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Figures Based on the Final Ginning
Report?South Carolina
1,133,581 Bales.
Washington, (March 20.?The 1915
W cotton crop oL* the United 'States aggregated
11,059,430 running hales, or
^ il,183,lS2 equivalent 500-pound hales,
]inters and counting
V/AViUOi'V v* ?
I t round bales as half bales, the cen1/
sus "bureau today announced in its
V final ginning report of the season. The
r department of agriculture on December
10 last, basing its calculations on
reports of its agents throughout the
i k cotton belt, estimated the crop at 11,L
/ 181.000 equivalent 500-pound bales,
jy fffce census bureau's final figures of
* ? AA" ft J A
Ftiie crop compare wun io^d.ssu ruuning
bales, 16,134,930 equivalent 500pound
"bales produce d in 1914; 13,982,811
bales, or 14,156,486 equivalent
Kf 500-pcund bales in 1913, and 13,488,539
lunning bales, or 13,703,421 equiv- *
"-A > v .1? imo TVin
atent uuics iu *****
1M4 crop was the record for production.
Included in tfce figures are 39,P
623 ba!e.^ -which ginners estimated
w*ould be turnetl out after the March
{ ^ Round baies included numbered
(111.716, compared "with 57,618 in 1914,
M.062 ia 1023 and 81,428 in 1912.
S<m island baJen included numbered
91,1)20, compared vith 81,654 in 1914*
T7 r,tn <* 191ft And 7S.777 in 1912.
. The average gross "weight of bales
[ for the crop was 505.6 pounds, compared
with 507.2 in 1914? 506.2 in 1913
and f.C8 in 1532.
Ginneries operated lo the crop numW
bered 23,146, compared with 24,547 in
m lotx <Ji i?a in iQia and 25 279 In.
I ' \ J*
^ Linter coton, not included in the total
ginning fign.es, amounted to 895,t
274 "running bales, or 880,?80 equtv
^ aTent 500-pound bales, compared with
g y 832,401 running bales, or 856,900
L. equivalent rw:-pound tales in 1914;
631.1 ij running bales or 638,881
W equivalent rOU-pound bales in 1913,
F and ?>02l?;14 running bales, or 609,594
equivalent 500 pound bales in 1912.
Production o: State? in * equivalent
i *?
I Fire Ins
Office has
r > . v\
L ly disturbed by
r Companies. We j
k splendid compani
? pleased to serve y
[ W. A. M
Manager Insura
1 j Phone 207-2 to
WFor All Ai
Preserve your upi
from hot, penetrating, cr
namfiP'ino- soakinfs when
ffrom grease off your own
the garage man. You cai
advantage, after two yet
upholstering is in fine sh
I manufacture new ccverin
Just slip new covering ov
. - I.
Li M. I. Mc/
500-pound bales, exclusive of linters,
with comparisons, follows:
j Alabama?
! 1915 1,020.20S
1914 1,751,375
1913 1,495,485
1912 1,342,275
191 5 815,846
| 1914 1,072,846
1913 1,016,170
1912 792,048
1915 47,816
1914 81,255
1913 58,695
1912 52,760
1915 1,907,310
3914 z,<is,u3<
1913 3,316,601
1912 1,776,546
1915 340,606
1914 449,458
1913 .. 443,821
1912 376,096
1915 .. - 953,620
1914 1,245,535.
1913 1,310,943
1912 1,046,418
1915 47,930
191 4 81,752
1913 67,105
1912 55,691
North Carolina?
1915 .. V. 698,852!
1914 930,JS311
1913 792,545,
1S12 865,653!
1915 639,209 :
1914 1,262,176
1915 840,387 1
j - 1912 1,182,128,
South Carolina?
1915 1,133,581
1914 1,533,810
1913 1,377,814
1912 1,182,128
1915 302,898
1814 ...... 383,517
1913 379,471
1S12 276,546
1915 3,223,803
1914 4,592,112
7 I
not been senousr
withdrawal of
ihall have twelve
0?i *
es. We will be
nee Department
rner Boyce & College St.
:at covers
holstering and protect it
acking sun rays. From
it rains, cats and dogs,
hands, or the hands of
i sell your car to better
trs service, because the
ar in your tcp. we
gs for tops for all cars.
er old bows.
i, wrs.
1913 3.941970
1912 4,880,210
1915 15,809
mn '7 ft 9 9 9
1913 23,490
1912 24,398
.All Other States?
1915 So,694
1914 63,880
1913 32,513
1912 li, 4uz
The census bureau announces that
the statistics of this report for 1916
are subject to slight corrections in
the full report to be published late
Prominent New Orleans Druggist it
Authority For This Statement
who owns and operates on* of the big
stores in New Orleans, says:
"I am of the opinion that Rexall Orderlies
are the ideal laxative for men,
women and children. This opinion is
based upon my knowledge of the formula
and upon what my customers
say about them. Through personal experience,
I know they are pleasant to
take, gentle in action, and give the
Same pleasing results when used by
men, women or children."
Parchment Paper.
To make ordinary paper imitate!
parchment soak it in a basin of writer
mixed with sulphuric acid in ihe prc>-|
portion of one to ten parts. Lei J! i?e- :
come thoroughly saturated, then remove
gently and let dry. The payer
should be strong unlined foolscap.
Not Enough.
Betty Gold ust? Did yon have a seriafactory
Interview with, papa? -lack
Brokeleish?Not very He said all he
could jrive us was his consent?Stray
Doctor?What can I do for yon? Ta- j
tient?I have cut my index finger. Doctor?Very
sorry, but I am a specialist
on the middle finger.?Fliegende Blatter.
The Great Kidney Medic'ne
? ll.
Mills its ISissun
. r . T |
I was afflicted with Bladder trouble.
I suffered such great pain that the
doctor had to take my urine. After
the doctor had treated me for two
weeks, I did not get any better. Remembering
that a few. doses of Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root completely relieved
my Mother-in-law, after all the
doctors who were called on her case
had failed to do her any good, I asked
my husband to get me a bottle of
Swamp-Root, which h s did, and I took
it and threw the doctors' preparations
away, because immediately a ter I
started taking Dr. Kilmer's Swnr.ipRoot
I was greatly re'ieve.i. .'>iy husband
was so pleased he said I should
take one dozen bottles of Swamp-Root,
but by the time I had taken seven bottles
I was completely restored to
"health. That was six years ago and I
have not taken any medicine since. My
weight is 19." pounds have three children.
do my own work in a house of
twelve rooms, and keep boarders. Very
truly yours,
657 Newell St. Barberton, Or.io.
Personally appeared before mo this
1 ? nnnATvniKnr 101.1 ?v I "P e ?
1 J ill Ud) a. xr, .U4 .v, . ^
nie Baughman, who subscribed the
above statement and made oa*li that
the same is true in substance and in
W. A. Morton, Notary Public.
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Bingliamton, X. Y,
I "it:'. ,
? x
DO FOR Y01>.*ri ' v
Serd ten cents to I>r. KX.nier & Co..
Binghampcon, X. Y., for a sample size
bottle. It will convince anyone. You
^T*il 1 O 1 f A f ? n V< 1 rvi rvf T'O 1 MO K' fl
v? a11 <xiz>\j <1 uuun in ui uuuai'ic
information, telling about the- "kidneys
and bladder. When writing, be su:*e
and mention the Semi-weekly Newbrrry
Herald and News. Regular fiftycent
and one-dollar 3ize bottle for sale
at all drug stores.
i h i %/ lit m ,riiL^Liii>rn
iHLfi vr n_uiiiDui\nuuis
Was Twice Examined and Each Time
Was Told Operation Would Be
Her Only Hope.
"I ha.e just finished my third bottle
of Tanlac and Have gained twentyseven
pounds,' was the truly remarkable
statement made by Mrs. Chas.
Pedden, who resides at 550 Mill St.,
Huntsville, Ala. Mrs. Pedden is one
of the ibest known and highly resi ectcd
women of that thriving litt-e city,
where she has made her home ?or a
vnTv?"hriT? r\i vncro
ILUiuuVyi v-ri. j v?ut o.
"When I commenced taking Tan lac,"
she continued, "I only weighed ninetyeight
.pounds; now I weigh one hundred
and twenty-five pounds, and never
felt better in my life. For yeas I
have Buffered with a bad form of stomach
trouble, constipation and pains in
my side and back. At times the pains
took the form of torture and I was
twice examined and each time I was
told that I had appendicitis and that
? - -rr-o,, 1A tVin tnv rtnlv Tl r>T\P>
OU auvu nvuiu wx* ??vr w.
I had fallen off until I only "weighed
ninety-eight pounds and was so weak
I cquld hardly get around.
"I had no appetite at air scarcely
and y^?t lit^e I did eat would cause
gas to form in my stomach, which
fare me palpitation of the heart, sick
eadaciies and a dizzy feeling about
.-JiV'-t .liA > * -
the head. When these spells came on
?my, I wonkL get awfully nerrrous. I
worried about myself until I could
rest and sleep but litt-e.
??T V|?/? fallftn A# iitiHI V uroc fllttl/Mlt
i IGkJi^u. vu HUV41 1 n wu
1'akin and bones,' and my strength and
energy -were slowly leaving me. I
had a dread of the future and could
see nothing but the operating table
and the knife. I had a perfect horror
I "5
! of an operation. But had made up my
mind that it was either life or death
and prepared to submit to it. 1 iiad
made all preparations for tlie opera?
tions and called on my sister 10 ieu :
her good bye and I did not khow
whether I would live to see her again
or not. . My sister [begged and ^pleaded
"with me not to allow them to cut on
i'me and told me to wait and try a goo'l
tonic for a while. The'next day as I
returned from tbe consultation room
I thought of* what she said, and. as 11
^ Tanlflo T HaoJl'I* !
??d to try it as a last resort, and stop-;
ped at Gilbert's Drug Store and got
a bottle. Of course, I had lost heart
and had no faith in the medicine but i
to please my sister I made up my
mind to talce it, and, oh, -what a happy
day that was for me!
i .
j "'I never returned for the operation
hnt inRt ket)t lakine the Tanlac. Right
i from the start I began to feel (better.
The medicine seemed to take hold
right at once. It had a soothing effect,
and in a few days I felt no pain
at all. I was so happy over the wonderful
improvement in my condition
that I sent for my neighbors to tell
them how much better I Celt, and got
another bottle of Tanlac and have Just
finished taking my third bottle and
feel like I have been made all over
again into a new woman.
"As I have said before, I now weigh
1125 pounds and my improvement has
- - n _ 4.1
been so rapid that none or my ciouies
are (big enough for me. I will have to
make them all over again. I now
have a ravenous appetite and my husband
says I am simply eating him out
of house and home. I have even gone
back to my coffee, which I was told
not to touch. Those terrible pains in
my back and head have all disappeared
and I sleep like a child. I am no
longer nervous and when I get up in
the mornings I feel refreshed, cheerful
hrifrht t am now able to at
terici to my household duties and 1
ieel as A I had started life aU t er
asalc My husband is highly d-ih'h'ed
amJ ruy recovery is the tall' c-' I*?*
neighborhood. I do nothing but rein^
an dav Ions: over the recovery
of my health and I praise Tanlac to
! everybody.
I "I feel so grateful for my escape
from the operating table and the knife
j that you may publish what I have
j said: You may, if you "wish, tell other
[ women suffering as I was to come to
I me and I will be glad to tell them all
| about my caSe."
Tanlac, the master medicine, is sold
exclusively !by Gilder & Weeks, Newberry;
Prosperity Drug Co., Prosperity;
Little Mountain Drug Co., Little
Mountain-; Dr. W. 0. Holloway, Chapj
pells; Whftmire Pharmacy, Whitmire;
i D. J-J.i'v-mgsron,;oiivcisliccl. . ^ * *~w,
$1- pese. bottle straight.
I Will cure Rheumatism, NeuI
nJg:a. Headaches, Cramps, Colic
1 " ^ * r* ... t> r\\A
I Sprains, liruises, \^uis, uuiiia, um
Sores, Tetter, Ring-Worm, Ec"
i. An*?$eT){ic .AnodyDt;*
? 1
Does ]
[ w s Read this t
*/// N . tC1
/ / * o? long a;
came iame a
me mai>y resl
Mrious did it
forced to con
JPI work when I
? Sloan's Linic
less than one
Chaa, C\ Cattij
S W;n c .
x *'"? ^ave i
v Stert tiem riglt;
\ 25 Cc
! >s>Sss\ x
RapIrarliA k nkmnracrinp j
' But Not So Bad II Yon Know Eow to I
Keaeh the Cause,
j Nothing more discouraging than a
, constant backache. Lame when yon
1 awaken, pains pierce you when you
bend or lift. It's hard to work or to
rest. Bachache often indicate? bad kid- I
nieys. Newberry people recommend j
Doan's Kidney Pills. Read this case: |
F. W. Higgin6, surveyor and civil
j engineer, 1130 Hunt street, Newberry,
I says: "My kidneys were so weak
[that I couldn't control the kidney se-j
i cretions. I also had pains in the small J
oi my back and right side The trouble
seemed to be in my right kidney and I
j had pains there all the time. My feet
i were tender and sore and I could hard!
ly walk. I suffered in that way for
j about two years, when I got Doan's
'Kidney Pills at Gilder & Weeks' Drug
j Store. The first box helped me and
; several boxes did me a world of good."
| Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't1
(simply ask for a kidney remedy?ge:
| Dean's Kidney Pills?the same that
, Mr. Kiggins had. Foster-Milburn Co.,
1 Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
i I
The Method Charles Hoyt Used to Develop
His Dramatic Plots.
' Charles Hoyt wrote seventeen plays
j He wonU1 sit in the Pullman witli the
shade drawn down over h?s head and
j looking out of the window at not hi unthinking.
studying over situations tot
i ,
cnnm jipw nlflv.
He would not begin work 011 a new j
I play until be Lad its arrangement laid
i out in his mind. Then he would write
it. longhand, in two or three days.
He developed his situations by telling
over and over and over again his
scheme for a new plav. lie would
come to me. "Otie." be would say.
"have you heard my idea for a new
I play V"
I I would say that I had not. Then he
i would launch into-it, elaborating as ne ,
went along. lie would-see me, later in I
the day perhaps, with some oner He
would come up to us with the same
question. "'Otie, have you heard my
idoa for a new play?" knowing mighty i
va il I had. lie wouldn't wait l'or me to |
answer, but lie would tell it to my com-1
j ;Kiui?m. elaborating upon the version he I
| liad given me. For each new piay 1 j
! probably would hear that same ques- >
tion twenty times and listen to twenty i
, different versions, each succeeding one;
more developed and elaborate.?Green
Book Magazine.
I YEAR FOR $1.50.
, X M M 2 A >?* ad
~ M
Pain Interfere? j
prp k a rptnftrlv f[
loan's |
niment -mi
rnsolicited grateful f[apLJ|^
go my left knee bend
6ore. lt pained
chanced to think of
nent. Let me say?
bottle fixed me uo. 1 BUS BUM
obdl, Florence, Tex. I
I I' I.I? a '
Chick FowNv
the Chick*.
raise them. \ i.
peeks CO.
' *
f ^ :'
Whereas, One-third of the resident
electors and a ISte proportion- of the
resident freeholders of the age of .21
years, in Jolly Street School District
No. 33, of the County of Ne^&errjr,
State of South Carolina, have filed ft
l/ctition with the County Board o?
Education o' Newberry County, South
Carolina, petitioning and requesting
an hplrf ir? RAid School
pi strict on the question of levying aa
additional special tax of four (4) mills,
to be collected on all the taxable
property within the said School Dta*
Now, therefore, we the undersign*
ed, composing the County Board of
Education for Newberry County, (State
of South Carolina, do hereby order the
Boar^ of Trustees of the Jolly Street
School District No. 33, to hold an eleclion
on the said question of levying an
additional special tax of four (4) mills
to be collected on the property located in
the said School District, which said
election shall be held at the Hunter*
Do Walt School"iouse in said School
District No. ?6, on Friday, March $1,
Id at which said election the polls
shall be opened at 7 a. m. and closed
at '4 p. m.
The members of the Board of Trustees
of said School District shall act
as managers of said election. Only such
electors as reside in said School District
and return real or personal prop
tty for taxation, and who exhibit tneir
tax receipts and registration certlflco+.es
as required in general elections,
shall be allowed to <vote. Electors farming
the levy of such tax shall cast
a ballot containing the word "Yes"
- iitten or printed thereon, and each
elector opposed to such levy shall cast
a ballot containing the word "No"
v-ritten or printed thereon.
Given under our hands and seals
this the 4th lay of March, 1916.
. J. S. WHEELER, County
Board of Education,
Malaria or Chills & Fever
Prescription No. 666 isprepared especially
Five or sis doses will break any case, and
if Vjlken then as a tonic the Fever will not
return. It acts on the liver better thao
Calomel And does not gripe or sicken. 25*j
Invigorating to tiie Pale and Sicfciy
The Old Standard general strengtbei ingr tonic.
Malaria.euriche ;t lebl-ood.artdbiiiids jpthesysietn.
A frus tcc r a.lniis'sti < '. Id.en. 5f)e t

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