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The Movements of iviany People, New.
berrians, and Those lYlio Yisit
Miss Ethel Cromer of Clinton
* *
v siting relatives in the vitv.
Mr. Robt. "West, vho is taking a
business course in Columbia, spent thy ^
citu at limiie.
M-\ and Mrs. .1. E. Summer .spent j
Sunday with relatives at Xewberrv. j
?Greenwood JournalI
Miss Jula Summer of Chcora Col-!
lege, Columbia, spent the week end a.'
borne with her parents, Mr. and Mrs
... H. Summer.
Mr. A. A. Donvnick of Greenvsood:
i- 1o> >i1 irio- ci -Tn>i- lnwtV . I
a.-- o^viiuu.?j u ivx >> uu ? ^ ?? ui: uio k* * uui- j
ers, Messrs .1. Ches. Domnick of the!
cay. and R. Lindsay Dominick of tho i
Dead Fall community.
Mr. H. Iv Wells r.hile in lAtlanta la?st j
T4eek made some arrangements for ?j
new line of pictures for the oper;> j
iiouse He says that he saw somej
pictures whle n Atlanta that he would j
not permit on the screens in NVwber- j
ry. IiT fact he had a picture for or.** j
e/ening last week thaft he cut ou* j
tiiough he had already paid for it j
These suggestive and blood curdling
lectures draw the crowds though |
some of them we should imagine are
r.:>i eie aur.^.or uejj'jiu to tne uioraisj
of the people.
Mr. W. B. Seabrook of Atlanta spent
Monday in Newberry with his mother
who i> visiting here. He was en rout'->
to Xew York from which place he sall>
Saturday for Franc where he will join '
fVp ambulance corps of the French
army. He will also write for tb?|
newspapers if lie finds tims along with j
his other duties in the army Mr.!
Seabrook is looking remarkably we" ;
and his many friends in Xewberr? I
wish him a safe return. The Herald
_ i
and News feels an especial interest:
i-?? * -f i
m -iim on accouiu ui yei uicm.
s'nip for him and .his family and also
c- "ccount of the fact that li* got hi?
c~:r. in the newspaper field in Th<*
Herald and News office and we ar* .
aiwavs interested in an(i solicitous
about our ho vs. 11
Saturday was a busy day in Newberry.
If' uval siauuii uii me s icinwcij id (
raster.- j |
T>-e city council has given the library
a donatio $ of $.r>0, ]
That was a nice rain on Monday ?
morning. . ; 1
M" F M. Lindsay is announced as ,
a candidate for reelection as coroner.,
, ? '
Our idea of "early closing"?Villa's
career. i'
Mrs. T. C. Johnson of Wadesburo, j
N. C., is visiting her parentSj Mr, ,
and Mr?. J. W. White. ';
' i.
Mrs. J. R. Davidson is spending a
few weeks with her daughter, Mr*.
Jas. L. Aull} in Columbia. !
IMt. P. J. Boyleston of Blactoville is
Wsiting his son. Mr R. C. Boyles ,
tou. :
Mrs. Dolly Brogden, .mother of Mr.1
Wilbur Gauntt, died on Sunday. She
was about seventy years old. '
Rev. Y. von A. Riser preached an
excellent sermon at the Church of the
Redeemer Sunday night.
! 1
Wc wouldn't mind missing a few
issues of the Newberry Daily Sun if
s it would rain in the meantime. j
j If you don't get into the race for i
office you'll be lonesome this sum-:j
iner. ~ i
What is the law? Is it two quarts,
or is it one gal? If one couMn't have ]
both, who wouldn't prefer the gal?
From now until the 2"?th of August <
there will be an "era of good feeling''
tor the dear people.
ft does a man good to be a can?ii- j
date for office. It makes him havej
such a kindly feeling for everybody, j
Villa's diplomatic relations don't
claim any kin with him now, whatever.
Our notion of an ideal spring open
ing, is the first mouthful of beans and
Irish potatoes. Hallelujah!
"The Girl and the Game" chapter II,
at the Arcade Wednesday, only five
more chapters.
Mr. W. P. Allen is announced as a
-candidate for reelection as magistrate
of Xo. 7 township.
Mr. Jos. K. Adams s announced as
-a candidate for reeiectiou as magi&trte
of No. II township.
Mr. J. S. Wheeler is announced as a
candidate for county superintendent
of education.
Don't fail to see Robert Edeson. in
' Man's Prerogative," a Mutual-Mas
terpicture at The Arcade Tuesday.
Somebody in Gaffney advertises "for
sale a yellow head Mexican parrot,
good talker.'' Has Gaffney a military
company? Safety first.
Xo canned music at the Arcade. (Mrs. \
Schaffer's nimble fingers on tl c piano
keyboard makes every foot pat the?
Soap 60 cen;s in Mexico?Headline. '
That's nothing, we know of a place i
where plain, ordinary, cold water is j
worth $10 per glass.
Hon. B. V. Chapman led the young
people's exercises at the Church of the
Redeemer Sunday night, preceding the'
regular church service.
The Calvin Crozier chapter t\ D. C.
will meet with Miss Mary Wright.
Tuesday afternoon, April 4, at 4:30.
The Drayton Rutherford Chapter, L'. ^
D. Cv will meet Tuesday afternoon j
at 5 o clock with Mrs. C. K Cannon. (
Members will please note tlie change |
in the hourjfor the meeting.
If somebo'dy made a fool of you last
Saturday don't get disheartened. Just
i.? xt?x n.. ^ ik: T1
rememuer uiai uie sriine uuug ?ui i
occur one year hence and you will 1
eventually get use to it.
The parsonage aid society of Trin-j
ity Methodist church in No. 6 township
will meet next Saturday after- j
noon at the church at 4 o'clock and
will serve refreshments until 8 p. m. j
Anna- Held, the celebrated stage I
beauty will be the star in "Madame I
La Presidente," the morosco-Para-1
mount picture at Leslies Arcade Friday,
April 7.
How many parts is Mary Pickford
in? That is the puzzling question at j
the Arcade. Think of it. Think of'
it just one minute and see if you don't'
get balled up, too.
"The Trail of the Lonesome Pine,*',
a Laskv-Paramount production is.
coming to the Arcade Friday, April1
14. Be sure to remember the date (
and see it. Same prices.
Mr. F. R. Hunfer sold the Dr. SimpI
son place in Prosperity at auction on ',
Saturday for $1,995 to 'Mr. T. A. Dom[nick
and also a vacant lot to John
Caldwell for $37.'.
When the fire insurance strike took '
place the farmers of Newberry were '
not very hard hit as this county has '
for many years maintained a prosper- (^
jus and flourishing mutual company j
for fire protection.
T-iero are two institutions in Xew-n
[*crry that deserve far more support j
at the hands of the citizens of the town
than they have been getting?the bus- 1
iness school and the library assocla- ]
Lion. j
Mr. John Talbert has planted corn *
md says he is going to have roasting
Mrs the middle of June, water mellons
the last of June and pick Newberry's
first bale of new cotton the
first of August. !
The Jolly Street school district ou
Friday voted an additional tax of i
four mills for maintainence. The 1
vote wa 11 to 12 in favor of the tax.
This makes a special tax in the district
of S mills.
Mrs. Jas. Bradley died last week. Mr.
Floyd Bradley attended the funeral
services. Mr. Bradley lived here a
tew years ago and is a son of Mr. F. {
r\ Bradley. (Mrs. Bradley will be r?>
niembered by a good many of our
Pud'n Head Wilson at foe Arcade
Friday night was a highly interesting
production. The only distasteful fea- ,
ture was the Northern girl who fell
i.i love with a man whom she believed
lo have negro blood in bis veins, b'lt .
Abo afterwards turned out to be a
rure blood white man.
There will be a musical and literary
program rendered at the auditorium-of
the high school building Wednesday
afternoon at 4 o'clock. The *
small admission of ten cents will be
charged and the proceeds will go to
the library. iAt the conclusion of the
program there will be a spelling bee
Everybody is invited to attend.
At a regular meetir^ of Newberry .
lodge of Odd Felloe on last Friday. 1
E. H. Aull and J. Y. Jones were elected
representatives to the grand lodge
which meets in Greenville. At the
regular meeting of the Newberry
lodge on April 14 the question of the!
orphanage will be discussed and it is
desired that every meber be present. |
If you read Maj. J. F. J. Caldwell's
article in The Herald and News last
week, you were convinced of one
thing, that if you are not a member
of the city library association, you
have been sadly neglecting a seemingly
small but very important dufy
to yourself and to the general good of
the community.
General Marcus, a useful and in
clustrious negro man( died suddenly
early Friday morning last of an epilentic
convulsion. He had worked
with. Mr. R. Y. Leave!l for 16 years
ar.d was well spoken of by his employer.
Marcus was about 48 years
of age. 'A facial blemish necessitated
his wearing a little black patch over
his ncse. Many people knew him
this mark who did not know his name.
Go wash yer paws
Wid antiseptics,
Smear baby's jaws
Wid germicide.
Then lock ther gate
And bar ther door
And trus* ter fate
To make him sore ?
Ther everlastin'
Germ spreadin'.
<?> <y V <? <?> "?> <& 4 <t' <s>
<$> <$>
!? ^
Anna Held, of the naughty eyes, in
Oliver Morosco photo-comedy "Madame
La Presidente" has the one play
above any possible other by which to
portray the height of her charm and
The sparkling European success
tells of the troubles started by the
fondness for gaiety of three mature
French judges.
I.Vfth an eye to securing his sood
graces, they enjoy losing an occasional
game of whist to their superior.
Judge Gaiipaux.
i ' Gaiipaux s life burden is an ambitious
An escapade with the leadng lady
of a theatrical torups. Mile. Gobette
lands the three judges on the carpet
for a severe reprimand. The offending
actress being evicted from the hotel.
Like an inspiration, a way out of
their predicament comes to one of the
offenders. " N
That night on returning from seeing
his wife on her train to aris. M.
Gaiipaux finds his house occupied by a
strange but very beautiful woman,
who refuses to leave.v
Unexpectedly M. Gaudet, the handsome
and irreproachable Minister of
Justice arrives. He is fascinated by
Goblette whom he believes to be Mmo i
V Cfill C? i r? n "A f Y"V> A floll I
ura.JLipo.u.\. oLI11 pv/oiufc do ITIui^. uan
paux, Goblette comes to Paris to call \
-^on hi'm 'Sconting a possible scan- j
3al. Maurius the head usher, lays a1
*?> MUe Gcbette calls and the
trap is sprung.
From then on events crowd quickly;
upon poor Gaudet. but through- high- j
[y humorous situations and startling!
perplexities he remains undaunted, to I
emerge triumphant.
Leslie's Arcade, Friday. April 7.
Sadden Death of Mrs. E. C Cpnnor.
The sad news came to Newberry on
Sunday of the sudden- fieSuT"bf "Mrs.
W r .Pnnnnr at CJrppnwnrvri iV!ts
Connor bad not been well for a few
days but was up Sunday morning and
about her household duties and at a
few minutes after 8 o'clock sbe was
[lead, the summons coming suddenly.
She was before her marriage Miss
Kate Mayer, the daughter of the late
Dr. 0. B. Mayer and a sister of Dr.
D. B. Mayer and of Mrs. J. T. Mayes
3f Newberry
Besides her husband and her brother
and si:-ter of Xewberrv she :s survived
by four .daughters: Misses
Alice, Carie Lou, Catherine. and
Claire. Burial was had at Greenwood
Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Mr. and MMrs. J. T. rt'ayes and Mrs.
Lplnriri SnniTnpr and Mr O P. Mavpr.
Jr., of Newberry attended the funeral
At an enthusiastic meeting of the
citizens held in the 'White Rose club
rooms Tuesday night it was decided
to present a strong invitation for the'
1916 meeting o" the 'South Carolina
Press association to be held in York.
The invitation will be backed by city
council and the York Board of Trade.
A committee of seven will be sent to
Columbia next Friday to appear before.
L X* ^ /% ? a ^ ? v-v iv* I f f /\/\ ? P 4" K /-v , f r\ ?. * a
Hie e.\et'iiuvtf cuiiuiinicc ui me association
when York's invitation will be ex_!
tended. !
Selling Antomobilrs.
Mr. "Bill" Smith of Summer's Gar-J
ape has been selling automobiles some !
recently. The ollowing are some recent
Oakland Six?M L. Cousins. B. A.
Dominick. 0. E. Summert Gus. B. Summer.
Maxwell?.T Cal Singlev. Prosperity;
Mrs. E H. Kibler, C. T. Summer. Paul
Fulmer. Chapin; Ben Fulmer. Prosperity;
John J. Henrz. Pomaria; Hub
Roulware. Newberry.
World Film Corporation presents
Clara Kimball Yoiinii. the most beautiful
and accomplished motion picture
artist iu the world in a picturazation
of Alexandre Dumas' famous play.:
"The Lady with the Camellias."
The picture has been directed by
Mons Altierr Capellani. ' has made
a name for himself in World Film an- '
- by his work in "The Face in the
Moonlight" and "The Impostor."
Camilie has obtained her name by;
popular assignment she was called
i the "l.idy w'th the camellias'* after her
famines of those . flowers?properly
she \yas Marguerite Gautier. a cirl
with a bad reputation. Rut what mattered
it? She was lovely and popular.
There was a young Count with mil-!
'.ions, at her feet- Yet she did nor.
; love him
! It was Armand. the young country j
lawyer who won her heart. For a |
time there was happiness between the
pair. Then Armand's father persuad-i
ed her to gi'.e up the bo\\ Camilie re-j
verted to de (Varville.
rrvl de Varville fought a:
duel; and Marguerite died of a brok-i
- . I
en neart, not however, before making
it plain that she really loved Armand.,
"Women are strange." Miss Young,
boc; splendid character in that of
Camille and does it the fullest justice.
Admittedly the finest and most ex]
ressive actress now before the mo-<
tion picture camera she rises to the
^reat opportunities which this character
gves her.
Paul Capellan. late of the Comedie!
Francaise, plays the part of Armand.
Opera liouse on today (Tuesday). |
! !
i . i
Foot and Mouth Disease.
Washington. >\!arch 30.?AH foot and
mouth disease quarantines and restric- j
tions on the shipment of livestock are j
removed by an order issued today by'
: the department of agriculture with j
the announcement that country^iow is ;
entirely free of the dead stock scourge.;
! President Wilson wrote to Demo- j
cratic Leader Kitctiin of the house
^psdav logins: consideration of the:
shipping bill and the resolution of the,
! vAPt^tipr, 0? conditions of railways
transportation and legislation. Th*
railroad resolution was not ncluded in
the lesislation programme laid 'before j
the Democratic caucus last week.
Thirtv persons were killed and more1'
i ,
than 40 injured early Wednesday ,
when three t.'a^t passenger trains on,'
the A'ew York (Central lines went to-,J
getlier near Amherst, 37 miles west of
Cleveland. Dense fog obscured the
signal set by the first section of an '
eastbonnd Pittsburg-Baltimore-BuffaIo
limited, and a second section of that
train crashed into it. A moment later
the fast 20th Century Limited, westbound
on another track crashed into
the wreckage. j
.. ? I
Gen. Carrar/a'has decided to per- J
mit the.'United States army to use the,
Mexican Northwestern railway for
transportation in the pursuit of the
Villa bandits. The use of the railroad
will facilitate the movement of troopi
and supplies and greatly shorten the
work of the punitive expedition in
Secretary Lansing, with the approval!
of President Wilson, has instructed:
Ambassador Gerard to inquire of Germany
whether any or its submarines
torpedoed the British Channel steam- ]
er Sussex, upon which 2.") Americans
j were traveling or the British shore j
ship ^Englishman, which went down j
i with a loss of one American life. f
Tndaunted by their great loss the |
people of Lexington set about Tues- [
day morning taking stock and making,
i plans for rebuilding. While there j
was some insurance several of the business
people are heavy hit, and the in-'
surance will Hot be anywhere near
j what they lost in the fire.
Write for catalog and price
Box 165,
I j
I Whenever You Need a General Tool;
Take Grove's
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless j
chill Tonic is equally valuable as a 1
j General Tonic because it contains the j
well known tonic properties of QUI NINE 1
and IRON. It acts on the Liver, Drives
out Malaria, Enriches the Blood ana
Builds up the Whole System. 50 cents, <
FOR SALE?130 acres land, one dwell-1
in?, tliree tenant houses, barn, other
out buildings, running water, fine
land, healthy location, 2 miles sta- 1
tion. good school, churches, public '
road and two rural routes. Priced
right. Terms reasonable L. B.!
A ??11 cy
- "Vnil, JJ; ouil, O. V>.
STRAYED -March 7. white and brown
brown spotted female bird do.u setter,
8 months old. Notify ('. K.
Wicker. Newberry, S. C. R. F. I).
Phone 4004.
NOTICE?My Black Kentucky .lack is j
now ready for service at my resi-1
dence. 1-2 miles below Prosperity. J
Insurance fee. $12. .John S. Watts, j
4-1-ml taw.
FOR SALE?All kinds of farm implements.
Oiie single wagon and harress.
Apply residence Dr. W. i'-.
Pelham College St.
I HAVE SOLD my stock of goods and
accounts to C. A. Stephens. Parchecked
at several points by the Augusta
augmented fire department.
B. M. Havird.
FOR SALIi?Hire big boll Cleveland
cotton seed, per bushel, $1.00. Also
i odder and lumber. J. A. Shealy.
Newberry, R. F. D. 2, phone 560^.
Hens, per pound, 12 cents.
Chickens 1 1-2 lbs or less, 20c.
Eggs, per dozen, 15 cents.
Roosters, per pound, 6 cents.
Prosperity, S. C. J
I Dr. F. C. Martin |
f i
i **. *
| Examines Eyes, FitsGlasses^
and Artificial Eyes S
r ... %
|If your eyes are giving youf
!trouble don't fail to consult |
| Satisfaction Guaranteed. I j
r Office ovev Anderson's Dry?
? Goods Store. %
The car thai
miles without
motor. Ask f<
tion. Phone 1
auiriincK a
i lie ouresi i\cuicuy iui
Most Headaches
is a pair of correct fitting glasses. H|
For many headaches that is the J
If you suffer from headaches,
shooting pains in the vicinity of the fl
1 At .
eyes or dizziness, inaxe sure mat a
your eyesight is not at fault.
Headaches caused by defective I
vision may be permanently relieved r
by the right kind of glasses. fl
P. C. JEANS & CO, Sffi
Opticians, g
Newberry,. SC. I
fo sret the genuine, call for f'ail name, LAXA*
TIVE 7SROMO OUININE. Look for signature of
E. W. GROVE. Cures a Cold in One Dav. Stem*
cou?h and headache, and works oft cold. 22c
FOR SALE?Brand new Ford Touring
car. See us for price. Summer's
Tuesday April 4 I
*> ?>! ?.??erio? I
I& -! ""MM ?'f ' *?*'*'?* i^|
World Film Corporation
# *
A modern version of Alexandre
Dumas' immortal drama of Plot 4
and Passion. Produced by the
renowned director Albert Capellani.
This picture will fascinate ipankind
all the world over. It
Clara Kimball Young's greatest
f ?-i 11 m nil
A Shubert feature
Prices 5 aid 10c
??? il Jl l I' HI
* ,?
s (
. i /
t made 22023 "
stopping the '
HI uciuuiidii a72.
>" ?
.? r * - .* . i.

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