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Mte ?jeralii oitli jeers.
Watered at the Postoffice at New- j
*tcj, S. C., as 2nd class matter, i
> c v. c%o mi/^
i esua v ( Aiarcn. to, 1310
We have corrected our mailing: galleys
since the sale closed and put on
the new names that have been receiving
their papers a day late. If
you do not get your paper reguraly
now, or the date opposite your name
is not the correct date to which you
have paid, please notify us and we
will take pleasure in making the correction.
As we have said aforetime
on many occasions, we know that we
make mistakes, however uard we try
to avoid them, but you will always
find, us ready and willins to make the
correction when you show us. It can
be done in the nice and proper way
and it makes it so much easier and
pleasanter to make the correction, and
that is one reason we are writing this
No doubt y>e liave been the cause
of some of our su-oscribers blaming
^ * .if ? 11 ?
uie carriers ior not delivering ineir
papers promptly. It has been oartly
the fault of the office, because we have
not been able to get the lists corrected,
and while the new subscribers
have been written and sent in single
ipackages these packages bave rre qently
foeen delayed. Blame us. iWe
Jaave found the rural carriers in dewberry
mighty nice and obliging and ac
Wtuuiuuawiu^ OUU WUA WWUU MUU r% ?
do not "want them to b? blamed when
the lault is ours.
Don't forget that you can get The
Herald and News and the Progressive
- M
warmer eacn. ior one year ior sue
price of The Herald and News alone.
Two of the best papers published in
this country. Not the best possibly,
feut^g good as we both can make under
*11 the circjjmtances. $1.50 getsi
-both ktt twelve months. - Those of our j
subscribers who 'have aifeiifly paid in
advance, and who may want the Progressive
Farmer^ many have* it for fifty
cents - additional. We want to treat
all alike and try very hard to do it.
^The Progressive Farmer is a splendid
farm naDer and it is a Southern paper
and will have during this year some
special features. Thie offer holds good
until the 30th of April. Do it now.
Attend to it today.
When South Carolina takes her head
in her hand and thinks it all over
quite seriously, she will vote the Hon.
Richard I. Manning a second term as
governor.?Spartanburg Herald.
The reverse would probably be the
*act if South Carolina will take her
thl'nl' corioilfilv 07*
she may leave her head where it is
and still reach the reverse conclusion,
as ^e believe she will.
Admiral Fiske says the government
can build the ships for a big navy in
three years, but that it will take at
least ten to have a navy?that ships
do not make a navy?it takes men, and
i" will take that long to get them
tT-oinoH AnH fbp admiral is DrettV
ru-ai ly correct.
The Herald and .News prints today
the reply of the Anderson Tribune to
Senator Tillman's letter which we
printed in the last issue. This reply
was headed to lead us to conclude that
there was no reply necessary5 and we
were under the impression that we
had printed all the correspondence,
and our reference to the use of
epithets was to some editorial
comment which, we read. It is due the
Tribune that this statement be printed
inasmuch as the other portions of
the correspondence were printed. A
r>iend of ours has called our atten
tion to the omission and we thank him >
for it. It is and has always been the
purpose of The Harald and Xe^% to
he ifair to every one and to treat all
with justice and impartiality and to
publish the facts and not suppress
j 1 ^ ~ ~ ? _ A.
anyming so long as cue iatas are siai-i
ed in parliamentary language. We
do not now and never have believed
that any good was accomplished "by
abusive language or the use of ugly
epithets, and as we grow older we are
more confirmed in that opinion. The
Herald and News tries to be a newspaper
first. We would not knowingly
j do injustice or be imtair to any one. ;
j ? j
j In conversation with a gentleman
j 011 the train the other day lie asked
the question, "Well, how is the race
going to be between Cooper and
Blease?" We told him that we did
I not know, and of course we did not?
that the game was yet young and
many changes could take place in four
months in a South Carolina campaign,
but the thing that struck us was that
he should seem to think that these two
were the only candidates worth mentioning,
and he asked the question as
if they were the only ones in the running.
We told him that we had a
faint recollection that there was one,
and possibly two or three other names
we had heard mentioned in that connection.
Dr. Geo. Y. Hunter, who is an ardent
- J * - ? Jnncirn nf farTTl.
Edvoca te ui iuc micucut w ?
ing and of making the farm self-sustaining,
and who has been in the cattle
business for several years and who
was the pioneer in tliis county in th.e
introduction of the Red Poll variety
of cattle, has a fine herd and is enlarging
it every year. He is arranging
to have his ranch on his planta
tions at Jolly Street and as soon as
he gete hi3 silos completed will he in
position to pay more for cattle than
anyone else in these parts. He says
Via Da/1 D/vll < a ha voriafv frtf fVl O
farmer. It combines the beef cattle
with the milk cow and his work ie an
object lesson for the farmers. He
believes in the best and has only registered
cattle and says no scruib can
feed at his barn.
Air. Cooper does not seem to hare]
very mnch newspaper support in -hisl
race for governor, hut be may con sole
himself by the reflection that the history
o* campaigns in this State shows
that the newspapers have never polled
many 'votes.?Anderson
Well, newspaper support in the ediY
/^AAO n^t O TV1A1f A
i IVl iai V.VIUUILL uvt;o uv(. auivauc wv
mjch. "What Mr. Copper wants is a
fair and square deal in the news columns
and not misrepresentation in
what he says or does.
"A Fellow and His Lodge" seems to
be a popular subject for editorial comment.
We notice that several of our
exchanges carried an editorial on this
subject last week and the remarkable
thing about it all of them expressed
the same thought in identically
the same language. Well, a fel
low should be faithful to his lodge
and so long as he remains a member
he should toe prompt in attendance
and active in everything that would
contribute to the success of his
lodge and the promotion of brotherly
ilrvvp e-ood fellowshiD.
We ask the pardon of our old friend
Col. S. L. Drag for publishing two papers
without mentioning his name editorially.
Tt was not intentional. We
tu'Up. nleasnre in commending him to I
the good people of this State as a
i.'riend of long standing and of great!
value in the making of roads. In fact!
we know of no other thing that can I
do so much for your road at so little
cost and so little labor.
Wonder if we could persuade Mayor
Wright and Capt. Joe Werts and the
city council and whoever else may be
in authority to build a short?very
short?stretch of street in a very Im- J
portant section or the city?in iaci it is
only one short block of one of the \
narrow streets, but one that is trav_ J
eled very much and that would cost
very little because it has already been \
macadamized. The building of this
' * " ?x? ~ ~ 1/7 r\l ao PA O
little section o*i strtut wuu u. t*
lot of people who go to church. We
will tell you in the next issue which
piece of street we are talking about.
We are almost afraid to break it to j
Mayor Wright all at once, because it j
might amuse him to know how little
we are asking this time.
The question of a hitching yard or
lot for the t.armers has been one that
ras agitated the people of the community
for some years. The effort has
been made to get it removed trom tne i
! public square as much for the benefit
| of the people who hitch in order to
1 get their stock in a better and more
convenient place as well as to leave
: the square open for traffic The
Blease lot in Main street has been
used for some time, being generously j
given by the owner, Mr. C. G. Blease, i
i without cost. It is convenient and |
easy of access. It is probable that
! this lot will be sold and it would be
i I
a good thing for the town to purchase
it. There is a fine spring in the midst
! oi. the lot and by the building of a
J pavilion over this spring and cement|
ing the spring it would make an ideal
j resting place for the people who come
j to town in buggies and wagons and
! even in automobiles. If it could be
I purchased at a reasonable price it
' fnoAafmonf fnr fHo
I WUUIU UC 4* UUU iU T wm vuw *.VA WMW
j city.
A'ews of Litte Mountain.
Little Mountain, March 27.?>Mr. and
Sirs. J. K. Derrick and son.Carrol,, left
jOn Saturday for a few daye' stay in
J Wasnington ana uaiumore.
Mrs. C. W. 'Stoudemire spent, several
| daya last week with Mrs. Lucas in Columbia.
Mrs. T. A. Stpudemire of Cbapin
spent Sunday with Mrs. A M. Stoudemire.
Mr. A. N. Boland returned on Sunday
from Columbia where he has been
i visiting relatives.
| Mis9 Evelyn Wise spent a few da^s
in Prosperity last week.
Mr. and ?Mts. Rufus Shealy and children
of Columbia have been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Shealy.
. i
Mrs. Carrie Hartman of Prosperity j
Is the guest of her sister. Mrs. L. S.
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Bowers of Prosperity
spent Sunday with relatives
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. (Washington are
' - - - * - X TTT A
visiting tne latters parenis at westminster.
Mis -Esther Eargle of Chapin has
been' visiting Miss Maude Fulmer.
Mr. and Mrs. George Lever, baive returned
to Columbia after spending a
fe\r days with Mr. and ?Mrs. J. A.
Mr. W. M. Sloan was in Newberry |
dfe* Saturday.
* Misaes May me Swjitenburg and Ernestine
Wicker spent the week-end witli
homfe-folks in Newberry.
Mr. J. D. Shealy of Pomaria has been
visiting his sister, Mrs. Jacob A.
Miss Fannie Frick of Chapin spent a
few days last week with Mrs. J. W.
The underslgaed will sell at pub'ic.
auction, to the highest bidder therefor, i
in front of the new court house, in
- * - ^ -i 1 n
the town or :\ewoerry, ?. at u,
o'clock M., on (Monday, April 3, 1916, (
ten shares of Oakland Mill stock.
Terras of sale: Cash.
H. II '3LEaSE, Assigme.
L W. FLOYD, Agent.
3-28-2t. "T'r*
Special Represe
G. L. HALL 0Pr
at the store of authorize
Newberry, S. C., March
All who are in need of
1 -- " ?? /"> /"^ rtoll f olr
ly HiVitCU tu tau auu i/aiv
ceptional engagement. I
ination and only regu
Every pair fitted absolu
By taking advantage c
have the same service
that you would get if yo
tail establishments in
Lynchburg, which are j
-1- j.?:?u 1..
You take no chances a
ized to give you his pers<
Remember the date!
only by authorized dealei
H <8 if
"The House of (
The Beautiful ]
(( "T
M M JUrif A A A O, dU
An Interesting Thanhouser d<
A Falstaff Comec
"See America
Gaumount Travalogue an
A. 3 part Than-o-play drair
i ?TL_ n .LLI.. TL
ine DUDuies ana in
A Beauty Corned
The distinguished character
* # mm mm ???> m
By arrangem
be mui
Write for catalog and price
Box 165,
ntacive ot the
:hburg, Va.) Will be
d dealer, P. E. WAY,
SO 191fi.
Eyeglasses are urgente
advantage of this ex Jo
charge for the examlar
prices for glasses,
tely guaranteed to be
if this opportunity, you
brought to your town
u visited any of the reNorfolk,
Richmond or
ecognized as the best \
s our agent is author- '
Dnal guarantee.
? t H 1
Our glasses are Handled
1 J
j-ikj r
Consistent Quality and a
Emotional Actress PAULINE
I Paramount Pictur
ACE" "The Gil
Jttective story The Signal r;
ID ANDY" "Cooki
iy -l
//in nr?
First" ihe
A Cub C<
d < nrtoon. ' 1
r ?i?*
? in
An Americai
latic feature senting Ed C
e Barber" ?Pers;
i i
Mark Twain
rvMur a n wii
L/ lllll^rUL/ T" U
ents and sanction by the Mai
an pictures on a Mirroroide I
he city.
t costs no more to see the bes
At Prosoe
At 12 o'clock,
1st, 1916. Public
The Simpson h<
of land.
Terms of Sale:
balance one and
per cent.
* V 4 4.
ts. B. HA1K, A
- ?? *
" r
THAR FOR $1.50.
Standard Price"
:H 27th
RS presents
e ,
1 1 ivn Mm,
1 and the Game
ailroaa serial featuring darHELEN
ng His-Goose"
i Beauty Comedy
rin Trunk Mystery"
omedy with George Ovey . !
The Shuffle''
i? - - ^ -i o a
i ieaiure piay jii?$ ?j;u> pre- ...
loxen and Winnifred ^Greenwood
stent PercivaF
^ Beauty Comedy " ' ?
1 ; ; 7;
Cllt? ' i'
RTS In a dramatization of
rk Twain Co. < j
^ mi ^ lit** 4M
S. C.
. Saturday Aoril
r ^ 1"
Duse and one acre
One third cash,
two years at 7
K, Agent
X? nVT V tl

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