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Foil* SAL I ivO basiiels bi? boll k:n- . . ? :. . .
cotton seed a: One Dol'ar per bush- Ull>> liit* L
_ Iv,'" said ??Irs.
el. .1 S. Dominick Chapnells. S. C.
of G. W. Ker
4-*-?t. St., Andfirson,
? ! ten nounds in
' the Piedmont
INTO A COXVt tSIO> !know:SLi,ie
Pickens and <
; Continuing,
Says 21-2 Bottles of Tanlac Com- le?arci to *ier
t pletely Relieved Her?Gained praise of Tanl
? Ten Pounds. "I suffered f
f ; of stomach trc
"Before I took Tanlac, I would have , and steadily \
^ after each meal at least one attack of treatment. Tin
stomach trouble that would be so lowed every 11
severe I would be thrown into a kind sions and the;
of convulsion, but now I have taken that they caus<
i want mi
T? 2 111 JL iil/ ^v,
To make two lc
LARS each or fou
LARS each at SEVI
!. CENT.
I J. A. Bui
} - t ; ?m |p,~,
1 nn 11
I Onlv two imr
L j Frances Cal
! I Tlie Majestic Range lias many
points of superiority.
(Wlticli does your mother think best?
Hakes better, lasts longer, made out
better material, use3 less fuel, looks
f I Frances CaldwelL
The Majestic Bange is the rery best
in baking and it takes less fuel And
I heats goo&^-ftnd looks prettier than
I , }. any ctf, the There is no dabger
>| \ in the bread not fcrowaisff o* the hot- .
I to*. It has a part to keep t&ags
wars and not make the* (oo hot - it
is rery easily heated, it mated to
cook a little right quick. My pother.
L. I thlftks baking is the Tery beit
k Kuiie finee Cromer*
m Mother sans it beats Quicker : on
f^T less fuel than any otfefcr stove.'
I * Martfea Lathaa.,
Th? MajeStfe' Ha&fe last} tie' lotas-'
P eat.
I Lcuk> Badfeam.
I Be sure to vis
11 (i. 1 ' U'. <' ?. .ws. ii( .;!!iij < ] : i en
rui'.. . lias gone entire- months ago. i had been .-o sii
Mary G. Kernels, wife ' < ouid do i.othing around the lit
nels, of IS H:unmett | and I spent the greater part of
?-. C\ "i have gained ! time in bed or in a chair.
weight and 1 am doing "I~isi summer 1 was twice oper
though 1 was in bed on. but that gave me no relief. (
jr six (t>) weeks before I I was carried to the hospital
; Tanlac." sh'e added. J Thursday, and it was the folio
s is widely known In j Sunday before I realized wlier
section of South Caro- ^as, so great was the agony I
- - . suffering
mneeted by oioou u* j ~number
of the best | "On the day before I began to
s in Anderson, Oconee, j Teniae, 1 had one ol these attc
Jreenville counties. ! which was particularly severe,
i two doctors were called in. They
,Mr.>. Kernels said, in me n)y (.ase was hopeless, ana
awful suffering and in j (hey knew oC 110thi g wllich w
ac* relieve me. They suggested that
rom a very severe form j other operation on my stomach
>uble for five (."?) years j sibly might give relief. I had
?rew worse despite all j been in bed six (G) weeks. My
?se attacks, which fol-; neys also were in bad shape. E\
iealt resembled convul- j thing 1 ate soured o, my stoir
y were so very painful (We had tried everything we kne1
^d me to become almost j which might reliev? me, but had
j variably failed.
T-1 j "Finally, 1 was persuaded to
mmmamamaaaBBammmam j Tan lac. (This remedy had reli
I! in a remarkable way the indigef
I with w-'iir-h mv daughter suft'erec
m Kfc ? f ' *iave novv ta^en a little over two
R^k I i.*-es ^ have gained at least toil
K vajLO I pounds. 1 am doing my houses
! now, and only fif;een (15) days
did 1 begin to take Tanlae. I
fine in every way.
p I "The very first dose of Tanlac i
>ans or j j the attack which f llowed my
me;il much less severe, and thes<
tac-ks steadily grew less in se1
| I ity until, within a week, they
j gone entirely, it is almost a mir
, j and only those who watched m
j* lOSinS 1 writhed in pain can appreciate
understand just how I suffered. 1
^ w | never quit praising Tanlac, for i
1 I If II ? ! me so much good.
! -j stay hungry all the time
^ j what I eat does not hurt me at al
* i1^ I food digests well now, and it is t
\ fishing me. It is really wond
! how .Tanlac relieved my suffering
I restored my health."
I Evans' Pharmacy, Anderson,
gladly answer all inquiries regai
i the above testimonial.
J iTanlac. the master medicine, is
exclusively by Gilder and IW
Xewberrv; Prosperity Drug Co., !
l/>sj|L r"h "MTU. I perit*v' Little Mountain Drug Co.
L m H wS I'tlo Mountain: Dr. W. 0. Hollc
^ I Chappells; JVhitmire Pharmacy. 1
I mire: D. J. Livingston, Silvers
i iiiiiiw ^ pr}ce $-j per bottle straight.?Ad
You Why 1
In You
>re days left to g
dwell and Nannie Grac
My mother considers the fact that One of its
it will holcl heat better and longer malleable ov<
than other stoves. than cast iron
Annie Graham.
My mother likes the Majestic best The Majesti
because it does not use as much of superiorit;
wood. i( . best.
Louise Rogers.
My mother likes the Majestic Range T'rte best
because it heats qujcicer.
.v.: y&Ofd Wheeled % , M> mother;
Because it is ma^eout of the best - ing.'best. ? .
material and uses *so little ,-faiel.
. : 5: <
; ? Herman Bickert My mother
Myjnother,,thtQ;ky tl^:\Maj$stie ; the best,
made' of the very b^ ' Wteriai,' and '
it bakes quicker and better-than, any My mother
.other ranie. '**- *: ?
/ * Jr . # * " /? ;.V " ; '
' "fclaude iibrngty. ^7 mother
The lasting qualities. - p?rt is^the bi
\ >*<*. , /.% ' ii.-i"i' f?" I
Geo Martin.
My mother thin^B it bakes -better. | My mother
\ Birr. Summer*;!; 1... ,;
it our store today a
That Ind
3 Style for
was ______i
Lcks>' Big variety of r
and ~
single breasted. On
an The new label f<
the popular peak-she
Id.. Young men's j
i m stripe effects. Every
take I
na?e measure up to the y<
, All Cfvlp
IX M 11 111V U V? AW
give. The superior
tensive methods of ?
specializing on Style]
andl Some one of the
' My!
,our;i and will save you
erful j J
and; in town.
will ____
iVhit- |
fou Should
J1 n i AOTi/
l Kitchen
et the $8.00 S
e Cromer tie in the
supf/.'ior points is the -My mother conside
m rack, as it is better Range best because it
Billie Badham. The malleable top.
c Range has many parts
v. She likes all parts IMy mother thinks ii
. Cai
IMabel Jones. . My ^mother thinks it
tking. 611
Maud Hamilton: My thinks
considers the good >bak- ' ' k?a?s up quicker.
- jxaij
F^nS^Grtfliam; " The baking ?nd do]
thinks the M&Jisfetic lasts : ; ~ \ '?'
| '.^7-. v it c&fcks better tiara
Georgia HaviTd.'^ " *#> ;*:> ' * i
J-'l r<4*
thinks itjfceats faster. My mother consider*
Rosa TurpinHiarrant. *' ' Ca
thinks that the heating Raking* SS^jses sc
*t. '-Y^fr
Henry. D. Adams. ^ My mother thfefc3
thiirks it teats fast. "heats ?he best.
Sarah 3iay rttts: ' ' .. Ir<
ind tomoirow. "
nodels, too?double bi
e, two or three buttons
eature?narrow width
patterns! Triple and
fabric guaranteed all 1
:>ung men's standard p
t a fashion artist knot
tailoring that comes fr
a great organization
? m m m
i many models is the s
money. For sale no'
i Have
let of Ware
$1.00 prize contes
rs the Majestic My mother likes a
heats quick. if. does not take as mi
Lita Senn. Tn
My mother thinks
XTo?.l T esoficfQ^ti
Iul11 " t) lUV/no t)Ub>uiuv?
t heats faster. Pa
olyn Tarrant. ^iy mother likes thi
uses less fuel. because it keeps her f
fford Kilgore.
? the Majestic ^.y motfcer thinks th
itiee are the be'sU
tfi Hardeman. ^ug
rabilKy. My mother thinks t!
zabeth White.
i any other. .. . o Eliza
Pbite Bullock. . jjy mother t&infcs
i it last* kmgeiv -,girfcker.
rroil Summer* ... ... > <
\dh Utile fuel. Fuel saved and quic
H^ht Cannoji. Sj
tbe Majestic. Because it tfoe? not
ane Hamilton. . . .f J&mes
Something Spe
reasted or
--many in
vs how to
om the intrained
A /I
iuit tor you
where else
Free I
it j
nch wood. fi
i>y L. Rogers.
the Majestic
Ail Anderson. ?
e warmer test . . ..
ood warm.
Helen Jones.
e lasting Qual
.?* '
rust Klettner.
lie testing is
khAtib \tcFViL
it sets. hot. : I ,
k 'IttkMng.
soaoer Wise. I
D. Boylttoncial"
-X Vni nfn/lfiftW;

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