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Now in Good He
of Lydia E. Pii
Compound. S
Necessity. Dc
All women ought to ki
taking Lydia E. Pinkham's ^
those who seem hopelessly ill
ill lllWiMm ' Harrisburs>
j!i lljflnMlMJi fered a great de
[SWk my work compe
j?F W Lydia E. Pinkk;
I fljfeand was made
i i q married I took
iIIIIImI^ f 1 trouble and afte
l Calll6Cl ^ ]
Hardly Abj
Albert Lea, Minn.?u For aboi
my back and hips and was harclb
My head would ache and I was <
taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Yegeti
am feeling stronger than for years
old and am doing my work all aioi
remedies in the house as there ;
Yost, (511 Water St., Albert Lea, 3
Three Doctors Gave
"Pi+frcVilTVOr P01111 " y/\m>
?. A. v^ua. X VU1
Hie wonderfully. When I was a g"
was always sickly and delicate an
irregularities. Three doctors gav<
I would go into consumption, j
Pinltiiam's Vegetable Compound ai
! Xv-- began to feel 'setter. I soon
v .-,i i - jC scroll:- shortly arte
I. have tvronice stout healthy
nblpi to work hard every da v."? ^
.... ,:SN*J:,.!4(.'.miner Sf./i':- vln I
n aro invito* I ?
V ~ ? - -.<4*5 >1 tl N o . 5 .
Reported De Fa<:to Government's
Troops Are About to Let Outlaw
Get Away.
EM Po L.-n Tuv \lQrr>h OH?Thp fnrrps
* u >: v_/, 1 \ A VM W V. * ?-w WW
?t' Col. Cano were en?a=.f d in battle at
4:30 o clock this a te?noon with bandits
tea by Villa in Xiuqi-iwipa. according
to a dispatch received tiiis afternoon
by Gen. Gavira, Carranza's commandant
was not decided at the time of
the receipt of the dispatch. Xamiqui-pa
is in the district of Guerrero, State of
I^mnuanua. is m wiul-.i<x.u.ul ^ ^
-force of 900 cavalry, which came in
contact with Villa forces, which on
this occasion fled without giving battle.
Despite reports that Cano's force"?
:ha<i engaged those of Xamiquipa, per
sons wen lmoriuca xieic cApi^s mc
opinion that the Carranza forces had
bailed to hold up their end of the nei
fey which it was proposed to capture
sfio bandit chieftain. There were confirmatory
reports received today or
tfic news received for the last week
that tht Mexican troops, not only were
failing to cooperate' with the American
iroops, but in certain instances at leaswere
actually withdrawing from the
field of operations.
The Associated Press learned on un
- ^ ? .. 4.1* /v f y?/~\ f\.r\c
^uesuouauie a.uLxivrit> mai iuc
m}" the de facto government which had
>eea seen at Casas Grandes have been
srijthdra'wn and are now in or about
r 'w Jaurez. From the same source it was
Sb?Osr.rw*rf that at lpast nne detachment
af Carranza troops had refused to
fight Villa and had -withdrawn from the
fa>a?ditvs approach, leaving him free to
pass into his favorite mountain ifastaess.
This detachment "withdrew on
receipt of a message that he was war?
*? ? ? ? -?? ?- ? *? 'AA ? iVk 11 4 A AT* rkYY* *HC
I ring, IMJl UXl iTlCA.iV;?UJS, UUl IUC cutuns.of
The extraordinary rapidity ' witt
-rhich: the American cavalry pushec
itito Mexico gave rise to high hopes
yesterday that the unexpected had hap
:alth Through Use
nkham's Vegetable
?. ? n 1 _i_i
ay it is nousenoia
>ctor Called it a
now the wonderful effects of
/egetable Compound even on
. Here are three actual cases:
Penn.?" When I was single I suf?al
from female weakness because
slled me to stand all- day. I took
un's Vegetable Compound for that
stronger by its use. After I wai
the Compound again for a fe male
t three months I passed what the
growth. He said it was a miracle
,vay as one generally goes under
e them removed. I never want to
r Compound in the house." ? Mrs.
1G42 Fulton St., Harrisburg, Penn.
Is to Move.
it a year I had sharp pains across
r able to move around the house.
j; i. ? A -C.1
uizzy aiiu. nuu nu u-ppemt;. aiici
ible Compound and Liver Pills, I
:. I have a little boy eight months
ic. I would not be without your
ire none like them."?Mrs. F. E.
i He? Up. |j lllMMIIIj I
icine has helped ij l lMMBrr I !
irl IS years old I
d suffered from
? me up and said! pjfc
I took Lydia E.j Iff* ,A|
id with the third j! if^j
became regular) wf;
r I was married.
children and am i?v^'/ /
.1 rs. Clementina jfffc ? :>v
f -i . > oc PiMin '
*<?The Lydia E. Pinkliam y 1
will be coink!
pened and said that the notorious .bandit
"vas cornered. This seemed inevitable
if the Carranza soldiers did their
part and if the account of the strength '
of their field * orces was correct.
It now seems certain that Villa Las j
been moving free.y in at least a large :
section of the country supposed to he
held by the troops of the first chief.
Thp reason for the Carranza troops
moving to the border remains unexplained.
It is impossible even to make
a fair estimate o the number of men
under Gen. Gar.ira at Juarez. The most
conservative estimate places it at 3,00o
and calculations range from that poin\
; upward to S,000. Most of the men are
kept outside the town among the hills.
Reports from Auga Pieta and Ojinaga
j tell of Mexican reinforcements reaching
those points also, but nothing ii.
I known as to their numbers.
11 here is no question that there is
serious and growing uneasiness in El
Paso, which has been sharply acceni
HutPfi ihv thp r<*nnest of the Unite-i
j States government objective to Genera!
; Carranza l or the use of the iMtxican
1 railroads to transport supplies. Amer!
icans here did not believe that Car:
ranza dare grant tliis request, espejc.ia.Uv
as it is understood that-Gen
I c-.i'nv+n.-r* nr/\nAcoe if it i? orra ntprl t.fl
| r uuoiv/a pi av vw
take train crews and equipment int .
Mexico and place military guards at
stations. The presence of American
soldiers on Mexican railroads, it is
j said, would be very likely misunderI
~ * J 1 K/N. nanno ond it (is f<aiJ rPfl
bllA/U 'Uy Llie J/CVUO uuu ?W .V. >,?
would be sure to provoke outbreaks.
Seed Railroad*.
On the other hand, there are man>'
indications here that the Mexican railroads
are sorely needed by the Ameri1
can military authorities to ship sup
+r\ fha tTmnc -?r) the field. Al
IV V? ?- ?? ?- ? ?
the present time these supplies mus'
go forward over a desert and moun
s tain trail toy wagons and mules. Th<
pressure is intensified by the fact tha
i almost all the Iforage for the cavalry
[ horses must be sent from the base, as
5 the corn and oats fed mounts of th<
.' troopers of the United States couh
not live on a 'Mexican pony's diet.
Ominous reports are received here
' that the transportation system is al'
ready overtaxed and this featue of the
! situation causes the deepest anxiety
and the most apprehension.
>o Danger of Friction.
i Andreas uarcia, karranza eounsui
here, and known to be in intimate relations
with the first chief, maintains
there is no danger of friction over the
question of the shipment of American
army supplies over the Mexican railways.
Garcia added, however, that
the.passage 6 American soldiers on
j Mexican trains would come under a
I different category.
j "The Americans have permission to
j buy supplies in Mexican towns," said
j Garcia, "so I see little difference so
| far as the attitude of th^VIexican gov,
j ernment is concerned between allowI
J ~ mnrnVionto + n cViirv frtnH rev foorl t H
the 'American troops and American
! army shipping direct."
"I cannot see," he added, "how the
j United States needs to rush down
j nny more troops, considering that our
! J ATM Atin f 4- r\ n V?A!lf A
| tJCUllU111CU luitco amuuiit i\j ai/uui ?;vt|
0(J0 men opposed" only by two or three
| thousand. We have too many troops
I already for that purpose, it seems tc
! me.''
Whatever be the outcome of the
i situation, the military and civil. auI
thorities here are taking no chances, o,(
I being caught unprepared. Both Brig.
Gen. Bell and Major Lea take every
necessary precaution while asserting
with all the emphasis in their power
that they can see no reason for alarm.
iuui\ JiuiTinui Dtiv:
31 AYR'S Wonderful Remedy and
Be Convinced That You Can
Be Restored to Health.
I Hi! crKSsfk
Mayr's Wonder, ui Remedy "has been
| taker by many thousands of people
J throughout the iaiid. It has brought
j health and haziness to .sufferers who
| had despairel of ever being restore-!
I and who now are urging others who
1 may be suffering wuj Stomach, Liwr
| and Intestinal \ilme;irs to try it Ore
dose will convince the most "skepf a?
gaffer. It acts on the source and
! ^c ^o.'n (iiimonto roriiii /_
luuuuciuun vi iuct; fnun,uvu, .v^.. .
ing the poisonous cat.urrh and b:f ? ao
J cretions, and allaying the underlying
chronic inflammation. Try one dose
oif Mayr's Wonderful Remedy?put it
*" ? fn/i/tv?TT/-VH Ti-ill ho rvYprinvftri
with your quick recovery. Send for
ibooklet on Stomach Ailments to Geo.
H.'Mayr, Mfg. iChemist, 154-156 Whit
ing -St., Chicagor 111.
' I
frtirne i nma flff I
VV1113 Willi* vxi
LIKE Banana Peel
I Wondorful, Simple "Gets-It" >"eyer
Fails to Remove Any Corn Easily.
!' ?
""vx7rviii/?n*t it iar vou? Here I ve i
I been going along for years, wit'n one
| desperate corn after another, trying
| to get rid of them with salves that
; saox -inojL pa* aji-j jn.>t put/ >_-naoo
ssSP^V 4$Sr. j?aB
I eat off the toes, tapes that stick to
i the stocking, bandages and plasters
I that make a package of the toes, tryi
ing blood-bringing razors and scisi
sors. Then I tried 'Gets-I,t' just once
and you ought to have seen that corn
' come off?just like a banana peel." It's
l simple, wonderful. It's t'ne new way,
| painless, applied in two seconds, never
hurts healthy flesh or irritates.
Nothing to press on the corn. Never
fails. Quit the old ways for once any
way and try "Gets-It" tonight. For
corns, calluses, warts and bunions.
t "Gets-It" is sold everywhere. 25c a
t bottle, or sent direct by E. Lawrence
& Co., Chicago, 111. Sold in Newberry
i and recommended as the world's best
t corn remedy by Gilder & Weeks, W.
- G Mayes ana P. E. Way.
3 YEAR FOR ONLY $1.50. '
The more the reporter thinks of it,
, the more he is convinced that the (
'Confederate monument is in the wrong
! l/ace. True enough it has been where '
it is a mighty long time and will likely '
remain hid away in the hack ground
behind the old court house, but this
, isn't going to keep us from suggesting
that the proper place for this monument
to our Confederate dead is in
, the most conspicuous place that can
be found for it?in front of the old
i court house. Every name carved on
! i
: that monument is the name of a hero
and a patriot, yet how many of our ,
people and especially our younger
~ * i !
peupit* art; ianniiar wxui tut; names ami
the inscription 011 that shaft. True J
enough the names of Nance and i
i ' |
Mafl'ett and of Rutherford are house-1
i hold words, but it is because of thej
frequent occurrence a:* these names in !
* I
the nawspapers in connection with I . j
D. C. chapters and not because their
names appear on the monument. >The
names of those noble and heroic privates
whose names are engraved upon
this monument are seldom, if ever.
| mentioned in the public prints-and as
scarcely anybody ever takes the trouble
to walk out of the way to Inspect
(,tlre monument at close view the .names
fipomft~are distant and unfamiliar and
v. ithout meaning to a large proportion
of our younger people. How many peo,
pie have you ever seen reading the
, names on this monument? Isn't it
i the most desolate and deserted spot In
the city? Move it to the front cT the
, old court house and place it over the
i spot wnere tne old mile post used to'
! stand so that we may come into closer
: touch with the memory of those whose
j names and deeds it stands to perpetu|
ntr and as we linger round it from da,y
j r<- lay let us not forget these immortal
| r^mes and the inspired inscription:
| "This is a record of sacred dead. They
1 -"'ere the soldiers of the Southern ConI
f^deuacy. I'rom Newberry district.
j Carolina, who battled for right
i sml ncrshed. Thus their living eoni*
r^es pnd they who loved them, mem-;
or:?.p their lives.'"
! 1. - -
i -Nuuue is uereoy given inai me un-;
I dersigned as administratrix of tile
estate of Jim Burton, deceased, will '
, make final settlement cn said estate j
: as administratrix in the court o" pro- j
j bate for Newberry county, on Monday,:
j May S, 1916, and immediately thereafter !
| apply for letters dismfssory as such
I flriministrntriv Pprsnna hrvMirxr Maimc
! against said estate will make payment
! bo-fore said date and all person's in-;
! debted to the estate will pay the same, j
tAdm'x of estate of Jim Burton, i
I March 21, 191*.
, j
YEAR FOR $1.50.
Takes th
| One Way
You feel bad, take calor
feel a heap worse. Go h<
ailU. gU LU UCU- VyClll 1/
You hate your friends. S
sicker!! sickest!!!. Three
four Jays you drag at
before you feel like hustl
A si
117 <
yy e
Made Well by Delicious Vinol
Crestline, Ohio. ? " I contracted a
hard, chronic cough, and was weak,
nervous and run down. I have a small
family of three, and it was hard for me j
to do my work. I took different medi- I
cines without benefit Finally I heard j
about Vinol. and it has restored me to
health and strength, my cough is all gone j
and I feel fine.' '?Mrs. H. H. Carlisle, j
We guarantee Vinol, our delicious cod
liver and iron tonic without oil, for
chronic coughs and colds, and for all
weak, nervous, run-down conditions.
Gilder & Weeks, Druggists, Newberry,
S. C.
f ?II 4.1/ Ca? /A I
Clil>chevtcr<i)lamoud lir&ad/p% >
jjSek rills in Red end Hold metallic\\r/
hv>xes, sealed with Blue Ribbon. X.'
Take no other. Buy of your *
(if Druseiitt. Af.k for CIII-CIIES-TER S
M years known as Best, Safest, Always Reliable
Two Finds.
"I found a ton dollar hill this morn !
"Time shows yon are lucky. Have a I
^IJLC 1"! kUIli^O .
"My <:ift stuck by me too Ion?. Next
i found the owner."?Louisville Courier-Journal.
ft is jrood discretion not to- take, too
much of any man at the first, because
one cannot hold cut that proportion.?
niiArtiim nromirn
mjodanu nubutu
" :
? !
After Fonr Years of Discouraging j
Conditions, Mrs. Bullock Gave
Up in Despair. Husband
PflmA tn Rescue. * i
Catron, Ky.?In an interesting letter
from this place, Mrs. Bettie Bullock
writes as follows: "I suffered for four
years, with womanly troubles, and during
this time, 1 could only sit up for a little j
while, and could not walk anywhere at i
all. At times, i would have seVere pains i
in mv lpft
The doctor was called in, and his treatment
relieved me for a while, but I was
soon confined to my bed again. After
that, nothing seemed to do me any good.
I had gotten so weak I could not stand,
and I gave up in despair.
At last, my husband got me a bottle of
Cardui, the woman's tonic, and I commenced
taking it From the very first |
dose, 1 could tell it was helping me l i
tt_ x ?:
can I10W WiUK IWU jjhic^ wiuiuu* in j
tiring me, and am doing my work." ,
If you are all run -down from womanly !
troubles, don't give up in despair. Try |
Cardui, the woman's tonic, it hashelped ,
more than a million .women, in its 50 ;
yeafs of wonderful success, and should
surely help you, too. Your druggist has j
sold Cardui for years. He knows what
it will do. Ask him. He will recommend
it. Begin taking Cardui today.
'Write to: Chattanooga Medicine Co., Ladies
Advisory Dept., Chattanooga. Tenn., for Special
Instructions on your case and 64-page book, "Home
treatment for Women." sent in plain wrapper. E66-B
r . I
Subscribe to The Herald and Neva,
' 1-4 J. \"I
e Place of
eat. next
WoV r A lax
r iv/iv Myjwy
; or the :
jout * you
ing. grip
-lax 50c a
ire cure for constipa
] guarantee Iiv-vei
ft 1*1
r & w
Twenty-Two Patients Rescued When J
Flames Were Discovered in
Pryor Institution. ^
Chester, March 20.?Fire this morning
destroyed the Pryor Hospital on fl
Saluda street, badly damaged the residence!
of Mr. W. t?Y?. Coogler and fit
+ /n V* st f T* <-? A O j
till caicucu LUC ilUUiC^5 KJL Jiio. il. ^ ^
Hutton and Mr. '3. D. Cross before
finally subdued. The confiagation was
one of the worst in years in Chester.
Dr. S. W. Pry or. principal owner of A
the Pryor Hospital, estimated the loss
to building and pauinment at about ^
$25,000, with sufficienr insurance to \ J
cover the loss. He also announced VJ
that as soon as the debris can be ^
cleared away a brick hospital, absolutely
fire proof and embracing all of
the latest ideas and features will be
Twenty-two patients in the hospi- .
tai, tnree ol wnom aaa just under- W
gone operations, were rescued without V
difficulty, and .apparently without be- M
ing anj the worse for the experience.
The Pryor Hospital, until recently
the Magdalene Hospital, was a large
two-story building splendidly?equip- ,
, ^ .4
pea, drawing me patronage irom
many parts of the State. , .. . ? v
Dr. Pryor and associates have rent- .
ed the old Davega home on - Wylie . .
street, to he used as a hospital until-.
treir nj^ Vcf'iiu c,sa be cririiet?d.
iWhereas, The Supreme Architect of
the Universe has called ' from his A
earthly labors to refreshment in the
beautiful temple not made with hands '
eternal in the heavens, our beloved
brother, George OE. Hawkins, who'was
a faithful member of Prosperity Lodg's * 1
No. 115, A. F. M? be it hereby re
solved: * i
First: That we all bow in submission
to the will o?: that wise Master
Builder who doeth. all things well, and ?
that we heed the instructions which
come to us from tliis act of Providence
in that we strive to be ready.
Second: That in the death of Brother
George E. Hawkins, Prosperity
Tjorie'e No 115 A. F. M. has lost one
of its oldest and most faithful members.
Third: That a copy of these resolutions
foe sent to his .brother with an y
assurance o?" the heart-felt sympathy
of the lodge, a copy published in each.'
of the county papers,- and a copy inscribed
upon the minutes of the lodge.
"r*? -3 T s\ n (To r%
1DV oracr en riu&yciii/ wvi&v
115, A. F. M.
R. T. C. Hunter,
R. I. Stoudemayer,
J. F. Browne,
j ..... . I
Plies Cared in 6 to 14 Days
Four druggist will refund money if PAZO
OINTMENT fails to cure any case of Itching.
Blind, Bleeding or Protruding riles lu 6to 14 d?y*
The first application sn've- Ease and Rest. " S>
- i
' A V
^ tf T
nother W ay
ou feel bad, take Liv-verat
nifrht. Feel better
; morning Tsfce Liv-verdailv
in smaii doses and
more you take the better
feel. No sickness, no
incr "feel fine as silk."
>uth Carolina'
V ?

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