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*>chn A<luer Law of Spartanburg and
.John Davis of Columbia
" ?e State.
-1 ohii Adger Law of Spartanburg anil
?ohn Lee 1 >a' is of Columbia were
yestenhu appointe?l by Gov. banning
;j> members of the State board of conciliation.
provided for by an act passed
by the general assembly ar its last
session. Mr. Law lioMs office for six
years. Mr. Davis for four. i\Ir. Law
- appointed a< "'an employer of labor
r behalf of a:i incorporated com:>finy/'
Mr. Da .is as " a member of n
re;cg :izeil labor nnios." The third
member, t> be chosen jointly by
N'fssrs. Law and Davis, is to be "neit*:rr
an employer of labor in behalf I
or an incorporated company nor an j
employe of any such company."
Mr. Law is president of the 'Saxon
xr .lis in Spartanburg county. He is
ore of the best known and most experienced
textile operators in the
jf-'jedmont region and has a-so had
w.de experience in banking. He is
a i-on of the Rev. Thomas Hart Law.
for many years stated clerk of the
c. IVi^Ki-torion 0-011 or;i 1 n^sPTll.
C UlUCi H " * vvi ma
t> He resides with his family in the
S.'.xon mill community, takes constant
personal interest in promoting ti.e
welfare of his employes and has been
;> strong supporter of the textile ills'
lute nearby, tlie purpose of which
is :o enable mill workers to qualify i
i-u>; tur Iipttor nav and morel
fitful <iiid responsible employment.
He is 47 years of age. J
Columbian is Named.
Mr. Davis* name was on the list
su.mitted to the governor by organized
iabor. Born 30 years ago in Newberry^
he has lived in Columbia during
the last ten years a d is at pres
ezi a linotype operator in the office
o: The State. Mr. Davis has held several
important positions in the conn- j
ci:> of union craftsmen. He has been j
president of the Columbia local of the
International Typographical union and
at present is an organizer for the I
American Federation of Labor and the
3n-fh Parolina federation. He was
minute clerk of the South Carolina
Federation of Labor at its last convention.
During the recent strike of
platform employes of the Columbia
Railway, Gas and Electric company,
he uas a member of the board of mediation.
through which an amicable
adjustment was effected.
Mr. Davis has shown public spirit
in several lines and has been active in
social service. He is a director of th?>
Associated Charities in Columbia and
oo. hns oharsre of the campaign
<.?. o wuw* ? ? ?
against tuberculosis. His committee {
does much important work, mostly
through the fresh air camp maintained
near Ridgewood.
Text of Conciliation Act.
The conciliation acr. in full folftws:
"?Section 1. That a board of conciliation
for the investigation and arbitration
of industrial disputes and
strikes be, and the same is hereby |
1 The
Photograph by Frank
THE White Hussars. Alf
in band music. There
Also in the same ]
Mr. Alfred Sweet, the mi!
to establish that srreat onrani
will be heard in its concerts ;
I created, to be composed of three mem-! employer <
I to b'? appointed by the governor, ' corpora ted
J as hereinafter provided. j member ol
" sec. 2. The terms of the members | zation; th(
j 11 sa--d board lirst appointed shall be j ed on rec<
I lor two, four and six years, respec- 1 appointed
I tively, from the date of their appoint- That in c
I mntit ..iiH ft or nnnii t)ir> exuira-! nointrd as
'"vi avj auu 1,4* v* n/? - v^. ? ?- - A , , .
tion of a term of a member of said j the third ;
board his successor shall be appointed 1 ter their a
for a term of six years, appointed to ! nor shall i
ii 11 vacancies caused by death, resig- poimment
nation or other-vise before the expira- .out recomi
tin>1 of such term, shall be made for j one memb<
tl e residue of such terms in the same er of labor
n.anner as herein provided for original eu compar
appointments. j such comp;
'"Sec. The duties of the board of; "Sec. f?.
conciliation shall be to investigate in- of ti. * bo;
! du.-trial disputes or strikes or lock- created sli;
I;m11s ar.-inii between employer and em- industrial
[ ployees, or capital and labor; to as- outs, and
I certain as near as may be the cause industrial
I or causes of such industrial disputes cuts; and
or strikes or lockouts, to make a find-; of this act
ing of fact in respect thereto; to re- j ed for the
port their findings of fact to the gov- "Sec. 10.
error as soon as may be. and annually fecf imedi;
to the general assembly of the State ] the govern
of South Carolina (subject to the pro-,
viso hereinafter made); to endeavor nrji/VM j
as far as possible to both sides , X I fllW/
t? such an indu.-t or strike
'V lockout to arr; agreement;
*1 ^ V R'S
to remove misnnde hidings or act
as arbitrators when so requested by
both sides to the controversy; and. .
in general, to remove as much as po.-sible
the causes for industrial disputes
or strikes or lockouts, and to
induce an amicable seitlement of the j"Sec.
4. The hoard of conciliation *.
shall have the power to summon witr.esses
and compel them to testify; to
compel the production of books or
documents relating to questions in Mavr's
dispute; to inspect property with re- iIlmvn tjlr(
spect to which there is a dispute with ;honsan-d r
relation to :ndu.-trial disputes or 3tonla(-li
xkes or lockouts; ~ examine in'-? ,nents a]1(j
working conditions and sanitary con- uul are
ditions, and at all times to have ac- Astonishim
cess to any property or premises ne- receivefJ eV
cessary to such inspection. I everywhere
H<ts Ample Autbontj. ;lous su e t
"See. The b?:ir i o. conciliation pie. It rar
ohall im'.e power to summon before j flicted wit
it and to examine in public or in ex- testinal Ail
ecutive session any persons concerned the Stomac
in sucli strikes or lockouts or indus- Fainting S
trial disputes, or any other person piu Liver,
\vithiu the State of South Carolina, by all meaj
.ind to make a report to the governor Wonderful
>r to the general assembly of such results for
testimony and its recommendation ti.al &i!me
vvith respect thereto: Provided, "how- ever you li
3V( r, That no report shall be made in ea.ting, pre:
ucli cases where a majority of such and arounc
board of conciliation shall deem it of your dri
Inadvisable so ro do. absolute gi
''Sec. 6. The compensation of the tory more;
board shall be $10 per day to eacb ?
member in attendance wliile actually SIS
in tVin nnrfnrmnnPP Of the S
iXi ]fj IUJ cu All
duties herein prescribed, in addition Will Cur
to traveling expenses. . ral?ia, H<
"Sec. 7. The board cau be called ini
* v * ? Sores, 1
to session and into the performance ^
zema, er
">f its duties ana functions by the gov- ,18e(j[ jn^e
ernor. ???
"Sec. 8. One of the members of the THE H
said board of conciliation shall be an YEAR FOI
White Hussars C
Moore, Cleveland.
red Sweet, musical director, have won fame throuuii
; are thirteen in this.ompany. hut tlie musical effect
program they appear as a vocal choir of equal merit
isira! direct or. is one ?>t" ?!;. jre.-ir c?'rnetists of the
zation in its present i?Tu-?* rmn-vj American militar
it every lied path Chau!M-j<j':a.
of labor in behalf of an in- linTUCD CIID
I company; one to be a IflUI tlCll UUI
a recognized labor organi- Says Viliol Creates
third member to be appoint Rosary Hill Home, Ha'
Miimondution of the two ?"I have used Yinol f
as aforesaid: Provided down weak or emaciatec
' benefit. One young worm
use the two members ap-. and ill she could hardly ci
aforesaid do not agree 0:1 for aid. I supplied Yinol
va of. and in a month I hardly r
uV She was strong, her coloi
ppointment then the gover- her cheeks rounded out.'
isc his discretion in the ap- Alphonsa Lathrop, O.
of the third member with-i We guarantee^ inol tos
! petite, aid digestion, en
mendation: so that at least j and create strength.
jr shall be neither employ-j
in behalf oi' an incorporat-, 's:s!?5iuq 4?^aa.\
ty ncr an employe of any !
*n>" | I vi-m
The Unties and functions | L
ard of conciliation hereby";
ill b > the concili.it on or in-! hg
disputes or strikes or lock-' "UOZ
The removal of causes for j &
"? *i 1 i !iif r
(lisp ues or ir.he^ or iuuiv - jtuj. jaj v
their powers and tlie terms hh enville, Texas, write:
shall bo favorablv constru- ft nine /ears- 1 suffc
.. .. , *3 womanlv trouble. I
promotion oi tnat end. v2
... . 3 nble headaches, and
?This aer shall co into of- .E! . ,
lis my back, etc. It see
.telv upon it, approval by W, , wouM
or-' i M last, I decided to trj
i i g the woman's tonic
i /in purrrnrnp i %j he,Ped me nsht aw
M SUFFERERS jp %%%%??
Wonderful Heinedj. One ; pU TAKE
Will ( ornincc Yon. j S^|3
1 f^Jl ?5 3 *3* AJ
P I The Woman's
jg Cardui helps womg
Vonderful Remedy is well ^ So, if you feel dis<
>ughoiit the country. Many n blue, out-of-sorts u
eople have taken it for do your household 1
Liver and Intestinal Ail- ^ account Oi your condi
report marvelous results E worryinS ana ?lve
, . . . K trial. It has helped ti
ghlv prai.-itiir it to otners V .
Br of women,?why n<
* benefits sufferers have Try
en frcni one dose are heard f fl
a. d explain its tremen- r
0 more* iutin a, uuuiuu ycu- i ? ???
cly ever fails and those at'- * ??
li Stomach, Liver and In- j $ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ <$<$>$><$><?>
Iments. Indigestion, Gas in ?
li and I; testines, Dizziness, FASJFR WISH 1
pells. Colic Attacks. Tor- ^
Constipation, etc., should ^ ^ ^ ,
<$$><&<? <$ 'V '? <$> <* < <?
18 try this remedy. Mayrs ]u thc old dayg (he a
Remedy gives permanent bil.g board gave us the 1
stomach, li'er and intes-',ore .kDUOkles the tire(
nts. Eat as much and -hat- the peeves eeneral,v Bc
ke. No more distress afte. hub|)v wished .?e badn.t
'Sure of gas iu the stomach Soap bas the aMHty tQ
1 the heart. Get one bottle but you baV(, (0 mak?, fQ.
iggist now and try it on an by bafd work on vour
aarantee?if not satisfac- the driver bas make t
y will be returned. the ,oad
Borax, harnessed on
^-MV.TICM the scap do more work s
?"m - i IW?wi
.. XT the amou-nt of labor on
e Rheumatism. Neu* ? . 4 ,
t g-y n Every up-to-date hou
eadaches, Cramps, Colic . ;
Bruises, Cuts, Burns, Old tlle vaIt,e 01 borax' but
etter, Ring-Worm,-Ec- reaU:!e that " cairact. *><
c. Antiseptic Anodyne, proper proportion in bar
rnally or externally. 25c thc form of borax soap
i???-??? proper proportion is 01
,'ERALD AND NEWS ONE and three parts soap.
i ONLY $1.50. This amount of bor:
ioming on the Fifth
-\*l itv:
i four years of transcontinental tours, in which they h;
approximates a band of twenty. Their instrumentatioi
. presenting some of the finest of serious compositions
day. He is also the principal baritone in the vo?*nl < !>,
y bands. He has directed the White Hussars for 'h<
i Strength
or many run- *vN
1 patients with 0NT|4i? ^
in was so weak ?
ecognized her. * V v I ?
charming and ^
'lir>rr\un -f V* r* r? y-\ { _ .?,n # ~??^
rich the blood ! BLAC*
ired with , ?? nwr ?<
had ter- S? ?r? t aT
em I now to Cur
d so. At iNf | A m
: 21 if " Uoug'hs
ay. The 3
!y helped fi Kee; o;:t c 2 Drzlls. Avoid
^ ..^at and Live ;
U1 Ri4,ht an 1 Take i
Dr. King's New Discovery. J
Kffi You catch cold because your system is <
w below normal and finds itself unable to <
|| throw off the cold germs. To recover you ;
Tpnjn iv| should first take a remedy to kill the s
Serms- Then be careful of your eating. <
ivoid exposure. Go to bed early and
:n in time I save your strength in every possible way.
eeause it ^ I To Senus ta^e ^r* King's New <
ihich act [|j Discovery
y. On the fig
organs. ?M
"oura^ed 8a makes the soap sit up and take 210mable
to n tice!
vork, on ycu will find this combination in
ton stop Al ^yuje xet!m Horax 'Soap Chips."
Cardui aw
housands j -*c wortb V>"^1 do more cleaning
5t you ? mi with less work on your part than 50c !
<$> <?? <$ <$> <$ D w |
*j uKiui
Liv - Vc
,ncient scrub- w
ame back, the
LutvfledS To cleanse the systen
rr> m y \ 1 1
wed. l o restore neaitny ac
e'.ean clothes Liver and
'part,'just?as To assist in relieving con
be horse haul tude of ills the hum;
If you are not entirely sa
soap, makes j we will cheerfully r
'yowpai In the Spring -V0Ur SVStem
sew-fe knows1 as your house or premises
many do not will beat LIV-VER-LAX i
?<-ombinei> in ancj jn keeping you hardy
soap; only ia r s J
chips. The _
part borax G i 1 d C T 3
lx certainly
Night of Chautauqt
' : -
"* " 1 A'- ~ /.Jh'ao r\f tVw\ nAimfrV
ive appeared 111 neariy an me mrge unw v*
1 is admirable.
i. delivered with distinct musi'ill style, shading and ink
r'uve years Mr. Sweet was director of Ringlin^
vi.-r thrct- years. Also the same soloists who have con
, and Colds.
Just the minute Dr. King's New Discovery
touches the cold germs they begin
:o shrivel and die. Your irritation ceases,
rhe cough eases and you begin to get
better. Dr. King's New Discovery is jus*
laxative enough to expel the dead germs
and poisonous secretions. f
The ingredients in Dr. King's NewDis:overy
make it an excellent cough and
-r>1d rpmpflv Don't endure the annov- *
ance of coughs and colds. Don't keep oi:
suffering. Don't take the risk of more
serious illness. Take Dr. King's New
Discovery. Watch your eating and habits.
Vou will find your cough and cold under
sasy and natural control and be assured
of a speedy recovery. At all druggists,
north of soap powders or bar soap.
Xewberrv Drug Co., ,1212 Main St.; P. .
E. Way, 944 Main St.; W. G. Mayes, J
1100 A.'iain St.: Gilder & (Weeks Co..
Xewberrv. S. 0. I
* EAR FOR ONLY $1.50.
ir - Lax
i of poisonous toxins. ;
:tion of the bowels,
stipation and the multian
family is he r to.
tisfied with the results,
efund your money.
needs cleansing the same
? There is nothing that
in toning up your system,
and hale.
nr __1
: w ecus.
ia Week #- |
They have developed the highest standard
llicent attention to ;ill phases of the inter:
Brothers' Symphonic P.and and did much r
tributed to the upbuilding of the company

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