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The Movements of iKdny People, >'ew?
berrians. and Those Who Visit
Mr. H. H. Evans of Xewberrv was
.-i visitor in the city this mornkg.
Greenwood Journal.
Mrs. F. C. Sligh. of Newberry, is
t.::e guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs.
Tabor Hill.?Greenwood Journal.
!.r. I". R. Young of Newberry, spent
> inday in the city.?Clinton Chroni
Mr. and Mrs. E>. R. Walker spent
Inst week visiting in Newberry.?Sain
da Standard.
Mr. H. L. Kinard of Ninety Six is
pending a few days with his daughter,
Mrs. Frank C. Lomi.ack.
Mr. Humbert Aull of Anderson
-:>ent Sunday with his father. Col. E.
H. Aull.
Mrs. Cannon Blease returned from
Laurens on Sunday where she had
:?een with Mrs. Ryan Workman.
Miss Alice has gone to the
hospital in Columbia for an operation
:or appendicitis.
.Vis .fervie Morris, a student at
i -r r ? cr^'ege, is spending a few
rays at ::er home in Xewb :r:y.
Mr. J. A. Bradley of Opelika, Ala., is
spending a few days with his father.
yr. E. P. Bradley.
Misses Lottie Lee Halfaere and Ida
M?o Setzler of the Hunter-DeWalt
s:-hool, were in the city Saturday.
Mr. Eugene Blease spent Sunday in
Laurens on a visit to his daughter.
.Vrs. Ryan Workman, who has bee:
s>k but is now much improved.
'.Viss Yorna Summer. tc-ac'ii;:.^ at
- ;.vc:\ :: en. speiU i-;c v;ec? ec*I wltli
Mr. ar.tl Mrs. .!Shealy i:\ Wiisoa
street ; i *,> Q
Messrs .Iclin A. Boland, R. P. D.
;:;rier c:i ro::tc No. 1, of Little Moun:an
and .Joe Derrick motored to Newterry
Sunday afternoon.
.'Walter ichardson, Thaddeus Boin?et
and Willie Bowman of the St.
Pauls community motored to Newberry
Sunday night.
Mr. and iv>s. John K. Aull and
: ttle Julia Kate of Columbia, spent
Sunday in Newberry with Col. E. H.
Misses Ethel Russell and Nellie
Adams spent the week-end in Newberry
visiting relatives. ? Clinton
Mr. W. F. ;\\ right of Charlotte spent
Sunday with Mrs. Wright who is visiting
her parents. Dr. and Mrs. T.
"W. Smith.
Dr. I. E. Crimm, the eyesight specialist,
is in Newberry and will be
leased to have his frie ds call and
&.i who want the right glasses.
Misses Ruth and Aunie Boozer and
Arthur Boozer, of Xewberrv. visited
their grandmother. Mrs. U. C. Xicholsc-n
Sunday.?Saluda Standard.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Tarrant and litt)e
son, Marion, spe.it Sunday in the
city as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. S.
J. Kilgore.?Clinton Chronicle.
Misses Elberta Sease a.:d Annie Mae
Gentry, teachers in the Little Mountain
HIs-h school spent the week-end
with Miss 'Viayme S witter berg in
Miss Carolyn -Caldwell has been
named as sponsor for the James D.
Nance camp at the reunion at Rock
Hillt April 2.">-2T. Miss Lila Summer
iias been named maid of honor.
Hon. H. L. Scaife went to Newberry
last Friday where he acted as one
of the judges for the debate between
the literay societies of Newberry col
lege.?Cli .ton cnromcie.
3Jt. Geo, Wolcoti of Xt\v York, representing
the selling agents of the
Mollohon Manufacturing company,
>> n:t 1 "?t Friday in Newberry as the
guest of Resident Geo. W. Summer.
He visited all the mills here and
went away delighted and charmed
witk Newberry as every good and
sensible man does.
ht c \t T.?vin who has been con
iUl , XJ. - ...
ducting the sale for the Western
i*ales and Sal.age company of the
Ewrt-Perray Co. stock, and who has
made many friends i-.; Newberry left
on Sunday to open a sale at anoth r
point. We hope to see Mr. Levin
back in Newberry at some rime in
the future. He is on his job and
knows how to handle a sale.
/ .rvttiwiic nlanted riirlit along.
\ - V/11V v? ??'q j* ? ?- ? . _ w>Anu
no v Newberry has a suffnge
Dr. W. D. Senm, purchased a new
Xrord touring ear Saturday afternoon.
The Newberry banks will observe
Jood Friday bv closing.
Get you a season ticket l'or the
v'hautauqua while the tickets last.
Everybody in Newberry should
patronize the Chautauqua.
What little cotton that is bein'j; sold
is bringing 11 7-K.
Don't forget that sand and clay
make the best road in the world.
Repianting beans is the order < t*
he day.
A street fakir had a crowd around
* - - _ V
; him on the square in frO.it of C. L. ! NEWT'ERRI
Havird's store Saturday afternoon. ! TWO 01*
Beautiful moonlight nights -make !
springtime and summer romantic. There wer
J Give is more iight? moonlight. . tlie contest 1
Newberry played the Citadel tat-ion Friday ni
i ;
unlr.y afternoon and won by a score er. This m<
of 6 to o. : lose authorit
i H he Dutch weather prophet says! There wer
there will be no more frosts this from the Ne
' spri.g. 1 with the re
i l
Everyone who believes Villa is dead j berry, our y
please stand on your head until! the son of M
counted. j But he padi
The very best season of the year for lie comes bi
dragging the roads is in the spring, honor from
In other words, right now. i wear the be
The Democratic clubs will all .meet congratulate
on Saturday. Don't forget to send j From Littfl
the list of your delegates to The Her-j teachers and
j aid and News as soon as the club ad- and some ol
journs. j with their re
The Young Peoples l Lutheran) fed- j back to us '
eration will meet at St. Paul's church j a beautiful
o. the .">tli Sunday in April. There .^ratulate hit
will be dinner on the grounds. j Xewberry b<
i The Mission Study class with Mrs i boys. In the
A. J. Cowers, leader, will meet at the j day, "Go to i
Church of the Redeemer Friday aft- j I! here is n
' ernoon immediately alter the services, iry should b(
which will be held at 3 o'clock. J of her schco!
j rs. Pink Smith wio was operated
j ron ' the Columbia hospital a cou- I*'KK-(OLl
pie of weeks ago for appendicitis, has '
J sufficiently recovered to return to
I her home at Kinards. j Newberry
Mrs. M. M. Satterwhite returned to -nter-collegia
her home i>. Newberry Saturday aft-! W00(^ ^ ridj
i er remaining in Columbia during the Kinard. On
iiiness of her sister.-Mrs. Pink Smith P i*i<Iay Newt
of Kinards. ;v. ith Eiskinc
/ r. Iceland Summer through the 111 atlileti
real estate a-rencv of Mr. F Hunter
. . , . , . . . . f i.M-t i:\ OL
l:.?s oi?i his heme in east Mam stieet
t *
ro Mr. 11. L. Kinard of Ninety Six.
The residence will be occupied bv Mr.
, ,, ,, , r 11 Will V
i and .Mrs. Fra k ( . LommacK.
, , ,, , growing tin
.Make your dollars have more
., , * . of maniknd'
cents, appears on the sign above the
door of the Carol'na Cash company. "">t e*01
..., . r ,,i ' D. -\~ance a
'! his is a matter of good hard sense
, . . . passed away,
vov <-' cr!c! take care of your
Thev were
ofnts. '
T1 , . J O. P. Hari
inere nave been sevral purchasers
. +I , John W. R
ot new cars in Pomaria recently.
Georze I)
namely Dr. Z. T. i>inner. a Maxwell;
>oi. Hentz. Maxwell touring; F. A.
~ . ? . , ' ? : J. Bel ton V
Graliam, a Ford touring, and B B.
- " s 'W alter
Richardson, a Ford touring. Wilbur j*
Ri. <rer ord roadster. I ' (*
The Hunter-DeWalt school will
\ 1H1 >
close en the night of May 4 with ap-'
. , .. . i i^r. o. (x. Vi
propriate and interesting exercises ^ Gaill
.and on Fridav following there will be
: . , , George E.
a picnic din;:er on the grounds and
speeches bv Cole L. Blease C. C.! *
i George \\.
Wyche and Fred H Dominick. ;
Pulaski lod?e No. 20, I 0. 0. F.. ? , 0 n
* Frank S. E
will be represented in the Grand ini.
iy io,
lodge by Col. E.H . Aull and Jesse Y. _
.ro es. W. H. Hardeman goes as a Of a l ooun
Kor. t'tifl orpfld. fi lls rnmmittee. / h;vi? ??., A
j The Grand lodge meets in Greenville, respect for t
' May 10. hope of insl
\vwberry Machine shop will for the flag, ;
hereafter be knowni as the' Ford, Ser- ; crj?j, ^ time
! vice Shop with >r. Burton in charge, j nothin., i* of
| New cars .upon their arrival will be children, the
i assembled here and then carried to cC]100i have <
-ales and display rooms in the and during tl
.McCaughrin building. an elaborate
IT he Junior division of Central raising of I
Church will have an Easter egg hunt grounds.
at the heme of Mrs. R. D. (Wright on -
I Fridav afternoon at four o'clock. All SALE
1 members are asked to bring ten- cents "with beifei
| and invite one little friend. The eggs ' se>" cow> E
| will be contributed and the proceeds Pure D
j wi.'l go toward the missionary pledge. : weighing a
There was a small gasoline blaze 40 at
in front of oMwers gara'ge Saturday j *?\ beans.
night about 8 o'clock. Some gasoline : r,amhad
been spilled a:- the sidewalk and' move 10
, . 4 , i maria, S. C
a man passing along strucK a match!
to light a cigarette when the gas * "* *
ignited and burned for several min- ^^
utes around the gasoline tack. I
The b:g sale of the Ewart-Perry,
company stock, Abe Solomon, proprietor.
goes on for another ten days
at a great reduction in price over the j
first reduction. Opportunity is knock- j j
ing at your door a;:d if you fail to let. ^ ^
him in ycu will miss some rare bar- i m
9 * /1
Eugene Allen was found lying in a, M
boat o:: backwater near the old 'Mose !
Hipp place near Pomaria Saturday ' I
j about noon. He was not dead but was :
ibiill unconscious Sundav afternoon ;
t -.ir 4 rv>lor?k When found the boat; :
! was early filled with water and only j Vl; XJ$
i 1-iiu a 9Iuiva the water. Allen i ito
left his home Saturday morning to ; ^ jyj
go to the boat and it is supposed he ' s ^fv
had a congestive chill and lay down ' I ||i
in the boat where he was found about j ^ J|||
j five hours later. Allen is about 2:\ or j
'24 years of age. j ' msm?
vMi \V 'dnosd?.v, April 12 at 'hi! Jlillll
ihoire of the lode in Greenwood Miss j
j Eula Fay Wat sen a d Rev. W. A.j
1 Du"kwonh *wr?: married by the Rev j By
j W. I. Herbert and Rev. L. P. McGee.;
Rev. Duckworth has charge of the
j Broad river (Methodist) pastorate ??
and resides at Pomaria. The happy ,
j couple came down from Greenwood j
over the Southern road on train 15 j
j Wednesday night and were given a J " c ?
supper a-"d a hearty reception at the I
i home of Mr. J. L. Graham immediate- a
Iv upon their arrival.
2 Horses.
e forty high schools in 1 Indian motorcycle,
t'or the medal at Clinton 1 Overland Roadster,
ght for the best declaim- 2 One-horse wagons.
edal is provided by col- i Cotton seed planter,
ies at Clinton. 1 Hoosier combination
e none of the teachers l House and lot. cornei
wberry school who went Cornelia streets,
jpresentative from New- Apply to W. S. Langfc
oung friend, John Floyd, berry Coca Cola Ccttl
[r. and Mrs. L. W. Floyd. 3-14-tf.
lied his own canoe and
ick to us with the first j p\y CASH,
all the schools and will
autiful gold medal. We Hens, per pound, 12 ce
,, . . . . ,, Chickens 1 1-2 lbs or le
e Mountain several ot the
a number of the pupils Eggs> per dozenf 15 cen
' the citizens went along
iprese. tative and he come Roosters, j:er pound. 8
ivith the third iriace and (Saturday, April
gold medal. We con11
also. Good for the JAMES D. QUATTL1
3ys. we are with you.
i common parlance of the Prosperity, S. (
o doubt about it xewber- SPECIAL AOTiC
> proud of her boys and EASTEII grows steadily
Is and ol the teachers. among the gift seasons
l It is a time of joy and s
ihlilATE (ONI EST the gladness if the sea
GRKKN WOOD FRIDAY | ejepre?.on in the add
' of giving I lie Easter
will be represnted n the j as an j(,eal ex,)rcss.;on
to contest a; Green-. bram.e fron, to
?> "fel't by .Mi'. -las. C. j ,he fr,cn(I w,!() was 0i
account of it being Good; ,|>e cl,.,istnlas rush
ierry has changed places i ackn0,vledsenlent c
' a"d lvi!1 take 0 "art| favor.- Although it nu
c sports of that day. , ino,po sivc ? js donl
I) VFTS US im^0(>'Ke(* *or
^SEV.'EKKI) EAST EOIjJ lrtomI>h,P- ('- Jc?
<?.,federate battle line H GAK]lEX ,K].;1)_A r.lU
ner before the onslaught S(,C(, wrnipS- beets> ,
s mortal enemv. Since , ? ,
iv.ato. radish, squash, p
,'en old soldiers of .Tames
or a v others yon ma
imp 336 1" C. V., have , . , . ?. .
1 we haven t got it we w:
vou in verv short time.
1 nothing but the best a
ris, died May 20, 191.~> ..
you more tor your mon<
eagin died May 24. 191."?. ^ r,
? ' * us. Summer Bros. Co.
Lathrop, died June 24, ^
dicker, died June 20 1915. 0.ri, v
FOli SALL?200 Dushels n
Wessinger, died Oct. 16. ,4 ?
cotton seed at One Doll;
.. j ' el. J S. Dominick Cha
Abrams, died Dec. ol, i ?
t- ( - < L.
relch. died Jan. r>, 1916. r
1G1, Ai ?ENTION?If vou are
ard. died Ja* 2o, 191b. , , ,
.. , ? . -. t for watches, clock
Ha wins, died Feb. 12, ,
; s-lverware, etc.. I have
,. _ , ; '>f all leading lines and
Pearson, died Feb- la,!
i \o have the pleasure of
. . , .. . . - 3 on. Prices right sr.tisf
iedenbaugh, diea April o, , ^ ,
I an'eed. Holland 0. Fel
! er.
tries in the world school 2t.
.merica have been taught CAXE SEED-Pop corn
heir flag. So with the have the price Fee
ciiling respect and love ^ an(, sa,(e ma,e,
and knowing that at this pros
in the nation's affairs .
~ 1 l&L'E.
more importance to the
teachers of Speers Street MULE FOR SALE?AppI
obtained a beautiful flag Buford.
he first of May will have 4-11 -tf.
garden party for the
t on their beautiful NOTICE My Black Kentr
I now ready for service
j dence. 3 1-2 miles below
-One Jersey milk cow, Insurance fee. $12. Jo!
: calf, $55; 1 half Jer- 4-4-mltaw.
Lot milking now. $50; 1 1
furoc-Jersev made hos '-OI PON'S in Obelisk and
bout 200 lbs, $15; 30 or I plour are Tortl1 ^ood
$2.f,0; a few bushels of j tl,em in every saek and
The cows are a bar-] Pr* ' ^ and see a
lid not sell, but am to! automobiles down ?i
C Y. von A. Riser, Po- Every barreI flo,,r soId
, tee to give entire sat
money refunded. Don'
opportunity when in n<
? JESSE"-L'""!
William C. DeMille and Marion Fairfa:
On the Paramount Program.
retire ADr/mi
111111 n rirm?nriT""*"'^?' "" " 1?I I wBBOilM
but see us. Summer Bros. Co.
| MONEY TO LEND?Apply 10 Mow
j Bynum.
j 4-14-tf.
j WANTED?Clean, sound ai; d unmix
speckle and clay peas. Send sanij
Xance and f0r pric*-. Moseley Pres.. Prosp<
j ity, S. C.
>rd at N"evv- [ 4_^.j_tf
in? Co. ? ?SHIXOI.KS?Saps.
cypress, red c*
ars and metal shingles at rig
prices. Also galvanized and co
positio.: roofings. We want yc
nts orders. Summer Bros Co.
S3, 20c.
' FOR SALE?Brand now Ford Touri
LS- | car. See us for price, bumme
I Garage.
I 4~''tf
FOR SALE?Pure big boll Cievela
ebaum, cotton seed, per bushel, $1.00 a'
odder and lumber. J. a. Shea
3. j Newberry, R. f. D. 2, phone 5601>
9 - C*
o- i ~M
:fck. I
~ favor I PLANTERS and repairs, se
or' the year | l,s >'cur orders. Summer Eros. (
unshine and!
.son fii.ds fit I ???? ??????????
ed gladness! '- s!"1 "s n: :: "?
.. ^ i -'r ( . / y !?:.< irpassed thp
,-iUt 0171 t VC I
of remem-i 1 e vu: '~.y of their n.
f()r ! designs. Green gold will be poj
erlooked in ! Iar this season" We are a!s0 sho
. <rr.lf.e.; some delightfully pretty tlii
_ _4. t In ure^n c-iold and other novel a
I some pasi
iv l>e quite! tasteful finches. Let your jewel
>iv welcome! ueil as yollr ?new s?u'nken
of true i thoroughly in keeping with t
r ! season. It will be a pleasure
illS iv LO. ,
; show you our ?tock. P. C. Jeans
Co., Jewelers.
line of bulk 1-1s-lt.
r-abbage. to-1
eas, beans, j
y need. If
ill get it for ;
r* ?i IT^ & ^ a m. T <
We handle |h S |< i S\l
?d can give, I IIX JLl il^ll
?v, too. Try;
We are prepai
surance policies
iig boll King * r 11
ir per bush-j til6 lOllOWlllg
? ;
'tJeirv : Equitable Fire Ins. Co.
s catalogues | Pacific Fire Ins. Co.
wvim iiKe j Southern Stock Fire
o'.tor .g fori
action gu.v.*-j Ins. Go.
frcrs, Tewel- Southern Underwriters
Underwriters of Gr'nsb
and peas. These Companies ar
us for your and have a splendid rt
Summer dealings.
Your requests will hi
y to M. M.;
Qnonnfi? I Am on A In
uctuinj Luau aiiu IU
i W. A. McSWA
rcky Jack is {
at my resi- ??? ???i
Prosperity. ^
in S. Watts.
Table Talk
money, set
barrel. Get
rticles from I
ven away. I WB JBP W
we'?niaran-|| nil 1 m#'
is faction or j lul V
t 'pass this I |? I J?
-ed ?f "OTr in n /\
>KY !
i Tlia Mr tK
miles withou
motor. Ask
tion. Phone
I _____
eamnak^1 j wnmm
_ Opera House I
r,i TUESDAY 18th
jr- j Vim Comedy fl
- j Featuring Mollie King.
| 'j.Part World Film (Brady) I
>ur i
! (Orphan day; the gross receipts go
to them.)
n-*: 3-Part Essanay. J
r'<?; Featuring .John Junior, Jolin t'ossar
and Betty Brown a
? J
n : Yitagraph Comedy.
'b0 Featuring Hutrliie Mack and Kate t fl
! Price, William Shea and Flora Fioch.
20 j 3-Part Vitagraph
| Featuring Leah Baird, Lonise Beandet, 1
and Van Dyke Brooke.
ir- |
m ; LOVE and LATHER"
! Vim Coiuedy H
"j i
>u- ' -
w- ; OILS AND GREASES?We can save
ss ! yon money, no matter for wliao
n(^ i nwp r:iM suddIv von. We find A
ry,| " 1
; that many have paid r> and 10c a J
he1 gallon more than our prices. Yot: ?
to | will make money by seeing o.ir
&' samples and prices. Summer
i Bros. Co.
! 4-13-2t. ^
. '
red to write fire in_
i . r j
at short notice tor |
reliable STOCK
Assets Surplus
$ 388,131.00 $ 78.337. Oo
1,238,226.00 .326,179.00
424,538.00 103,042.00
392,231.00 61,324.00
?oro 234,897.00 62,181.00
e all licensed in this State,
jcord for prompt and fair
&ve prompt and careful ati
vestment Company, Agent
iN, Mgr. Ins. Dept
\ -
at made 22023
t stopping the
fnr rlpmnnctra. J
A V& MVlliVllOU IA 8 |
v rinirr
. ^ss

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