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The Movements of many People, >Te\r?
berrians, and Those Who Visit
Mrs. J. L. Wellington of Darlington
visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
()> Wells.
R. T. Bleasi*. of Chappell. spent last
Sunday at the home of Mr. and !Mrs.
L. B. Blease.?Saluda Standard.
Mr. Roy K. Frick, of Newberry college.
visited his home folks Sunday.?
Lexington Dispatch. .
M. A. GritYith went to Newberry Saturday
last 011 business.?Saluda Standard.
Miss Essie Black of Newberry, spent
Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
W. P. Butler on route 2.?Saluda Standard.
Mr. Roy Ballentine. of Newberry col
lege. visited Ins parents. Mr. and Mrs.
J. J. Ballentine on Route 2 Saturday
and Sunday.?Lexington Dispatch.
Miss Ethel Amick returned home after
two weeks with her brother. iMr.
G. H. Amick of Pomaria.?Peak cor.
Lexington News.
Mr. George Brown. State supervisor
of mill schools, visited this school last
Friday? Saxa Gotha cor. Lexington
George and .1. R. L. Rinehart visited
their untie. Pink Thomas at Newberry,
last Wednesday. Mr. ;Thomas is very
ill.?Saluda Standard.
Furman Dominick and Wilbur Taylor
of Prosperity, were in this community
Sunday.?Pleasant Grove cor. Saluda
Miss Fannie McCaughrin. of Newberry
is here to spend some time with
her sister. Mrs. .1. C. Harper.?Greenwood
Misses Nellie Adams and Ethel Rus- J
snprtt riif week-end in Wwherrv !
~~ 7. . ' . . **" j
visiting friends and relatives?Clinton;
Mrs. Duncan Jolinson has returned to
s her home in Newberry after a visit to
her parents. Capt. and iMrs. T. .J. Ducket:.?Clinton
Mrs. C. 'A. Renniker of Orangeburg,
and her little daughter are spending
s -me time with her father. Mr. J. A.
Burton and family.
Mrs. Smith accompanied Mrs. E. T. j
Carlson back to Newberry on Saturday I
last, where she will spend the ensuing j
week visiting Mesdames Carlson and J
"(Waters.?Indian cor. Saluda Standard.
H. L. Padgett and A. F. Corley made j
a business trip to Newberry /Wednesday j
to move back t<> Saluda E. B. Harmon |
and family.?Cross Road cor. Saluda
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Goff. of Indian
Creek, visited the past week at the j
home of Pink Thoma^ of Newberry.]
Mr. Thomas has been very low and is
still in a critical condition?Indian cor.
Saluda Standard.
Dr. Mottatt Kennedy and family of
Newberry arrived in Due West last week. '
They come to make Due West their
home. Dr. Kennedy has rented the
Caldwell home on Bonner street. His
dental office is up stairs in the Brooks J
building. Dr. and Mrs. Kennedy, both
are graduates of our institutions in Due ]
West. Our people are glad to have
them locate in our midst.?A. R. Presbyterian..
The rain fall on Wednesday night 1
was .71 inches.
The sunshine was bright and pretty ^
on Thursdav morning.
The candidates in this county are slow
showing up. Xo use to wait, the water L
is fine and the swimming good.
' Mr. T. E. (Wicker has been confined f
to his room with the grip for the past
several days. ^
Mr. .las R. Davidson, who has been
quite ill for several days is much im- |
rri._ nr.-? '. /-.f '
J. lie vvuiiiaii ? .uosiuuai t suv-ity v/i j
Central Methodist church will meet with j
Mrs. Geo. Epps next Monday afternoon!
at 4 o'clock.
After the snow the spring time weather
is come again and the farmers wilJ
be busy turning- the soil and planting
the seed for another crop.
Arcade is perfectly sanitary and (
well ventilated: tl?e management cordially
invites anyone to inspect the theatre
at any time.
Xewberry was not represented at the
rate hearing in Columbia on Wednesday.
Mr. C. E. Summer was sick and could
not attend. 1
^ * ? 1 - i
umy two more ciays in which iu uuv i
The Herald and News for a year fur
oniy one dollar. The sale positively stops
Saturday at that price.
Mary Pickford will appear in "The;
Foundling." a Famous Players- Paramount
at Leslies Arcade today (Fri- !
The Drayton Rutherford chapter, U. <
D. C.. finds it necessary to change the
date of meeting from March 7 to March
i I5Gov.
Manning has granted a parole
<4nriner pood behavior to T. E. Addv of '
I - - O - - " - -
" Newberry, who has been on the chain
I gang for about a year and had two more
to serve.
Iliver Movosco presents Constance
Collier in "The Tongues of Men." at 5part
Paramount, at Leslie's Arcade Monday.
March 6.
The proceeds of the picture show at
the opera house Friday will be turned
over to the Bachelor Maids. There wilt
! be music and readings from the best;
j talent in Newberry in connection with
! the pictures.
Wells will give the proceeds from the
movies at the opera house Friday to the
Bachelor Maids. Wells has been help
ing these organizations in this way for;
a long time. If you attend tonight you |
will see some good pictures and at the
same time contribute to a good cause.
Mr. Charley Crooks died at his home;
in West End on Wednesday afternoonn i
after a brief illness. He was about
I years old and 'leaves a wife and sevral
I children. He was buried at Xew Hope
j church on Broad river in the neighj
borshood of his old home.
/~i 1 t" T? T"? 1 _ _ r n_1 1 . i
v h. i . n. rsrooks ot v.oiumuui. nas:
| accepted the invitation of the ladies of i
i Newberry to deliver the memorial ad-1
: dress on May to for this year. This!
j is a good selection and we are pleased i
! to know that Col. Brooks will be with |
ns. . j
Mrs. William C. Pendleton, sister of j
Mrs. Geo. W. Holland, died at hen
! home in iMarion. Va.. on Tuesda** morn-1
! . j
ing. She is survived by her husband j
and sevral children. Mrs. George W. j
Holland is on a visit to Mrs. R. C. Hoi- j
land in Columbia.
Caldwell and Haltiu anger will have j
their spring opening on Tuesday and
Wednesday. This is a very important
event for the ladies of Newberry and
this year Caldwell and Haltiwanger will j
demonstrate that they are the leaders j
in womens' ready to wear and millinery '
See theirannouncement in another col- j
umn and make ready to be present to.
spend the day if you so desire.
Only two more days in which to get I
The Herald and News for only one dol-j
lar tor a whole year. There are a good
many who have not yet taken advantage |
of our very liberal offer to get in the;
1016 class and if thev do not do so we i
will he forced to take them from membership
in our household, however unpleasant
the tack may be. Come right
along now today and tomorrow and
square vour account at the verv liberal
t . I
proposition we are making.
Harvey Dorroh was given a choice!
between a fine of $50 and 30 days on the
roads before the recorder on Wednes- j
day morning on the charge of =toring j
liquor Dorroh works for Mr. Geo. S.
V'nwer. He ordered his gallon and went
by the express office to get it and instead
oftaking it home hewent by Mr.
Mower's with it to do his work first
and the story goes he became thirsty
and tried onf one of the pints. It was in
pints. The act of 1915. and the ordinance;1
of the town conform to. it makes it a h
misdemeanor to keep or store any whis- <
key?even your own gallon ?any place
except where you live or sleep. Dorroh <
ivas represented by Mr. B. V. Chapman i
md we understand an appeal has been
aken from the recorder's court. The 1
noral of this is if you order your galon
you better take a straight line forjs
<*our residence. And don't get thirsty .c
)efore you get there. c
? SOCIETY. * t
Saturday afternoon at the beautiful 1
esidence of her uncle, Mr. Z. F. Wright, r
tfiss Sarah Houseal entertained in 1
lonor of Mrs. William Connor of New
fork city and Mrs. Edward Houseal of L
Buffalo. X. Y. Rook and '"chat" made 'J
he afternoon a very pleasant one and
it the conclusion of a number of games
i salad course was served. The guests n
ncluded, Mesdames Edward Houseal. ^
Vm. Connor, Herman Wright, 0. H.
fohnson, George Johnstone, P. E. Scott,
-i. G. Eskridge. Claude Dominick, I. H. j
iunt, J. X. McCaughrin, Elmer Sumner,
.J. B. 'Mayes, L. W. Floyd, D. J. c
3urns. L. !\V. Floyd, Haskell Wright, '
fas. Mcintosh, 0. L. Schumpcrt, W. C. 11
schenck. Homer Schumpert. C. P. Pel- '
lain. Robert Holmes, F. D. Mower, L. 11
A'* Jones. Paul Anderson, W. H. Carvile.
C. H. Cannon and Misses. Pauline '
wilder Kitty Coke Smith. Fannie Mae
rarwile. Ruby Goggans. Mary Buron
Rosalyn Hipp. Lucile Wilson. Sadie
3eay. Linda Welch, Katherine Wright.
Eva Goggans. Bess Kibler and Daisv
Gannon i
The Saturday evening Bridge club ^
tvas again charmingly entertained by the
Misses Mazie and Cora Dominick. Af- '
ter a number of games had been played
a delightful salad course was served the
members of the club. - I
Another pleasant entertainment of
Saturday was a delightful luncheon given
by Mrs. 0. L. Schumpert in honor
:>f Mrs. W. L. Seabrook of Westover,
Md. Mrs. Seabrook has a large circle
of friends to always welcome her on
her visits and the morning was a particularly
enjoyable one. Those present
were Mesdames J. T. Mayes, Jno. M.
Kinard, P. G. Ellis^, L. W. Floyd, Jas^.
Mcintosh. J. H. Summer, IW\ H. Hunt,
Osborne Wells, G. E. Dominick and H.
\I. Bryson.
_________ I
Mr. Blutord M. Buzhardt of the county
had the misfortune to lose his meat
house and a lot of provision and other
things of value on last Wednesday
was one of those farmers who believes
ing was set on fire and Mary Worth\\
'j wam n n ?*lm liorl Koa? wnrl'
ing for him but who was discharged 011
Wednesday is in jail 011 the charge of
The house burned was close enough
to the dwelling to make it arson if set
! 00 tire.
Mr. Buzhardt lost practically everything
he had in the way of provisions
and that means a whole lot because he
of lard, a barrel of Hour and sevral
| in raising his own hog and hominy.
There was no insurance. .'The contents
i of the house consisted of about 75
bushels of cotton seed. 50 bushels of
peas, 1.200 pounds ot pork. 15 gallons
Lebanon church and when at the entons
of fertilizer which he had just
hauled out. Mr. Buzhardt lives on a .
rented place and the loss falls very
heavy. There was not enough rations
left to supply the family for one day. j
Mr. and Mrs. Buzhardt had gone for,
the evening to an entertainment for
Lebanon church and when it was en- :
tertainment saw the tire and hurried1
borne but too late to save anvthing.1
Tl'cy had left a couple of the smaller :
children with an old negro woman.
A? stated iXary Worthy, the wife'
of Jim Worthy, has been arrested and ;
. . " i
is in jail She had been working for
Mr. Buzhardt but had come the day be- I
fore to the house and was rather insulting
to Mrs. Buzhardt and she ordered!
hi r off the' premises. She then went to
a son 01 Mi. Buzluardt in the field and
he ordered her out of the field. 'When ;
Mr. Buzhardt returned and was told of
her conduct he went to her house and
toUl her husband he would give her
ju>l 12 hours to get off the place. The
next day she came to see Megistrate
Player and he advised her to go on 1
hack and go to work and behave her
sen. In leaving the magistrate she re- j
narked that no white man could talk j
to lier in that way and get away with :
it. referring to Mr. Buzhardt. The only j
evidence is circumstantial. Some tracks'
were discovered leading- u? to t-hf linnet i
v hid' lilted the shoes worn by Mary.
-\ir Euzhardt's friends have been
heiiing him. It is a very heavy loss.
(Rev. Edward Fulenwider, pastor).
If nothing prevents, the following
will be the program of divine services
it the Lutheran church of the Redeem- (
?r next Sunday : 1
10:15 A. M.?Sunday school. Be pres- <
nit, and make your class a banner class n
attendance Sunday.
11:15 A. M.?The hour of worship.
The pastor will preach on the subject,
The Man Who Did Not Care." The
ubject opens up at the sme time not
nly one of the most important, but one ^
>f the most serious phases of life. The r
natter relates not only to religious
hings as such, but to all the walks of
ife in which men live, move, and have ^
heir being. If the devil cannot get a ^
nan any other way he will try to tempt
im to be indifferent.
4 P. M.?'The classes in the Cate- ,
7 . , . . i
hism, and the Young Ladies' Mission ,
and meet in the church.
7130 P. M.?The evening service. The ,
>astor will begin a series of special ser
ions'on the general theme: "Serious J ?
Questions and Serious .Answers." These j
ermons will continue through Lent to
-aster. Sunday night the following
,uestions will he discussed:
1. Does not the fact that I am exeedingly
busy, and have, to labor almost j
light and day for my own existence
ii(l those dependent upon me, excuse
ne. at least, to some extent for the
leglect of religious duties?
2.- I do not exactly claim to be what J'
-ou call a "Christian," but I am honest.;
... <
irtil trv tii nn- fiimili' f I
lot therein* a pretty good chance to hi ' '
j - * < <
saved. j
3. The Bible is so full of mysteries
ind many tilings about Christianity arc 1 1
Hystericus. 1 cannot understand them |
am I not c>n that account excused
The public is cordially invited to all i
the services.
Miss Elizabeth Rogers died at the j
home of her parents in Newberry Tues- j
day evening at 8:15 o'clock. She had j
been in had health for some time but j
her death was unexpected and a great
1. _ u 1- 1 ?" I
siiuia iu ucr irienus. ivir. ana ivirs. i
Rogers came to Newberry from (Marion
and the remains were taken to Marion
on 'Wednesday afternoon for interment.
She is survived by her parents and five
brothers, two of whom, T. M. and Victor.
live in Newberry.
Mr. C. D. Barksdale of Laurens, spent
a few days in the city this week with
Mr. I. H. Hunt.
Tlie State Board of Charities and
Corrections met in Newberry Wednesday
and outlined their .work for 1916.
1 /
1 hose present were Dr. Geo. B. Cromer,
chairman: Dr. Z. T. Cody, of Greenville:
L. E. Carrit:an. of Society Hill;
Dr. D. D. Wallace, of Spartanburg, and
1 and Secretary Johnstone of Columbia.
'The principal matters considered was
I that of making a Statewide study of the
problem of feeble-mindedness. In the
appropriation made to the State Board
of Charities and Corrections no special
provision was made for this work. But
the board considered it of such great
j importance that it set aside a definite
' amount for this purpose and the secreI
tary was instructed t<> perfect arrangements
by which it could be done. It
i^ expected that this work will be unj
dertaken within the next few weeks.
A number of reports of conditions
! found in county jails, chain gangs and
nlmc limtcpc ,1 ? ?
wv^v.7?.o >?wv \.UII3HICICU. X I1C5C icports
reveal in certain cases some very
1 serious conditions which the board will
undertake to get remedied.Some of these
conditions are doubtless due to lack
; of knowledge of present laws, some to
inadequate facilities in the institutions
themselves and some to inefficiency of
management. The board is strictly vistorial
and advisory in its powers,
but it is expected to discover, reveal,
and, as far as possible, cooperate in
remedying conditions that are unjust,1
uneconomic and inhumane.
Cannon Creek and Prosperity A. R.'
P. churches?Rev. J. Meek White, min-'
At Prosperity. Sunday school every
Sabbath at 10 a. m.. A. I.V:. Crosson, su-1
Preaching every Sabbath at n a. in.,
s jrictly. i
At Cannon Creek. Sunday school first
and third Sabbaths at 3 p.m., W. E. Wal-!
lace, superintendent.
Preaching immediately after -Sunday
school at 4 p. m.
).A t Cannon Creek Mission. Sunday
school second and fourth Sabbaths at 3
p. m.
Preaching at 4 p. m. on second and
fourth Sabbaths. The public cordially
invited to attend all services. Those
who have no church home are invited
to come and cast in their lot with us.
"Come. thou, and go with us and we
will do thee good." This order of service
will be in force until further notice
is given the public. Let us all say
"I was glad when they said unto me.
T _ X. i. . _ 1 _ r ?1. r _ 1 * 9 I
.uei us go into uie nouse 01 me ix)ra.
.The time for the payment of taxes
expires on March 15 and the county j
treasurer gives notice that he will re-j,
:eive no taxes after that date.
The annual meeting of the Township
3oards of Assessors will be held in the
rountv auditor's office in the Court '
louse, Newberry, S. C.. at eleven o'clock,
ruesday, March 7. 1916, for the purpose
jf organization and the transaction of ,
;11 necessary business appertaining to V
his body before passing on the tax re- .
urns of real and nersonal nronertv for
his fiscal year 1916. This is an imporant
meeting, and each and every mem)er
is earnesly urged and requested to
k- present on this occasion promptly
it the hour above stated. I enclose
herewith oath of office, which you will
)lease sign and return to me at once,
ind oblige.
Yours very truly, j
?-3-2t County Auditor.
'! he interdenominational Sunday
;chooi convention for Xo. 11 township
ivill be held -in the Pomaria Lutheran ,
:hurch Saturday before the second
Sunday in March, beginning at 10:30
/clock. The following is the program:
10:30 A. M.?Formal opening and address
of welcome by Rev. Y. von A.
11 A. M.?The S. S. teacher.
(a) His cjalilications?Rev. W. A.
(b) His duties?Prof. D. S. Wedaman.
(c) His opportunity?Mrs. Minnie
11:45 A. IM.?Round table?Rev. J. B.
1 :30 P. M. Punctuality in the S. S.
teacher, pupil, on time, every timeProf.
J. B. O'Xeall Holloway.
2 P. M.?'Singing in primary department
(demonstration)?Mrs. Ben Setz
2:30 P. M.?Every member of the j
church a member of the Sunday school i
?Rev. J. W. Carson.
Dinner on the grounds: a cordial welcome
to all.
I * 4
! <$> COTTON 31ARKET ?
$ 4
?> dewberry, #
*> Cotton ll/4c <$
<s> Cotton seed, per bu 65c &
<$> ?
<$> Prosperity.
j* Cot:on liy4c
I <s> Cotton seed, per bu 65c <?>
I <e> ? 4
i 3> Poniaria. ^
j Cotton ll%c <s>
j <$> Cotton seed, per bu 60c <9
| y $
?> CInppells. <?
Cotcon :.. ..11^4c <S>
^ Cotton seed, per bu 65c 3
$> <$
^ Little Mountain. $
, cotton io 3-4C
j y Cotton seed, per bu 65c
I > $
* Whitmirc. ^
I <S> Cotton lie
1 Cotton seed, per bu 65c ^
: ( F. E. Dibble, pastor).
I Divine services for Sunday. March the
-t-u ,..;n .
^ LI 1 Will Ut <13 lV^llV^VVO.
Morning scrviee n a. m.; subject of
sermon. "The Dimensions of the Gospel
" The Lord's supper will be celebrated
at the close of the cervice.
Sunday school. 3:30 p. m.
Epworth league, 6:45 p. m.
Evening service, 7:00 p. m.; subject.
"The Unruly Tongue."
Tr\r\ k v rn in a v
I UUH I ?r JTC.1UA I j
Please take notice that the time for
the payment of taxes will expire on
March 15, and that no taxes will be collected
after that date.
2-22-tf. County TreasurerI
Dr. F. C. Martin I
|ExaminesEyes, Fits Glasses f
i and Artificial Eyes.
|If your eyes are giving you|
^trouble don't fail to consult him f
f %
I Satisfaction Guaranteed. *
I f
J' Office ovtv Anderson's Dry*
fGoods Store. ^
I *5*
\ "The Foi
A Paramoi
m The A
Opera House
FRIDAY, March 3.
I Two acts.
j (Featuring True Boardman. Martin *
I Sais and Thomas Linsrham}.
| CANIMATED NOOSE, Essanay comedy
Selig comedy
SATURDAY. March 4.
iThree acts.
(Featuring Constance Talmadge).
MONDAY. March 6.
EVERY GIRL Knickerbocker *
(Featuring Vinnie Burns).
Three acts.
. -jl V
Vitagraph comedy drama 1
I (Featuring Mr. and Mrs. SidneyDrew).
i FOR SALE CHEAP?Farming implei
ments. Can be seen at residence of
] Dr. W. E. Pelham, in College street.
' 3-3-it.
FIGARO is liquid smoke. $i bottle will
smoke 400 lbs meat. Guaranteed to
! keep meat moist and skippers out.
! Easily applied. Summer Bros. Co.
2-3-it. /
. A
ROSTs RTTSrTF.S ilicfr WWVPf 1 f/Mir
twenty-live cents. Mayes Book Store.
| 2-29-it. .
can furnish team, wagon, good references
and contract signed by two
responsible men. to sell to farmers
everyday necssities used in eveayhome
and around the farm. Largest
and most complete line sold from
wagons?no staple products manufactured
by one of the oldest and n
largest companies of its kind. For
full particulars write, or telephone or
call on A. M. Wilson, Tatum, S. C.
BARB WIRE and nails have arrived.
Let us have your inquiries. Summer
Bros. Co.
For Sale?303 acres of lanfi near
Whitmire. known as Alfred Denson
estate. Cneap for quick sale. Also
two store lot;? in Whitmire, S. C.
W. S. Denson, Clinton, S. C.
Eggs from pure bred Ringlet Barred
Rocks and Mammoth Comb White
Leghorns; dollar for 15.. E. fW. Leslie,
Prosperity, S. C.
NITRATE .SODA?We will have within
the next few days a lot of soda and
have a portion unsold. If you want
any speak quick. Summer Bros Co. \
2-3-it. I
\ i
TLe Herald and News one year for
$1. This offer is open to old of new
subscribers aDd is good until MaarcSi 1.
I will offer for sale before the court
house at Newberry sales day in March,
ivt->a\ ~..1
ir/, auwi u?^ puir
lie sales, One House and I^ot in the
town of Newberry, located near the
Mollohon Mill in IVIiddleton street,
bounded by lands of Geo. W. Summer
and others.
Terms: One half cash and the balance
12 months after date secured by
mortgage of same. Policy of insurance
on house to be assigned to me.
2-2g-2t. ""
rtr\?tN a w
/ FK1UAY 1
' MARCH 3 1
MAN Presents B
lit M
indling" #
ant Picture M 1
% m
... *v -

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