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|p)e fferali) anil Jems, it'
ber of ]
Entered at the Postoffice at New
Iktj, S. C., as 2nd class matter. 0llK
E. H. AULL, EDITOR. trying <
" ~ ?? We w
Tuesday. Februarv 22. 1916. i .
I Derry k
"""" and did
The publication of the articles by _
for it id
Mr. A. H. Kohn on the Dutch Fork _T
^\e r<
ihave been a little irregular, partly be* . , .
the legi
cause Mr. Kohn did not want them to
ment lr
come too close together so as to give ,
:.he sen
ihim time to get them up, and partly
no easy
because hp have had a suddIv of lez-!
" ' ~ I so clea:
islative and other stuff. that seemed I _
It^e fcta
to crowd them out. We are begin- ,, ,
all. the
v ning their publication again and we . .
jority, 2
desire to state that after they appear
even tli
in The Herald and News they will be
not giv
revised and published in pamphlet
form. If any who may see this desire
got nau
-a copy of the pamphlet please send
ed. So)
name and address to Mr. A. H. Kohn,
otner f;
Columbia, S. C.
the pai;
These are very interesting articles v-ere ac
and are worth preserving- and they coui(j g(
can be had in no other way ihan by cjiem
keeping a copp of The Herald and r(
News or securing a copy of the nQr jj
pampnlet. Only a limited number of gtate h;
copies of the pamphlet will be messag.c
printed. governo
we notice from the J\ews and tourthat
ier that Dr. Olin Sawyer of
the edit
Georgetown will prab&bly enter the
zales. c
race for governor. Dr. Sayyer is a
fine gentleman and has had large exmessage
fperience in public life, having served
not seei
ii the legislature for several terms
read tii
t>Oiii Georgetown county and is now
three c<
mayor of the city of Georgetown. He
peare ii
is a fine speaker and one of the quickand
est at repartee in t'ne Stati and would
make a -vigorous campaign should he
the pap
to enter. He has been aliened
must be
with the Blease faction, if you are
fore the
ready to term it a faction or to recogwhen
nize tactions in this State at all, but
But the]
he is broad-minded and liberal in hifi
of N. G.
views and would be a governor of all
er. We
the people in the event of his elecfew
tion. If he should enter"ne would add
than an
zest to the campaign.
since w<
The free conference finally cut out Press 0
llie section qf the liquor bill requir- not
iii?; grips containing liquor to be wa>*s re
labeled. But they left the 60 pints of 5tron? 8
beer a month and the privilege to a Parns
make your own wine. So there are ais par
a few personal privilege stil left to k*m to (
the individual. x%as a
It was
The Herald and News prints the tUIe ^
W cl S Dclc
article from Mr. Swearingen which
i. j -ru r.4 * strongly
was printed in <T.he State, giving a review
of the educational system of the ant* t?le
vV'&S V6T
State and the development of the same
which is worth your while to read iLe' * 11
and to lay aside for future reference.
It contains much valuable informa- ^reak ^
.. loom do
ators in
a quoru]
We have not heard any tiling recenti
\ ivw
ly about a better fire alarm system
for Xewberrv. There should be some, j ^c;?a al
thing done about this. The alarm i-ams> 1
should be so that the firemen could w"e *^e
ihear it. at least. If we had a paid do- lt,ueis *
ipartment it would make very little dif- 1 li:e Vcl
ference. because u would be better to |
have only the firemen attend a fire, ne ^as
'but as it is the firemen themselvs cannot
hear the alarm. And when a fire ^eiP*nS
alarm system is installed it should coullt* h0
give the alarm so that any citizen 01 Tne
might be able to locate the community isted at
in which the fire is. anti-Till
m not so bi
? * A *' *'! I' r? T"* A 11 X' r> -r?r\ f\T\
i r,.vi i-rir i II j vvu
The State of last Friday celebrated j We ar
the twenty-fifth anniversary of its j grown a
foilndinar. It contains manv interest-;.- one o
ing articles by men who were connect- try. it
<ed with it in the days gone by. Gcnzale?
The event calls to our mind many while he
things. It is now a great newspa- j itics for
per and has lived through some very period o1
trying ordeals. When it was first de- not agr<
' cided to establish the paper the idea force an
was to secure stock from people in at times
the diffeernt towns of the State. We lie.
remember ivery distinctly the visit of Ambrc
v Gonzales to Newberry, and | the guiding genius which h
went with him to see a mini- tiie business and the paper,
people, and that he secured j ?le has been hard, but si
xk in Newberry. Those were : crow ncd hi.s labors. He
lays and days of bitter fac-1 genial and pleasant, big h
i srenerous.
ere the correspondent at Xew- j We congratulate The Stal
>r ihe paper for the first year | ing its twenty-fifth anniv
a good deal of special work wish it many more years
. Columbia and at other places, and usefulness.
^member that at the session of m'
i Tne Spartanburg Herald
slature following its establish!
letter from Uir. S. L. Drag
t the fall of 1892 we reported ! . , . ,
| question which seems nov
aie for the paper, and it was' . .. e
1 v j gaging the attention of th
job. The factional lines were that counry. :'?Ve judge fr<
rly drawn that a reporter for iL;o ietLi.;- tl.~i .YIx\ Dra?
te was given no privileges at to a bond issue. We wer
other faction being in the ma- j dering, however, if this ?
md the hatred so strong that ani relation of our old Co
, , - . , ., Drag of whom The Herali
te clerk of tne senate would
I nas been writing for the j
e us any lniormaiion, or any j
years. Col. Drag, whom w
to the nailers, and what *ve i
j to maKe famous, is aiso 01
to be taken as it was present-' , , .
I that a bond issue is not r
ne of the politicians of ] have good roads. .Just u:
action would not even touch j0?. ari(j thing is done
>er. So they said, but they; The Herald says anothi
cused ct* reading it when they: this connection wliich is
st off where no one would seej'l.here is no such thing as
j ent road. And that maint
thon OAVOr- ! proper maintenance is th?
ruicuiuci mat nit iuvii | R.
Tillman, would not let The j c0 ha\e Permanent roads.
ave an advance copy of his ;
,,! Anderson and Spartanbu
>, as :s customary with all!
i vi-ved their chambers of
rs. We remember, also, very!
! How about Newberry? Is
y mat the night of the day I . , . .
I one here who is interested
' luessa?c was P^ented that | a chamber of commerce?
or of ;^,ile State? Gon- j gentieman say the other d
ame into the office about 12 J very fond of Newberry ai
an the proof sheets of the berry people?that Newbei
; were on his desk. He had best dead town in the woi
a them until at that hour. He j good town and has good p
e message over and wrote & goo^ count} and surroundj
3lumn review of it'which ap- but lacks the spirit of co<
4. ~a business way. We have
1 the paper the next morning,
that with the revival <
i best review of it that was i
j our people would see the a
in any paper in the State. And ...... , . .
! getting together and work:
er came out on time. And u
for the advancement of the
: remembered thst this was be- ...
commercially and that W(
time of type setting machines, the spirit Qf cooperation
1 tne composition was. by hand, j that it pays to pull togeth
re have been few, if any, equals ! ^
Gongales as an editorial writ- j SOTICE OF JURY DI
think he could put more in a j .Notice is hereby given t
rds and put it more strongly undersigned jury commis
y editor that we have known ^e^kerr> county, S. C., wi
. , , fice of the Clerk of Court 1
2 have been connected with the
rv rnnntv. at nine o clock a
r this State. Many times we 3"rdj 1916 openI}. and pu
agree with him, but we al- the names of Thirty-six (31
ad what he wrote. His was a shall serve as Petit Jur
ind a trenchant pen. He was ^ourt of General Sessions,
. .. i.ij convene at Newberry Cou
an. as he frequently told ue,
March 20th, 1916, and will (
tisanship frequently carrying
! one week. We will also a
extremes as v.e saw it. but He j time and pIace draw (he
ird and a fearless fighter. j Twelve (12) men who ehs
; at this session of the legissla- Grand Jurors for one yea]
i92), that the dispensary law February 21, 1916.
ised. The senate was not as JNO. L. EPPS
T- ? -r-k TT ATT
r?.,, , I .)A5. a. nALt
Tillman as was the nouse, I
.1X0. C. GOGG
fight against (he dispensarv . .
3 | Jury Commissioners for
y long and bitter in tht sen- j County, S C.
id the night the law finally j 2-22td.
the sergeant at arms had to j
own oue of the committee j
ors to bring some of the sen- j
lo the chamber in order to get j I
member mat at the reporter's
that session was A. B. Wilhen
ihe editor of the Green- V^/TX
ws. He was writing editorial \ i 3 3
rom Columbia for his Green- ! P'l&S GTlCl Cll
per, and also reporting the QfYlCtlv Cfl^l
yr the News and Courier. And
very kind to the young man j we will be c
s representing The State in
us to get matter that we cheaper, at
t otherwise secure on account
ictional differences which ex- your suppn
that time. Mr. Williams was Tjtt i 1
man, but the Tillmanites were
iter against him and tlie *Vews j S tTlClt CLi
rier as they were The State, i
e giad that the paper . has;| QlVCTl US* (IT
iiil prospered ami ihat now it 11
the b<ist dailies :n tho conn- || U)1fl
was the editorial pen of N. G. J p .
. mat gave U its star, and OjteY yOU 0
> was in the minority in pol-;
many years of the struggle ^
t the paper the people who did
?e with him recognized the
^ fVio vicrnr rvf ,h;i<? nPTl. PVen if i oiTMn*rn>e /
it was inclined to be vitrio- 3UM1V1E.1131
?se E. Gonzales was and ie
as built uf George Washington Is Dead. ] STATE 0
m Some time ago Undertaker P. F. ' Count
Tne strug-- !
Baxter, accompanied by his colored ; p>v q q
lccess lias driver, Milton Shears, was traveling i whereais
always through the country with the hearse.
, suit to m<
tearted and They passed a field in whicn several
darkies were at work. As soon as the
<n'' T A A I
hearse hove into sight one of the;
.e on reach- dropped everything and ran ; These ?
ersary and out to the road and hailing the two j admonish
of service men 011 the driver's seat called out: j and credi
"Say mistah, who's dead?"' I ford, dec]
As he waited for the answer Milton : pear befo
Shears' southern darkey humor came! bate, to 1
1 prints a Lq thg surface and repiied: | ^ Frida>
on the road ''George Washington." j jicat^on t
v to be en- An old colored mammy 'way back 1 ^
. .r. ^ 1- -..j ,A , , forenoon,
e people of m the w"? didn't catch the name
Dm the tone sang out in high C: 1
, "Who did he say was dead sonny?'' should nc
; is opposed I **1
Sonny turned and putting his hands tjiven 1
r\ 111 Of . _ .
around his mouth to make his voice i 01 rebruz
dr. Drag is carry( yelled out to the bunch in the i
1. Split Log field:
? and News "Gawg Washington."
past several The old colored mammy threw up Wheneve
e have tried hcr hands as sile exclaimed: j
"Oh, I knowed him! An' he's done
the opinion . ,, Trr ? r . chill Ton
gone an died! Well, well, poor fe'- General '
iecessar> to ]ah!'' well know
se old split ?rrr>? an^
! rut Mali.]
To DrJve Out Malaria **?ilds up
er thing in And Build Up The System
Take tbe Old Standard GROVE'S; ttZ&W
very true. TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
a perman- wnai you are *aK.ing, as ine iornuia is ,
printed on every label, showing it is j
enance and Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form. \
e only way The Quinine drives out malaiia, the:
Irov builds up the system. 50 cents j | u ^
Subscribe to The Herald and News j
rg nave recomemrce.
- ? .
; there any
AA/e have nothii
ay-andhe f f ? ]Qt tO
[id the New
ry was 'the
rid. It is a ?
>peration in DANIEL FROHMAN \
been hoping \
)f business Presents
advantage of FRANK LOSEE ?
ing together mi
! community
! :rLg: "The Old Homestead" Home
er* tures c
? A Famous Player?Paramount ____
tAWING. jn pjve ^c^.g Get th
hat we, tiie
sionere for
il at the of!or
m., March W1
blicly draw
5) men who Signal Features Pr
ors at the **
"Tk? r.jvi
continue for j
it trie same j
; names of, .
!?AiNS, ~
Newberry ' Tbe Herald and News one year forr
i $1. This offer is open to old of new j
subscribers and is good until March. 1.
=??= T(
E! Automobile Owners 0
zh 1st we will sell sup3
repair work only for
2. This will mean that
ible to do your work j
id will he a saving in
appreciate the husiJ)
A ntn. Owners have i
id we assure you that j mi
z cash business better th
et accustomed to it.
uni/ir i lilt - c,
jMAul Lower ifiain oi. %
* I
PARAGE, Upper Main St. Ne
. Schumpert, Probate .Judge. /. I 1
s, Lillie G. Langtord made j /'}/'/ '4 /ft
? to grant her letters of ad-; s^?,J*K^lfe?L
on of the estate and effects /l\I
all and singular the kindred H? jfl
lors of the said D. A. Lang eased,
that they be an ap- I GOOD EYESIGHT AND J
re me, in the Court of Pro- : 'i1
be held at Newberry. S. C.. GOOD WORKMANSHIP
r, March 3rd next, after publereof.
at ii o'clock m the j 0ften go hand in hand. The
to show cause, if any they , , . ,
.. .. . workman who is handicapy
the said administration * .
it be granted. Pe" by defective vision is of
inder my hand this 18th day ten UnCOnSCKMSly limiting
lry. Anno Domini, 1916. hjs opportunities for advance
J.P.N.C. ment 1
~ . If your work requires the
r You Need a General Took ; , , , ?
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e world.'
J. A. Burton
The Real Estate Man d
wberry, - - S. C.
' .'-J

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