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The herald and news. (Newberry S.C.) 1903-1937, March 21, 1916, Image 5

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For Supervisor.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for supervisor for Newberry
* countv. subject to the Democratic pn- j
Henry M. Boozer. |
I hereby announce myself as a can-!
dilate for re-election to the office of
soperrisor for Newberry county and
urJll oViijl/i KT f'Vi.ii rn'ftc anH rpcnlotirvnc
? Xsl I CbUlU^ ??/?7 A ^ A v-o i vDu*u-v?vwiJ
of the Democratic primary election.
i '
For Superintendent of Education.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of county superin
tendent of -education and will abide the
rules of the democratic party.
Elbert H. Airll.
| ?
To the Voters of Newberry County:
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of County Superintendent of
Education, subject to the rules- an-d
regulations of the Democratic primary.
1 seek the office "not for what I can
get out o it, but for what I can put
into it."
^ x Respectfully yours,
Clemson M. Wilson.
March 7, 1916. University of South
Carolina, Columbia, S. C.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of. sheriff of Newberry
county and will abide the rules
of the Democratic primary. Otiy prom- j
ise is to do in the future as 1 have in
W* the past when I served you?to .per- >
form my duty faithfully and conscientiously.
1 M. 31. Boiford.
For County Treasurer.
I hereby announce myself as a can-1
didate for the office a County irreasi
urer, subject to the rules of the Dem- i
( ocratic primary.
Claude C. Schumpert. I
I hereby announce myself Jor treas
- ? * ? ? u: i
urer pi ^ewwrry wum/, oiaujcvtl tu
tie rules of the Democratic party. !
Jae. F. Eating. j
J hAr^hy myself a eandi- |
date w"cr the office of County Treasurer,1
* subject to the rules of the Democratic
< primary. I witt appreciate your support.
Should I 1>e elected, I will <Je\
vote the best efforts of my life to the
; dip-charge of tne duties or tne oinoe.!
B I kereby announce mysettl a candi- i
H. date for re-election to the office of
1?; county treasurer and will abide by
; tfce rules. and regulations of the Dem )
ecratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candi-!
Hu date for the office of county treasure
Hj&and witt abide the rules of the Democratic
primary election.
|| KM .Lane.
"CV\D rvvl * V T v' 4T"nrTT>D
Ijr uiv wt.M i ncui iviv
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of County Auditor,
subject to the rules a? the Democratic
J. B. Halfacre.
LI hereby announce myselT as a canp!date
for the office of Auditor for
Newberry county and wil-l a'Mde "by the
tr: lies of fie Democratic primary.
J. \*Joody Betienoaugh.
For Coroner.
I -hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of coroner of NewBerry
county and will aibide by the
pit of the Democratic primary eteeKtt.
I For Magistrate No. 1L
f I am a candidate for magistrate for
fsfo. 11 township and "will adibe the
roles of the Democratic party.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate
for magistrate for No. 11 town
Ijrp and will abide the rules of the
inocratic primary.
' Andrew G. Wicker.
For Easter.
I hereby **nnounc myself a candite
for the office of master of Neirrrr
rrtrntf and win JLhirlo thft ml**
Id regulations of the Democratic
? James D. Quattlebaum.
II announce myself a candidate for
Ifcaffice of magistrate for Townships
fefend 8 and will abide the rules
{^regulations of the Democratic
Charles W. Douglas.
_____ ,
1 hereby announce znyseSf as a can
UUll LiLftl/LIUJ
1 he merchandise and prices are both he\
our career. Every department overflowing u
tasty, stylish and elaborate showing.
Millinery Galore
. .ma And the verdict
of all is, Our MilM
linery stands un
approached, and
nowhere can you
\ find such assorti
': ^ ; \ nients. You'll find
?$0O "1";^?. | displayed here
| ,%'P J hats that you'll
\\ f wk&J not find elsewhere
* 1 | ,Jp^ We can and do
\ . |i tN ? offer you more
' " <<+irirv
w / iCy iiuioii
I f and quality for
the price than any other house in this
Easter Slippers, Colonial Pumps and
Mary Janes
New shiDment goes on sale here this
week at $149, Si.98, $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50
I ' ' ' - .
m w m M
M 1 1V1
! V7_ MQi
Report of tae Condition of the People's Rational Bank, at Pr
the State of Sontfe Carolina, at the Close of Business, Mareh 7, 1
Loans and discounts (notes held in bank)
Overdrafts, unsecured
U. S. bonds deposited to secure circulation (par value)
Stockd, other than Federa I Reserve bank stock .. .
Subscription to stock of Federal Reserve bank $1,800.00
t,ars amount unDaid 900.00
Banking house
Furniture and fixtures
Other real estate owned
Ne*t amount due from Federal Reserve bank
Due from approved reserve agents in New York, Chicago
and St. Louis ,v. ............... >*
Due from banks and bankers (not reserve agents)
Ohecks on banks in same city or town as reporting bank
Outside checks and oCb^r cash items. 333.3
Fractional currency, nickels and cents 121.6:
Notes of Qther national banks
Federal reserve notes
Coin and certificates -
I^egal-tender notes
Redemption fund with U. S. treasurer an<j ?U from TJ.
S. treasurer
Capital stock paid in >
Surplus fund
Undivided profits 3,693.4
Less current expenses, interest and taxes paid yyy.tf
Circulating: notes outstanding
Due to banks and bankers (otner than Federal Reserve
banks and approved reserve agents)
Dividends unpaid
Demand deposits:
Individual deposits subject to check
Cashier's checks outstanding
H\>tal demand deposits 51,592.."
Time deposits:
Other time deposits
Total of time deposits 138,454.7
State of South Carolina, County of N ewberry. (ss)
I, R. T. Pugh, cashier of the at) 0ve named bank, r<o solfthat
the above statement is true to t best of my knowledge
R. T. Pugh, 1
Subscribed and sworn to before me Correct?Attest:
! this 18th day of March, 1916. J. A. . Kibler,
E. W. Werts, T. A. Dominick?
Notary Public. w. W. Wheeler,
{ nHHuaBHnBBHKaasaBBas
didate for solicitor of the 8th Judicial The many ifriends of !
: District, composed <yf Abbeville, Lfau- Eppe will be pleased to 1
reus, Newberry and Greenwood conn- 14 very rr.jch : iur.iv.vj frc
subject to. the rules of the.Dsroo- illness- und is\at ^hc..'tr ? i
cratic primary. ?l-^d will be ple?^.-! to se
Geo. T. (Mkgtn.
re to verify this fact. The showing of new Spr
- - ? ? rni 1 _ _ _
)ith the cream of the season, i nose wno visne<
New Ready-to-wear Garments
That the new spring styles in Coat Suits,
Silk Dresses and Waists will please you goes
* 1 ? 4-^
Wicnout saying. women are uumiug iv
to realize more and more the comfort
and convienience and economy of buying
ready-to-wear clothes. Come in and see the
new Coat suits and Silk Dresses. No trouble
to show goods.
New Separate Skirts
250 new Skirts just opened. All the new
spring models are here in fancy mixtures,
- - n 1
Shepherd Checks, Wavy blues ana tsiacic.
We can fit all sizes large or small. No woman
can afford to miss seeing these skirts
before buying.
Qnarcal Salp
Mpvvout w wt*w
40 inch Crepe de Chine in' all the new
Spring Shades and Black and White, $1.5C
value, sale price __L_ : 98c
40 inch Geo-gette Crepes in ail the wanted
shades, worth $2.00, at special the
vard i ........ $1.49
- . .'. ' ^
ospetity, in
305.58 U, 5 *
4,235(!0: Aj
900 00
. 12,684.59 ^
4,350.86 ': //^M Of
4,456.06 C ^
6'250-00! JfS mc
. 2S4..-1; ^ sh(
60,00 j can just see how it is madlt?in
. 51,266.19: oring-that makes these clothes
326.35 clothes.
4 ; iv
ISS 4>4 7" <mk nn tn M5.no
vy J.C/? w iv/
. $229,336 23 Our men's furnishit
:nnly swear i i)P
md belief. I
Cashier. I| At $2.00, $3.00 and $:
_ v Copel
Mr. John L.
snow uiai ii
>'.fl his recent
I kersey announce myself a candi- ,
;:?rer s; office , vwxxl, M
e his friends date *or 6olicitor the eighth circuit
r m
i T\ A17 m
ing Merchandise by far si
a our store the past wet
Silk Pcplin, another
i -r?i 1 n
snown m isiacK, i^repe
Mulbray, light Green
value sale price, specia
Vale Laces at 5
Finest quality Vale <
to match, braidings fin
the yd 5c, per dozen
Oriental Laces,
Oriental laces in whil
worth up to 15c, specia
New Silk
Tnef owiworl now ftil
Flesh, Maise and Rose,
and $3.50.
All The New Tt
New Gloves, New Hj
Ribbons, New Laces, Is*
line Ladies' Neck wear.
New Lingei
Without a doubt this
of white and colored wi
fered the people of Ne
how or why, just come
- mmmm m
G r!
lie Truth i
i / :
__ - , r- i , ?
len s until
[t cannot be told at a glai
it, any more than you ca
amuier ui a uuaii uy iuu&
[t is easy enough to pr<
>th into a good looking s
t spend very much time
either. N
Why not kno\y the trutt
?* Knv? Tf ic hect chnwn i
LA UU J xt 10 k/vui. kjm.iv ?? m.m. i
[enry Sonnerb<
Clothes that are really te
ing pressed into shape,
own makes of clothing 1
jrits and our salesmen ai
3W you a garment, insid
side and out-just how c
different from the ordin
Ifn 's Suits
Other suits $10. 00 to
ig department is now
;cial in Hats
5.00. Caps at 25c, 50c ai
J D.-.
ana l>jh
rbevill-e, i ; &rew- JOgpu
i iuy
B, l/I&l
irpasses anything m ^
ik marvelled at the
great dollar value
, Goblin Blue, Rose
and Purple. $1.00
1, yd 79c
>0c per Dozen
jdges arid Insertings \
e quality, special at
at 10c Yard
te ecrus, fine quality
.1 at yd 10c
lr Wsistc in WhitP
iV VV AAA T V *4*?V^
special $1.98, $2 49,
tings are Here
its, New Veils, New
lew Hosiery and new
, etc.
ie Waists
i is the greatest lot
ash waists ever of- ;
wberry. Don t ask us
and see, each 98c
ice at tbe outside
in always tell the
ing at his face,
etty up a piece of
uit of clothes and
or money about
i about the clothes
n x 1
and Co.
orn & Co.
lilored instead of
These two wellwill
stand on their
e always glad to
e and out; so you
arefullyis the taili
ary reaay-to-w?ar
id $1.00.

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