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kNVhile Wilson and Lansing: Work on
Chanro Against (Jermany Comes
News of Otber Attacks. j
Washington. April 15.?n\ hile J'res-j
ident Wilson and Secretary Lansing [ (
were marslial'ing evidence that (.it \ - j
manv i i her submarine warfare has
violated solemn pledges given to the
United states, official word of two; 'i!
more shipping disasters due appar-,
ectly to illegal acts by German sub- j la
marine commanders was received at j i-r
the state department today. Consular ' .in
dispatches indicated that the steam- ! tw
ship Mar-gam Abbey was attacked j e>
without warning on April 8 and that ; sh
the Aberdeen bark Inverlyon was ! >p
l sunk by shell fire after the crew had , ur
ncin t r\ f o Lr a +/-\ cmoll hnotc ! lf>C
v vu v,\/ i u rvv iv email wv/uwo . *>-c
more than 100 miles from shore, j <
Americans were aboard both ships. J wi
These two cases are bei g in?vesti- j ??e<
.gated and may be included in the ne
American note which, it was under- fla;
stood tonight, probably would be "af
ready for transmission to Berlin early sul
next week. 1
jibe preside t and Secretary Lan- j iov
^sing devoted a larse part of the day i
to the consideration of the submarine j as
.situation. They studied affidavits ()f
from American survivors of the Sus- g01]
sex and other vessels and a number j j)V
of documents forwarded by the I
i as
"British govern me t. These 'documents L)r()
reacnert acre uns unfnwui. 1 whi
t t was said tho actual value of tlie ' jlas
affidavits had been materially lessen- >
ed by the contents of the German note J
replying to the American inquiries. !
The German statements abort the
Sussex are regarded as constituting t. .
^ Ui'I
a virtual admission of guilt. ! )ajl
U became known here tonight tha' ' jU(j,
The contemplated action of the I" -ited j (
States which is expected to bring the i j.?
submarine controversy to a clearcut |
m issue is beins: watched, closelv by j
j ous
diplomatic officers of other neutral j _
! fort
' I a-in
An investigation of all vessels sunk j a^e.
*n- German submarines is being made ; jjtj(
on the ground that it was only by
cnance that American citizens were g-pj
not aboard the ships when disaster Qi
mere?, me them.
Furthermore the interests of the | iM
United States and other neutrals are i (_\ }
understood to be identical in some j fenc
of the cases. It was said, however, \']
to.iight, by a high official of the ad- will
ministration that the American gov- Co.u
c-rr.ment saw no need for joint action jngIn
the present situation. hig]:
? j May
Notice is hereby given tnai me un- AJ
dersigned as administratrix of the of i
estate of Jim Burton, deceased, will ther
make final settlement on said estate J the
as administratrix in the court of pro- ^ of ?
4 bate for Newberry county, on Monday, j Care
May 8,1916, and immediately thereafter or li
apply for letters dismissory as sucb 0f s
t administratrix. Persons holding claims stre(
against said estate will make payment j0h
before 6aid date and all persons In- stre
debtcd to the estate will pay the same.
Adm'x of estate of Jim Burton. cjias
Marcn 21, iyit>. sale
"u fail 1
/^."X T.ndH! Auk yoiif Brumrfrt for A\
i. it fO-A i klt(ie*-t?r(INABtondIirand/A> oh?lS<
IltNIn Hcd and ??Id metallic\lfV
V,^2 l>^*cs, seiicJ v.th Blue Ritboa. \/ u h o-r
T?k? B? other. Bay ofroor V [ neii
1*1 ~ flf l>ra?rti*t. As<fofC!II.Cireg.TEEt t p.ft,.
( C jf DIAMOND I.RAND PILLS, for 25 J P 1Il>
VV* fp year, known as Best, Safest. Always Re!iab!? 1
tovigoratlng to tne Pale and SlckW i
The Old Standard general strensrthei ins: tonic
GROVE'S TASTELESS c'aill TONIC, drives out T!
W8l?\ria.etiricheU 'ie blood .and builds jptheays- ..
tffoi. A true tonx For aduits aid ch idren. 5Dc ' i h.Ai
, -j ?0ME ALONG
WO QUART BILL [v,m5,or^
IS NOT SIGNED .Jolm R. Joyce Ki
bile i'lunpred
1 r! lie State.
I'vi'rnor Says He Will Hold letter Cheraw. April 1
.Measure in Abeyance tor trie i wnose car turned
Present. into Juniper creels
.V; nday night, pen
le State. ai I killing him, \\
Ho.dig that the gallon-a-month means and proini'*
\v has made "a distinct advance for c-les in New Mexie
'chibition." Gov. .Manning yesterday dent of a bank in
r.ounce.1 that he would not sign the ' town, and connecte
o-quarts a month law at the pres- I ba' ks in that secti
t time. "I deem it best that it j and was also in the
ould stand,'' said the governor, j tail mercantile husi
eakinsc of thp gallon-a-month meas- | ed the world twic<
e, which was passed by the 191.) i Carpathia when she
pslature. tance of the Titan
'.tov. Manning has held conferences '^ie Winter in Florid
th prohibition leaders from various 'ie was president (
:tions of the State concerning the company and had ;
ft-' liquor law. it was said yester- $3,000 car to mak
y that he had reached the decision Xorth to see the cc
'ter a careful consideration of the Baltimore to surpr:
Dject from various angles." ! Joyce, who was
riie statement by the governor fol- I Johns Hopkins ho
rs- I hew, who had bee
The gallon-a-month law will stand ; ,no'e,> vah
the law regulating the importation "eT t'u ^rliquor
into South Carolina for per-j^er Tah0n 10 ^lal'
lal use. This was the law enacted I or:"inal home- for 1
the legislature at the same time .0,1 r> of a2<' <m(*
the referendum act ordering the |
hibition election, and was in force ?
L>n ihe election was i.clrt. This law Controliing ti
. mad" a distinct advance for pro- (io?>d health is i!i<>
(ion by limiting the anion t of g?0,l t?*n11hm*. ah oi
tor used, and f deem if best tliat it i ,VNpassion th
Ulld stand. Hires* something oe- j J h<m-Iit. will, act ion.
! bv its condition. \Yh
s to cha ^e the situation. To re- j .. . , ,,
I iniojrnt \ <>i i in* nod
i the gallon-a-month law is to keep ; harmony of its wond
h with the people, and. ii my j creates discord for
anient, will go a long way to pro- ! ^ upleasant feelings
te temperance, so long as it js j ai'c likely to produce
,, - , pleasantness of disp
dlv enforced. , ... ,
order, if prolonged.
[ shall c-ontii .ue to direct a vigor- habit, thus becoming
enforcement. 1 will not. there-j dividual character. I>
\ at this time, sign the two-quarts- j vitiated blond and oti
onth act, but will hold smae in ' Pr0('(4ssos arc at t!
, . i much of the irritabilil
L*anr>o npnfiirnr un % 1 .1 /-nn- I
1 w j price, ill temper and
jii.s that n/ y o-cfur.' j ness of childhood.?<;
kTE OF SOlTrH CAROLINA? j Ginger and
cunty of Newberry. : Ginger was well ki
Court of Common Pleas. I even before the Noru
arv F. Dominick, Plaintiff, against ?,,eM 'efened to
, * .... j ,, _ ,> - T. on manuscripts of t
Willis and C. T. Paysinger, De- ?
tun*. It. was very coi
'auts- teenth and fourteentl
tider orders of the Court herein, I next jn va!ue to p
sell at public auction, before the then the commonest c
rt House in Newberry, S. C\, dur- ing 011 an average
the legal hours of sale to the pound. - London Mail,
test bidder therefor, on Monday.
1, same being salesday in May, I Complete S
? Somebody told \n
would walk back wart:
.1 that certain piece, parcel or lot she wouJ(i sre i,or iIlt(.
and, together with the buildings "i>j(i it work:"
eon, lying, situate and being in "Completely. She
. - . . . lit n ! ??o* r > M 1 twi TV* C? I 1 /k {
town of .\ewberrv, in tne coun-tv j <,uu ?' " J
Cewberry. in the State of South i hriSht ,li"<:tor 1
. . _ St. Louis I ost-I Mspatc
>lma, containing: One acre, more _
ess. bounded on the North by lot i
I Negative Jud
arah C. Boozer, East by Caldwell j snzathv ihiuus ??ft?
it, South by lands of Theodore I traits. For example,
nstone. and west by Drayton to judge a man by
* quits and I>y the thi
rins of sale: All of purchase ?r?Yowl* C???.
i to be paid in cash; the purI'
rom tlie evils sent
er to comply with the terms of ,s ,1?,from ?
within ten days a"d should he upon ourselves there
to do so. the premises to be sold j Jitsu Go Kyo.
Dme subsequent salesday at the
of the former purchaser; pur
er shall deposit "with the Master, j Whenever Ycmi Need
l his bid is accepted, the sum of 1 Take Qtt
^ . , , I The Old Standard C
Dollars; purchaser to pay for ^ Tonic js
rs and stamps. General Tonic becaus
H H RIKARD well known tonic prope:
. . x- v A 1 and IRON. It acts on
Master for Newberry County. out Maiaria> Enriches
ril 10, 1916. Guilds up the Whole S^
R FOR ONLY $1.50. YEAR FOR 51.50.
"': (HFLLO BIGGS ) ) over~t
a Week in Ne
II<m1 When Automoin
'( rcok?Had
Prince A
3.?John R. Joyce. J show voii
turtle and plugged *
; near Patrick on tA Cf
ning under , oath it lUOlvl IU Oi
as a man of large
?nt in business cir o.
He was presi- |
Carlsbad, his home j
id with a string of I
ion of the country, f
? wholesale and re- |
iness. He has tour- j
e and was on the I
went to the assis-1
ic\ He ha:l spe :t .
1 copyright 131* br
la Where,'it is said, j R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
)f the Joyce Fruit { [
just bought a new
e a hurried trip
with his wife i:i 1 content when
spital. The nep-1 IllitS men to SIT10K6
?i notified of 'his J 8. S0r6 tong"U6, W
here yesterday to! tobacco enjovm ent!
Joyce's remains i Prince Albert IS IT
el Hill. Tenn., his | fay us^ gxes
mi rial. He was 61 j 5
id no family. J !|
Te Temper. j || JOLIl 11
first rtMiuisito of a i j j -?
,,, u?nw< ?r feels i || the TIQ
,h? ! ] comes right to you
are all influenced i ... , ? J .
;.tcver impairs the j ?j Will dO for yOU WI
y ,,r disturbs the | j| men?make pipe or
erf") organization . j est of VOUr DleaSUTG
the whole being. I j:
due to ill health j Pr'ncc Albert is to he had \
corresponding un- everywhere tobacco U sold in
1 ^ tcppyred bags, 5c; tiay red p
nsition. The (lis- tins, 10c: handsome pound
results 111 a bad j d half-pound tin humidors
? ana?in that classy pound
an element in ill- ' crvstal-glasn humidor vrith Q
i .1: ! snonxe-ntoistener too !.hat
vwuigeuuist-Miuu. a kecp3 the tobacco in such
llel* impaired vitfli Jl fine shape ? always! R.
ie foundation of |'
ty. impatience, ca "
so called naughti
lood' Health
Shall We Have 3Iore Good Roa<j
Pepper. Farm and Fireside tells us that t
now n in England kougg committee on roads has j
nan conquest, bein
the An" lo-Sax- P?rted Shackleford bill for fedei
he eleventh cen- aid to the States in building count
tnmon in the thir- roads. Substantially the same me?
i centuries, rank- ure jias been before congress sever
epper, which v\a? years, an<] demand for some fedei
>f all spices, cost
about Is (Jd a participation" in road buildings is g<
t.ng stronger.
' The Shackleford bill in its prese
uccess. form provides that not over $25,00(
nessa that If she , ,, , _
, i. .t.. 000 a vear shall be appropriated.
I uuwu nie stairs - -ndcd."
-c distributed among the 'States
the ratio of their population a;:d
fell down the their mileage of country roads ov<
s en?jge<lI to the mai]s are carried Thus Mail
hev called in. ?
.jj * > would get $276,000 a year. New Yo:
$1,594,000, Kansas $747,000, Texas $1
Igments. 070,000, California $504,000, and :
ui show- positive on. .'The money is to be expended 1
it is fairly safe the State highway department, buil
the company he . roads selected bv the State ar
ngs he does not
,j0| apprcved by the secretary of agricu
ture* and the federal contributi-c
by heaven there shall not be les than 30 nor over I
10 evils we bring per cent of the cost. The effort (
is no escape.? , . ,, ,,
1 course is to encourage especially tTi
construction of the best types of roa
and to provde object lessons in th
General Tool; construction. Twenty-five millions
)vc's year would not go far. but migh
Trove's Tasteless induce States and counties to renew
e ronuins the ed eltor'" in ordE!r t0 insure that the
rties of QUININE would get their share of the federa
fV.a T itmr T^rnroo ! _ ,A 9,
Y",w j^enerosuv.
? the Blood ano
astern. 50 cents.
7the) |TbEL1EV?~7^D~ )
lu9.HAv~? better join i
INC IN THE .! ' V: J
iwherry April
lbert will JP
.1 ? IRfe
i tne real nf:
IRT was made to create tobacco
3 it never existed before! It perall
they want without getting
ithout any comeback but real
! The patented process by which
lade (and controlled exclusively
-and cuts out bite and parch!
tional joy smoke
r lasts fair and square! And it
lat it has dene for thousands of
cigarette smoking the cheerful
Vhat we tell you about Prince
Libert is a fact that will prove out
) your satisfaction just as quickly
s you lay in a stock and fire-up!
J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Winston-Salem, N.C.
U ! [ I ftn/iosl T.uwc t
lie | . "The legal speed limits in American
-e. cities," says Frederick Upham Adams,
ai the automobile expert, in the April i
ry | America a Magazine, "range from 12
is- to 20 miles an hour. Such limits
ai never have been enforced, never
al should be enforced, for reasons which
it- will be considered in detail'in the
*ext article. The real traffic regula- <
r o s of our larger cities, as daily en^
1 forced by the police, make it obliga- j ?
' torv with the driver of an automobile 1
to '
to maintain speeds of from 20 to 22 i (
? miles an hour on streets with heavy
traffic when the driver gets the signal c
sr _
that there is a clear space ahead. The 1
le T
. law mav set the minimum at 15 but i
rk ' ;
you must run at 20 when you have a [
L j
chance. Unless such a high speed be
so . . I v
} ^ciiciauv uiaiiiuciiircu uv unvcib ?u^u)V
> C
, ever possible on main city thorough3"
, fares, effective traffic regulation will
id c
j_ be impossible and disastrous conges. ^
tion chronic and inevitable. ,
?n f
;q "We have reached a period in the ?
development of the automobile in the ?
ie In* ted States when the traffic authori-: j
^ are more coscerned over a minie
mum speed which must be maintained ?
a whenever possible than over maxi^
mum speeds." ,
' Malaria or Chills & Fever
Prescription No. 666 it prepared especially "
Fire or ?ix do*e? will break anj case, and 01
s, if taken thea mm a tonic the Fever will not r
- W- -C _ ? ?_ . A A _ AI I
j return, it act! on me uver Deiier iau? ,
' Cdomd and does not gripe or tackea. 25c
t c
wEI>ER? 1 GcH
! 27 th to r
/ ^KAMh I
On the reverse tide of this tidy red tin 70a
will read: "Process Patented Jnly 30th,
1907," which has made three mea smoke
nim>? wk?r? onj> emnlr*^ K^am(
Cut Your Store Bil!
Down One Half
Tens of thousands of farmers as well as
tow n and city folks cut down their store
bills one-half last year and saved money
in spite of generally short crops and reduced
Absolutely millions of dollars were
saved and countless families lived better
:han ever before in the face of the cotton
Tisis and general business depression.
How were these burdensome store bills
?ut down? By the real money-saving
^ower of good home gardens, rightly
slanted and kept planted and tended
Jirough the season.
Hastings 1916 Seed Catalogue tells ?iow
j cut store bills down; tells about garlea
and farm seeds of kinds and a qualtv
that cannot be bought from your merhant
ur druggist. It's full of garden and
arm information. It's free if you ask
or it. Writo for it now. H. G. HASTINGS
10., Atlanta, Ga.?(Atfvt.)
npreme Court Keyokes Its Suspension
Order Issued in Spring
of 1914.
C. P. Sims of Spartanburg has 'been
^admitted to the practice of law in
3uth Carolina by the supreme court.
p tos indefinite!!' suspended "hv an
der filed in (April, 1914. IThe order
.'instating Mr. Sims was signed by
1 of the justices of the supreme
ot in the Swim. J
S^)uS/yUr ill
Vlay 4th

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