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The Mou*iuents of many People, Newberriaas,
and Those Who Visit
>en berry.
\V. H. Eddy, carrier 011 R. I" 0. .No.
4 has returned from a trip io Ninety
Six and Greenwood. I
Mr. E. F. Hammond, lately with The ;
Herald and News, was in the city Sun-'
<iay visiting his family. 1
Mrs. T. Cannon is ivisiting rela- |
lives at Little Mountain. S. C.?Eau
Claire cor. Record.
9 j
AlI'S. A. nvKL'ii jcteivcu u icic
gram from Charleston that her son
was '.ery i'l and she left immediately
.tor Charleston. , j
Ex-Gov. and Mrs. Cole L. Blease ;
epen; Sunday in the city and were ^
euests at Hon. Fred Dominick's birth- j
day dinner. I
Mrs. John Li. Mayes of Newberry, j
is visiting her sister, Mrs. James Hal- j
tiwanger. in Shan don for a shori j
Mr. E. M. Evans of Xewberry, was '
in the city this week to see Mrs.1
Evans, who has been at a local "hospital
for ten days.?Record.
Mrs. >\V. R. Reid who has been in a
hospital in Columbia for some time is J
?r?vffSn<r nn mffilv :inri will bp able tO !
come home very soon.
Mr. W. H. Farrow went to Green- j
wood Sunday to visit his aunt Mrs. j
George C. Williams, who is extremely j
ill. Mrs. Williams is the sister of Mr i
T. W. Padks of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. .James Brown. Mrs. D. |
- A. Livingston and Miss Mary Living-1
5ton spent Saturday and Sunday in j
Columbia at the home of Mr. John i
Dr. Z. T. Pinner of Pomaria, S. C.
returned from New York Sunday,
*'fcere he has been doing special work
in the New York Post-Graduate school j
i\nd hospital. * j
** ?? o TT ? 1 I
h'opo lil.iCI'U. .viarviu airuiuiei", nuiPaysinger
and George Sligh went
to Columbia in Mr. Sligh's car last
Friday to see the "Birth of a Na <on."
Mr. Henry Player left Sunday night
on the "Cannon Ball for Princeton,
Fla., where lie has been assigned to a
position in the l.'nited Srates government
Mr. E. M. Evans went to Columbia
on Saturday and returned on Monday.
Mrs. Evans who has been in
the hospital for some time, her
many friends will be pleased to know
will be home this week.
Among other Xewberrians in Columbia
to see "The Birth of a Nation" last
week yere: Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Parr,
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
Will Sraittenburg, Mr. and Mrs. Will
' *
Mr. J. A. Dominick of Kinards, was
1 -i thfl t t nn n n r? -j ?
? < i lav wu ?
:The legislature adjourned sine die
^Sunday morning at 6:30 o'clock.
Sunday was a lovely day, excepting
a little wind.
Feb. 22nd Birthington's Wash
Pr>n^ "has rhp eriri?J-TpnHlitio That'*
all rght, it doesn't have to be labeled
T;Sand {he clay roads and clay the
sarid roads.
Governor signs act with teeth?
Headline. Are we to assume that the
governor's hands were tied?
A number of Newberrians went toj
Columbia last week to see "The Birth 1
- of a Nation."
The banks will be closed today in j
memory of the birth of Geo. Washing-1
The name of Summer W|se was
omitted from the honor holl last
Wn-d we are to have a chautauqua.
"fWell, we can't have too many she
* "Candidates are beginning to sprout
-and "if the sunny skies continue to
gmile, they will soon be in full bloom.
' "Chamber of Cgjgii&erfiSJ" Seems
J ?
like we have neara most- w<jiu? uc-j
Mrs. Anna Pearsol of Saluda, but
who is well known in Newberry, ir
dosperately ill in the Baptist hospital
in Columbia.
The Newberry Band will play during
the intermissions in "Cousin Isabe'le."
This is a treat all will enjoy.
If there is somebody in the city
that you want to see and you can't
find him, just go to the Arcade.
You'll find him there.
Although South Carolina has gone
mi ?->/- ! > M-m ho eorvpH in
U1 ? , SjpiiVCU jJUiiV.ll <? III UV ww . n-v - ?
"Cousin Isabelle' at the Opera House
0:1 Wednesday evening.
It is promised thai Miss Goggans
will do the best work of her career n
(amateur theatricals, as a militant suf;
fragette in "Cousin Isabelle."
| Remember The Old Homestead," a
j Famous Players in r> acts, is the Para!
mount picture at Leslie's Arcade today
Rev. Prof. A. Kizer of the college,
preached a splendid sermon to the
congregation of the Church, of the
Redeemer Sunday night.
Xewberry will play the Presby
terian college at Clinion next Thursday
nigh, in Newberry's tenth game
of basket ball.
Mr. Paul E. Anderson, proprietor
of Anderson Dry Goods company, accompanied
by Mrs. Anderson left Monday
for Baltimore and New York to
buy new spring goods. ?
We? 1 > does not boost any particular
picture at the opera house but endpavnrs
to make it ilie home for clean
pictures and the best that can be j
Don't forget that the opportunity to
get a real good newspaper for a whole
year for only one dollar will not last
long. The Herald and News is a good |
paper. I
There will be a "hot supper" ylven j
at Mr. Ben Uaiciweirs iriaay mgni,
February 25. 1916, for the benefit of
Lend Lane schol. Suppers 2 6 cents
Rev. Edw. Fulenwider preached a
sermon last Sunday morning on pre- j
paredness, which it would have been I
well for ebery citizen in town to j
have heard.
George Washington was born on
February 22nd and Fred Dominick on
Feb. 20th, which makes Fred just two
days older than George.
Caruso will positively appear at the
Opera House on Wednesday evening.
We do not refer to the famous tenor,
but to a one-eyed torn cat, used Id
"Cousin Isabelle."
Charles Hilliard, author and producer
of "Cousin Isabelle" is a South
Carolina boy who is well known on
The professional stage as an actor and
singer. ,
If you are well-to-do, it is rathe^
unfortunate if your birthday anniversary
comes cn Feb. 29, but if you
are poor, it doesn't make any material
Viola Stewart, for living the easy
life as a vagrant plead not guilty in j
the recorder's court. She was tried |
and found guilty and fined $10 or 30 I
The infant son. Cole L., of Mr. and
Mrs. S. B. Miller of 715 Floyd street,
died Sunday night and the remains
were shipped Monday noon over the
Southern to Batesburg for burial.
"Hats o: at the picture show,
please." This is a good propaganda
for somebody to take up. As it is
now, the gander might as well stay
at home and let the goose have the
whole show.
Simon Robinson, an old offender
was np before the recorder Monday
morning for using abusive language,
He pleaded suilty for which the re- i
corder gave him some credit and I
fined him $2 or four days.
Paramount pictures are the highest j
class productions obtainable and j
judging from the crowds that attend !
rhe Arcade, Mondays and Fridays, tney |
are taking with the patrons of this
popular little playhouse.
Early Monday morning, Mr. W. "R
Farrow received a telephone rnesssage
from Greenwood stating that his aunt
Mrs. George C. Williams, died Sun
day night and would be buried at
Greenwood Monday afternoon.
The infant daughter, 'Annie Rose, of
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Nichols, died Sunday
night in the Cornith community
of Saluda county and was buried Monday
afternoon at 3 o 'clock i n the Corni;h
cemetery. Rev. W. A. Button
conducted the ceremony.
In a basKeioan contest oaiuiu^
night at the college gymnasium the
Newberry team defeated the Citadel
37 to 19. This is Xeyberry's ninth
victory. What's the use to play the,
other games? Doesn't every one know
who the winner is?
Saturday's crowds at The Arcada
broke all house records; the pictures
were fine and everyone went away
with a satisfied look. Leslie knows
jus. what his patrons want and he
gives it to them regardless of expense
and without raising his prices.
The rural carriers will hake no
deliveries today; the city carriers will
make the moiling delivery and the
postoffice wil be open from 9 to 11 at
I an windows, mis is me uiruiuay oi
the late lamented Geo. Washington
and a legal holiday.
A gentleman who has traveled over
most of the counties 11 eastern section
of tfce Siate says that Newberry
is the most prosperous town he has
visited. Good for old Neyberry!
The gallon-a-month has now been
reduced to two quarts a months. This!
! means South Carolina has been on a
big drunk ever since Colonial times,
and she is now tapering off. She has i
always been a grand old State, even
in the days when she was a sot drunkard.
What will she be when she gets
plain sober?
;l.he mail carrier saw two moose j
and a track that thouglit mighi have
been made by a panther one day last
week.?Smyrna cor. Lincoln Chronicle,
Me. Newberry rural carriers
HI"e , IIOL iryilUICU auuui ana |
panther tracks, but if they were to
strain their eyes a little, they might !
discern the outlines of a blind tiger i
! track, now in the while on their daily
The Hazards of Helen will be rejourned
at the opera house next Wednesday
March 1. The Kalem people
are the originators of the railroad series
and they have recently doubled
| ineir equipment for this picture. Miss
j Gribscn is by far the most daring of
i the actors in the movie world.
Tne total amount coiiected for the J
i work 011 the seeei bridge road or the
Dead Fall road from voluntary subscriptions
was $163.10; the total
amount expended, $191,25; leavng a
deficit o: $28.15. The farmers along
the way furnished their teams without;
cost and the money spent was to pay
the drivers, il'ae money contributions
were from the merchants and city of
Newberry. The road is being completed
down to the river. The Herald
and News will print the itemized
statement in Frday's paper. 'We did
net receive the copy until 12 o'clockMonday?too
late to handle for this
issue with the other copy we had.
Mr. Robert E. Leavell, wno is
spending a few days in Newberry with i
his family sent us a letter written on
the great Lackinaw railroad when he
was en route to Buffalo and Niagara
and on to Canada. The point of the
letter was that he had the pleasure
of reading The Herald and News on
this journey and it called to his mind
the fact that there was after all no
place like Newberry, and surrounded
S by al! the beauty of the scenery and
the wealth of this great section he
longed for the old home. He is the
Southern representative of the Casket
Hardware Manufacturing company of
Detroit, Mich., and sells to the jobbers
of the South.
LA. copy of the Lincoln Chronicle, a j
paper pUDIlSilta Hie lai-ana/ ciaic
of Maine, lias been received by the
reporter from a friend and brother
Odd Fellow, Mr. W. H. Dovette. of
Lincoln, Me. In looking through this
paper we see a lot of names of people
which almost make us believe they
ae Xewberry names. For instance.
Dennis, wens, rayior, rerrv, v^uam- j
bers, Bennett. Greene, Carson. Wilson,:
Clark, Hunt, Harris. Cook. Davis, j
Gee, Robinson, Xeal, White, Bowers,
Caldwell. Lee. Higgins. Williams, Portr,
Mclntyre, 'Ward, Hamilton, Burton.
Bruce, Sievens, Wheeler. Smith.
Adams. .Tones, Richardson, Payne
Farrar, McKinney. Brown, Griffin and
Johnson. These are good, wholesome.!
home-grown names and we venture
there is no foreign riff-raff in and
; about Lincoln. Maine.
Must Know More Than the Dofir
A physician was driving through a
village when he saw a man amusing
a crowd with the antics of his trick
dog. The doctor pulled up and said:
"My ijear man, how do you manage
to train your dog that way? I
I can't teach mine a single trick."
Tho pian elanced up with a simple j
rustic look and replied:
"Well, you see, its tnis way; you
have to know more'n the dog or you i
' * arn him nothin.'" j<
^ >
National Rank Lets County Have
Money for Less Than Four Per
Cent?The Other Bidders.
County Sunprvisnr.- Sainnle and
County Attorney Hollo way made a \
quick loan this year and at a very
low rare of interest. The county last
year paid six per cent, for the money
borrowed. This year the money is
secured at a less rate of interest than j
the State bonds were sold for.
rpi. 1 ^ 1 ^ i. ; j i,i i
i ne iegis:aiure auuionzea uie
county to borrow $2.",,000 on the'
pledge of the 3 1-2 mills levy and $6,- j
000 on the one mill levy for roads, j
Bids were asked for and when they
were ouened on Monday. It was found
rhat the National bank o? Newberry
had made the most favorable offer for j
counrv and the money was borrowed;!
from i'. The bid of the National bank (
was a rate of 3.90. The other bids :
were. The Savings bank 4.70; the Ex- i
change bank 4,."0; the Commercial j
bank 4.30.
fi he county has made a very fin*4 i
deal and the National bank has done 3 !
good service for the people in letting !
the county have money at this low !
' <
People of Prosperity >(o operating With
Supervisor in Building Fine
Koad to Steel Bridge.
Supervisor Sample is having some
fine work done on the steel bridge (
road from Prosperity to the Saluda g
river. The business men of the town j i
of Prosperity and the citizens along
the road have raised by private subscription
and work about $1,000 and
some cf the citizens on the Saluda
side of the river have contributed to
the work. Mr. X. L. Black of Saluda,
has made a contribution of $100 and j
vvith the chain gang and this help of j ^
Me citizens of the community the su;;crvisor
is pi -ting the road in fine J
condition. J c
It is being widened and a cover of j 1:
and where needed and clay where j 1
.ircded is being put down and when j1
completed will be one of the best | ^
roads in the county. It is a very imjoitan;
road for many of t'iie people r
of Saluda have Prosperity as their ?
r>-? r\ ??Lr r\ f nnrl r V? r\ nr u n t c o r\ e\ Imci
iiiai nci, anu me mui v nauio auu ^ ot r
uess men of the town realize the im- c
portance of a good road, and have j
gone down in their jeans and are help- 2
'ng the county to make them a good
road. i
The chain gang down there is in *
charge of Mr. Teague and he knows J
how to make a road and to get work (
out of the gang.
Best Ground Insert Dense. $1.50 to
$3.50 pair.
Best Ground Rimless Lens, $2.00 to
54.00 pair. ;
Kriptop $8.00 and up per pair.
Gold Filled Frames and Nose Mount- j
ings, $2.50 pair. j
Solid Gold Frames and Nose Pieces,
$4.00 pair.
Eyes tested and glasses fitted, j
Broken lenses and prescriptions dupll-j
cated. All work guaranteed. i
Jewelers and Optometrists.
P. C. JEANS & CO, 1
Are shown exclusively at 1
ing the best known plays ;
the following:
The Famous Players Fil
The Lasky Feature Pla;
The Oliver Morosco Phc
Pallas Pictures.
Matinee 3.15 p. m.
We wish it distinctly ur
that our Theatre is POSH
the city where you can s<
IN ;
"Lydia Gilmore"
Leslie's Arcade
? ?5> <s> <?> <$> ' > <$> '$> ' $ j
> SOCIAL. <?1
s> - ^ <S> |
A beautiful entertainment of Mon-!
lay evening was the Valentine Leap
i'ear partly ghen by Miss Carolyn;
-aitiwell at her heme in East Main,
street. The invitations were unique,!
One year in four
The girls adore
'Tis Leap Rear as you know
So be my guest, to laugh and jest, i
I'pon tne date below
February 14, 1916.
Miss Carolyn Caldwell, j
.1 ? u . 1 ~ U ? 1 J * * ~
?i tie uuuse wui> wdtuvrmay ueuuiciicu
viui red and ,-wbite hearts, Southern|
imilax and potted plants. 'The hal1
vas draped with chains of hearts I
:augi.t in cue center with cwo large:
iearts pierced with an arrow. The li-j
:rary also carried out the .'Valentine
dea in its decorations and here each J
;uest received a heart upon which]
i fortune was written and much fun
vas caused by the reading of t'aem.:
rhe game of the evening was "pro
? ? ~ ^ IT/\y? ?. An ai Tri n cr fh a
piwjjtwsaia. i ui icv.cinu& c-"c
greatest number of acceptances Miss
Sadie Fant was given a mock-diamond
'ing and the consolation prise fell to i
^i'.iS Woodie Bowman.
After the game tne guests were in-;
r*ited into the dining room where re-1
reshments were served. Heart shaped
ello and heart shaped cakes and caniies
still further carried out the day's!
Ti:e table had for a centerpiece, a!
nirror pond wiih a Cupid fishing f^ri
learts. Rod shaded candles and hearts
ilso added to the beauty of it.
The guests were Misses Estellei
Caldwell, Woodie Bowman, Octie Grif?n,
Ruth Halfacre, Sarah Halfacre,
l^ila Summer, Bonnie Lester, Sarah j
ETantt Maud Epting, Carabel West,
Fosie Reid, Sarah Williamson, Mar- j
?aret Burcon, Gladys Chappell, Ter-|
Jssa Maybin, iVerna Summer, and ;
Messrs. Frazier Evans, Richa/d Floyd,
3ennie Mayes, Robert Pool, Ned Pur?ell,
Stemple. Stuck, Stokes, Kiser,
3arre, Jack Smith, Lovell, Carroll.
Dennis, Earl Hipp, Wimoeriey, Marion
Blease, Haiger, Roy Summer, I
Fames Crotwell, Boozer, Riser, Shealy.j
Dave Caldwell.
int Plavs
the ARCADE. Featured
stars shown under
m Co.
y Co. j
itoplay Co.
Evening 7.15 p. m.
iderstood that we own
[rise for Newberry, and
'IVELY the only one in
- . i..
Opera House ]
isasntui wnue L.uoin tonwf
(Featuring Billie Reeves.)
Siren's Soag P
(Featuring Mile. Dian? and *?.
The following pictures will be
shown at matinee only; as the houa4
will be used that night for the presentation
of "Cousin Isabelle," under auspices
of high school:
The Destroyer Kalem
Thre? Acts.
(Featuring Xell Craig).
The Bandt of Maraoni Mountain
Kalem Comedy ^
(Featuring Bud Duncan and Ethel
V L S E Presents
Earle Metcalfe and Onni Hawley in
The Nation's Peril Lubin
Fiie Acts.
The Ben-Vande Co.
The South's largest
exclusive Dy- '
ers and Cleaners. Prices
the lowest
consistent with first j
class work.
AnilA 0 Ruff fn irranf
iauuv vi tiun vv?) ii^vm
Phone 84 v ^
| Dr. F. C. Martin |
SSpeSst I '
|ExaminesEyes, Fits Glasses^
| and Artificial Eyes
<$> x
If your eyes are giving youf
trouble djn't fail to consult him f
< > f
| Satisfaction Guaranteed. %
f Office ove. Anderson's Dry *
|>Goods Store. T
Lost?Little Brown male Slhepierci
puppy about ihre? months old, oil.
the streets of Newberry Saturdaj;
February 19. If found by any one
please leave notice at J. W. Counts'
grocery store. C. A. Countf.
2-22 It.
>Ve will be ?;t Pomaria Friday, February
26, to show our registered
Mammoth Black, Kentucky Jack.
And we will show 'nim at Chapin on ?
Satnrdav F^hrnarv 4. Rufue and
Charley Long.
For Sale?<A; good s ingle seated Koclf
Hill buggy at a reasonable price.
Apply 826 O'Neall Sr., Newberry,
S. C.
2-22-lt. *
Wanted?Eight lady canvassers to
canbass Newberry. Call at Newberry
Hotel. Tuesday morning at
8:30. J. W. Jennings.
For Sale?One good single cylinder
Harley-Davidson motorcycle in beet
* %
t running shape at the sacrifice price 'fr
of $55. T. E. Wicker.
p-p2-l t.
Ladies Make Shields at home. $10 for
100, work sent prepaid. No canvassing.
Send stamp. Ivanhoe Mfg. Co.,
St. Louis. Mo.
For Sale?Fodder,- ear corn, peas,
shucks and a nice young milk cow.
See J. H. Riser. Newberry, S.
Rnnridflrv St
Beardless Barley for sale. Jobnsoa
McCrackin Co.
For Sale^303 acres of land near
Whitmire. known as Alfred Denson
estate. Cheap for quick sale. Also
two store lots in Whitmire, "S. C.
W. S. Denson, Clinton. S. C.
Ksrcs from i>nre bred Ringlet Barred t|
Rocks and Mammoth Comb White
Leghorns; dollar for 15. E. W. Leslie.
Prosperity, S. C.

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