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1Ttie 3foTenr*nts of many People, New*
l?errians, and Those Who Visit
Mrs. Jno. K. AUii ot v.;oiumoia, spe;.i
a few hours in the city 011 Monday.
Mr. J. F. C.'romer of the Clinto i Gazette
was in the city on Monday.
*Vr. and Mrs. Tom Miistead have
tnoved from Xewberry to 1119 Olyinpra
Mrs. Y. von A. Riser of Pomaria
xnp!it r.ht! week end in Newberrv with
Mrs. Alan Johnstone. Jr., of Columbia.
is visiting l?er mciher. Mrs. Ward
Simmons in C.i hou:.. street.
.Miss Lucile Bowles is visiting her
uncle, Luther Fellers at Colony, Newberry
county.?Greenwood Journal.
William Scurry we t to Newberry
yesterd-jv to spend a week at his old
home. - State.
Miss Moriat Hayes of Columbia
spent tlie week end with her friend
Mi-s Lora Wicker in Wilson street.
iN'r. -las. R. Davidson is spending
?c?me time in Columbia with his daughter,
Mrs. .Jas. L. Aull.
.Mr. L. B. Aull of Dyson spent Saturday
in Xewberry with his brother, Col,
E. H. Aull.
Mr. James Kennedy was in the cit\
Mc.ndav shaking hands with friends
^Tihis is his first trip to his old home
for some time.
Miss Eddie Mae Parr, a student o:
the Due \ est corege for women, spen
the week end in Newberry with hei
pare .ts. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Par.
Prof. X. E. Aull of Estill nigh schoo
at Estill was in the city on Saturday
for a few hours on a visit to hi:
brother Col. E H Aull.
Misses May me S wit ten berg and Ern
estine Wicker of the Litt'e Mountaii
school spent the week end i:i Newberry
with the home folk.
Miss Annie May Bedenbaugih, wh(
has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Clare-nee
Richards, has returned to hei
b.imie In Ponjaria.?State.
Lorick Kib:er of Lexington, X. C
'his wav to visit his old home in
Newberry, stepped for a day or twc
with his friend, Dr. A. J. Bedenbauqh
Maple street. Shan-don.?State.
Or. and Mrs. .Ice Bunch of Cheiaw.
T^rurrin^ from their bridal tour tc
Vloriia. were the quests for a coupk
'1 ys <f Pr. A. .7. Hedenbaugh. in
Jiessrs S. J. Derrick, C. P. Barre and
John M. Krnard went to Columbia on
Fri&iy to a?t as judges in the field
tiay exercises in that city. The}
travele:! ::\ a Maxwell with "Rubber*
c-raitn at tJC wiieei. Master jon.n m
Kmard, Jr., was also of the party.
For the love of Mike drag the roads
It will -go down in weather historv
"that cold week in April."
iTfre cold snap has made the gardens
look sick.
The popular pass time of late lia*
fceen covering up beans.
A gccd many farmers have planted
some cotton and corn and some will
feive to replant.
?I<he Chautauqua begins in. Newberry
x c-n the 27th and e ery one should take
no interest in making it a success.
ffihe Bachelor Maids will meet with
M*ss Mary < Vr.ght Tuesday afternoon
'at 4 o'clock.
A nouncement as to what days Triangle
films will be shown, will be
made later, watch for it.
>ir. j. j. .viurran oi ^Happens is an<rcunced
as a candidate for magistrate
of Xo. 7 township.
JVIr. W. D. Rutherford is announced
as a candidate for magistrate for No.
3 township.
Dr. FJ. B. Setzler addressed the Y. M
O. A. of Newberry college on Sunday
Mr. W. A. Asbill has rented the Pifer
place in South College street an:l will
moie Wednesday.
Twenty-one days ago the almanac
said spring begins. There is evidently
a mistake somewhere.
Leslie's gone and got Triangle.
W-hat's he going to do next? Better
'keep your eye on him.
The frost and snow 111 Virginia and
-?>ther mear place's sent a very cold
breath on down this way. No damage
to crops or fruits as yet.
Ladies! Remember the Arcade
opens at 10 a. m. Fridayt for "tlhe
Trail of the Lonesome Pine.'' Come
?sarlv. Pictures start at 10: ID a. m.
There will bv an important meet
I '
: i'ng of the Parent-Teachers' associa- kas
j tion of Boundary street school Wed-' If a
i nesday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. i'} m;
The Ladies' 'Aid society of the Lu- : , ^
tiieran Church of the Redeemer will 1 Tin'ma
meet Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock
CdS} n
j at the home of Mrs. E. H. Aull. name
J According to Observer Peterson the little
j temperature o:i. Monday morning reg- village
! istered 27. On April 15, 1907, it reg- Holme
:! istered 24. There was a killing frost. 1 of the
. ! |
The regents of the Jasper chapter,' t.umc,
D. A. R., request those in charge of weekl
l the Belgian flags to bring in the money weeks
t at the next meet' .g on Friday. I 1'api n
Let everybody who can do so at- **e*en
! tend the intercollegiate field and track
j meet at Newberry college park next
i Fr:-dav afiernocn, beginning at 2
I . . , Xoti
j n c ock.
i !unden
| Saturday last was Belgian flag day . xewbe
and the children a"d a lot of grown CffiCe
| ecple took an active part in selling berry
I little flags to assist the Belgian suf-' ^prji
j ferers. , (jraw
The public is cordially invited to at- men,
: tend the townsihp convention at Shar- as Pet
| on church at Kinards on April 15. The nion
invitation :'s come and bring well filled Xewbe
i baskets. i and w
'1 i
! \nri
'! An entertainment will be givea at * *
! Zion school neur Pomaria on Friday,
.! night, April 14, for the behefit of the
i school. Every bod v is i.'.vited to ati
; tend and have a good evening. : '
( ourt,
| U'o give the prayer-meeting attend.
ants t.;e opportunity to learn of equal STAT1
> suffrage and pure democracy Mrs. Cot- Ccui
j n an will delay her talk until S:30
f Wednesday evening. The place is the Mar
new court house. C ].;
r Mrs. .5. S. Ruff of the Mt. Bethel fcndai
j community has 7.1 yo^ng chicks and 1 n(*
j 10 he. s that will soon hatch 150 more. v s
t'.Vouldn't it delight a hungry guy to Court
, 1 cat a June breakfast with Mr. ar.d 1
' ! Mrs. Ruff? highe:
! 1 Mav :
' Dr. Zanz^tt i. who has just lett. town .
_! . 19 j :
, ! niuuC a liberal v..oA.tribi*i*oii
1 ... ... All
i i uu.. z M? c Limit .in association oi ,
" V . , , of lar
Novvjenv ;:o.Iege as i:e was leaving ,.
: therer
| *ov. n. lie lias made friends with tnis ,
\' the tc
;l :::t..:i m so JCtnjJ. ?
. j i 01 a e
, j Mr. C-ariey :'.V. Wesson oi' West End , Caroli
; has been appointed liquor constable or ies
j for Newberry county in accordance ; 01- ga]
i w.th an act of the last legislature ap-! street
; propi 1'a.ti g $50,000 for the enforce-; j0iiri
>! mem of the prohibition law in South ' strGet
* C.iro.ina. Ton
Friday afternoon. April Tth, Horace price
' i Lever. IS months old son of Mr and chaser
' j Mrs. Ernest Shealy of Pomarial pass- sale \
!: ed i.to the great Beyond. His little j fail to
bc-dy was laiil to rest in the cemetery | at soi
at St. Paul's church on Saturday aft- j risk <
1: erncon, April Stb. chasei
"The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" ^*ien
i is a picture everyone should see. The
| Arcade anticipates packed houses a<d PaPers
l so as to give everyone a chance to see
'; it, the house will open at 10:00 a. m.
| and itart the first pictures at 10:15
! sharp. E.eryone who can, go early
i 1 J /-> 11 n TP _ 1
j cinu UilVlilg \AS OUVWVI
Beginning today (Tuesday) admis- ,
. sions to Opera House matinees will Jf(
.: be two persons for ten cents. Get
j tuai? There's no cut in price. Single
admissions are as "usual, ten cents.
. * -i
5 ( but to encourage the matinee habit, jf j
j Manager Wells says he wishes to give wrj;te
> his patrons tiie privilege of bringing won(ie
j thei r friends out to the show. I ^a(j
[1 Dr. Xa.zetta has gone to Ninety Six very i
[! with his medicine and his shows. He rious
I forgot to come around as he said he withoi
| would and settle for the little adver- aged c
i tisiftg he did in The Herald and News day I
| but we suppose he will return some testim.
j time and pay it. He made a nice co^:- helped
! v xi n A s\f Wwhftr. ble bv
i inuuuuu LV t"u JL . .lx.. v. v.* - -
I ry college. Root,
j Mrs. Evelyna Dickert, wife of Mr.
! Monroe Dickert of Pomaria, died at
! her home Friday afternoon and was
w<n r d 9
buried Saturday afternoon at St.
Paul's Lutheran church. Mrs. Dickert iran,
, . r, w j bladde
was nefore marriage M:-ss Seybt and
is survived by iher husband and one
j daughter. She was about 77 years of
1491 P
i age.
The ycung peoples pre-service ex- ,0._ ,
loth a
: ercises at the Church of the Redeem:
; er Sundav nisfht were well attended . .
, nnr\ verv intersti.i! sr. Mr. Jesse Mayes :
" samu i
j led and Prof. Riser made an instrucj
tive address on the origin and mean1
irg of Apostles' creed. This was fol- pT(-^
! lowed by a tract read by i.Wiss Minnie
j Araick and a quartet, "Nearer My God ?
j to ITthee," by Miss Caroline Caldwell,
| and Miss Sarah Williamson and Mr.
j Gus Hcuseal and Mr. A. R. Boring.
We have been asked when the time
i for the meeting of the Democratic PROV
j clu'b was. We published the constij
tution of the party only a few issues ^en(
back and suggested that the readers j Bingh<
1 lay it aside as ttiey mignt aesire me bottle
1 very information, that wc are now w-jj aj
asked to give. The clubs are to meet
' on the fourth Saturday in April which an(j ^1
is the 22nd this year. The call no aiu] m
doubt will be issued by the county rv He:
i chairman immediately afteh the meet- , cent ai
ing of the executive committee which ] all
i called for next Saturday. ! 'V *1
man is familiarly called "Hamp" V^DCl SL il
> mends you know he was i
l'ur tiie illustrious Wade Hamp- PROGRAN
..<1 if a boy is called Dewey, or !
.n, or Woodrowj or Colie. it is }
o understand the reason for his TUESDAY
Thi* lntpst n'finir this linn i -t
, m M i , , : MUST GOLD1' (B;
baby girl at the Oakland mill ,
. , , , . . , IT , ! Lillian Gish, Dorothy
! who has been christened Helen I 1
!S after tlie now famous heroine ; '^t-Dermott, Chas.
photoplay, "The Girl and the Kate Bruce
\\ aich has been running
y at Leslie's 'Arcade the past 10 J THE BETTER \
i. Here's wishing success and: ^
tiess and long life to the little Lenoie Ulrii
Holmes at Oakland. ^ 5~Part Equii
riCE OF JOY DRAWING. i (oh!,han ,ja_v. the ?r0
' to them)
ce is hereby given that we the "THE UPI IF
>igned Jury Commissioners for i 3-part Lubi
irry County 3. C., will at the. ,, t ^, ,
' ' fceaturing Helei
of the Clerk of Court for NewCounty
a, XI. e O'clock A. uj ..pKEDDIErs ~QV
21st 1916, openly and publicly ... , ?
*. - * ; \itagraph Com
the names of Thirty-six (36) !
who shall senvc for one week THURSDAY
it Jurors at the Court of Com-!
Pleas, which will convene at
^ . TT ,, 3-nart Essan;
rry Lourt nouse May ?tn, iyib,
ill cc tinue for two weeks. j Featuring
1 10th 1916 j Bryant Washburn and
JNO. L. EPPS, Burbndge.
Commissioners for Newberry ^ itagraph Com
g q ! Featuring Kate 1
ntv nf Newherrv ' CHAPPE
Court of Common Pleas.
v F. Dominick, Plaintiff, against ^ov- Edw. Fu^enwider
Villi? and C. T. faysingnr, De- r'ie address at the closin
lts the Chappells school on
er orders of the Court herein. 1 'n2;' *^a- ^ ^ne a(^:G
ell at public auctio- before the T-'e beautiful school <
House in Newberry, S. C., dur- tr!e handsome sonool bui
he legal hours of sale to the
?t bidder therefor, on Monday. =ALE Tuo horse.1.
same being salesday in May. nv0 one-horse nmn.>,
motorcycle and the Over
^ .x.vl.. TT7 O r
that certain piece, parcel or loti-"!',,1> lu
id, together with the buildings ^ Cf'oa ( ?'a Bottling
in. lying. situ.'te and being in ; *erTn& ant* Prices anf* 0
>wn of Newberry, in the county ; ti0nwberry,
in the State cf 'South ;
na, containing One acre, more j MULE F0R g.VLE?Ap
s. bou ded 011 the North by lot p,uford
-ah C. Boozer, East by Caldwell \ 4.1141
, South by lands of Theodore j
stcne, and ^est b\ Drajton ^ ^ ^ECO HT'NT T(
ns of sale: All of purchase!
to be paid in cash; the pur-,
to comply with the term;; of j Tnrr- will be an Eas
vithin ten days ad should he j and ice cream and other
do so, the premises to be sold j nr 'JVritv Methodist cln
ne subsequent salesdav at the ; t twwh:';, on Saturday af
:t the former purchaser; pur-j 14. 'Nhe entertainment
shall deposit witli the Master, jt; r.*: 1: <-i- to 9 o'clock,
his bid is accepted, the sum of j T>rhrefl in the last issue
Dollars; purchaser to pay for j ^ (-jnt0 Please sote 1
; and stamps. J f; F;i*n:dav before Ea?t
faster for Newberry County. : '
1 10. 1916.
1 Various Kidney !
amAiliAC Rut ftnlv Onp i Hrns nor nonnrt 12 <
* iuvuivu yut vuij viiv I - *- ?
Proved Reliable
Chickens 1 1-2 lbs or
s with great pleasure that I
these lines o? praise for your Kgg3_ pcr d02cn 15 c<
rrful kidney and bladder remedy.
kid -ev trouble so bad I became
ranch alarmed. I had tried ^a- Roosters, per pound,
kidney remedies I heard of but
it relief. I was about discourjf
ever being helped, when, one JAMES I>. QUA IT]
picked up a book containing
onials of people who had been
and cured of their kidney trou- Prosperity, S
the use of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
en t riopirtrvrl t/v trv it and T
I owe my present ?ood health ^
i wonderful curative power of % I? IV/
>Root. I sincerely hope my % v^. IV
will be the means of restoring f' #.x {
other sufferers of kidney a.::d ? '-^T^ 1
?% >r>. >>>
r trouble to prood health. < >
Very truly yours, ?>
i * *- r" r"
b. j. FE>NT9TERMAKER. ?nxaminesn.yes, ri
loycroft Ave., Lake wood. Ohio v an(j Artificial
onally appeared before me this ^
ay of October, 1915, B. J. Fen- \our e_\es aie ?
iker, who subscribed the above ^trouble don't fail to cc
ent and made oath that the ? Satisfaction Gua
s true in substance and i i fact. < >
Wm. .1. Klotzbach, X ^^ice Ainle
Notary Public. ^Goods Store.
I*P BOTTOM Mtwh.... i .
| -?*? > v
Letter to j tBBiiB(iiiiiiBBBii(iMBii
. Klirner & Co., j
srhamton, X. Y. g rjn j |"ji j
1)0 FOR YOU.
l ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., rvruLm
impcon, X. Y., for a sample size H B "J TN
it will convince anyone. You JL JL JlmL X
so rpcf-ivf a booklet of valuable ,
atlon. telling about the kidneys' Write lor Catalog
adder. When writing, be sure { list,
ontion the Semi-weekly Xewber-!
raid and News. Regular fifty- j Box 165,
id one-dollar size bottle for sale , ? tunt &
drug stores. COLUMBIA,
FOR SALE- Caladium bulbs and |
1 ME White P'lag: bulbs. Mr.-. J as. MoU- !
tosb. Newberry, s. C.
* 4-7-tf. j
| I HAVE SOLD my stock of goods and j
iograpb) , accounts to C. A. Stephens. Par- t
Gishf Joseph , |jes .y]10 owe \Vill pay their accounts '
West and | Tn r A gteuhens. R. <M Hnrr i ?
i \
! FOR SALE?200 busbels big boll Kin;;
| eotron seed at One Dollar per bushel.
J S. Dominick Chappells, S. C.
2h \ ? s i
N-.-Tt. f
table I !
t i <nl
; NOTICE?My Black Kentucky .lack is j
S3 receipts go ready for service at my resi- J
| donee. 3 1-2 miles below Prosperity, j
T" Insurance fee. $12. John S. Watts, i
d. ! 4-4-mltaw.
I !
i Ware I j
i {
V ESCAPE" SALE?Brand new Ford Touring j
e(, rar. See us for price. Summer'-? !
Garage. j
13th j 4.4_tf
LiO i i
iy- j FOR SALE?Pure big boll Cleveland!
cotton seed, pt bush^\ $1.00. Also |.
I Elizabeth todr "d ' m^er. .i. A. Shealy. j
j y v. K F. I). _ ?v.one 5601? '
S 3-7-<t
?Ess DR. L E.
The well known Eyesigh'
*st *n Newberry foi
z exercises ot J
Monday evei- beginning Monday, Apnl 1
ss will be :n urday evening, April 22nd,
uiditoriuin of
iidiiig. 1 longer.
6 Days Only 6 D
two mules. _ .
one Indian If you want expert optica
:and roadster. the most reasonable pric
1 at Newberry f 17
company for 1* Lid
ther inioima- j ^jj gjasses at ^he most 1
and see the new style shell
~ "??7 Office over Mr. Burton's
piv to M. M.
1 * _!i_ O 1J 1 NT L...MJ
I * Jneraiu emu news uunu
HE i
zssi Harley-Davidso
ureli u. No. 6
ternoon, April
w,n las-fro"1
1 Gosoline.
: H. 0.
icnts j
; , , ; ,
less, 20c. .? I,, .?.?
6 cents.
lartin |!
?ight 11
ts Glasses*!
Eyes. %\
iving you|| The car thai
mstilt hiiu.JN
iranteed. *j *1 1
,on, Dl,.|| miles without
motor. Ask ft
? tion. Phone 1
>j o
s c.
In a fascinating story of Love jfl
Hate and Jealousy. y
The Better Woman'
Equitable Feature. In five
Admission 5 and 10 cents ' ,
I i
'ays Only 4
.1 work at M
? j?u c~:\ ?..u
Co UU1I i 1 ail LU WU9UU J
reasonable prices. Come fl
eye glasses. M
real estate office, oppo- ^
in g.
in Motorcycles
New and second hand,
l ash or credit, 50 to 80
mOes on one gallon
iwberry, S. C.
f! Jy JLi Ju
: made ZZvZo
stopping the
yr demonstra72.

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