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3 9 19 19 nineteen i
of corxTY a success
The third annual colored school
fair of Newberry county was held in j
the Hog? school building on Friday.!
and Saturday, March 10th and ilth. j
There was almost a full representa1
- U V? n ^Anntv I
I on c a i mt bcnuuis ui vuuiuj. I
Of ihp 63 public schools, -">9 had work j
on exhibition, aside from three pri- j
vate schools, making the number 62. j
Each school had separate booths arranged
according to districts. (These
booths were filled with various kinds
of work done by the school children
during this scholastic year. IA'11 of the
first floors and one of the second
floor rooms were occupied by the rural
schools, and one of the second floor
rooms was occupied by the Hoge
school. St. Luke's Episcopal school
had a ?very attractive exhibit, which ,
occupied one corner of the ront room
on the first floor.
For two davs thousands of specta- ,
tors thronged the building to witness
the greatest colored school fair held
in Xewberrv eountv. There was on
exhibition agricultural emplements,
plain and fancy sewing, crocheting
and needle work of various kids, canned
fru'ts and vegetables, representing
the girls' canning clubs, cabbage '
? 1 ^ - A- AlnT>C! Onm
pistil lt> lHJIiJ lilt? gdlU^n viuuo, vwiu
fTom the boys' corn clubs, cakes and
bred from the domestic science clubs,
box, '.urniture, shuckword.willowwork. '
shoe work and -basketry could be seen ;
on exhibition. A steam engine that j
could run, made from an old oil can by !
one of the boys from the Miller school, ;
District Xo. 40. attracted Considerable i
notice, as did a ferris wheel, made toy a j
student of the Galiman school, district
Xo. 32.
| Among the thousands of spectators
| who attended the fair were some of
the best white citizens of the city and |
county. Mr. Charles P. 'Barre, county j
superintendent of education. Prof.
Ernest Anderson, superintendent of
city schools, Profs. S. .T. Derrick and
J. S. Wheeler, members of the
county board of education, Dr.
W. G. Mayes and Mr. L. G. Sskridge.
members <y' the city board of
Trustees. Prof X. M. Mills, U. S farm
demonstration agent, and Rev. Mr. and
Vrs. Rabb and others who took occasion
to compliment the work done.
Or Friday evening at S o clock at
Bethlehem Baptis. church a large audience
was addressed by Dr. C. M.
I Young, president of Harbinson Agricul.
tnral college. This address was delivered
in interest of the schools of
,\'c\ berry county. His speech was full
of thought and he covered all the
ground. The necessity o' having a
trained hand, head and heart was told
*o them, and making yourself useful
wherever yc-u go. The same doctrine
of finding your place in life was
The judges of the exhibits were as
follows: Rev. Babb Prof. T. M. -Mills,
Mr. L. G. Eskridge. I)r. W. G. Mayes
and Prof. S. J. Derrick and J S Whee{
'ihe following schools won trie
prizes: Two-teacher school, first
prize, sixth and seven h grade, Hoge
school: second prize, fourth and fifth
.srades, Ho^c school; third prize.Hanna,
district Xo. 10: one-teacher School
firsa prize, Leitzsey district Xo. 22;
second prize Miller, district Xo. 40;
third prize Davenport, district Xo. 8;
fourth prize. Beaverdam, district X>
-ii; nun prize, scurry springs, aisirici:
Xo. 39: sixth prize. Poniaria. district
Xo 26.
Tie prizes for the schools will be
given by merchants and friends; some
Frank R
Fire In:
Real Estate, Loan
Old Court House,
The Best Companies
Mm r? .'Hugh's
The most important style ex\
invite the public to our annual shot
millinery we've shown in Newberry
bring your friends.
Spring merchandise direct fr
spring merchandise the women of I
hundreds of new Spring Shirt Wai
This is the Corset 5
a corset for e
JaWBl \ We an
\ celebrated co
J nowreadyfc
ifjjanc* 00*
Ill W Nc
M ||\ A mosi
/i! i \\\ newest weave
I ! & \.\
,i"e . j-j cords,beach <
iLiLUI diagonal Shi]
gn 3 in this lot wo
? - at only vard !
Women's Spri
This announcement heralds
play of new Oxfords, Patent Pumj
vals by every express.
have given already and others have | DEATH
promised, ..he names o: which wi.l ap- ; -p^e comi
pear in a later issue of this paper af- ! . , ,
yesterday 'b;
ter the prizes have been awarded. ;
Certain peace officers -who were
down during the fair said that the and lived p
crowd was orderly and well behaved, here, but f<
Ulysses S. Gallman, making her
Colored School Supervisor. i xewberry i
They tell a story about a Buffalo tram yester
ood king, who, blustering into the -vI- E- cllur(
house at 4 o'clock in the morning, kouknight
growled: {first husbar
"He:io! Where's all th^ servants?" ^ her last on
"If you please, sir." the butler ans- died sc
wered respectfully, "when it came 3 ceased was
o'clock I thought you were spending to mourn h<
the night out and 'ventured to send husband, ar
most of the footmen off to bed, sir." . daughter b
"Humph!'' growled the food king.' brother and
^ 'om nff trv hpd ph 9 V.'2-S a devo'
v emui cu iu ociiu vin wii i,v v-- . ?
Fine piece o imprudence! Suppose lor. and a r
I'd happen to bring a friend home? "Blessed
il *u there'd onlv have been you seven
tr,c Lord.
'/) 'let us in!" . ,
i Dispatch.
MBaBHHBO miii m imxmmma?ga?r?
| tL.mno??BM
. Hunter !
cnranrA ,
s, Stocks & Bonds j sple
Newberry, S. C.
*7 i
Immediate Coverage Phom
\ ^
hibit of the inter season Millinery
ving of Millinery on above named
Come, we want you to visit this
Thousands of Doll
om the factory to you. Guv buy en
^Jewbe.-ry have ever fastened their
. ?j
can Lady W.B. and Ferris Waists
very figure
3 exclusive selling agents for the
rsets. Our new Spring Stock is
>r inspection, $1 00, $1.50, $2.50
;w White Goods
: complete stock of the best and
is in Gabardines, Piques bedford
cloth Waffle Shirtings, wide wale
rtings and novelty effects. Goods
?lI- OA _ jl. ? cr\^ ? 1. 1 ]
Tin iu ouc an msu'&eu special
ing Footwear
the showing of the Swellest disss
and Mary Janes. New arriOF
nunity was saddened on MISS
y the death of Mrs. Frances _
iVr? RniTlrriifi^hf norn
Blackville, Mai
Tactically all her life near ? - ,,
J event of the wee.
Dr the last year has been cjtai given by t
home with her daughter at Miss .Josephine D
kVhere she died. The Dody | ville High school
i +v, A ! nesday afternoon
?ht here on the 4 o clock
! recital was enjoy
day and -aid to rest in "he ! . ..
: appreciative audie
ih burying ground. Mrs.;
was twice married, her; Each pupil pi;
id being a Mr. Eargle and skill. The qualit;
e Mr. John W. BouknlgHt,j of the composition
iveral years ago. The de- upon the pupils
72 years of age, and leaves . school has been a
?r loss, one son by her first one* The
id three sons and one rendered:
y her last husband, one Morning GIory
one sister. Mrs. Bouknight ard_ Eva BIume
lit christian, a good neigh loble
mother. j First Valse. 01
Rutledge Fishbou;
are the dead that die in
?Chapin cor. Lexington March. iA' Frai
' ledge Fishbourne,
Fire Insurant
>ur Office has not been
disturbed bv withdra
npanies. We shall have
sndid companies. We
ised to serve y6u,
Manager Insurance Departme
e 207-2 Corner Boyce &
Opening Wed.sesd.ay and Thursday, March j
" -r-wr ? 1 -I 1 ,1 . j, j_ _
dates. We will nave on display ine greatest u
magnificent showing with a critical eye. W
ars Worth of New
5 have returned from New York with the mos
eyes upon, New Spring Coat Suits, Silk Drez
The New Silks Are
And a handsomer lot of Silks were n
Crepe de Chine 40 inches wide in popular co
worth $1.50, special at only 98c.
r*^^^T, 341lr Da- lin inf?VlOC w
OUjLL OilN X uu iij^nvu ??
shades, worth $1 39, special the yard 98c.
^ 36 inch Black Taffeta Silk, a dandy. $
Extra Big Spe<
Fine Whice Voile 40 in wide, worth i
45 in White Organdy worth 39c cut
English Long Cloth full 12 yards to 1
a bolt $1.25.
36 in Pajama Checks, fine quality, wo
Spring Fashion Calls
For Sej
Whatever styles are best, whatever j
what you will find here in skirts at $2.98, J
ROGRAM BY My Lesson Today (Spauldingj?
Pedita (Martin)?eBrtha Baxley. !
! Mirthful (Moments?(H. Engleman)
rch 4.?A delight.' ul Bertha Baxley, Xannaline DeWitt.
k was the piano re- Sou.venir DeVinne, op. 154 (Lack)
he music pupils of ?Louise Willis.
unbar in the Black- Silver /Chimes (Wattach)?Edrie
auditorium on Wed- Be..e Roylston. . j
at 4 o'clock. The Chatter (Bachmann)?Helen Wragg, j
ed by a thoroughly LMiss Dunbar.
nce- In Merry Mood) (Lerman)?Ethel j
ayed with east and ^oadiloIt* _
y and interpretation Danse Pittoresque, op. 182 (EggUnor^?Vanrmlino
TVWitt i
s re fleet great credit
and show that this Come to School (Spaulding)?Imon
especially success- gene Still and Mary Still.
owing program was Close of School (Spaulding)?Doro- j
; thy Xinestein, Miss Dunbar. j
Polka?Pierre Reni
). 83?Aug. Durand, ; I
me. * ' I
| i for sa
|;| P. B. C
sei iouswal
of ill' No" f0UrT?"
twelve j berry County,
will be Ij Ford supplies
????????? ?i
Mimoaugtrs i
15 and 16. We cordially
issortment of up-ta date
e want you to cime and
t amazing array of uew
>ses. Separate Skirts and
All Here
.ever shown. Imported
lors and black and whi
icle in all the popular
1.5C sell at special $1.25
J /inf 4-r\
DI7C y u cut
to only 25c.
Dolt, worth $2 00, special
rth 12 l-2c, sale price 10c
parate Skirts
:abrics are leading, that's
i3.50 and up to $8.50.
j) c
1 o
(a) Idillo, op. 134 (Lack); (to) Elfin
Danse (Greig)?Lena I Whittle.
In May (Behi^?Florence Ninestein.
Gaily Tripping (ittosmer)?^Plorrie A
Storne. M
Springtime (Gurlitt)?Eugenia Still.
ia; Lady Bird, op. 269, No. 3 jfl
(Kern); Ob) Caprice (Boehiilein)?An- H
nie B. Hair. ^
A Little Song (selected)?>Pura flfl
Voice of the Heart (Van Gael) ?
UX UUJ c AA.UJ11 .
Grass Hopper's Frolic (Forman)?
E}va Blirme.
Danse of the Wild Flowers (Wenrich)?Sarah
Cabaletta (Lack)?'Lena Whittle,
1%'annaline DeWitt.
.vnship, NewWe
carry i
in stock.
e, S. C. I

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