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? Asylum Wins (
In 1
State Tribunal Upholds
tioa for Continuim
Sum Involved
News and Courier: !
Columbia. March 16.?{The Supreme
f>or.rt hns upheld the legality of th?
* -.??T.rkr?riatinn nf 5100.000 for continu
-- img
the improvements of the State
Hospital for the Insane. Memibers of
th* board of regents said this mornI
iBg the improvements at the asylum;
w?uld be rushed forward as rapidly
possible. j
u The following is the opinion of the
s-.r\nrt in thr- rasp;
rftu'yituit vv/ui i ui
The State of South Carolina, in the I
supreme court. in the original jurlsdistion.
Ex parte?the regents of the
^late Hospital for the Insane of South
Carolina, petitioners, against Carlton
W. Sawyer, comptroller general o"
South Carolina, respondent. Opinion
.bj Eugene B. Gary, C. J. !
This is an application to the Court,
in the eercise of its oxriginal Jursdction
for a writ of mandamus directing
the comptroller general to issue
his warrant on a fund in his hands alleged
by the petitioners to have them j
appropriated by the legislature for re- j
.building the hospital for the insane.!
When the bill in question was sen:!
I by the house to the senate it contained,
two items under the caption!
State Hospital 'for the Insane. Item :
1 provided for the maintenance of the
"hospital; salary of the superintend-1
ent, $5,000; and salaries of the regents, j
Total, $317,000. Item 2 provided for;
an appropriation for rebuilding the!
hospital. amounting to $100,000.
The senate adopted an amendment
innTOocinfr thf* colarv r\~ <sii nrrtTl - !
l * * V WW* u?.? ; v. b?*v wv.r
Tcndent to $6,000 and making the appropriation
for maintenance and salaries,
It also adopted an amendment strik-.
ing out Item 2 and substituting in lieu
thereof the following:
"In addition to the levies above i
1 provided for an additional tax of oneha'f
mill upon all the taxable property
in the State, is hereby levied, to
provide ''or the payment of the de- j
velopment and repairs of tlie State
Hospital for the Insane, in the city of
Columbia and at State Park, as pro*
vided by the appropriation in this act:
Provided, that, any amount raised by.
this levy in-excess of the amount herei
in appropriated for this purpose s"hall
be covered into the general fund of
the -treasury. The .:oiiowing sum is
hereby ' appropriated: Item 1. For
development and repairs to the State
Hospital for tl" Insane, $150,000."
fThe house refused to concur in the :
amendments and.the matter was sub-,
mitted to the committee of free conferencev
who made a report recora- j
mending that the house concur in thej
cpnafp flmpnflmPTit in rpP'flrri tn tt)p am- '
: probation of $318,000 Cor mainte-1
ance and salaries; that the senate re-,
cede from its amendment as to Item
.2; and that the following be added at
the end off eaid item: j
"Whereas, the general assembly :
fit the session of 1915 provided for rebuilding
the State hospital, by the;
levy of one-hall: mill, and provided
tnat tne proceeds of said levy may "be
used for said rebuilding during said j
year; and
Whereas, the policy adopted then j
Frank R
Fire In
Keal hstate, Loan
Old Court House,
The Best Companies
Supreme Court
Legality of Approp ri
y Improvements-- }s
vr.:: f:;r the purpose of providing $150,
000 annuaily; and
*'Whereas, the policy adopted the]
v. as to continue said levy for the pur
pose of pro", iding $150,000 annual);
or rebuilding for a period of fou
"lie ic provided, that the governor
ike comptroller general and the Stat
treasnrr be; and they are hereby an
thorized to borrow ana pledge th
credi; of the State for an amount no
exceeding $50,000 in anticipation o
taxes, if it be found by the regent
that it is necessary to expend for re
building a sum greater than th
amount of $100,000 herein appropria
ted during the year 1916."
The report o' the committee wa
adopted by both the senate and house
and the amendments which they pro
posd were ea^bodied in the act untie
The recapitulation of the variou
items of the appropriation in the ac
provides for an appropriation of $41 o
000 to the Hospital for the Insane.
It cannot be successfully contend
cd that the senate amendment struel
Tfr.m 0 i nnrnrtriaitlff $100,000 10
( IIWII C, .
rebuilding the hospital, or that th
act i.'ailed to make an appropriation fo
that purpose.
The Senate amendment did not hav
! the force and effect of cnangmg tn
provisions of th bill in any respec
whatever, but it was a mere pro
posal. which could only 'become ef
fortivo in case it was accepted by th
house. The house, however, refuse
to concur in the amendments, thus ne
cessitating their submission to th
committee of free conference,
j Furthermore, when the senate re
! ccded from its proposed amend men
the effect was th same as if it hai
ne>er been adopted by that body.
tn f-nrislriir t hp a c
which contains the amendment recom
mended by the committee o' free con
fercnce and adopted by both houses
The last c'auee of the amendmenl
S which is now a part of the act, is a
j follows:
j "Be it provided that the governor
; the comptroller general and the Stat
' treasurer be, and they are hereby, au'
thorized to borrow and pledge th
j credit of the State for an amount no
j 'exceeding $.r>0,000 in anticipation o
, the collection of taxes, if it be Ifoum
j by the regents that it is necessary t
expend for rebuilding a sum greate
than the amount of $100,000 liereii
appropriated during the year 1916/'
It contains two provisions, one beinj
the appropriation of $100,000 for re
building tfre hospital; and the othe
authorizing the officils therein namei
to borrow* and pledge the credit of th<
State for an amount not exceedini
$50,000 in anticipation of the collec
tion of taxes, if it should be found t>:
the regents that a sum greater thai
$100,000 was necessary for rebuilding
during the year 1916.
The recapitulation of the variou
items in the act; which provides 10
an appropriation of $415,000 to the ho-s
pital for the insane, also tends to sho"?
that it was the intention of the legisla
. Hunter
s, Stocks & Bonds
, Newberry, S. C.
Immediate Coverage
[ ture to appropriate $315,000 for main
i tvnance and salaries and $100,000 fo
| r; building, otherwise the item in th
recapitulation would have 'been onl;
, $315,000.
! The petitioners are entitled to th
| relief for which they pray, and It li
so adjudged.
We concur: R C. Watts, A. J.; 1
B. Fraser, A. J.; Geo. w. Gage. a. .j
W. F. (Caldwell.
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r On Southern and 0. N, & L. Railroads a
2 dewberry, Effective Jan. 20,1916. *
5 .
On Southern Railroad?
" Xo. 15, west 8:48 a. m
f Xo. 18, east 12:15 p. m
i No 17, west 2:50 p. id
I No. 16, east 8.54 p. m
i ?
3 On C. N. & L. Railroad?
r *No. 12 (mixed), west 5:14 a. nj
_ *No. 55, east 9:53 a. in
No. 52, west 1:06 p. ra
_ i No. 53, east 3:22 p. m
*\'o. 13 (mixed), east 5:30 p. m
*Xo. 54, west 7.00 p. m
fX . 50, west 9:53 a. m
j fXo. 51, east 5:50 p. m
*Daily except Sunday, t&unday only
West is to Greenville. East is t<
! Columbia.
T. S. I^efler, T. A.
I f>f> 1 Q1 fi
1 *J au uai ~\/f xvxw.
; AJ1 Southern trains are regular inai
! iraii o. On C.. X. & L., Xos. 55, 52, '6',
'ar.,i 54 are mail trains.
; Time of CIosir.tr Mails, .Newberry, S. C
(January 21. 1916.)
j Southern Railway?S:1S a. m., 11:4;
j a. m., 2:20 p. m., S:24 p. in.
|| C., X. & L. Railroad?9:23 a. in.
j 12:36 p. 2:50 p. m., 6:30 p. m.
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Washington, D. (J. .viarcft u.? une
thousand seven "hundred and fifty-eight
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company, representing all ranks
! and all classes from general officer to
' blacksmith helper, who have exceed
j ed years or continuous sennet? vu
1 the road, will shortly be awarded a
' medal by President Fairfax Harrison
| in recognition' of t'heir achievement and
| to commemorate tlieir honorable reci
ord. The presentation (x the medals
! will be made personally by Mr. HarriI
ecu to all those entitled to chem during
j the next two weeks. In announcing
! the plan, the following statement was
j issued by President Harrison:
i "Southern Railway company has in
i its service 1,758 men of all ran'Ks and
i classes, from general officer to blacksmith
helper, who have exceeded 25
years of continuous service on the
road. There are indeed, 34 men who
j have exceeded 50 years of sucn service,
,! and it Is also of interest that there are
| 235 negroes on the list. These men are
I the best men the company carries on
t its rolls, for they have proven their
j loyalty and their fitness '.'or their several
responsibilities in the ' hard
! school of experience and by survival
' of the strict discipline which is neces
sary in the administration of a railroad
". To recognize their achievement and to
' commemorate their honorable record,
j the company has arranged to award
i each one of them a medal which they
j can wear to long as they live and hand
! down as an heirloom in their families."
..; The medal is of hronze, of highly
.! artistic and success ul design. It is
.'the work of the clistinguisnea scuiyior
. Victor Brenner of New York, who was
1 recommended to the company by the
: United States director of the mint. /The
% artist is -best known, perhaps, for his
! design of the current Lincoln peany.
| The obverse of the medal bears the
j | inscription, "Southern Railway Com.
nnnv 'For T.ovaltv/' and shows an
actual scene on the road; a section of
! modern double track equipped with
; automatic signals, with an all steel
5 passenger train running through the
j mountains o." north Georgia. Presi-j
,,; dent Harrison's plan was to show a
j typicay industrial scene with a 'factory
in the background, but the sculptor
would not agree that a factory was capable
of artistic treatment and ensistjj
ed on mountains. It is, however, for?
tunate for the company and for those
8 who will wear the medals that ttiere
are factories on .the line as "well as
? scenery.
J The reverse of the medal shows
tviw of modern railroading: I
} a telephone dispatcher at his ewitcliboard,
a section gang engaged in main'
tenance and a large heavy power press
. to represent the shop crafts. Thus
each principal branch of the service
is indicated. On the reverse is also
. engraved the name of the man to whom
5 the medal is awarded, with the dates
en" his service record.
i IBHBg Im I
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