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S?yS S25& Dear 1
mk ^erolls anB jcos. u
Eatered at the Postoffice at New"
I p p r
3?ry, S. C., as 2nd class matter.
" Dear
_ I Sleepi
.No mc
Fridav April 2Sth, 1916
,kan ti
=* ] Ah, fc
One of the finest country sections But 't
of iSouth Carolina that I have seen [ He ca
in my various meaiiderings over the To gn
State is the stretch of country from j It ca:
Laurens out to Fairview just across
the I^iurens line in Greenville coun-j To pa
ty. I had the pleasure of a trip over Oh, fa
it on last Saturday in company with > In pe;
Mr. W. G. Peterson and Mr. E. P. j Your
Bradley who wanted to go to a re- j But G
union among their old comrades and It wa
it was a real pleasure for me to be1
the instrument in getting them there.1 But h(
The roads in Laurens and Green-; And G
v'lle are fine. In Laurens, the su- Yet a?
pervisor. Mr. H. B. Humbert, is a civilj When
engineer and you can see the result of i in her
his knowledge in the laying out of Where
the roads. He relocates where it is j Fatl
necessary and does not make you go; crosse
straight up or down the hill, but * twixt
builds the road on a grade and some-; Far*
times you almost meet yourself go- where
ing down some of those big Laurens ing.
hills. There was n^ed on some of(
the Laurens road of the drag. in)
Greenville the roads had been drag-j
ge-d recently and it was a real pleas- j
ure to drive over them. We came
"back by way of Fountain Inn. j -The
Another thing that struck the held i
stranger in this line section is the ^ay 3
magnificent school buildings away j town :
out there in the country. Two storybeginr
buildings with six and eight rooms! ur<jay
and big colonial columns in front.; tirelv
And then the homes were all nicely jtown
- * * ,1 -n-nll !_
painted ana naa Deauui^i auu "Clii later
kept flower yards and grass plots. Ev-|
erything wore the appearance of a
"happy and contented people. And you j
neve/ got out of view of a nice country j FOR ]
home. All small farmers and many; Cald
of them do their own work. by !
>i I
The meeting for the company was j 1916
i T
in a grove at the residence of (Mr. j to i
Jesse Stoddard who lives just across I Sara
the line in Greenville county. The; 4-28I
old vets enjoyed the meeting togeth-;
er and they gave the rebel yell sev- j^y j
eral times but I imagine it was r.ot;
as lustily given as in the days long
gone when they were on the tinted xewbe
field and in the charge. ^
It is not my purpose to write of the ! r-0r tj1(
proceedings. I just wanted to tell; werr. i
- 1 T nunnrir. O >1 A CI r O011 V 1 1 1 O I C< I
<A UU UI UlUtC Liuuicus uuu j
reads and those magnificent school] ^ r
buildings and to express the hope j
that Newberry would soon have such i ]) q
school buildings in the rural dfs-. # ^
tricts of this county. We can have ^ \
them. All we need is to get the peo- j ^
pie aroused to their value and im- ^ j.
portance. I was told that these were j g 3
high schools with several teachers j ^
That is what the rural districts of; j
South Carolina, need. If we wantj j y
the people to remain in the coun-J j
trr hnildinsr of sood and comfort- j f
able school Louses and the employ-i ,y
ment of good ind efficient teachers;
must be the rule. "With good schools' ;
there will come good roads and good qG0]
and good comfortable country homes. jn0
And to have these there must be en-! ,Chai
couragement to the young people to; q p
- settle on the farm. j r 3
The members of the companies rep- j E. }
sented gave special honor and atten-j Jos.
tion to the Xewberry veterans who J. 1
went with me and 1 was proud of! S. L
them. Mr. E. P. Bradley was the last; T. >
one of the eterans to carry the old j P. _
company flag which was suspended) J. A
from the rostrum. It has been toj T. N
Xewberry on several confederate re-! Geoi
unions. It was a pleasant day and j T. >
I saw several who originally went out! 'S. J
from Xewberry. E. I
n TT A ! IT'h r^.
Ej. H. /I. j r *
mt Patr
In Memory of James Pink Thomas.
How sad it was March 6th, 1916, ^
when the death angel visited our J ^
home and claimed a dear and loving
father. *
A ^ ^
Dear father you have left ub.
Left yes, for ever more.
?ut we hope to meet thee, father, c<m
-On that bright and hippy shore. Dele
Lonely the house, sad the tome, ter q
-Siaee ow dear father has gone. ... ^
But oh! a brighter home than t>ur?
In heaven is now his own. ' ^
A iotthc father from ns ;has gone,
k- A voice we loved te stilled"
. A piacc is vaeaat ia our tane '
Which can never be ftUed. 1
i w
j3Jeep oc dear father >nd take thy
i .. Coon
-"God called you home, He tboajht it ?>eje
beU- ? .* jJ. B.
Bat Still .we are not content to part 3
-?^lth oae.-sre loved ?0 well.
W* ca?n .sever .'forget the srjronizinsj Caai
tear "
'wmmrv&r^es'vimg'iitBe^ 'pssfe
J$y?e *er? ctafei to vaSe s? mow. ifem
t, ^
'ather, beyond the shore on the na,
()i:H . Side. (\>:nniiueeimin?
le river of death with its Delesite*- X ^
shadowy tide , Havird. K. Auil
Saviour's >oice hath whispered j kililor 1) 15 CI
father with folded hands j
, , , , i Committeeman ng
beyond the silver sands
Delegates- .1 H
>re sorrow, no more pain I
ouch thy loving heart again. i 'n?sU)n- (
I Carter P. S. Tor
ither, thou hast left us |
thy loss we deeply feel !nel,-y- H- B- Franli
is God that hath bereft us. I Oak
in all our sorrows heal. j Committeeman?
re thee up, clear father. j Delegates -W. E
ises our hearts with grief to! Dowell. D. E. Smit
swell. i llg]
rt with one we loved so well, j Comn)ilteeman_
ither, in love you lived Delegate?.T. W.
ice you died.
... . , Harl
life bv us was craved
, . , Committeema ?
od denied.
j j c *v. * ' Delegate Ciaudt
5 sad dear father to give thee,
I Alternate? H R.
iaven's gates were opened .loan
rod called you home to rest Committeeman?
,rain we hope to meet thee j Delegates- I\ B.
the life is fled and j , (iari
iven with joy to greet thee. i Committeeman?
no farewell tears are shed. j Delegate?TT. W.
ler. we know that thou has. ^ j
d the troubled river that lies
us and heaven.
>we!l. dear father, till we meet Delegate*?\\.
there will be no more part- MuH
A heartbroken daughter. { Delegate?John
Alice Thomas. i >IayI
c? n I PAmmitfamon
V\ UCI 1 V, o. V'. j v uniiiiitiviiiuii
' Delegate?
Baby Health Contest. : ^ PI
Better Babies contest will be t Committeeman
n the high school building on Delegates Fred
2 and 13. The babies from the Q]ymph
are to be examined on the 12th, J j ,.^1
ung at 12 o'clock, while Sat-! Committeeman_
the 13th. will be given over en-1 Delegates_H A
to the babies outside ot the|Baker w w w;.
Full particulars will appear JG Holder y c c
j Mack Wright. R.
.airman Publicity Committee. | S(roud pjnk G,en]
^ Long
RENT?The store building 120S Executive Con
well street, recently occupied Folk.
Ewart-Perry Co., from May 1, Delegate??B. H
to December 31, 1916. Apply Icromer.
)r. W. G. Houseal for terms, j ja]
ill W. Houseal. j f.iub mf>t
j arose about a quo:
mm i cided to recess un
FOR (OtfMON PLEAS CO^RT j Committeemancourt
of common pleai for Delegates T. H.
rry county will convene Mo*i- gjj,
lay 8th. The following jurors rprj
e first week of the spring term fomn;irteemaTi?
drawn Friday: Delegate-John
K0h?- i TO,,!!
\ Coleman.- !
E. Dawkins .Committeemani
Wilson ' ! Delegates?John
1 Dominick. Ubrams.
Boiand. <Thfs elub_if en
Richardson. Jr. as i( P0,!el' v0
2 Tavlor mary two years a;
rl. Mayes. He0(1<
[. Dodger/i. Committeeman?
>. Wheeler. Delegates?Robe
'. Jones. Buford.
p. Miller. ! (This club poll(
Xeel. 'the first primary
- Danielson. | under the corsstit
H. Hardeman. lonlv one delegate.
E- Fuller- Don,
r *.e A. Loozer. Committeeman?
H. Turner. _ . . ,,
Delegate?M. M.
rles R Wesson. ? , ,
I. Shannon. _
I Committeeman?
J. Lominack. _ . . T o
! Delegate ?J S.
1 Evans.
A. Counts. ' n,al
. Boozer Committeeman,
Fellers. Delegates-J. J.
: Parks Leo Hamilton
L' Lominick. Vanei
Burton. Committeeman?
'. Sanders. Delegates?M. J.
ge S. Bedenbaugh. XJtc
I. Hunter. Committeeman?
Kinard. Delegate?J. R.
Strauss. s?Te,
; J. Wilson.
. , , Committeeman?
ick Stockman.
Delegates?H. O
<$>$>$><?><$><$><$>$><$><$ <$><?$><? East Si
Wsri Kt, h v ? Delegates?fF A
mitteeman?W. A. AleSwain. Young, A. A. Nat<
gates?C. G. Blease, P. F. Bax- S. L. Fell ere, M. C.
W. Douglas, W. B. Johnson, S. J. S. (TOieeler, C.
inhisbam, R. C. Perry. Stotttemayer.
fw< 2. 81 I
mitteeman?T. B. Hunter. OetBBitteeman?
. * 1 k:-* .
gates?I. H. Haat, EL C. Jones, . Delegates?R. S.
Saamer, W. W. Cromer, W. G. MettB.
, B. H. Abrams, S;' J- ' Derrick 8alc4a
Katies. Committeeman?
War* fjre 1. Delegates?J E.
mkteeman?J. B. O'N. Hollo way. inick.
gaies?J. i, Keiti, A. Jcbntfoa#, - U'JS
Ofa?\ Itottoway. Gto. S. Mow?r, CommitteRn&a?
fclnintfb. Delegates?Oscai
Wart 5, Ne. 2. ^*se, J. H. Garrel
ntxtteeoaa?J. M K. fia2h&*dt Mont
gfcfcec?J. Qfi. K- Btufearlt, K. H. Committeeman?
m. R WatTBer.
r<! Liberty.
F. li. Hunter. Coimnitteenian K. c. T. I
i. Workman, J. 0. \ Delegates Geo. F. Hunter
. li. C. lioylston T. i Hunter.
' i
randier. ! Sniltou.
rd r>. Committeeman?John S. W
0. S. Goree. Delegates?Geo. A. Counts
Chappell, J. P. Lir-; Watts.
), L. R. Jones, H. C. . , . ..
(This club cast onlv 36 -vol
iipkieis. D D Con-i
* j first primary two years ag
'^n' ! entitled to only one delegal
It. C. Williams. i U,,le
. ?entell, J. B. Mc-1 Committeeman?J. B. Derr
h. | Delegates?A. X. Bolaind, J
lesia. ! rick. S. W. Young, C. E. Wfr
J. L. Bedenbaugfc. | Union.
IJ/\n /r .ir cri*? ?
ncimciwu. i ueie&ates?w. F. Bnlow,
fford. ' Strauss.
Z. W. Dennis. > (This club cast only 34 vol
j P. Summer. I first primary two years ago a
Paysnger. i the constitution is only entitl
stone. | delegate.)
M. M. Mills. | .lolly Street
Hanks, L. A. Tew. Committeeman?H B. Ric
any. Delegates?S. R. Metts, G.
B. B. Leitzsey. : Alternates?J. P. Richards
Folk. | Ellesor.
{etliol. St. Pauls ?
\V. C. Brown. Committeeman?\Y. II. Kit
Brown i Delegate?L. B. F^edenb.u
>erry. I *entral.
J. T). Nance. ! Committeeman?.Toe A. Coi
P. Wicker. : Delegate?A. L. Aull.
>iiiton. i ZIou.
! Committeeman?M. M. Ha
Delegates?4M. H. Folk, <
leasant. ; Kinard.
t t. henderson. St. Pliillins.
Smith, Ernest Committeeman?J. i\Y. Lom
Delegates?Ed. M. En low.
tmlre." j Kinard, -7. W. Lominack.
J - D. Tidmarsh. j Walton.
V.. Bowles. J. D. Committeeman?J. D. Croc
ker, T. E. Eison. J. j Delegate?.Tno. M. Harmai
handler. J. E. Still,! Pomaria.
M. Aughtry, W. D.; Committeeman?Geo. B. A
n, Will Baker. , Delegates?'Walter Richarc
Lane. ! D. Hatton, H. W. Lominack.
nmitteeman?C. M. |
. Caldwell. Charlton i
'rv!l,?* This is the
I M. Smith.
rt Wallace, w. t. mount program.
and run continuoi
hi only 33'votes in Arcade and the C
two years ago and
ution could ha-ve
i U
Fred J. Harmon. j FAMOU. PL/
Livingston. ;
i >'o. 7.
I\V. H. Sanders,
,pells. , In sup
J B. Scurry.
Murran, E. M. Mar-!
T W Rudd. f
Longshore ;
J. A. Foy. i
Perdue. i
street { U'
J. T. Coleman. j J[ JL
, Long, J. P. Blair, 1
iyerride. -r.. i. * *
e Hayes. Directed bj
B. Lte Hayes, I - produced "The Bi
Kmr._ ; Gettysburg" and
J. a. Wfleeitr. j - -------Dominlck,.K.
is, Geo. % Hunter,
Morri#, S. J. Koto, j*q
T; W*pk), .B. I.
4l?fc * * " *>'
J. P.rJftfPlCitA. '
Hstrktaa, J. W. Griffith--!
L. Li DominkA. K&VIIIO
Moats, L. L. Dom* '
Kentoae Con
mB. - a ^
Olin 0. S?*ly.
Weuinger, PitB. ?p ^^1
toll* I
W, W. Shealy. mrnm^amm^
r.MHWk -*?'
I>& Creek.
lunter. !
,p ^ I <'oinmitt?f*man?I. P. Harmon.
r- :
-: s. b,
tes lq the i
;?e/nd 1 Newbe
. k | Are you loot
b. dei - This is th place.
m. u Silk Satin, all colors,
Plaid Silk, 75c value
:es in the
ind under c__
ed to one ore,
Wash goods, differe
hardson. " Whitg yoiles< 49 t0 4
J Werts. _
on, p. b. j yard
10c Ginghams for 8i
Men's dark shirts, go
'f" value for :
Men's dress shirts, al
ints. co 75e.
Men's s^raw hats froi
Middy blouses from 4
John w. Ladies' shirt waist, s
date, prices from 35c t<
I Ladies' skirts in all c
inic-k. I
Shoes of all kinds jus
)ks. | to $3.75.
i. ????????
"" W1 93S1V
j' ___
gaggl FRIDAY
In an unusi
JiM "Poor Lit
iirst seven reel subject that has e^
Owing to the length of this play
lsly until 10.30 p m. This gives al
hautauqua. Prices remain the sar
Marie Doro
erb photopiay adaptation of 3ARD<
IP L O M ^
A Paramount Picture in 5 a
j MAY 10th?
a ii/>i* r* n
tlAlNULE. r
r the master minds of the picture
irth of a Nation'* thos. H. Ince, a
Mack Sennett the creator of Keyst
Fine Arte, In 5 acts, The story of i
*4 *'V-.
nd Hitchcock In "I
ied/. In 3 act*. With Mabel Nor*
, . . .."
?- - ^
i;eiegate?S. .1. Stockman. V
Alternate- -J. P. Harmon.
rry, S. c. 1
;ing for values? I
The cost sale is now on.
$1.00 values at 85c t
now 45c ?
nt patterns, 25c yd now JH
:5 inches, value 39c, now
- 25c V
c yd, 12 yds for $1.00 V
od 'heavy chambray, 50c ?'&
: 39c 1
!l colors in stripes from 45c I
n 98c to $2 25.
5c to 90c, ' ,
omething new and up to ;
3 90c
:olors from 98c to $2.75.
HOES j j
t received, prices from 98c
lain Street '
. ? 1
If '
lOHMAN Presents
- IN t
ial impersonation as
tie Peppina"
n 7 Acts j
rer appeared on the Paravve
will start at 3:15 p. m. k
1 a chance to attend both the
ne, 5 and 10 cents.
rrcsciiia * Vy^L'l 6 ^ I
3U'S powerful drama
^ C Y " .! ,
world D. W. Griffith,>who | ; f
who made "The B&ttie c<f [
xme Comedies. ^ :;U ,;i | '
Aijf~ W1 :sr!, J it
run vj
ftdwiy, ?lar in . jf . | ,
ias-, l i
i man's regeneration * ? 1 jt|
mud and Mack Sennett* 1 . ^
i ??MI?daii?i^??, .'if'
"""* ' 3T . V J
- 1. ;J.

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