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Throw aside your winte
Blossom out o*. Easte
I Sunday with perfect Sprinj
enrce to
Says Insurance Men Would Force Ke- These sar
peal of Law to Get Back Old ^av by tt
Practices. only withe
they "will
News and Courier. conve^ien<
Columbia, April 6.?Senator G. K. of this St
Laney, of Chesterfield, who introduced bringing i
the Laney-Odom anti-compact bill, the much as p
passage ot "which act caused the with- repeal or
dnre&l of first insurance companies and ow? 1
tram this State, has written for The surance <
Jfewa and Courier the first statement have gotte
of Ma opinion on th.e situation that he frightened
Sl&s made since the act was passed supreme <
and became a law. Senator Lacey's effort to 1
statement follows: tiona!.
"1 have hesitated about having any- j0 ]
thb\<r trk catr nVwvit thA r^-i*nnmr,.Tilv i . _ . ..
^ ' "I Deliev
known as the anti-compact fire i:sur- . ,
. [ hood bra
*.i*ce act, passed by the recent general 0 ' _
., . . . boutn Can
assembly, because so much, was being . . ,
? her fair n
written about it on both s:aes. But I , x.
, . . beatten, f?
have been asked as to my views oa A.
? the repeal
f?hSs law bv several, as I am one of .
t . , ,,, , by these <
the authors of the bill and I take this
\ . a nee comp
importunity of expressing them. , .
*7 , & ^ tect. her p
Let me clear up one matter. I
essary, the
introduced this bill at the instance or x
. x J caLed into
suggestion of no man. and I introducpose.
nd it because I believed that it was .
. , . insurance
not right for lire insurance companies , ,
, . v ,. r, , and is mafc
doing business in this state to make , ._
& ^ and if th
r.h-e rate and then to combine on that I
i 9 - v r\thp>r
rate and therebv stifle a. y possibility * . ,
* . . and safelv
of competition on rates. It was fought . .
... , the people.
fat strenuously in the general assem,
, , ' Now, br
bjy and the house of representatives, .
,, lTsurance
after enduring a most rotable filibusMv
ter, pasvsed the bill, after being uni '
,, . , . . . ? ,. , because tfr
practical It all night at about 3 o'clock
and com bit
m. 1 -> V
ond, becau:
Stood by tbe Bill ! state to re
"The farmers practically to a man no other "S"
in the legislature stood by this bill, ls-a*ion. I
and so did a groat many of the mem- ka>e ar
ber.s from the other walks of life. or another.
Certain fire insurance companies car- Poj
ried the fight before the governor in "in a get
order to set him to veto tlie act. out me positio
he had the manhood and the backbone sura nee co
ro si?n the same, notwithstanding the inn trom
unrelenting fight. l>ut up iby these in- per articles
Mjranee companies, ard the people of feat them
> this State should uphold his hands and fii'si. on th
support him in this gigantic fight that Up* fire in
:s .now on between tie State oi South'! lowed to
Carolina and these certain tire insur- I please ro m
ill pay hi
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ipanies, the great question ;?rty in this State, without
hall this great and proud fernce from the State. I.e
ealth be governed by these deliver her sovereignty ov<
ire insurance companies in in this respect. Let the p
to fire insurance matters, his late or leave it alone.
Ais State govern these cer- j this position to its final ?.
insurance companies in ref- means that, though the ri
fire insurance matters?' [ e.\cot?ive and exorbitant c
ne fire insurance companies sonable, you people of Sout
leir acts that they will not Kive got to swallow it or t
Iraw from the State, but that surauce They say let t)
do all in their power to-in-1 and combine ad make
rtr* o-n/l nA/\T\1n nir?n i M r? 1 t" cm or? ftW>.
UVJ ( LiiUV*l -, ti. ^iUOVA ? <K) (A/ ?1 'H<
:ate and humiliate them by shall be find make this infi<
about chaotic conditions as just what they please. In 1
ossible in order to force the piacc. they say the State ha
nullification of this law, to and should not supervis
ft-hen these certain fire in- made by them. Leave them <
^omapnies think that they say, and have .no power k
m. the people sufficiently where to determine whether
, they want to rush into the -clad rate is excessive, exo
xrjrt with this law in the discriminatory. Let theni c
lave it declared uncoiistitu- plca.se in South (Carolina.
in so many words, take off
Protect State's Same, straint. They are so benc\
e that ther are ample man- so philanthropic that they
^ ^ J < r* r> +1 * ? onr? Ir ' v-\ ./^ 1 k ? H r*?
iXI/S a,LL*i rauufw;s ICit iU a"" UJ y
>lina to keep the stain from property owners.
ame of having been> brow- "They say in- this instac
arced and humiliated into many words, let the great ;
or -nullification of this law State of South Carolina surr
certain gigantic fire irsur- sovereignty to them. T!
anies. This State can pro- to be their position. But le
ople and, if it becomes nee- little further of this quoFtio:
; general assembly can be supervision The State, in th
extra session for that pur- j^er sovereign power, fixe;
fctate is alreadv in the fire 0f interest at which money
business in a aniited ioa,ne^ and has a State bank
:mg money in this busu.e??, ^ loo^ int0 affajrs 0f th
is fight cannot be won in institutions of this State foi
v>ay. The State can easil> Section 0? people. Why
provide fire insurance for pJe and bank? lend moriCy
thev mav fix? Has the State
ieflv, why have certain fire . " .. . _ . . n
-' to regulate the rate of intere
companies left the State? ... ... n
T7i;_ ^ protection of the borrower ?i
ior iwo reasons; nrei, , , . ?
. , -the lender? The State un
is law preve ts the making,, . ,
. , has this ncrht, and exercises
:ation on the rate, and sec5e
they desire to force this about the State resu!athlg' '
peal this law in order that or fre*ht rates and passen
tate may enact similar leg- char8cd 'b>" ra:Iroad c<,mp3n
5tit alTea-dv several Stages .business in this State? T
iti-compact law in one form ^oos a '^ decs it largely
tory enactment. Hon- about
... . />rv_rs0?i 4. regulating hours of labor i:
?iTjon oi C-Ompani 'S,
mills? The principle is the i
iral way let us see wnat is ,
these great fire insurance c
n of these certain fire m.
. , say leave them alone lo du
mpanics at present, judg-, /
, , pieafce, an<l 11 }ou utm i uiu> 1
their letters and newspa-j
i.i o* * 1,^,1,1 . State -and punish the p<
i a? to how the State should ; *
m l i *i cause the State sees fit to ex*
. fThey take this position j
is important question, that r^thsurance
companies he al-j To W in the Fisrlit.
make whatever ate they "In conclusion. I desire to
iake on n'l class*-? of prop- t believe the people of this !
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i to d?iy c
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saving. Listen to these wonderf
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any inter- willing to put up with inconvenience,)
f- 'K /\ trt ' J ^ 1 1* _ 1 x f lV J 1 ry
i, tuc kjuiie auu vveimarusiolp in oraer to win. tins 1
3r to them < fight, rather than see themselves hu- of .
eople take miliated and the dignity and honor on
And, carry a:.d pride and prestige of this great dls
inalysis, it commonwealth dragged in the dust of Mis
te may be defeat and retraction by these certain krc
L..d unrea- fire insurance compa ies. We want tair
h Carolina them to do business in this State. No a;>|
ake no in- one desired them to leave, and we cro
iern agre^. woujd invite them to retura if they hig]
compacts are to do business under the for
at the rate laws gtate> j endeavor ties
=xib.e rate an<yther article to analyze the anti- sist
the second . .,
I i onii/cU;t act m detail a.d point out (inte
"s no where there will be no objection to I rt
A the rate
amendment but no amendment should i rett
ilone, the> oVAr fivinor tho ri<?h+ tn I j
Kised any- pon
J make and combine on rates and caking roTn
this iron- , 0+ + . . rcm
away the right of State supervision f-anc
rbitant or over rates< These two points consti- ^
lo as they tute the V(Jrj. ^cart 0f the law." T c
They say, ' The Better Woman.*' aTd
rc~ A stirring story is vividly told in
ole^t and letter Woman,-' which is to be ^
will deal sj10wti at the opera house on the
eople and ' Equitable program on Tuesday 11th.,an
Lenore L'lrich, the star, has a difficult!
ice, in so part t0 pjay, and plays it to perfec- j
md proud tion. It is that of an uneducated girl
ender her in a mining town, who -craves affec- Hon
hat seems tion and love, sees a yoimg civil en- ?ms
t us see a gineer engaged on. a big work in her ga-be
n of State neighborhood, realizes that he is the sper
e exercise ma.i she wants, and by means of a est i
5 the rate crime causes the breaking of his en- zook
shall be ga^ement to a girl back in his "old Bird
examiner home town." The engineer, in a Powi
e banking drunken frenzy at losing his first love? laug;
+"Vi ck mnrriac Vi r>r* T") H t Vl <*T1 hfVP"inc fl st.T"ll2- ! n J
-X. . ? | auu
can't peo- gle between her better nature a:'d her j tract
. any rate early influences. She finally brings nam<
the right herself up to his standard, a d then ptorj
st for the tells him what she had done, this
is against causig a violent scene. His old
doubtedl? tries to win him back, hoping that he j ^
it. How will seek a divorce, but in a thrilling
he tariffs seen; of danger and disaster the wife
ger rates proves herself the better woman, ana
ies doing her sacrifice wins her husband's love
din u 9
he State and forgiveness.
T n
by statu- The drama is worked out to its conP/>
the State elusion in a manner which captivates ,v
n cotton the minds and hearts of those who '1,lcla
>ame. Yet see it, and leaves a comfortable feel- er w
ompanies in? of satisfaction over the fact that wealt
> as they a starting life under a heavy slight
cviU leave (kaxdicap, has proven herself worthy Fersc
-Ople be- ?* highest place in the affections ?ddif:
rcise her nn educated, high bred man. iatior
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'he Gladys Beulah Powers company tir u>n?
New York is to appear in this city a:..l ear.
the evening of April 14 under the -u.
pices of Boundary Street school, prettily
s Powers herself is one of the best' ^th Sa
?w;j. and most versatile of enter- j part, is
ierst and the announcement of her j se.cxt.oa
earance should assure a large | Rachmai
wd at the entertainment in the1 sketches
i school auditorium. Jibe program ' and beau
the evening is replete with 'xovel- rie.
and is as well, unique in its con- ?-iss ?
ent arrangement and well balanced throughc
rest. | west. A
consists first of a Japanese ope- rjendatic
a, charmingly costumed with im- j mentione
:ed Japanese robes. On a thread of ton <Trai
ar.ce are strung gems of oriental "A cull
\y to which Miss Powers adds Steiuert
h lustre by her sparkling vivacity, was deli]
selections from John Luther Long pretation
other famous writers of Japan, audience
:he poetic fragrance of the cherry' standards
soms have been gathered together, a dramti
the art and charm o? the young most fau
;t are given wide range. The pr
le second part of the program con- tastes. 1
; of two divisions aptly called At full of :
le and Abroad. The former be- Powers' ,
with a monologue of a quaintly dances oi
;d old - fashioned child, ister- personate
sed with readings from the new- part of a
md most popular of children's; parallelle
s. The Gentles Giant 'by Anna
Stewart. Following this, Miss ^teorolc
ers gives several 'r.umbers full of Trmnerat
hs, illustrating the modern girl, n
amusing American types in at- Mean z
ive modern dress. The section ;\j an
kI Abroad consists of songs and AT .
Maxim u
es of several different peoples;
h, Scotch, etc., all accurately cos- oreatesd
ard embodying the humor and Precipltat
is well as the national character- j Tofal <
> of the country represented. The Great 1
>nt of folk lore will enjoy her %r
, Numper
>rmance no less than the mere . .
;ement seeker.
! Clear, 1
dramatic ability, Gladys Beulah Killing
;rs is marvellously gifted. Her
I expression a'rd mobility ^ togeth- Thundei
ith. a power of suggesting a ogtli
h of thought or emotion by the I pjainfau
test movement give to her im- j rvfirtPTu
nations a pantomimic value in
ion to her harmonious interpre1
of the author's words. A singoice
of richness and beauty lends
er element of cersatiiity to her ^
am. Miss Powers is 3 concert Because oi ii
;iTto with an assured technique Quinine ami
he rae gift of being able to act
-U? 1 '
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at a sacrifice
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>ur Spri ig Suit
| <
e sings, and deliver a charac;
so as to please both, the eye
iusical side of the program is
empahsizea for iliss Gevympson,
who will also take
a magnificent musician. Her
is include compositions o!
sift' and Ruben^tein, Japanese
by Friml and Pope's famous
itiful variations of Annie Lau'owers
has appeared widely
ut the east and the middle
mong the many press ocm>ns
of her attainments may be
d the following from the 3osl
Lured a-d critical audience in
Hall heard Mies Powers, and
jilted with her artistic inter.
She completely held her
and made no sacrifice of
3 and ideals. She combines
c temperent with ao. alltless
ogram is arranged to suit all
[t abounds in humor and is
melody. Furthermore, Miss
graceful dancing of the folk
; the foreign peoples she im(S,
is not the least enjoyable
program showing almost und
>g1cal Record, March, 1916.
laximum 66.3
ninimum 40.5
m S2; date, 23th.
m, 22; date, 9th.
t daily range, 44).
100 inches.
t in 24 hours .90; date, 7th.
of days with .01 or more
:on, 6.
3; fair, 15; cloudy, 3.
frost, 4th, 9th, 12th, 16th,
storm. 2nd, 3rd, Tfh, 21st.
. 3 months, 9.7n inches.
2v for 3 morths, 2.24 inches.
C. 0.
That Dor Net Affect The Heed
is tonic an</)axative effect, LAXAO
QCININ2 is better thpn ordinary
does not cause nervousness nor
ad. Remember the full name and
K. v. GV VE. 25o
' w. **-_ ' ?- ? ?

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