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The herald and news. (Newberry S.C.) 1903-1937, March 31, 1916, Image 3

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r ! ' iou see it is jus\
x Why? Because they don't
i is "The Salvage Way." Keep th
v economic ouyers wno iaKe ume
| out limit or reserve. In the ordii
so here?every item, every artic!
1 you've ever seen or known. So
^ to you, if you are not to rich to
iii^ T
! Shoes! Shoes!
Peter's all for wear" men's heavy water
proof Shoes, regular price $3.75, our
price $2.68
Mon'a hnovir wnrlr rvsrrn 1 o v n??ipp
Z $2.75, our price $1 89
Men's heavy work Shoes, regular price
J $2.50, our price $1.68
0 Peter's women's Black Diamond Shoes,
? reg. price $2.50, our price $1 68
X Peter's Boys' all for wear water proof
X Shoes, reg. price $3.00, our price..... $1.98
J Peter's boys' heavy work Shoes, regular
Z price $2.50, our price ........ $1.68
Edwin Clapp's Shoes reg. price $6.50,
Tr Aiir nripp $4
E. T. Wright's Shoes for men, regular
J price $5.00, our price $3.98
I These goods were bought ai
33 1-3 cents on the dollai
f and we will sell them at 4C
f tn ISO rtn- ton the drtllnr. T'hi:
% is an opportunity of a life
? time?we advise you to com<
early and often.
* J
! Don't Miss It
Never a *sale like this before.
'Twill be the Busy Store for the
next 15 days. The Stoie that
saves you money.
m We would advise you to couie .
early and often. /j
Koemw??e?w??u??fM '.I?11 f,?>. u Ti. iiiiiima?inrJl
AAA ifllilhtiiit
^ y>
??? ?? ?i i < J : - -
t like this: [yoboa
have to figure cost and then add
farift in minfl?-c7*?t? firmK
? o? -? J
by the forelock and then gets the
lary bargain or clearance sales, y<
e must fall under Levin's fatal hai
' make an early visit and look, ins
save money, if you want your mo
i ' ???????
E. T. Wright's Shoes for men, regular
price $4.00, our price $2.98
1 lot men's Shoes, 500 pairs, special 98c
rr i /* n r>i J* T _
lmppenaon-uittman nne anoes ior jjadies,
$4.50 value, our price $3.19
Krippendorf-Dittman fine Shoes for Ladies,
reg. price $4.00, our pi'ice $3.00
Krippendorf-Dittman fine Shoes for Ladies,
reg. price $3 50, our price $2.28
Krippendorf-Dittman fine Shoes for La
dies, reg. price $3.00, our price $1.98
Krippendorf-Dittman fine Shoes for Ladies,
reg price $2.50, our price $1.68
Infants' near soft shoes for 39c
Children's good shoes, one lot... 69c
Children's larger, nice shoes that look
and wear, for __ 89c
Children's, boys' and girls' good, fine
An Opportui
; A pleasant s
* will be made easy,
' in this store. Drice
are absolutely stm
lM LEVIN.Manaee
.. ..;jL^...V' ' * ' V&* . -'^
y can sell as cheap
a profit, like merchants do. No, ind
j fixed?this advertisement is just a n
s most goods out of their buying, in f
ou cet the odds and ends, the leftove
mmer. Sale is absolute and uncondi
pect, dig to your hearths content and
>ney to do its level best for you, this ii
shoes $1.19
Fine lot boys' and girls' good shoes $1.39
Bigger boys' and girls' shoes, the kind
that cost $3.0C to $3 50 elsewhere, very
finest and best ? $199
Clothing! Clothing!
T ^ i /ilr /\ tr^r< n 1 1 Tir/\i*n/\. . C!in4*r? v\mi /i
ziuivtry ? airwuui ivtuocy ouiia,
$9.00, our price $5.48
All-wool Cassimeres and Worsted Suits.
Regular $8.00 suits, our price $4.89
Regular $11.00 suits, our price $6.48
Regular 12.00 suits, our price 6.98
Regular 15.50 suits, our price 8.98
Regular 16.50 suits, our price 9.48
Regular 18.50 suits, our price 10.98
Regular 20 00 suits, our price .. 11.48
Regular 22.50 suits, our [.rice 11.98
Regular 25.00 suits, our price 12.98
tl? r.
my iu neuute uic \a
urprise for every visit
, the prices will guide,
s will be marked in pi
e of things just as the
/ .. ?
-> '
s' ' . *. y (
as Western oales^Sz
eed, they sell for whatever the goods wi
lere first "hint" of the good {things in st<
arf fho mnef fni* mnnAu In ia cnli
rs, the season's tag ends, whatever remn
tional. This sale is entirely different, u
your pocketbook's capacity. If prices co
s the sale.
Regular price $10.00, our price $5.98 ^ne !?^(
Regular price $16.50, our price $8.98 ^
Rain Coats
Regular price $11.00, our price $6.98 Corliss (
Regular price $5.00, our price $3.39 Corliss (
? _____ Corliss C
Pants jVI
All-wool Cassimere and Worsted Pants. soc Tipc;
Regular $6.00 pants, our price $3.98 25c Ties
Regular 5.00 pants, our price 3.19 $1 50 sh
Regular 4.00 pants, our price 2.98 $1.25 si'
Regu'ar 3.50 pants, our price 2.28 $1.00 si
Regular 3.00 pants, our price 1.98 75c shjr
Regular 2 50 pants, our price 1 G8 50c shir
)st of Living I The si
or. Your trading arrans
as is the custom open S
\airt figures. You 9:30
y are advertized. come a
W WMtok.
N, Prop.
Newberry, S. C.
' ' # " * * /
Salvage Co. TaH
11 bring. Any old price 5
re for the shrewd, wise, +
e everything goes?with
lants that are left. Not %
nlike, in fact, anything ?
unt and quality appeals 9
= i
D -? D X
LlUJd I mU5 I
SI 50 and $2.00 pants -$1.19 J
$1.00 pants 790. 2
50c pants 39c
Shirts |
Doon best $1.00 shirts 69c X
]oon best $ 1.50 shirts 98c ^
]oon best 15c collar lCc J
[en's Furnishings f
, 3 for $1.00 5
,3 for 50c W
irts, sale price _ 98c {
iirt?, sale price 89c
lirts, sale price 79c
ts, sale price 59c #
;!^ricc 39c f
tore is now closed to * '
re stock. Doors will t
aturday, April 1st, at Z
o'clock. Come one, S
11, and secure bargains. *
To the first 15 ladies that visit Z
our store and make purcnases ot W
fifty rents or more, we will give to 9
each a present. To the first 15
men making a purchase of 50 cents ^
or more we will give to each a
present. 2

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