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*>N K fcj PAOIX X.. \ N K W
closed la:
Frank Clark Wants Conrts to Pass on school w
Constitutionality of War Halfacre
Impost. j ("omnia
j j Colony lc
'Washington, April 22.?A bill in- -chool at
Produced in the house today by Con-111. Visit
uresaman Clark of Florida will in ef-! a*ta"
feet ask the Cnited States supreme j i.a.st S
court to pass once for all upon the I "every m
contitutionalitv of the cotto. i tax, J help car
assessed against the people of the system."
South durng the War of Secession, in. it can b
rolving the sum of $6S,000.000. Re- j Early 2
ferring to this bill, which brings up j etables I
<i for review the case of William F. i morning
Farrington vs. Rolfe S. Saunders, the J "ground
former a citizen of Tennessee and the | Farm wo
latter a federal official of that Stare, I now. T1
Mr. Clark said: "1 have introduced the crop
| this bill to refer to tho court of claims /as been
I the record in the case of Farrington long to 1
I < vs. Saunders heretofore pending in Where
?he circuit court for the district of pays to 1
f west Tennessee with instructions to planting
hear a;id determine the same and to } or so iat
^nter iudsment on the law and the ! The srr
facts so that it will find its way to j Not nine
the supreme court and once there I o\> <
that court wril be asked to pass once ; Peache
for all whether this tax was consti-'J we don't
tutional. If the court should find ! ;?,g
that it was unconstitutional, then, un- i .Messrs.
less I am mistaken, the house will Xewbern
take little time in passing a bill for ; 0f
the relief of those who suffered soj fjeted th
much by the imposition of this iniqui-^ \ery v-?<
tous tax. It never has been squarely ( M,;ss y.
decided once that court being divided spendi
four and four on a; appeal which. }-;ppS.
su ftained the lower court from this , ;\[r aT1(
tax. Now it is proposed to get it up philips <
fair and souare and if we set a fa- , ^-nd Mrs.
^ Torable decision we will pui ?t ^
through the house. . "home ne
? some tirr
! Mrs. 1
jtwm:cu.iocl s: .ioj.n: I.
ier IntlM
-jpqo ao qmq j::qj !A\iu.iodtuoj si ssoiuo ;
uo iqmq si 4uqi uotjcindei aqx i ^5e Tf''
1 | J. H. Shi
i 'aSutnpxft ^..;>P?-q onojs aqi jiiu.w Frank L
pjnoM oq ou<?, auo ijjiav spjiq o.vu r..^js j
peuiJi Moii-i rm J5 *^HA\ ;si on,. liule fC(
^KUjavf S{ jpiciQ 11?! ^eils
X6U|4S tfpf. We
j this spri
pjoiiaf suiSnon?"Sdiq."* put? spna b0 liolpf
?q3 tnojj apnui sjaddojs oooBqoj pun i
. ^opscaoo.iq aqj 'spools paSSoi aajq?
I [? jo ;qgnm lvs mq 'jassaA ajnjs :
oj naAt? sx?q sjaqtaij aq} Jsuoq 1
' f' am 9a)l?isajoj aqj jo >{U0 oq) qii.w ?1
| * ASoiFanoS 30 ooj; oqj qiiA\ sj *i ^
X60|?3U39 JO oa^x ?MX
' promis<
PI*?H ers ev,
aSy niBqSaiiujia ? 4,UJad s^q ajBqs yield o
a Snoi i pnnq STq ui smq jo hoj Siq salable
r. q}]Ai TiBm r. aas I jaAanaqAi 3nq? *2u] purpose
qSjs 'aosqoj- mj^ pertdej 14'seA 'qo? forage,
..Una feeding
-jop b ao a.ib a.ieq} sinjoi? a'ipbep auboi soutnei
Moq ^aiqi 0} poddojs jeae hoa 9abh.. Til
Xj3ABjq ssaiMoaw
jt!5g a;p sbsou\i?,/os s.ii ssanS
i os *oSb sejnaira naj 3011 era p|0)
jajpped ojujod joa.us aqj pun \ia|ppad
<ub}od -jaeAVs aqi oj 31 p[0) .\naeqj pa* jn^ j
'aioi^ibj Aueoqj 03 i\ P104 ssjjj put* throug!
"issuj jaisis sjq oj pajuedaj Jpjj to seed
-13 pnB 'JJBots spina PIO) aq }nq 'era Write
^a; }.npip jjiig ABp.ia}saA 2ej napooav Crop
*iq da pejniBd u/Ibo aq? s.?bs 3-inig formati
*Tir^?R 5u:.C.uBra inoqB Sat^aiqi Velvet
<q n?iSniSS?f?j njBidBj) pjo aAaiieq Seed <
1? UKtiiqnj, aSprif *s.rTv oj Grass,
jlX&jj ;uny pi us tl'if joj ajBpap I? m
uo:oidsn$ jaj-j 1 Vi
? ; seei
1 ?????
to grettbe genuine, call for f ill name, LAXA 1 THE
fTITi? BROMO OO'ININE. Ir>ok for signature oi 1
2. Vi', GROVE. Cures a Cold in One Day. Stoi*? ' YT754 R Pi
cQtuih headache, and worics oft cold ' * "
I Redpath Chautauqua
j: Farad
' iTHE Chautnuqvs :< ?w <*nT<?ri:i:r t'u* irn\-?t <i
volo'js srowtii. ( &> th<* p;ist season ha
it was one of siifcossful "! ih'.v catii
v >!:i>\vs a sr ti"'i '? ;;s:i parade on
v. s k:. 'a'I! I; ; iu::: fare-v
rity, April 24.?IV.ion school >t Was the Worst Sn
st Wednesday, the 12th. The! England Ever Exp
as taught by Miss Eunice' *n February. 171*. oct
.. considered to have beoi
ot the Plnhps section. ? .. . _ .
snowstorm that ever vis
in:on services were held hi ^.y?or ^ny ot
ist Sunday a. m. Sunday , was the fall that praetin
10 o'clock and preaching at the Now England state
- r,^ barricaded in their hom<
ors are corciictn>
I services n oon*si(lornble timo *>efo
v. as opened up for traffic
in day was set apart as a:. Accompanying tliis sn<
ember can a.-s" for Colony to n terrific tempest and n
ry out the duplex envelope perature. It was not or
rPhis is a srood svstem where, I)Ut a,i ovor tlle north.
i , . i places it drifted to the
e carried out properly. i
: may ho said that "whole
;ardei.:s had some of their veg- j snowed under."
ailed down by frost on the, The blizzard caused
of the 10th. Wonder if the damage to property am
hoc" didn't set kinder cool? ^e Sl?clv. 1 uousauds o
. , cd throughout the coi
rk is moving on very nicely .. . .
& thetr owners were unabl
le farmers are busy getting assistance, and many i
'planted. After a good bed stances were related of
prepared it doesn't take go one New England sheep
jlant ' s'^ep. the p!
. .. . - . man. were found dead,
- - -ftdnnp it a t , j !> i
It CSu'.l vcuicuwj ^ or a ulmUn.U) uu JSIJC1
arepare the land well before found buried sixteen fe<
even if it throws us a day Two of them only were ;
or in planting . i lns sl,bsistt"1 H>e
, ? ? . , ,, minions for twenty-eight
ain crop IooKs fairly well. sforln._,.hil.lde,?hla Prc
h nitrate of soda "has been
,ccou.-t of the price. I JRC?SASBARC
s will "be scarce this year but
see how any has escaped be- why It Is a Sign of F
i Leaves Show The
Geo. Long and Harris ?f Persons who are Hose
o f ti,n frequently seen flie* 11
spent last Sunday at tne
F r foliage presents a mu<Mr.
M. M. Long who i> .-o ?ii poaran* from that o
:;t he is unable to stir around This is mon* noticeable
..jj silver leaf trees.
it ? 51 in i vo "(id ai???earan<*?? is
?-=ie Adams of near \v nit mire t ^ ^ t )
, .. lllili Mil- 11.11 iv.-> .'i UIV n ,
a while wtth i,,s* ,,on' ,e ill., sliowins til.- timlf
are. as a rule. a lighter
\ Mrs. M. E. Enlow of near ?t. upper side. Some of
spent last Sunday with Mr. s"ch a li^hr irreen as i<i
,, t- i white when i lie back?
\\. F Enlow. , .
iriss Franklin has ret'1T*ned This behavior of the
;ar Leesville after spending to an unusually low ba
le with relatives near here. tion tile atmosphere
*,. the leaves t<> curl a littl
f. M. Wilson in company with (,le |)reeze sm.?
jr. IATt. A. M. Dominick spent show their backs or tint
; end with her sisters. Mrs. The low barometric
ealv near Batesbur? a-d Mrs. showers. ai
" , ? n safe to predict rainfall 1
ans;ford near Hollej Ferrv. tin, ,
" are seen to have their li
s lovely Easter weather. A beiore the white man c<*
->1 at nieht hut when it hap- Indians knew of this s
not be so windy the days are great reliance on it. Se
, , , , . . knowledge of it among:
j ve had a sreat deal of \und
^ Asia, Africa and the
ing. A warm shower "v* oula York American.
ul now. j
ii Lo's Business $
? Old settlers will tell \
jr ,1 || dians broke the first gr
uammotn X ellOW growing purposes in the
I The Indians got their
lOld. settling on land and e:
J manent homes from a
es to be one of the most cowboys. Member
lie crops for southern farm- incIudinK rOCatello Tc
srywhere. Makes a large - 0. T rw,
f beans, which are readily
for oil-producing and food ground and seeded a
2s, in addition to its use for wheat.
soil-improving and stock When the wheat was
;. Splendidly adapted to our thrashed in primitive
*n soils and climate. the growers began to m
^ at^-rxr -i aa T\ The native wheat kinp
i.C TSIeW 100-Day wheat to American Pal
R a a n in the vicinity for r>0
ClV Ll l/CClll If the customer went
lickest growing of Velvet the price was $1 a bush
promise to supercede Cow tioned as to the meani
jry largely as a soil-improv- gular business methof
nrace and crazing crop irnnlrl in^Hshlv rpr>lv
hout the South. Cheaper ^Tlckiup.'vou he'ip
per acre than cow peas. ^ tQ your wickiup.
for prices and "Wood's don't want 'urn at all."Specialw
giving full in- ness.
ion in regard to Soja and
: Beans, Cow Peas, Millet, _ , ...
Corns, Sorghums, Sudan England . Oldest
etc. Mailed free. ^ Salisbury is well
mm. so Is England's <
f. WOOD & SONS. Barnstaple, as Barum. \
ISMEN, - Richmond, Va. Ten jhe r'omi!" nara'
* ^ According to old mem
; name of the town was
* cause it stood toward
? ?- n-i ? TJin Covm
| Berndenstaple. Barnst
OR ONLY $1.50. i have been represented i
mot or Anglo-Saxon pai
it is One of the oldest I
absolutely the oldest i
i^tuiumiuuuntuuuLQ jtg broadcloth manufa
i important industry, has
but there are manufa
and gloves, large cabii
neries and potteries (]
l L q London Globe.
Study of Sync
V^""" 1.?^ Little Dulcie was ask*
p f er to define the word
| vr^s"v '^pTI means "odd.*" she rcpli<
<?? ,he teacher went on.
v V'W9''1 sentence containing tin
U/it'-" " ,,so<1 /.; .
- Hesitating)? the lit'
> 'vVi * f3 .v.- v
St........ took up .i pen and af
...... ; <' >V, ' z
/<s; ^ thought wrote. "There
, ,.? ? Mr, i ()f numbers?'whimsical
IS l I Dog Carts In h
. . ... . v ;| Itesidonts of Bnnsr-1
U^'4-ij make use of the lit lie <
;'<?f? i (11>?S. which are to b(
WHIM ma,,-v ' :,rN ,,f x<
have a fine breed o
smooth Paired dogs. \vl
times harness three ah
^v:> ,. "? s*\p:\ w/. I
""! >#' i w r p
">v>s-v " ". .-v!' Venice ot Si
;j| 1 Pernambuco is called
^ Brazil on account of
- lakes, rivers, waterwa
UQUA. inense coral reef wit 1
k-%.? a!
ties ?t !b? rnn try in its mar- ,nsMe ?f wMch
.1 iwmnrqim. nvA cstKrall vessels mtcho
:*r? < ;: i h*1 above- pirture __
Mk*hi~a2i avenue. one. of the .... .. _ . . .
W urn 1 Lifiirhr 1 m-ui
self a man's worth st-im
: ??
owstorm New
erienced. ?
urred what is !
i the greatest iJUCil
ited this conn- _
JnynU through : tOPECCC
s people were
A ?
t\s. arm it was -
e u, s ,5 enjoyment
:>w there were :
very low tern as you never thought
could be is yours to
extent that it. command quick as
8 vi"nses were | you buy some Prince
a very heavy ; Albert and fire-up a
! i PiPe ot a home-made
nntry because 1 cigarette!
e to go to their '
Prince Albert gives
rt*5V.Ut^. vu
farm it is said you every tobacco satroperty
of one; isfaction your smokeand
one flock . J
's island, were | appetite ever hankered
-t in the snow. ( f That's because
ilive. tliey hav-; b
)1 of their com- j it s made by a patented
days after the , prOCeSS that CUtS Out
? bite and parch! Prin(
(METERS, i been sold without coi
iain When the j We Prefer t0 &Ve ^UaJ
ir Backs.
observers have |?
"cos when the fjtok T5T ^
rdinarily seen. 8 $
in poplar and) M
<!u?> to ihe fart
?ves are ttuned
r sides winHi ^ flavor as different '<
color than the .
the leaves are I And tnat isn t strange, eitr
> appear almost i _ _
? show in the1 iVLer
j Buy Prince Albert every- Tett
i where tobacco is sold in - ??
N toppy red bags, 5c; tidy red AID'
rnmetnc c-ondl-| ^IOc; handsome pound ont
. w Sii< h causes . an(j half-pound tin humie
and tlip up in ; dors?and? that corking fine COITj
? ? 1 T-V
) extent as to < pound crystai-giass numi- J^flT
lor sides. j dor with sponge-moistener
condition pro- j *?P that keeps the tobacco U
id it is alwavs ' in such clever trim?always! K. ?.
when the leaves
'acks up. Long
nne to America
savage tribes of \v iii Cue Rheumatism, NeuPaeific
islands. Headaches, Cramps, Colic
' . rains,^Bruises, Guts. Burns, Old
Tetter, Ring-Worm,- Ec o?
thai tho In- "'/V f'rc- Aniiseplic Ancdyae.
ound for wheat crexternGliy. ,.^>c
s spring of 1881.
first ideas of
stablishing per- '
cenpintinn with
's of the tribe, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
^,, . rVTWvWTV
?m. China Lye *+ + *$** <*
}. broke some
few acres of IjT
harvested and
Indian fashion B jf^k &
arket the grain. M~ I I | 1 f
: would deliver JDL
lis or elsewhere
cents a bushel. II _
after the grain / ^
el. When ques- ^fcdlBEkHEfe.
ng of their sin
Is the Indians ^
: "You come to
want "urn. Me tt --... ?
maybe so you jj m jr
-Farming Busi- 44 fwi
Borough. i ff Prima Donna Con
known as Saoldest
borough. it
vhich may have W
* of the town. 44 ^ , ?
orials. "the old ^ LOIlCert MC
; Abertawe. De- +
the mouth of ?x
is changed it to aa
aple appears to ft Director of FrCIl
n the Witenage- l/liCLlOr U1 r I CIJ
rliament. Thus i
)oroughs. if not
n the kingdom.
cture. once an Ernest Harold BaA
> now died out. 4lI ni * &
cturers of lace < + PlayCrS, Bcautll
let works, tanBarum
|| A Band and <
ed by her teacn-i
vhimsicai." "It
id. "And now," ?? *
"please write a In Three One
? word properly
He teu-year-old || TllC K1H
tor a moment s
are two kinds ^ In Special Costum
and oven."
loiland. 1^1
loten. Holland. g
carts drawn by M MA&
? seen in very || One of Ai
?tlierlands, and T+
1 ?
f tall, ye:low. | . nch
they some- j fg 1 flC
it Carrying a Real Pi
-azil. J| the
i the Von ice of
,-"an!rrr ! Great Lectures on V
i which nature <9
r'?:rv^.r ! Playgrooad W
n* within himCliing.-r.ruwn
Q V- >(
you will
;e Albert has always 3oth.pi9
. bas made
icons or premiums. ?moke *
4 * on? *mok
the national joy smoke
as it is delightful. You never \
1 v/ho think they can't smoke
j can smoke and will smoi
3rt. And smokers who have not
certainly have a big surprise a
ling their way as soon as the
ice Albert tobacco will tell its ov
j For one week, commencing April
I 21th you can secure eight dollars'
j worth of fi.'.e aluminum cooKing uten_
! Gils, absolutely free. The Majestic man
J who will be at our store that week
! will tell you how. Newberry Hardi
ware company.
ith Chau
- i--irh.
e. <IUll<i Vldl
tralto of the Chicago Gn
Pierre Henrotte
sister Chicago Grand Ope
Marcel Charliei
ich Operas, Chicago Gran
The Bird Masqu
rnes, the Naturalist, In th<
ul Scenery, New and Novi
he White ffussa
Choir of Eighteen, Led b
'he Parish Playc
?- - 1 TJT' d i 1
Act Flays filled witn j
larney Gir!s and .
es, Presentinj the Music
Emerald Isle
Weatherwax Brt
merica's Best Known Ma
i Schumann Ou
ipe Organ and Presenting
Delight of a Popular Auc
ital Subjects Interpret;
orkers and Story Tellers F
ek in IV ev ? pr
ipji"?s m I
:ed before! tCNS BURNINGPIPE AND "fl
tasted the like of it! Ha
pipe or roll a cigake
if they use Prince
yet given P. A. a trynd
a lot of enjoyment
jy invest in a supply.
m c+rvrtr f
^ 11 o IVi J *
Winston-Salem, N. C.
I To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
| Take the Old Standard GROVES
! TASTELESS chill TONIC. Yon know
! what you are taking, as the formula is
| printed on every label, showing it is
! Ouinine and Iron in a tasteless form.
I ? ?
The Quinine drives out malaria, the
Iro7 builds up the system. 50 cenjf
^ tz
ir, .ifir-k **
L . H
issen a
ind Opera Company
:r? Company
? " OA
d Opera Company
[C i|
; Role of "Shy.;" Six ff
el Lighting Effects <j|
trs I!
y Alfred Sweet
;rs :!
r* T.i M
Liuman 1 merest, 4*
Rita Rich If
and Legends of the ||
Dthers 1t
le Quartets tZ
O . J ^
inlet H
; Musical Classics to ||
hence ft
itioa ef Modem riajs ?'
or the Children. !
) May 4th

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