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Tbe Movements of n>.any People. Newberrlans,
nnd Those Wlio Visit
Mr. R. S. Maybin of Silverstreet
was in -\ewDcrry taiuraay.
Mr. Edgar S'igh of Columbia spent
Sunday in Newberry.
Mrs. Forest oLrainick of Newberry,
is visiting her parents, Mrs. and iMrs.
P N. Mcllwain.?Hodgs cor. The State.
Miss Leola Bedenbaugh is visiting
her sister. Mrs. Clarence Richards, on
Maple street, Shandon.?The State.
Mr. Howie Ligon, an ex-Newberrian
T ~ 1? i.: u J _
was la lat cu\ .>iuiiud\ bnaivuii; aaaub
Avitli his many friends.
Miss Louise Counts, who is taking
a course in the Newberry business
school spent Sunday in Prosperity.
M". W. E. .V'atthews of Leesville. ia
spending a ew days with his son, Mr.
C. C. Matthews
Misses Inez and Marie Wessinger of
." alapa spent the week-end in Newberry
with the Misses Amick.
Mrs. \Y. C. Zoble of Newberry, has
been the guest cf her daughter. Mrs.
\V. P.Vonce?.Johnston cor. The State.
Mrs. R L Schumpert of Newberry,
is the guest of Mrs Ozie Nickels. ?
IT. J *T* V* ? ?
riougtfc eor. t ue c-uue.
Col. W. H. Hunt and Dr. Geo Y.
Hunter has returned from a business
trip to N\w York.
Mr. .las. R. Davidson who has been
quite ill is much improved and it is
hoped will be able to bo up soon.
.Mr. .las. L. Aull of Co-umbiaa. spent
last week-end in Newberry with relatives.
He and M s. Aull returned on
iXts. Holland of Newberry has been
visiting Mrs. R. C. Holland at her
home on HHcrest avenue; in Eau
Claire?I he State.
Dr. .Jus K. Gilder returned on Friday
t'rcm a hunt at Georgetown for
severe.1 day? He bagged a wild tur1:
-y vc'.jb. r while there.
Mr. J. L. Epps who has been confined
10 liis home by sickness, is much
improved and will be at his office in a
few days.
.Mrs. .T. C. Gary went .0 Newberry
last week to stay a short while u'ith
her sister. M:s. Geo. L. Epps?Clinton
Mrs. 'A. H: Fal-on of Bishopvil!e, !
who has been hpr inrtnci- ; . T* !
Sue May bin in East Main street, re-j
turned to her home Monday afternoon. I
Mrs. A. F. Stevenson of Winnsboro. j
who has been visiting her daughter. |
Mrs Charley Ruff in Xanee street, rQ-j
Timed to her home Saturday.
Mr. Humbert Aull o the Anderson i
Intelligencer, spent Sunday in Xewber- j
ry on a visit to his faih^r, Col. E. H. ;
Aull. i
Mrs.-Beatrice Hope o Xewberry. I
with her little daughter, > . isited Mrs. j
T. 0. Setzlcr recently?Swansea cor.
The State.
Miss Lcola Bedenbau&h of Xew-'
berry, was the guest last week-end of
Miss Sudie Dennis?Swansea cor. The
Goodbye baskeiDall! You werei
good to our ooys. !
A whole week and not even one!
lynching in Georgia.
The speed limit in the city for autos
is?-'what ?
Off ag'in, on ag'in, gone ag'in, reporter
Don't fail to see Constance Collier
iii "The Tongues of Men," at Leslie's J
Arcade today (Monday).
What has become of the hero of the
load drag? He rose among the heroes
and dragged the public road.
John Bryant took on a plain drunk
and forfeited ''lis bond of T.'> in the j
recorder's court Saturday morning.
The bachelor -Maids will meet Wed- j
nesday afternoon at at 4 o'clock with !
Miss (May Dold.
rinn'r fnrcrtir tlio "Vfarr-h rlpjisitp nf
JUVU k IV! I Ul\. A V ** UV wuwv. V*.
the College literary societies on the
17th inst.
JMcHardy .Mower is receiving a car
-Uiad oi. Studebakeis every week and
*.hey are selling right along.
tfhp? rnftrm in tha ivar&bniKP sfnv
* WVVV44 "W* vuwuvv vv*.?r
ii.ng right there. Very little is being
sold at the prevailing price.
The stores all have their spring
^openings this week. Don't fail to see
-the new styles in dress and head gear.
T"hp Palvin Prrvyicr rhflnter I . D C..
meets Tuesday afternoon, March 7, at
4: 30 o'clock with Miss Bess Kibler.
The doctor told us we had the grip
last week. l\Ve are powerfully proud
that it didn't develop into a suit case
for me ; elt had enough, as it was.
The Newberry business school is doing
a good work and well deserves the
assistance and patronage of our people.
We though it was a dove we heard ;
j cooing about a week ago. Guess iti
j was a lyre dove we heard as there has ,
i been some very cold weather since. i
j Tonight (Monday), at the Arcade.
I Jane Eartlett will star in "The Tonj
gues of Men." Don't miss this show.!
: It has thrills all through it.
? v. A:.-., : 1
iijfic an iniiib until tut; lau w !
'the dog, but in e\ry instance it lias,
j been found ihai the tail consisted of j
stronger material than the dog.
Mr. .J. L. Epps breaks the ice and
makes announcement in this issue for1
j :e-eIet\lon as county treasurer. Come,
| boys, the swimming is fine.
There were some heavy rains last
?vecK. The new moon, however, winch
was visible on Sunday evening is a
"dry ' moon..
Copeland Bros, bought before the!
gieai advance and aie prepared to si\e 1
, _ - - - I
j their trade the benefit of the reduccd 1
! prices in up to dale goods.
; The Carolina Cash company Has an
!. . . " ,. i
! interesting announcement in this pa-,
i per. The jury has l.ound the p?acei
| guiLy and rendered the verdict.
i Marguerite Clark, who has made
| such a hit with the Arcade patrons,
j in Wildtlower."' will again appear at
rlv'j Iwniv.' novt V 171
lit iO J/U|'U1U - iAWVlCV A.A V. ^ * * *"
! "Mice and Men.''
The thermometer egistered as l^w ;
i as zS on Friday morning according to
| Mr. \V. G. Peterson, voluntary observer.
That was about the coldest a. the
i winter.
The Parent Teachers' association of
i Boundary Street school will be held'
j \\ cunesuay a; icrnoon at 4 o'clock. A j
|ve:v interesting and attractive pro-;
j gram has been arranged for the meet- i
' ing.
i Mr. J. 'C. Sample dispels all doubt
| as i0 whether he will run for county;
; supervisor by placing hi^ announce-1
j ment in this issue of The Herald and
' Xews. He says be is in the raee to be
' elected.
Don t forget the millinery opening
! or rVnlrlM-^VI IJT > It; -n- I
. ?.t viuu? wi ciuu iiaun> au^^i i uc.v
: day and Wednesday and bo sure to see
; I
S the latest in head gear and spring
! dresses.
! !
St. Valentine's day is long past, bur
('hie! Rodelsperger received one and j
-is still receiving a lot ci comic valen-,
tines which he keens posted in police
headquarters for his men to look at. j
The chief sure is popu'ar.
Referring to a big steamer carrying j
some American passengers, a headline
reads: "Will Take on Arms at Gibral- I
tar." Somebody please wire the poorj
devils tv> ta-ke 0:1 some legs, too, they
may need 'em before they gc back.
Let e' bur 11
A red hot blister
On tile st-e'-a-rear
0 Owen Wisn-r.
Seme days ago Roscoe Robinson,
r* rr-' - - ?
ut-orge rvinara ana .viarceilors Grant
were caught swinging onto a moving
train. Kinard and Grant were pulled
into the recorder's court and fined one
dollar each. Robinson did nor appear
and his bond was forfeited.
'I he mirroroid screen for the Arcade
arrived today and has been installed.
See the difference in the pictures.
Leslie is always adding some
new improvement for che benefit of his
Go way back with your twin motorcycle
and win auto motors they can't
be milked nohow. Along this line Mr.
Sinclair of Mollohon mill ha^ a progressive
idea in the way of a cow
which shmvorl nr> Satnrdav lsmt with !
twin calves.
The Herald and News has the account
of the meeting oL' James D.
Xance camp and the election of officers
and delegates and the adoption of resolutions
by ('apt. M. M. Buford urging
a return of the war tax. This account
will be printed in Friday's paper.
The Trinity School Improvement association
will give an oyster anfi fish
supper at the home of Mrs. Lucy E.
Longshore Friday night, .March the
tenth. There will also be a cake-walk.
The public is cordially invited. The
proceeds will be fore the benefit of
Trinity school.
.'fhere was a rush the last few days
of tlie tax-paying time. The treasurer
thinks there are a good many who
have not paid, but could not tell until
the rush of the last few days had been
posted. After the lo^h the executions
---.Ml "U ~ frv -fr r\ cVlOT'lff T^TI
Will L)C tui acu U?C1 nig oa<.i>u, tj j
until that date you may pay with a 7per
cent, penalty.
The Calendar society of Central
Methodist church will hold a rummage
sale on Saturday the 11th, in the vacant
score room next door to Miss An
nie Smith's millinery parlors. They request
the housekeepers, friends of other
denominations to tell their servants
the bargains io be offered are marX'Otl
All C?
* \J no.
Mrs. D. \V. iWicker of R. F. D 5
has a turkey hen that has produced
73 eggs and is still laying without tne
thought of setting. Some of her eggs
laid since she started on this record
have been sci under other hens and
hatched and are now good size young
turkeys. Mrs. Wicker should get an
incubator for this turkey hen.
A pair of mules hitched to a wagon
got away and started to elope with
each other (Monday morning. They
torn nino1 TI/KIT* 1
O I u 1 CV u. I LI 1111X11^ livai * UV/UUC o I CI U I v o
and ran down Marrington street as far
as the jail when one of the mules
stumbled and i ell and stopped the paj
rade which was by this time getting
i into pretty high gear. Xo damage
was done except the breaking of the
1 wagon tongue.
'The Ewart-Perry company has gone
into bankruptcy and the store is dosed.
The members of this firm, iMess:s.
W. F. Ewart, R. C. Perry and R. H.
Swittenberg arc all fine fellows and
'have been in business in Xewberry a
.long time and their friends, who are
legion will be sorry to hear of their
misfortune Th? assets are much larger
than the liabilities but poor collections
was the trouble.
We understand there is a night
sc-heol at each of the mills for the
benefit o those who nuiSi' work in the
daytime. This is good, but what's the
matter with the town. thai, there is-not
a night school for clerks and ethers
who might wish to enjoy such a pnv5
ilege if the opportunity were offered.
The reporter has been told that there
| is quite a number cf voting people in
the city who would -like to a.tend a
i night school 11 one could be arrangca
and conveniently located.
The Vital Matter of Taxation.
Xo good citizen wants to be exempt
from taxation, ?ut it is one thing to
support the government economically!
administered, and quite another to
maintain it extravagant!} administer- J
ed. The one is consistent wi.li patriotism
and State loyalty, the other Strang-;
les patriotism. One could wish thar'
the last proposition were not true but
1.. knr.
itiiti.au iiaiuic uai> iu ia uvai wini
just as it is i ound and not otherwise.A
generation ago when the writer read j
of other peoples' being ta* ridden he
did not .hen dream that one day he
himself would be ground down beneath
the iron heel of the tax gatherer; but ;
the unexpected has come to pass. Tt
is to be hoped that Newberry's senator
and representatives favored mcd-j
eration in making appropriations at i
the last session c> the legislature, but
it is certain tli.it the major part did
1 1. .. C !
iiui uave eixniumv uciure men eve^.j
I hope that those upon whom the hon-;
or of making our laws is conferred
will forbear to drive the tax payer to
desperation. Once it was unctiously j
proclaimed that our country was the
asylum for the oppressed of all nations
and lands, but this saying is fast be-!
coming a hollow mockery so t ar as;
South Carolina is concerned. Time j
was when our State signalized lier op-;
position to oppression and wrong. Is,
she losing this pristine virtue?
But I loyally appeal to our dear old
State to lighten the burden that is '
crushing some of her "honest tax:
Health Day Speers St. School.
Monday being "Health Day" for the :
or?T?r\r*lx? Hi/* toor'ho rc? t~\f Cnoc re Qtrpc.t I
UUUIO 111V. IV.UV.11V1 O V/ L o UUV.V.1, j
school have decided to let the children j
render a "Health Day" program at the
Parent Teachers' meeting Wednesday
afternoon at 4 o'clock.
All interesested are invited to be
The following invita ions have boon
sent to the parents c* the pupils:
Swat the flies!
Yen are invited to be present nr
a nice in;< of the
Parent Teachers' Association
of Speers Street School .
Wednesday afternoon
March 8, 1916
Four o'clock.
Health program.
For SuperTisor.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for re-election to the office of
supervisor for Newberry county and
will abide by the rules and regulations
of the Democratic primary election.
.t r. sa\tpt.v
For County Treasurer.
I hereby announce lnysell. a candidate
for re-election to the office of
county treasurer and will abide by
the rules and regulations of the Democraric
<$> <fr
; ? SOCIETY. ^
i <?> <S> j
I Mrs. 0. H. .Johnson and -Miss Pauline
i Gilder gave a lovely bridge party Sat-'
| unlay evening complimentary to Mr.
and Mrs. Connc of New York. 'A dain- j
: ty floral ouch was given the rooms by {
j bowls of yellow narcissi and after a !
i number of games had been pl.ived the I
tables were daintily arranged for a de-:
lightful sweet course.
* * *
'..'onday afternoon Mrs. -I. R. Mayes j
delight/ ullv entertained a few friends I
! with "aue.ion bridge." Vases of golden i
| daffodils were used effectively as dec- :
I orations, reflecting the brightness ot
I spring. After the game an appetizing |
| sweet course was served.
* * *
1 |
Mrs. John M. Kinard delightfully i
ente: ained the Emery circle and a'
j number of friends Friday morning. Mrs 1
I Kina:d s pretty reams were bright with j
I jonquils massed every where. After !
i a couple hours had been pleasantly 1
j .-pent the hostess had served a most
delightful course luncheon, 'hose en-1
j jovin2: the morning were: Mesdames |
Gee:ge .Johnstone, .1. T. Mayes. C. H. j
w t-J rr..?* 1 it tt ? *
v aiuum, . n. nam J. n. nillll, F.j
Z i A ilson, .!. B. Fox. J. V. McFall. i
jC'a'ence Renneker, W. L. Seabrook,;
] .James Smith,- Wm. .Johnson, -I. U i
Keitt, C. A. Bowman. L. W. Floyd.
! Alex. Welch. .1. B. Mayes. .1. T. LX-n- j
| \
nis. W G. Houscal, 0. L. Schumpert, J. j
j W. Simmons, S. B. .Jones and Misses |
! i
fM. L. Burton. Daisy Cannon. B?ai
i Gary. Fannie M.ie Car wile and Bess j
, Burton
I jfe if
Friday aftcncon I.-s Ro.-a'.yn Hipp j
! delightfully entertained the Rook club!
i of which she :.s a member, at her home ;
in East Main street.
* * *
Another pleasan rook club enjoyed i
their games with Mrs. A. C. Brown. J
This popular game was enjoyed from
four to six. after which a delightful
sweet course was served.
Haskell Kibler, Jr., in honor of his
sixth birthday made a number of children
happy by giving a party Saturdav
a" ternoon at 4 o'clock. The children
played games for seme time, after
which they were invited into the dining
room where icevcream and cake
were served.
* * #
Tlu- 0. L. Schumpert chapter. Children
cf the Confederacy, had their
monthly meeting with Dutch Fant
Saturday afternoon. A nice program,
consisting of a recitation "Timrod's
Ode." by Blanche Sale. Reading, "Emma
S.im;;son," by Grece Wilbur and an
essay. "Gencal Beauregard's Military 1
Career.' b'y Clark Floyd, was rendered,
after which chocolates and cake
were served.
* * *
A charming birthday party was fciven
by little Rhea Norwood. Senn Mon- ,
day aj ternoon from 3 to 6 o'clock.
Games marip thp af.pmrinn q mor
w- ~ A. wc "iVl X J VliC
for the little ones. The dining table
was lovely with narcissi and the birth- .
day cake with six candles for ornaments
and a sweet course was served.
* * *
An afternoon affair of beauty and
pleasure was the "rook party" given by
Mrs. Jno M. Kinard, .Tuesday. Tlie parlor.
reception hall, living room and conservatory
were all in the chosen colors
of the afternoon, yellow. Large vases
and bowls of golden jonquils and daffodils
were seen on mantles and tables
and candles with yellow shades cast a
yellow glow over the rooms. The score
cards were hand painted jonquils tied
with yellow ribbon and the refreshments
still further carried out th e color
scheme, yellow and white mints, yel- i
low and white block cream, followed by |
cheese, crackers and coffee. About 50 1
ladies were included in the invitations
for the afternoon.
At the parsonage of Central Methodist
church on Thursday, by the Rev.
F. K. Dibble. Mr. VV. K. Spearman and
Miss Katie Betis were united in marriage.
both of Chappells.
.1. I,. Snelgrove. visited at his father's
.J .C. Snelgrove, a few days last week.
Ezell Eargle motored them back to Newberry
last Thursday evening, returning
Friday via. Holleys Ferry and found it
ig be past crossing and had to return
and went by the steel bridge?Cleveland
cor. Saluda Standard.
YEAR FOR $1.50.
TOWN TALK FLOUR?We guarantee
this to be the best flour that
is shipped to Newberry. W*e advise
every Housekeeper to try one sack
and be convinced that .we are right.
Ask your grocer to get a sack or a
barrel of Town Talk Flour for you.
R. D. Smith and Son, Wholesale
Grocers. Phone 88.
3-7-it. 7" i
?prices from $^.00 to $5.00 each.
This is your chance .o get the very
be.-t breed of hogs at a reasonable
price. Place your orders quick. R.
1). Smith and Son, Wholesale G'.'oc.crs.
Phone S8
often go hand in hand. The;
workman who is handicap-;
ped by defective vision is |of;
ten unconsciously limiting
his opportunities for advance;
If your work requires the!
concentrated use of vour
eyes lor long periods at a
time, be sure that your eyesight
is all that it should.
If you need glasses, by all
means get them at once j
Neglect of your eyes wil j
show in the pay envelope.
Jewelers and Opticians ,
Tuesday, March 7
World Film Co. Presents
Alice Brady
Holbrook Blinn
DA? I 17 T
Lfn Lr Li L< 1
Matinee and Night 5 and 10c
(Friday M<
I The Dainty Little Star
Marguerite Clark
In a Bewitching Picturization .
Ioi the Famous Comedy-Drama
"Mice and
1VU" I
I1VAV11 |
By Madeleine Lucette Ry
A Paramount Picture Prod
NOTE: If you liked Margu
you will be delighted with
I Prices Always J
y ----- - . ? .. *, ... -
Opera House
AYorld Film Corporation
Alice Brady and Holbrook Blinn
t* T r r-s att nmr
inr. DALLLl Vjr 1 n.Li ^
* 5 'Act Brady Feature.
3 Acts.
(Featuring .'/as Gordon, Lillian
j Burns and Arthur Cozine).
! MIXED AXD FIXED .... Vim cornedv
VitagTaph comedy
I (Featuring Webster Campbell and
' Mary 'Anderson). a
\r L S E Presents
Lillian Walker ^
in '
o Acts. T
FOR SALE?Pure big boll Cleveland
cotton seed, per bushel, $1.00. Also /
! odder and lumber. J. A. Shealy.
Xewberry, R. F. D. 2, phone 5602.
FOR SALE?Selected planting cotton
seed. Triumph Big Boil and Cleveland
Big Boll, both improved seed, {
$1 per bu. Order today. Summer
Bros. Co.
Eirgs from pure hred Ringlet Barrel
Rocks and Mammoth. Comb White
Leghorns; dollar for 15. E. tW. Leslie,
Prosperity, S. C.
For Sale?303 acros of land near
Whitmire, known as Alfred Denson
estate. Cneap for quick sale. Also
two store lots in Wnitmire, S. C.
W. S. Denson, Clinton, S. C.
NITRATE SODA?Just arrived, if? you .
want any let us know at once, as it '
is very scarce and hard to get. Summer
Bros. Co.
can furnish team, wagon, good references
and contract signed by two
responsible men, to sell to farmers
everyday necssities used in every
home and around the farm. Largest
ana most complete line sola trom
nagons?no staple products manufactured
by one of the oldest and
largest companies or its kind. For
full particulars write, or telephone or
call on A. M. Wilson, Tatum, S. C.
\TITT ,ivn ? frnm TVrm<*;
see on hand. Come to see me. A.
G. Wise, Prosperity, S. C.
YEAR FOR ?1.50.
i ccf nrc vn >
irch 10th. i
* . - , - ;|
ley- 4
luced by Famous Players
rite Clark in "Wildflower"
her in "Mice and Men" j
5 and 10 Cents ^

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