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Dominick Made
Of the Coun
f iiMANiuniKi v PNnnRwn?
UilAlUiriVUJLi Livuiuuvj
?? '.ld:
t onvcntion by Election of Mr. Domi-:
nick By Acclamation Reversed | r]
Killing of Retiring Chairman.
(By Jno. K. Aull)
Refused a place by his ward club ?
on its delegation to the county con;
- v?ention, and his nomination for pres?
ident o? the convention ruled out of
? *
: : : v :
fl ^hnfen
' -!;:'-' '
>4 V
1 J?^ - Fred. H. I
order by the retiring cou ty chairman B:
in the organizatioh of the convention,
Hon. Fred. H. Dominick, dewberry's ta
candidate for congress in the Third
I Congressional district was yesterday tr
made president of t*he Newberry coun- se
ty Democratic convention after iMr.
Eugene S. Blease had nominated him- F:
[ self for temporary president and been D
elected, in order to take' the ruling j A
out of the hands of the retiring coun- M
ty chairman, and then resigned because,
as he said, he knew that Mr. S<
i Dominick was the real choice of the A
I convention for its presiding officer. A
Mr. Dominick was enthusiastically
elected by acclamation. He also heads se
the delegation to tne state conven- e>
tioa. i
In introducing Mr. Dominick to the
convention as its presiding officer, Mr. P1
I . - Sle&se quoted the following passage CI
1* of scripture:
W "The stone which the builders refused
is "become the head stone of
the corner." *n
The "Blease forces" were In complete
control of the convention. Thay a(
had held a meeting in the office of ut
| HHr. Dominick on Monday morning, *l<
and had agreed upon their nomina- pI
tions. Air. Eugene S. Blease so stated
on. the floor of the copven^on. He
said it had been an open meeting, in a
|>rtininenfc office, izr broad daylight a
and there was no secret about It.
The ruling of Ctftinty Chairman Keitt
against the nomination of Mr. Domiaick,
at the opening oT the convention,
was the only opposition which b
they encountered. Mr. Blease bad te
nominated air. Dominick. iWhen the
[presiding officer ruled the nosilsl^ion m
out. Mr. Blease immediately nbmi|
nafced himself, was elected by acclamation
ant' called for nominations for ^
president, entertained the nomination io
of Hr. Dominick, and. Mr. Dominic^
M was made the presiding officer of the
In the election of a secretary Mr;
Jos. L. Keitt and Mr. Alan Johnstone &
w?e successively norq^ated by Mr.
W. D. Rutherford against Mr. J^o. K. hi
\ty Conventior
uil, but boili Messrs. Keltt an
alinstone withdrew, and Mr. Aul
as elected by acclamation. i her
cic uu VUIllCdlSj.
Wocdrow Wilson was endorsed fo
5-ncmi-ation at the hands of th
ational Democratic convention, bu
> instructions were issued to th
:'Ie ;ates to the v?tate conventior
lie endorsement of the president wa
lanimous, by a rising vote, the reso
ition being introduced by Mi
ugene S. Blease..
Mr. M. J. Longshore and Dr. Gee
. Hunter were elected vice presi
?nts of the convention.
Mr. Frank R. Hunter was chosei
>unty ' chairman and Mr. H. H
lease State executive committeeman
Mr. J. 0. Havird was made assis
nt secretary.
Mr. A. N. Boland \v?rs electee
eafeurer and Mr. J. W. Henderso:
Delegates to State Conventionred.
H. Domlnick, L. W. Floyd, J. I
errick, W. H. Hardeman, R. Afl
ughtry, A. G. Wise, H. 0. Long, J
. K. Buzhardt.
Alternates?Jno. K. Aull J. B
;-urry, Pat B. Wise, J. R. Perdue
? ~ , -r Zir A T
. i?. senieu, j. n. il.iia.pi.icn, a. ^
all M. M. Livingston.
Mr. Burr B. Leit?sey was chose]
icretary ard treasurer of the count
cecutive committee.
. The Convention in Detail*
The convention was called to orde
omptly at 12 o'clock by Count;
tiairmaa Jos. L. Keitt.
The temporary organization wa
>ne into.
Hon. Fred. H. Dominick was nom
ated for temporary president by Mi
ugene S. Blease. Mr. Blease in hi
>mination speech paid a high trlb
.tJ 10 iur. j-'uuxiuivA., ua ?**"& kkw*
Da to the commendation by the su
'erne court of -Mr. Dominick't abilit;
id' impartiality.
A Clash at the Start
Chairman Keitt: Is Mr. Dominic!
member of the convention?
Mr. Blease: He is not.
Chairman Keitt: Does Mr. Bleaa
low of any rule or precedent un
>t which a gentleman not a mem
t of tie convention can be chosei
mporary chairman *
Mr. Blease: I presume the chair
an xnows tne ruies weucr vuau *
e should.
Chairman Keitt: I must acknowl
[ge that the chairman is of the opin
ft that it cannot be done legally.
Mr* Biease: Does the chairmai
lie the nomination out of order?
Chairman Keitt: Yes.
"MV Ttlease* Then I nominat
ugene S. Blease.
The. of Mr. . BlesuflH
mself cam4? "ike/a thunder-boM
was greeted with loud cheering and
Mr. Blease was elected by acclamation.
Mr. Blense in assuming the chair
| expressed his regret that he was not
informed as to the rules of the party.
He said he thought he knew ?iem,
^ and he had been a Democrat all his
life?never a Populist. His remarks
j were loudly cheered. He s;iid he
believed he was right, under the rules,
in his nomi ation of Mr. Dominick.
He wanted the convention to pass
harmoniously. He thanked God he ha-1
never been a bitter partisan. 0 ly on
one occasion had he ever Tilled to
vote for a son of .Newberry wlio /.a?
a candidate for a St^te office. When
the late Col. 0. L. Sehumpert was a
candidate for governor, Mr. Blease
>. j
sa::l he was then a citizen of Saluda,
holding a high office in that county
and lie had voted for Col. R. B. Wati
^ son, a son of Saluda. He knew of no
rule limiting the elections by tiie convention
to any except Democratic
?P AAiintr
I bUlia U1 .\C n UCI tuuu ujr .
> (ilod's Blessing: Invoked.
He asked Kev. Z. !W. fTetTehbaugh
to in\oke the blessi. g of God upon
the deliberations of the convention?
a matter which he said he was, surprised
had been overlooked by the
gentleman who called the convention
to order.
Mr. Blease said lie k;ew the choice
of the convention for president'and
he therefore resigned and called for
nominations for chairman*. Mr. P. F.
Baxter nominated Mr. Fred. H. Dominick
and Mr. Dominick was elected
j)y acclamation amid loud cheering.
Mr. Blease appointed Dr. E. C.
T"-"" fir A Moroo on/1 Prnf S
iViiCO, i-Ji. . TV . \jr. .<iu; va HUU - ? _
J. Derrick, members of 'Mr. Dominick's
home club, Ward 2, to escort
Mr. Dominick to the chair.
The Stone Which the Builder Rejected.
- Did you ev^r read in t?.e- scriptures
that 'the 'stone v.hich the builders
rejected has .become tu<head
of the corner,"" said Mr. Die-*
in introducing Mr. Dominick to the
convention. The reference was to the
fact that the Ward 2 club had failed
to sed Mr. Dominick to the convention,
although lie is one of the leading
" _ t>"U;I
candidates ior congress in me iujiu
Congressional District.
Mr. Dcminick expressed his sincere
thanks for the liigh ho-or. Two years
L- ago, he said, in retiring as county
" chairman, after eight years' continuous
service, he announced thai
^ in the whirligig of politics the time
3 had come for him to retire. He re
tired. Now in anotner wli/.iigig ol j
" politics it seemed that the tim^e bad
I I fny tn r<r?mp> hnpk rflld hli
L'UlliC 1U1 UI111 WJ.4J V
had come btick. In a brief and ring
ing address he promised to presfde as
best he could in such manner as
would best conserve the interests of
5? true Democracy.
Floor Leader of Convention.
a Mr. E. S. Blease said he had been
y appointed the floor leader by a conference.
-Two years ago on Friday
night before the convention, he said
r a caucus was held in tlie night time
y by certain other parties. This year
an open meeting had been held in
5 one of the most public offices of the
town, at 10 o'clock on tne morning
- of the convention. "We were open
. and above board," he s^'d, "as true
s Democrats should ever be." He said
- he spoke as floor leader of the con
For temporary secretary he said he
7 wanted to nominate a man whose
ability was recognized throughout the
State, aad he placed in nomination
* Mr. Jno.~K.-Aull.
Mr. W. D. Rutherford nominated
Mr. Jos. "L. Keitt, who withdrew his
5 name.
Mr. Rutherford then nominated Mr
Alan Johnstone who also withdrew
his 'name.
iMr. Aull was ttjen elected by acclamation.
' Mr. Blease nominated the follow?
ing1 gentlemen as members of the credentials
committee: Messrs. <N. W.
Workman, T. A. Dominick, W. S.
1 Joces, Dr. J. S. Wheeler, and Mr. J.
Waiter Richardson. They were unanimously
e The report of the credentials com
" - ' fJL*
mittee was aaopiea, witn me suuouofficial
roll is published be
" V % : '
' fs*
. . - -:.
. . :.... ' '
|MMBBW8MMPiKSBSMBiSKataaSi<B^MK-fe vaca-aiSgSUV- < : emu:.
I am a firm believer in the rule <
I regard a public office as a pub
the servant of the whole people
honest and conscientious service.
A strong advocate of Rural Cre
the government to the farmers, on
Am in favor cf a tariff for revei
est possible rates on the necessitiej
on the luxuries. In order to meet
nue, I favor an increased tax on in<
I am a believer in labor and fa
will find in me a true friend. Th
rights of all laborers siiouli be saf
I advocate federal aid for cur p<
Am in favor of the "literary test
safeguarding t^se interests of lal
foreign pauper labor.
Will give all interests and classe
A representative who ?vill give a
duties of the office.
Those who are under the Civil 5
ferred against them should be alio
in their cases and see what the cl
them. Anything short of that is n
A man from the people who kn<
Before the campaign is ended I i
face, in order that I may assure tl
their favor and support I fcwill ren
getic service.
Permanent Organization.
Mr. E. S. Blease nominated the
temporary president and the tempo- (
rary secretary, to the positions, re- j
spectively, in the permanent organic 1
zation. The unanimous vote for these
gentlemen was cast by Mr. Reed C.
^ ni?? +VIQ
MT. ?i. S5. JDiCctC't; uumiuaicu tuv *v*
lowing additional officers:
1st Vice President?M. J. Longshore.
2nd Vice President?Dr. G. Y. Hunter.
Assistant Secretary J. 0. Havird.
Sergeant-at-Arms?J. W. Henderr
son. 1
Treasurer?A. N. Boland. 1
They were elected by acclamation.
Mr. P. P. Baxter nominated Hon.
it w Rioasp 95 member of the State i
executive committee to succeed Hon.
A>an Johnstone. Mr. Blease was
unanimously elected.
Mr. John Henry Chappell nominated
Mr. Frank R. Hunter as county
Keitt. Mr. Hunter was unanimously
t ^
i m JnfmfflffrTn
% :
}-: * ' i: ' .!
of the people.
tiic trust and the holder thereof
, to whom he owes a faithful,
d:t??cheap money direct from
long, easy payments,
Que only, and will urge the low>
of life with the highest rates
the demand for increased revecomes
and inheritances.
irmers organizations and they
e safety, comfort, health and
eguarded by full and adequate
L??L luauo.
" as to immigration and further
jorers from the competition of
s an honest, square deal.
ctive, personal attention to the
Service and have charges prewed
free access to the papers
harges are and who preferred
iot giving the accused a square
>ws their needs.
hope to meet the voters, face to
lem in person in exchange for
ider them an honest and enerJOHN
\ *'
"Delegates to State Contention.
Mr. J. Walter Richardson nominat?d
the following JUst of delegates to
:he State convention, and the ticket
**as unanimously elected:
.Fred. H. Doicwick.
L. W. Floyd.
J. B. Derrick.
W. H. Hardeman.
R. M. -A ugh try/ V
A. G. .Wise.
H. O. Long.
J. M. K. pBuzhardt.
Alternates. ^ ;
il'he following alternates were nomnated
by Mr. IW. S. Jones and unaninouely
Jno. K. Atill.
J. B. Scurry.
Pat B. Wise,
J. R. Perdew.
W. E. Senfell; - *
id. %
J. H. Chap pell.
A. L. Anil.
M. M. Livingston.
;Mr. E. 8;'Blease offered the follow
Meeting of Warehouse Association in
Columbia Wednesday Will Be i
Important Gathering. . 1
'An interesting announcement, addressed
"to "whom it may concern"
was isseud by Senator Jno. L. McLaurin,
State Warehouse Commissioner,
in connection with the insurance
situation on Sunday. The statement
I "1T0 Wliom it May Concern:
"Any insurer of South Carolina. . *
who is unable to procure sufficient
| insurance through the regular chan- ^
nels may be benefited by calling on j
: me at my office in the building occupied
by the State warehouse commission,
corner Gervais and Pulaski
I streets, Columbia, S. C."
Last week a call was issued by Senator
J. A. Banks, president . of the
State Warehouse" association, for a
meeting of the association, to be lield
in the offices of the State warehouse
i commission )n (Wednesday afternoon .
at 2:30 o'clock. There lias been a
great deal of speculation in regard to
the meeting, and the statement o?
'Senator McLaurin, coming shortly on
the heels of the call, lends further Interest.
The State association is composed
of the managers of the various local
warehouses in the State system, num-bering
between 150 and 200f scattered
j throughout the 'various counties of
South Carolina, and those who have
* . t
been interested and instrumental in
the development of the system.
t TVin f fVift nropoVlAiico circtom ViQfi n"
iUQl tuc n?4 VUVUUV WJ MVVU* UHW ?
definite plan of action for its further
development and enlargemnt, which it
willx put into operation, seems indicated
by the annoucements which
have been made, and the meeting of
the association in Columbia on Wednesday
afternoon will be a most im- ,
portant gathering, and will hold the
centre of attention in State affairs
this week.
. . ,
i g resolution, which was unanimous"y
adopted by a rising vote:
"Be it resolved by the Democrats
of Xewberrv county, in convention
assembled, that we endorse the candidacy
of Woodrow Wilson for re-nomination
by the National Democratic
convention, for the office of president
of the United States."
In speaking upon . the resolution,
Mr. Fred. H. Dominick, president of
the convention, took occasion to state
his position fully, in view of reports
which he said had gained currency
since his remarks at the Ward 2 club
meeting. President Dominick said:
Loyal to Democracy.
"Before putting the question, if the
convention will permit me, the chair
would like to add just one word here
at this time. On the night that my
ward club met her6 in this court
'house, there was introduced a resolution
of endorsement of Mr. iWilaon
and his administration, which I was
forced to decline to support, in the
language in which it was couched.
Since that time I understand that my
actions on that occasion have teen
misconstrued,' and my remarks have
been twisted, and my intentions liave
been misrepresented; by certain ^people,
in order possibly to do me some.
| ir.jury in some or my mue ponucai
"I anTnot an "opponent of Mr. Wilson,'and
on the floor of the Ward 2
club meeting, when I gave my reaj
sons why , I could not support that
resolution^? stated that when we
voted for a resolution of that nator%,
we would practically be stultifyiag
ourselves?we would be voftng lot?
a resolution that even President Wilson
could not ask for himself; for
anr r\f -no n-Vto Irpnt nrv wtth of
fairs in the past three years, and have
kept up with the course of the administration,
while we endorse the
administration, yet none of us can
: go so far as to say that every word,
act and deed that iMr. Wilson has
spoken or done, has met our endorsein
ei>t? hecttuse- it has not."-It ha&not -
I ^?M??O-???-w-?MMM.
v ~J

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