1
all insects, prevent shr
i Put it on now. $1.(
400 pounds of meat.
f 1.1... 0 11
; iiiiaer a r
^3>^<$><S>$><$><$><S><$><?><e><^3>3><8><$> house. w
& house.
<9 | Grain
<?<$>\$><^<$><^<$><5><5><$><$><$>3>^<3><$>j close to 1
I Progressive Farmer. . grit, cha:
f ^ Laying hens must have green feed j ^e-' can
, and plenty of it. When growing green ' ^nd, exc
feed is not available, vegetables of keeping
some kind must be supplied, or there liberally
will be a shortage in the egg basket. mea:
Where it has been tried, good silage
:has proved one of the best sources of if incu
green feed supply, and especially for hatch
trr'hcvT-n locnmo? firm nart of thp sil- hova tlioi
f* Uiv* V IVJ5U11AVO * X ? **W ? ^ W4VI
age. | once. Cl<
j see that
It founds -ike vain repetition, but j mostats.
too many poultry men will not lieed j ^'( l v-ork
I the advice to have open- front poul- j (l-esr
trv houses. Even in the extreme i ^le *ucu'
j| Northern States and Canada, it has | have egs
been clearly shown that poultry suf- j 'nonrs.
fer less from frozen combs in build- j riglit
ings witn full open fronts, than in !
tightly closed houses. And in maintaming
general health the open fronts
are better. But distinguish clearly the W
^?p)ifrerence between a house full of ipi
cracks?darfts--and one with close hys..U?
rear and side walls and open front? wwl a?
the difference between fresh air in BBSm w'
plenty and drafts. A close, tight ^?esm
jRjP "! Coughs am
I are Dange
! One out of every t
. ..i? fi I started with a
serve the leather and make
r shoes wear longer. They
>-ain no acid and will not
:k the leather. Easiest to use At First Sign of (
their shine lasts longer*
i ft 4* Few of us realize t
^ _ I Coughs and Colds.
1 | them common and
mp ments. However sti
Nfe A I every third person di
BurPALo1^"1 ailment.
Dangerous Bronch
1 diseases often foliow
"vxmi : cold. As your bo
YV IIWI O I against cold germs, i
i can be had than Dr
.one Lines
i '/ver 45 years. Get a
Avoid the risk of !
all lines owned by ailments. All druggi
l us are kept in such
iervice. Where the cakouna jpeofle i
ble for their upkeep, j 0k ST03L
^ | Saner erg Find Swift
h overeauling occa-! 01 1{eil,!Uiiable
! meat,
> he nhtainPrT Wp
Miected with us be j Stomach sufferers in
md that at least one "* !E iatt' f11?ver
found remarKable and
111 this "WOrk. JL he suits from the use of M
mong all the patrons ful Remedy.
paid by each man Many Lave aKen tni
, rr i * tell today of the be;
i than offset by the ceiVed. its effects com
first dose convinces.
two Carolina folks have
>ne lines in this sec- w. r davenport, i
h their service, we "For years i have suffei
aatter oyer wkh our ease whlcn puzzled d(K
, ,, - of your remedy and 01
We Will gladly do jme relief. Your full
II imnrove the ron- ! about cured me."
J. E. ERW1N, WInsto
?"I am satisfied throug
^of the powers of your
TTO^\I17 ^ave saved my life."
ixUi^IL Jg/ \|\ Mayr's Wonderful Rei
PANY *\A / J manent results for ston
intestinal ailments. Ea
whatever you like. No
after eating, pressure
t S. C. stomach and around the
bottle of your druggist
on an absolute guarante
fonl/\rxr TV?/\noTy TUlll Vvo -vi
acMuna[ fca^wvi j JJUWUV; ??**A WV* L \
On Southern and C. X &
Xewberry, Effective J
rill preserve. ?
On Southern Railroad
t, keep out no 15, west
Xo. 18, east
1 Xo. 17, west
inkage. xo. ie, east
30 bottle for On C. X. & L. Railroa
*Xo. 12 (mixed), west...
*Xo. 55, east
Xo. 52, west
Xo. 53, east
>*Xo. 13 (mixed), east...
if I *Xo. 54, west
ePlPlCQ fN" . 50, west
f tXo. 51, east
Daily except Sunday.
West is to Greenville
. Columbia.
T. S.
i January 20, 1910.
All Southern trains ar
trajns. On C.. X. & L.,
it'nout fresh air is a damp 211 54 ar(! mailjrains.
Mine of Closing Mails, 3
and water s&oula be placed (January 21, 1!
:he nests of sitting hens, with Southern Railway 8:
rcoal and green feed, so that a- m - 2:20 p. m., S:24 p
be induced to feed regularly. ^ > & k. Railroac
jrcise the greatest care in 12:36 p. m., 2:o0 p. m., (
down lice. Use insecticides W.A.Hill,
and regularly. Lousy hens Pi;es Cured In 6 to
11 lousy and dead (hicks. four druggist will refund 1
OINTMENT fails to cure any
Blind, Bleedinsr or Protruding P
bators are to be the reliance arstapplication
ing see to them now. If you p.
21 on hand, get to work at 4
sail, fumigate, disinfect them, ?
lamrw thermometers. fher- ' 'vT%
ventilators?are all in per- ^
ing order. Thoroughly clean Best Ground Insert I
etc. Fill lamps and start $3 pajr
mtors to test them. If you Best Oronnd Rimless
;s ready, run (he incubator , 00 pair
so as to get the regulation
, , ... Kriptop $S.OO and up ]
before putting 111 tne eggs.
Gold Filled Frames an
in"S' ^^ I)air"
JLL WEIGHT40 POUNDS; 1 pair 61b. Pillovn F) 6S tested and
match $1.15. Selected Ne\.*, Live, Clean, Sani* IPTi^PQ nTPQr
ry Feathers, Best Featherproof Ticking. Sold Driven lenses anQ P^SC
money back guarantee. DO NOT BUYJrom All rrmrV m,ara
yone at any price, until you get the BOOK OF CaieQ. All WOiK guara
?UTH, our big new catalog, mailed FREE. T , * r\
rites pottal card TODAY. Agents Wanted. > Jewelers and Opt(
> S-29 NASHVILLE, TENN. J:, t. &
- i
. , >. ii
1 Colds MOST mum
South Must Stop Time-Honored Sys
, . ' tem Of Economic Suicide,
hree people Says H G Hastings
i Atlanta., Ga.? (Special.)?"The pec
Cough. ' ple tlie south must quit eating thei
| cotton or other so-called 'cash crop
I before it is made if they ever expec
j to accumulate wealth and have thi
"'nndVi t^lrp comforts and luxuries of life du
^ ? tjjem>" says H. G. Hastings, agricu]
Di^rnverv ' lura^ v^ce president of the Atlant;
y' : Chamber of Commerce, and a for?
most authority on farm conditions i]
he danger of the southeast.
We consider "The south must stop forever it
u 1 :i time-honored system of economic su
. . j. " cide," says Mr. Hastings. "Advanc
itistics tell US steps were made last year toward
^ "* 1- -? _ ? J-'ii- ? ? ? ? ~ in tVl
es ui a iung CunuiL1U/.1 Ul icli ill ivc m
: Cotton Belt. They were forced steps
: it is true, but they marked an advanc
ial and Lung Ju-St the same, and more bread an
r a neglected meat> more grain, forage and othe
i r f f??d an(^ fee<l stuffs were made i:
'uy struggles 2925 tjian ever before> -with the resul
10 better aid there are tens of thousands of farn
. King's New ers better off than in past yean
*it has been despite short crops and business d(
^ * nression.
mn^. In use "With higher cotton prices, it i
DOitle to-day. going to be a great temptation t
serious iLiing drop back into the old habit of pu'
ting cotton, or whatever other cas
crop one may be growing, in paw
for bread and meat. We are snffei
; ing today from the old system for<
'ELL ed on us by conditions following th
1CH REMEDY Civil war, necessary then, but unne<
I essary now.
i "Year after year we have stayed i
Iieliet by Use the same old rut as a matter of habi
Treat- eating our crops, so to speak, befor
they were made, a financially suicid;
i policy for the farmer, each year pu
! ting his nose a little closer to th
the Southeast credit grindstone.
> Mnnrrv nave I "If the south had not been so ric
. f ; in natural resources, this systei
; would have bankrupted us long agi
[ayr's Wonder-, that's the answer? It is home pri
I duction by each farmer of every do
c rpmpdv and ' lar's worth of food and grain suPPlie
s reJjea> ana needed on his farm that it is poss
nefits they re- ^ie grow on his own acres. Thi
e quickly?the means good big home gardens; hog
Here is w:bat chickens, cows and something to fee
written*' them 011 through the year"
Parker, N. C.?
le bottle gave : The regular monthly meeting of th.
ueatment Lu.o j Woman's Missionary society of Cen
! tm 1 rhnrfh met in the church Darlo
n-Salem,.N. C.. Monday afternoon. In the absence o
,h personal use j t;,e president, Mrs. F. E. Dibble pre
remedy. You j g^e(j( selecting John III, 14-17; th
J scripture lesson "Jesus the Life/' an
nedy gives per-, Sk0Wjng that the deepest need of ma:
lach, liver and j .g lhe need of the ,.fe
t as mucL and i^.fter reports of officers and com
more distress .Ai , , t .
nnttees and general business, tim
of gas in the
heart. Get one was given t0 Iiterary part of th
now and try u Pr?Sr3m
e not satis. Topics, "\\ew Lrite ror women u
^turned. China;" "New America." (These wer
followed by discussions and item
" from the field.
RAINS ^ Songdo, Korea, the "Week o
Prayer" was observed, the meeting
L. Eailroads at ^eld seven in the morning
an. _0, 1916. collections amounted to $17.62
_ showing that the Koreans, too, wantei
? to have a share in helping the worl
.. 8:48 a. m. in Japan.
.. 12:15 p. m. At Seous during the great industria
.. 2:50 p. m. exposition the Christian forces erect
... 8.54 p. m. e(j a tabernacle for regular preachinj
services. The Buddhist were promp
d? across t'ne street. Many men from al
.. 5:14 a. m. to follow and erected a Buddhist hal
.. 9:53 a. m. parts of Korea were called to atteni
.. 1:06 p. m. the fair. The thing most lasting ii
.. 3:22 p. m. min(js 0f the people as they re
.. o:30 p. m. turned to their homes was the preach
..00 p. m. . aj. tabernacle for 9.000 peopl
9 * 53 3. m
* gave their names as desiring to be
5:50 p. m. ,
. ~ , , come believers.
"Sunday only.
e Ea^t is to In Cuba there is a form of vo?d?o
ism, or devil worship which is quit*
Lefler T 4. common. The altars are moved fron
place to place remaining only si:
e regular mail NVeeks in one Place. They are deco
No? 5." 52 '33 jratetl feathers and crude carv
| ir.gs and inscripaions and have bowl;
J lo contain the blood of the animal:
fewberry S. C. j sacrifice(I- 'Children have been sacri
me I ficed at times Us influence is mos
it X V . )
18 a. m., H:45 I demoralizing. There is a fascinatior
i. m. about its. ceremonies. May it not be
[?9:23 a. m., long before our missionaries haive the
1:30 p. m. power of teaching and preaching the
Postmaster. word that the gospel may eoon ge4
> 14 Days hold Pe?PIe and and other
money if paforms of idol worship be done away
case of Ttchin.
The third Wednesday of February is
set apart as a special day of prayer
for our work in the home land among
. . . ,
&F" . y'i tlie immigrants, mouniameers, uc
' , , '/ groes, dependent and delinquent girls
and for the masses who live in the intense.
$1.50 to justrial quarters of our cities.
The Missionary Council of the
Lens, ?2.00 tc ^jctno-dist Episcopal Church South
will meet in Atlanta, Ga., April 12 to
per pair. 20
d Xose Mount- ffiie .Missionary Siudy class will
meet Monday at 3.30 o'clock in the
d Xose Pieces. ciiurch parlor. All the women of the
church and visitors are always welglasses
fitted corned.
iriptions dupll- Mrs j. iw. WHITE,
Press Superintendent.
5 CO., Subscribe to The Herald and News
MEMiJEK TO liEX H. not
? ' i
1 for
' Young: Attorney Quits .Jndgship After cau
I riusual tiouor is Com erred and
by LegisMure. eve
i The State did;
r i George Warran, member of house offi
1 I from Hampton coun-y, was yesterday hav
1 | elected judge of the recently created
p i Fourteenth circuit. He was nominated lit
[- i and elected over his own earnest pro- Bui
a I test, both indorsing and voting for ma
^ i James E. Purifoy. i :eg
j His good faith and sincerity in ob- offi
s I jecting to his election was evident to ing
l" ; the general assembly and he has many tioi
a i
^ | witnesses of his earnest attempts at sel
e j withdrawing his name. My
>. i Last night Mr Warren resigned from jud
0 I
^ I ilie position to which he was elected fer
r j at noon yesterday. for
n "My conviction is," he said, "that se"
1 the office of judge, while providing pei
daily bread, offers little opportunity pal
>- for provision for the future. I feel wh
tha. before I serve my State I must be
? serve those dependent upon me." | a 1
i. The note of resignation was receiv- c:ir
h ed as information by the house and or- the
n dered printed in the journal. ! -e"
noon the house and senate met in the
e join; assembly for the purpose of it <
electing a judge of the Fourteenth ju- re\
n aicial circuit, which includes the coun- fes
t, ties of Hampton, Colleton, Beaufort no1
e and Jasper.
Senator Padget nominated James E. ha1
e Peurifoy of Walterboro; Mr. Dantzler me
n/iminotoH Clc>f\-rcra. !YW>rrprt nf TTamn. ths
k ! ton; I Mr. Moore nominated W. B. Gru- noi
ber of Walterboro. I my
> Mr. Warren tried earnestly to tu<3
1- withdraw his name as a nominee and wit
!.s made a short speech in favor of Mr. loy
i- ^
iS Peurifoy. an<
s, First Ballot, gei
^ The result of the first ballot was: ;the
Warren 67, Peurifoy 49, Gruber 30, W. jud
R. Hubbard 1. j
While the balloting was in progress
? Mr. Warren withdrew from the hall of j
_ che house, returning in time to vote
for Mr. Peurifoy. A number of (
his friends surrounded him, urging
^ J him to stay in the race and not to
! withdraw his name, as he had twice agi
attempted before balloting was order-, Olc
e j she
d 1 d
While the first ballot was being str
1 tabulated he was again urged to re- j ev<
frain from withdrawing his name. He 1 .
" spoke informally of his embarrassing or
e position, inasmuch as he had been ^
e the god-father of the bill creating the ber
new circuit.
q Mr. Warren made a statement in: up
e which he spoke of his gratification and !
g surprise at being nominated. He said I
that he from the first had supported J ?aj
f Mr. Gruber. who has since indorsed
s Mr. Peurifoy. He pointed out also that
r to take the judgship would be at a
| financial loss to himself. He thank-!
' ed tne general assembly for its sup- T
a J.
port, but made it evident that he did tiQr
not want the proffered position. He sta(
pointed out that at the time of the pas1:
sage of the bill he had said that 'he
" sought no office; he said that he still jfort
S did not want the position. He was Ito '
t courteous and insistent in his request j ^er'
1 to have IM'r. Peurifov elected and j arm
1 maintained that his own election j"
3 would be misunderstood. He was ap- ass<
f rip
i plauded on taking his seat.
Final Vote. pro
Xo election resulting from the first;
e ballot, the joint assembly proceeded j a^?
to a second ballot which resulted a3jso^1
I follows: Warren 81. Peurifoy 46, Gru. j11<s
! ber 21. j suir
j Mr. Warren was declared elected,!
I his many supporters congratulating "n
| him.
c! is \
Just previous to the second ballot T.
T. Liles said that Mr. Warren s well ,
~ I C1 ]
, known patriotism would enable him to . .
3 r ;.poj
, accept the position c-ven though it ( ^
I were at a financial loss. . *
- j i ,frcn
>ote of Resignation. j he {
. ; Mr. Warren s resignation is as fol-, tow
'I i
i lows: ..j
. "Not .having ha a any designs upon towi
? the office and without any conscious- stat
. ness of having been seriously consid- ent."
, ered for the high position of judge, 1
, was literally taken off my feet today k . ^
* ?. j 1
when, m face of my expressed person- a
al desire to the contrary, I was elect- $
' ed judge of the newly created Four- j?
' 1 * L "T" ,1. ! I* AM AM Art *v? AO f A /1\
teenrn circuit. inns liuuui cumcs iu ^
me not without the deepest sense of <?>
1 its magnitude and the fullness of its
meaning. My heart is ful? of gratiti:de
for your undoubted expression >
1 &
of confidence. I wisn that I could ^
,! express what I wish to say. You will
, believe me, I know, when 1 state tha, <1
1 ?;.frc
f thank you from the bottom of my <?>
I * *
heart. However, there are two sides ? S
to the question. You have called mo |
to a very high position of honor and >
( trust, one which carries with it not .j,
> orroot 'hrlnnr hut. "heavy resnonsi- ,/s^.
W/ 11 I ? t,i V^ui/ UV"V. ?
- *
bility and great sacrifice. In giving
the matter careful consideration, I j
haive tried to settle the questions!
which present themselves to my mind ^
. since my election, in such a way that
, my answer would he one which shoivs sub?
true to both my State and to myI
realize that the office seHom
is the man. then 1 realize tiia". one
lg sought by high position should
decline without just reason. Therethe
matter is approached by me
iiously. l\iy par. has been open
frank. I was 110 candidate. Not
II did I have a desire to be a canAnnthcr
urn 5 mv rhfiifp for tile
ce. I still feel that I s'nould not
e been chosen. When I was nomipfi
1 was taken unawares and had
le time within which to consider,
t calm deliberation convinces me
t my first judgment wai correct. I
ret that I feel forced to decline the
ce. I am a ypnng man just enter
the prime of life with the obligai
upon me of providing for my
f and my loved ones a competence.
conviction is that the office of
ge, while providing daily bread, ofs
little opportunity for provision
the future. I feel that before I
- - C1 i - I /? AWtfA f /\r? A ^ A
vt? cia.it; i iiiuol ?ci ve muse ucldent
upon me. I believe that true
:riotism demands that of all mpn
ere a choise between the two must
made. It will not be hard to find
nan of ripe years in the law who
1 ascend the bench with credit to
t State and without sacrifice to himf.
Would that I were the man for
i ermine holds its charms for me as
Joes for all lawyers who honor and
rere that which is best in the prosion.
But I am sure that I am not
>v in position to accept the office.
'In declining the office which you
re so graciopsly bestowed upon
. T am sure that you will not think
it I 'nave taken the matter lightly
* that I have failed to measure in
own heart my inexpressible gratile.
You will, T am sure, credit me
:h nothing but sincerity and una'ed
gratitude. But I must decline
I I therefore, hereby tender to the
leral assembly my declination of ,
' office of judge of the Fourteenth,
licial circuit."
Says Vinol Made Her Strong}rand
Saline, Texas.?"I am an agetf
man and for a long time was weak
i feeble but Vinol restored my health
3 strength so that I feel almost young
lin and am doing all my housework.
1 people who are weak and feeble
mid toy Vinol and know its merits as
o. It is the best medicine to create
o?i/1 fnf nVn>nni/> /?r?lr1a T havA
CilgUl OHU iVi VUlVUiV W?ViW A MMf V
?r taken."?Mrs. Fannie E.Rodgers.
finol, our delicious cod liver and iron
lie, is sold on our guarantee to benefit;
your money will be returned.
rilder & Weeks, Druggists, New~
ry S. C.
t flTES
s Prohibitionists Will Not Be Idlt"
If City fcSeeks Special
; State:
, K. Breedin, leader in the prohibii
forces, has issued ihe following
[ am not sure that any special ef;
will be exerted by prohibitionists
prevent the passing of Mr. From?'s
resolution for a constitutional
mdment permitting Charleston to
wine and beer, but I venture the
^rtion that Mr. Fromberg and his
nds are unwittingly reopening the
hibiiion question in a way that
react on Charleston by bringing
ut greater restrictions, if not abite
legal prohibition. He is invita
crusade against Charleston next
imer. ,
Some provision has been embodied"*
'he Carlisle bill, as amended forquartos
of beer each month. That
ery grevio is even for a bibulous
1. Prohibitionists are not desirous:
Monopolizing the attention of the
slature. but they will not be idle
liarleston ser*ks s^ccial exemptions
the general law. Next it might
jreen.ille Spartanburg and other
dr. Fromberg will best serve his
a by regarding it as a part of the
e and entitled to nothing differDr.
F. C. Martin |
Sight |
Specialist %
^aminesEyes, Fits Glasses*
and Artificial Eyes <C
vnur pw?: are Q-ivmor voti<?>
J x^j? o" " ? o ^
>uble d rn't fail tc consult him f
atisfaction Guaranteed. *
Office ove. Anderson's Dry*
)ods Store. %
ie Herald and News one year for
This offer is open to .old of ne\r
:criters and is good until Mar-eft 1.

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