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The Senate Ove
Defeated Go
TI/_ 7V, AAv Vn
jvieusurt; rr u? j uv?wM . Senator
Would Have Wc
Off Armed Ships o\
Washington, March 3.?By a vote
o: 6S to 14. a greater majority than
they expected, administration forces in
The senate today tabled Senator Gore's
resolution to warn Americans off the
aiined ships of the European belligerents
and thereby finally quelled in the
? oon'foMrNvi whirh has; Pmhar
^Client? <lii
bassed President Wilson in the submarine
negotiations with Germany.
The roll call was as I ollows. Ayes
?Ashurst, Bankhead. Beekman. Brandegee,
Broussrd. Burleigh, Chilton,
Clark (Wyoming),' Colt. Culberson,
Curtis. Dillingham, DuPont, Fletcher,
Gore, Harding. Hardwick, Hitchcock,
Hollis, Hughes, Husting. James, Johnson
(Maine), Johnson (South Dakota),
Kern, Lane. Lee (Maryland), Lewis,
Lodge, McLean, Martin, Martine, My
ers. Nelson, Newlands, Oliver. Overman,
Owen, Page. Phelan. Pittman,
Poindexter; Pomerene, Ransdell, Reed,
Shafroth, Sheppard, Shields, Simmons,
Smith (Arizona), Smith (Georgia).
Smith (Maryland). South (Michigan),
Smith (South Carolina), Ster?.
ling, Stone. Swanson, Thomas, Thomp
son, X HMil<111, L- IIUC'l v? WU, laiuauiau,
Wadsworth, Walsh, (Warren, Weeks,
Williams, Clarke (Arkansas).
Xays?Borah, Chamberlain, Clapp,
Cummins, Fall, Gallinger. Gronna,
Tones, LaFollette. McCumber, Xorris,
O'Gorman, Sherman, Works.
Senator Gore's resolution, a substitute
by Senator iMcCumber, a Republican,
and an attempt by Senator
Vrore uo sirexigLuei) IUS ungiucu JJIUposal,
all were defeated at one time
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re's Resolution
>te of 68 to 14?Oklahoma
irned Americans to Keep
f the Allied Nations.
on a loll call on a motion by Senator
James, one of the administration
whips, to table them.
The administration victory in the
, senate transferred the fight to the
i house.
Senator Chamberlain and O'Gorman
J were the only Democrats to vote
, against the administration, which was
j supported by every Southern senator.
I Forty-seven Democrats and 21 KepuDlicans
voted to tabic the resolution.
When the vote was announced the
vice president announced morning
i business closed and there was a gen1
eral exodus from the galleries.
At the request of Chairman Pou, tho
rules committee, it was agreed todav
to recess tonight until 10 o'clock tomorrow
morning in order to give the
resolution a chance to come up uni
I der unanimous consent.
: The text of the Gore correction
; which was tabled with i'he warning
resolution was as inflows:
"Resolved, bv the senate (the house
! of representatives concurv'*i~) that
| the sinking by a German sunmarlnp
i without notice or warning of an arm
ed vessel of her public enemy, reI
suiting in the dea;h of a citizen of the
! United States, would constitute a just
' and sufficient cause of war between
j United States and the German emj
Several senators explained that the
double fo;m of the question was re1
sponsible for the character of the vote
i as few senators wanted to vote on the
question regarding a cause for war.
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Sweeping1 Victory for Wilson in Senati
Likely t?"> Bo Followed by Similar
; Indosrement in House.
i The State.
| Washington March 3.?In the great|
est of internationala games everplayec
I that of determining the position of lh(
i I'nited States on the armed ship con
' troversy?now staged in Washington?
i this morning's contest in the senau
ended in a victory for the president bj
the score of 6S to 14. After this there
was, throughout the day, a determined
effort to get on the presidential band
wagon because of the feeling that the
president, having won a decisr.e vie
tory in the upper house of congress
the other end of the capitol would b(
a comparatively easy matter.
While friends of the president believed
that the Gore resolution warning
Amricans to keep off armed ships
would go in tlie discard through om
of the many legislative methods foi
so doing, there was never a though
i-or a moment ihat the administration:
would win the day by so large a scorc
It came as a big surprise to those whc
have followed the president throng!
: all his internationaal troubles. At firsi
they were unable to realize that th(
senate end of the troubl had probabl}
been eec:ive!y sertled, save for th(
windjamming which will be done to
morrow by Jones of Washington anc
ctliers who claimed, af.er the vote wa:
| taken, that they had been sandbaggec
| with Dmocratic gag rule.
! TTie 'act that Senator Gore himsell
voted to table his reso'ution was r.h<
i strongest indication that the backbone
1 ri /iniinci t i nn Ti o r
j boon brokon. So far as further ironJ
bio in the senate is concerned the candid
opinion here now is that it is practical
iy o?er.
; As forecast in yesterdays'dispatches
I to The State, unless all informatloi
| gathered today is wrong and unless ai:
foil V? .r* o/"vf ? r\ f hnnCC
, tail* U1L ULtiUll VJL ?x\y^a\
j is not like'y to fly in the face ch thf
president and take a different course,
especially when it has the senate
precedent to follow, which will relievi
it of any censure which might come
from not having acted otherwise.
The belief here now is that no mat
ter what resolutions may come from
the house committee on foreign a/
fair^ ?nd what qualifications may be
attached to them, the administration is
due for its second victory on the
warning issues when the committer
on rules takes the floor.
Having already won the first of the
I two same series by a score of 6S to 14
i me president is scneouiea to ciear tn<
! bases when next he steps to the bat
i The way will then be open for him tc
act, either with or without the help o
congress. His han-ds will be Uree tc
untie the complicated internaiiona
I knots which now bind them.
i When Postmaster General Burlesor
advised the president to call for <
showdown the president then decidec
upon a policy of determining once foi
| all whether the administration woul(
KV?or?ic?friin <y Kxr r?rvn crroQQ T^V) O P5kY\
iu XZ uaaxoix 1-411 ^ KJ J iAV,
itals of foreign countries were alread:
gossiping about congress having mon
pow?r than the president, and it wa:
necessary to do something. After i
is all over the president will be mon
strongly entrenched in administrative
powers than at any time since he wen
into the White House. If it was neces
sary to beat congress over the hea<
the president was ready to do it am
it looks like a first class job. Then
will then be no question ol' his power:
under the constitution being usurpe*
by congress.
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I J Pari* War Office Reports That TenI
tonic Attacks Have Been Rcpn/sed
Kxcept at Doiiaumont,
The violent German offensive on j
j Verdun has been lesumed, the fighting 1
I taking on an extremely desperate \
51 character north of the French strong
Thf> Paris wai* office claims that1
>' thp French repulsed all the German
*' attacks except that west of Fort Dou- j
I !
! j ar.mon:, the Germans succeeding in,
J reaching the villege o:* Douaumont j
. here the struggle is being continued.
The halt in the determined German!
- offensive directed at the stronghold
, 1 has been attributed by many observ-1
jj ers to the difficulties of rain interferI
ins: with the movement of lieaw artil- :
| lory by the concentrated n: e oi which
! the crown prince's armies blasted:
I 1
>, Ibeir way through the outer defenses, j
; Apparently the Germans have "been |j
: able to bring up some at least of their
t larger pieces for the French war office J
i has reported a considerable increase
4: in jhe intensity of the fire along the j
)' whole front at Verdun, both to the
. I - ?-?U ^ v, ,1 ? ^ 1, nc. f ov>d in fVin i\\
Ij 11UI III clliu HU1 LilMCOl uuvi ji
t vre region to the east and southeast
?, The drives from the two sides, now J
r, renewed are held to indicate the fa- i
! <
} miliar German plan of rolling up the,
-i flanks of a position or using he claw
[ j hammer jaws of the military machine 1
? to get at the kernel of the nut. Sig- j
[ nific-ance may be attached in this coil- J
nection to development oi" a heavy i
h bombardment of the French positions !
?| on LaMort Homme (The Dead Man.) .;;
>j This hill lies a mile, and a "half west, /
I ; of the bend in the Meuse to the north- \ <
west of Verdun, from which it is eight!
miles distant.
- j Possible development of some Ger-;
l man movement in the Argonne, still
j' farther to the northwest o1 the fort-.
I i
l- rcss, is indicated by the Paris report!
i ! that the French have directed a con- !
) j centrate'i fire of hostile positions there, j
?( Observers, eyewitnesses, also still are j
J on the Champagne region beyond the
I 1
?! Argonne. where the Germans recently],
; J made gains toward (he south and |
> j where a serious break in the French I
. hnoc wnuiri havp a material influence '
, | upon the situation at Verdun by inter-;
(j fering with lines of communication in j
. I :he west.
German military writers a'e lay- j
' ing stress on the large amount of ter-j
j ritory wrested fom the French in the :
' j first few weeks oT the advance on VerI
dun, pointing to the advantage when
i the reduction of the defensive **
? of (he fortress gives the Germans for
3 oheir concentric artillerv fire.
)! The activity oi* {he British along the 1
f front in Belgium has begun, to attract
} increased attention with the delivery
j of the thrust which yesterday won
j back for tlifm the 800 yards of trenchi
es they lost last month along the
Ypres-Comines tanal. From various
sources have come accounts of heavy
artillery play along the Yser front.
| Whether these reports arose merely
i ,V/vm Tirana ratorv fire I or the Io
j oal attack of yesterday or if a still
' j greater effort by the British is in
course of development is not yet ap5
parent. !
i Comparative inactivity prevails on
v t'lie other war fronts.
5 I
t From Bombay comes a report that
. the Portuguese have hoisted their flag
j on all the German steamers at Mormua
gao, the Germans on board being in- j
2 terned at Panjim, capital or me ror- i
3 tuguese colony of Goa. in India.
(apt Ri'.idford Discusses His Attitude
Toward Question of HoldingTwo
The State.
W. R. Bradford of York, who was
| recently elected clerk of the joint leg;
illative committee on printing, said
yesterday that if he should decide to
; stand for election to the lower house
j cJ' the general assembly there would
1 be no question in1, olved of holding two
\ offices of honor or profit at the same
; time.
"Should I become a member of the
legislature I would, of course resign
the clerkship of the committee on
~i nr^nMr!^r, rant Bradford said yester-;
- ,
day. "I am not altogether ignorant
s concerning the law. One or two news\
papers have seemed somewhat exer1
cised over the assumption, which was
s entirely of their own making, that I
* i contemplate holding a seat in legis.
( lature and at the same time retaining ;
2 th committee clerkship. Nor am I an J
employe of the Stat? printer, as one j
" paper suggests. Some of my friends j
_ and 'his'h friends' among: the newspa- '
$ per men are unduly alarmed."
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