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Mrs. Mamie >aney Klnard.
Mrs. Mamie Nancy Kinard, wife of
Mr. Julius J. Kinard. was torn December
16th, 1875 and died at her
home in the Pomaria section Sunday
afternoon. April 2, 1916, and was laid
' ro rest the following day in the New
Hope cemetery in t"he presence of a
host of sorrowing relatives and '
" The services were conducted by her
J j&astor. Rev. W. A. Duckworth, assist- j.
by Rev. S. C. Ballentinc.
^ Our friend and loved one was a con- j,
secrated member of the Methodist'
church, but was unable to attend, as,
she had beon in bad health for a',
number of years, being afflicted badly ^
with rheumatism. All the while she |
Sore her afflictions and suffering with ! ;
Christian fortitude. 'She was never;]
heard to murmur or complan, but was j ;
always cheerful. i <
* Mrs. Kinard leaves to mourn her '(
departure a devoted husband, two I ^
daughters, three sont^ a father (Mr. j1
Morris Oxner of Kinards), two sisters ((
and a brother.
We mis thee, dear one.
Yes, we miss thee, j ^
Standing on this dismal shore, j)
But 'tis Jesus who has called thee j,
And His will is beet we know. ; ,
W. A. I), h
Pomaria, S. <\, '-April 3, 1916... j(
Notice Is hereby sriven ma: me un- 1 1
dersigiied as matrix or tilt- J
estate of Jim Burion. deceased, will 1
make final settlement on said estate 1
as administratrix in tbe court o probate
for Newberry county, on Monday, j
May S, 1316, and immediately tDcrearter |
apply for letters dismissory as such I '
administratrix. Persons holding claims ! 1
against said estate will make payment ; '
before said date and all persons in- i?
deb ted to the estate will pay the same. |1
-Adm'x of estate of Jim Rurton. 1
March 21, 1916. ]
am i
Subscribe to The Herald and News, i t
For All Aii
Preserve your uph
from hot, penetrating, crs
damaging soakings when i
from grease off your own ]
the garage man. You can
advantage, after two year
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M. I. McA
I ? ?
i < /4-:)
! i
President Wilson's Most Intimate j n* i
Friend j Made <
In the March American Magazine i^orth
we learn the curious fact that the Durham
President's most intimate friend, Co!, enjoyable
E. House, who ca.i take fiis grip j ^
to the White House without invi.a- .
tion, was a total stranger t > Wilson ingflavoi
four years ago. ( lasting SS
"The answer may be found per- "Roll \
haps, ne-tling inconspicuously be- ?)uraam
i -?n the li-:es of Colonel House's new iov 3
biography in 'Who's Who in America.* j
"Among other things it says: 'Ac- f " ^ ^
tive in Democratic politics in Texas.! package
Has directed the campaigns of many ' with ea<
successful Democratic nominees for
governor since 1S92; was never a can-! .
iidate for office.' j V '
"That last seems to be the keynote ' Affij jtjj
Mr Wilson is fond of Colonel House
because Colonel House doesn't want
my thing. And when yon ore presi- ~ y
ie't of The United States, or in any Jj
uther excutfoe position of importance
t is surprising hov. few persons of I
:his sort you meet. The president is j THE AMER
convinced that Colonel House wants
nothing in the world from h.im beyond , ^ ^j;}]
:he satisfaction of serving him. i , ^ ^.
"While the President values Colonel # , . .
tul I trie .-1 l
[louse's judgment on both men and th Cumber
matters, he regards him as at his best ? . .,, ,
t tu^Ky tn'-a
R-uen s.izi-g up men. iritis may be ? "
1 J some six hi
?u? * V ^ wa of nrocont t n~r\ m ^.n 171
*-uy iuuC ai c ^ ?. ? ? month and J
ho cabinet from Colonel House's-State ( . ...
nes to its pi
Texas. Iare drawjr
Another particular in "bicli Mr.; taineers {r0.
?Vi.son places confidence ia Colonel!,
; beth into ti
blouse is in sensing public opinion, i
ne is my eyes,' laugh6 Wilson, who i *^ne Pres*
.night have said with equa] truth that ^urn'S has 1
tiouse is his human barometer.".. . ifhautauqua
^ | a little mon
The Secret of Success. [ He himself
"There has been altogether too much made his ov
:alk about the secret of success," says hides, thres
Dr. Russell H. Conwell in the April j 'a;:h:oned
American Magazine. "Success has no j r!0m <'otton
>ecret. Her ivoice is forever ringing j ^idercd h
hrough the market place and .crying I s<ne*lteen
n the wilderness, "and the burden of:
, ! zine printed
ler crv is one word?will. Anv nor
. . , , itriins it cal
nal voung man who hears acd heeds
i that ihe c^
:hat crv is equipped fully to climb to ;
signed by
.ho verv heights of life.' ; * . ,
jwhom had
big, " full g
I Americans.
I This col
? /?; ; standing- rc
| already elm
, 1*1 ! countryfeud
tomoblles ;years and g
i where witha
olstering and protect it !tions ot ad
icking sun rays. From ! Hp K(1<l(]s
!t rains, cats and dogs, ] m the ,Ai
? ,i y , ? i r*n account
lands, or the hands or ;reaor of ti
sell your car to better si on, who
.? j every dy, i
s service, because the !(1O0000 a ,
pe. $10,000,000
I foot1 a mon
in your top. We I organizatioi
;s for tops for all cars. ! Mr- Hoov
telegraph o
r old bows. 1 "help from "
? PRIPFS provisions ;
rv * They are c
Ttill just su
llriend Mr. 1
voy rn 11 strike
k V V-r J| V/V/? ifce Belgian
hungry littl
, WIS. J] foot 'bambcK
fes a tei
' 1 111 | gry lions.'1
i 'U'-j ?KT N
i % <. S (I'1 _
^'Wv <?, |ij; {??
': ; I j I'f-J/ i JJerlin Reports Capture
1^) s ? j Points of Support
ij"5 rft | Uarconrt
- Wx4
j^lYrsi.tc t utU^77>,
1 l'(> ' At :acks :i re be in:
' Wff\\ , cti noui S.-JCS OI i:ie >
:. J p*l p v,,f ""j| northern angle of whic
11 ' ' 1 l..icc of IJethincourt, bat
11 ^ i 'a! lv ?u tlie western e<
? Clubby' .<><' Harocmrt.
?, * | Berlin reports the c
OmOKC i H-"Oiig points of suppor
. . .. , of IJaucoart, which ]>'<
somctiiing^ aveiy jn:o Gciman hands, an
1 produce "Bull" Dur- ! ; ioi: a'orn? a fro: t ('
crowd of live wires m:!e a (I a ouarter co
"rolling your own/' t<-nio possession. Par
>h, mellow-sweet fra- Genivin advances
f "Bull" Durham 1 rIares that 0,1 the ?^f
i_ r ? a.i salient, the advantage
^eryone reach roi the . , . . . . , t
,, a l _ j 11 1 ; trditiii:? has hoc witn t:
rt nana - ruiicu prefmt Gcnnan activity
urnam cigarette brims re?rjon js confined alnu
1 zest and snap and i this operation. althouprl
:! J of Sprightly spirits, i> other sections aroun
is heing informlttcntlv <
ruMUINE _ .
Eastern h ro
I a" ; 0" H'" Ms,orn fr,>r
? ^ b P m ; been no operations of
W Barc&i SBEBS i tance, so far ns the c
reenfi | g a ^ ; show. The Russians a
FY rfti ffllA 1^1 j 1 irn i tin their art.!' ity ;
b | m0st part to the I.f
ING- TOBACCO i-c1?n* srmLh of rhinsk r
! clares that such attacks
of rich, ripe Virginia- 1 made there were along ;
arolina leaf, "Bull" 'and were easilv reptils
is the mildest, most j Vipient fisiiti is ta
i tobciccoin the world. Itl,e Austro-Italia-n front,
i being on the aggressive
IJUC aroma sr^i pleas- 'Sectors and reporting
' give you wholesome, j successes With the <*apt
tisfaction. ons prisoners.
m . i i<n if** i Three Austrian neroj
'ourown with bull : nn. . ?
, ni v ; wor? Part of a squadrc
and you 11 GlSCO"ver a 0f] railway stations bar
m smoking. j tiio lilies, failed to rc
_i base and apparently he
cor FREE a j rims to Italians,
of "papers" Several additional ves
zh *>c $ack^^yjtaj?^^ j Sini^ jn the course of th
jmari.ee campaign and ]
; announces the sinking <
ffif! ? which damaged the
lCANTOBACCOCOMPANY.be. steamer Sussex.
The cotton boll tvevil
rcii American Magi cine is ,
, ^ j has traveled nearlv 100
it? ci Oneida Insti* -h.i i;i
, , ,, . . . ik> this season. It has a
land Mountains in Kenctf
rooms a-,d -a'-s GeOT?'a- The situation
undred students at $4 a tbe threatening calamit
has :.o money to pay sa!a- "J"511 Ub- The loss caui
rofessors who, without pay ron cr?P hy this pest i
ig the Kentucky moun- oistr-ets is variously e
m the age of Queen Eliza- *0 50 per cent.
ie Twentieth Century. Weevil multiply rapic
dent of the college, ]. A. say the offspring, from
)een forced to go on the wM in the course of a ]
; - .uit in order to make hundreds of thousands
tey for running- exjpenses. Those who have mad*
was a Kentucky boy who 0f the situation tell
irn shoes out of self tanned ; are one the most imp<
- - % * '
shed wheat with an oia^ holding this pest in
ail and picked the seed , . . . .
The bureau of biolog
bolls bv hand. HHe con- . , A
,, , , , fjrms us that 3S speci<
iraself lucky to get ?
.. , .. t the loll weevil. For
months schooling. In an.
. ,, service which thev perf
that the, American Maga- ' h
about Burns of the Alcun- \ ised 10 protect these
led attention to the fa*t | Wa>* and in ever>' p!
larter of his college was J Al: on? l^e best known
flftee i men. twelve of j k'f hich }\e are ad\ised t
to make their mark-twelve j ^ Il(* k'-^eer, bob white, I
rown. fine unhyphenated j cowbird, red^inged blac
! :?rk, orchard oriole,
!ege with no money has ! sparrow, cardinal, pai
>oni onlv and turns away j mockingbird, brov n tl
r lack of room. In spite of j lina wren and the purp
and limited facilities it has 1 The killdeer. orcliar
linated in its section ofthe tiUlhat are mentioned
ism of a hundred and fifty c-ially destructive to tl
;iven the mountaineers the we are told that rig
i to met the changed condi- i should be given them,
vancing civilization. ; almost extinct in this
i spite of the bullbat's b
,000,000 People Every Day.'by law, it is still slaugl
pril American Magazine is numbers. One of the
of Herbert C. Hoover, di-' birds on the farm is tt
le Belgian Relief Commis- j feeds on the seeds of
feeds five million people most destructive weed:
s responsible for $100,- the worst insect pests
ear and distributes from the cotton boll weevil.
fr? SI 2.000.000 worth of ed that for this reason.
th through unofficial civil is worth $5 per acre. Oi
is. er wrote the bureau of
er docs all this with no Washington that his cot
r telephone and but scant full of bobwhites and J
the railroad. Most of the weevils.
are transported by canal. Birds are one of the
[istributed in rations th?t have in fighting this pe
stain life. In a letter to a er the numbzer of sped
Hoover recently said: tected list, and he si
:S me that trying to feed season, on others, the m
s is like trying to feed a will be to eat the weevi]
e kitten by means of a 40- er weevils there will b
> po'e. said kitten -confined cotton.
cage occupied by two huu- , GBird protection meai
cents li? t*e pockets o
01 Two Strong ]|l| ?_ ^ ^ K
s"utl101 ifldYCv 0
y tlie Germans
in the French f/*
iuu arc result- It" you are lr
for the opera- ?
. . hut? nnur rriroc
i driven ii-onie wuj uvtt a j iwo
salient, at the . ?
b nes he vii- advanced very m
more p:irtieu- . #
ige in vicinity but my pHCCS TCI
apture of two I have this on ha
t :c t ie south
s tri re,e tly good StOck Or
entire French
m"re t;,an a Enamelware that
niijr into r en is
has admit- fPfllK Pfl nrifPS.
here. but de- - f
>:to side of the
in the recent
le French. The
! t.,0 !,nmCTv Mayes Book ?
d the fortress __
employed. ' Hous? O
nt. |
It there have ?
major impor fficial
Lpparently are
l-c^ar^re-j Julia Claussen T)
ind Berlio. de- j Tl*#* C
; as have been \ -I llw V*U.
king place on
cne Ausinoxis Y'yLJi
e in several /**\0
co s-;derab!o M J
ure of numer- ' !
planes, which I v *"
Paris officially P- l i i g?
n .ill I I i lull j c
by a French t . ?|& 1*8?^
ates that the ^S^Bg^.. . ,. jj
ab'e to an- Hiv 118
r i n c - IjSBflBS
fx plosion liMMMi;:: jjBfiHBI
cross-chnnnel i'
f '">- .
is coming. It ;;
miles toward Hs|9BS|^^H H..
1 ready reached Ki
is serious and W '
^i^almost -
! a close study
us that birds
Photo by Matzp/ie. Cliio. go.
Drtant agencies
iral fttirVAV in
JS of birds eat THE ^eat musif'al <,Iiraa* of rhe ei
. this year on the closing n*rht. w
is impoi\an (>pera company, whose successes of i
arm He arc ad passed her former achievements, will a
birds in every by Pierre Ilenrotte. concert meister <
ace possible. flni* Marcel Charlier. also one of the
of the species Opera.
A year ago. wheu Miss Alice Niels
.0 protect are. wag tjien widely stated in the musical
ullbat, phoehe. new field to the greatest musicians. T
kbird, meadow Julia Claussen has been engaged for t
white-throated arc a'so wo11 known 3U tllc grand open
, , , the move to give the (-hautatnjuas thtnted
bunting. , ,
but permanent.
irasher, Caro
le martin.
d oriole ana ail(j an increase in the prosperity of
as being espe- jjle country.
ie weevil, and T>. . , ,
' r?nvic nvp oron nrotectors. If we
;id nrotectioii! . ,
wish to protect our crops we must
The killdeer is , A , . ,
protect tlie birds.
State, and in
, , , , Farmers, the birds are vour friends,
eing protected
' . , See that vour friends are protected,
itered in large - *
most valuable (0Ln>I]?IA mL HAyE FIRST
nearly 11 the Solumbia, S. C? April 10.?Organizs
--(I many of e{| for plirp0s;e 0f educating the
, among them pU^]ic jn the relative merits of various
It is estimat- cars> the first automobile show to be
each bobwhite S? getj ,-n south Carolina will be held
le Texas farm- jn Columbia from April ISth to April
entomology at 22d, inclusve. The exhibition "wll be
ton fields were aj- Craven hall, on f^ashington
tree from the street.
* " ? * - - i cri nafA/)
W mie i ne show hus uccu vn^cuuvvu
best he.ps ve of the Oo.ium-bia Auto Dealers assost.
The great- cjayon> yet ^ js ?C be open to the
.es on the pro- at jarge?an exhibition of the
lorer he open ja^est modeis in automobiles and auore
birds there tomobile acr<?ssories. Entries already
Is and the few- ^ave teen made by companies selling
! to eat up the the prjucipal models in this State, asd
practically the same exhibits that
is dollars and Were on display in the automobile
f the farmers, shows of New York and Chicago will
look Store
i npprl nf r.hlna
ft JL IV/VVt V*
on China have
uch since the war
main the same as
nd. I a^so have a
Aluminum and
: I am selling at
i Variety Store
f 1000 Things
ay at
min? Chautauaua
?] <
5:> ' : : *BM1::'::::::::::1:.::Sl 7< ]
^ - -2wp m
itir<? (. lautanqua program comes again
hen Julia Oaussen of rhe Chicago Grand
rlio went opera season Lave even sur
will tip sissisTpd
!|>lM?ar 1IJ ;t nunrii. ,^u,. ..... _
tf the <"hicag?> <?ra:id Opera Company,
1 leading <onductors of Chicago (Jrand
;en toured the Kedpath Chantauquas, it
journals that the Chautauqua opened a
he fart that another *u<-h great artist as
his season and that Hie assisting artists
i world at on e establishes the fact that
greatest music was not a spasmodic one,
be shown here.
Carry ino- out the idea of the euucab
4.__ -r.^11
j tive features of Mie snow, eipenb v> ill
be on band to explain' the marvelous
development in both automobiles and
! their accessories, that owners and
I prospective buyers will become cognizant
with the intricacies of automobile
engineering and the relative meritsof
j various makes.
One of the features of the automoj
bile show will be opening games of
: the South Atlantic League, to be play|
ed in this city between the Columbia
baseball teams.
j CL HU ?
j To Keep Hay From Taking Fire.
"?To keep hay from taking fire in
the barn by spontaneous combustion
an Iowa man recomends four quarts
of salt to the load "when it is put in
(the mow."?Farm and Fireside.
ChTDhester s pills
Ladles! AsfcyourDrantetfor
Chkbei^ra DkBoalfiras^Al
1*111* in Red and bald nv<rtsUfc\^#X
sea*d vttii Biue Rittm. V/
% *#1 T?k? bo tlW. Bay mf_ rpmr
1/ ~ flr Drantot. As<forCiU-CUES/rZEl
1 C Jjf DIAMOND JtRAM> FILLS, for 8&
jV : yeirsknown .->s Best,S"1' sr. Always Reliable
- 'ryvuwn>F

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