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|[i)e ||tniiil and jeos. ^
Katered at the Postoffice at New- !1' au'
ferry, S. C, as 2nd class matter T>,uer
? - rrz hope
Fridav April 7, 1916. | &ood
' am
In another column of this issue of that I
The Herald and News we publish a' We
communication from Mr. R. M. Claffy, day t]
of Fort Motte. in which he calls upon this i
candidates for governor to declare to Xe
themsel.es upon the insurance ques- the ei
tion now agitating the State. Mr. ry wj
Claffy's call is timely, and )The Har- it. ne
aid and News will be very glad to from
publish the views of these gentlemen. \\-ji
In regard to the situation generallyf jj-jr Q]
it appears to us to be squarely up to tentic
the State of South Carolina to pro- 0f th<
tect her people against the punishment Little
which it seems the big^nsurance com- him i
panies are determined to mete out to. fices
them. The State warehouse commis- re!oc;
sioner has urged /he governor to call least
an extra, session of the legislature to teribl
raoAt the emergency, and it would a tri]
seem that this action is necessary. ! not.ic<
We are not sufficiently conversant chine
"with the intricacies of insurance to and t
be able to pass judgment upon the wjij \
Laney-Odom bill, but this is .no time are ]
for technical or academic discussions, chine
A sovereign State has the right to a I
regulate corporations doing business ! rains
i? an*! tr> suffer pun- all t
WKIIIII net uuiuti^,
ishment at the hands of these corpo- .hope
rations, or tamely to submit to their atten
dictates in order to avoid punishment,! that
would be .nothing les sthan a surren- an cb
der of sovereignty. |of bi:
Commisssioner McLaurin has not ^1
suggested that the State go into the aut*lc
! thing
4V irlfkQ fjf |
insurance business *ku
: tentic
building up a monopoly to tlie detriment
of insurance companies, but with I Sl'M
tbe idea of fostering home companies;
in a crisis where acton is necessary I
j (lhi
for the protection of property inter- ?
i -NO. ;>
j cliurc
As between the State and the in-1 Aprtf
sura-nce combine, we unhesitating i
place ourselves on the side of the ^ucte'
State, with confidence in her ability to j
take care of herself. j ^ ^
The. situation is squarely up to the Qua
governor, and, as Mr. Claffy points ersout,
his action or inaction will clearly ^
we f
tlefine his position.
In the meantme, where do the other Rec
candidates for governor stand? (We Wh
are sure the people would like to ^amz'
hear from them. j Thf
I the S
j Derri
Gov. (Manning gives out a statement i
that he will take a hand in the set-1 count
element of the insurance muddle now '
that both Commissioner McMaster and j
Commissioner McLaurin have admit<rr.v
ted that they have reached the end of
j rea]js
the row. Maybe he will be able to f.
jing t?
induce the big companies to return j April
' " >* thu (
to the State and (lo uusmess <i<.
o'd stand and under the laws of the |Ji-g r
State. We do not agree to the idea j *rR fl
, . i with
that the State should so into the in-.
suranee business, but that seems 10; ach-e,
be the tendency of all modern ideas: youns
* ,-t ht> urefei ! niei-ts
ot government au\i ><. ? uv,... __ . . .
able to the State surrendering its sov- : an? a
ereigntv and doing the behests of the!01 u'
j moral
insurance combine. i
! anion
Gav. Manning talks like lie will be Comm
able to handle the situation to the ing ii
satisfaction of all concerned, since ward
the other boys have failed on their j ClA 01
I prove
job. Here's hoping. i , ,
*-"" | dition
. i anion
In a letter addressed to our friend, J prisin
fni f j Watson, commissioner of j
agriculture and commerce, who so
materially aided in the opening ar.d I
development of the Appalachian highway
last summer, we called his at- j ai
tention to the work that was being frie t
done on that portion of the road in ject 1
Spartanburg county. We have from prjma
him information concerning the progress
being made on the road in oth
er parts of the State that will be in
tersting. He says:
"I am delighted at the information ^ j k
you give me as to the Appalachian
^highway, and it may interest you to ccmp<
taov tbat I, In same mail, re
. ' Democratic primary <
[ information as to the practica' Home'
etion of the* portion of tho high- ,
rom I nion on down to Newberry , )loroby al,no:ince
ling the elimination of the Great tjj(jale f0r office <
hill. I am glad to know that ^i^iith Judicial circu
re still pegging a\\a\ <it t.ie good composed of the
situation in Spartanburg, and v|jje Greenwood. L;
that you will get things into jjerry subject to the
shape for the summer season. I ocratic primary
preparing to issue a handsome
frtr tho Armalnrhinn lii:zh
uwjL ivi " ? r r?-?-- o ?
and you may look out for bis T hercbr announce
ess in the summer season o\er for solicitor o
lighway. Spartanburg Herald. | ijj5{rjC^ composed c
heard a gentleman say the other rcns, Xewberry and
bat some one who had come o'^er! ties. subject to the ri
jad from Spartanburg on down "ratic primary,
wberry was heard to remark that
id from 'Whitmire on to Newber- j l hcreby annoimc<
is the best part of the road. And :
oric rlractHncr far ten lllilps Ollt
v*.A - ? !
Xewberrv i _ _
f C* 1
at we wanted to do in conient- j raw ft
n this statement is to call the at- j 1 ^
>n of Mr. Watson to that section
i road in Lexington county from
mountain to Chapin and to ask ;
f ho nmilrl intprpst the COOd Of
1 "V WV?*? ?"VW. - ?
of the supervisor of Lexington in
ating a portion of this road at! T E
so us to get rid of some of those j I lvf1! A
e hills in Lexington county. In j B || I i f|
d to Columbia the other day we ;
Dd that the L-exi; gton roa-1 ma- i
was at work between Lexington , ^
he river and on to Chapin. This j
lelp the road when the rocks that j ^
piled in the middle by tlie ma- !
are removed.
ittle dragging after the recent
will be beenficial to the road
he way to Columbia. And we
that the Newberry end will have II r*...
tion. The supervisor tells us ore
the road from Mt. Tabor Lutherlurch
to the Lexington line is out
b inriariintirm m it ic in the C'itV
J j Wi 4WUiW*VU ? ^ |
ttle Mountain. We hope the city I
rities will get busy and da some- i
to this section as it needs at>n
very much.
i Sunday school convention of j
tow:;ship will be held at Sharon !
:h, Kinards circuit, on 'Saturday,! ?JI
1" TiVvll r\ w; rt rr i e tho nfAffrOm I I
l*>. I Uliunm^ 10 1" "O* K |B n _
A. M.?Opening devotions; cond
by Rev. W. H. (Murray.
at can be done to arouse Sunday
1 Work in the home??R?V. W.
ilificatio.' s 01 our efficient teach- wi
at will be the consequence ofjE *
ail to do our duty to the present ...
ation??Rev. J. W. Carson. We an
at are the advantages of an or- surance
ed class??Rev. E. D. Kerr. 1 C ]
? importance of primary work in II1C IVJ
unday school?Mrs. J. Sidn?r COMP^
; importance of attending the
> Sunday school convention. - Equitable J
.1. B. 0 Neall Holloway ~
Sidney J. Mayer, Chairman. P&ClflC r 1F
Southern SI
I'm-. i> ??
"lilt* Dt'licr TTI'UIUli. ! T ? _ /1?
t> tt7 .. ... - i Ins. Co.
te Better Woman, a strikingly:
tic five-part photodrama. is com- Soilth.6ri] Li.
d the Opera House on Tuesday, j Under writ']
11 being releasen on Equitable
am. The play is a virile, thril- These Co
cmance, covering life in a west- and have a
[>\vn as well as an eastern city, <, >.
a well acted drama of love, in- ?
- i Your reai
c'I 1 inaim liiiai ^
rem en t. It t^iU the story of a! tefltlon.
c woman raised amid environ-' 0 *t I
> which crush the liner feelings j ucCUHiy L
spirations of her nature, but out ^
)ich she grows, through mental,
and physical trials, to a place .
g the best, winning the loi'^e she j ?
itted a crime to encompass, los- j
t by her frank a.:d straightforrevelation
of the crime, and re- ;
ing it by an act of heroism which
s her worthy of her place by her
nd's side. It is a worthy adto
the long list of Equitable
sses. and will take a hi^h rank
g the productions of that enterg
For Congress?3rd District.
~ . _ I r**
ii a candidate ior congress iiotxi j
hird Congressional District, subjO
the rules of the Democratic Gilts ai
A- H. Dagnall. frQm 1
_ from a
ereby announce myself a candi:or
solicitor of the eighth circuit
>sed oc the counties of GreenAbbeville,
Laurens and Newand
will abide the rules of the
lection. . , ... ..
1 date tor the oUice of solicitor
rs. HlaOiiwcil. . . . ,
Mh judical circuit and will ab
,, , rules < !' t":a J>emocratic party,
myself as a can- >
' T. Frank Mc<
[)1 Solicitor ot the :
it of South- Caro- j
I- or the Senate.
counties of Abbeuirens
and New. .
The many friends of Toe B. 1
rules ot tne uem- , . ... .
announce h;m as a candidate :
office <y senator from Xewberrj
R. V. Chapman. t> &nd caU
upon him not to
to make the race.
as a can- Many Fri
f the 8th Judicial
: Abbeville, Lau~
. For House of ftepresentati
Greenwood counules
of the DemoI
am a candidate for the H(
Geo T Maglll Representatives, subject to th<
of thp Democratic nartv
i myself a candi- ^ H. H. E
e Continue:
While Longei
^1^ n
apic uuuub
atly Reduced
s and be Convinced.
nlina Cash f,n.
e prepared to write fire in
policies at short notice fo
[lowing reliable STOCI
Assets Surplus
'ire Ins. Co. $ 388,131.00 $ 78.337 0
i Ins. Co. 1,238,226.00 326,179.C
;ock Fire
424,538.00 103.042.C
nderwriters 392,231.00 61,324.C
rs of Gr'nsboro 234,897.00 62,181.(
>mpanies are all licensed in this Stat
splendid record for prompt and fa
uests will have prompt and careful a
.can and Investment Company, Agent.
A. McSWAIN. Mcr. Ins. DeDt.
' O A
7f? Has rS n,
ewberry, S. C., Mom
>nsisting of Registered a
nd Sows mostly all bred
'ennessee. They are the i
ny section. Sale rain or i
of the
ide tiie
DR. I. E. C
The well known Eyesight S]
ist will he in Newbenry for 6
Derrick j bestnning Monday, Apnl 17 tc
for the i . ... -
t connurday
evening, April 22nd, pos
decline I longer.
ends. 6 Cays ?n,y 6 Days
If you want expert optical w
m ? *
vos the most reasonable prices
juse of DR. I. E CI
All glasses at the most rea;
and see the new style shell ey<
van#. _ J
Offirp nvpr Mr Rurtnn's rf;
?? site Herald and News building
s i
, Money t?
I want to
loans of $150
i improved farn
city property.
Frank R.
71 Dr. Nanzetl
"* I XT I__
( i now in ne
r High Class V
r Tent on lot of C. G.Blea
Read the following <
To Whom It May Concern:
We the undersigned unhesitatingly t
i indorse the Nanzetta Show. This show
0 has been here one week and we can
>0 testify it is altogether moral and the Deai
best ten cents show that has ever been
io bereThe
show is free from the many shov
'0 gambling devices that usually attend sa^.
such shows. The people with the show
? seem to be above the average. Up *
0^ iWe also recommend Xanzetta Med- will
icine. Evervone who has used it sayg ,
ir , has
" * ' -'I T- ~ .-4. f/-, Ko
j It IS (til XItJ L'ldliJJS it ?-v->
j (Signed) W. F. HOWARD. tere
t_ Mayor.
Cler'i and Treasurer.
Vv'hitmire. S. C.. April 1, 1S!0.
on Sale!
i i j _
iroc-Jersey nc
Jay, April 10th, 10 <
nd Pure Bred Sows, Gil
to registered boars. The
finest lot of breeding hogs
shine; no by-bids or reserve
IS, Newberry, 3. C.
Mt* m ? .
1 f? f ! . I.
aon t ran to consult
sonable prices. Come
s glasses.
il estate office, oppo;
i Loan
make four
0 each on
1 lands or
ta ohows
se, m Main btreet
Union, S. C., March 22, 1916.
Vi O \T n y
Whitmire, S. C.
i you will have Dr. Xanzetta's
s with you next week, I want to
that you will find that it strictly
o date in every respect and you
find nothing immoral about it He
the best show that has ever been
for the price.
Very respectfully,
Sergt. Police Force.
1 -
ts and Boars.
ise hogs are i
ever shipped I
* v ' ' -T

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