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base Continues in Meantime?Baker
.Makes This 1'oiut Clear, in Tellinir
of Course.
Washington, April 1The United
States is villi ^ to agree to fix a limit
on the distance the American troops
row in pursuit of Villa shail proceed
into Mexico and to make that limit
rot much further south than the
trocps already have proceeded. The
government also is willing to give asfcjra.
ces that the American troops
would be withdrawn witlan "a reasonable
time" or as soon as it is de:
nitely established that V>.la has
:eache:l a point where he can be dealt
with better by the carranza forces.
President '.Wilson has decided to inf.-vrm
Carranza in resDOilse to his I
request for withdrawal of the Amer- '
j^an troops from Mexico that the
United States will negotiate fot *n
agreement along those lines.
These points, it became known toright.
were discussed fully at yesterday's
cabinet meeting. IT he president's
advisers are said to have
agreed on such a course in the belief
mat it would make stronger the
, nances of catching Villa. A reply to
.?en. Oarrar.za is said to be -wrtuallv
ompletcd and is expected to go forard
in a very short time.
Y/i* rlmiKrud
melius "c * u.
Meantime the pursuit of Villa by 1
- ie American troops will continue. ]
Secretary Baker sharply outlined this ]
t )day in a formal statement.
"The status of the expedition into ]
.Mexico is as it was at the beginning; i
:i cordial cooperation with the de !
facto government of Mexico.'* he i
said. "That cooperation continues i
r nd the expedition continues. There i
v.as been no cha ze in the orders an i.
rone is contemplated.'' ;
Secretary Baker and other officials 1
laid stress o.. the V-t that coopera-[
- ~ ?i
i:on ct - arranza iroops icsai acu c.s
an important element a <d the ne-j s
positions will be conducted with the ; s
Ilea that an agreement would | s
strengthen Carranza at home and
rrake the task of catching ViMa easier :
The lines of communication of the r
American troops following (Villa, already
have been lengthend to the
point where sending supplies has
b-2en difficult. L
It is realized here tUit it would be
extremely hazardous for them to go
r.uch further.
Mexicans Assailed Unarmed Ameri- E
cans at Paral. It
i V
Sa " Antonio, Texas. April 15.?It 1
v-as an "unprovoked attack" on un-I
i 0
armed American soldiers who had en- <
lered Paral merelv for the purchase r
of supplies that precipitated an action
between Mexicans and Americans
tv.ere Wed esday, according to an official
report received tonight from
Gen. Pershing. j
He said that a part of tne soldiers. *
having their arms outside the town,
entered to buy food. They were fired
upon and retreated in the direction a
of the camp. The troops there moved l
forward to meet the 'Mexicans, who d
"were pursuing the retreating troop- ,,J
ers. and began a sharp fife, killing a
40 Mexicans. ; T
He reported the 'American dead as k
two. No mention of wounded either 0
among the Americans or Mexicans v
was made. j
; U
| is
.Notice is hereby given that we. the 1
undersigned .lury Commisssioners for j,
x-?i c r will nt thp h
.\Rwuerry tvumv, ?c. v/., ..a.., -v .?
office of the Clerk of Court for New
berry County at Xine o'clock A. M.. ^
April 28fh. 191G. openly and publicly ^
draw the i.'ames of thirty-six (36) ^
men. who shall ser\e as Petit Jurors e
at the Court of Common Pleas, which a
will convene at Newberry Court ^
House. Mav loth. 19KI. and will con- ^
i j
linue tor one week. ; s)
.1X0. L. EPPS | .IAS.
lury Commissioners for Xewberry
County, S. C. J
April 17th. 1916. j t]
I ^
Tb Drive Out Malaria a
And Build Up The System
? ? - J ?j 3
T&Jce me UIU omuuaiu vjaw *c, c ?
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
What you are taking, as the formula is
printed ou every label, showing it :s
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form. : "
The Quinine drives out malax:a, thp n
Ir07 builds up the svcteni. 5G cer.ts 1 a
The Quinine That Does Not Affect The Head' 'l
Because cf its tonic and laxative effect. I.AX ATIVK
BROMO QUININI? is better th?;i or \ v
Quinine and does v.ot car^e nerv->:?nf??-- - * ' .
ringing in head. Ke'iienib^-r the i'ut: *ir c ;>-iu : '
J. jk 'jr the ^icr-at . -*. V. { ' ' V" j
Subscribe to The Herald and News I
1.K1VIS \\. l'ARKEli
The Mammoth Yellow i has i>v>
Soia Bean FouiKler of Largest Sout
+ . . . Mill (.roup is Dei
promises to be one of the most
profitable crops for southern farm- ' 1 -?no.
ers everywhere. Makes a large
yield of beans, which are readily y;le state
salable for oil-producing and food ; ^ .' .. ,,
_ ij:.: ! Greenwlle, April 11.? L<
purposes, III auuiuuit iu U9 uoc iui
forage, soil-improving and stock ker, organizer and former
feeding. Splendidly adapted to our the parker Cotton Mills c
southern soils and climate. . , .. . . t.
formerly president of tli
The New 100-Day Cotton Manufacturers'
j | x O diefl at Ilis honie on east
V CiVCt IS 6 81II street in Greenville, tl
the quickest growing of Velvet about G o'clock. Mr. PariBeans,
promise to supercede Cow ,n fam heaUb f
Peas very largely as a soil-improving,
forage and grazing crop %vas a figure ol natioi.al
throughout the South. Cheaper in the manufacturing w
to seed per acre than cow peas. rapidly after leaving the
Write for prices and Wood's law and entering the cotti
Crop Special" giv.ngiuu in- He was affiliated with ot!
formation in regard to Soja and
Velvet Beans, Cow Peas, Millet, rlustries also. He was a
Seed Corns, Sorghums, Sudan efforts to have the Piednn
Grass, etc. Mailed free. j eru jjue constructed and
i 3 tf iOinicrl^ H. 11101111)01* of t
SEEDSMEN, - Richmond, Va. * c f
I I committee of that corpo
Wed Various Kidney j S
Remedies Bnl Only One
Proved ReliableI,al stock o? the compai
j completion was $12,200,00
i ciate editor of The Piedr
It is with great pleasure that T j ciate e<xUor of TThe Piedr
write these lines of praise for your e,noo|1 newspaper of Gre
ivcnderiul kidney and bladder remedy, j The funeral services ,
! had kni.e} tro.ib.e so had I became Wednesday afternoon at
very marl, alarmed. I had tried va- ~hrist E|)i'scol)al chl|I.ch ,
rin::s kMne-v remedies I heard of but, wm be conduete(1 bv the
without relief. I was about discour-1K Pendleton rector of tl:
iged of ever being helped, when, one ,.;u AdvelU Sparta burg
a.i\ 1 picked 111> a oook containing members of the family ii
testimonials of people who bad been who u.as ,v;isg Marga!
iielped and cured of their kidney trou- Richmond; the JIisses Lll,
Die by the use of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp l gam Parker am, ,W(> ,
Root, so I decided to try it and I Smjth Parker' an(, ,_ewjs
know I owe my present good health Mr Parker lea,,es three bl
o ,he wonderful curative power of ,jam H(mrv Parker a ]aw
5wamn-RcoL I sincerely hope my Tlinmoe PopL.a? ?
iCOlUU , X ilUiUUO l Ul iiti U
tvords will bo the means of restoring 7 ,
C alii., a retired naval com
iianv o:her suffers of kidnev cud ^ . T i
/apt. Fra :cis L. Parker ot
Lauder trouble to good health. |CavaIrv. A sister Lucl
Very truly yours _ j Parker dean of the Uni,
B. J. FEX3TERMAKER. ! s'.hool ot Chicago, also sui
1491 Roycroft Ave.. Lakewood. Ohio Horn in A I,be.il
Personally appeared before me this Lenis Wardlaw Parke].
:sth day of October, 1913, B. J. Fen- Abbevine thig State> July
itermaker. who subscribed the above (va ^erefore, r>1 vears ,
statement and made oath that the h(. djed His Wf]
lame is true in substance and in fact. ,
, Parker, was a lawyer of d
Wm. J. Klotzbach. ^ ,
j abilitv and was also ini
Notary Public. , , . TT. 4,
j backing. His mother was
j Wardlaw Parker. Lewis
Letter to j countered difficulties in o
Dr. Kilmer & Co., i education, as his family w;
Binghamton, >\ Y. ! its means limited. At th
j lie went to work in a mere
j lishment of his home cit
>ROVE WHAT SWAMP-HOOT WILL tinued to work for two ye
DO FOR \OU. j Later he entered the U
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,: South Carolina, completin
iinghampton, X. Y., for a sample size degree in 1885, winning I
>ottle. It will convince anyone. You . He then took the law cou:
rill also receive a booklet of valuable j graduated two years late
nfcrmation, telling about the kidneys! time he taught school in C
md bladder. Wnen writing, be sure;in Barnwell. In 1888 he
.nd mention the Semi-weekly Newber- j Greenville and entered up<
y Herald and News. Regular fifty- j tice of law.
ent and one-dollar size bottle for sale He was a partner at difi
it all drug stores. with J. A. McCullough a
Haynsworth. In 1S97 he
MAKINGS OF A HAPPY MAN. rn-actice of law in order t
manufacturing field, assur
dualities That Make Life a Joy For ^ ictor Manufacture
Their Possessor. at Greer. He was then ii
We have noticed the happiest man certain banking business
any a time. He works for his living. Was one of the organizers
ml he gets a good one. One thing ?e a2.han mil, of GreenviUe
Lotice is he is a man of fine hab*s; ? ^ , . . . "
loesn't squander a cent on liquor. to- . Mr- Parker s r.se in the ,
acco or betting. He saves his money "world was rapid. Hi
nd b> getting ready to buy some prop- generally regarded as a lei
rtv. He loves bis home, plays with j manufacturer of the Soutl"
he children, reads good books aud!u,ard +hp nation At a
eeps company with his wife. Because ', , r
# , . . . , .. , he was chosen for the drni
r his good habits he saves a little
rhich will give him a chance to make reorganizing the Whale\
n investment. mills, located in- and neai
And then there is another thing?he The condition of the mil
j a reliable man. Fie does good work. rcseate. But Mr Parker s
le will not smooth over bad work. He v- i
. u. , . . r-. 'his task.
* honest in whatever he does. Every
ollar he gets represents just that was actively interes
lucli of honest labor. It this, large- fare work in his several m
7, that makes ..him prosperous aud Effects Great Mert
Water keeps its own level, and so j ^ to out April 1, 1911, he i
o conduct and character and pros- | organization of the Pari
erity. If a man is mean and low, so j Mills company, which at
rill (he consequences be. lie cannot L,as composed of three
e one thing and his experience, anoth- ' . *1,
. , ' v . , companies, embracing the
r. A low lived man may grow rich |
nd happy, but it will not be for long. lm^lS- Apalache, \ ictor. (
nybody can tell what's the matter j aghan, Beaver Dam, Ca
rith a man if he is with him a day. ' Granby, Olympia and Rich
[e will soon see it the other is a 'the Ottarav plant at Unioi
lUeen. a stomach, an uplift or a hope, j ,ace a( JonesvUle the VVv]
-Ohio State .Journal j , ? , *
: ter, the Pine Creek at C
Saving For a Sunny Day. j,lle Fairfield at Winnsboro
Jake Penticoff was :i unique charac- | into the merger. He wa
?r. He had a large family, and. al- I first the moving spirit in tl
bough he was reasonably diligent in tion
l./i n^.r? .-.f c-.i ?- .nul a v rm thr? I
ur u^r vi ?. u.n ?... ...v, __ . _
, * t. . ' Mr. Parker resigned tne
rood piles, lie frequentIv caine to seek
Id from the city fathers. ?f tile Parker Cotton Mil
"I gotta halt a sack of flour." said November 4, 1014, and retti
ake on one occasion. "I'm ail out. practice of law in Greenvil
n<l my family iss startin'. ' lie practiced alone but late
"Al! rinhr. .fake, said t!ie c!!i -la;. a partnership with 0. K. >
If yon need a sack of flour and liave !
O monov to buy it with we'll set you j Not IonS afterward he di
sack. Hu? see here. Jake. There's j cancer. About one y
cireus coming t<> tow n in n few days. ! uas operated upon by I)r
nd if we u!,t y"i a sa<*k l!<?ur are Baltimore for this disabilit
on - <! ? rbar y<>:. wiii not and eration was extensive, and
:,!v" 11 ' r--'' ' it. was hoped and believed
"<?b. no" said .lake. "1 already . . . . . r?,
. , .tiad been arrested. 1 lie e;
at sated up. les. 1 u'wi money t-> i;o
0 the circus '?Youth's Companion. | <?\ei. stattinjr ui his jaw
iSKI) OW I ?
In arranging to ir
-l it lai- j mittee bought 1.UUU
president of A(ter the open.
ompany and + ;ng (jgy no season
ie American J tickets can be had for
association, J For the single adi
Washington entertainments, see thi
lis morning Season tickets are
cer had been + The namc ?f some ineir
e time He J season ticket. This pre
prominence in casc thc ticket sho1
orld, rising t Children's tickets
A All r-Viilrlron art> admil
. mi vuitui V" ? ?
practice of
on mill field. ? ? * <
ler great in- ~
leader in the lir 1
> -t & North-: Chautauqua W eek
was a direc- __
ay. He was
ht- executhe })e checked. Death was due to this
ration. .Ihe (ysease :
iany was the , 1
, Mr. Parker was a member of the Ne
lation in the
Episcopal church. He was a Demo- oii
and operat- , ,
crat. and though not a supporter of ch
J I nr* f>ck Ti- 1
W. .T. Bryan, because of the free silver , Aj
after ito .gsue^ jie worked f0r the partv and i0<
0. Mr. Par- r ,
: contributed to its campaign muds, ror
aont. an aft- , , .. ... <
manv vears he was a leading citizen
nont. an aft- , " * , , e'
, ot the State.
eiville. j ro
,vII1 be hel-d j co
4 o'clock at AN OLD TIME DINNER. x'e
his C;ty, and ed
Rev. \V. H. Curious Table Manners of England In
?e Church of the Seventeenth Century.
Surviving An account of hospitality in England I ^
u:. in 1 <IL'O gives a good idea of the manire
la ^ w ife . * ge
. r ner in whi< h a country gentleman of ?
?' the period lived. I?inner and supperjdo
:'ia and Mar- wore brought in by the servants with i er.
ions, Austin their hats on, a custom which is cor- , aj
W. Parker, roborated by Fynes Morysi>n. who says
rothers Wil- being at a knight's house who
e had manv servants to attend him. they j
ver ot (..bar- , ; ,
brought m the meats with their heads :
it Leaed,ji e, oovere(] wilh blue caps. t er,
mander. and After washing their hands in a basin j ..
the Twelfth they sat down to dinner, and Sir |
a Wardlaw James Fringle said grace. ri he viands ^1
-ersitv Hi^h kerned to have been plentiful and ex- ch
wives" hi n cellent?"big pottage. Ion;; kale, bowe id
. of white kale.*' which is cabbage; tj0
?* "brach soppe." powdered beef, roast !
was born at aiKj boiled mutton, a venison pie in [
11, 18G"), and form of an egg and goose. Then they j
)f age when had cheesc. cut and uncut, and apples. '?
liam He:rv ^ut c'l?se of the feast was the |
,. .. . . 3 most curious thius: about it.
iistioguisned . , , . <> , ,
The tablecloth was removed, and on
eiested in tj)e tajj|e wel0 pUt a "towel the whole
> Mrs. Lucia, breadth of the table and half the
Parker en- length of it. a basin and ewer to wash,
btainii g his then a green carpet laid on. then one
as lar^e and CUI) of beer set 011 rbo cal*pet. then a
75 little lawn serviter plaited over the
e agt, o. corner of the table and a glass of hot
antile estab- vvater set down also on the table; then
:y ai:d con- he there three boys to say grace, the
;ars. first the thanksgiving, the second the
niversity of I'ater Foster, the tiuru prayer ior a
the \ B b'essin" ?f Ood's c-hurcb. The good
? ' ' man of the house, his parents, kinfolk
iigh honors. nn(j t^0 whoie company then do drink
rse ?i d was i,ot waters, so at supper, then to bed."
r. For a
removed to
)n the pr.ic- Some Advice to Those Who Yearn to
Woo the Soil.
ferent times "How him ! make a start?" ask men
I who have grown tired of uncongenial
forsook the po*,tlons- ,,
Certain tilings seem clear. hirst.
o enter the {j)e individual must decide for himself ,
ning charge jnst which line of work he prefers, and
Tg company then he should secure a good knowl- \
iterested edge of the theory of it. The next
also. He thin? is to develop a knowledge of the
of the Mon-1 ,,ractice Tlu* vvorlc- an<1 afoont the j I
only wav to do so is actually tu work 1
awhile at it. Don't be too badly a
cnaihufactur- aiarme(j in tjjjs (]n v ti)e farming busie
was very nesses are crying for labor, and the
tding cotton workers are paid well for their servi
and after- lees.
later time ^e.xt, he ought never to buy a place
cult task of "unseen-" should look over the j
prospective farm, consider location, f ,
group o. cijma(e markets and labor condiColumbia.
fjons jn short. he must be prepared
Is was not to handle a farm business like any oth
ucceeded in er business. He must be prepared for
j hard physical and keen mental work. ?
, I If he is capable of these, especially q
e in we ^ ja(ter. he need not be afraid to J
I venture into a farming proposition, for j O
?er. j it will repay his efforts. But If he , y
effected the t ability let him stay fight j
^ ! where he is. ,
cer Cotton i ... , '
i .Never let him attempt to show the j ?
c lat time ?a,jVON j,ow f(> farm. for without good Sj
subsidiary i^sine^s management behind it he will
following find fanning about the hardest work
}reer, Mon- wirh the poorest pay on earth.?Justus O
pital Citv* ' Miller in Countryside Magazine. j
land. Later J ?(
n the Wal- ^ne Way to Get Fame.
lip at rhp?s-! Walt|,r v;ls " ^tiling of a wag. i o
I One day his father said to him: 1
arnden a^d j --see here, my son. Von must begin '
were taken j t0 think of the future. What are you j
s from thi- going to do t<> gain fame and fortune i
lis corpora-1 when you grow upV"
I "!': ! goin;j: to make toothpicks." an i ..
i suered the boy. j
presiaenc;. j "(joins? to make toothpicks: I uon t , yy
Is company understand how you'll ever become fa I
rned to the ! nious." i
le. At. first "Why. father, it will be easy enough, j yj
r <10 formed * manufacture millions upon millions !
I a i; I d i n ?* them, and on each I'll stamp my I Ul
1 name. The toothpicks will be in every- j
seo\eml he i>0dy's mouth, of course, and so will j
ear ago ho niv name. And if my name is in every '
. Fi "ney of one's mouth I shall be famous enough." j
y. The op- "Well, well." said the astonished gen- ,
for a time lieman. "I think I would do well to let j
that bt-v alone."?.St. Louis Globe-Dem- ;
trie disease * ;
ocrat. i
nicer howI
, could not
jua Season Tic
laugurate this Chautauqua this year, the 1<
season tickets.
^ These tickets
less than 53.00. " sold while th
nissions to the respective at $2.50 each
s official programs.
nnn_tran<5ferab!e exceDt within the owner
iber of the family must be wiitten in ink up
>visiou is made primarily as a protection to I
jld be lost.
admit children aged six to fourteen years
:ted to the children's work free.
* * * * ?
in Newberry April 27tl
Xewberry Conference. ] egate froi
The regular Spring meeting of the ' ; *ne serv*
jwberr}" conference of South Car- ^an{^* *^?
- - - ? - i i .-?n ^
ina Syi'od will be held at Mt. oirvet i 1 vurch,
Rev. J. B. Harman, pastor,' business.
>ril -o-30, V 0. Tha program fol- Country
ivs: j Riser, B.
. , - i i St. Paul's
t n ?> a m.. '!:,vo lonal exercis.
. i portionme
; . :mal < polling c: Conference; en-'
lling delegates; business. 11 a. m.,' ^kould
ferential sermon by Rev. E. iW. ^ethod cslie,
president of Ccnfernce, follow-: T-)priiC^ a
tt i ' ,v, v- and deleg
by Holy ( ommun:on. .Noon re.:S
1 Sunday.
1 p. in., devotional exercises; ! ^res?os
siness. Topic (1?. ''Personal Evan-j er?>
lism."?Rev. S. 0. Balle; tine and sor
vo^ro* t
legate from Cburch of the Redeem-1
Topic '-). "Assurance of Person-! ^na ^n0
Salvntmn "?Revs S P Korm Z.
edenbaugh and delegate from Lit- ?
fountain. 1 ? H j
Saturday^ 10 a. m., devotional ex- l\ W I
L-ises; business. Topic (3), "Chris- j Will Cil
i.i, Stewardship,"?Rev. E. Fulen-1 ral^ia,
I *
der and delegate from Grace V>rains,
urch. Topic (4;>,?"The Lutheran
ea of the Uevlopment of the Chrisin
Life,"?Rev. J. J. Long and delWE
Liv - Ver
To cleanse the system of poi:
To restore healthy action oi
Liver and Kidne;
To assist in relieving constipatic
tude of ills the human fami
If you are not entirely satisfied 1
we will cheerfully refund ;
In the Spring your svstem needs el
as your house or premises. Ther
will beat LIV-VER-LAX in toninj
and in keeping you hardy and ha
Gilder & V
A Card to O
of Rural Teleplu
We are anxious to tee that a
ther parties and connected with
ondition as to furnish efficient se
wners of rural lines are responsit
re want to co-operate with them.
All lines require a thorough
ionally if the best service is to
scommend that every line con
verhauled at least once a year, ar
xperienced telephone man assist i
ost of this work when divided an
f the line, makes the amount j
nail, and this cost will be more
proved service.
If the owners of rural telephoi
on are experiencing trouble with
ill appreciate their talking the mi
ianager or writing us fully. V
hat we can toward helping you
ition of your line.
:kets K- j i
ocal com
1 i
will be
ey last
: j I
s family. X
>on every J
the owner <
inclusive. T
ii to May 4th. -J
n Bethlehem. 11 a. m., dice,
sermon by Rev. L. P. Bo- ^
on recess.
in., devotional exercises;
Topic (5), "Problems of the
Church."?Revs. Y. von A.
W. Cronk and delegate from
?. Topic (6),?"Synod's Apmt?Its
Importance; When ^
be Raised and the best
if Raising Jt,"'?Prof. S. J.
nd President P. E. Monroe
ate from Pomaria.
10 a. m., Sunday school ad*
Revs. ,T. J. Long. A. -T. Bowand
E. W\ Leslie. 11 a m.,
vices, sermoi by Rev. P. E.
(resident of the 'South Carod.
Y. von 'A. Riser. Secretary. ^
re Rheumatism, Nculeadaches.,
Cramps, CoI;c
Bruises, Curs, Burns. Old
T*-ij. ? r> ^ w; ?
ietier, v.
:c. Ar^iSJ'p'ic U^r
sonous toxins.
' the howeis.
in and the multiply
is he r to. >
vith the results,
your money.
teansing the same *
e is nothing that
g up your system,
3ne Lines
11 lines owned by
us are kept in such
rvice. Where the
>le for their upkeep,
overeauling occabe
obtained. We *
nected with us be
1 , t *
ia tnat at least one
in this work. The
long all the patrons M
>aid by each man I
than offset by the ?
le lines in this sectheir
service, we
itter over with our
ie will gladly do
improve the conione
any villij?

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