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?P*6 ?3 'bf,rrv a"'1 C<
Jr ymlil anD gem j
*tered at the Postoffice at New- j Mountam- A
hrrj. S. C., as 2nd class matter, filing: of som
E. H. AULL, EDITOR. , a ie\K
! 'materially.
Tuesday, April 4. 1918. r0Pl\70 F1
*We note that the executive commit- KIIIINII
tee of the Press association has de- i
Why the
cided to hold the next meeting in Yorkviile
inasmucli as there is some un- Fredna Schu
certainty about the Chick Springs ho- English spa
tel being open. It is very well occas- sirable of al
ionally to hold these meetings in abundant tiia
small twns where the mebers stoi>jilave kiIiec* (
still let the
around at private homes, but it is not ,
large. Jn li
the best way to keep the association j^e 0thc"- bi
alive to meet as a habit or practice in them.
small towns. The only way to keep The Englis
up interest is to have the meetings at dens. He is
some resort hotel where the mem'.crs {in? *ro-s*L 111
-i I small plants
may all live together as one big tannly I
; above ground,
and pav for their board. ! _ .. ? .
j on the pants
Yorkville is a fine town and we shall i stead of eati
be pleased to attend the meeting in eats the vege
this town and to take the trip to Kings Sparrows ;
Mountain. And also to Charlotte. useiul birds.
"We notice that some effort is to be season, tl)
made to have President Wilson speak nest* an(i
drive off bli
to the editors. We shouid think, he ..
swallows by <
would be glad of the opportunity andjy0ung. ancj ^
if he is to come to Charlotte in 'May we their nesting
would suggest that President Banks They breed
call a special meeting of ttte associa- er of v
tion to be held in Columbia'"for the pur- ^ 5tra%v antl
breeding plac
rose of having President Wilson come Thev pu(. the
on to Columbia and make an address j 0f tfie }10use
^fnrp the association He spoke to j
tlie association in Columbia just before
his nomination and election as presi- i"-"?***dent
and we have no doubi would l?e;
glad to come and meet tlT"e boys now as j Joi]
? Tin ?
We do not know how it may be else- i
where but we are satisfied there was j
no need and no demand for the law
requiring mills to pay off every week 44jR^
in Newberry. In fact our mill people
with whom we haive talked, would prefer
for the old arrangement to remain
in force. There was 110 friction among
the operatives of the several mills, j Aft<
Two paid off every two weeks ana one j
every week and all tbe people were enf
hp oy
tirely satisfied and are able and com- <av
petent to make their own trades and i mgal
contracts. As we see it theTT? is just
a little too much effort to treat the the C
mill people as wards who need some
peculiar protection and guarflTsSfthip. j
45o far as we can see and judge the peo"
pie who work in the mills around here
. are ample to take care of themselves
and make their own contracts, and the
people who manage the mills are so-|
licitous for the comfort and welfare jl
of the people who work in 'he mills, .! V|V|
and the best of good fellowship and I tl?)
and the best of good fellowship and co , *
was no demand for any legislation.
?? T
There must have been an excess of I
prohibition during the closing hours
of the last legislative session. The sui
preme court had to reverse itself in 1 plug ?
order to make the appropriation for :
continuing the work at the asylum and : guarai
now it appears that the appropriation
bill was "balled up" in another place,
and it will require a decision of the I CJ
supreme court to say what the legis- I ^
lature intended as to the appropria- I |
tion for some improvements at Cedar 1 ^
* 1 4- V-v ^
Springs. It is all too nau mat i"?
legislature, after boasting so much in
noVP T
the newspapers how well the appropriation
bill was in hand early in the
session and thnt it had been handled
.so much more expeditiously 'tnan any
committee had ever been able to do wool a
before, that so many important ap- b6tt6r
propriations should be "balled up" and
the supreme court should have to be anC6 a
called upon to say what the legislature
really intended.
? One of
If there could be some way hv which
the split log drag could be run over SpGCial
all the roads recently worked in this priC6 '
county there would be a fine chance
+ V10+ vr& 117/111 lr) Viovo cr/\r\rl rr.aHs >11 thp OCCaSIC
Uiat ?? c rvuuivi uui v * X/WV.K- J?A?
balance of the year Bu' now is tA?e
time while the ground is in season.' ?]
The rains have laid the dust and if
the drag could be pulled over road it
would smooth out the rough places. _
The Newberry end of the Co?umbia
road is about as good on the average
as any part of the" roacf between >few
>lumbia and some parts i , . , , ...
j t.no :nto ^^10 .lOt.s
ention very much, espe- ni;tV stan wites amon.
n Prosperity and Kittle ( building their nests un
little dragging and tlie j ?f hen House.
e holes an J the repair- ' ^;IC' English sparrow
t, * i . .fries, grapes pears, peac
Ullage? would heip \er> ) 1 1
, oflwers of cultivated tre
J vinos.
Not a single Strife in
l\ MEMBERS ' ? >??- i>y ?-??c
~ j sparrow may be protect
(ARY^Sl. SCHOOL ibes:in;nn?to make ?ftc
. t other more useful birds
hngli^ii Sparrow is I
, . ,, Mho sparrow.
Indesirable. i
irrows are the most, unde-1 How to Attract Birds
I birds. They are more | Home.
II any other bird. People Herman Dickert.
jut oilier birds but they t\Ve want birds aroin
English sparrow run at of their songs, their hel
tct they can't kill them and i'or their destrucir
rds; they can only trap insects.
I If birds stay around
h. sparrow destroys gar- i course, expect us to boj
almost as bad as a kill- j of charge" for the wor
a garden. He eats the ! summer they can get all
as soon as they appear ! that they want and will
. When the flowers appear ! orchard. All they want
lie pulls them off. In-, a pool of fresh water ti
ing worms and bugs he bathe in. In winter w
tables. i scarce the birds look fc
innoy, fight and run off | ^ie houses, li you wa
Sometimes in the nest- j *>irds 5'?" ean take a
e sparrow will bother the j S1(*e ^ *n a tre
rve off the birds. They j and Put f00(I in lL Ano
lebirds^ housetr?&ns snd j a narrow box abc
lestroying their eggs and ' u i(ie an(5 a foot long, bo
y taking possession of I R*(^e an^ *n
places. j platform for the birds tc
mites, lice and many oth- All over the country
ermic. They build nests building nesting boxes
feathers which are good ; Some are like hotels, ot'
les for mites and lice, i with three corners opt
ir nests under TTre-trsves gourds with holes bored
and mites may get are tin cans with hole*
n the Prosperity C
I he Exchange tSanl
'al Opportunity Comes Only to the j
with Ready Money"
jr a great deal of thought we have s<
m of $1.25 as .being the easiest sum
erage person can save per week, with
hardship to the saver, and yet be the
ring a considerable amount by the <
Hub period of two hundred weel
Price the Nation Km
'he quality the nation trus
From Maine to California $17 means
II wool fabrics plus expert tailoring
iteed satisfaction.
tyleplus <m
:lothes <p1 *
aught the nation to respect their quali
plaud their never-changing price.
; get any better style. The fabrics a
nd guaranteed. Few men think they
In finish the clothes represent the a
gentleman appreciates.
We are proud to sell such clothes for
' the great makers has made it possil
izing in a big way on a suit of one '
Thev are the clothes for all men f
ins Big assortment of fabrics and ir
pecial styles for young me
Thev also
, cjv.civcns: BamflfWiiM
der the ea,;. es J
the union has f O
h tiic English The House of Cons
eil; ijiit. all are
. *? * ?~W >\ M /\ 4 /\ /%
' 1 L> IU [)l Ul tJV I
by drivir^ out *<or this week we offer the strongest prog
! Mutual Masterpietures and i'aramount P
c: y that uses a patented screen. The Mil
Around Our with no eye strain.
id us because
p in gardening
011 of harmful
,,s tney- of tmSBBfr JESSE L. I
not bother the ;
in summer is
3 drink and to
hen food is
>r i'ood around
nt to feed the U \T 1VI17 C
box, open one g I %| I ^
e or on a pole A Mm^JL ^ JL ^
ither way is to
nit two inches
re holes in the
i box. Make a "~ ????????
> stand on. TUESDAY APRIL 4th
people are
for the birds. Mutual-Masterpictures Pre? cuts
hers are boxes
m, others are "MAN'S PREROGATIVE"
in them. Some
; in them, set A moral problem play in 4 acts. I V:'
Robeit Edeson. Produced by Reliance
Mutual Masterpietures Presents
' The problem of life portrayed in syni
scenes. In 5 acts featuring Robert E
n Produced by Majestic.
sleeted FRIDAY
wl"ch Param<
lnda 0? i ANNA
A Photo Comedy distinctly different
ows Jon poles in liady places. [Cures CI
; To keep squirrels cats, weasels and
y HtC CU m
; other animals "that kill birds away put Porter's
i_ . ' Pan an
IS ' a piece o>: tin around the tree a foot
l long and they cannot clirno the tree. /ppjj
Do not build -platforms on the boxes
. I YF \ T?
5 Style i because English sparrows will bother
the other birds and run them away.
% piUS We should kill the English sparrow be- >
cause they eat garden seed and plants. J
j They also run pretty birds away.
? notice to creditors to
pp render accounts.
a Notice is hereby given that all ered-1
J itors of Colin Campbell Davis, deceas-'
| ed, are hereby required immediately to (
... | render to me an account of their de- J
mands, duly attested, against the cs-1
i I
tate of said deceased. !
ty and fraxk g. lav is, ;
-y I Aministrator &c, of Colin Campbell
^ Davis/ deceased.
ire all 3-2i-3t-itaw <
need Notice of final settlement. t
i . '
I I ? V-. -v^ V\.? t r* n r r ^ a IT n? i
ppear- -NUUL't* ii> UCiCUJ LllUL I'lC UU- I ^
j dersigned as administratrix of the j
I estate of Jim Burton, deceased, will
8 make final settlement on said estate J
$ 1 7. as administratrix in the court o* pro- *
i i bate for Newberry county, on Monday,
y May S, 1916, and immediately thereafter
kllOWn aPI^-v Icr letters dismissory as such g>
administratrix. Persons holding claims ^
Of 2<11 against said estate will make pavmen:
~ . before eaid date and all persons in10U.61S.
debted to the estate will pay fhe same.
I lAdm'x of estate of Jim Burton.
11 March 21, 1916.
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* A,,* 1 ifu Jinrl a
id K-f VVMAV?<
ram ever presented in this city. A featu
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1 1 _
tanas or
. -v. A ,

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