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??????? ?????^???? f.' g J.
i 1 m
For ('onsres* ?3rd District, > dale f(
| lendcn
I am a candidate lor Congress from j rules <
tie Third Congressional District, sub- j
! . A.\
?ect to the rules of tne Democratic j 10 mt
primary. I hei
A. H. Dagnall. the off
I announce myself a candidate Tor Kducal
Congress from the Third District. I j rc?u'a1
v. ill abide the rules, regulations and I * &ee^
results of the Democratic Primary. j ?et ou
He?r.ry C. iTillman. : *nL? **
I hereby announce myself a candi- ! Ca
Gate for solicitor of the eighth circu:: -T. S.
ccmp^sed o?: ihe counties of Green-! i^r the
^ood, A-bbeville, Laurens and New- j cation
berrv and will abide the rules of th*j! the ru
Democratic primary election. j
Homer S. Black well.
T /-\
1 hereby announce myself as a can- :
d)date for the office of Solicitor of the ! urtl 0
Eighth Judicial circuit of South Caro- ^le ni
hna composed o: the counties of Abbe - i
vilie. Greenwood, Laurens and New. *
berrv subject to the rules of the Dem- ^ate *"
erratic primary. < ,
i the ru
B. V. Chapman.
i ocratK
I hereby announce mvselr as a can-1
c'idate for solicitor of the 8th Judicial j j
District, composed o-: Abbeville, Lau- ^ate
rens? Newberry and Greenwood coun- i su^jec
ties, subject to the rules of the Demo- f
[J I -Xii a J
c ratio primary. | port_
Geo. T. iMaglll. , vote t,
I hereby announce myself a candi | djscha
date for the office of solicitor of the;
Sth judical circuit and will abide the j T h
rales of tic Democratic party. ! (jate
T. Frank McCord. j an(J J
For of Representatives. \ cratic
I am a candidate for the House o! j
Representatives, subject to the rules i I he
of the Democratic party. didate
H. H. Evan?. urer. *
For Clerk of Court,
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for re-election to the office of ^
clerk of court for Xewberry county, j I he
subject to the rules of the democratic uiaate
primary. Xewbc
Y Jno. C. Goggans. rules <
For Probate Jud?e. I he
W. F. Ewart is announced as a didate
candidate ror probate judge for the subjec
unexpired term of C. C. Schumpert cratic
and will abide the rules of the Democratic
party. I he
Dr. 'Van Smith is hereby announced didate
* f-amlldate for the unexpired term Newbe
of Probate Judge of Newberry county, j of the
subject to the Democratic primary. i
For Supervisor.
I hereby announce myself as a can- i he
equate for supervisor for Newberry date f<
county, subject 1.0 the Democratic prl- berry
itary. and r
Henry -VI. Boozer. party.
1 hereby announce myself as a c-anaMate
for re-election to the office of I
?jpervi?or for Xewberrv county ana i ne
will abide by the rules and regulations date f
of the Democratic primary election. ! Master
J. C. SAMPLE. ; the ru
For Sheriff. 1 an
I am a candidate for reelection to ree^ect
tie office of sheriff of Newberry ^
county, subject to the rules a:' th?,PaiL-Democratic
I hp
Cannon G. Blease.
... date fc
: flereoy announce myseu a canai- \
i berrv
da:e lor the office o sheriff of New- !
berry county and will abide the rules j resuIt
of the Democratic primary. (My prom- j ^on'
ise is to do in the future %g I have in I
the past when I served you^-to perforxn
ray duty faithfully and conscientiously.
I an:
M. >1. Buford. the off
j !?/ ' J '
Superintendent oi Education. j ana will abide th
robv announce mvsclf a candi-: ocratic party.
jr the office of county superin-j
t of education and will abide the! P01t jmg^tr.v
Df the democratic party. j TOW
Elbert H. Aull. 1 T
j I announce my
Voters of Xewberrv County:
ihn oitice of maen
*ebv announce mv candidacv lori v. , ? 0
? * * ? -Nos. 1 and S and
ice of County Superintendent of , ,
and regulations
lion, subject to the rules and
tions of the Democratic primary.; ^
the office "not for what I can ? . '
For Maglstitf
t oit but for what I can put;
? I am a candids,
_ ,, the office of magis
Respectfully yours.
I ? fownshins and
Clemson M. Wilson. w r
7. 1916. University of South ot tl)e
rolina, Columbia. S. C.
"Wheeler is hereby announced j For JIagi<
office of superintendent of edu- j , am a cand,:dat
of Newberry county, subject to Xo 6 townsWp
les of the Democratic party. n.u,s and regllla
For County Treasurer. cTntic party.
reby announce myself Zor treas- ^
f Newberry county, subjcct to j por
les of the Democratic party. i j am a candida
Jas. F. Epting. | magistrate tor X(
'reby announce mysel-: a candi- | wjll abi(je the ru](
or re-election to the office of j partv
' treasurer and will abide by |
1 itI wxcrii To tinnc nf tllf1 Dr'TTl- T 3; ,_
unu ii ^ am a cauuma
i pnniary. j t^ie fff:ce 0f ma
JOHN* L. EPPS. J township and wil
;reby announce myself a candi- j the democratic p
>r the office of County Treasurer, i
t ro the rules of the Democratic ;
ry. I will appreciate your sup- j *"?r 3Iagii
Should I be elected, I will de-j I am a candid*
tie best efforts of my life to the. magistrate for N
rge of the duties of the offiC3. i abide the rul
WILLIAi-M E. PELHAM, Sr. j Party.
?reby announce myself a candi?
~ - . T V-? r?c?K orsnAi
)r tbe office oi county treasurer i 1
il! abide the rules of the Demo- I didate for magisti
primary election. j s^ip and
E. M .Lane. Democratic prima
reby announce myself as a can- ^
for the office o>." County JTrcas- For
subject to the rules of the Dem- * . ,
Joseph H. Ad,
! primary.
' , , ~ o . , nounced as a can
Claude C. Schumpert.
for magistrate of
FOR COUNTY AUDITOR Wl11 ablde the rul
rebv announce mvseit. as a can- Par^
for the office of Auditor for | * heieb} annoin
rry county and will abide by the j ^ate ^or
>: the Democratic primary. ^?- 3. object 1
J. Moody Bedenbaugh. j Democratic prims
reby announce myself as a cantor
the office of County Auditor, For Jlagf
t to the rules o; the Demo- j am a candida
primary. .No. 7 township
J. B. Halfacre. ruies of the Dem
reby announce myself as a canfor
the position of auditor for j am a candida
rrv rnnntv subiect to the rules A ?v<_
-j w J , ~ j t , tUWUMI p
Democratic party. the Dem<
.W. R. Reid. !
For Master. j Magfst
reby announce myself a candi- T hereby annou
:>r the office of master of New- late for the offic
county and will abide the rules Xo. 4 township, a
egulations of the Democratic, abide by the resi
! electioa of the D
H. H. Rikard. i
James D. Quattlebaum. < I am a Candida
reby announce myself a candi-1 the office of mag
or reelection to the office of j Township and wi:
of Newberry county, subject to j the Democratic p?
les of the Democratic party, j
For Coroner.
nounce myself a candidate for i IfagistJ
ion to the office of coroner and j Hix Connor is a
lide the rules of the Democratic ' trate for No. 5 to
i ticn and will abi
F. M. Lindsay. I democratic nartv
1 ?reby
announce myself a candi-j
>r the office of coroner of Xewcounty
and will abide by the i
of the Democratic primary elec- VVhenever Yoa N<
G. H. RUFF. The Old Standai
rhill Tonic is eqi
? General Tonic be:
For f ommfssfoner. we^ known tonic pr
Dounce myself \ candidate for igf M^fri^Enri
ice of County Commissioner I Builds up the Who.
-c j
i Vi- ** *' * ' .' 'v .-;. ^
Week irr P
1 V ] ..... .
1 ' j
e ruL 3 of the Dem-j
S. J. Cromer. fy <j
TK SOS. 1 AND sjj ^#| \yll3LOl
self a candidate for j <
strate for Townships j | In arran
will abide the rules | mittee bough
of the Democratic j After the
| ing day no
arles W. Douglas, j + tickets can b*
fe, Aos. J aid 8. | J For the j
m 'or resiection to entertainment
;trate for Noa. 1 and Season ti
will abide the rules + The name of s
1 spaenn tirlcet
c party. I + . : .. ..
T t>l ! m case e
L- M' Fla3er- ! Children's
stratc \o. 6. % children <
e for magistrate for |
and will abide the; .
tions o. the Demo-'
I ?
Henrv Dorroh. !
trate, So. 10. I >EED SWAMPite
for reelection as ;
d. 11 township and Thousands upon thousands o
es of the Democratic ; men have kidney and bladder t
and never suspect it.
P. B. Ellesor. ! Women's complaints often pr
te for reelection for be nothing else but kidney trou!
.gistrate for Xo. 101 the result of kidnev or bladde
. i
1 abide the rules o: easc
art- * j It' the kidneys are not in a h
J. A. Kinard. j condition, they may cause the
;traie >"o. 11. jorgans to become diseased.
i.te for reelection as j Vou ma>' suffer a ?reat dea
o. 11 township and J Pa^'1 i11 the back, headache, loss
es of the Democratic ! biti?n. nervousness and may
i spondent and irritable.
H. H. Ruff, j Don't delay starting treatmen
ince myself *a can-1 Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a phys
ate-for Xo. 11 town-! prescription, obtained at any
irla rhA rules of the I store, restores health to the k
~ ~ ~ s
ry. j and is just the remedy needed t<
indrew G. Wicker. come such conditions.
"? ? ! Get a fifty cent or one dollar
strafe >o. 3, : immediately from any drug st<
ams is hereby an-j However, if you wisli first 1
didate for reelection , ^his great preparation send ten
No. 3 township and j to Dr Kiimer & ,c0 Binghampi
es of the Democratic I Y for a sample bo'ttle_ wllei.
ing be sure and mention The 1
ice myself as a can. and Xewg
rate for Township J _
? ^ ? ?* Trrntr
to the rules of the TO DKA.it juki
"W. D. Rutherford. Notice is hereby given that v
? ? undersigned Jury C-ommisssiom
strafe >o. 7. Xewberry County, S. C., will,
te for magistrate of office Qf the Clerk Qf Court foi
and "?ill abide theJkerrv (^oun^ at Nine o'clock
ocratic party. : April 28th, 1916, openly and p
W. P. Allen. draw the frames of thirty-sij
te for magistrate of , . ~ ...
! men, who shall serve as Petit
?ti/3 n*iTl oHW a tTip
^ ? ? D 1 Aft
aUU YTA*A U>^4VAV v ?? , . ,
at tiie Court ot ^omiuou jric<to,
erratic partj. i convene Newberry
J. J. Murran. , H(yuse> May 15th 1916> and wi
rate y0 4 | tinue for one week.
' ' .. J NO L. EPPS
nee myself a candi- JAg_ B> HlALFACRE<
:e of magistrate for | JNO. C. GOGGANS,
.n-d pledge myself to i T ? . . .
? ? I Jurv Commissioners for Ne1
nit of the primary ~ _ _
County, 'S. C.
emocratic party. .
v i April 1 < th, 19i6.
Jno. W. Scott.
ite for reelection to 1
istrate for No. 4 j J* 0uini?? ? * J"*1* *
; Because of its tonic and laxative effect
II abide the rules of | tive bromo quinine is better th?n<
< Qui oi tie and d^>es not cause nervcust
irty. . ringing; in head. Ke-nemlier the hill m
I r '-.r fh<> 'bna'.u.e K. W. GK \
R. M. Aughtry. j ^_____
nnoanced for magi*- : ^ H()W T() ^ Chr0nic C(
wTiships lor re-elec-j T . ... ...
! Jackson, Miss.? I am a carp
de the rules of the the grippe left me with a c
i cough, run-down, worn out and
evionric It00^ kinds of cough syrups w
help. I read about Vinol and deci
! try it. Before I had taken a be
ieit Detter, ana atter taking two t
. ? - Tm1 , my cough is entirely cured, and ]
seG a ueaerai iow* gained new vim and energy/'?Jo
drove s Jjennis.
:d Grove's Tasteless Yinol is a delicious cod liver an
oally valuable as a tonic, guaranteed for coughs, col<
:ause it contains the bronchitis and for all weak, run
operties of QUININE conditions.
GiIder & Weeks' druggists,
le Svstem. 50 cents- berry, S. !C.
_ . A
Newberry Ap
tauqua Season
^ - - - ^ ^
ging to inaugurate this Chautauqua this
t 1000 . , f
> season tickets.
! open- WOO T
s had for less than $3.00. S?J(
single admissions to the respective a*
s, see the official programs.
ckets are non-transferable except within
:nm<> inemhpr of the familv must he writtei
This provision is made primarily as a pre
ickct should be lost.
; tickets admit children aged six to four
ire admitted to the children's work free.
mm j ^
f wo- i ^
rouble i <*4?
: 5
ove to ! J |j
ble. or i
;r clis- ' ==ss^^'
til ttks &&?. &&& ? til
' I ^ Pheto Plav nrlr! L"
iealthy j
other1 n. (y i P
t. Dr. I ' |*^
iician's | **- this
drug |
:idneys j ?"
d over- j
bottle cole
:o test
ce;.{g ??i
tor. N.
?? " Mayes Book <
I i The House
re, the
its for
at the | ???
Vow- I nrr oit
Jurors ^ _
,25 Liv - V<
11 coilTo
cleanse the syst<
To restore healthy
tvberry Liver an
To assist in relieving c<
tude of ills the hui
is Head j If you $re not entirely s
>rdinary we will cheerfully
atne am* In the Spring your svstei
as your house or premis
u will beat LIV-VER-LA3
i i ? i
1,1 ana in Keeping yuu uart
S Gilder i
ded to
ittle I ?w?
[ have
W. 0. W. to Unreil Monnmeut.
d iron
is and Newberry Camp Xo. 542 will unvei
the monument of S. Iverson Amnion?
New- on the second Sunday in May at *
o'clock p. m., ia the West End CenieCHAUTAUQU
' w araaim. W if >1 1L1
ril 27th to
Tickets <- I ]
year, ths local con- ^ j8j
: I
ise tickets will be ^
i while they last
$2.50 each.
the owner's family. 2
i in ink nnnn pvsrv T
. -r?- / *
Section to the owner
teen years inclusive. ^
This is the in ti?r
fa <*>/* or* AA mate life story of
^ T/Wanr^.'j o&e of the most
faT) famous moving
Wl picture actresses
? i*"xj of today. The
* 7 afc author, shrouding >
her identity in
itery, ha : revealed frankly the details
ier life ht'iind the screen. # j
i the "L. dies* World" contest held
ntly, nea Ay two million votes were
for the most popular of the worldcd
movi; picture stars today, and of
number more than a million were
the actr. _>s recognized as the author
> T O. * . r ? I
ly otr~:ige L,ne.
5Cc a copy
he l oo' has a striking wrapper in I
>rs, and is illustrated with twelve -/"%l
utiful ha'r-tone portraits of the most
:d film j ars of today. i
I Variety Store 1
of 1000 Things > v ;
er - Lax '
im of poisonous toxins.
action of the bowels,
d Kidneys.
jnstipation and the multiman
family is heir to.
satisfied with the results,
refund your money,
n needs cleansing the same
es. There is nothing that
[ in toning up your system,
ly and hale.
& Weeks.
tery All nelgtrDonng camps are cor- fl
^ j dially invited to meet at 0. Klettner's>
' hall at 3:3? p. m., to join in tlie pro5
| cession,
G. W. Harrison, ' j
CoBflul Commander.
A ^ 1
F\ ~ I
. f ' " * *' *
' i
a ppAnn TA I
Hrrviw^iv ;
May 4thtfJ

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