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jjjie ||erali} ana S !'
entered at tnc Postofiice at New- ;
L., as 2na cia^ matter. on fnc
E. H. AULL. EDITOR. month
the A.
Friday, April 21, 1916. |a bett(
:act w]
4*OOD ONE IN ED DeCA3Il' ;agrees
A number of the Newberry people ljetIer
v^iio seem always to be looking out for aIUl ^
something,when they heard the name t!li "
of DeCamp as a visitor in the city, ^ourn'
immediately understood that it was (^!aits
1 S 0 111 0 ^
that fellow bv a name that sounds
something like DeCarnp who is run- t0 nlK
niiig for governor, and now the rumor
. " " v ' WeV
is curre.it that tnere was a political
i tention
conference in Newberry with a can;
split 1
didate for governor.
soci : i
Ed, if you are that fellow who is
j favoral
announced as a candidate for gover-;
nor why don't you let your friends :
know so that they could help? Xo, ,
: house
brethren and fellow citizens that is j '
j after tl
another one tnat Has no rounaauon mi ,
I the lai
fact. Ed is simplv a country newspa-1
ment s
per boy who edits and publishes the , -pjie
Gaffwev Ledger and incidentally also ot- poi
edits and publishes another paperj amon;g
called Grit and Steel. He is a good j breath
felloe and has lots of friends wno are time, z
always glad to see him and just now j will ve
iie is the district deputy grand exalted 1 with tl
ruler of the order of Benevolent and: today.
Protective order of Elks, and it is his \
- - n f v, /-> .
duty as sucn omcer iu vi&t an cue
lodges in this State, and his mission pen jn
there on Tuesday was to pay an official summe
visit to the Newberry lodge, and the on thej
meeting was held in the office of Fred Iran jj
^ i
H. Dominick Tuesday night, and there them b
was no politics mentioned. And Ed That
DeCamp is <not a candidate for gover- county,
nor or any other office that we have officers
heard. fitness
We were pleased to have our long ,)0jjtjCS
time friend. Ed DeCamp of the Gaffney man se
Ledger, with us for a day in Newber- indi.vidi
ry this week. He came to visit the pacitv t
Newberry lodge of Elks and was the should
guest of Mr. Fred Domiuick while in j should
the city. iWJe reget that we did not i
have opportunity to see more of him ; ? ? ? *
while he was here Ed is a fine fel-i^
i ^
low and practices what he preaches j ^
ia the Ledger?he carries that pleas-1 <$> <$> <?. <
ant smile with him all the time and j A si'
lives in the sunshine and realizes that ?anized
I each F1]
there is none the less of it for
himself by sharing it with is fellows, j . of
other s
The Abbeville Press and Banner la to be 3
- * ? - * T~k TX7 !
"speaking oi tne cnange oi mi. i^. ....
Hiott, Jr.. from that paper to the | L,Iie
antlv e
Pickens Sentinel, savs of Mr. Hiott s , .
j -his hoi
successor. jevening
"He will be succeeded in this office; time tl
by Mr. W. W. Matthews, for a time girls w
1 evening
with the Greenville News, but lately
"with The Herald and News, of New-1 danciTg
'berry. t.Mr. Matthews brings with him ment :
plenty of experience, and we believe present
that he will be able to fill the vacancy ^Iarsue
made bv Mr. Hiott's departure most
. non, S;
creditably. He will call on the patrons :je
of this office from time to time. We j Fant, :
ask lor him the kindly consideration j Oaldwe
* Mpssrs
which has heretofore been extended.
j bur Sli
to the other representatives of the _
I Summe
office. j Richart
Mr. Matthews has fceen with The Gramm
Herald and News for only about two
months, but has made many friends ^Irsin
Newberry who will wish him Tuei5<*a
club. I
mighty well in his new field. As we fun
| understand from Mr. Matthews he is rooms
to have charge of the business end of flowers
IT he Press and Banner and the ed- j MTS- M
a _ _ x , x, : ed quit
ltorial department and pohcv of the ;
I were e
paper will remain under the very ef- score c
ficient direction of Mr. W. P. Greene, bits. A
Mr. Humbert Anil, who has been in conelus
Anderson for the past year, will take .
Mr. Matthews' place on The Herald ; 1
, x. | enterta
and News.
i j Misses
mm" The :
Prof. S. J. Derrick has been ap-' (.urren{
pointed a member of the State board Mrs.
of education by Gov. (Manning. A Messns;
good appointment, governor. Alter
I ?. hour w
v ~~ was se
Our Orangeburg frier.d, Prof A. .1.
Thackston. has not been reappointed ^
on the State board of education by
| Governor Manning, and ;or uhat ac t v>e niornir
extend our hearty congratulations to made t
[aiming. Prof *!haekston didn't '? :< ;
is hand exaetl> right alter all.
prohibition papers do not agre<* >.ir. and Mrs. j. iJ
question of the two quart a ?'ud Mrs. Clareiico
bill. The Baptist Courier and [l) ! ,il:':li 1):'' ^lolK'a>
? . bile exhibit.
R. Presbyterian tin- k tne law
^ *
>r one than the gallon a month
i P.i^re will be ser.
liile the Greenwood Journal /.lllir,.h Qnn,,n
with the governor that it is (>>](Krk. The service
to have a gallon than two quarts ed by Rev. Robert "V
lat the governor 'did the right Missionary from Ch
in not signing the new bill. The * *
il seems to think fliat two I
a month bill was loaded in "Ias- Mcl.'itos
Piedmont District (
vav. Just how it does not seem r, ^ .
, C .. at Greer. S. C., 'A
)W- ) resentative of the Dr
' chapter. She carriec
kr almost forgot to call your at- tlie Nov b. . :y
i to the importance of using the conference to hold it:
og drag on the roads just as ;Al>nl. in Xewb
, , ,?t ! vitation was accepte
is the weather conditions are
I W'?re five others ext<
^e' ; The conference la:
'and there will be a1
e candidates for the senate and 'lelesrates in attendai
we suppose are waiting until" * *
le county convention to see how Preparations for fcl
id lies. It may be good judg- 1 to ( 011 federate v
, j county on Mav 10th
o to do. {
x__x. tt <. H way and the Pausht
Ua?o m onno L'fn or 1
spartanuurg nciam, Deeming,
the veterans will be
itics in Spartanburg:, says?;
other things: -lUiere is .not a j App,ications for cr,
of the factionalism at this j t>e bestowed on .Tun
ind, as we say, the campaign handed in. already fi]
iry probably come right along: t-lan ^a>* 3rd.
le situation remaining as it is j ?
. men and brethren, we believe ~ T .
v Lb SUE'S A
the best thing that can hap-i.. "THF BL \C
this county and this State this <$>
r. We will elect our officials ' ? ^ <5' ^ ^ ^ <
r records in office, or on their, r*''ie K1<iC'k-LiSt, i
. ; , . . , jto the system bv whit
t thev have no record to judge i , .
idustrial concerns k
>? j
(charged employees, i
is what should be done in every ( sible. through the ii
We should elect our county j foration, for the em
especially on their record and uork elsewhere .
for the position to which they! With Blanche Sw<
without regard to factional j '*esse ^
rany presents on
present or past. Let every 1
! Program a thrillins
:eking your vote stand on his . which for fim tj]
ial merit and fitness and ca- j 0f the screen, this mi
;o fill the place he seeks. That j tem of "black Jistin
be the standard by which we!The play is entitled
decide. |and was written b'
iMiile and Marion Fai
Many w 11 disco.er
<$, I a parallel with the h
SOCIETY. 1 ill'gs aru* revelations
$ when in Colorado the
al troops were called
ging class has also been orat
Speers ^Street school, and j TT
riday from 1 to 2 o'clock the j
i are taugni ue i>ivyvi ox us-i t
their National anthem and' ongs.
This has long been felt' f *.
meed of the school. !
roung people were again pleas- ? *.
ntertained by Marion Blease at
ne in iM'ain street Saturday , 'j
Having had such a pleasant ~
le week before, the boys and ~ 1 ~
ere anticipating a delightful ?1 - "" ? *" ?
; and their thoughts were fully HEEEEEEEEzEE"'"'
1 for candy-pulling, games and ?*
made it an evening of merri- - n"
and pleasure. Among those ? i~
were Misses Mildred Purcell, r ~~
.rim Mntthpwc \Tav Tarrant, -
I Warrant, Mary Frances Can- ? arah
Houseal, Mary Halfacre, -*
Marguerite Spearman, Carolyn [
r, Joh n FI oyd, C a r 1 C a u g-h m ?. n, < -
James Mcintosh was hostess j |"'s/
y afternoon of the Fortnightly j * Jgj:'
*ook made the afternoon one of
1 pleasure for all present. The f
were charming with vases of ;
and besides the club members
:cIntosh delightfully entertain- \
I. t /V .
e a number of guests. There
ight tables of players and the \
ards were dainty Easter rab- r
.n ice course was served at the ,
.ion of the gajnes. j ;
* * *
Jasper Chapter I). A. R. was j
ined rFiday evening bv the j
responses to the roll call were
; events.
Leland Summer read "The
o of the Flag."
the business session a socia;
as enjoyed wlien a sweet course
rved. j
* * *
P. Z. Wilson delightfully en-.
?d the Kmery Circle Friday .
ig. Sewing and conversation
he time pass pleasantly and at j lL . V_ ? ?
ni; . hocii was i a ' ". t:
mine guards.
cot .!;j.-e wjiVer ;
f 1
; Maves and Mr. actress of saong and iaensely h
Summer motored ,uh* lu' >???"* Uer growing .
for the automo- al "ears '? the le;u!ins r<
"The 1 Hack-list." Into- her nan
give., ihe l'ato of thousands of sti
,, . miners who have taken up
ices at the Lpis_
. au tiisi strike-ureakers. The
v aftornnnn nt
,,'V * i Joes net end wiMi a thrilling i
=> will be conduct,
sentatioj ot the conflict but is c?
Alson, a returned
:hro-:_h to ^ conclusion in whic
an*"uo:*5 give a substantial reme
j i .e problem of tlie war between
tal and labor.
h attended the This picture will be shown at 1>
Conference U. D. r(-ade Friday, April 21.
pril 14. as a rep
'ayton Rutherford , v ..
(iniroli >ofjce.
1 a message from ,T
Mr. Editor:
iters, inviti g the . ,
Please announce in your co.
s next meeting, i.i . . ,u ... ,
tbnt there will be communion ser
erry. and our in- ? . . T ! * ,
on Easter at St. Lpkes at 11 a.m. I
d although there
offer oon an Easter program v
rendered bv the Sunday school
sts only one day , , ,, _
tnen a program by the Young Pe
bout twenty-five . , T, . . , ,
society. It is suggested that far
bring witli them a lunch to be
* on the grounds.
I-t s\ nnnnnl t"> tit
lie aiiuuai umuci ^3 V IL
eterans of this m
are now under Church Notice,
ers hope that all Mr. Editor:
able to attend. , Will you please publish the fo
* ing notice:
osses of honor to' The menll)ers of Bush River Bi
c 3rd must be church are Iookin" forward
led out, not later PIeasure to the comi'!!? <>f ?'e 1
meeting the 29th and 30th of
month. Let all the churches be
r + HO TlO VA O
<g>. R. H. Burr
11C ADD ^ ?"*
$>$?<?> <j><S><$><S>3>
s tihe name given whereas, one-third of the res
;-"h certain big in- ejectors alui a like proportion o
eep track of dis- reJSide.t freeholders of tae ag<
nakiiig it impos- j twenty-o ie years, in Prosperity s?
iter change of in-j district No. 34, of the. County of
ployee to obtain jerry, State of South Carolina,
I liled a petition with the County I
set as the star, j of Education of Newberry Co
sature Play com- state of South (arolina. petitic
the Paramount: and requesting that an election be
; photoplay in i in said School District on the que
ne in the history I of levving a-i additional special
ich despised sys- | of two (2) mills to be collected o
g'' is exposed, j the taxable property withi) the
'The Black-List', ! School District.
j rtV illiam S. De^ : Xow, therefore, we the undersij
rfax. composing the County Board of
this photoplay cation for Newberry County, Sta
orrible happen- South Carolina, do hereby ordei
of a year ago j Board of Trustees of the Prosp
state and feder- ! School District No. 14, to hold an
t to quell a war j tion on the said question of le^
X .
v' * * T
# : ?
: ^ ?
.* :
i i ... . i.^pe- .a! tu. two (-) ll*.;* <
1 : s i<> bo colic? ic i < :. ?. k- properly
is ai: t'.'-l in th? aid >I Dist/i' '
\ < 5! t \
uman . . i; said tle'.-f: jn . !. o held jif
pop a- tii To v.". Ha!:. ;a : ,e s;iii
)le in S.-.iool District. No. 14. <>:i Friday. >1 nds
is ; ~. !i?l(\ at which s >i<l <>Ieet'o:i the
iking pc-":s >liall be opened ai 7 a. m.. a d ,l1 n !
i . . . , iiiLr :h
arms c osed at 4 p. m.
story i..~i
( r; he members of the Hoard of Trus- r- ,
epre-! -,i>(
irried ' r-(,<'s sa::J School District shall act th:s t
h the !S managers of said election. Only
dy to "h electors a- i"s!de in said School. be
capi- i District and return real or personal;
| property for taxation, and who ex- <
esHes ''-bit their tax receipts and registra- (
| ?--?MM?-?
<umns IJ 6 II I 1 S
^ ^ t Kastcr the minds of mo?t peo
II] . But tho>e bad!\ decayed teeth are uc
will i appearance. Why not have them ti>
:oples Modem, progressive equipment
nilies j dependable dentistry.
eaten j
> | Young Moseley Browi
Nat'l Bank Building
3 It Pays to
1SS" Why not read good books
r. 1 +' 9 I \ /\v^ U /\ r* aI A ?? <\ /V A
^ it'll i J;U;I b-ut: a uuutv t't a gu
o. 14 a big ege and quietly i
The hen lays a sm Jl one ani i
fduic H?- r- eggs sel the million;
- or| uiur'in the market.
1,11001 > urU o
New- Why.
I have just received a bi
n. ty, books. Among them "The E
Him? Have you seen movies? If no
n all
H. Mayes Book &Vi
erit^ The House of 100
9 '
?|fi?^t DANIEL FRGHMAN Preset
The Irresistable Little Film Sta
~ Margueritel CI
ami bll 11 11. T _ _ I Tmimiia PVi a^n-tll au
HMRW tu ail M UVkW
"Out of The Di
In Five Acts. A Paramount P
i Mary Pickfoi
In an Unusual Characterization
"Poor Little Pep
In 7 Acts. A Paramount Pic
% Wl Moving Pictures^of
"The Augusta ]
lilU p XU&Vlll/U
.: :.H required in sen<
it-?}-- -hail he allowed to
i !' orin^ the !evy of
si::. 11 a ballot containing d
voj il "yes" written or printed 0
. .it e.:? h e ector opposed to
levy <-a?t a ballot containe
word "r.o ? written or printed
y.\ under ?i:r hands and seals
: e KUlt (hiy of April. 1916.
y Hoard of Education for New>rry
County. S. C.
m *r
1 1 y ;
pie turn to new apparel J
)t helpful to a desirable r
;ed? Kxamination free.
and the most scientific,
Newberry, S. C.
and improve yourose
The goose la^s
ibout the business.
makes a big noise.
g>ose eggs are a
g shipment of 50e
lirth of a Nation."
t read the book.
' it
iriety Store
0 Things
9 .
'? " 4
wet- 8
?" " ?
? ? ?~ ^
!4th S
+ ?
?:^sa zkz* - "
-*j -sop , " .
r SP"B =
lark Hi
rife" |
icture. ^
i momum?mm ^ ^ * ?
5th =
its * I . - '
rd S
pina m
*ure. ^ ;
RIL 25 . H
. .Jj *3 ' * ?
<} >3 *1 jr. - -a
Fire" I S?

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