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* ? ? r ^ - } ?- -9- 'y ?' - * *
& f CONDUC::.i> li\
T. M. Mills. County Demonstration .-geni
A. VT . - W Af . .. W, .- 11
W \\ li.i.ir. \\ K>:.f liumt i-iv/ii'mn.
4 '?> <e> <$> <?> <?> <?> <$-<$><? ^ <S> <$<?> ? <?
Legumes. ii: dust
'Ike fertilizing value of legumes has ph-r ts
long been known by a few peop'e, t>ui ^kcs
only in recent years have the bulk of when
the people been taught tiieir value, txplic
Only a few years back some of our g:\en.
farmers looked upou bur clover as a can fu
pest and tried to destroy if, but now. ! mento
it is considered by most people as one j getlier
of the farmers's best friends. It is j
valuable, not only as a soil builder, j To
Hut 7i*no' pro-n <\Y!hen used i 1-??
alone for soil building purposes, itj.ore.
should be let alone till about the last ; 2?P
of May when the seed will be mature, jhct be
Then land can be planted to corn or J
some other crop, and in the fall there; fihe
will be plenty of clover come up to j club \
. insure good stands for another crop, i nounc<
Land o.:ce seeded to bur clover will at the
always be seeded if properly treated, day in
Re sure to let the seed mature before
plowing up the clover. It may cause Count:
you to wait a little longer than you W
wish^ but it will pay you in increased
fertility to wait. If you have a pTot rp|
of bur clover be sure to save all the i
seed you can. If you have not com- ; ,
menced growing it yet, by all means
e:et enough this sumer to sow yon a
A good way to get started is to get ?|1||
some seed and sow in your turnio |||
patch, just after sowing turnips for 9 :
fall and winter use.
This patch being rich and well pre- ?
pared, the clover will come up. and ||||1
grow among the turnips without do- j
ir~ them any appreciable damage, and |||||?:.after
the turnips have spent them- SB|i
selves in the spring the clover will ma- j
ture a good crop of seed.
T'/ere are other legumes just as val- M
uable as bur clover, some of which
are cromson clover, cow peas velvet :; ?
beans. The latter makes a very rank
growth of vines, which makes it val- j|H
liable as a soil builder and as a graz-1 j
ing crop. ?
If planted alone they should be i
planted in 4 foot rows, 20 to 24 wiches !
apart in drill. '
If planted with corn, a good FV" !
wound be to plant corn in 6 foot rows
and plant a row of beads'between Che ^
corn rows. 1 j ^
! W he
Improve vour pastures with ber-1 ,
, elect oi
muda or carpet grass this spring. Now
is a good time to put out benmuda, and- ^
I twentv
don't forget to start some 'bur clover
T-Avr naoturo this fall Raise more
live stock and raise them cheaper by je, *
filed a
providing them with grazing all the . ^,
of Edi
year round. !
1 aild re
Harrow and ?eeder.
in said
Xow is the time to be busy with harof
row a d weeder, before the crop
of two
comes up. Don t be afraid you will
the ta
kill too'many young plants. The har- ,
row or weeder wail pulverize the surface.
make a dust mulch and conserve
moisture so essential in the germlna- c?mpo
tion of the seed, and will also destroy oation
? -n?^? +v,~ South
tiie wee:is ana grass, anuwruig luc
young plant to come up on a clean ^?ard
seed bed. It is the early grass that 'School
causes most trouble. Kill it while it tion ?
as young. an ad<
mills 1
Spray apples and peachtrees with locate;
powdered arsenate of lead, 1 pound to which
r>0 gallons of water. Xow is the time St
to make first application. ! School
| 5. 191
For Sale. ; polls ?
Pure Essex pigs, Pomaria. Box 14. closed
ITwenty to 30 pigs, near Pomaria. ! ij.he
Four milk cows. Newberry, phone tees oi
"3002. as nia
Ten to l-r> bushels cow peas. Will such e
deliver to Newberry at $1 per bushel. IJistric
One large Jersey cow, $r>0. Phone Pr0Per
214, Newberry, or address R. F. D. ^."kibit t
fcox 81. !tion c*
eral (
Wanted. 1 NOeSeveral
settings of turkey eggs. iSUfh T<
Wanted, the farmers to "know that :
j .. . ^ . thereo
they can order their fruit trees, coop -1
erati\ely and save agent's profits. Tr sur iX >
vou need trees see me and let me "help
.... , . ;thereo
you select varieties and get you prices.
You can order your own trees just as Give
well as the agent can. this, t.1
T. M. MILLS. ' Co-unt:
County Agent. he
Xow is the time to plant pimento'
seed. Prepare a box or hot bed as for
tomatoes or peppers. When plants are j
three or four inches high transplant i
to garden, being careful not to have :^UreS ^
i Thewoi
pepper near, as pimentoes will becomc ; p.re cur
i F'crter^
hot WCiv not make this a profitable v - an
| Ker
' Prosperity, S. C. ?- Wife Cured h]
f Prosperity, S. C *' > Pinkham's V
, . . ' : Compou
> ' & * " ** ' V v <v <y r v
! Des Moines, Iowa.?
ry in this country? Seed or I was very sick and m)
may be secured at reasonable r-t, ,11 ?spe
. Make your wants known. Then
the canning season coSies on j nev
it directions and help will be 'j|fpp?s 1?>
The ladies of Newberry county |q* j w
rnish the county with canned pi- j flip* J ^*ea
es if they will cooperate to- | ' ? ^
make seed germinate quicker, ble
loak in sweet milk the might be- ??? it :
to get better and am
... 4 \ ? stout and able to do my
'cur boihn.g water over box 01 J
. . j 1 can recommend the
d imediately alter sowing. 'pound to any woman
??? I run down as a wonder j
St. Lakes Home Demonstration health restorer. My
vill not meet Saturday as an- would have been
3d. The next meeting will bo lt had ^en i(?
, t , Compound. ?Mrs. Bl
school house the secoid batur- S0N^ ^93 Lyon St., Des
May. i Before submitting to
Willie Mae Wise, j tion it is wise to try 1
v- Agent Home Demonstration female system and cn
' ments with Lydia E. I
| table Compound ; it 1:
I tnAr?QT\ frnm en rrri no 1 n
I VTU111^X1 XiV/XA* v
JI7 A D P A r^C1! Write to the Lydii
*p |Ti ./^Kx^/mLy?L Medicine Co., Lyn
. ,y advice?it will be cc
^ ! 4>
i hornv -'nto bar soar).
1LANCHE SWEET | ble in borax soap ch
When vou use "20 M
TV !
Scap Chips' this weel
THE BLACK-LIST" wash and various othe
a ri 4. -n- ! the house, vou mav be
A Paramount Picture
thi" k of ever having ti
; without it!
1/8J A1H1 I
1 W HE
No doubt yc
you surier from c
numerous ailir
which an womei
ject. Headach
of South Carolina, petitioning j <?? sidearte^
questing that an election be held ! are some of th
[ School District on the question j toms, and you
-J... , . , . VUUJSCU U1
ying an additional special tax 11 jeej wej^ j
(2) mills to be collected on all I R of women, wh
xable property within the said been benefited
i|| remedy, urge yo
. therefore, we the undersigned, j H
sing the County Board of Edu-1 aM /A
for Xewberry County. State of , wA ?
Carolina, do hereby order the | ^3 I Jk
of Trustees of the St. Pauls; J
District Xo. 34. to hold an elec- I | ^
i the said question of levying i H Thft U/nmQn'<
iitional special tax of two (2) I WUllIall <
to be collected on the property | Mrs. Sylvani<
1 in the said School District. I I of Clifton Mills, 1
said election shall be held at j I ''Before taking
n , ? , , tt , I I was-at times?'
. Pauls School House, m said : f could hardiy v
District, Xo. 34. on Friday. May I rg the pain in my ,
6. at which said election the' S; j hea(j nearly k
;liall he opened at 7 a. m., and After taking thre
at 4 p. m. If ofCardui, the p
members of the Board of Trus- jf I appeared. Nov
[ said School District shall act II well as I ever die
.. , .. . , IB suffering woma
nagers ot said election. Only Bg Cardui." G
lectors as reside in said School I B jotjay
t and return real or personal I
ty for taxation, ana who ex.heir
tax receipts and registraertiticates
as required im genSections,
shall be allowed to THAX^ Vi
Electors favoring the levy ol JIA^E
ix shall cast a ballot containing Surgeons state mei
ord "yes'' written or printed lllore subject t? appen
n and each elector in nosed to mPn- Newberry poop
e\v shall cnst a ballot contain-! a feVk ^oses ?* S1
e; word "no" written or printed j bark, glycerine, etc., t
n i ler-i-ka, often relieve
penaicltis This mis
in under our hands and seals . ? ,
such surprisi g foul v.
!ie 13t.h dav of April, 1916.
* , . , .. i?POOXFi;L reieves
Hoard of Education for Newi
CASTS constipation s
rrv C ountv S. C : ,
Uas. The IXStPAXT,
S .1 DERRICK. I Adlcr-i-ka i. surpns
J. S. WHEELER. j WoCk?
?? Only One "BROM'
l!d Seres, Qt'ner Remedies Won'?
st cases, no matter of how lonp stru.umj
ed by fhe wonderful, oh! r</ii::hh
; Antiseptic U-ru--^ c
diiea'.snMh- Subscribe to The H<
i HJ1E0T3 *****
ATI N j | i ^g ranVas C<
! ^
f Lydia e. i | 'Inspiration
egetabb j ' "1
1 A ?
iiiu I
\ X To any citizen of an up
" Four years ago ; You owe it to your gio
r life was nearly ; ?. You owe it to your ^
nt. The doctors home
ted that I would + You owe it to yourself
er get we w it. - , ^ horizon which come from at
ould not live one ! t Season tlckets are nov
r. My husband bought after the committee:
1 e c t e d to any J
ration and got ^
'.} iaE. . ?7
"ham's \ egeta- ^tiaUtaUQUa W
Compound. I took ! *
and commenced : ~ :
i now well, am
Vegetabfe com! I ATLANTA COMES OUT
husband says I ;
y grave ere this i "
your Vegetable SEA EN -1 LAIM)LD OtfrHIAL
iANCHE Jeffeh- f FILLED ?1TH tiltAilTl'DE.
Moines, Iowa, i
a surgical opera- | J{ (> 0 M 3I F j, s T A > L _
to build up the
ire its derange- j , 7
5inkham's Yege- Declares He i-eels it His Duty
las saved many ! Praise Medicine Which Helped
perations. I Him So Jlocli.
a E. Pinkliam i
n, Mass., for j "Tanlac lias certainly helped me ;
>nfidential. \ j recommended it to others t'orw ha
<S> <S> <S> <S> ?> <S> ! has dc :e i!1 my case'" sr:d Hon- C^'Mangum,
sheriff of Fulton county
SOIIAX & j Atlanta, Ga.
; Sheriff Ma;gum needs no introd
<?> <$> <?> <$> j tion to the people of this section,
i lazy mule. It he is nqestionably not only one of
. takes a lot of best known but one of the most pc
tion! | Jar officials in the State of Geor
driver for soap. He is also known to be, by everyon
the scruff of the kind, genial gentleman of the
on here and get , school and has a reputation of be
! the biggest hearted man in public
)w the value of today. His friends are legion?
working in con- _ extreme popularity as a man
! as a public official is further attes
stubborn and it1 by the fact that he is now serving
;n there is one- j third term as sheriff of Fulton cou.
-parts soap. It | p0r some years he was a railroad
this quantity of I fiscial, but has been in public life si
It is only possi-12907. He served in the Cocfedei
ips. J army from 1862 to 1865 in the F
!ule Team Borat; Georgia Regiment, and later in
v for the family ; Fifth Georgia.
r cleaning about "Yes." continued the sheriff, "y
a little vexed to medicine has done me lots of good ;
"ied to get along \ have personally recommended it
a great ma y people. I know of
least 15 or 20 families who h
paHHIfii 11.ought it on my say so.
"I am seventy years old and h
most always been pretty strong j
I healthy until here lately. I have b
[PHI ? I in a nervous, worn out, run dowm c
.. I dition. My stomach was upset m
iu are. if I
my of the I the time and 1 digested my r<
lents to A poorly. Most always after eating
laresub- 1 would 'have a full, uncomfortable f<
e, back- ^
nervous- aL ing that would last for several hoi
i feeling, "After taking the second bottle
ie sympmust
rid Tanlac the full:.ess and all the (
in order fll agreeable symptoms disappeared ?
1 9 mv condition is now that of a v
o nave
by this I g -man. 1 now eat heartily without <
0 IB had after effects and 1 sleep well
_ ? II "Tanlac seems to be just wha
I __ J needed to put my system Ln shape <
ii has toned me right up. Under
P^j circumstances ! think it perfectly :
S VB I rB tural tor me to sa>" a ?ood word
T H S it and recommend it to my friends.
? 101)16 II Commenting on the above sta
l Woods, 1 9 ment, IT. W. Grayton. State agent
!<y., says: El South Carolina, said: "It is rar
3ardui, I I indeed, that men of prominence, es
so weak I || cially men holding high public off
t'alk, and Sf--n as tliat held bv Sheriff Mangi
back and 2^ , ...
rnliintnrilv their aDDTeciat
illed me. UT ? ?
*e bottles ^ ?*' 10 benefits received from a me
ains dis- fiB c:ne- Thousands of such convinc
/Ifeel as |l endorsements, however, have come
1. Every I B Tan lac.
Jl Should s f? "Among the large number of men
eta bottle II j public life in the South who have
c,~?? IB cently given Tanlac their umqualil
^ endorsement for the specific aid
|^lligilll|ZA^| them are Hon. McKenzie Moss. Ju<
of the Eighth Kentucky Judicial I
0.1IEX trict; Hon. Moses R. Glenn. Kentu<
APPENDICITIS State superintendent of printing; Jc
.1 are slightly j B. Gaines, editor and publisher of
dicitis th'an wo- Bowling Green Daily News; George
!e should know Hinton, former secretary of the W
mplo buckthorn ren county Equity league: Presid
is mi/ed in Ad- Pegg. of Newoprt Business Colle
or prevent ap- and others."
:ture removes Tanlac, the master fmedici* e, is s
natter that OXtt exclusively by Gilder and We*
almost lAXY Newberry; Prosperity Drug Co.. Pr
our stomach or pority; Little Mountain Druu Co., i
easy action of tie Mountain; Dr. :\Y. (). Hollow
ing. Gilder and C'nappells; Whitmire Pharmacy, W1
mire; !>. .1. Livingston, Silverstr
? Price $1 per bottle straight.? Ad\
r.l-k'-rr^v.ix^o Guiniae That Does Not Affect The F
Because cf its tonic and iaxntive effect, J,A
i '\*i. '^i o\lO Of'iN^NISis betterthf>.i orriii
-Tit.-- T'rrvt.usnt*;?ralri
and News.
allege" "The University
, Recreation and Popular
he Redpath Chautauqu;
to date community :
wing boy and g?rl to give them a Chautauqua
vite to give her a Chautauqua vacation fror
to get the recreation, the entertainment, the
tending a Redpath Chautauqua.
U inuyun IJ vvriiiiu
oil sale by the local committee at one half d
s supply is exhausted.
eek in Newberry April 2
ST ? i
u* Thousands upon thousands of wo-i
men have kidney and bladder trouble j Be
1> and never suspect it. i go
Women's ccmplakts often prove to i St8
be nothing else but kidney trouble, or j me
^ ^ the result of kidney or bladder dis- wii
* ease. ]
4fx . .. -
lu If the kidneys are not in a healtfty No
condition, they may cause the other
organs to become diseased. I th<
Vou may suffer a great deal with! an
an(i pa'- in the back, headache, loss of am- acl
'L bition. nervousness and may be de-1
^ spondent and irritable. Ki(
of Don't delay starting treatment. Dr. mi
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a , physician's j
[u ~ p??r,f-r!ption, obtained at any drug
n c I
s: re. restores hea'th to the kidneys
a 1 is just the remedv needed to o-ver- j (
cc.Mie such conditions. sa;
? * Get a fifty cent or one dollar bottle i>r<
it ^diptely from any drug store.
However, if you wish first to test
' this great preparation send ten cents
Hfp : . i
' to Dr. Kilmer & Co. P.lnghainpton. X. i _
' FC
Y., for a sample bottle. When writ- ;
an^ ins be sure and mention The Herald
Jted , ? !
and News.
his ^
nty- GARDEN SEED?A full line of bulk
?^~ seed, turnips, beets, cabbage, to
A'* ^/inocVi c
Ilimu, rauiail, oquaoii, ?? . ( j
a^e or any others you may need. If I
irst we haven't got it we will get it for,
the v0l] jn verv ghort time. We handle ! , ?
i 4-1
| nothing but the foest and can give (
our you more for your money, too. Try J ?
us. Summer Bros. Co.
to 4-182t. I YE
at '
ave "1
z\\ Coming Here Cha
on-! 5
inv' t .;-V/ ^
to V?
the photo by Matzene. Chicago.
J?AKCEL C'lIAKLIEK of the Chicajro (4
manv ol' the French operas for that or
num. and received his musical education i
city. It was his youthful desire to become
old i in view lie beirar; his studies. At tile aire <>i
?ks ) f(>r his e.N< e!!e!:<f in composition ami barn
i h.,. r,;..i?,r,,np ;iTi;l n irreat career was pre(
I ll,v ?
Two years later he was ennajred for il)
i a? < <?inpjinisi ami wa< Sl> sueresstul in this
ay, on<? |H. was promoted i< a direetorship and
hit- dueed at iliai '-elohrate.1 Opera House, and i
eot singers sam: under his l.aton.
Later he w?-*nt r?? ?'ovent harden. where
' the (lenornl f'ireetor <>!' the Chicairo (Ira
when < *:iin 1 ?:iii Maestro I'ampanini eaine
dire-Tor >'f the Manhattan opera House.
wii!i him. Me has ivniained with Cainpani
as ;l dir,. tor ui" discretion and marked :11?: 1
Mr. Chrv:>er will appear here on the la
of the a?'?siii;^ artists in tlie Julia Clausse
of the People" ; i
Education" . *
1 J
education. % f
n the year icund routine oi
inspiration, the broadened ?
ollar less than they can be +
* 1
!7th to May 4th
? i
One Wlio Shows No Favor
A. merciless judge is Father Time,
lore him the weak a. d the wanting
to tlie wall. Only tbe truth can
md. For years the following state;nt
from a Newberry resident has
thstood this sternest of all test.
)avid A. Rivers, ice dealer. Route
. 5', 44 Mill House, Newberry, says:
y Kidneys were out of order and
j kidney secretions were unnatural
d contained sediment. IMy back
lied and I had severe pains across
sides. I finally began taking Doa;n's
iney Pills and they mdae me feel
ich better in every way.''
(Statement given March 21, 1911.)
A Lasting Cure.
3n November 20, 1914, Mr. Rivers
id: ''The cure Doan's Kid'ney Pills
ought me has been permanent."
at all dealers. Foster-Milburn.
.. Props., IJuffalo, N. Y.
)R SALE?0;:e Jersey milk cow,
with heifer calf, $55; 1 half Jer- f
sey cow, not milking now, $50; 1
r-8 pure Duroc-Jersey made hog
~ ~ofi/i iHct ?ir.. OA at>
Y>er?uuig du^ut -vv iuo, , ov wx
40 pigs at $2.50; a few bushels of
soy beans. The cows are a bargain.
Would not sell, but am to
move to N. >C. Y. von A. Riser, Poll
aria, S. C.
rHE herald and news, onb
:ar for $1.50.
utauqua Week j
si?2a?: >. :^Mfr . ijiwS-'v'. .
Xg j V v
rami opera Company. who direct*
jrani/.ation. was born in I.ioire, Relit
flie conservatory <>f* that ancient
a piano s?>li.i>t. and with that end
r sixteen lie re<-ei\ed several medals
nony and for his proticiucy on
licted foi him.
e Tlieatre Monnaie. in Brussels, as
capacity thai when he was twenty'
1 - ? *'* ^ AViAl'OC r >J'A
ItH 1 lliiliM U|iCiUO |/i.v
natiy <>f tiu' world's most celebrated
lie rh'itfouro <'ampanini. now
iid Opera company. Subsequently
r<> the I'uilt'tl States as the chief
in New York. h<? Wrought <"harlit?r
r>i since that liu;e and is recognized
it v.
st niirhi of the Chautauqua as one
u concert.

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