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The herald and news. (Newberry S.C.) 1903-1937, April 14, 1916, Image 3

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^ 1 Just 3 Da
I This sale
I ! last only 3 dc
I I.
This gr<
days longer,
tereu. and so
, I nival of fun
r I wonderful s
I I everything i
L in value givi
all over, and
and wish yo
thereafter ui
Nn matt#
I This is not an <
" ?
m We are offering the m<
rnendously low prices will
* REMEMBER-That at
event to slip without mak
1 Of f
? onoesi
Peter's all for wei
pruof Shoes, regi
Men's heavy wo:
$2.75, ojr price
Men's heavy .vor
$2.50, our price
Peter's women's
reg. price $2.50, our
Peter's Boys' all
Shoes, reg. price $3
Peter's boys' heav
; price $2.50, our pric
Edwin Clapp's S
our price ?
E. T. Wright's S
1 price $5.00, our pric
E. T. Wright's S
^ | price 54.00, our pric
1 iot men's Shoes,
! Krippendorf-Ditti
dies, 54.50 value, oi
I j Krippendorf-Ditti
I dies, reg. price 84.0(
& ; _ Krippendorf-Dittr
dies, reg. price $3 5<
f , Krippendorf-Dittr
dies, reg. price S3.0(
dies, reg price $2.50,
This is the gr<
r ^
ys Longer ^
will positively
lys longer ||
n Hands of Wt
latest "Bankrupt Sal<
Every item, big or
1/4 r?nmp a1 n-ncf
1S4? k/U VV/111V Wivyxi^ ^ .
and bargains such as
ight your eyes ever
:s literally and truly :
ng. You will talk al
no matter how muc
u had bought more,
itil the last day of th
;r what Sales '?
you have nev<
ordinary bargain sale -no in
This sale is v
ur goods must go?We bought them at 3.'
The Most E>
>st saleable and complete assortment of m
convince you that you can save 50 per c<
er offered by any retail house. We are g
these prices we can only offer a limited q
;ing the most of it. Get Your Needs at Oi
Shoes! S
?r" men's heavy water and we;
liar price $3.75, our Child
_ $2.68 shoes ...
rk Shoes, regular price Fine
- $189 Biggc
k Shoes, reguiar price that cc
? $1.68 finest ai
Black Diamond Shoes, ? .
price..... $1.68 jy
for wear water proof
.00, our price $1.98 T;es
y work Shoes, regular 25c Ties
e $1.68 ^ s
hoes reg. price $6.50, 51.25 si
$4.68 $1.00 si
hoes for men, regular J^c shir
:e $3.9c 50c shir
hoes for men, regular
:e $2 98
, 500 pairs, special 96c Regular
nan fine Shoes for La- Regular
ir price $3.19
nan fine Shoes for La).
our Drice S3 00 One lot
nan fine Shoes for La- One lot
D, our price S2.28 One lot
nan fine Shoes for La),
our price $1.98
nan fine Shoes for La- Regular
, our price $1.68 Regular
eatest opportunity in
i w-? n
J l\Li Li
astern Sale and ?
ever known in Ne1
little, will be reckless
root, rummage, look ai
i A. Solomon will pro
4 < 4 1 TW T
beheld. JNlow just apj
forced on the market.
)out this sale and this f
:h you buy, you will tl
So do your wishing i
P Sfllp
ire, have been
jr seen anything
deed?ordinary sales come an<
? ? 11 i i
without a parallel or a precede
3 1-3 cents on the dollar and will sell them at
ctra Ordinary Event of the Y
erchandise from our various departments at ]
jnt by taking advantage of this Gigantic Pric
jiving shoppers who are anxious a chance at 1
uantity of the goods listed, for lots are being <
ts' near soft shoes for. 39c
ren's good shoes, one lot 69c
ren's larger, nice shoes that look
ir, for 89c
ren's, boys' and girls' good, fine
_ $1.19
lot boys' and girls' good shoes $ 1 3C.
;r boys' and girls' shoes, the kind
S3 00 fn 3>3 50 ptsewherp. verv
id best $ 1,^9
Jen's Furnishings
3, 3 for $ 1.00
>, 3 for __ 50c
lirts, sale price - 98c
lirts, sale price 89c
lirts, sale price 79c
ts, sale price 59c
ts, sale price SCc
Over Coats
price $10.00, our price $5.98
price $16.50, our price $8.98
Boys' Pants
$1 50 and $2.00 pants $ 1.19
$1.00 pants 79c
50c pants 39c
Rain Coats
price $11.00, our price $6.9g
price $5.00, our price $3.3g
NI avivm awhvt
ncwucujf vuumjf iv
Newberry, S. C.
I "
Just 3 Day
This sale w
last only 3 days
ialvage CO.
wherry will las
ly and ruthlessly
id pick. Just en
virlp frit* vmi
w jl. w w w -a- ^ \y Vt> a
ply the "rule of
It will mark an
>tock for months
link of many, m;
lew and be here
or are going
like this.
i go like the changes
40 and 50 cents on the dollar.
prices that will astonish you. A
e Reduction. This is your oppor
these wonderful bargains.
close d out daily. Do not allow
nil .1 i m >
coining; VJOI
Dickey's ail-wooi Kerse_y Suit!
$9 OC, our price
All-wool Cassimeres and W<
Regular $8.00 suits, our price...
Regular 11.00 suits, our price .
Regular 12.00 suits, our price
Reeuiar 15.50 suits, our nrice
O 'A
Regular 16.50 suits, our price.
Regular 18.50 suits, our price
Regular 20 00 suits, our price
Regular 22.50 suits, our price..
Regular 25.00 suits, our price.
Corliss Coon best 51.00 shirts ....
Corliss Coon best $1.50 shirts
Corliss ('< ('(i nesr Jf>c collar...
All-wool Cassimere and Wor
Regular $6.00 pants, our price
Regular 5.00 pants, our price.
Regular 4.00 pants, nur price .
Regu'ar 3.50 pants, uur ptice..
Regular 3.00 pants, our price..
Regular 2 50 pants, our price..
Reduce the Cost
s Longer I
ill positive K I
lonerer. \ I
t just 3
/ slaughjoy
a catr
The most
reason "epoch"
after it is
my things
everv rlnv
* to be,
in the moon.
look at these tretunity
to obtain the
this money saving
hing! I
s, reg. price I
>rsted Suits.
...... 6.98
8.98 I
sted Pants.
of Living I

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