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A >-MU M Dlt.N I S. !
. wiOaM
For Congress :ird rii t.
L I am a candidate for Congress from j ^ ^
L the Third Congressional District. subject
to the rules of the Democratic lende
primary. rules
A. H. Dagnall.
I h<
t Viorahv onnniincc mvseJ a candi- o
I UV.1 V KJJ ~ . _
date for solicitor of the eighth circuit k(iuc:
composed o*. the counties of Green- re?uwood,
Abbeville, Laurens and New- 1 see
berry and will abide the rules of the get 0
Democratic primary election. :nt0
Homer S. Bl&okwell.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of Solicitor of the vlarc
Eighth Judicial circuit of South Caro- (
lina composed of the counties of Abbe- 'T'
fville, Greenwood, Laurens and New- for}l
berry, subject to the rules of the Dem- ( atl0'
. % . the r
-t ocratic primary. '
I B. V. unapmau.
I hereby announce myself as a can- I h
didate for solicitor of the 8th Judicial urer
District, composed of Abbeville, Lau- the r
rens, Newberry and Greenwood counties,
subject to the rules of the Demo- I ]
cratic primary. j date
Geo. T. iMaglll. j coun
I hereby announce myself a candi- the r
date for the office of solicitor of the ocrat
8th judicial circuit and will abide the
rules of the Democratic party. I '
T. Frank McCord. date
* ?AXAnlaKraB
For House 01 Atpi tTSCUiau ? vo. .
I am a candidate for the House of
Representatives, subject to the rules
of the Democratic party. ^
H. H. Evan*.
For Clerk of Conrt. *
I hereby announce mveelf a candidate
for re-election to the office of anc^
elerk of court for Newberry county, cratl
subject to the rules of the democratic
primary. ^ ^
m Jno. C. Goggans. didai
For Probate Juds^. ocra
W. F. Ewart is announced as a
candidate for probaie judge for the
unexpired term of C. C. Schumpert
and will abide the rules of the Demo- * '
cratic party.
For SuperTisor. ru'e!
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for supervisor for Newberry
county, subject to the Democratic pri- c^a
rcary. subj
Henry M. Boozer. "rat
1 hereby announce myself as a candidate
for re-election to the office of 1
supervisor for Newberry county and
will abide by tie rules and regulations v:e^'
of the Democratic primary election. *
For Sheriff.
I am a candidate for reelection to i
tne office of sheriff of Newberry dace
county, subject to the rules of th* ben
Democratic party. and
Cannon G. Blease. nan
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the off:re o- sheriff of New- I
berry county and will ab:de the rules datf
of the Democratic primary. >y.y prom- Mas
is* is to do in the future as I have in j the
the past when I served you?to per
The Parish Plaj
11 ;
b f ? m i
I JPl? *|
r F rJBHf - *"'
I F r
BSk :,:v v:
IF 7
Photographs hy Moffeit, Chicago.
T1IK Parish !Mayor*. The value of
ment and Chautauqua lecturer ?>i
a brief sketch the "Lady Teazle'
The first play will be a stirrii
As to the personnel. Harold lieaton. 1
brilliant youni: actress of great personal
?nd the Koyd-Nolan Players. Miss Douhlt
' Karl Russell, comedian and character
? Mr. Fritz Schlemmer is the fourth iin
The staging for the Parish Players, f<
lighting effects are from the eelel
y : *y - 1 ill:- U'.'-.i Conseicil- '
v. 1 annou!K<
M M. Huford. ' roeioc-ti'in to
v>-; 11 ill
Supcrmtmdnit of Education. ,
lereby announce myself a candifor
the office of county superin- j y5,.n.])V .
A,!nAnl!Aii on/-? will Shiflp thp i _ 4|. .
Ill ui cu-uau - ? a;H(, Ior uie
of the democratic party. berry counl,
Elbert H. Anil. result of the
le Voters of Newberry County: tj
ereby announce my candidacy for
ffice of County Superintendent of
ation, subject to the rules and ^
ations of the Democratic primary.
k the office "not for what I can * announc
ut o'. it but for what 1 can put! ^ie ?^ice ?*
? ' ; and will abi
o^rntie nart>
Respectfully yours, 1
Clemson M. Wilson.
h 7. 1916. University of South
'arolina. Columbia. S. C. F0R M'AGI:
S. Wheeler is hereby announced
le office of superintendent of edu-.; 1 announc
n of Newberry county, subject to ttie ortice of
ules of the Democratic party. j *N,os* 1 anc* }
and regulati
For Count j Treasurer. j party.
lereby announce myself Tor treas- j
of Newberry county, subject to ; For Slai
ules of the Democratic party. j I am a ca
Jas. F. Epting. j the office of
hereby announce myselff a eandi- j 8 townships
for re-election to the office of j of the Dem
ty treasurer and will abide by j
ules and regulations of the Dem- |
:ic primary. For
JOHN L. EPPS. I am a ca
hereby announce my?elf a candi- No. 6 towr
.for the office of County Treasurer, rules and 1
jet to the rules of the Democratic cratic party
ary. I will appreciate your sup-!
Should I be elected, T will de-,
the best efforts of my life to the !
i I am a c
targe of the duties of the office. I . .
I magistrate
WILLIAM1 E. PELHAM, Sr. j ... .
! will abide tl
hereby announce myself a candi- .
, party.
for the office of county treasurer
will abide the rules of the DemoI
am a c:
c primary election. j
K ; the rff:ce <
E. M .Lane. : , , .
j township ai
irreby announce myself as a can-1 tl]e j)emoc.,.
te for the office o' County iTreas,
subject to the rules of the Dem
tic primary. por
Claude C. Schumpert. I am a c
hereby announce mysei' as a cau-, f artv
te for the office of Auditor for i
berrv county and will abide bv the * , ,
\ _ ... I hereby
5 of the Democratic primary.
T A T> A * v> didate for n
J. M-oody Bedenbaugh.
j ship and w
hereby announce myself as a can- ^
f , A 4 . Democratic
te for the ofric? of County Auditor,
ect to the rules o>" the Demo
ic primary. ; For
J. B. Halfacre. -Joseph ]
hereby announce myself as a can-; nounced as
te for the position of auditor for ; for magistr
berry county, subject to the rules will abide t
he Democratic party. ' party.
W. K. tteiU. I
didate for
For Master. Xo- 3- S1!
hereby announce myself a candi- ^ernocratic
: for the office or master of New
y county and ^"ill abide the rules | p0]
regulations of the Democratic j I am a c
j Xo. 7 tow
James D. Quattlebaum. | rules of th
hereby announce myself a candi-!
i for reelection to the office of j I am a (
,ter of Newberry county, subject to No. 7. to^
rules of the Democratic party. ; rules of th
H. H. Rikard.
rers, Who Are Coi
Ilii- drama, rightly dilvrtod. in <-omnu nitv life
ti matters porta in ins i<? the drama, will ^i\c a !
scene I'loin ilie <?!d classic, "Tin* Srii<.(.| j-y..- s<-;
- '"i-iirt y,Ul(,
;i? and timely drama .i-> h-i ....
Heretofore referred to. will j?I;iy an irnj ortanf rol
charm and viva-'ity who has appeared in scvoi
.'day is an experienced player as wt?l 1 as a stndc
impersonator, has been successful as ihc sult;u
niber of the cast. In addition to bis work .-is ai
:>r example, was created especially for them by
bra ted Klcrly Studios. New York, the same inasi
iVr ( cr^ncr. 2.Ml! >{ A!?0l I S1%f
m/aelf a candidate for I . >. V3IIH LAM K
t*ic* oi'fice of coroner and
e riiles of the Democratic The following statemei
i A esiminster, Aid., paper i
F. M. Lindsay. t..e American Ambulance ;
mnounce myself a eandi- be of interest to some of i
office of coroner of New- , It will be remembered tha
) and will abide by the Seabrook of Atlanta pass
Democratic primary e!ec- Newboiry a tew days a
| good 'bye to his mother w
G. H. RUFF. ' iting ii. Newberry. He w
I a... T"? ,-y 4^ cor.
! I.) f I iKIl.l; lu JUiil lllb
r Commissioner. ^*e son ?* ^ie ^ev- ^
, - who was pastor of the
e mvself a candidate for H
. ~ . . Lutheran church for sevn
l County Commissioner
, +u i Mr :\V. B. Seabrook duri
de the rules of tne Demgraduated
at Newberry C
. T ? i has been engaged in new<
to. J. Ciomer. i
and co' duct'ng an advert:
NOS 1 \\'D 8 ^ Atlanta for several jeai
TOWNSHIPS tllat time tramPe(i through
e myself a candidate for |,vrote for se eral Ameri
magistrate for Townships ! amon? tliem TI,e HeraUI
i and will abide the rules \ following is the a,
ons of the Democratic! "rhe American Amb">
; tal in France was endo
Charles W P. aelas. i alter tho beginning of
rlRbUc, Aos. I and 8. j American millionaires ?
to I thropists. It has won hi
magistrate tor Xos. 1 and i '"endation fom both the
and will abide the rules , American government.
ocratic party. last twe:ve men wh0 "na
pointed in recent month
L. M. Player.
lance anvers tnere are j
Magistrate .No. 6. Harvard, Yale. Princeton
ndidate for magistrate for ar*d other American Uni>.
LShip and will iibiVe tlie I amen- them are Rhode
regulations ?>:' the Demo- Several of them have woi
military cross of the Leg
J. Henry Dorroh. or- 'Ihey are all men,
????? the same spirit of mimar
Magistrate, }fo? 10. prompted Mr, Seabrook
andidate for reelection as appointment. It is not a
for No. 11 township and j0^ for any of then
le rules of the Democratic Seabrook all pay their o
; expenses to and from th<
P. B. Ellesor. j America, to Paris and r
indidate for reelection for jn fhe service, no o?:e co:
Df magistrate for No. 10 the ambulance gets anytt
id will abide the rules of expenses, from scrub wo:
atic party. 1 surgeon. In a letter tc
J. A. Kinard. i Mr. Seabrook says "I fe
: French are fighting not
Magistrate Jio. 11> ; themselves but for liu
andidate for reelection as ivi$zation. Ever sinct
for No. .11 township and started I have felt that
he rules of the Democratic tn fj0 mv part, and I am
help as best I can." 3
H. H. Ruff, j further writes "Service i
announce myself a can- }can Ambulance is one
magistrate :or No. 11 town- purposes for which the 1
ill abide the rules of the of Citizenship willinglj
primary. j war-time passport, givii
Andrew G. Wicker. i right to zo anywhere a
~ T" 7 7. : mv own country when I
Magistrate >o. 3. I *
I. Adams is hereby an- Mr* Seabrook spent
a candidate for reelection with Ws father and ?ra
ate of No. 3 township and Tuesday evenin- en r0
he rules of the Democratic
announce myself as a can- NOTICE OF FINAL SI
Magistrate for Township \
? i
ibject to the lules of the I j wm a flnaj
primary. j t^e estate of J. W. Cool
W. D. Rutherford. |)ate Q0ur^ for Xewberr
r Magistrate So. 7. 'c- on Monda>' the 15th
andidate for magistrate of i 1*n6' at 10 o clock in
nship and will abide th*jand win immediately t
e Democratic party. ' for my discharge as Cue
W. P. Allen. estate
candidate for magistrate of J*
nship and will abide the j
e Democratic partv. |
J. J. Murran. | Subscribe to The Hen
ming Here Ch&utau<
?xvv?3r~*r ? a
i< 'o iif <??'si-riln>il ;i?:?I SI!ustrat0(1 on the third niuht of
in!rod U'-tun address oil this theme, upon which h<
w !ii? fi not only interests. 1 ?ut has a lesson. The "La
le. lie lias played w'nh many famous actors, ineludin.i
al repertoire companies and has won honors in lyric p:
rit of the drama.
i in ihe "Sultan of Sulu" as well as in other important
j actor, he is a master of lij^hiinic efleets and has leeog
Fritz Schlemmer and executed by the Dodcre & Castle I
ers of sta^re lijrhtinj; who produced the wonderful efTc
?vin: \<nin; or ji hv im; \\vijx<
hosimt \ l aii
Notice is hereby given that we the
110111 a undersigned Jury Commissioners tor
11 regard to
Xewberrv C onnty s. C., will at the
Service may
readers c* 11ie t'lerk of Court lor Xewt
Mr. \v. B. berry County at Xn:e O'Clock A. M.. | Cc
;ed through April L'lst, 1916, openly and publicly
go to say draw the names of Thirty-six (36)
ho was vis- men, who shall serve for one week ?
1 C
as en route as Petit Jurors at the Court of Com- )i
ice. He is mon Pleas, which will convene atj -r
LSeabrook I
Newberry ; sommmi
il years a/r.d
ng the time
College. He 'S ?
spaper work m ^
ising agency m ?&% ^
:s and before ^
h Frace and ^^1^^
can papers
and News.
aneT Hospi- lt'S a g??d time t0 P?{
wed shortly and see whether the Chin
the war by i jng. it has such a chronic
niiantMm- ken. With so many differe
French and price from $2 93 to $35.00,
out of the ? y0ur pocketbook.
ve been aps
as ambu- The assortment compr
sraduates^of Come to see me and be sal
, I/Uiuiiiuia,
ersities, and j Remember I give pict
s graduates.
1 the French
,rion of Honactuated
lity that has
to seek the
Mayes Book &
eir homes in
eturn. While The House of
nnected with
ling save his !
man to chief ;
?11 i?*JI mean?????a
? his father,,
el that the ????
. merely for
;e= quality se
going now to
-Ir. Seabrook fOF All All
n the AmerPreserve
your uph
r gTants a from hot, penetrating, ,cra
nd return^to damaging soakings when i
pleased." ( fr0m grease off your own ]
L"ornS! the garage man. Toucan
ui>: to New advantage, after two yeai
upholstering is in fine sha
manufacture new covering
settlement or ^ c
v in the Pro- j Just slip new covering ove
y County S.
day of May, WRITE FOJ
the forenoon
hereafter ask
""" | M. I. McA
A. Senin, ' j
G-uardian. RACINE
aid and News ;
qua Week In Three C
ilii> Chautauqua. Harold I Teat011. prominent in
is an authority. This is i<? he followed by three ??nt'-ai
<ly Teazle" scone will follow, then n romantic piay
; James K. llaekett. Miss Kern Hofoart I>oub!< (lav. an
mtomime and musical comedy. Having appeared in lea
characters in the plays from the "writing of (.eorge Ade
nized abilities as a painter, both of which ialents will
Studios. New York.
ets in the "Garden of Allah" aDd ''Kismet'' for the New
\ .*rry Court House May S !i. I9-?,
,d will co tinue for two weeks.
April 10th, 1918.
.1X0. L. EPFS,
jury Commissioners for Xewberry
>urt, S. C.
Plies Cured in O 10 14 ueys
tur druggist Mill refund mone-v if PAZO
NTMENT fails to cure any cut-t of It-hing.
!ud. Bleeding or Protrrdinii Ti>- ia 6 to K-j'vs
?e Srst application yiv?- fc.*se auc Xest- Vc.
;p into the China closet
aware needs replenish:
habit of gecting bront
patterns ranging in
we can surely satisises
several decorations.
ure show tickets.
Variety Store
1000 Things
? ?1
tomo biles
olstering and protect it
icking sun rays. From
it rains, cats and dogs,
hands, or the hands of
sell your car to better
rs service, because the
MC in your top. We
;s for tops for all cars,
r old bows.
k A i ni
Jne-rtct nays
. --mm y
lien wirli the "little t lira ire" moveft
play> I>y :hc l';tri>h !'layers; also ,
!asi:y. a ai:c ; :< comedy,
oihcv niciiilicr >: flit' ?*<n:ij>any. is a
din:: r>arr- with the Virirria Players
add to the efi'e-.-iivfuess oi' this proYork
Hippodrome. "

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