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AAU'DmiEMS. |dal
Fur Congress?3rd District. I 001
I am a candidate for Congress from 0CI
the Third Congressional District, sub.
ject to the rules of the Democratic
^ A. H. Dagnall. sul
^ I hereby announce myself a can- r"
didate for congress from the Third ^0]
Congressional district subject to the vot
' rules of the democratic party.
I announce myself a candidate Jor
Congress from the 'Third District. I
v cini
will abide the rules, regulations and
results of the Democratic Primary.
v Heary C. Q'illman.
_ un
T V.mVw annrtnn^fl mvtfl'f Q ^nnrti OCI
I Jiti tuj auuv/uitw wv*4 m> vm?
date for solicitor of the eighth circur.
composed o?f the counties of Greenwood,
Abbeville, Laurens and New- ^
' berry and will abide the rules of tht
Democratic primary election. ^
Homer S. Black well. *uJ
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of Solicitor of the ^
Eighth Judicial circuit of South Caro- ^
lina composed of the counties of Abbe- ^
ville, Greenwood, Laurens and New- cra
berry, subject to the rules of the Democratic
primary. I
| B. V. Chapman. did
I hereby announce myseir as a can- r*e'
" didate for solicitor of the 8th Judicial of
District, composed of Abbeville, Laurens,
Newberry and Greenwood coun- ?
ties, subject to the rules of the DemoT
era tic primary. 1
Geo. T. iMegtll. dal
I hereby announce myself a candi bei
date for the office of solicitor of the an<
8th Judicial circuit and will abide the pa]
| rules of the Democratic party.
I T. Frank McCord.
I s . ,
r For House of Representatives. dat
J am a candidate for the House of Ma
Representatives, subject to the rules the
of the Democratic party. /
H. H. Evan*. i
> I am a candidate for the house of ree
representatives, subject to the rules wil
of tiie Democratic party^ paj
rv/ ti
J. T> 111. CVIO, UUy.
For -Clerk of Court.
^ O t
I heiaby announce myself a candir
date for re-election to the office of
r ^ c
clerk of court for Newberry county, _
subject to the rules of the democratic t101
l Jno. C. Goggans.
For Fro bate Judge. 1
' the
W. F. Ewart is announced as a
cauaiuw^o for probate judge for the
unexDired term of C. C. Schumpert
* * I
and will abide the rules of the Democratic
party. ^
Dr. 'Van Smith is hereby announced "at
as a candidate for the unexpired term
of Probate Judge of Newberry county,
^ subject to the Democratic primary. ^
?For Supervisor.
I hereby announce myself as a can- C01
didate for supervisor for Newberry C01
county, subject lo the Democratic pri- Lll
^ w> o rtr
; ?**? ? j.
* Henry M. Boozer.
. 1 hereby announce myself as a can- po
didate for re-election to the officr of
supervisor for Newberry county and I
will abide by tihe rules and regulations the
of the Democratic primary election. No;
J. C. SAMPLE. aut
- paj
For Sheriff,
II am a candidate for reelection to
the office of sheriff of Newberry j
county, subject to the rules olf the tte
Democratic party. g t
r'annnm fl 'Rlpasff.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for tile office oC sheriff of New
L- berry county and will abide the rules
L of the Democratic primary. Q4y prom- I
iae is to do in the future as I have in No
. ^ the past when I served you?to per- ru!
* form my duty faithfully and coiiscien- era
^ tiouely.
M. M. fiuford. ?"
For Superintendent of Education.
I hereby announce myself a candi- ]
date for the office of county superin- ma
r\f Arinraiirvn an/Twill abide the I -wil
rules of the democratic party. par
Elbert H. AulL
To the Voters of Newberry County: I
I hereby announce my candidacy for the
the office of County Superintendent of tov
Education, subject to the rules and the
regulations of the Democratic primary.
I seek the office "not for what I can ?
get out df it, but for what I can put
into it* . ' ]
Respectfully yours, ma
Clemson M. Wilson. wi]
March 7, 1916. University of South P3-1
Carolina, Columbia, S. /C.
J. S. Wneeier is nereDy aanouuveu
for the office of superintendent of edn- did
1 cation * of Newberry county, subject to shi
K the rules of . the Democratic party, fi Be]
g i '
. For County Treasurer.
I hereby announce myself Sor treasure*
Ne*fcerry oousty, scbfcet to ^
the rules of the Democratic party. not
Jas. F. Bating, for
1 hereby announce mysellf a eandi-j
;e lor re-election to the office of J;
inty treasurer and will abide by
, rules and regulations of the Dein- <
atic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candi:e
..or the office of County Treasurer,
jject to the rules of the Democratic
mary. I will appreciate your sup- .
rt. Should I be elected, l wrii ae:e
the best efforts of my life to the
charge of the duties of the offics.
I hereby announce myself a candi:e
for the office of county treasurer
3 will abide tLe rules of the Demo- '
ttic primary election.
E. M .Lane,
hereby, announce myself as a can- '
ate for the office a. iCounty ffreas- 1
ir, subject to the rules of the Dem atic
Claude C. Schumpert
hereby announce myse* as a can- ;
ate for the office of Auditor for j
w-bcrry county and will abide by the <
es o: the Democratic primary.
J. Moody Bedenbaugh.
hereby announce mysell as a can- ,
ate for the office of County Auditor, .
jject to the rules o." the Demo- ,
.tic primary.
J. B. Halfacre.
hereby announce myselr as a canate
for the position of auditor for
wberry county, subject to the rules
the Democratic party. 1
W. R. Reid.
__________________________________ <
For Master.
hereby announce myself a candi:e
for the office o! master of New ry
county and will abide the rules
I regulations of. the Democratic
H. H. Rikard. j
James D. Quattlebaum.
hereby announce myself a candi&
for reelection to the office of i
ster of Newberry county, subject to i
t rules tne uemocrauc parij. ;
For Coroner,
announce myself a candidate for ;
(lection to the office of coroner and
1 abide the rules of the Democratic
rty. i
P. M. Lindsay. ]
[ hereby announce myself a candi- (
;e for the office of coroner of New ry
county and will abide by the ]
uit oi tne JLfemocranc prima.*/ cw ,
a- , 1
Q. H. RUFF. (
For Commissioner. J
announce myself candidate for
office of County Commissioner
i will abide the rulis of the Dem atic
S. J. Cromer.
hereby announce myself a candie
for county commissioner and '
1 abide the rules of the democratic
*ty. ? - J
hereby announce myself as a canate
for reelection to the office of
inty commissioner of Newoerry
i?ty,'and will abide the rules of
t Democratic party.
L-. C. Livingston.
Tnwvswips i
announce myself a candidate for ,
i office of magistrate for- Townships
s. 1 and 8 and will abide the rules .
i regulations of the Democratic .
Charles W. Douglas.
For Magistifcfe, IVos. ] and 8.
am a candid*/* for reelection to
office of magistrate for Nos. 1 and
ownships and will abide the rules ^
the Democratic party.
L. M. Player. ,
n Vn a
xor jaogisua^ vi u.
am a candidate for magistrate for
. 6 township and will abtfe the
es and regulations o: the Demotic
J. Henry Dorroh.
For Magistrate, No. 10.
! am a candidate for reelection as
gistrate for No. 11 township and
1 abide the rules of the Democratic ,
P. B. Ellesor.
am a candidate for reelection for
i office of magistrate for No. 10
rnship and will abide the rules of
Democratic party..
" J. A. Klnard,
For 3fa^lstrat? Jfo. 1J.
[ am a candidate for reelection as 1
.gistrate lor No. 11 township and
11 abide the rules of the Democratic ;
H. H. Ruff. '
I hereby announce myself a can- i
ate iot magistrate for r*o. 11 lown
p and will abide tbe rules of t&e
hoc ratio primary.
Andrew G. Wicker.
For Magistrate So. 8.
Im&b Idams is fcerefcy &i-! *
meed as a candidate for reelection
magistrate of No. 3 township and (i
will abide the rules of the Democratic
party. |i
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for Magistrate for Township!
No. 3, subject to the rules of the
Democratic primary. ?
W. D. Rutherford.
I announce myself a candidate for
mpaisitrfltp \o. 3 township and will .
- _
ibide the rules of the Democratic "
R. W. Glymph. j
For Magistrate No. 7.
I am a candidate for magistrate of,
No. 7 township and will abide the!
rules of the Democratic party.
W. P. Allen.
I am a candidate for magistrate of ^
;%To. 7, township and will abide the w
rules of the Democratic party. j T
J. J. Murran. m
Magistrate So. 4. . w
I hereby announce myself a candi- Sj
date for the office of magistrate for ai
So. 4 township, and pledge myself to s<i
abide by the result of the primary ti<
slectioj of the Democratic party.
Jno. W. Scott. ^
I am a candidate for reelection to ^
:he office of magistrate for No. 4 tr
Township and will abide the rules of c?
he Democratic party.
R. M. Aughtry. ^
Magistrate So. 5. ei
Hix Connor is announced for magis- re
Irate for No. 5 townships for re-elec- B
ticu and will abide the rules of the n<
iemocratic party.
Friends. U]
>"ews From St Philips. aj
l.ve are having a iot of winay cool ^
weather and we hope it will soon Sj
make a change and we witt have the la
warm spring weatner. i ~
The grain crop is looking very sor- j ?
ry in this section. Some of our rar?
mers have already gotton a very good
stand of cotton. 1 ci
The St. Philips Luther League will
give a public meeting Sunday, -May T
7, exercises beginning promptly at **
10 o'clock and there will be some ad- .
dresses made in the afternoon. 'Tfae w
public is cordially invited. Come one, u
come all and bring well filled baskets, si
,"Trl * - J tf
'AC natl servuub IU QUI uen vsuivu
last Saturday for the first time. Dr.
Bowers preached fine sermons last
Saturday and Sunday and it takes
him to preach one of them good old tl
sermons. There can't many speakers js
beat him. si
St. Philips school closed April 23. T
There is no reason why St. Philips f(
f ]
school slaould not be "a properous one
It has made fine progress this ses- h
sicn under the management of Misses n
Ola and Vinnie Brown. The distance jt
from the school extends three miles
each way. The number of gins up ^
to fourteen is seventy-nine; the num- a
""" ifn Ia tno ccmc o era is
UCi" UJL UU)0 wy LU vaav* U^V p
seve::ty-two; the number of girls that
have permanent homes is seventy; a:
the boys sixty-five. There is no rea-' h
son why we shouldn't have an up- t5
to-date school. That is a short dis- Ir
tance to send children for a good ?
education. / n
Mrs. W. F- Ruff has reco-vered from tl
a. bad case of grippe and is getting a:
along nicely. b
- - - ~ r?_. * A u
Air. ana :urs. Jtiomer ivmaru spem
Sunday with Mr. G. W. 'Shealy and ^
family. e.
Mr. Robert Shealy and family spent q
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. B. E
Kibler. ^
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Summer spent l
Sunday with Mr. Rufus Metts and e;
. ci
family. ' j
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gallman spent e]
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Gall- v\
man. 8
Will close for this time with best 11
wishes to The Herald and News. g
? i o
, d
? * tl
Lynch 'Will Probably Manage Wil- o
son's Campaign.
Washingon, April 24.?Choice of
the man who will manage President jt
Wilson's campaign for reelection- be- Ji
coming chairman of the democratic fc
national committee to succeed Wm.
F. McCombs, who notified the presi- tj
dent today that he would retire after g
the St. Louis convention, lies between ti
Fred iB. Lynch, national co.mmlttee
"? : C ^
uiau iri/jJi iuiuncovucL <inu. ?kj.
Cummings, of Connecticut,/ vice chairman
of the committee. It is regarded p
as more than probable that the task n
will fall to Mr. Lynch, now chairman c<
of tlie national committee's executive JJ
committee and in charge of the preliminary
record for the coming con- u
vention. tl
Mr. McCombs' decision that his n
personal affairs demanded that he
give up the chairmanship after five ^
years of active service was communi- cl
to the president *in a letter (tl
which was made public today with \ ^
the president's reply. J ^
uthless Bjccanesrs of the Middie
Sahara Desert.
hese Nomado of the Trackless Sands
of Northern Africa Levy Tribute
Upon Ail Caravans They Meet and
Live In Mystery and Exclusiveness.
"In northern Africa I here lies a trucess
country, inhabited by a people,
le masked Tuarejss. fascinating for
ie mystery and ex; lnsiveness with
liich thev have surrounded their life
bese people, natives and rulers of the
iildle desert, are the allies of no one.
it wage a furtive guerrilla warfare
ith all who invade the inhospitable
lhara sands of their domain. They
e the buccaneers of the trackless
md, forever at war with all civilizaon
and its restraints." says an article
sued by the National Geographic soety
at Washington, which describes
te people always willing to fight for
le maintenance of their power to levy
lbute upon tiie ancient transsanaran
iravan routes.
"Masked Tuaregs are Berber noads.
a white desert people, whose
ran try is probably the most inaccessi:e
on earth. Even before Egyptian
vilization began to leave coherent
>cords of its history ^e Tuaregs, or
erbers. were long established along
>rthern Africa. The great Arab inision
of the eleventh century dislaced
them from their possessions
pon the seacoast and drove them into
ie savage area of the Interior desert,
here, with their hands raised against
.1 who came into their pathless couny,
they have maintained themselves
trough the intervening centuries de)ite
lack of water, sandstorms and
ck of farming land.' requisitioning by
>rce of arms from the Arabs and
gyptians, to the north and east, and
om the blacks of the Sudan, in the
>uth, such necessities and luxuries as
ieir cheerless portion of Mother Earth
mnot supply them.
"^There are ttve main tribes in the
uareg confederation, and they inhabit
le desert from Tuat to Timbuktu
nd from Fezzan. to Zinder. Their
omes are reared in the heart of arid
astes. where vast solitudes, unnatral
beats and unmarked distances
nroud everything in uncanby inysjry.
They are masters of an area
alf that of the United States in exmt.
Of this 1.500.000 square miles of
jriitory scarcely 3.000 acres, or less
ian the area of New York city, is culvated
land. This scanty farm land
: onlv maintained bv an enduring
druggie with the drifting sands,
hese fierce adventurers who have
jrced the great desolation to yield
aem a support number 300,000 or
lore, according to estimate, and they
ave made themselves feared by the
atives from the Mediterranean to the
mgles of central Africa.
"The Tuaregs wear the end of their
jrban cloth (drawn around the face,
llowing nothing but the eyes to be
?en. It is worn for the purpose of
rotecting the throat and lungs from
ie cutting blasts of fine desert sand
nd also probably as an element enancing
the mystery of their life, for
ley seldom or never remove these
lasks. whether roving over the desert
r visiting in the cities on the coast
>ue to these cloths they are called
rnsked Tuaregs. while the Arabs call
aem 'people of the veil.' The masks
re dark blue and white, the former
eing worn by Tuareg nobles and the
ttter by the serfs and slaves.
"Some centers for trade. Tuareg
nvns. are situated in the middle aesrt.
These are Wargla, Timbuktu,
-hat, Gbadames. Murzuk and Insalah.
[owever, the Tuareg has little care
:>r trade and industry. He is a fear;ss.
enduring, hard fighting adventur
r along the merchandise trails that
ross the desert. Two important trails
>ave Tripoli, on the coast, and travrse
3.000 miles of sands and barren
astes to the Sudan, where rich car
oes of skins, gold, ivory and otnei
iterior African products are loaded
pon camels and brought northward,
ometimes a single caravan consists
f thousands of camels and merchanise
to the value of hundreds of thouands
of dollars. "When passing
irough the Tuareg country the leaders
f such caravans have had to pay a
ibute to the chieftains by the way
:>r safe escort or run the risk of losing
11 their goods.
"From Morocco to Tripoli the relentiss
ferocity, the cunning and the dar1
g of the Tuareg are mingled in all the
* -i ^ Aw/l
aditlons unpleasant w iuv wuiv
eaceful natives along the coast. The
'uaregs meanwhile openly spy upon
le caravans in course of outfitting in
ae coast cities and thrive upon the
ibute they are able to exact
"The Tuaregs are of the purest Berer
stock, the noble families unmixed
'ith other blood, and in their own Ianuage
they call themselves 'the noble
eople.' Nominally they are Mohamledans,
and some of their number
impose the most intolerant and warke
sect in Islam, the Senussite sect
'heir hatred for the foreigner is great
p even than that bred by their region,
and so thej are more exclusive
ian ever were the Chinese or Japaese.
Their social organization diIdes
them into five classes?the noles,
the priests, the sferfs, the cross
reeds and the slaves. All of these
lasses hare this that is "democratic?
tho TriflfPg -family
'hiclt holds itself superior to all the
ther peoples of the earth."
I ?
THP warms i
? uu vi viiui/ v i
A few second hand Motorcycle
} your old Motorcycle and get a w
Harley-Davidson on installments
Newberry, S.
Pppan Nnfc 11
(Italian Style
For 35c
Gilder & We
| IflJl
| ^ fMOHPTtfi
his ns
Forty Five Higli School Are Repre- ieaden
sented?Joha Floyd of New- (>ear.
i Tho<
ber Takes MedaL !
- I Tl;e R<
The State. i W* SIVV
John F. Floyd, representing the ' *
; Newberry high school, won first place The
in the interscholastic oratorical con- j ^
i test held at the University last night, jtives b
His subject was "Lasca." Young 'nine ci
Floyd was the recipient of the beau- a::<3 S
tiful gold medal donated by Will! tfie pr
j Evans of Columbia and his school; speake
will hold, the handsome trophy cup, Offic
donated by C. H. Wiesepape also of noon :
: Columbia, one year. Winfred G-od- Kinard
' win of the Union (Rome) high school, Hugh
! was awarded second place and re- first v:
. ceived a second medal, given by tlie erspoo
R. L. Bryan, company. iTTie subject dent;
of his declamation was "American presidi
World Power." Stokes King of Con- ville, s
wav ranked third, sneaking on "The officers
( Dream of Aldarin." The seven others j ulty oi
selected from the preliminary con-1 BLackb
i tests yesterday afternoon were j Carolii
( Frank Crawford, Rock Hill; Herman 1 mittee
McCarley, Columbia; Thomas Lewis,
Greenville; Robert T. Allison, Jr., NOTIC
Spartanburg; Reuben Outen, Pagei
land; Joe Norwood, Furman Fitting I wi
school; James Sullivan, Westminster. the es1
T - "IHa?(bate C
IS r uurui vv"wraw
C., on
The contest was the fourth held 191g ^
since the formation of the organiza- '
tion. The' address of welcome was {<>r my
made -by Henry C. Davis, of the Uni- estate
versity of South Carolina faculty,
with R. O. Burte of Rock Hill, pres|
ident of the association, presiding,
Mr. Barta teft treeta. president o5 the
association and the impelling force in;
Tb# Old
its development since the formation, grove
Upon the election of officers yesterday Sm^A'
is cheap. Trade in
ew one. Buy a new
5 and pay while you J
, Dealer.
C. I
' "
P ^ V7
) .vggE
i Cream
>) '
r uuiiu
i V
-L store
eks to.
/ '
> Plates in ^
VlHay-Tone, ?
' ~ >r- *
>on, Mr. Burts refused to allow
? - * - K/% /innciMorod fnr 'the
LlUC tu UC V^V/ilU4\AV? Vv?
ship of the asociation another
"1 * -"v ^
re who acted as judges were:
3v. A. W. Blackwood, President
Currell, "George Coffin Taylor,
Hand and Hunter .A. Gibbes.
preliminaries had been held
} afternoon, the represeota>eing
divided into five groups of ,
ontestants each. Winner of first
?cond Dlaces in these made up ,
cgramme of last night's list of
ers were elected in the afterfor
the ensuing year. D. T.
I of Dillon was made president;
T. Shockley of Spartanburg,
ice president; J. Harvey With-:
d, Gaffney, second rvice presiW.
C. Herbert, Clio, third vice
snt; M. E. Brockman, Green
secretary and treasurer, rnese
j and P. H. Calhoun of the facl
Clemson College and John C.
urn of the University of Soutfc
ia compose the executive comof
t^e association.
_ /
11 make a final settlement o1
ate of J. W. Cook in ^2ie Broourt
for Newberry County, S. .
Monday tfce 15th. day of. May,
it 10 o'clock in the forenoon
ill immediately thereafter ask
discharge as Guardian of said .
J. A. Sean,
. Gqardian.
'/ V" V - C,.?3-V /
f&Wz to the Pate aM Sictoy
Standard general strengthenlnc toirie.
8 TASTELESS c!illl TONIC, dnres out
ecriche *t *ir Wood, and builds apthesys ru~
t.>r ' * It* aid ckJdrett. SJO

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