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The Movements of many People, >rew- j
berrians, and Those Who Visit j ;er
? !.1
Xliss Annie Mann is visiting ner sis- *l^e
ur, Mrs. Price, in Spartanburg. :I!?
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Aull of Co- 1
lumbia. are vising their parents. j vvli
| at
Mr. Luiher Blease of Saluda was in:
.Newberry attending the funeral of Mr.
<3. W. Pearson. v"
Geo. B. Cromer of Newberry. ^
i? here this week attending court.?
l^exington News.
Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Anderson of Xew- an(;
berry are visiting relatives in the city, j pje,
?Greenwood Journal.
i T
Mr. Clamp, of Chappell, was in this j bel
section on last Saturday?Big Creek j
cor. Saluda Standard. at
H. L. Padgett, of route 4, made a -p
business trip to Newberry on last Sat-! TlI(
urday.?Saluda Standard. \ ij.-rt
Talbert Blease and wife, of Chap-1 day
peil are spending this week at the j 7
home Of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Blease.? nc;
Saluda Standard. son
The family of Lee Walters, whose
death occurred in Saluda last week./
moved to Newberry Wednesday.?Sa- ir-p
luda Stadnard. wee
Miss Ruth Moore has returned from his
Newberry where she has been spend- \
ing sometime with her uncle, Mr. R. -ron
H. Anderson.?Greenwood Journal.
\TV onrl ATr-r- T^v.O T ~ 0:1 I hinrl
. uuu -?ii o. uvnu x . iju.'ig, ui ofc- I
yer Street, were recent visitors at the hea^
heme of Mr. and jfi. F. B. Crouch.? Ju
Saluda Standard. the.
Mrs. Robert Corley, of Newberry, cour
spent a few days with her grandmot'ii- ^a*v
er, Mrs. J. J. Rushton.?Union cor. e^ec
6a:uda Standard. \y
Mr. Hal Shealy of Newberry college, mer<
epent a few days last week with Mr. one
Berley Bedenbaugh a t Kibler's now
Bridge. I
j ~
Mr. Ruff and Julian Price, of Pros-1 sc
motored over to the latter's ] ^ Sl
ii::.. r's. S. A. Price, Sunday.?Saluda1 'ee
l ,
Standard. ' i snui
Miss vera Myers, who is staying!
v*'nh her sick aunt in Newberry, is ex_! Tt
pected home one day this week?Sa-j1*110
luda Standard. | inS
i aboi
Eric Barnes went to Prosperity ; .
ter 1
{ Wednesday and returned with his wife, |
who has been spending several daye i
with her . parents there.? Saluda !
Standard. N )jeri
Mr. Calvin Slice, of Newberry, died
the 13th and was buried a: St. Jacob's! ,
] mac
church near Cnapin the day follow-1
ing by his pastor. Rev. .T. C. Wessin-1
ger.?Chapin cor. Lexington Dispatch. | ketb;
~ .t, T . ^ a^d
G. w\ . Jacobs, a prominent business ,
man of Xewberrv. has been in Lexing,
. . nasn
ton this week aUenamg court, being , ,
? I o clo
interested in the case of Counts vs.
Jacobs which resulted in a verdict for j
Jacobs?Lexington News. j on ^
| the
Judge L. M. Player returned from, ,
Princeton. F;a.. Tuesdav. where he! .
' ~ ' *' ! tneri
was called by telegram some days ago
to the bedside of his wife who was
very ill. She is somewhat improved
now. j ^om<
j' '>pri
Mrs. F. E. Wilson of Xewberrv, and
Airs. R. E. Sims of Chester, are viexc- .
I in a
in? Mrs. .T. F. Burton on West Main! ,
! chau
street. Together with Miss Mayme
Ferguson all of them will visit Rev. Tl"
and Mrs. J. D. Pitts in Fountain Inn. ?n?
the latter part fo this week?Laurens mov:
'-Advertiser. i 10 1
' hous
Dr. Geo. B. Cromer of Newberry/ lurei
" - ?j. ~ f v ~u !
ior many years presiuem ui .-scwuci-i j
v college and one of the most prom-1
i v\ on
inent laymen of the Lutheran .church j
i i ar<J
in the South as well as one of thej^^
ablest lawyers in uie State is here j " ^
engaged in the trial of the Case of: ^ (
Wessinger vs. Amick. as attorney for
The defendant.?Lexington Dispatch, i ^1
i rhe
j vert
1 not
Go early if you want a seat at Hie;
Arcade?no vacant chairs there when 1
the show* is on. ! ^
1 r!irn
The rural carrier on R. F. D. 3, says rjve
the good Samaritan lives on his1
route. I a q,
Mr. Jessie L. Burns has purchased to t
an Oakland Six from the Newberry ^
Motor company. . jine
Every person who possibly can; chu
should see "The Old Homestead" at j er 1
the Arcade. Monday, February 21. jap
There will be an exercise at Silver- j
. ! he ]
street schoolhouse Monday night, in
honor of Washington's birthday. U
er (
Just think of it, only one more cer]
month until the almanac says, "spring1 tQ
begins." j dou
Every picture that goes on the j ra (
screen at the Arcade is passed by the inte
National board of censorship, and are the
clean. - | j,
This sayeth The Herald and News: in
Sometimes it is well to sift the truth; mat
through a net woven from a fine spun ' for
n. have the animal
... -. - t * j i weeks, ihe Comn
Ir. and Mrs. R. H. 'Anderson and
, t. , . also arranged to
le Roy have gone North. Mr. An- v , ..
. .. . , . cr 20 fine heilers i
son will ouy his spring stock. , .
to their customer*
'he farmers are beginning to turn
t .. , , Dragging the ro;
ground preparatory to the plant- , , . .
to do but it has tc
of another crop. .
ram it th best res
he county teachers' association ift instead of so 111
1 meet in the high school building' time and energy
Newberry on Saturdav. j hauling sand to r<
'alesk Suratt, the great stage star. \ time lli0st of the
1 appear in "The Immigrant," Las- j dispensed with. L.
Paramounc in five acts at the Ar-^ut the benefits <
ie today (Friday). !while sanding pre
: and lasting result."
'he Siren's Song at the opera house ^
:t Tuesday is a Shubert feature <?> <?><$> <$> <$> <$><$><$> <
I a very fine picture and a master-'
|^ soc
nere will be a basket ball contest ?
ween Newberry high school and I ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
umbia High school Friday night ^rs- ^enrv
the college gymnasium : r0?k party at
! ctroot TTVirinv
'he bank's will be closed next Re(i, adopted as i
;sday. February 22. Washington's. v,as u6autlXully c?
hday, the same being a legal lioli- detail, ihe recepti<
[ being thrown into
he roads in Newberry county were with red flowers a
cr in better condition at this sea- : Plants. The score
of the year than they are at this redand white valen
3 i ribbons, and the s
1 .
~ _ , . : followed the game
r. C. E. summer made a business
. ,? . ,, . . . .. moiaed in red and
to Atlanta the early part of the
oa , . . red and white valei
k and bought some 20 mules for ,
i fee.
larms. j
} There were nine
man went home the other night Those invited to til
1 a moving picture show, with a were Mesdames \
v in his neck. He had sat be- Thomas Johnson, 1
a lady with a brush-heap on her rel Smith, R. H. Wr
I. ' H. R. Halfacre, C.
idge C. C. Schumpert says that Summer, Pope Bufo
marriage licenses for Newberry *an(* Summer, R. T.
ity have averaged about one a burner, Howie, He
since the license law went into Dunn, Claude Schui
son. 0. E. Cannon,
Wise, Van Smith,
e saw throe or four loads of com- Seabrook, J E Nor
2ial fertilizer going out of town tenberg Jchn Smit]
day this week. It is rather rare r> 3 we^ts T T S
to see wagons loaded wit., fer- y* H Hunt \ C B
r* I nack, R. D. Smith,
ime of the rural carriers say it C. Matthews and
iirprising how long a cup of cof- Schumpert Ruby-Oo
will stay hot on a cold day if mer, Fannie Ramag
up in a mail box and left 'till the McHowie, and Car*
ier arrives. | * *
iV'ice Pp5fi P.nrtrvr
le 14th of February. St. \alen-' ,
: Valentine party to
s day, use to be a great garden- . ,
?, , ner grade and teac
day. \but tins year the 14th was _ ..
, ; street School at th
it the roughest weather this win- , 7
I Monday. Her roor
lias seen. . ,
j decorated wit-i red
:\ A. J. Holt and the Rev. Mr. fusions of jonquils.
Lett of Whitmire were in New- lative to St. Valent
y on Wednesday. Mr. Holt was ranged for the chilc
ing a Grant Six. It is a beauty, and cake were serv
Holt is the selling agent for this; # n
line for this county. . j The Auction Brid
not forget that the game of bas-! e,eninS Oi pleasure
all between Columbia High school and Mrs; p- ScoJ
Xewberry High school will be 01 exc^in? anc^ P*1
-- been D'aved most
?d at the New-berry conege gym- - - am
on this Friay night at 7:30 ment* were servcd'
] * *
; Gladys Williams,
mager Wells received a telegram; tje daughter of Mr.
Wednesday from John 0. Fisher of celebrated her birtl
PinK Lady that the show had n0on with a lovely
?d on account of bad business and ( attended by all of 1
2fore would not keep its appoint-ja number of other f
for Newberry next Monday. j Mildred Jones, Matt
wberry is to have a Chautauqua! Bolles. Ernestine.
? time during the spring, about cn> Pauline Klettn
1 or .vlay, and it is to be first' Thomas W iierry, F
> and a big one. and will be held liam Bouknight, T]
. tent. It is the great Redpa:h j Mildred Spearman,
itauqua line of chautauquas. ! Hubert Booze
: berg. Brady Blods<
,?)>Vorld Film corporation, already! Evelvii Baker Ln
of the richest corporations in the Holsonback, ?
ie world, has just added $800,000 j Sadje ]() Este:
- tir^n ? ^e nnoro '
is uayuai. yvcus ui m, _ ? ,,
Player, Thomas Mc
;e puts on the World film pic- TT
i Teer, Troxelle \\
3* Weeks, Colie Bleas
sue is giving the people the Edna ?an[|ehSi Art
h ?f their m0De-v at the Arcade-'Howard, Hubert Sc
imount pictures, Mondays and Fri- Jaunjta Hju
"Girl and the Game" on Wed- tenbergj Mary A,,C(
lays, and the prices are always Lmg BeUy ,
same" i Adams, Julia Weeks
le Pink Lady will not appear at The little guests
opera nouse next Monday as ad- with all sorts of g;
isc-d. Tiie company disbanded in ments were served
rleston on Tuesday night and did Red and white we
appear in Columbia on Wednes- on the table m me c
night as advertised. i the brirhday cake
party of hunters scrambled sma^ re(* candles.
nigh the wild jungles of the Bus'n the afternoon eacl1
r everglades Wednesday after- valentine.
:i but all they brought back was' cniidr^n sh<
iiantity of real estate which stuck ^los^ess
heir shoes and two canes. j returns *
fellow can sort of stand a big mil-! i>LKOC SOWS F01
ry display in front of him at CLUB BOY
rch for if he can't see the preach- J ?
' ??-' i Tim Pnmniprfia]
le can, at least, near mm, uui m,
icture show, ears don't count for j a lot of fine Duroc
,-h and if he can't use his lamps; ed one to one boy
might as well go home. I who is a member
, club in his townshi
: an almanac can predict the weath- j
1 be sold at cost to
conditions for 12 months ahead, it
. , ? . , , c for the purpose o
ainly ought to be easy for tnem
0 . , , raising of food on
predict Georgia lynchings. >?o , &
.. 1 o,t i !, i place to start is
bt the 19W almanac will incorpo-i
I number of the farri
i these very important and highly)
... . . i partment of the go
-resting forecasts, in addition to
the boys and ins'
weather forecasts.
proper care of th
[r. Williams of Clerason college was1 teach hog raising,
the city on Wednesday. He has wju be expected t<
le arrangements for that fine bull ancj the hogs will
the Commercial bank and will rect.
here in about two[ SUNDAY SCHOOL MEETI3M
lercial bank has
purchase about 15 Prominent Speakers to He at l'c
Miich they will sell Methodist Church Friduy Ai
; at cost. ternoon and Evening.
ads is a good thing
Th&rp Will hp a nnhlir mpptin
De one aner every! " """ ~
. . , ,, 1 Central Methodist churcii Frida
mlts are to be had.
, , ? . ? ; ternoon at 3.30 o'clock and an
uch dragging, some
in the inteiest of the Si
were devoted to;
;d roads in a short! schools- AU who are interestl
dragging could be ithe bettcr tra;ninS of chiIdren a>
ragging is all rigdt; vited 10 b* Present- In fact' the
ire only temporary \illg is in the inter6st and for the
.duces permanent1 "ose of aI1 who are i:
, i betterment of the Sunday schools
oa. j me cnurcnes and Hie pudiic gen*
^ <S> <$> <t> <? ; is invited to attend the services.
; Address will be made by M
1ETY. ^ j !). Webb, Spartanburg, general
j retary. and Mrs. S. P. Moore, Bin
j> > v <?> % <e> ^ ; ham, Sunday school specialis
zer gave a charm-j teaching training.
her home in Main j These services are under the <
moon. | tion of the Sou-:h Carolina Si
:he prevailing color. School association and will be vei
iri ied out in every > teresting and instructive and if
an hall and parlor one is interested in Sunday s<
one. and adorned will enjoy them. All the
nd potted flowering P-e should be interested in
wrae rm /Irjinfv work.
ttines tied with, red Friday afternoon and evening ol
wee. course which 1 week at the Central Methodist ch
i being ice cream
... . . . "(ousm Isabelle.'
white stripes ami
.. , Vv ? , Let every body that lilies a fine
ltines tied with red
help the High school by seeing
. ., - , sin Isabelle" at the Opera House
tables of players.
lis delightful party Wednesday night. With referent
Villiam Johnson, tbis l>!av- the La,,rens lAdver
' G. Ellisor, Dar- says: "The most auractive' miri
Mit H H Bleas* anc* ^ist^nct:--v different play seen
H Summer, J. h! in !The Greenwood Eve
rd, P. Higgins, Le.| Journal says: "Seldom have the
Caldwell I ' B ! of this community witnessed s
Kibler l\V aJ magnificent work as was rendere(
" r r _ 11 - *t ?? m-* ^ - ?
mpert, F. Z. Wil- -vir* nilliara- in<? urangeourg E
L Q Fellers C ->sews says: "Sandwiched in
I H Hunt -L ' W.'tween 'Damaged Goods' and 'The
wood G W Swit-! *ow'Jacket,' the Hilliard nlav succ
1, L. W. Simmons,' in creating a furore."
enn, C. J. Purcell,1 ,
_ . T . , Baraca Class Elects Officers.
rown, Frank Lomi-! .... . . .
^ . T-, I At a ousiness meeting of the Ba
Jr Will Ewart, B.'
'. ' I class of the First Baptist church T
Misses Marion , . .
, day evening J the following offi
ggans, Verna Sum- ,
'were elected:
e Mav Dodd, Janie1
, 7, ^ n i J. J. Hitt. president; W. T. Br
>lyn Caldwell. . " . NT ?
j vice president; A. >?. '\\ alker. 6(
.. , jtary: T. E. Bul'ock, treasurer; Er
i gave a beautiful ,
! A TI Morcmi TAIIV? n AtfW
the members of, ?* ". wuvu,
hers of gp^ers ' sis^ant secretary; Thos-Parks' as
e close of lessons; aKt treasurer; G. h. Robinson,
n was artistically j?rter*
hearts, and pro-j I)eath of >fr^ Geo >y. ^>earsor
Several games re-< _ ...
I Mr. George W. Pearson, one ot
ine's day were areldest
citizens of the town, pa
[ren and ice cream ? .
aw ay at li.s home in Harrm
street Tuesday afternoon about
* nV*inr*k ;irul irne hnn'pH n h Rn<?pr
ge club had an
? . v ,, Cemetery Wednesday afternoon, ;
Saturday with Mr. . .. ,
services at the nome at 4 o clock.
t. After a number
. . J. v\. Carson conducted the fur
easant games haa
delightful refreshMr.
Pearson was about 84 year
age and is survived by his widow,
... was a Miss Blease, and several da
tiie attractive lit- . .
ters, viz: Mrs. Essie Hart, Mrs. A
and Mrs. {Williams,
Oxcer, Mrs. Harmon and Miss M;
iday Friday afterPearson,
and by one brother wh<
party which was , , 4, . . ^ T
, , tended the funeral, Mr. Robert I
ler classmates and .
son. Mr. Luther Blease of Saluc
riends. They were: . , _ _ J _
hrnfh-pr-in-in w alsrv nttprmprl the
;ie Senn, 'Thelma '
' . , neraL Q:he pall bearers were as
elton, Francis Mellows:
Messrs J. A. Burton, M. M.
er, James Wherry
T.rM ford, H. L. Parr, H. B. Wells, F
larry Lurey, Wil- *
Hunter and Dr. Kennedy.
aornas Spearman,
Carlisle Kennedy. Central M. E. Cfiurcft, Soirth,
>r, John Switten- (Rev F E Dibble, pastor.)
>e, Iautha, Hodge, Services for Sunday, February
lian Bedenbaugh, v.m &e as folIowg;
,arl Holsonback, Morning service 11 a. m.; sut
le Whitaker, Effie ;.The CJash Qf wnis ~
Teer, Herbert Mc- Young People's Missionary so
J right. Caroline 3 m
o CnriP7 Sanders. ~ . . . _ _ '
v., ^ Sunday sctiooi 3:30 p. m.
hur lAsbill,^ Gladjs . j5pWOrtjj League 6:55 p. m.
itzler, Bunett Buz- Evening service 7:30 p. m.; sut
. Catherine Svnt- llThe CaH Qf God and My Angwe
5 Hipp, Roy Long. Xome thon with llg and
Harris, Sara Frank good, for the Lord hath s
5, Chappell 'league.. ^OC(j concerning Israel.''
were entertained n
ames, and refresh- Perkins School.
in the dining room. jjie School Improvement ass
re the colors used t;Cn an(j Home Demonstration
enter of which was win meat ot r>Q?.ir
j ??*** C4.i x aiiia OtilUUi r i 1U<X
with its glitter ot teriioon, February 18 at 2 o'clock
As a sou\enir of niembers are urged to be present,
child was given a inV;tation is extended to other
3 we red their Iittie OLA BANKS
to wish her many
ler birthday. ,,
iTvOIiN Civic Association.
S OF \EWBEHHY TIie resular monthly meeting o
Civic association will be held a
. . , -i residence of Mrs Marv Fnnt\ Mn
tfanK nas oraerea ? sows
to be furnish- afternoon, February 21, at 4 o'c
in each township P1;ins for bab>' week wiU be
of the boys corn cussed at Ulis meeting.
p These sows will Th? ladies 'he town are nrg
these boys and are reauesled to join with us in
f encouraging the "
the farm and the _
... . H K 1 P 1 O -
with the boys, a Monday, reo,
a demonstration de- *
'vernment will visit
truct them in t%i? //mi Al l ff .
e logs and thus f flC Ulfl ll0ni6St6c
The boys of course
j pav for the hogs
be sold ,0 then, ?. Leslie's Arcade
I ? jU
intral >ewb*rry to be Organized and Con-j
j vention Held?Committees Appointed
Sunday for Purpose.
g at j The meeting Sunday afternoon at ^
y af-! the baptist church was well attended '
i . . . ! (F(
other; ana mucn interest taken. The pur- j "
inday j pose was not only to have report from |
?d in ' those who attended the laymen's meet-'
:e in-iing in Columbia, but also to organize;
meet- i the laymen's missionary movement for I ?
L. . , j Flu
pur-J .Newjerry county.
n the | A resolution was adopted to organ- I
. Ail ' ize in txlis county and to have a con- j
irally j vention in Newberry that will equal;
! the convention recently held in Co- j ,
r. R.1 lumbia. To that end the following com- ! '
sec-! mittee was appointed: i
I T 1 (
lung-' John M. Kinard. chairman; S. J. ! _r
t ill | Derrick, B. L. Dorrity, W. A. McSwain, :
j C. D. Weeks, J. F. Epting and E. C i
lirec- Jones. This committee is to have
r : 1/1 '
inday i charge of preparing for the conven- j
y In- tion and is authorized to appoint sub-,
: !
' any Cwinmktees and to make all necessary
chool arrangements. John M Kinard pre- :
peo- L,iaed at the meeting Sunday afternoon |
this and short talks were made by several :
I of the gentlemen present. :T'he pur- '
f this pose is to get the laymen aroused and j (
urch.: as far as possible place ^he church j
j on a business basis and to advertise , * ^
j the church. In this day of publicity it '
play i being more and more realized that j
Cou-j the church must be placed on a busi- ,
n ovt ! 1 :c :* ~ ~^ I
ness tuisis u ic is iu aixumyusu liic t
. TIj;e
t01 mission for which it is founded and in
tiseri crdei^ to do this it must keep before j
:hful: the public the work that it is doing :
here. and keep it tnere on a business basis ?
:e^o |
cers | B tertained at the same time.
i I Here's the cunent program
-own II TODAY-FRIDAY 1 [ i
>cre- J Valiska Suratt in | itfra
~|| "The Immigrant" J jS
\, i i in
the: !
ssed; Pier Lot of Cotton Sold. i WOJ
gton! Mr. P. N. Boozer sold to J. W. Sim- 1 tl01
5! mons & Sen of Cross Hill, 309 bales j
nnnr: or cotton yesterday. The cotton was!
after | in tho Standard warehouse here and,
Rev.! brought an average of 11 3-4 cents.?
leral j Greenwood Index. |
j ! s:
"S of [ s
who j Monday, Feb. 21st Jj
nniej F~
Old Homestead" :
'ear- t1
la, a ^
ru- Leslie's Arcade ?
I Dr. F. C. Martin I ,"
i ^ ... t -1''
'20, f '^Specialist | *
>iect, |ExaminesEyes, Fits Glasses | si
. | and Artificial Eyes | "
Diety ^ S
|If your eyes afe giving youjj 2-15
^trouble don't fail to consult him. f i ?
i ^ v I
. . | Satisfaction Guaranteed. 11C hl
'ject, ^ <?>: w
r." f Office ovev Anderson's Dry* p
will | |>Goods Store. * b
poke! J> \ *5* 2-1?
i -1 Ilea
^ Monday, Feb. 21st
yaf-l N ! Bin
' ^! "The Old Homestead" f
s to | 2i
L Leslie's Arcade
nt' I H
| ? | i.
dis-' Best Ground Insert Lense. $1.50 to
$3.50 pair. j Wai
ently Best Qround Rimless Lens, $2.00 to
tbis , $4.00 pair.
j Kriptop $8.00 and up per pair. Ct
j Gold Filled Frames and Nose Mount-'
I Sti ings, $2.50 pair. ^ |Yon
: Solid Gold Frames and No6e Pieces, i ai
$4.00 pair. in
V9 P
Iff Eyes tested and glasses fitted.
; Broken lenses and prescriptions dupli- ^-a,
i cated. All work guaranteed. ti<
Jewelers and Optometrists. B-i
' I P. C. JEOS & CO, 1:
Ipera House j
r last Flirtation Yitagrapb
maturing Myrtle Gonzales and Alfred
V. L. S. E. Presents
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew Jj
lying Dead Yitagraph vjj
(Blue Ribbon Feature.)
Five Acts
Woman Without la S?onl ..Biography
In Ttvo Acts.
Featuring Vera Sisson.) I
ry Edison 4 j
maturing Marguerite Prussing and
Lariton King)
earny Dud in Love Essanay ^1
e Urge aiul the Girl Labin \
In Three Acts.
Minutes from Nowhere Mina 1
e Escape of Bronco Billy .. Essamay
Featuring G. M. Anderson.} ,
cient Coin Kalem
Featuring Margaret Courtot.)
oney's Sad Case Vitagrapk
maturing Mr. and Mrs. Sidney
e Painted Lady Biofraph ^
Featuring Blanche Sweet.) 11
. |
shfnl Blllie Lnbin Conrtdr Wt
Featuring Billie Reeves.) ^
Siren's Song
maturing Mile. Diane and Cka#.
Ion day, Feb. 21st
fhe Old Homestead" (j
Le slie's Arcade ^
Kote of Thanks. ^
n this public way we wish to J
.nk our family physician, Dr. J. M.
)ler, and our many friends for their w ...
d and thoughtful attention in the
ent illness and death of our hustd
and father. Your sympathy and
p has made our burden easier and
brought us comfort and strengtk
this hour of ? sorrow, and thes#
ds feebly express our apprecia- ,
Vprv ftinf-pr^lv
* J w?ww w.,, ,
frs. eGo. W. Pearson and daughter!.
srEClAt SOTIGis* ^
Sale?Fodder, ear corn, peas,
bucks and a nice young milk eow.
ee' J. H. Riser. Newberry, S. C?
icundary St.
> iii >
1 Sale?303 acrcs of Und ne?r I
/hitmire, known a$ Alfred Denaoo 1
,tate. Ciieap for quick sale. -Uaf J
*0 store lots in Whitmire, S.
r. S. Denson, Clinton, S. C.
r i
from pnre bred Ringlet Barrel
ocks and Mammoth Comb White
eghcrns; dollar for 15. E. IW. Lese,
Prosperity, S. C. ,
aro is liquid smoke which, when
pplied to meats and hams, etc., will
eep the meat from drying out and
rippers $ut. $1.00 will smoke 46#
is. meat. Satisfaction guaranteed.
ummer Eros Co. ,
cken Feeds?We have a large' aid
ell assorted stock of Poultry and
igeon feeds. Purina feeds are the
C"?virviA? Ri>AC Pn
cr*c. ouiuiiici i-'i vo wu.
l-2t. ^
irdless Barley for sale. Johnson
[cCrackin Co.
35-tf. )
i Orpington Eggs for Sale
nne 0. Ruff. $1 er setting. Phone
i. *
ice?Doctor Stuck has moved his
See over new store of Caldwell & ^
altiwanger, Mower Building.
2 8 -St
rows?Disc harrows and drag har_
>ws just arrived. See ub before
jying. Also brand new stalk cutirs.
J. T. Mayes Co. l-25-4tliaw I
?on Harness?New supply of wa^on
irness and leather collars bought i
&fore war prices on leather. We 'i
in save you money. J. T. Mayes ^
o l-25-4tltaw 1
cnn gret first class pressing, cieani<l
altering done at Quality Prsssg
Club. All work guaranteed.
hone No. 125-2. l-ll-5t
ited?Landyto sell at auction. v?- ^
cmal Realty and Auction Company, ;
:>x 4S7, Greensboro, N. C.
?'" 'i " ''

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