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k Chautauqua W
f Amid Seen
Every One Buy a Season Tic
Today?TTie Guarantors .
g ^ Have Had the Cooperati
W Community Sp
f Jess McFall and Herman Wrigi.t]
- orgot the Commercial Bank and ]
i:.e:'r duties there for at lea-a a brief j
season, and they have worked with j
enthusiasm a.d spirit for the sue-!
cess of the Chautauqua week, and1
t.hey ha ve had the cooperation of the i
people of the community, and the TOO j
tickets guaranteed have been sold.but
through the courtesy of the man- !
agement the guarantors have the priv- j
ilege of selling season tickets up until i
noon today for $2.50. \o season |
tickets will be sold for less, except
in the two instances mentioned, tc j
the students of the schools and col- ,
iege and to the girls who work in the
mills, and they can buy them at half
i Even if you go o ly to a portion of!
r tLe entertainments it will be cheaper
-so buy a season ticket than to pay!
' the gate admission. j.
" the gates are now
wide open for y0lt
'The big Redpath Chautauqua now ,
has its ;?ates open to the people of!
' Newberry.- Yesterday afternoon the
Killarny girls gave a most delightful ,
entertainment. They are a bunch of
>ix glad, stronghearted young women,
dispensing an abundance of the music '
^ rhat holds in every note a tear-twink'
lifzig smile. They were "Wearln' o' \
-the Green" with soft white kerchiefs,
I Many Pleasant Entertainments?Children's
Day to Be Observed?
Biographical (Inb.
? I'
' Whitmire. April 27.?Mrs. Mary |
' Coleman after spendirg some time j i
1 -here with her daughter, Mrs. Wm.; I
Coleman and son, T. W. Coleman, has j
returned to her home in Asheville, J
f n. c. \
-Mrs. \W. S. Harshman of Washing- j
ton, D. C., was here during last week j :
v:?iting her neice, Mrs. 'M. E. Abrams. | *
Mrs. Harshman left Tuesday for 'At-!(
ianta. there she will meet Mr. Harsh- j
"nan and they will go to New Orleans ,
and from thence to Saa Francisco.
Mrs. M. E. Abrams entertained Fri-! day
afternoon in honor of her aunt,!
i ^
! .Mrs. Harshman. The house was ar- j1
listically decorated with ferns a<-d 1J
pot plants. About forty ladies were j *
present. Cake and ice cream was j
-served. Among tlie out-of-town guests j
"wer? Mesdames I*aura Henderson and ',
ilfiss Edith Henderson of Newberry,j,
JJiss WinAie Henderson Maybiaton,;
Mr9. Qiary Coleman, Asheville. X. C.J
,\?rs. C. H. Shannon, Cromers, Mrs. 1
-Jno. M. Snber and Mrs- Orvilie Suber
of Mollohon. | |
j Mrs. J. B. Pitts entertained Tuesday j
litemnnn i-v honor of Mrs. Harsb-1
otttii. x Tables wer* placed as for
t\- cards, but instead upon each table '
f was an aluminum cake plate containf
*ir.g about sixty parched peanuts. Each 3
5uest u-as sivea a loag hat pin. with 1
tfcis held at tlie top with the left hand t
vre were to remove the peanuts from 1
-the plates. The lady removing the !
greatest number at each table re-15
^ i
-reived a punch in the pretty Easter j !
I card that had been gr.en her by the 1
P hostess. Six times we went from
* table to table> The first prize a box* 1
of stationery was given to Mrs. S.
A. Jeter and second, a lovely hand- 5
kerchief to ^Srs. Harshman. A splen- (
- - - * ~ j*
cfw! saiaa course was servea.
The Sunday school of the Methodist
. church "will celebrate children's day J
on the fifth Sabbath, April 30th. TGie
-children are practicing their recita-jt
"nons and songs and will be glad to ]
welcome their frie&ds that day. ,
I ;Mr. Jas. P Bishop and family, who
&ave lived here for many years have ,
Lt '
moved to Macon, Gti. We will miss
rtbem. '
Dr. T. B. Wood is having a hand- [
reek Opens \
' J I>V. 1
.es of Gladness
het?None Sold After Noon f^)n
Have Worked Hard and I a ne
I Halr'ac
1 n 1 Tl _ | . ... t
on ot the reopie?i ne j < - ?
: m**.
irit Prevailed. j shC !h
| sic Kc
ficiinees and flower-trimmed liats. tow.i ;
i itpv vi^pined almost as if they nr"_,ht : Pro
have some kinship with the Irish j . } cm
fairies that Irish folk believe in andji.' v.
watch for in Ireland on certain nights] M:*i.!
spring. Their voices were so clear. l-rd <
tneir faces were so fresh and smiling. !
that they set e ery one into a gale ofjSerzlo
laughter and hand-clapping. All were j Air.
singers, two were violinists, two were his gr
readers and perhaps all were plan-; Col.
ists. It "did o: e good.'' as the saying town
goes, to hear some of the people in alway;
*he audience laughing out loud in
? '
genuine enjoyment of the funny songs 01J'1 NV
a :d speeches. { Mrs
; turnec
~ ~ i A
At a meeting oi tne guaramuis friend
night they found that nearly every j yj10
ticket had been sold to meet the con- J ,S(.^ooi
tract with the Redpath people. This ! 'uef.ne
means that the people who thought j
they were goii^g to get a season tic- j ^uj] ^
ket from a guarantor who was ob-lig-j Ui,j0n
ed to take tickets for the deficit in his i -yIr
of o c?r>rifjpp r>riee Will find it.
I U1AC1 dlt, a v a uv* x - u ,
his plot ruined. For every ticket will eLts ^
be sold for $2.50 and after today none Rev
can be gotten for less than $3. So ^ve v
look up one of the ticket sellers if < churc}
>*ou have not bought a"d get a sea-; -phey
son ticket at the reduced price. durirg
Mr. fWllliam Ranny Bennett will "^'ork
>peak tonight. The Columbia people <:ess 1
were delighted with him So don't
QQiss the Killarny Girls and Mr. Ben ett
tonigHt (Thursday).
this v
some new dwelling put up, just in ^
front of Mr. J. B. Pitts residence.
Mr Marion Xance who went to! , .
i clay w
Draughons Business College in Co- Tjie
lumbia hats finished his course in p0]
stenography and type-writing and expects
to accept a position soon. He j?ev
is here cow spending a few days with ^ .
iiis mother, ^Irs. E. C. Nance. -^Ir
Mr. and Mrs. Z. H. Suber. Mrs. W. rfav -n
ft. Rasor, Mr. W. J. Atchison, '.Mr.
and Mrs. T. W. Coleman. Mr. J. D. ^ough'
ridmarsh and Mr. A. J. Holt all went Ho-g 1
motoring to Columbia last Wednesday.
The ladies spoke interestingly ^ the
Df Helen Keller's lecture. aT
Miss Ellen Lake was called to <?(-, op<
I'nion (Wednesday to the bedside of ot
lev father who died the following day. ta^e
Vliss Lake has returned to Whitmire. memb<
Dr. W. L. Sims after a short stay pT1^ijc
,n Union is here again. He has rooms both (
it the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Doug- ba?^et
Miss Lula Donr.an, one of the teach- Thei
?rs in the school here, spent the
sreek-end at her home, Tylersville, lloon
Laurens county, vlted.
On Tuesday afternoon, April 12, the here t
following ladies were invited to meet bim si
*ith Mrs. Wm. Colemaa at her home '^iss
tor the purpose of organizing The week-<
Biographical club of Whitmire, S. C.: ^rGreen'
Mesdames T. H. Watson, S. A. Jeter, ? . ,
rr icnds
Z. H. Suber, Chas. A. Hanna, 3nd
Misses Frances Rice, and Ellen Lake. ^ j
rhe object oi this society is to im- p
prove the members in literature and
listory. We will study the lives of
er are
;reat men and women for our own
profit and pleasure. The proceeds g
shall be spent in establishing a libWhitm
arv here and later pertiaps in giving ,
* ^ , v - . pletior
i scholarship in some college to a x ,
stock i
worthy boy or girl. It was decided .
^ ^ , in tne
to begin our study at home taking
ip county or State characters before <
we discussed thoee of the United
end Vi
States or the world. The following . f ,
officers were elected: president, (Mrs
, Miss
Wm. Coleman; recording secretary,
Hiss Frances Rice; corresponding spend
secretary, Mns. T. H. (Watson. ...
and Mrs. Lander Fridy of Spar- cipal c
:anburg were here this week visiting nt Rod
[lis parents. Rev and Mrs. J. M. Fri- with
3y. evenin.
Rev. T. iA. Beckett has gone to
Philadelphia where he will undergo er ne
treatment for his eye. "home 1
ago IV
Mr J. M. Major has rented his hotel teach
{. von A. Riser Mores to North
arolhia?Young Peoples So Family \ames r
cieties?Personals. jure With in
?Bo yds,
al to The Herald and News.
.ana. April 27,-Mr. W. B. rhalmers r v
=t, Jr.. and Miss Lottie T.ee benvil,e () wer
ro spent Easter *?vith Mr. nnd . .
on Saturday anc
J f\ I nnruor.L*
4. W. I jK'in iim\ /\. , .... .
! Mr. White had
Dijane Livingston, .Mr. lienrv I ,
j the Head Snrins
*. Misses Marv Livingston, tics-!
, , ? V i nc<; (reek grai
(denbrusa of Newi-errv were m ; ,
I Through what
Saturday. I
,. T,.. , , I some of the mo:
i". <.\airrv I.^aru 01 .Newneriv
, . , , tile eountrv lie
the wxviv''ml ot last weeK wiln
States. Mr. W1
S. t
? . returnir^ north
< !) " teacher of ^uMm.-r...
4 . ... in St. Petersbi
[ Di < i:<. p t Saturday last 1
j desire o? his r
Wiiii ; ..iniuv o! Mr. f. h.
. 1*:*. U^lT T'..l . TT
j .viiLL-iit:ii r\yie
, these ancestral
if^ivitvo i (Vi! si:out Luster wiiii
her wish was
andmotlier. wh;tf. as a mai
K H Au!l of Newberry was in . . a
n. n. au.i ; it in ]lcr stead.
Tuesday. His many Lriend? are
5 glad to see him. Mr. White 01
: Nettie Murphy sp^nt ihe weok- descended fron
ith Mr. J. A. Felker. families early
John D. Wedaman has just re- rion. The bra
1 from a pleasant visit tc about 3SCO alo
s iu Newberry. , Chester. iS. C\.
Ladies of the Pomaria grad'j'i Reformed Presl
will furnish their annual bar- rGv. pr^ Alex
here on July 4th, city visited thi:
.Jno. 1). Shealy and Mr. Geo. B Co.enaiiters wl
ave gone to the old soldiers re- jn their 'commn
at Rock Hill. j slaves. They <1
Earnest Livingston agent at j war saw this (
rvwri cnont Kasfpr with his nar- ! T e-oi/1 vi-ac;
ucuu oaiu ? ao
Ir. and Mrs. L. V. Livingstoa. the r00( Qf (]i
y. von A. Riser and family for wHh n0( ;j sjn2
ears pastor of the St. Paul on ani Dixcns
, oeaves for Gibsonville, X. C. natj(>rs four.fli
have made many warm friends nonll acd sout[
; their five years or' Christian
here. We wish them much sue- *n these gra
n their new 'field of Christian Prosperity Mr.
which will be greatly missed ^stone names, of
'are used to eor
i school will close Friday of enantcr church.
veek. Exercises will start at mers ^orm sorr
Covenanters i
H. O. Stone of Newberry and whl!e the latter
Geo. Bundrick spent Wednes- 710 ?? ,ho m
ith Mr. R. J. Johnson. j in tne ^
re will be communion service fa^nished ^omc
naria Lutheran church Sunday, ^ru*s*ie^
strnotors in tli
Roy Anderson is holding a ten I SIoan was a
revival meeting here. I Slavery platfor
anfl :Vrr,c*; J- T. Lyles spent Sun-| Iips anf* G;irri<
-Newberry. (great regret *
Arthur (Box) Counts has i Garri^n neithe
t a new John Henry roadster, flox believers .c
veanng some smile this week.! up as the bulw
Newberry County Conference/ e Rei'ds wh
Young Peoples* Societies meets jin IocaI sravei
Paul's church Sunday, April j scetldant Vhitel
jMiiiig at 3:00 p. m. T'nveiling i'11iiu*she(l 6dit<
S. Seybt's monument will i n"^une anfl 1
place at 4:00 o'clock by the 1 EnsIa'"d- T,1e
r> fpTip j fowiiv that fu;
?rs OI lllfci ruuijiia \-c4.ixiL/. * I
, enanters martv
is cordially invited to attend ^ .
,, , ! Scotland. His
ixercises a'd bring well filled | .
ordained bv the
s and gpend^the day. j Holland. '
*e will be preaching at Cannon Such is the i
Mission church Sabbath after- faith, a churcjb
at 4 o'clock. Everybody In- south only bj
church sboufri
1 "tfre four here
:o Mr. J. B. Morse. We with a, Chc6tcr to ...
iccess in this ner venture. buried a
Harnett Rutherford spent last a .
~d wiUl Mrs. M E. Abrams. L re<J thg ^
Allen Fridy and family of but ftajed h,m
.rood visited relative. and 3hort the Corer
i here last week. voting, holding
Sallie Payne, who has not been ^ . ,,
- some time has gone to Dr. fZ
v VlUii iU
i hospital in Chester. ^ king of kic?
>rs. Jno. Jeter and Emmett Snb- an atheistic?
spending a few days at Mr. cause ^ says %
ce Jeters. ed of we the p
handsome new brHc store of the aII g^vcrri
ire Supply Co. is nearing com- fj^ev
i. They expect to move the ^ t^e SUpreme
of goods into this new buildiag al affairs- the;
early part of/this week. members of set
ter Robert Jeter and sister, communion anc
[a Jeter, are spending the week* psalmody of^TJn
rith their little cousins and manual of prais
j here. ,
Ethel Jones, governess for Dr 1It- '<
Jeter, has gone to Newberry to reporter for t\
Easter with ber parents. the Republican
Frances C. Jeter who is prin- pers in his city
hiring this session of the scnooi to Xettia ana hj
man. S. C., will close her school later gencratior
an entertainment next Friday mers and Rekl
g. Mrs. S. A. Jeter expects to lY'r. White is i
these closing exercises. Af- Covenanter chu
xt week Miss Jeter "will be at parestns were o
For the summer. Several weeks his father was
is?* Jeter was re-eteeted ttr nomination, "but
the Rodman school. ; byterian church
* ?????1??' r ?. -
. i )Iiss Swittenberg Reelected
Fiiar Are I'sed to Con-J cinal of Little Mountain
Covenanter Church School.
Chalmers, Reids.
j At the regular meeting
... . , ... . ? i board of trustees of the Li
\ nite and wire ot Sten
4-^ rrly CaIIAAI V* Cl 1 fl r\n 1
v- , Irflli IHfill OV/UVUA VII
e visitors m -Newoerrv ;
, , , .... ... j afternoon, all of the preser
I Sabbath. \Y hile here
. . .. . . I were unanimously reelecte
the privilege to? visit
ether vear. Miss Mayme
Km.s; Creek and i^on,
. , ? hers;. principal; blisses A
eyaras goina: bv auto >
. i (lentry, Eunice Lone;, Ernes
Mr. 'unite pronounces;
. . er. Elberta Sease and Mar:
?t picturesque and fer-;
, T. .A , ! ton. \:iss Willie Mae Wise
has seen in the I nit.ed i
i .i ... . I cf the domestic- science in
[lite and wile are just 1
... . , . i Little Mountain school I
atter a winter spent T,,
Tx .. ed a verv prosperous veai
irg. Ha. It was the
,T ' about to close one of the
iiother, Mrs. Margaret
, t cessful years in its history,
, IULU, ueceastju, IU visa (
, , ? , "hard work and efficient serv
burving grounds, but !
, -. j "?!" of the teachers. It wc
never -fulfilled so '.Mr.!
f ,. , , , . , . gretted very much bv the
ter of duty is making , J ~
; the school should ary of th
! decline acceptance for anot
1 his mother's side is * _
1 the Boyd-Chalmers
. f enlral W. E. Chnrch,
po-neers 111 tins secnrh
that went north ^l>ev ^ Nibble. Pa
ng with friends from Below is the schedule c
were Covenanters or for Sunday. April the 30th
jyterians. About 1800 Morning service. 11 a. n
McLeod of New Yor.K of sermon, "Why I Am ;
s section and notified Member."
io wished to remain Sunday school, 4 p. m.
nion to cease holding Epworth League, 7:45 p.
lid so and the Civil Evening service. S:30 p.
hurch which Dr. Mc- Come ar<i worsnip witn
"::ot any branch but notice that the evening
e Cahinistic church"' changed to S: 30 o'clock.
;le church below Masline.
Other denomi.
, , >jingnnyille Sciioo
ished and split up . ,
! The Vaughnville school
1, says Mr. White. ; , . . _ ,
> closing eexrcises at Soul<
veyards and one at; Methodist church on May I
White found tomb- The school will entertuir
families whose names ( pie with a play, drill di?
ijure with in the Cov-j there will be addresses by.
'The Boyds and Chal- 'nall. F. H. Dominick, H.
e of the most sturdy i Geo. V. Hunter. T. M. ^
i ? I r-v ii .7 r> I_T
II Uie uenoiiimauvu u. ui~m*u auu ivc?. d. ix.
family lias furnished A picnic dinner will be
ost brilliant ministers the grounds and at 3:30 o'c
. church. The Sloans will be base ball. The pu
; of the most distin- vited to come.
rs and theological in- <The sermon before the i
e R. P. church. One preached last Sunday a
speaker on the anti- Chapel by the Rev. B. H. C<
m with Wendell Phil
on. Dr. Sloan's one x , . .. ? ,
( hurch or the Redee
/as that Phillips and
r of whom were ortho- (Rcv- Edward
:oald hold the church Xothins I'^venting. the
ark of human slavery. wi? be the Program of diril
ose names are fourd 81 the r^heran Church c
ranis furnished a de-rltemer next Sund8y:
law Reid to be the dis- j 10:15 A. 'M. The Sum
>r of the New York ,,;eet' "Orphan home day.'
an ambassador to n:,r>- A- M- The raorni'
Renwicks came of a of sermon. "What
loot rnt- fcr a Helpless Man."
r for the scaffold in i 8:00 p- -u The ?oun? r
successor had to be'have eharSe ?f service. 1
Calvinistic church in j ?ermon ser^es on
rious Questions and Answer
given. Some of the question
listory of a people, a service will be:
t represented in. the } j admit that I neglec
graveyards. - That ^ut j am ^ ^ bacj as mj
erect monuments in nejghbor. therefore, do I n<
and three graveyards prerty ehance to be s
mark the spot where 2 Yes< T am badf but }
jple wbo alwajs stood f?oor?<; will not this c
religious liberty, who badnes"s "
,-rath of. earthly kings. , The ? cordia?
who is Immanuel. In ,, all
the serrices.
tanters dissented from
office, etc.,, because t
nited Sta:?s Con-stitu- Hog Raisisg.
re to recognize Christ "...
. . , , As a stimulation ta the
^ to be immoral and
. boys who are undertaking
infidel order, also be- ^ ,
rovernment is ordain- reglsterad ^""Oc-Jersey ho
eople when the Bible caunt5" demonstration ager
iment is ordained of;3* Mills' *iU "ot Mr' Jam&
that the Bible should!tlefca,,m' of Pr09Perit7 t0 c
guide in government- jtwo ^ oW Duroc-J?"ey
_ ?(pigs at Newberry, Monday,
Y Will iiUt IV/tciaiw j
:ret orders ia their This sov and pi?s
I they hold to the showa on ,he PuMc s1uar<
cle David as the ottly wishes all of the pi?
e to see what can be done wit
two years.
is been a newspaper
venty-seven years oa
and Democratic pa- There will be an enterta
. From here he goes Ridge Spring school in No.
e^arville, Ohio, where ship on Saturday evening,
is of the Boyd-Chal- with the following program
families are buried. Play?Sleeping Beauty.
* w_u TTVvrVn
:ot a member of the nay?AAl A. VTA *WI
rch though both hie Play?Jumbo Jam.
nee in the church and Colonial Minuet,
a minister of the de- i.Admission 15 cents,
is 'row in tire Pres- The public is cordial!?
. north. Your money's worth.
[ as Frin
t Hierh To the Members of the State Warehouse
The State \\ftrehouse system has
of the reached a crisis in its life. Our enettle
Moun- ^ies are strong, organized and prekVednesday
pared for its destruction.
it teachers The usefulness of the system has
d for an- been demonstrated wherever operat
Switier.-! edi its possibilities of devlopment
nnie Mae J ^or stabilizing cotton values cannot
tine Wick-' over-estimated. It can be pre^aret
Bur-' served and extended, if its friends
has charge i unite anc* wor^ i;1 harmony to this
the school, i en^las
enjoy- ^"?11 are therefore urged to atttend
- and is a meetin? ?f the association, to be
mn*f R11P. held in the office of the State ware
due to the house commission, in the city of Coice
of each ' Iurn,r'a- on Wednesday afterroon, May
raid be re- in order tliat in ^le multitude of
patrons of ioounsel a P'-an effort may be
e' teachers agreed on- ' :The meeting will be
-??? called to order at 2:30 o'clock.
,ner }ear.
j It will not be possible, in the short
? | time intervening, to reach the memSoutTi.
| hers by personal letters; but the
stor. meeting is of vital importance, and:
if services ' eactl memi)er is urged to attend.
I Respectfully,
subject J J- A- Banks>
i Church; Presided.
: | Gov. Cole. L. Blease who is schedUS.
Plefl-.ft in .noalr of Tr?11 v CItroof nn FVi
# ut W4 VV VJU * * *
day, May 5, has accepted as invitationfrom
the tribe of Red Men at Pros?
perity to deliver a public address on
I. the principles of the order in the
will have town hall at Prosperity on the events
Chapel ing of the sa|ie day at 7:30 o'clock.
>. The public is invited to be present.
1 the peo
H. Blease, j (Jov. Manning Stresses Importance of
Jills, Geo. Elementary Training to E4nCovington.
cation Board.
served on Columbia, April 24.?"We must bear
:lock there in mind that the great bulk of our
Due is in- cnnaren are in me nrsi eigm ^raaes,
a.:d iSouth Carolina must stress the *?
school was work of elementary education,said /
it Soule's Governor Manning today in his rejvington.
marks in opening the first meeting
of the newly appointed State Doartl
of education held in the office of State
Superintendent of Education* Swear\
ingen "Industrial training demands
earnest attention. Domestic science,
ne services
manua training and agriculture are
>f the Re- . . , ,
too important to be overlooked or
neglected longer," said the governor,
lay school _ . ,
Governor Ma .nmg stressa the needs
of the rural and urban schools, stat- >
cr service I
1 n . ' ins; that "the course of s*udy is the
Jesus Did j ^ ^ school; this must be fixed
! by the State board, and should be
people w ill , adapted to rural and urban needs, to
he fourth j-ICL and poor, to manufacturing cenSome
Se- an(j sparsely settled agriculs.
will oe, turaj districts." iThe governor out
is for this 2ined the scope of work to be done by
the State board of education and exf
rpli<*?nn '
? ' pressed the hope and sincere belief
religious the cause of education. touM
5t stared a .continue to make progress under
>aved? wise guidance of this board.
do some
invited to dewberry County Conference
of Lutheran Young People's Societies
? will hold its second annual meeting
at St. Pauls church, Sunday, April
men and regular service hour in the
to morning llr. Kenneth Baker or
gs in. the Greenwood will address the conit,
3Ir. T. ference. At the afternoon session
j D. Quat- following program, wlli be carried
ixhibit his o^*.
sow and Relation of the Young Peo1st
(lay of pjes Societies to the Ohurdi," Prof,,
will be s. J. Derrick.
), ami 1I*. "How to Plan and Conduct a Regclub
boys uiaj. Meeting," Miss Rosalya Hipp,
h a pig ia "How to Get New Members and
Hold the Old Ones," Mr. Walter Rich_
"How to Organize and Conduct a
inment at Mission Study Class," (Yisa Eunice
7 tows- Long.
April 29, "Our Relation to the State Federai:
tioV Mr. McFall Wise.
j 121 -who are Interested In the Young
a. Peoples' work are invited to t>e present
Dinner will be served on the
church grounds.
Elh&rta. Seaae.,
' invited. Secretary.
Little Mountain, S. C. J

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