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(,;?><> I> Til I MiS SA III
ABOl T MR. MA\M.\G I'c
II. J.
Pamphlet I>sued Containing Eudorse- Prof,
ments of Present State Ad- ^Ir
ministration. Sjsle
Columbia. April 21.?"Manning ^
' - i. " ' ;a.
uwu . :uaui?Hij, ^ mc mail, io
t#.e s-osran of a pamphlet just from ?
tV- pres-ses containing: t-> dorsements M,
i ues
of the administration of Governor
'Wanning taken at random from comments
of various papers. The pam- "lCl1
fillet is o titled "The voice of the peo- kai,?
pV. endorsements of the administrat'on
of Richard I. Manning and the r0llt
rofwiits accomplished during his term lew
as governor, llanni g promised to ~etz
enforce the law. to support education M:
9r common schools, to provide a busi- Boin
r^ss administration and to be the gov-1 weel
e?nor of all the people. Manning ' lioin
rvjde j
o I
The "Voice of the People." as re-! Spen
fec.ied in editorial comments 01 pa- j
V*rs in all parts of the State, are,
liberally quoted i:i the pamphlet re j
f rre-d to -which is being distributed (jav
trough out the State by the campaign I
roanaaer of the governor. The pam-j uee
pbler. which consists of thirty-one (Q ]-,
I ;>s:e>. a d is a good digest of the esteen1,
in which the governor is held Qre<
?3-d conrains brief, terse arguments jate
-p.-ny he should be re-elected doses ^
-with this: P,en
*Xot a politician, but a progres- j v
??ve business governor of all the peo-:
r\ work in 2: for the education, prog-. ^
r- r;s n. d well-being of his fellow mnn. | ,...
?.-r! the r-nfor -ement of the law* of his ,n .
F-ate. I jea
'?\T inning has done his -fluty and is day
wronger today than ever before. j .\i
'The people are with him because ^ rf fce
is> with the people. I <*t the peo-j her
p!e rule.'* J her
../.fnvaivu tn f\riv ftf "his ; ''
iVOT ii i Clti v.
exponents is made in the pamphlet.
_ Col
* " Loi
? i
Lot is Philippe Was Wanting When wjn
the Crisis Came. ^
Baroness Bonde wrote in her diary .
the following arvount of the alullea in
tkm of Louis Philippe of France 0:1 the
day of that remarkable occurrence: T
"An aid-de-camp of the minister of I tj1(?
war who was in the kind's cabinet! .
.. , 1 ot
when he abdicated gave mo a dotation;
account of this most signal piece of: ^"0i
cowardi?ie. He had reviewed thoi Sep
troops in the Carrousel on horseback.; urd
highly rouged, when a cry was raised, i ^
'Void les faubourgs!" No one had ^
any orders: no one gave any. The mob
rushed forward, shouting. 'Vive la: ^
garde nat ionale? vivent les troupes!" ?
4 i
and shook hands with the outposts. (~
"The kin.^ retreated precipitately j p
"with his sons, and a sublieutenant of)
the national guard rushed into the pal-j
ace asking to see him. Ho was admit ! ^
ted and in the greatest agitation r.aid | 'I
" 'Your majesty must abdicate.* j .1
" 'Very well.* says the king. 'In fa j j
vor of iny granason. ;
' 'No, unconditionally.' says the j
young and self elected mouthpiece ?>f "apubiic
opinion. j ^
"Would \\?u believe it? Of all who j ?,pj
were congregated around the royal ; Y>e
person Piscatory alone said: '(lodowuj
and head your troops. Fight for your,
crown and your dynasty.' He was
overruled, and they all marched out ^
of the palace except the Duchesse j
d'Orleans. her children and the Uuc de j
Keraours." | *
! the
Housekeeper's Reason. ^
"What is your chief objection to mov- ' ^
fnir pictures?"
"The dust that has accumulated be- | an(
them."?l?inninjrham Aire-IIerald. for
It is easier to ascend to the cloudy
heaven without a ladder than to d*
j?end entirely on self.?Japanese.
^ 1
s * '
* jHJi fj
niaria April L'u?Mr and Mrs G.
igon oi' Asheville. are visiting at What Causes Fair Lu
hen M. Setzler's. ! to Rival Pur<
? ... . ? i . -n? ? i The iimitit Ikis no ]
\ Frank Johnson ot Asheville and , , . ,
and shines 1 hr??ijtrh li
r of Anderson spent the week-end by {h(k sun Wh.u
Dr. R. -J. Johnson. must the mvon have t<
. a rt Mrs. Watt Henderson. Mr. so whitely as it does
' , .... VT., . , is put forciblv in a
lerson s mother and Miss Mildred K
from J. Lrershed of
lerson oi I'lair were in town mjr^ Avjm describes {
,Qa;* i "whiter and more hr
Hal Sheely of Xewherry college SD0W ('l;|d summits o
t the week end with Berlv Beden- ^ ,10n ?'"-e still li
; He writes:
ll :
'Why does the mooi
s. Bessie Sheely of Columbia, en if it is composed of ro
e to Greeawood stopped over a tle<-tiii- power to tho
days with the familv of Mr T a ; ll^e nu'k of
reflect far less li-ht
lf>r !
: surfaces of Venus jin
r.s. L. T. Brown and little son would he of interest ii
est of spencer, X. (\, spent the NW)U'<' explain the ap
_ of the union as st en i
< end with her mother. Mrs. A. E., ?A (]j]Wt (,)Rip:lris
est. ; with terrestrial rock
r. John Sheeiy of near Newberry naiwl by sunlight is
* ,1 -?\ u; extent vitiated bv t
t the week e d with his brother.
blue light scattered b
Robei t Sheeh. j ;,jr which may a fled
r. .loe Stockman and family 'of moon. Vet it is ver
imbia and Mr. .Jeff Aull spent Sun-1 h'eve that this can <
of last week with Mr. A. L. Aull ' :l"d hnnv,ls ,,f r'M'k
almost pure white,
rs. Lever, after spending a few. ?0n S(>V(,n||
ks with relatives here has returned j have compared th
er home in Columbia. i setting behind the I
ev. and Mrs. Duckworth we*U to , tains. and. ot course,
, ,r , . . with extensive snoi
en wood Mondav returning on tli-3 f
| snows are perhaps fi
train Monday night. ; ,uul js (.,?,si(i
' '? ! * ' - *-* ... i i t
r. and Airs. Jno. C. Auli ana mrs. j iu,ie seaiien.ru ,J5m .M.
Setzler motored to .Jala pa Sun- j snow. a 11less 1
where they spent pleasant day r t'i0 ''"!ir ahsorl
,, f, , , .. 1 phero is ;ijipn?xiiii;i(e:
1 Mr K. 15. Feagle and family. / ... ? ..
i ;k*Ily the same lor ei
r. Thos. Graham. .Mr. J. M. Har-' ors t!le wll(>lu patll ,
l. Ml-ses Meile Harmon and Iva snn to snow ami t
que motored to Summerland Col- server. \\ l:rn the :
Saturdav. where thev spe.t Sun- 1 "" ! M 1 l'1(>
pears to me t<> he
| than the snows. w!ii
isses Permelia tMcIlwaine. teacher yellowish in eompari
i % - - - % i
\ew Hope school, left Monday for ; -Mr. i.voismou i.inn
homo at Due West, having closed 1 r*on I',<> moon >
<? . covered with ice.
school. I
he following students are at home
?pcnd T'Ta^ter: From ?nmmerlanrt PICKINu A
!cre. Misses Xovis Rav Setzler. .. ^ ,
Always Select One
s Heu-tz. Mary Crompton. Juanita Struggles V
: g anrl Var.nie Lake: from New- : When you go to picry.
Mi?s Lula I.ominauk and Ed- \ cooking select one ti
? , \ the advice Mrs. Mar
Hentz. I x- ..
j in the -National I o
-11 the stores and business piaces editor of which call
1 ? l
5omaria will close Friday, the same , (iiiocii aim says sue
ig Good Friday. I lobster broker in the
, ! Mrs. Pickett quote
he following have agreed to close, ,irew linv a?ainst ca
ir places of business in tile town )ias o[ :
Pomaria at six o'clock, beginning ' moment a lobster is
nday April 29, and continuing until , water it begins to <1
' , ? ., , ~ . j deteriorate. th<
>tember 1. HOC. Fridays and sat-. ... , ,
J lobster depends m
ays excepted: ! rjlc loiisrtli of time tli
\Y. Sawyer, Southern agent. his being t:iken fro
I H. Hipp flis being served at t
<" t? ster moves his claws
. h. atone. ,
Iy dead and. though
' ^entz tiesh will not be firr
J. Wilson Keepers of first
tank of Pomaria. have experts to sel
i Thpsf? Dick them o>
\ E. Hentz ?
?? _ _ oeived. sending son
V. B. Counts ,
once and reserving
ne Seller C o. The finest lobstei
. L Graham. coldest waters, and
lew Ray 'Anderson will arrive here those caught south (
urday, April 21, and will hold a ten amount to much, th
. t-, u i nearly so tirai as
s meeting at the M. E. church. waters
tfrs. G'ussie Handell of Ri<lge j onlv vvav to
rings spent the first part of this in really good condi
ek with her brother. Mr. ?M. M. j ness. If it struggle
, , its tail and "makes
lkert. . ? . . ., . ,
claws, it is all righ
opens its claws wei
TICK OF FINAL SETTLEMENT. sign of tight, it is d,
let alone, for it is
will make a final settlement of; -The lobster." wi
t w PnnL* in the Pro- i "should be boiled i
cscaic \jl o. tt ...
e Court for Newberry Countyf S. use at dinner and I
on Monday the 15th day of May, but not in c
6, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon tile icc' anci ^ is
, . . ,, ri , the meat from the
1 will immediately thereafter ask . _ ^ . ...
fore preparing it in
my discharge as Guardian of said
Guardian. YEAR FOR $1.50.
v "H
I? $| c; * r:' ^?Av-~W
*' *' v-At -i?-3c ? -IX u .v
I ?
ma, In Its Color, ? .
;,rr; ?|| ->h Lh&uiai
eiiig illuminated j
sort of surface | J
o reflect the light
? This question ? in arranging tc
letter to Nature mittee bought 1,00
' ^ A f+n, tlio rinor
Srinagar, Kasli- ^
1 io moon as far ^ ing day no seaso
illiant than (he + tickets can be had
f the Himalayas For the single
ghted l?y the sun. * entertainments, see
j * Season tickets
i appear so white I * namc 0f some n
,-ks Similar in re- J season ,;cket This
se on the earth: jn caje the ,icket ,
the moon should X n. ... , ,
, i T Children s tick*
than the cloudy ,
<1 .lupiter. and it ^ children are ad
f ?-l?. know ^
paivm whiteness
n daylight.
on of the moon ????? ???
surfaces illuinipossibly
he superimposed j
y the intervening i ~ ~~ ?
I nAw/lov Prjkh?.ihlv Villi \ut lOT1:l I S
t tlie color of the \ * u* ?? ? "w
y difficult to l?e- j -Mexican Course Settled?Keport
on vert the grays j From Scott
surfaces into an i
- ,, ! Washington, April 22.?A decision
>ns m tins valley
e waning moon. 1 ^ whetner American troops may bo
Mr I'anjal 11101111- j ->e withdrawn from Mexico may be
in full sunlight, reached by Preside it Wilson and his
a lit his. 1 .it | -abinet'1'iiesday This was indicated
11v miles distant. ;
t onight whn it was reported from
era me amount <>i .
uiperposed on the 1 an Antonio that Maj. Gen. Scotl
ban (?n the moon. ! night be back in Washington in time
>ed l'.v ' .i> .vtnios- or jjj- rep0rl iJG laid before the
Iv and mav J jo ex- ' , r .
... ., ovular lueeti'.'-g of tne cabinet 01:
it'll it one <*oiisk1\>t
ti.- iiizl.t l'roiii tl,at (la-vhence
to the ob- : Secretary Raker declined to dis
lii* is transparent . -uss the probable meaning of Gen
:?tn n ap ! ^cott's decision to hasten back to the
distinctly whiter ! .... , .
, ' , i, , -apital witnout extending his recpies1
ch seem dull and ?
so!1/' '"or information beyond conference:
\'s <jut tlie sugges- with Gen. Fanston and liis officers
> surface may be ! Officials have consistently refused t(
j say anything whatever about th<
j problems u der consideration sinc<
LOBSTER. j the request for the withdrawal of tin
, ; troops came from Gen. C'arranza.
That Kicks and
! It is known however, lrom bor
k out a lobster foi ! (ler advices that Gen. Funston feel
u:t kicks. Such is j that he can not go farther with tin
y C. Pickett gives i pursuit of Villa unless he is heavil;
Magazine, the j reinf0rceci an<j hjs hamds freed t
s her the "lobster J , .
is the best known mc extent at least ln "ealing WItl
United States. ' problems of supply and informatioj
s the ancient He- beyond the border.
ting anything that cen Scott's decision to return a
nnl sa\s that tin. <renerally was taken to meal
taken out of salt
ie and its tiesh to t^at he liad reached tlie same conclu
' excellence of a sion and would report to Secretar
large measure on Baker.
at elapses between j
>m the water and i
able. \\ heni a lob ! >(>TICK 0F jn{Y DRAWING.
; ieebiy ne is near- j
n^t unfit to eat. his j
11 and tasty. I Notice is hereby given that we th
class restaurants undersigned Jury Commissioners fc
ect their lobsters, \ewberry County, S. C., will at th
,er as *oon as re- office of tjie cierk 0f Court for Ne^w
le to be boiled at !. A
nthers for broiling. berry Count!: at M::e ?'Cl0ck A- M
S come from the APril 21st, 1916' <JPenIy and public]
Mrs. Pickett says draw the names of Thirty-six (36
)f Cape Cod do not men, who shall serve for one wee
eir flesh beiug not as petit Jurors at the Court of Con
thAefl frrmi Mnln* ? will convene j
^ ^ ~ ~ Iliun ricas,
tell if .1 lobster is Xewb?rr>" Court H&use Ma>' Stli, 191
tion is by its liveli a1"" wi" continue tor two weeks.
:s vigorously, flops April 10th. 1916.
wide open mit its JNO. L. EPPS,
t; if it is lethargic. JAS. B. HALFACRE,
irily and shows no JN0 c (jOGGANS.
yin^ and should be T ? . . - XT ,
" , _ Turv Commissioners for rvewberi
not cheap at any J
Court. S. C.
rites Mrs. Pickett, T
Malaria or Oils & Few
lirect contact with prescription No. 666 io prepared especial
itter not to remove j0r MALARIA or CHILLS & FEVEI
shell until Just be- Five or six doses will break any case, ai
any desired way." '( token then as a tonic the Fever will c
eturn. It acts on the liver better tii
valomeJ \n<J doe* not grioe or sicken. 2
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5 -
3i?ry Apr
iqua Season 1
) inaugurate this Chautauqua this year.
^ conn season tickets. |~"
_______ These ti<
for less than $3.00. so'^
admissions to the respective a* 52.50
the official programs. ?
are non-transferable except within the c
lember of the family must be wiitten in i
provision is made primarily as a protectio
should be lost.
Jts admit children aged six to fourteen ]
mitted to the children's work free.
I i unr rtc TUC CAOV PUAIR ,C
Lunc ur int. LKOi wnnnu I
J)o Not Let It Wean You From Good
Healthful Exercise. j q j
The United States public health !
service has issued a bulletin against
the rocking chair, the "old armchair." *
about which poets have woven some of will
their p:v. ic*t v.?rse; :> office chair Cou
' and jy.y s(-n <>i :\ ?-> "jI:* s<? o intertable I
ill f?in.i l!i:: it iuvi:r> r- ;M>;;e.
>'(>: be au r erins of ;l deadly sort
i: lurk in flie ca>y enair. uvuoisiereu or |
. plain. Not for that reason does the j 1911
health service of our government con-; A
; denin It. but because a man with an ' 0f
i easy chair at hand is likely to form ^
i the habit of sitting in it when he ought
to he up and around, taking exercise
| that he must have if he is to keep well. ;
The easy chair is to blame for much j Car
of the heart and kidney disease, ap- j or
1 pendh-itis and indigestion which at'- i <
i- tiif-t the business men of our day and ; A
" * s tr'
. carry so many of them off when they j
: ought to be in the prime of life. These t
' diseases were almost unknown a gen- j str<
J eration ago. when men worked more 1
3 in the open air. Walking was the nrj
2 thing that kept them well and strong ^ ^
? otwT niiintv vonrs of acre.
3 U|? iu lino JIW.VV,. ?
" i But now men sit they ride to and J
I from work in motor or street cars, fail
- They sit at their work in office or fac- at
r, tory. About the only so called "exer- r;gi
e else" many of them get is riding in a c^?
motorcar. It is a "sitting down'' age.
^ and the government warns of its dan- ^ 1
o gers. Fif
a: paj
A Difference Between Differences.
A man may disagree with his neight
bor on religion and be merely a fool ! *
" 1 - ,7 I o/\ 4- ! ? mi l f 5c I
ti li ir dc* a jjuhucui uiu.<,-i^ijv.c. iuc? ?<clear
he is a scoundrel.?Houston Post
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to The Herald and News YE
I MfT-T W ; - Y,,?.' , ' .V ' . . W UUU. jf1.1.WWIMHWMM?
? inr ? \f
>' J-J& V - W.
k ~ ?
*- To cleanse the system (
j I To restore healthy acti
Liver and J
To assist in relieving const
tude of ills the humar
If you are not entirely sati:
<71 we will cheerfully re:
In the Spring your svstem ni
! as ycu' house or premises.
-I | will beat LIV-VER-LAX in
i onr] in VooninO" 17011 }l9Tf]V S
^_ | axiu HI jvm ..v.. j _
ud ! ???????____________
Si Gilder &
" I
*& A" P*k *? *? A *t* U ^*18oS
ppjfrWC.Ura?r* %>!?;
ickels K- { m
the local com- JT1
:kets will be
le they last
eac n. ^
jwner's family. +
nk upon every J
n to the owner
^ears inclusive- ^
===?^ j
ounty of Newberry. |?j|
Conrt of Common Pleas.
ary F. Dominick, Plaintiff, against ' 'iff
3. Willis and C. T. Pay singer, De
lants. ^
nder orders of the Court herein, I 1
. sell at public auctioa before the
rt House in Newberry, S. C.? dart,he
lesal hours of sale to the
tiest bidder therefor, on Monday,
1, same being salesdav in May,
5: \
1! that certain piece, parcel or lot ^
land, together with the buildings
reon. lying, situate and being in
town of Newberry, in the county
Newberry, in the State of South
olina, containing One acre, more
less, bounded on the North by lot
~ ^ ~V..
Saraii C. tsoozer, nasi u.v
^t. South by lands of Theodore
linstone, and west by Drayton
'erms of sale: All of purchase K
ce to be paid in cash; the pur.ser
to comply with the terms of
e within ten days ar-1 should he
. to do so, the premises to be sold
some subsequent salesday at the ^
k of the former purchaser; puriser
shall deposit with the Mastery ^
en his bid is accepted, the sum or *ty
Dollars; purchaser to pay for
>ers and stamps.
h. h. rikard,
Master for Newberry County.
Lpril 10, 1916.
:ar for only $1.50.
r - Lax
? >
)f poisonous toxins.
ion of the bowels,
ipation and the multi1
family is heir to.
sfied with the results,
fund your money.
eeds cleansing the same
There is nothing that
toning up your system,
nd hale.
Weeks. '
' ~ * *~~r ^ ** ^
- *!
"Mi QUA.
May 4th

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