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Kmic. I?l Votn At ><! +lk tli
" W .^*7 MPJ ! VIC VI ? V l/vr vv MV-UOVO ?"
Pass Resolution to Adjourn
News and Courier.
Columbia, Feb. IS.?The anti-compact
bill, to prohibit the stamping bureau
of the Southeastern Underwriters'
association to fix rates in South
Carolina, passed third reading in the j
k .house this morning, ine passage of
the Laney-Odom* measure was preceded
by a lively filibuster. Wh3n the roll
Ijf* was called on recommitting the bill,
the vote resulted 31 to 63. as follows?
aye, (10 kill the bill) nay, (for the
Yeas?Speaker J. A. Hoyt, Arnold,
Austin, J. W. Boyd, Brigham. Carey,
Chapman, Charles, Cherry, Durst, Friday,
Hammond, W. W. Harris, Huffn
L" /v f T O P v A *1 A 1 AP >?'.! M H
illdii, ixmg, .titauo, bauiuuc,
T. M. Lyles, Means. Melt'i, Moise, Momeier,
Morrison, Mower, Rush, Searson,
Senseney, Shirley. J. F. Walker,
Jr., Wingard?31.
Nays?lA.tkinson, Baker, Belser, Berry,
Blue, Bowies, Bradford, Brown, J
*- Burns, Dantzler, Dennis, DesCamps, j
Dew, Dixon, Ethridge. Folk, J. J. M. '
O A r* wa'aa Aro tr/1 An LI n
Uri auaili, O. a. Ui allo.i?i, vjri ci.' vavyn, nai per,
Hubbard, Hutchison, Hutto, Jack- j
eon, Lane, Lee, Leland, Lofton, Mc\
Keown, McLaurin, McMahan, Malpass, (
J. M. Martin, Massey, Moore, Muldrow,
Nunn, Odom, Oxner, Pegues, Rarnseur,
Reid, Rivers, L. M. Rogers, W.
v S. Rogers, Jr., Russell, Sanders, Sellers,
Shuler, Smith, Strom, Sturkie,
^ Toole. Traylor, Yarn, Wagnon, Wal- ,
r - I
lace West, White, Williams, 'Wc/rk- (
man, Wright, Zimmerman?65. j ^
The bill wa6 then ordered returned t
to the senate with amendments. !,
f In connection with the passage of i
the bill Commissioner McMaster's let- j
ter. which was read, is here given. It e
reads: ?,v
Afternoon Session. j j
At the afternoon session the house
took up the amendments of the tax j
commission ac-. Mr. Muldrow vigor- p
ously attacked the commission, and c
Mr. Liles as vigorously defended it. ' E
Mr. McMahan opposed tbe amendment b
for the reviewing board. ! A
Messrs Huffman, Liles and Berry f
offered an amendment providing for a a
reviewing board to consist of seven j r<
members, one from each congressional ti
district. The house passed the bill to a
third reading and it was ordered print- ! rr
ed in the iournal ! r
At {he night session, as a personal | w
favor to Mr. Senseney. the house
passed a resolution to pay J. H. Lei
February 23rd, a
Uf* I
lousm l!
Written and sta
Hilliard. Great
Charles Hilliard, IV
ler, Pearl West,
Grace Wilbur and IV
Swindler, Carroll
U? UClLiCI <XIil
PRICES: Adults 3
? 1
\ Reserved
! mack for back pen-ion?.
I "1 he house, by a of 20 to (13. re;
fused to pass the concurrent resolu1
tion fixing lomoirow for final ad!
pournment. The house refused to take
! up jhe bill amending the iax commisi
I sion act and providing for a consti;
tutional amendment for divorce.
: The house passed the Nickels-S'ner|
ard bill carrying for high
! school aid for the first six months of
j this year.
I The house agreed to the senate bill
i of Mr. Verner that only "competent
stenographer^ and typewriters" be
employed in the engrossing department.
The bill to license State insurance
brokers who do business in the State
was passed. The bill provides thai i
brokers shall pay a license and give I
The report of the conference com-J
mittee on hie Carlisle f\vo-quart liqcor i
bill was received and ordered I
printed. j
Mr. White, of Clarendon, objected to
an editorial in (ho Johnston Times and
the suggestion that he indulged in too j
much levity. He insisted that he wasi
serious. 'The plans are now to adjourn
Verner Bill Passes,
The Verner bill to impose restric-,.
tions on scholarships was passed with j .
an amendment ihat the board of charities
shall investigate and report on (
those holding or accepting scholar- ,
ships or receiving free tuition. The ,
house will meet tomorrow at 10 ,
The house agreed to the senate bill
relative to interest charges.
The house declined the proposition '
n innfVior nl o co /-in tVi.o tino rrl
LV/ tiCttlt UllVkUV,! Vil tllVy UVUl u ? Df
visitors of the Citadel. Mr. Berry
rhought it ill-advised to make anoth- ...
sr place merely because a member has
Deen left off the board. Mr. McMahan
:ried hard to have the position ere- ..
ited. v
Mr. T yles stated that Col. Lewis did n
lot desire to have 'ni6 name consider>d
for the position should It be pro- a
ided. Col. Lewis had no knowledge j
hat this bill was continued.
The house, at the request of Mr. g
rlills, passed Commissioner Watson's A
reposition as to working overtime in
otton mills as a substitute to the ^
'arl? Senate bill. Tf added to the bill
y way of amendment the bill of
lessrs. H. H. Harris. Lee, Moore, ^
'ant, W. H. Rogers, Jr., J. <W. Boyd
na ijixon ana Massev ana jengnam | jc
elative to docking. The bill allows
le operatives to supply substitutes r
nd that no operative shall be docked \V
'h^n is paid thp substitute or
3st. The overtime and docking bills r
ere combined. th
suoscrioe to roe weraia ana .News ^1
Y* an
! WO
t 8:30 o'clock Ipr;
j \vh
i tbc
Giselle i
i i
ged by Charles jmB
1 ! I
cast, including t
lisses Bess Kib- ?
Eva Goggans,
lessers J. Lance
D. Hipp, Dr. |
i Gustav Hou- c
!' i CJ
I e:
15c j ^
25c P
Seats 50c
i'.rr: NEWS OF 1'KOSrEKlTV. 1
! I
.liaiij, l'i osp< rityites See ^Kirth <?i aj
xiiiioh ?Kv v. Fulemvider on
M'liKractrt* fJniidiiig.''
j I
Prosperity, Feb. -1.?Mr. and Mrs. '
R. C. Counts and children of Colum- !
bia spent the weekend with rela-;
I ti?es. I;
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wise "have re- j;
i turned from Atlanta, where Mr. Wise j j
bough; another care of mules. j j
j The following were in Columbia |;
last week for th "Birth of a Nation.5'j;
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Dominick, Mr. and u
Mrs. J. B. Hartman, Mr. and Mrs. J. \
D. Quattlebaum. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Mitchtil,
Dr. and Mrs. G. Y. Hunter, Dr. t
STJfi \TrS P I\ W) pplor Mr (Jill] \1rc I .
r . h. Scliampert, Mesdames G. 11
W. Harmon. L. W. Harmon, Rosa Les-; v
ter; Misses Willie Mae Wise, Marieyj i
Schumpert, Blanche Kibler, Clara I I
BrGwn. Susie T.angford, Annie Lee | n
Langford, Mrs. M. 0. Morris; Messrs.!
G. D. Brown \V. H. Brown, G. A. ! p
Push. Pierce Scott, Fred Bedenbaugh, ^
Br E. X. Kibler, W. .!. Wise. L. M. | b
V>'ise. iil is Wheeler, .1. F. Brown, 0. St, Vi
.Miller. J. I). Hunt H. J. Rawl, .T. A. ' ^
T'aker, Frank Earl Schumpcrt and jr
Everton Hartman. j r(
i 'J
,.cv. Fullenwiaer save a very in-1 p
p.riitiiig and instructive talk at h
L-: ace church Sunday evening undr;
the auspices of the Young People's so- [
:iety, his subject being: "Character j ^
"uilding." The vocal solo "All Ye
k'v Iio Seek" which was rendered by
FLev. .J. B. Harmon, ?\as enjoyed. ,1
Mr. H. J. Haw) has gone to St. j _
jioige to visit his brother.
Dr E. P. Taylor, Mr. J. C. Taylor of
>atesburg, spent Sunday at the home
>i Rev. E. P. Taylor.
Messrs M. C. Morris, P. C. Singlev
ind Webb Wheeler spent Monday in
Mr. R. S. Hawkins who was hurt
.* f AA V V\*r i
[<Jl n ccn. UJ lllS> lUUlO 'UjXXC Ug (I "ay
rhile he was log-carting, is resting
Mrs. W. T. Gibson has gon= to j
Liidrews Co visii ii^r daughter, Mrs. j
chn Grant.
Mesdames John Caughman. X. L.;
lack Miss Essie Black, spent Friday!
;th Mr. L. A. Black.
Misses Nannie Wheeler and Lera
ivingston of Summerland college
pent Sunday at home.
Mrs. Pat Mitchell has as her guest I
[iss Vernie Brown of Newberry.
Miss Annie Fellers of Chitora col- V
ge spent the week end at home. H
Mr. and Mrs. Perry and Miss Agnes
uff of Fairfield spent the week end I
ith Mr. Will Ruff.
miss Anne Laurie bester is home j
tcuperating from an operation of the j
roat. jgj
Miss Helen Vaughn of Columbia is |
siting Mrs. J. D. Quattlebaum.
Mrs. B. B. Sehumpert is spending a j
w days in Columbia with her daugh- j
r, Mrs. P. C. Singley, who underwent j
operation at the Columbia hospital !
veral days ago.
Miss Rhoda Bowers and Mr. Allie j
wers were married Sunday after- j
n at."> o'clock at the home of the j
ide by Rev. E. P. Taylor The j
itie is the youngest daughter of Mr. | Toui
d Mrs. J. Lindsay Bowers of sear;^^
osperi y and is a charming young i
man. Mr. Bowers, the groom, is a 1 Tour
, . Rood
Dsperous young farmer of Chapin, |
.ere the young couple will make Coup
!ir future home. The dining room feda
s beautifully decorated in cut flow- J
and Southern smilax, where the pane
*sts were served a most delight- ExPn
| Static
course supper.
^he bride was beautifully gowned Open
a suit of blue wiih accessories to St*kt
tch. On Monday the groom's Bus'
ther entertained at a big dinner for
bridal party.
he friends of Mr. and Mrs. Bowers
h them all happiness and sueDINGUS
"hey will be filled
/ith system a ti c
are by people of :
kill and experince,
and as quickj
as possible.
r vii ii7 n .
. L. flfAI, uruggist
Newberry, S. C.
Telephone 158.
c\t.s oil their jo.irney of life.
Miss Saiiie Mae Franklin of Gold
siniih. attended the Bowers-Boweri
wedding and will spend a rew days
wi;h Miss Pet Powers. Also a number
of cars came up from Chapin foi
Lie wedding.
Such a wedding as Prosperity lias
never before seen or experienced in
all its history of fashionable nuptial
affairs is announced for Friday evening
at 8:30 o'clock centering society's
merest and focusing the pleasurable
Anticipation for the coming week. iThe
own hall will be the scene of the
onspicuous e^ent, the patricipams in
vhicli are all prominent and popular
Prosperity. Of many fearures enirely
unique the most strikingly so
vill be the fact that all members of
he large and elaborate wedding party
nil be of the masculine gender. This
s most unusual in weddings and will
end a touch of originality which will
"i.ikp its w.ide appeal.
The bride is to be Miss Trie Schumc:t.
Alien Crosson wil be the bride
room. Miss (Artie Lee Wheeler will
p maid of honor and dame cf honor
ill be Mrs. Burnie Wheeler. the
rides maids including the follow.
ig dainty group: Temporary Misses
snnie Southbaum, Ernestine Werts,
allie Wise, Pattie Mitchell, Donnie
... , I
The dainty little flower girls will fca '
The groomsmen are: Messrs Pick
angford, Halston Kibler. Tince Moj*s.
Sidney Kohn, Thompson Shealy
ndrew Dominick.
When Detroi'
that produces more tha
the cars manufactured in
SKAUTS Kir nffinal fl rniTQC i
OA1V fff O MJ VI 1 BV1UA IflgUl VO 1
of 1915 MORE Studebak
troit streets than any ot
more than $500
40 horse power
7 passenger
rour Cylinder Models
ring Car, 7 passenger $ 845
Ister, 3-passenger 825
lau-Roadster, 3-passenger .... 1145
Six Cylinder Models
ing Car, 7-passenger . $1050
Ister, 3-passenger ....... 1025
au-Roadster 3-passenger 1350
ie, 4-passenger . 1600
n, 7-passenger 1675
usine, 7-passenger 2500
Half-Ton Commercial Cars
l nAi:..AM. eo-r
* JL/tiiv cri y vai <>0 / J
ess Body 8S0
in and Baggage Wagon .. . 875
One-Ton Commercial Trucks ^
Express, complete $1200
: Body, complete 1250
16-passenger, full equipment 14C0
F. O. B. Detroit
Lower Main St. N<
[ Ki 1:e vV.hee'.er, Waltie Wise. Piercie i
. | Scott, Prince Harmon and ihe win5
j ^ome Jakey Singley and Fennie Calmes
; 1 will be ring bearers.
Mr. Ada Baker will be father of the
bride and Mrs. Christena Saner will
be the mother: R. I. Standemayer!
? T J ? : - i- it t, I
i ; a.L.u. ratri unt; >v ei is ill De me .?1110- j
. J gether up to date parents of the bride, j
. j groom. j j
The wrong reverend Geo. V: Hunter i <
will be the impersonating clergyman,' i
The wedding march will be played by j
Miss Normandie Weseinger. : ]
Another out of the ordinary thing j
about this wedding is that admission ' .
i ;v
, will not be by card but by 20 and 10 \ \
| cents and the object is not to keep i
the public out hut to bring them in . i
It is needless to say that it Is not a : \
real wedding but a burlesque. It ii | E
to be given by the Library society as
a. means of raising much needed ?
Mission Study ('lass. j \
The Mission Study class that meets | t
every Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock.' a
at the residence of Mrs. .J. H. Sum-! t
mer. is studying The King's High- c
YV 9 V
. .. w ; a
! The incidents given are full of inter- l<
| est and pathos, beng gathered by Mrs. 1 tc
! Montgomery and Mrs. Peabody with a;
their two daughters, traveling in ' d
Egypt, India, Burma, China and. Ja- j p,
pan. | m
All of the ladies in that part of the !
town are cordially invited to attend. A
The studies are on the cooperative
plan. 2i
t the city
n three-fourths of
i the United States
:or the entire year
ers in use in Deher
car selling at
?what surer
you follow in I
Think for a minute?think wh;
ship in Detroit means to YOU
a car, you'd take his advice on
r? - - ?
?tigure in your own mind th
Here's a whole city that KNO1
better than any other city on t
Detroit's BIG industry is mal
people in Detroit are either dir
dustry or else come into daily i
that knowledge of cars is far r
than in any other community.
-- 1 Fk.J M 1 '
rtiiu so- wnen ueiron maKes or
ence in cars?no man can overl
er he's running a farm in Sou
Colorado or a fruit orchard in
that in the judgment of the cit
Studekaker gives the top VAL1
See the Car that Detroit PI
FORTY Horse Power, SEVEN
Studebaker at $845 the GR
the year.
South Bend, Ind. Detroit, Mi
Address all corespondence
More than 214,000 Studebc
jwberry, S. C. and Cc
*'3I?ck Wi'ddina:" ?o Be i'ejK at<*d.
Through the generosity of Mr.
Welis, Friday, February 25 has been
givn to the Calvin Crozier chapter as
a I'enefit Day.
>"i:iurrcu.; requests having been
;::ade for a repetition of "The Mock
Wedding," which was such a success
A fpw Wpplrs n OTt fbo fh lTltor Offoin
? . w ?? vf vuv V4*U|>I.va a^a>i tL
invites the public to witness tnis social
event and promises a more charming
affair even than bfore.
The hour is 8:30 prompt. ?T;he admission
price is only 1"> cents for both,
pictures and ceremony. The pictures
>:art at the usual hour. So everyone
- ill surely get tlieir monep's worth.
Ml yho were present bfore wil surey
want to come again and for tiiose
vlio were not herp is nnnrhar mto nn_
>ortiriiity to have a real good time.
Notice of final settlement.
Notice is hereby given .hat the unersigend
as administrator of C. w.
bishop, deceased, will make final set!ement
on the estate of said deceased
s such administrator in the office oft
he probate judge for Newberry
ounty on Saturday. March 18, 1916,
nd immediately thereafter apply for
?tters dismissory as such administra)r.
All persons holding claims
gainst the estate will present them
Lily attested before said date and all
ersons indebted to the estate will
ake paymenet.
dministrator of C. W. bishop, deceased.
* /
* C'?
" J
judgment can
raying a car?
at that Studebaker LeaderT
/?/? ? a i
. ii a iriena 01 yours has
buying a car in a minute
at he ought to KNOW.
CVS cars-and knows them
he face of the earth. For
ring cars. And so many
ectly engaged in the in;ouch
with others who are
nore general and EXACT
udebaker its own Preferook
that judgment, wheth:th
Carolina, a ranch in
California. For it means ,
y that knows cars BEST,
UE of the market. ; 3
DEFERS. See this new N
passenger, SERIES 17
EaT 4-cylinder Value of
ich. Waikerville, Out.
to Detroit, Dept. F.
iker Cars now in use
' m i lYfSI
ilumbia, S. C.

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